sad looking woman in black hijab
Should Muslim women have to remove their hijab for a mugshot photo?

It had been decades since any strangers had seen Sophia Johnston out of her hijab.

That all changed last month, when she was given a distressing choice by the Rutherford County, Tennessee police department: remove her hijab to have her mugshot taken, or sit in jail until doing so.

Johnston ultimately relented and took her mugshot photo without her hijab. Now, she’s suing the county for an “indignity” that left her “scarred her emotionally,” arguing that the county violated her freedom of religion.

Not a Routine Traffic Stop

The incident took place on August 23rd, when Johnston was pulled over in nearby Wilson County for a broken taillight.

During the traffic stop, deputies discovered she had an outstanding warrant from all the way back in 2017 for driving on a suspended license. Johnston claims she doesn’t even remember the misdemeanor charge, nor did she know she even missed her court date.

Nevertheless, she was taken to jail and booked.

“I was confused. I felt like I was in an unknown place,” she later explained. Per the lawsuit, Johnston asked to take her mugshot with her hijab on, but the intake officer denied her request after speaking with a superior.

As a mother of eight, Johnston says she “could not afford to be incarcerated indefinitely,” so she relented, removing her hijab for the mugshot as five male police officers looked on.

"Feeling Naked"

“I was scared, I felt very naked because as a Muslim woman, our hijab is our protection,” she said.

The experience was deeply traumatic, Johnston claims. Only close family members have seen her out of her hijab, and many of them not since her childhood. She argues that not only was it demeaning and upsetting, but also a violation of her religious freedom.

“I felt like their mission was to break me, and they did,” she explained.

Now, she’s taking the county, the sheriff, and several officers to court.

Freedom to Cover Up?

Johnston's lawsuit argues that the county violated Tennessee’s Preservation of Religious Freedom Act, which reads that “no government entity shall substantially burden a person’s free exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability.”

According to the suit, Johnston “lives in daily fear that her now freely accessible booking photo — which is also a public record in Tennessee — will be viewed and disseminated in contravention of her religious faith,” and requests the county destroy the image.

Moreover, critics have argued that from a practical point of view, Johnston’s mugshot should be taken with the hijab anyway. She only appears in public in her hijab. If the purpose of a mugshot is for identification, shouldn’t she be photographed in a garment she wears in public?

More Clashes on the Way

Some cities and states have already taken steps to prevent something like this from happening – while others appear set in their ways. 

The NYPD, for example, no longer forces Muslim women to remove their hijab in booking photos, a decision religious freedom advocates celebrated back in 2020

But coincidentally, that same year, a Muslim athlete in Tennessee was disqualified from a volleyball game when she refused to remove her hijab. 

What do you think? Does asking a Muslim woman to remove her hijab constitute a violation of religious freedom?

And when it comes to mug shots specifically, how should the issue be handled? 


  1. Paul's Avatar Paul

    In Western countries, it is not deemed immodest to be in public without a head covering, neither is it considered naked. A broken tail light is a bit trivial to have a mugshot taken but an outstanding warrant for driving on a suspended licence isn't trivial. If you don't want to remove your head covering don't break the law. Her situation is of her own making.

    1. Judith's Avatar Judith

      They didn’t take the mug shot because she had a broken tail light. They took it because she had failed to appear for s previous ticket. I sincerely doubt that she “forgot” getting a ticket got driving without valid license

      1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

        My thoughts exactly Judith. If anything she was surprised it took so long to catch her. She's just kicking and screaming cause she got busted. You nailed it square.

      2. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

        Actually… I’ve done this before too. Forgotten or actually, I didn’t even know which I think she didn’t even know there was a warrant.

        In my case, I grew up, working on hot rods in the backwoods of Texas back in the days when cops pulled you over for window tiny being slightly dark and glass pack pipes. In one traffic stop, a police officer wrote 32 violations, which were all on a classic car. I was test driving…. Seriously on a mirror test drive. From the barn where I was working on the car.

        One of those violations was not removed, and when I went into the DMV to renew my drivers license, they actually locked me in an office and said there’s a warrant out for my arrest

        And it was something ridiculous like a brake light, the actual infraction

        If a woman should be held to remove a scarf, that merely covers her hair. Then men should be made to shave their entire face when they go in for a mug shot… Not only that if we’re really doing this for public safety, both photos should be posted and not just one or the other

        I mean, if having a tail light out, and/or a warrant for your arrest, because you had a tail light out five years ago… If that’s such an encroachment upon the laws of our nation, then sure post it, and we are actually no better than the radical end of Muslim religion, who oppress their women

  1. Mark Gilgen's Avatar Mark Gilgen

    Sorry It is AN I.D for identification and NEEDS to see her whole head to do so. I think the country has to do it for the safety of everyone

    1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

      that is incorrect. Her face being exposed is sufficient

      1. Rev. BH's Avatar Rev. BH

        Agreed, Jen. "Whole head" would require some sort of 3D holo-scan. Just my puss on my license.

        1. Donald G Magel's Avatar Donald G Magel

          However if she was bald, like many bald men, her full head picture would hep to identify her;

  1. Daniel Todd Kamm's Avatar Daniel Todd Kamm

    Wow...there's a lot of ... something unpleasant here, and mostly from men.

    So according to this person's beliefs she should be accorded a certain measure of respect. That is also accorded via her own beliefs and the religion she subscribes to.

