Girl undergoing exorcism
Some Catholic priests believe practicing the occult opens the spiritual gateway to demonization, resulting in a rise in exorcisms.

In a sign of the strange times we live in, exorcisms are enjoying an unprecedented bump in popularity.

A recent story in The Atlantic suggests priests from the Catholic Church are fielding more requests for exorcisms than anytime in recent history. And the demand for these services parallels a resurgent interest in magic and witchcraft in the United States - leading some to believe the two phenomena are connected.

Rome-trained exorcist Father Gary Thomas claims he's received "at least a dozen requests a week," adding that "several other priests reported that without support from church staff and volunteers, their exorcism ministries would quickly swallow up their entire weekly schedules." Father Vincent Lampert, resident exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, told the Atlantic he's already fielded 1,700 phone and email requests for exorcisms, eclipsing all previous yearly tallies in recent memory.

This might not be a coincidence; data from YouGov and Gallup polls suggest a growing number of Americans believe demonic possession to be real. In fact, the number of believers went from 55 percent in 1990 to 70 percent in 2007.

But the Roman Catholic Church has its own take on what's behind this trend. Some priests believe practicing the occult opens the spiritual gateway to demonization, which helps explain why all these people dabbling in magic, divination, witchcraft, and attempts to communicate with the dead, suddenly need to cast out pesky demons.

Exorcism being performed with Catholic cross Teaching the Craft

Whatever the root cause, the Church has been training a new generation of international exorcists. Although there are no official stats to back him, Father Thomas claims only 15 officially trained exorcists existed in 2011. There are well over 100 today. And some Catholics believe this refocus is fully justified.

"There's an inherent interest in these matters," explains Adam Blai, a Catholic expert in demonology who trains priests to become exorcists. "Perhaps it's one of the places where the spiritual world really becomes physical. It's the reason they make movies about it."

Plus, a healthy portion of the miracles Jesus performed were related to casting out evil spirits. "You're not only talking about something very real and physical, but you're also talking about something really central to the Gospel," Blai explains.

Separating Entertainment from Reality

However, demons and spirits are so often depicted for entertainment purposes in pop culture that some people choose to embrace these ideas ironically. Can the Catholic Church provide a spiritual counterweight to the more light-hearted demonism on display in the more faddish elements of the modern occult? Some certainly think so.

"There is a kind of cult of the demonic that I want to resist and not trivialize," declared Timothy George, dean of Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama. "But sometimes the demonic is too trivialized in our culture. I want to treat it with all of the biblical seriousness that the Word of God does."

There are plenty who agree that demons are not only real, but constitute a formidable force that must be resisted. Back in September, a Christian radio host made headlines after declaring that Satan and the demons of hell were to blame for the sexual assault allegations against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Although the demons didn't win that battle, there is apparently no shortage of concern they might win the war.



  1. KATHY's Avatar KATHY

    We don't get to blame someone we don't like just because we are ignorant and don't agree. This includes everything - not just religion. Educate yourselves before you stick your foot in your mouth. Also - it would be awesome if you could use grammar and learn to spell. (exception to the gentleman that admitted his spellcheck corrected him - it does happen).

    Paganism - kind of an ancient ancestor of Wicca.....existed before any and ALL Christianity. Though to be very clear they ARE NOT the same. Both are absolutely Earth based though. Earth based faith is neither good nor evil. It is a balance. The same way Christianity created Heaven and Hell. For their balance. We don't collect money from anyone. Ever.

    So. Let's call a spade a spade. People freak out when they can't explain something. Fear generates blame and anxiety. The almighty dollar drives everything; even though it shouldn't. There should never be a cost to help guide someone on their faith journey. Value as a human being should not be judged by how many greenbacks you have. Millions of people have died from ignorance and judgement of religion. HERE should not be that place. This is a non-denominational site. Suppose to be open to ALL. I don't cram what I believe down your throat or blame you for my fears or questions. Do not do that to me. I do not respect or appreciate it. In fact. It kind of makes me angry.

    Faith is something people have INSIDE themselves. That is how they lose it, use it, and build it. They cannot go to a store and buy it. YOU cannot MAKE them believe anything that doesn't make sense to them. In the Great United States, they have Freedom of Religion. But really this should never have become a debate.

    Every personal choice deserves the respect it's due. Just because YOU don't agree with someone else's perspective, doesn't mean its wrong. It is simply NOT YOU. Church or Congregations are the gathering of these like minded people. This is done for support, friendship, sometimes just for the social gathering. Unfortunately too many of them "go to church" because they believe they 'should' and their faith is sorely lacking in the rest of their lives. Hypocrites. Going to church isn't faith. It's a tool for faith. To support your personal choices.

    Absolutely guide people who come to you. Offer your knowledge and faith beliefs to people who ask for your help or just ideas of how to progress in their faith. But it is not your job to force your beliefs. Religions do not get to point fingers at others when they cannot look in the mirror and face their own shortcomings.

    1. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

      Kathy. Wonderful. Well stated.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    Isn't religion a product of the occult anyway? People talking to an imaginary friend calling upon a ghost, but they call it a Holy Ghost just to make it seem that it's more real and okay to do it. It's all part of the mental disorder of religion.

    1. ET's Avatar ET

      Their path is not my path, but as an agnostic, I don’t have the answers. It’s possible their’s may be “the way”. Who of us really knows for sure. I accept that others feel they have the answers. I do not. It is what it is. May all in the ministry live long in good health, happiness and prosperity whatever you believe. Do no harm to others.

