Train album Save Me San Francisco How would you like to be married on stage during a performance by your favorite band? Fans of the pop band Train will have just such an opportunity now that the band's drummer, Scott Underwood, has become a minister in the Universal Life Church Monastery. Underwood joins a growing number of celebrity ministers who have become ordained in the online church, including comedian Kathy Griffin, talk show host Conan O'Brien, actress Fran Drescher, former Monkees guitarist Mike Nesmith, and Talking Heads frontman David Byrne.

Underwood will perform weddings for the winners of the contest during the band's California 37 tour, after which the band will perform "Marry Me," a single from their album Save Me, San Francisco. Train have asked couples to send them videos explaining their personal connection with the band, as well as how they met and started dating. Along with limited-edition t-shirts marking the occasion, friends and family of the winners will receive tickets to attend the concert and watch the ceremonies being performed by Underwood, who decided to become a minister in the ULC Monastery back in June as a gesture to fans who wish to tie the knot.

The band's onstage wedding ceremonies reflect a growing trend in the alternative wedding industry, often featuring ministers who become ordained in online churches. The trend has included ceremonies performed in almost every location imaginable: from an Apple store to a New York City nightclub, a live comedy act, and even late-night talk shows. Such ceremonies have become a viable option for more and more people, since they allow them to marry friends and family, but, as in the case of Train, they even allow people to marry fans of their music, making for more tailored and personal experiences. For people who want to become a minister, ULC ordinations provide the kind of flexibility necessary to perform weddings like these.

Those who would like to enter the "Marry Me" contest for the opportunity to be married onstage by Rev. Underwood may do so by sending an e-mail to Further information about the contest, the California 37 tour dates, and Train's music can be found at Train's official Web site. Prospective contestants should send out their videos soon--the tour started 10 July and ends 30 September.

The ULC Monastery would like to congratulate Underwood on his ordination and commend Train for giving people who become ordained online a more high-profile platform to carry out their ministries. We hope to see Underwood perform many more weddings in the future, and we look forward to bringing you more stories on celebrities who become ordained in online churches with the purpose of making weddings a more spontaneous and personalized affair.




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