    That is true for anyone who is dealing with the Justice system. Innocent until proven guilty and respect.

    But police departments have been disrespecting and abusing people for years.

    The fact that so many men were present for the photo is a non -sequitur for the system. The department could just as easily made female staff available to assist her.

    Also, advances in technology can provide accurate photos needed regardless of the hijab.

    The police were simply harassing her because she would not remove it...she was not "cooperative" therefore she was going to be punished until she submitted.

    No different than sexual abuse or rape really.

    And over a stupid driving violation and non-appearance.

    Waste of the tax-payers dollars. And now these idiots are being sued which = more tax payer dollars.


    1. Gary Leu's Avatar Gary Leu

      Amen! If they wanted to make her as comfortable as possible, they could have handled it differently. She’s not the only one that needs to be treated more respectfully by police, we all do. I know they can do it. I’ve worked with some amazing police officers. I’ve also seen that “just shut up and do what I say” switch get turned on when it doesn’t need to be. Reason goes out the windows.

      The judicial system should not be hauling people in for such stupid reasons. There’s no point. Why even arrest her?! I think the system might believe it’s teaching people a lesson. That’s a list teaching method. It’s not hard to come up with dozens of more efficient effective ways for the government to deal with these petty crimes.

      1. Gary Leu's Avatar Gary Leu

        “ lousy” not “list” haha

        1. Donald G Magel's Avatar Donald G Magel

          She forgot to show for a court date. Anyone would be arrested for that the next time they are stopped.

      2. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee


    2. Keith David Harry's Avatar Keith David Harry

      You , seriously and with a straight face are going to compare this with rape and sexual abuse?? And then throw out the ludicrous and ridiculous comment that there is really no difference? Seriously?? Bruh, you have major issues that are far beyond this thread.

      1. Donald G Magel's Avatar Donald G Magel


    3. John Robert Milner's Avatar John Robert Milner

      Balogna, separation of religion and state. SHE WAS BEING BOOKED! You don’t get exemptions because you committed a crime! Period!

      1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

        Well, that is a very narrow scope. So does this mean that the men who come to this country and own women, like cattle should be held to our laws as well?

        A fanatical religion… This woman’s situation not being it’s extreme example, that supports oppression of one gender specifically…. That is illegal in our country and yet because it’s a religion it is hiding behind protection still yet within our country.

        I am first-hand witness

        Maybe attempt a broader consideration of how are laws are actually applied

        Maybe consider the oppression of women still yet here in our own country, and how other societies and religions may influence our own

      2. Rev. BH's Avatar Rev. BH

        A broken taillight. Always cause to pull over non-whites. Minor. But she had previous infractions which were deemed criminal. Okay. mugshot. But why need to remove her hijab to show her face? A bit of good old boy harassment, methinks. And as public record, she can now be subject to all sorts of "I know where you live" haters

        1. Rev. Zander Nocturn's Avatar Rev. Zander Nocturn

          As a white male in the United States who has been pulled over at least twice for a tail light being out, I can honestly attest that it has nothing to do with skin color. In fact, depending on the vehicle's window tinting (which most vehicles have on the rear window at the very least) and time of day, the police would see the tail light out and not even know the color of the driver's skin when they flip their lights on.

          Not to mention it doesn't specify the skin color of the male officers "watching her" (i.e., present in the area during the booking, not staring at her like a peep show.)

          The racism card is complete BS, and is often pulled by people of color. Racism could be a dead issue if people would stop making themselves out to be victims. I believe Morgan Freeman said it best when he said, "How are we going to get rid of racism? Stop talking about it!"

          1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

            Thank you for that Fox News report.

      3. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

        Comment removed by user.

    4. Bridget Kielas-Fecyk's Avatar Bridget Kielas-Fecyk

      I'm not surprised. It's often mostly male individuals, and I say often and mostly because it's not 100% across the board, that tends to find no problem in such abusive behaviors. Some even think it's amusing to deliberately cause such humiliation.

      "It's just a woman's head scarf, who cares??"

      And if it's not a religious thing but the woman's going through chemo and has no hair, they'd be like "Why's this freak shaving her head, what's she trying to prove?"

      Ignoring the fact she's sick. I've seen this kind of behavior WAY too often.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    I wonder if we have to shave our beards and mustaches off if they are hiding our true identity? 🤭


    1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

      Exactly! Even more important you must now start shaving your beard and mustache is off

  1. Elvin St. James's Avatar Elvin St. James

    Follow the laws of the LAND in which you live. First of all if one puts themselves in a situation that warrants them being in police custody, remember the law enforcement officials are not going to offer preferential treatment based on you religious beliefs. If one lives bytheir religious beliefs, that is something they should be aware of and not commit or display any act that would elicit a law official response.

    1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

      On that note, then, no women, nor their owners… Their husbands who practice extreme Muslim radical feminine oppression,, should be allowed to enter a Country at all

      The men who enter our country who own women like cattle, are not following the laws of our land

      They should be locked up as soon as they step foot on our soil

      1. Rev. Zander Nocturn's Avatar Rev. Zander Nocturn

        Jennifer, you are absolutely correct. Any man who owns women and brings them to the US are breaking the law of the United States, where it is illegal to own slaves. Ownership of another human being is slavery, and was abolished over 150 years ago. But there are two problems with this.