    2. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

      You are so right. I do Beleive teachings like this and instilling such fears is a big creator of mental illness. I'm not a Dr...but I've seen to much.

    3. Mike's Avatar Mike

      There is no devil, nor are there any demons in the craft, or any other kind of aspect of it. Druids, Wiccans, and other Earth based followers do not believe in them. That is a Christian issue. However, we pagans (with the proper training) do have the ability to banish (exorcise) evil spirits.

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        I’ve still not yet managed to find anyone that has prooved evil spirits actually exist. There are however, many people in mental and psychiatric institutions that Religious people will say are possessed by evil spirits. I have never yet seen reports from any psychiatrists stating that being possessed by evil spirits is a psychiatric condition.

        If that was truly the case wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could empty all of these institutions by performing exorcism, but of course we know that will never happen because exorcism is fake.

        Having said that, perhaps those of you who really believe in exorcism could try and see if you can heal people like Benny Hinn, and those that follow him. In the meantime I will keep listening to the news to see if you are having any success with those who follow, and believe in, Benny Hinn and his miraculous (fake) miracles.

      2. Lori's Avatar Lori

        I am pagan and I don't believe in evil spirits. We are the creators of these things. They only exist if we wish them to be part of our personal spiritual realities. I don't have a need for these things, so I do not experience them. Ya know.... it's much more pleasant without them. Why anyone would want them is beyond me. But so many don't seem to get that. Perhaps your training is incomplete.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I would just as soon contact a Santero as a Catholic priest, if I wanted to hire an exorcist.

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      Some Wiccans perform exorcisms too.However, to the best of my knowledge there aren't any Wiccans who believe in the existence of demons, which is the product of Christianity, and we don't believe in Satan either, which is also a christian myth, but there are definitely benevolent and malevolent discarnate entities, of which are also known as good and bad spirits, which could possibly possess a neophyte who is dabbling in magick without proper trading, or playing something like Dungeons And Dragons, or playing with a ouija board, neither of which are sanctioned by Wicca, or used by Wiccans, who are also known as Witches, and we do practice Witchcraft, which has nothing to do with anything evil, which those foolish Catholics have mistakenly thought, for which we ought to burn down the Vatican and crucify the pope ! By far most of the people who have ever been thought to be possessed were really only mentally I'll, like those pedophile catholic priests. They can't even spin their heads all the way around like Linda Blair, or throw up green pea soup.

      1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        Somehow the word trading was put in place of training, and I'll instead of I'll, in my above comment. I sometimes think my keyboard has a mind of its own, and not a very intelligent one. Or maybe it's possessed !!!

        1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

          It did it again, with the word I'll. Of course, there are playful ghosts in my home, with quite a sense of humor. Maybe they're responsible for my faulty keyboard. And no, my home doesn't need to be exorcized. What Witch wouldn't want to live in a haunted house. It would get so lonely without them. We're just specially blessed in that way. Blessed be !

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            I have had a couple experiences with those malevolent spirits, but we didn't do any weird ceremonies or call specialists to get rid of them. The stuff in the movies is just, you know, stuff in the movies.

          2. Katrina Nedby's Avatar Katrina Nedby

            Playful spirits on your keyboard not withstanding LOL, great, informative, and spiritual minded answer. Thank you!

          3. David's Avatar David

            Thus saith the Lord. We know this particular demon very well. His name is "Autocorrect" and he persecutes the technologically illiterate by replacing random words with nonsense. He can only be appeased by a highly skilled ordained and certified Jedi Master fluent in MacOS, Android, Windows, TiVo, and Reefer. The Ghost in the Machine cannot be exorcised, but she can be managed. Email for a free quote.

        2. Minister Clare's Avatar Minister Clare

          Thanks, Carl! There is the situation to where some could make the case that Jesus was a Wiccan! He was a healer, and from what I understand Wiccans are mostly healers. So why are there so many critters running around, of which many are called demons? Perhaps they are attracted to emotions like fear, depression, anger, and such like. There is an idea they feed on such things. Oftenly, when people lose sight that the Divine really does reside in the heart, they get fearful and lonely, and since Like attracts like, such things are then attracted to them.

        3. Grace's Avatar Grace

          Or maybe it’s trying to keep you from writing negative nasty things. Like burn the Vatican...positive attracts positive.

      2. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

        I agree with you. Witches and Wiccans have gotten a bad rap when it comes to equating them with demons.

        And yes, it is true that just a few years ago there were hardly any priests left trained in exorcisms. The practice nearly disappeared.

        Anyone interested in the subject, I suggest you search for Father Chad Ripperger. He has a Facebook page.

      3. John Raven's Avatar John Raven

        Don't all religion s teach forgiveness, even Wicca? How is butning down the Vatican doing anything but bringing back the burning times but with a different focus. The power of 3 applies to thoughts and intent as well as actions . Be careful of how you express your frustrations.

      4. Charles's Avatar Charles

        I was inside the Wicca community for years and yes they do believe in demons and fear them, what they don’t do is summons them to do their will they avoid them it only takes one to destroy your life

        1. Tami L Gregory's Avatar Tami L Gregory

          Wow you couldnt have been in a real Wiccan community because we do NOT believe in demons!

          1. Lori's Avatar Lori

            I'm also pagan and practice wiccan ritual. I was involved in a pagan church (population around 100) and, believe me, the pagan congregation there believed in all kinds of stupid superstitious things. It amazed me. It's all about the learning or lack of it. If you believe everything you're told then you'll have demons in you spiritual reality. People don't really understand the creative power and how it works.

      5. Michael Grace's Avatar Michael Grace

        Dungeons And Dragons is just a game, it has nothing to do with exorcisms or possessions.

      6. Doc Robby's Avatar Doc Robby

        Spot on comment Carl!

  1. Pastor Dsve's Avatar Pastor Dsve

    Is there any documented records that show exorcism removes a demon from someone, or is this just an other one of the lies the Catholic church is telling people? I mean really, a demon. ? The boogie man took over someone and made them float 3 feet off the bed? And a sprinkle of tap (holy) water can cure that problem? I'll bet only after you give them a very LARGE donation, up to that time the so called demon just doesn't seem to want to leave and you are told it's going to take more time. You aren't allowed to stay and witness the demon being cast out of the person because you are not free from sin and the demon can enter you. What a crock!

  1. Beth K's Avatar Beth K

    I can hardly believe that a significant number - and GROWING - actually believes in demonic possession in a developed country in the 21st century! Conditions considered demon possession - especially epilepsy, are understood by the medical community with appropriate treatments. Exorcisms are dangerous - there are a number of cases of exorcisms over the past few years where the poor victim died after horrific abuse by amateur exorcists.

    1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

      I just amazes me that people can still fall for this..And then these poor victims of abuse...They are the cult.

      1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        A lot of supposed exorcists are just in it for the money, and prestige. Come to think of it, I could use some extra money. And has the ULC started selling books for ministers on how to perform exorcisms. With this sudden surge of supposed possessions, they could really rake in the dough by selling such books. And what about bottles of specially blessed exorcism oil. Just food for thought.

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    The church must be losing a lot of money. So here we go again pointing the finger at the innocent to over look the churches crimes.

    1. Lori's Avatar Lori

      That is always a possibility. Personally, I don't believe in evil spirits, other than the ones humans create. Thought forms can become very real things when a person truly accepts this kind of thing into their spiritual reality. Why anyone would want to buy into this is beyond me. I'm Pagan, but I don't believe all the BS that most Pagans think is real. It seems the Catholic Church is sending a false and confirming message to those who are ignorant when it comes to possession. This can terrorise a person that is losing touch with reality.

    2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      Lea, I think you hit the nail on the head.

    3. PasterHale's Avatar PasterHale

      There isn’t any organization in the world that doesn’t have crime. Churches that have operated for thousands of years, are easily pointed at due to legacy. Lack of devotions with the current culture makes people lose faith in any religion. I personally feel we live in a culture of laziness, that doesn’t like to follow anything because it interferes with their lives of instant everything. Not being a part of something is easier, non participation leaves no judgement, proving one’s worthiness shall never come to light to those around them. Showing a belief in “spirituality” is shrugged off as unintelligible. Something,somewhere,will open their eyes and bring those that doubt, to the table of belief. At what cost? I’ll pray for all.?

    4. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

      The Church doesn’t charge for exorcisms. Period.

    5. Mary Anne's Avatar Mary Anne

      Lea, I couldn’t agree more. The Catholic Church is once again desperately grasping for rope to keep them afloat, and pointing the finger elsewhere. When will these sheeple wake up? The mental illness that is religion has such a firm grasp, it’s obvious they’ll believe absolutely anything they’re fed at this point.

      I feel it’s sad really, I’ve seen the damage first hand. My mother is a “born again”, as is much of my elder family these days. They all get scared once they feel they’ve got one foot in the grave, then suddenly “it all makes sense” and they become devout followers lol. Unfortunately, besides giving them something to do and look forward to, the brainwashing has left them more broke and miserable than I’ve ever seen them!

      I was forced to grow up Catholic, and graduate from Catholic school, so I personally know a LOT about the BS and secrets that they get away with. The church IS an occult, always has been and always will be. And they’re still trying to pull the wool over their followers eyes, while blaming others for their mistakes. The only thing that has changed, as noted in the article above, is that many people are finally seeing the truth and escaping.

      Believe what you want, but if you’re always shaming and blaming others, something’s wrong. Wake up!

      I’m a much happier and better person with every day that I’ve spent NOT being a part of the church occult. Don’t believe the hype, It’s insanity has been going on for far too long already!

    6. Minister Clare's Avatar Minister Clare

      Makes sense.

  1. aralil's Avatar aralil

    Just because they have gotten calls asking for exorcisms doesn't actually mean the person being called about was actually possessed. They never stated if any of those requests were verified. For all we know they could have been calling about people who were part of the LGBT or a kid who decided they wanted to go Goth. There is a very valid history of messed up people who think that anything different must be demon related as there is no way there loved one could be that way just because its who they are. I can remember overhearing my mother saying that I was under the spell of my best friend who was not only a demon spawn but could be the actually anti christ and she truly believed it for many years and treated us accordingly. She told anyone and everyone who listen. Low and behold we found out when I was in my early 30s that I am type 2 bipolar with rapid cycling and mixed episodes. Which even without the whole linda blair theatrics I imagine can look pretty damn scary to the uneducated, especially back in the 80s and before. There was the fact that my parents were emotionally abusive and I acted out but you know that wasn't even considered.

    So yeah, I want to know how many of these calls were verified :D

    1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach


  1. Dale's Avatar Dale

    I have always felt there is a place for organized belief systems. However, some of these systems in an effort to prove their worth through their own eyes and make a point that does not require being made can jump at things such as this. We have a rise in reported news events from the internet to news channels clamouring to earn ratings and once again prove their own worth in their own eyes.

    What a fascinating world this is, when good old discernment is thrown out of the window in favour of glamour and ratings and not forgetting mind/ego being proven right. And let us not forget parents are jumping to prove they are open minded and accept the beliefs of their children. When all the child really needs sometimes is TLC.