        No enslaved woman from another country is going to admit that she is owned by someone, because she knows what kind of punishment that would bring, and no one in the US would assume that a man traveling with a woman actually OWNS the woman as a slave, nor would they have reason to ask, short of seeing them bound with cuffs and collar (which is fashion and fetishism in the US anyway, which is another reason why no one would question it.)

        1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

          The anti-abortion movement literally is the dehumanization of women to nothing more than broodmares. If a woman can't decide whether or not to carry a pregnancy to term, but somebody else does, then she doesn't own her own body, somebody else does.

          Who owns a woman? It's not the woman, these days. Is it her fetus? Is it Jesus? Is it a bunch of old men in the state capital? Is it you?

          Half of those fetuses that will be born are female - and the anti-abortion movement, in their zealous war to control women's bodies, will sentence those female fetuses IN THE WOMB to be born into a life of gestational servitude, just the way the Patriarchy likes it - and the men will walk free, just the way the Patriarchy likes it. The anti-abortion movement will not stop until the entire world outlaws abortion, and we become a race of broodmares in gestational servitude and their male masters.

          Unconscious flesh is just unconscious flesh. A fetus doesn't even approach the sophistication necessary for awareness until the third trimester, but nobody has an unnecessary abortion in the third trimester anyway, so that's not what this is about. You can not invent 'rights' for an undeveloped unthinking unfeeling unbreathing unborn unperson by stealing them from an actual thinking feeling breathing aware PERSON.

          In any case, nobody is required to light themselves on fire to warm another, EVER. Anti-abortionists demand women do just that - and that's why I feel anti-abortionists should light themselves.

          1. Bond Wright's Avatar Bond Wright

            Totally right on!

        2. April Linda Wiles's Avatar April Linda Wiles

          Have you ever spoken to a Muslim wife? They know they are slaves. The reason they don't say anything is because it's permissable for the husband's family to go after the wife's family if she leaves without first fulfilling her obligations set forth in the contract that was made between her family and husband. This is not something we do in the USA but it's allowed in their country and definitely plays out.

  1. Reverend Marika's Avatar Reverend Marika

    I think the point of being "under arrest" is that you no longer have any freedom. Perhaps they could have been more sensitive to her issue by providing female officers.

  1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

    It's interesting to me the number of religious people here who are always complaining of "religion bashing" who are bashing her mercilessly. It's these same people who just want their way on all issues.

    But the real issue is if she always wears her Hijab, would she be recognized without it? Isn't that what a mug shot is for? Think people.

    1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

      I'd say fingerprints, plus a photo that is recognizable and useful for identifying the person, and finally, a photo suitable for facial recognition software. In fact now there is a case to be made for taking a picture of a person's retinas as well.

      1. Shabad Priya Kaur's Avatar Shabad Priya Kaur

        I am Sikh and wear a turban. In my faith, it is a symbol of faith worn by initiated Sikhs (~10% Sikhs worldwide). In Texas, the DMV requires everyone to remove their glasses and headwear - so their eyes and face shape can be viewed. I was not required to remove my Turban, because I do not go out in public without it.

        Criminals can just as easily change their hair color or shape, so getting a picture of someone’s hair TODAY is not indicative of what they may look like tomorrow. Eyes and facial shape are not so easily changed. Texas uses facial recognition and is making plans for retina scanning.

        While this state is backwards in many ways, I was treated with respect. TSA… that’s a whole other matter. Heaven help them, they all have difficult jobs.

    2. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee


  1. Jimmy Moon's Avatar Jimmy Moon

    This is America. You do have to follow our laws. Don't like it. Leave. Case closed.

    1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

      Exactly Jimmy Moon. Follow our laws in America… That means you cannot own your wife like cattle.

      You cannot oppress the female side of humanity. So the man goes to jail for that?

      Or we just look past that, and then, when some thing unfolds, because an entire society and religious radical group of people have gotten away with a pressing women to the point that the woman feels naked without wearing a scarf over her hair… Merely her hair… then we punish the woman for feeling naked without a garment that may equate to her death in her family is humiliated by her, not wearing that garment and having a photo made

      The original crime is in the oppression of women and our tolerance of a radical religion that gives men ownership over their women, wife(s), daughters…

    2. Shabad Priya Kaur's Avatar Shabad Priya Kaur

      Agreed Jimmy Moon. Stating hard facts from my personal experience, especially seeing that I applauded the Texas DMV for how they did their job and supported the TSA... in no way did I imply I did not like America.

      In any case, I was born here. My ancestors fought in the American Revolution. I'm a member of the DAR (have been since I was a kid). Not that race matters - it should not, not in America - I am Caucasian. Almost all of my Sangat (Punjabi word for congregation) are immigrant citizens. I see disrespectful comments like these hurled at them all the time. And it's just plain... wrong.

      This country was founded on the idea of fresh starts, on the belief that families could leave past loyalties to their motherland behind and start anew. And that, unlike that past, they could express dis-satisfaction with the government without fear of retribution - because government is established FOR the people.

      That there are still people in our country that would tell other citizens to "go back to where they came from" or "leave"... shows we (as a country) have a LONG way to go to unify our citizens. It's appalling and one of the reasons the world's view of us has dimmed in recent decades.

      You said "our laws". Yes "our" includes me - mine. I say this knowing I need not justify myself to anyone. Your knee-jerk reaction to a "us and them" stance is concerning.