    There is no quick fix to this, and seeing as the Catholic Church is by those that guide it, closed off and wanting for attention, well they will only increase their efforts to prove themselves right. In a covernsation with a Catholic friend I asked how they could follow men that hide pedophiles, they responded with - I believe the word of the Bible not those that preach it. This for me was a godd answer, because i felt their belief within them. Sadly some would prefer to go with the word of an organization than using their own discernment.

    If those guiding the church wish to keep their church in the limelight are they ever going to come forwward and state the facts, which I am only guessing at, is most probably not on the agenda here. It is far more likely those claiming it could be suffering with a mental health issue or children in need of attention. Those claiming to witness it, not using proper discerment, or caught up in the swirl of the group they are a part of. To digress slightly, it has been proven where stage hypnosis is concerned, not everyone is hypnotised and some not wishing to be left out will act the same as everyone else. This is group dynamics therefore possession is more likely not the case.

  1. Maurice Slaunwhite's Avatar Maurice Slaunwhite

    Always remember Yahweh is stronger than anything or anyone. God bless you all

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    Why do we have to remember something called Yahweh? Isn't it like saying “Remember, Harry Potter is stronger than anything” He also is a wonderful fictitious character.

    Personally, I always liked Santa Clause, so at this time of year let’s remember him, and all the wonderful presents he gives to us all, especially little children. At least he doesn’t promise little children they’ll burn in Hell if they don’t believe in him.

  1. PasterHale's Avatar PasterHale

    After reading all the comments above, I’m seeing a pattern. The majority of the responses are in a negative light towards religion as a whole. I am a little confused as to why nonbelievers would like to spend their time making comments on the website called “the“. There must be some other agenda at play here, Instead of trying to understand why possession is on the rise. I don’t believe the article states anything about debating the role of religion and why it shouldn’t be followed anymore! This is the problem with the world today, everyone thinks because they can write Whatever they want, that it is worth merit! Today’s generation acts as though they invented the question mark! So I challenge you to try to stay focused, and comment on the subject at hand that is discussed in the article! In the end, we will have a better discussion! If needed I can guide you to local and national debate clubs, where are you can defend your believes in religion and why we should or shouldn’t have them! Bless you all.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Well, this topic is about the rise in exorcisms and the occult. As I see it Mr Hale, the root cause of this issue is religion and it’s crazy belief structure, such as ghosts, spirits, the devil etc, so naturally, people are going to address the craziness of religion and all that it’s created and involved with.

    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Some want to be ministers of nothingness, PastorHale. Some are missionaries for the mainstream public opinion, dictated by the left-leaning American versions of Tass and Pravda. Some are hardcore fundamentalists but for whatever reason cannot be ordained in their own faith-- mental illness, some past crime, or emotional instability. A few belong to faiths that are not centralized enough to have a central authority for ordinations. Some just have a friend or relative who wants them to perform a ceremony for them so they go through ULC.

      1. PasterHale's Avatar PasterHale

        I understand this now after reading those that responded to me. And what’s surprised me the most is the lack of sticking to the “rise in exorcism” conversation. Instead they are trying to justify their thoughts by ridiculing mine. I’m new to this blog, but in no way new to those that are just somewhere to make a scene! So I’ll spell out a few things “wrong” with these ideology’s.

        A monastery is a building or complex of buildings comprising the domestic quarters and workplaces of monastics, monks or nuns, whether living in communities or alone (hermits). A monastery generally includes a place reserved for prayer which may be a chapel, church, or temple, and may also serve as an oratory. Therefore is based in word alone as religion of some type.

        Why would an article about The rise in exorcisms be on this site in the first place? It’s so we can have a conversation about this subject, but those here seem more interested in proving a godless society. The fact is this article is on this website so that we as faith based of ministers can understand something of God, and those that we guide with our greater understanding Shall heal as a whole, no matter what your denomination is.

        Responses that are off subject, seem the same to me as going to a sushi restaurant, ordering the sushi, standing up at the plate of sushi, and lashing out in protest,”How dare you place this meal in my presence, I hate sushi!”

        So you can be on here and be ordained, and be nothing, I have now found that to be true. For me however the word ordained minister doesn’t mean nothing. The ability to guide others through life doesn’t mean nothing to me nor should it you! When you as a person decided to take the higher calling to help those in need, to heal, that are sick, those in love, hurt, or have suffered a terrible loss, these Are great responsibility’s. And never should anyone take this position as just a piece of paper.

        I will give this blog a little bit more of a chance I’m gonna read through some more articles and see how infested with off subject comments to decide whether I continue or would advise anyone to read this to help themselves through life.

        Bless you all.

        1. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

          Stick with it. I too have been ridiculed but here is the key...

          If you don’t stay to offer a thoughtful response, who will?

          I have fought the good fight. I have won the race. I have lived in faith...

        2. Travis's Avatar Travis

          Thank you, if we all would listen more and criticize less, this world would be a better place for all.

    3. Lori's Avatar Lori

      PastorHale..... I understand your frustration, but most, not all, on this page, do follow a spiritual path of some kind. Your confusion about "monastery" being used here is that we are a community of ministers that are learning on a universal level. Human beings need to learn tolerance and this is a way of growing in that tolerance. You defend "believers" as though you feel your way (is that Christian centered?) is the correct way. Perhaps I'm reading that wrong. This is not a christian site. This is a UNIVERSAL Life Monastery blog. That means we come from all walks of spiritual thought and this is where we share our differences. Personally, I have grown since I have gotten involved in this blog. It's good to see how others view, or don't view, our spiritual nature. There are reasons we are different. I see other people's pain, insanity, and blessings in the things they say. I also get a chance to look deeper into myself in how I view and respond to the world. Perhaps you can take a deeper look at why you are on this site. I know I did. I love the believers and the non-believers. They don't need to retreat to old ways. We simply need to recognize that we are all part of the same universe and we are free to believe as we wish. We're learning acceptance.

      1. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

        Well of course Pastor Hale believes his faith is correct. We only follow the path we choose as the right path.

        You f I were Hindi I would believe Hinduism was the right path. Same with Buddhism.

        Even though I am Roman Catholic it appears my family has ties to the Italian sect of pagans known as the Guglimitti.

        But you are correct too. I have a degree is Catholic Pastoral Ministry. But I know there are many paths so I learn about those paths as well.

    4. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

      Well said. Bravo!!!

    5. Jeffrey Lukasiewicz's Avatar Jeffrey Lukasiewicz

      I think it's a narrowing of view point,not negative justification just the inability to see the whole picture, in most of the world christianity has been forced on people who had a different relationship with religion. They say 3 things that can't be hidden the sun,the moon,and the truth.can you say your religion has been one of peace and love,or fear and control,for the masses. Pagan (means what too you)they have always preached the 1st law is with harm to none. Acceptance of people as people no matter what your belief is.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    Regardless what anyone's particular guiding belief system or philosophical foundation is, most of us would agree that evil does exist, and for some people and organizations, nations even, it seems to be fueled by a source outside of words or teachings, so many of us tend to label it as evil spirits. For some that is just words and for others strong beliefs. If, perchance, the whole idea is just a myth, then the idea of some means of "exorcising" the evil will be effective, so I guess this is one case where provable fact is less important than perception. If the spirit world was dreamed up by humans, those who did so were shrewd enough to dream up another world which can neither be proven nor disproven.

  1. Minister Dorothy's Avatar Minister Dorothy

    I recommend an exorcism be done in the oval office

  1. Karen Chinery's Avatar Karen Chinery

    As someone who has explored many faiths, religions and philosophies, I would like to comment on your insinuation that Wiccans are to blame for the rise in exorcisms in the email that was sent out. The Wiccan religion is an Earth based religion, which recognizes personal power in harmony and respect for Mother Earth and the cosmos; there is nothing harmful or evil about it.

    I agree that the media plays a big part in the surge of chaos in the world, but I also would like to point out that the epidemic of pharmaceutical use plays a significant role in what is commonly perceived as "demonic" behavior. Collectively, we have been conditioned to trust the medical profession to help us and heal us. Over the years, the medical profession (including the pharmaceutical industry) devolved into big business. Here lies the problem. It is the age old love of money that continues to cause this distortion in the human condition.

    Collectively, we need to learn to rely on our own inner strength and logic. There are no shortcuts to good mental or physical health; it involves work, but from this work, we gain strength and wisdom. And through strength and wisdom, we realize our Divinity.

  1. Jeffrey Lubbers's Avatar Jeffrey Lubbers

    I believe that evil and evil spirits/Satan are projections from the mind and as such are not real and do not exist. But they seem very real to those who believe in them. God is. There is only God. What else can there be, except what the mind believes. Which isn’t real. So choose.

  1. Antonia Blue Star's Avatar Antonia Blue Star

    Blessings... As an energy healer, I work with clients to help clear, release and transform negative entities, energies, implants, earth-bound spirits and demonic beings. When you look into the image of a serial killer or mass murderer often the presence of a negative being can be seen to have overrun their being.

    Everyone has entities. These are beings we have given permission for whatever reason to co-habitate our space. What changes is that we become ENERGETICALLY AWARE of their presence. Some of these beings are ancestral. Some have been with us from the past, present, parrallel and into our future lives. Some, we may have just recently picked up.

    I am currently working with a woman that has been occupied since birth. She has been occupied with not one but a swarm or hive of beings. It is like there are 3 of us in session.

    I have been occupied on more than one occasion. Every good healer will experience this. And it's important that they do. Possession can be triggered by media. Mine was triggered by the demon in "Lord Of the Rings". Other times black magic, curses and spells may be to blame.

    While some religions/cultures are closer to the natural world, Wicca, Voudon, etc... I would say there is an awareness and a healthy respect for the full creation of the Divine. Christians, for whatever reason,d o not wish to acknowledge the full creation of the Divine. There is a tendency to acknowledge angels, gods and goddesses, but deny the presence of the negative.

    Everyone and everything should be permitted to go into their own transformation into the Light of the Divine. We may at one time have been a negative being, having evolved through our millions of evolutions.

    LUX, Antonia Blue Star

  1. Colin Demet's Avatar Colin Demet

    Mark 9:38 - 40 Jesus told his disciples not to stop people releasing spirit, if they were doing so in his name. We are surrounded by spirit ... think of them as people, for they are people albeit in spirit: they are like people in life 'good & bad'. Most spirits are lost and confused and just need guiding to the light. Of course their exist evil spirit as exists evil people, and such may not be an attachment but a possession; always remember 'like attracts like!' and a possession can easily be a two way attachment (ambivalence). Demons are non human and not in circulation at the present time. The problem with the Catholic exorcism, is that they treat every spirit as a demon, for which the Roman Ritual is very affective: but (and I have worked with clients who have had up to 7 Catholic exorcisms) calling a spirit a demon and treating it as such is counter productive. I always work within love & light, and never show anger or aggression as such would be like throwing petrol on a fire. It is imperative to be protected when working with 'Spirit Release.' For more information please see my page at :-

  1. Drea's Avatar Drea

    Entities that cause harm are very real. So the more people trained to deal with that the better.