      Some of us are religious leaders. And we understand part of our role is to lead our community towards better harmony with others. During COVID we saw many times where one community did well while the one next to it did not. And, because of religion or politics or ignorance... stood by and did nothing to help. Afterwards many said "we need to fix that". Several years have passed and while some progress has been made, it's not enough. If this country goes to war, has another lock down, if we suffer another catastrophe... we need to be ready. So do the work we must. Half of my job is THAT kind of outreach. The rest is INreach. A house divided against itself will fall. Please don't contribute to that possibility.

      I have been praying for you Mr Moon. In fact, Sikhs have a set daily prayer. A single one. There is a place we interject personal requests. After those we are back to set lines... including asking God to grant the same blessings to all mankind, and peace unto the world. Mr Moon, I've been praying for you - that you see this is OUR country - yours, mine, every person who lives here or is a citizen. And we have only God to thank for that. When we begin excluding others from that blessing, or any blessing... we can easily loose Gods grace.

      This is the last I will speak on this. Change comes from within. The ability to evolve is paramount to spiritual transformation. Bhagat Kabir clearly shares how his relationship with God so profoundly changed him that when he looked upon his enemy... he could only see God within. And so his enemy became his friend. Kabir was a Sufi Sant... not a Sikh. But his writings are included in our holy book because... truth is universal. It was more important Sikhs heard his testimony, and we weren't scared about it coming from another spiritual path/group. This philosophy is how we approach all. This is what we hope America will one day be like.

      Shabad Priya Kaur DAR - Macon Family Descendant

  1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

    Wearing of the hijab is to benefit the male, not the female. The job is required in Islam so that the male will be protected from the absolutely horrible and everlastingly overpowering sexuality the female that will inflame the male into a raging uncontrollable sexual sinner and be unable to go about his business and otherwise perform acceptably as a man in society and personally. In other words it is explicitly to protect the male from the males weaknesses and disability and inability to perform. None of this has anything to do with identifying the female.

    Meanwhile, females are often carriers of weapons, bombs, etc one they are in war that's part of gorilla activities, and this has been extremely well established and an issue for all functioning and moral societies. So it's a matter of protecting society as well as protecting citizens who may have been threatened, kidnapped, harm, and need to be rescued. You cannot rescue someone you cannot recognize and identify. You cannot preserve their rights and defend them if you don't know who they are or cannot identify them in order to deliver protection.

    Then there are legal needs that are civil, such as properly identifying a person so that they may be summoned to court and comply, or may benefit from inheritance, protect themselves in business, defend themselves in business and in civil matters. Identification is always necessary and it needs to be positive identication. Those are simply not enough. Especially in this day and age when people can be more than one gender, and, as according to some sources, over 50 or 60 genders, which distinctly affect appearance. This means effective identification that allows a person to be separated from all other people positively is necessary to both serve their rights and protect the rights of others including society.

    So I am afraid she is SOL on this one.

    1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

      Rotfflmfao. So just go around the corner if they get that sexually aroused or frustrated or find the nearest restroom and master bath. Pretty simple to overcome. If any man got that aroused then they ought to be locked up anyway. Because that makes almost all men as uncontrollable rapists.

      1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

        Exactly. Men who are so out of control, and so entitled that they cannot keep control over their penis and their actions… The mirror sight of a woman’s hair or face sins them into some kind of sexual rage…?

        Correct they have a problem and they should not be allowed to run around freely in our society.

        Yeah, this woman was raised within this religion and her photograph without her respected modest hijab could also equate to her families disgrace being revenged by her death

        These people do radical things to their women burn them alive acid… And that happens here in America, as well as within their own country

        The real crime is the radical Muslim men who created a multi generational society of a pressing abusing, and owning women like cattle

      2. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        Nope sorry. In Some, not all Islamic countries a man can go up to a woman and take her before a Mullah, and marry her. Then have sex with her and then divorce her. It happens all the time, they are called MUTA marriages. and men go to brothels, marry a woman for the night and have sex, then divorce her in the morning.

      3. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

        Hey Keith, Yep.

        Except that millions have died for that stupid thing, and nobody's laughing about that except fools. The same laws and beliefs will apply to you if you go anywhere there, you may not get back out alive. And a lot over here have died for it too so they bring it here. Laughing just gets you a target on your back. Laughing is provocation. Maybe it doesn't hit you, but it might hit the person next to you.

        1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

          Well, I respect the laws and cultures of other countries when I used to visit. Don't care to visit antmore.1

  1. Father Flanagan's Avatar Father Flanagan

    Bottom line - she broke multiple laws on multiple occasions and the police have every right to have her remove her hijab for identification purposes, just because you practice a certain religion doesn’t mean you don’t have to assimilate into your community and if you don’t want to then you are free to go back to wherever it is you come from! No religion should prevent proper identification of criminals especially those who don’t respect our laws and then try to use their religion as a shield to protect them from the consequences of their actions - like pedophile Catholic priests, they get protected all the way up to the pope and as soon as their too old and feeble to serve time the church hands them over to the authorities! Islam is an ideology of hate and death and should not be respected anyway!

    1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

      So when a man breaks multiple laws and has a mustache or a beard, he should then be forced to see his face for sure 100%

      And let’s just ignore the laws that protect women, and give them rights within our country.

      And let’s just ignore the fact that we… Ignore… The fact that the men who practice extreme Muslim/Islamic religions within our country are getting away with breaking our own laws because of religion…?!?

      1. Rev. Zander Nocturn's Avatar Rev. Zander Nocturn

        A man's facial hair is different than a woman's head covering. How, you ask? Because it's hair, and grown naturally on the face. A hijab is not grown, it is an article of clothing worn to cover a feature.