    Every spiritual tradition has ways of warding off pesky spirits. It does no one any good to feed the fears or conversly deny people's experiences.

    Blaming other spiritualists for the existence of spirits is ridiculous and bigoted.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      I’d be very interested in seeing your data of proof that entities that cause harm are very real. I assume you mean spiritual entities.

      There have been many documentaries of people trying to catch then, see them, hear them, but realistic data is hugely lacking.

      I’ve never heard of any court case where a jury have proved the culprit of a crime was the result of a spiritual entity.

      I do know that some insurance companies have an “Act of God” clause when buildings are struck by lightening, earthquakes, etc, but in reality they use that term as a replacement for “Natural Cause”.

  1. Drea's Avatar Drea

    I am not sure i can call the above an article but the last two paragraphs are a doozy.

    I try not to mix politics and religion.

    So i will just say this. Investigating a claim of sexual assault is an attempt at justice.

    How is that people are routinely surprised when women come foraward.

    Basically every woman I know has a story of assault.

    It is disgusting.

    Don't hide behind Gods or Demons.

  1. Dominic's Avatar Dominic

    The Catholic Church with its constant scandals of Pedophilia is, like our current President, always looking to point the finger at someone else to blame for problems they have. Seriously, if there is an uptick of demon possession perhaps its because a lot of these people have been abused or had to keep quiet ie live a lie about abuse. Wicca has not belief in demons or evil per se, but I think if anyone was going to point fingers at something that is evil, I would say that the Catholic church is very good candidate for that.

  1. Michael martin's Avatar Michael martin

    I feel like the ministry sould train us to do exorcisms if the need should arise it just shouldn't be just up to Catholic priests. There are alot of Christian beliefs that can perform exorcisms Personally i think alot of it is exaggerated. But dont want to get left holding the bag as they say. We should be prepared for anything. God bless all of you this Christmas

  1. Regina's Avatar Regina

    First of all there is no such thing as the devil demons etc. A ridiculous thing to say in this day and age. Also if someone were obsessed it was certainly Kavanaugh and NOT the accuser I watched his behavior and facial expressions that was pure evil. This kind of hate mongering it not helping any church popularity just the opposite. Iam appalled at this kind of report above to say the least.

  1. Scott Shelton's Avatar Scott Shelton

    what some people do in the name of Jesus makes me believe it a church problem...

  1. Yllena S.'s Avatar Yllena S.

    To borrow from 'Life in the World Unseen' - "... It is a strange habit of mind that persists in the belief that it is always the forces of evil from the spirit world that try to make their power felt upon the earth plane."

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Witchcraft is a symptom, not the cause of the demonic possessions. Witches are demonically possessed/influenced. The goal of Satan is to destroy as many lives as possible. There are many willing victims.

    1. KATHY's Avatar KATHY have no idea what Witchcraft is and it is convenient to blame. Perhaps because you fear it?

      1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

        Well said Kathy. 99.9% of the people have no idea what Wicca is, how it's practiced or what it can do. The world would be a much more dangerous and unnatural place without the calming influence of the many practicing Wiccans.

  1. Minister V's Avatar Minister V

    When did The Onion or Daily Currant buy ULC?

    This story has been a laugh-riot from beginning to end.

  1. Erik The Red's Avatar Erik The Red

    Erik The Red

  1. TigerMoon2's Avatar TigerMoon2

    So glad to hear you clarify the point that Wiccans do NOT believe in demons and devils! And that they are an invention of Christianity. And though I cannot speak for all Wiccans, I, personally, don't believe in ANY entities, malevolent or benevolent. Though I do my Samhain rituals to honor my ancestors, I certainly don't believe they are there with me when I do. The closeness that I feel to them at those instances are within my own heart and mind as I remember them, not in fact. I believe the various Gods of Wicca are only correspondents, sources of energy, for the same use as other correspondents such as the elements, scents, colors, the 4 directions, plants, ANYTHING we use to drum up the energies to affect change. That being said, I believe there is a real danger in allowing such myths to take root among the Christian religion, especially Catholicism, as we have seen before. I have been very vocal in responding to comments on social media concerning 'Wiccans casting evil spells and dealing with demons and devils' in an attempt to educate and inform those who haven't a clue to the life of a Wiccan. But whether they believe what I'm saying, or not, is the question. And I would agree that the actual belief in ANY entity can, and often does, create or reveal a mental disorder. The reason that children can abandon their belief of Santa, the Easter Bunny, and other myths, is because the adults around them eventually own up to the myth. Unfortunately, too many adults believe in more harmful myths such as demons and gods, which are avidly enforced upon children by their parents and the churches throughout their lives into adulthood. I simply cannot explain this phenomenon. But I do believe it's enough to drive a sane person crazy. That being said, energy is real, and immoral people can use it for immoral purposes, But this immorality exists among all peoples and all religions. But I CHOSE Wicca because I believe it to be the LEAST harmful of all, and on a par with atheism, of which I, also, am. Bright blessings to you and everyone this holiday season.

  1. Theresa M Ede's Avatar Theresa M Ede

    Has anyone ever noticed that it's only the believers who become "possessed"? I love a good scary movie but, it's not real; demons, ghosts, ghouls just don't exist. What we are dealing with is an alarming increase in mental health problems, and desperate moves from the Church to scare people back to the pews. I was raised Catholic I know that fear is the Church's strongest tool.