        If a man is wearing a mask over said beard and moustache, then yes, the mask must be removed, just like a hat (of any kind). They aren't asking her to shave her head to see the shape of her skull, they are asking to see the entirety of her face/head in a natural situation, without being obscured, as is legal for the United States for identification purposes. I have seen people asked to remove their hijabs in the DMV for their driver's license photo, which is the same reason, and no one complains about having to do that, because it's the law in most states.

    2. Thomas Edwin Peterson's Avatar Thomas Edwin Peterson

      I agree with some points in your post unsure about the validation of some. But respect for rule of necessary laws your on point. Regards

  1. Thomas Edwin Peterson's Avatar Thomas Edwin Peterson

    If you wish to retain your right to the privacy of your hijab or religious coverage clothing scrupulously conduct yourself in following the rules/laws Earn the right don't think such garments give you a free pass to conduct yourself as you wish them feel you don't have to pay the price of non-conformance to societys rules.

  1. Michael G Woram's Avatar Michael G Woram

    Perhaps a little clarification of what is and is not religious freedom, is in order. You are free to practice your religious beliefs as long as you do not violate existing law. The law in question must apply to everyone and not single out any particular group. Requiring a mug shot during a booking is the law for everyone even, as we have seen, former Presidents. To take it to the extreme, if your religion requires human sacrifice, you can expect trouble from the police and freedom of religion won't be of much help.

  1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

    If a Muslim woman humiliates her family, … Which could be anything like, allowing her photo to be made without her her job, there are people in her family, who, according to their fanatical interpretation of their religion, can kill her

    By forcing her to publicly humiliate herself, the police department forced her to publicly humiliate her very dangerous, oppressive fanatical family of religion

    That means her life is potentially in danger.

    The woman wasn’t wearing a full face Burka…. The police department is out of line and she has every right to sue

    What is being overlooked Here is use of a fanatical interpretation of religious law, over and above our country’s laws, which are to protect people from gender oppression. An impression that typically leads to murder under the guise of religion.

  1. LeighLaw's Avatar LeighLaw

    As an atheist ULC minister, I don't agree with any "dress codes" required by any religion. It's just men putting their women (Muslim, conservative Jewish, etc., etc.) "under cover" and that is sooo 14th Century!! I would never argue with a women who covers herself up for her religion, and I respect their right to dress as they want/have to, but I always think to myself, "you fell for it, sister ... you have let your religion (which are ALL made up and mostly by men!!) interfere with your life to an extent that I don't understand and don't condone.
    As this IS the 21st century, I absolutely think the entire world would be much better off without any religious teachings. The MOST heinous, horrific actions have been committed by somebody in the name of their god (shoot up a temple, blow up a federal building, take whatever vengeance they can access to harm people who are different from them. But getting rid of all religions probably won't happen so I have to take my solace where I can find it and try to reach out to those indoctrinated and hopefully turn them around.
    But as far as removing her hijab for a police mug shot, there should be NO consideration for ANY religious community's beliefs/doctrines, because once you are in police custody for anything you are to comply with all reasonable requests, and getting a full head shot for a mug shot certainly seems reasonable to me. But then I am a very calm, self-assured athiest who will never be indoctrinated into any religion again (I was raised Episcopalian), who has studied (NOT to enter any religion!) most of the world's religions and that is how/why I KNOW all religions are confabulations, made up (almost exclusively!) by men to control all others/explain natural occurrences/etc., etc., etc., etc.

  1. Beverly Dawn Hartley's Avatar Beverly Dawn Hartley

    She had an outstanding warrant that she never took care of, that is on her. She must take off her hijab so that she can be identified like everyone else if we were arrested. There are also safety concerns. What if... what if she had a knife in her hair, what if she had drugs under her hijab, what if! I think they were right in making her take her hijab off. If she goes to prison, is she going to fight the full cavity search? Maybe this will teach her to obey the laws of the land.

  1. Michael Holland's Avatar Michael Holland

    Men have to remove hats, woman want equal treatment, they should remove any head covering!

    1. Parson Golden's Avatar Parson Golden

      A hijab is not a hat. It is not worn for the same purpose. For Muslim women, the hijab serves as an identity that reflects their modesty and strong beliefs or what is called the 'Imaan'.

      Hijab or a veil or headscarf is a piece of clothing worn by Muslim women to cover themselves from head to feet.

      1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

        So what. If a jewish person cqan be made to remove his headdress and a Siki can be made to remove his turban, then whats her big deal? I have looked through the Koran from front to back and at NO time does it instruct or require a woman to wear a hijab. Therefor it is not covered under the 1st Amendment no matter what she claims. Now if it was clearly stated in the Koran then I would agree with her but it isnt.

        1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

          I think it might be mentioned in the Hadiths. Trouble is no Koran I've seen has an index and neither do the Hadiths. Most of the religions don't have indexes in their sacred tests except Judeo/Christianity. Makes them hard to study. It is just an old custom in Middle East for all women to cover their heads. That's no excuse not to remove it for identity.

        2. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

          All good points about removing a hat, no matter what your religion is, but is a Jewish man relieves himself of his hat. He is not going to be beaten to death by his family because it’s so shameful.

          Modesty is a matter of survival for a lot of these women.

          1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

            Sorry not going to believe that as in Saudi Arabia, they walk around without the Hajib. They do it in Iran and they do it in Egypt. So your attempted point does not meet muster.

        3. Parson Golden's Avatar Parson Golden

          The Koran itself does not need to prescribe the wearing of a particular article for it to be indoctrinated into the religion’s accepted practice. There are a great many things that make up a religion that are not prescribed in the Koran, or the Bible for that matter. I.e a Nuns Habit.

          This is a worthy case to take through the court system, and that is where it is going.

          1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

            Um non it wont as US Federal LAW REQUIRES that you be able to be identified in a photo ID. And since she lives in the US she abides by what the law says HERE, not in some Islamic country.

            And what you seemingly dont understand is that a hajib is NOT required under Islam:

            "The Karnataka High Court, while declaring that the wearing of hijab by Muslim women is not an 'essential religious practice' in Islamic Faith, said that, "The Holy Quran does not mandate wearing of hijab or headgear for Muslim women"




            So no sorry it will not go to a court as no court in the US is going to take such a case as its going to be a loss for her. She cant claim that its part of her religion as according to the links I provided for you it clearly states that the Islamic Bible does not and never has said that a Hijab is required. So tell us exactly how she is going to prove otherwise?

            1. Parson Golden's Avatar Parson Golden

              Nice try, it is not a photo ID, it is a mug shot. So your comment about “federal law” is a moot point.

              Your first link is the high court in India, so it’s a moot point.

              Your second link is an opinion piece from a paid by the word opinion writer, again a moot point.

              Your third link is also an opinion piece for a paid by the word writer, although it actually supports my comments..

              “most sources agree that Muslim women are indeed required to wear hijabs. Hijab, which means “veil” or “covering,” is seen as a way to protect women from being sexualized and objectified by men. However as an opinion piece it is a moot point.

              So she can claim that it’s part of her religion according to the links you provided.

              Lastly she has a court date coming, so yes a U.S. Court will take it. In fact it will be a Tennessee court since it’s a Tennessee law that’s involved.

              1. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

                Nice try but the other links came directly from Islamic Scholars and they would know far more about Islam then you ever will

              2. Parson Golden's Avatar Parson Golden

                So what?

                Still a moot point.

                Your links are useless and not admissible in court for the reasons I listed.

                Since you lack the ability to actually address my points, I guess we are done here.

      2. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

        So what it could be a terrorist. Remove it . Pure and simple.

        1. Michael Hunt's Avatar Michael Hunt

          The far-right, of which you've made clear you're a member of, is a greater terrorist threat to Americans than Muslims are.

          You're just showing your bigotry and racism.

          1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee


          2. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement


            I think FBI put Catholics on the terrorist watch list along with concerned parents.

          3. John Robert Milner's Avatar John Robert Milner

            That is a very silly response and totally incorrect! Support your claim with facts and be prepared for feedback!

      3. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Everytime I've been arrested they issued me a jail outfit to wear, and made me change into it in front of them. And while I was naked the deputies told me to bend over and spread my cheeks, to make sure I wasn't hiding anything. Don't they make everyone do that? Or were they just horny, and gay. I bet they made her do it too. So why isn't she complaining about that? Maybe she liked that part of the booking process. And maybe once her hijab was off (since there was no greater crime she could have committed) , she thought nothing of exposing everything else, and didn't even think of it as something worth mentioning.

        1. John Robert Milner's Avatar John Robert Milner

          Carl, just out of pure curiosity, how many times have you been to the klink?

    2. Eric Douglas Reed's Avatar Eric Douglas Reed

      I believe they should honor religious statues.

      1. Eric Douglas Reed's Avatar Eric Douglas Reed

        Women should only revive her true beauty to her husband..

        1. Mark Gilgen's Avatar Mark Gilgen

          I whole heartedly disagree when it come to I.D.

          1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

            Consider it is just her hair that is being covered?

            Men with beards, mustaches?

            That’s covering more than their hair.

            So should men before us to shaves her face for a photo ID or should they be allowed to present themselves in the ID photograph as they typically look when they are moving around and Society on a daily basis?

            I mean, if it’s really about ID and somebody and the safety of the public so that Public can identify this woman if she escaped from jail, and is a threat to society…

      2. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

        Now if this was a Christian practice you'd bash them. No remove them.

      3. Ricardo Gonzales's Avatar Ricardo Gonzales

        So the idea is that Man's rules overrule what God has put in place? That's the same idea that got Jesus killed. Sadly, too many put the rules of man above what God put in place or the simplificaiton that Jesus provided. If one honestly studied Christianity, they would quickly learn that the Jews where not the only ones who put their own rules above God, Christians, Muslims and other religions have done that too. Looking beyond or below those rules, find out that God made us all different and if someone willingly breaks the law, they are subject to the humiliations they are earned. Always man made. Humiliation is a lot less severe than Death due to SIN.

    3. Rev. Mike Eggleston's Avatar Rev. Mike Eggleston

      In the UK, Sikhs would not have to remove their turbans. However, a turban does not obscure their faces.

      1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

        Do you feel that theHijab she is wearing in the video of scares her face more than would it if she had a beard or a mustache?