  1. Darlene's Avatar Darlene

    Unfortunately, we live in a world today where Santa Clause is more popular, respected and believed in than our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. True that Santa likes to give gifts to children all around the world but, Jesus gave us the greatest gift of all...salvation to all his children around the world as well. Witchcraft , intended for good or evil, is still witchcraft which is not of God. Evil and demonic forces are real. It's a simple pact between man and God. It's called FREE WILL. We have one of two choices. Follow Satan..follow the world. Follow God and experience salvation. Parker Brothers originally manufactured the Ouija Board game when I was young. It was rumored they had dabbled in the occult and were Satan worshipers but not proven. I have had experiences with exorcisms and they are very real. Only the true Christians in politics will be the ones under constant persecution. It is not for us to judge our fellow man. We ALL live in glass houses. God is coming back very soon so get ready for rapture. Demonic forces are dominating most of the world right now. So if you don'e believe in any of this which then would include Heaven and Hell, Satan has blinded you into what looks acceptable and has achieved his goal. His only job is to take as many souls as he can away from God before he comes back . The Antichrist has already been born. The natural disasters all over the world and in especially in America are no series of unfortunate events and bad luck but rather than a sign the end times are here. God bless each and every one of you.

  1. Father Fred's Avatar Father Fred

    Maybe if we realize the impact social media makes on people, and their mental state, we can affix blame correctly.

  1. Larry's Avatar Larry

    What's up with the ULC and this victim mentality lately? Some born-again radical has gotten into the editor's office. Demons? Jesus would roll over in his grave.

  1. Charles's Avatar Charles

    Hope your not buying into TV land demons, I been a Shamanic practitioner for the pass thirty four years I have only seen demon possession one time and it was a woman involved in a cult who were engaging in raping women who were single parents. Her body was twisted in she cry like a mad dog personally I felt she got what she deserved. I realize what was going on just grin at her got up and walked out of the room leaving in the twisted state I found her in.

    1. Lori's Avatar Lori

      There would be no need for exorcisms of people would stop believing they're possessed. It truly is a choice, but unfortunately weak minded people are led to believe all kinds of things.

      1. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco


        In this day and age there are white people declaring they are black, women claiming to be men, and now 70 yea-olds claiming they are 50.

        In each and every one of these scenarios, we have stopped treating the mental illness and let them live as they want.

        If a person feels better having an exorcism, what does it hurt?

        1. Lori's Avatar Lori

          Hank...sometimes exorcism is the only thing that helps a chosen few. They aren't able to see beyond their mental image/illness of possession and they aren't guided to understand what is behind it or just can't grasp the thought process to pull themselves out of it. They live with thought forms they've created, usually by way of other people, that haunt them because they just can't move beyond them. It's sad, but true. You ask what it hurts? Nothing if the person truly feels free of their possession. Nine out of ten times they continue battling with the same images because they don't feel it worked. They think the person doing the exorcism failed and they are doomed to live with it. They can do better taking another course to correct the problem.

  1. Sandy's Avatar Sandy

    The devil and his minions prey on the weak and vulnerable— so that’s anywhere from being depressed, mentally ill, Faithless or anyone that has an empty void in their life, that makes them a prime target for possession— Also direct or indirect invocation— I have to laugh when people blame video games and Wicca, etc for this— if you leave yourself open for an entity to possess you then it will happen!

    1. Lori's Avatar Lori

      If you're convinced there's a devil then you are open to just about anything. Mentally ill people are just mentally ill, NOT possessed.

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Total agree with you Lori. If people liked to be tapped on the forehead by Benny Hinn and collapse, due to what they call the “Holy Spirit” taking them over, then let them do it.

        Some actually talk to a stone wall in Israel and nod at it. They seem harmless.

        Some go to buildings and imagine they are talking to someone who isn’t really there, but have totally convinced themselves someone is listening.

        Mental illness works in mysterious ways.

        1. Lori's Avatar Lori

          To be honest, prayer and meditation (which you obviously see as any attempt to tap into anything of a spiritual nature) can have wonderful psychological effect on those who practice it. What you call mental illness is directed at anyone who doesn't think like you do, but it's your choice to cut yourself off if you desire. No harm in that either.

          1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

            Thank you Lori. Actually, I agree that meditation can indeed be very rewarding, and calming, especially in times of great trials and stress. I fully support it! Meditation can be a great leveler and can be very grounding, as can showing love to those who need help.

            Just to correct you though regarding mental illness. I do not think that people suffer with mental illness if they don't think like myself, far from it. There are some brilliant free thinking people in this world of ours that far surpass myself in original thought.

            However, I do think that people that talk to none existing people are not well. Many are treated, and some are incarcerated, depending upon the severity of the illness. If the person that they talk to is called "God", they get a free pass from any medical condition, depending on how funda"mental" they are in their thinking.

            Fundamentalism often leads to radicalism, which can cause harm to others that don't think like they do. To prevent harm to others, those are the ones that need serious psychological help in my humble opinion. Christianity has indeed gone through that phase a few hundred years ago. We are now seeing similar fundamental issues with other belief structures.

            Thank you for your thoughts though.

          2. Lori's Avatar Lori

            Here is a quote from an above average person of original thought. "In view of such harmony in the cosmos which I, with limited human mind, am able to recognize, there are yet people who say there is no God. But what really makes me angry is that they quote me for support of such views." Albert Einstein.

            Fundamentalism in all walks of life can become radical and harmful no matter the belief. Fundamentalism comes alive when a person closes there mind to all other possibility but their own or their particular group. They become hardened to all who appose their perception or philosophy. It's very common the many religions, as well as atheism.

          3. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

            Here is another quote from Albert Einstein regarding his friend, Father George’s Lamaitre, a Catholic priest, a physicist and the actual person who developed the Big Bang theory.

            “Einstein agreed, even if a few years earlier he had been reluctant to accept Lemaître’s idea of an evolving universe. At that time, he told Lemaître, ‘Although your calculations are correct, your physics is abominable.’ Einstein later regretted his error, and even recommended the Jesuit priest for the Francqui Prize, the most prestigious Belgian scientific distinction, which King Léopold III awarded it to him in 1934.”

            If Einstein could be wrong about the universe then he could also be wrong about the existence of God.

          4. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

            And here is the citation:


          5. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

            And Einstein did indeed state there was no God, but your quote above was taken out of context.

            With his theory of relativity now corrected by Lamaitre, Einstein had to admit that the universe had a beginning, something Einstein hated to do.

            Einstein attempted to theorize a universe with no beginning or end, a theory he called the “Cosmological Constant”, later debunked by W Hubbell.

            With the possibility that he must now accept that the universe had a beginning, Einstein also admitted the possibility of a superior power that created the universe. Einstein changed his beliefs from atheism to deism.

            Had it not been for George Lamaitre, Einstein would have continued to be an atheist.

          6. Lori's Avatar Lori

            Hank... Yes, Einstein went through changes in hypothesis, but he appeared to keep his mind open throughout his life. He admitted that he did not have all the answers. This is what made him a wise man. This is what we all need to realize.

            No person on this planet has the answers. No one can say 'absolutely' that no one (God) listens to their prayer. I don't believe in a biblical God. I don't know or understand the workings of who or what created the universe. All MOST of us have is an innate drive to connect to, and experience, the spiritual energy/chi that flows through everything that exists. If we meditate we're tapping into that, no matter what we call it.

            And.... If a person seeks guidance and speaks to something greater than them, it does not make them mentally ill. The problems begin when they lose sight of humanistic perspective and become radical about their belief, or lack of belief.

          7. Lori's Avatar Lori

            Hank....From what I've read, you are correct, Einstein did state there was no God. No God that conforms to our human fabrications. As for taking quotes out of context, it was not my quote, it was his. Perhaps it is open to interpretation. That's fine. I did not know the man and I doubt you did either. So the truth and interpretation behind his quotes belong only to him. We will never know for sure. It is senseless to try to define them with our own perspectives getting in the way. What the quotes do show us is that no one has the answers. And anyone who claims they do is contributing to the unnecessary problems of division. We all need to stop thinking in terms of "My way is the only way."

          8. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

            You’re quite right Lori. No one truly knows if there is a god, or if there isn’t.

            There’s actually more evidence there could be a Loch Ness monster, or a Big Foot, though I have my doubts, but who really knows?

          9. Lori's Avatar Lori

            Yeah... I'm bettin' on big foot! LOL!

  1. Lyn's Avatar Lyn

    I think the subject has been turned into something it’s not. This is not some sort of proof that demons are running amok, possessing unwitting Pagans and Wiccans, or people who have flirted with the occult. It is my belief that the acceptance of mental illness is still in the dark ages. It is a subject to be avoided and certainly never admitted to. SHAME ON US!!! People feel better about contacting a Roman witch doctor than a well educated psychiatrist. What is wrong with us? Is it so very shameful to learn to live with being bipolar, for example, that we’d rather be possessed by a demon. Oh, please!!! Ridiculous. I’m surprised the Catholic Church isn’t blaming Harry Potter!

    1. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

      A Roman witch doctor? The vast majority of priests today have graduate degrees in medicine, philosophy, theology, physics and education.

      It is also apparent you, and many other writers here, have no clue in the process of exorcism.

      One of the steps in the process is that the affected person be diagnosed as free from any psychiatric or mental health issue prior to an exorcism.

      And by the way, baptism is considered an exorcism.

      1. Lori's Avatar Lori

        It's also apparent that you are living in the dark ages. Those that convince others they are possessed are more mentally ill than the people they treat.

        1. Hank Stanco's Avatar Hank Stanco

          While I can’t speak for all denominations, the Catholic Church does not convince anyone they are possessed.

          In fact, the Church, through the local Bishop, does everything it can to first assure that an individual gets the mental health attention he or she needs.

          As I already said, the process of exorcism in the Church and arduous..

          1. Lori's Avatar Lori

            I don't care how arduous the process is. The fact that the catholic church acknowledges possession as a possibility, is an attempt to convince the public it exists and that they can correct it. They are continuously trying to manipulate their weak minded followers by keeping them in a constant state of fear with subtle archaic suggestions. It's been going on for way too long.

  1. Fay Fleming's Avatar Fay Fleming

    Why is it that all Pagans are very worm and inclusive to all people, yet the Catholic religion is very divisive and finger pointing? Just asking.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Nonsense! One that drinks a lot of firewater does it because they are processed by the Devil. Not because the drink makes him feel good about himself. I lust after your daughter because she is my dream of a perfit woman. While the other daughter would be a nightmare. I seek wealth so that I can buy food, house and home and all the great things in life. It is not the Devil that dwells inside of me just greed. God good, Devil evil. If either is in you I have a cure for that. Pass a few coins to my hand and I shall give you a bottle of Holly water taken from the tap in my hotel room. Drink it and your cure.

    That picture is from the Snooze.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    TMI, John.

    1. Iconoclast's Avatar Iconoclast

      Isn't it, though.

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