  1. Rev. Dr. Father JJ's Avatar Rev. Dr. Father JJ

    it only covers her head, no big deal. I suspect it was done because she was muslim. would they make a jewish man remove his yamaka, or a nun remove her headpiece or a punjabi man remove his pagari?

    it would have been different (and I would have agreed) if she had been wearing a burka or niqab but as her face would have been clearly visible, requiring here to remove it was dik head move on the police. however, since her face wasn't hidden I can't believe it caused her the anguish she claims it has. maybe the best bet would be, the city/state drop the charges for broken headlight and driving without a license and she drop the law suit. it appears she's not exactly innocent

  1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

    This is going to be an interesting court case. Let’s see how this plays out.

    1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

      Douglas, worth watching for sure.

  1. Addyson Raya Woods's Avatar Addyson Raya Woods

    Rev. Mark D,

    I wish I could have put it as well as you have! God Bless you 🙏!

  1. Peter Neve's Avatar Peter Neve

    This is disgusting behaviour, the growing problem with the police in the US is the lack or care and the growth of fascists. The police are using their own laws and not the law of the land and manipulation of them. Its all about how to control the masses and how much money they can extract from its citizens and not about the law

  1. Jennifer Lee's Avatar Jennifer Lee

    As a Notary, I’ve been asked to ID women in full burka…. Only a lace-type screen in a material draped over their head and shoulders

    These women are only allowed ti sign as “X”

    I cannot legally do that. An ID must show a face. further, a signature can only be an “x” if also with a witness whom can be ID’d. (Most of these women are not allowed to ‘know’ how to write, even their own signature as that would indicate they are an individual).

    To me, the above is the first crime and in our United States, a crime that should NOT be tolerated as it is, as of today, allowed to hide behind the guise of religion.

    What is actually pure oppression and dehumanization of one gender should be punishable to the highest law of our country and without religious protections.

    In the case of the potentially criminal Muslim woman. Her right to wear a hijab in her publicly shared photo she is correct unless she is a true public threat. (hijab only covers that dreadfully tempting beautiful hair from those men so weak they cannot control themselves in the face of a woman’s beauty).

    If she is suspected of crimes, most definitely her “police file should contain” photos if her without the hijab. Non hijab photos need not be released unless she is dangerous to the public.

    If she is found guilty of a public threat crime, identifying photos should respectfully be shared with the public for the sake of public safety….

    Hold, if the crime is of her domestication via male dominated “religiously” facilitated oppressions, she should be protected from her dominators and oppressors!

    In other words, if she fought for her freedom to escape the male perpetrators the USA looks past still today… , a crime of which the public may not need to identify and help capture her… the hijab photo should suffice very well in what public parade said state must perform to show they are doing their jobs.

    Public threat means all photos released. otherwise, releasing her non-hajib photo is to NOT protect her religious rights…. Does this state post rape victims who fight back as criminals too?

    … and of all things after our country has been supporting her opposition via that same religion!?!

    If the photo was release in order to humiliate, she is correct to sue.

  1. Patricia Rae Tooke's Avatar Patricia Rae Tooke

    Why do we continuously focus on silly and specious arguments? Her face is not obscured by her headwear. So what's the big deal? However the real reason for women "covering up" is even more ridiculous. Mostly men who did not want lust after women (Book of Daniel), as the hair of women had "sexual potency" (Attested by several church fathers.. Jewish law around the time of Jesus stipulated that a married woman who uncovered her hair in public evidenced her infidelity. Lastly read 1 Corinthians 11: 2-16 where man is the image of and glory of God, but women aren't. Oh please. So as usual, men decided how and what women should wear and then made them believe it's a good thing. And once again it was not women who started this religious custom, but the men in power who based their power by saying it came from "God". When will folks learn to research these "customs" and realize it was just another way to subjugate women.

  1. John Edgar Buonagurio's Avatar John Edgar Buonagurio

    Driving with a suspended license is Class B misdemeanor in Tennessee and carries up to 6 months in jail and/or fines up to $500. Failure to appear in Tennessee is a Class A misdemeanor. Penalties include fines up to $2500, prison up to a year; in addition to the penalties for the original offenses. Johnston claims "she doesn’t even remember the misdemeanor charge, nor did she know she even missed her court date." To forget about such things is unlikely. There are no federal laws to protect a woman's right to continue wearing a hijab when arrested, and no laws to prevent officers from removing it or asking for it to be removed, but perhaps Ms. Johnston will make case law. In any event, there are two very distinct issues here and she should clearly have her day in court on her offenses.

  1. James Mounts's Avatar James Mounts

    "Render unto Caesar ..."

  1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

    Yep. This is such an old dead topic. Her face should be fully seen so as to identify her. Nothing wrong with that. If she wore a full burka you would have no face. Could be a man. A terrorist. In cases like this religious beliefs should be moved aside. Se for myself. I'm Eadtern Catholiv. We wear a cloth over out hats to represent the burial shroud of Christ. Although it hangs in back it's only fair we remove for a full head shot. Same goes for Sihks and their turbans or Muslims who wear full head regalia. Such an old dead argument and has been decided on by the federal govt and most states.

    1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

      Right Keith,

      You never know what's under the burka, not really.

  1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

    When people wear any clothing it's a form of concealment. When people wear the same or similar clothing it can mirror a uniform. Uniforms make people look alike. This is fine for bands, military, police, schools, airline attendants and so on. When an individual's identity is being recorded because of lawlessness, the identity ought not be concealed. As mankind is dynamic, it's reasonable that a full face covering could be required for an old religion or one not yet thought of. I turn again to the atheist that is a citizen of the USA. Do they deserve the same freedoms as any given religious person is afforded? Would an atheist woman be forced to remove a head dress if she were as modest as a Muslim woman? If the two women were arrested together shall one be forced to remove the same head dress the other is permitted to keep? We are a country of equality and allegedly freedom. We have equal protection under the law which automatically implies equal treatment or equal punishment. The woman chose to drive on a suspended license and has no regard for the law.

    The head dress comes off for the mug shot quick and now.

    1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

      Let least We agree on something for a change. But Kenneth always has to argue with someone.

    2. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

      What are you concealing SOJ?

      1. Minister Raymond Butterworth's Avatar Minister Raymond Butterworth

        Her religion is not mine but I support her right to worship as she so desires. The ability to worship as we choose is a very important. This is religious FREEDOM. When one is arrested freedom is taken. Failure to appear is a taken seriously. Don't break the law. If you get a ticket, handle it before it becomes a bigger problem.

  1. Davy Ray Bardwell ll's Avatar Davy Ray Bardwell ll

    The law is the law like it or not do as you're told and not as you please or go back to where you came from. And the fact that there was no women officers there they wasn't asking her to take off her clothes they was asking her to remove her face garment they're don't have to be a woman present to take a mug shot of your head

    1. Peter Neve's Avatar Peter Neve

      But is this the law? Its not written its the discretion of the senior officer and you get a racist officer, which unfortunately most of them are and untrained in the law, most officers get 6 weeks academy training before let loose with a gun and badge.

  1. David Buck's Avatar David Buck

    Booking photos show the whole head. That's the rule. Same rule for everyone. Men are asked to remove hats. Jewish men probably need not remove a yarmulke, as it is worn towards the back of the head and is not visible in the photo.

    She was the author of her own problem. Want to drive? Get a driver's licence and take care of your tickets. I am sure that it had nothing to do with harassing her because she was Muslim.

    Everybody needs to stop being so darned sensitive all the time. Not everything is a conspiracy against you personally. I hope her case gets tossed out and she has to pay the court costs.

  1. Paul Nathan Tricker's Avatar Paul Nathan Tricker

    There is nothing in the Quran that forbids a Moslem woman to show her face! I raised this question with the central mosque in London. They informed me that the requirement in their holy text was that women wore “modest clothing” therefore not requiring the face to be covered!

    This is a completely false dogma imposed on Moslem women to control them!

    1. Ernest Smithling's Avatar Ernest Smithling

      I did not know that and I'm glad you brought it out!

  1. Steven Ferrell's Avatar Steven Ferrell

    I have never understood the whole thing of muslim women being forced to cover from head to toe because they may temp a man to look at them with lust if they show their heads or some legs or arms.
    As was told to me from both a muslim man and woman I worked with. The men are not able to control their own self and their emotions, so women must suffer the consequences and be the ones to cover up everything so men don’t lust. How unfair and unfortunate for the women.

  1. Keith David Harry's Avatar Keith David Harry

    You , seriously and with a straight face are going to compare this with rape and sexual abuse?? And then through out the ludicrous and ridiculous comment that there is really no difference? Seriously?? Bruh, you have major issues that are far beyond this thread.

  1. Thomas J Kasprik's Avatar Thomas J Kasprik

    I’ll say it RELIGION is the problem Yes even your religion

  1. George Perkins Jamison's Avatar George Perkins Jamison

    I think we should show the same amount of concern if not more, on what caused this in the first place. The police didn't just wake up one morning and decide to stop a lady wearing a head scarf and take her down and take her picture and calls her to feel naked against the world. I say give me a break follow the law do what you're supposed to treat the police with respect and they will treat you with respect. Yes there's a bad apple in every facet of life even in our own Brotherhood of ministers. Do not give people an excuse to disrespect the law enforcement officers that many are killed every day in a routine traffic stop wake up be concerned about issues that you can resolve or help resolve this is not one of them.

  1. Marie Gilbert's Avatar Marie Gilbert

    This was an infraction against her religious beliefs. Would the police have told a Catholic nun to remove her habit? The answer is no, and the fact that the police did not offer the woman female officers to take her photo is again both sins: hatred towards women and hatred against a religion that is not Christian. This woman should sue the police department and the city.

  1. LeighLaw's Avatar LeighLaw

    Question: Was she allowed to keep her head covering on when she got her driver's license photo taken from whatever state she got it??
    I'll bet not, and rightfully so!! Listen, she's lucky to live here in the US at all -- in whatever country her heritage is from, or where her husband/other family is from -- she likely would not be ALLOWED to drive at all!!!
    She just has to suck it up and deal with the ramifications of her behavior. And I highly doubt that she had forgotten the ticket and order to appear in court whenever those were issued ......

    1. Ernest Smithling's Avatar Ernest Smithling

      I agree 100%.

  1. Ernest Smithling's Avatar Ernest Smithling

    Too bad she doesn't like it. She ignores the law by refusing to go to court and thereby gets a warrant issued for her arrest and her only defense is lame and unoriginal: she forgot it/doesn't remember it. I think she is lying. Regardless, her reason is not a defense. Plain and simple. And making her remove her head garb for a booking photo is standard procedure and she should not be allowed to hide under her hat ɓy claiming a violation of religion.

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    If a Hijab is for religious reasons then no it should NEVER be removed.I have an English cousin who is married to an Arab and she always wears the whole robe's.I hope you win the case . Religion discrimination.

    1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

      Sorry Nicholas, even religion has to submit to the law of the state. Of course when religion is officially merged with the state, then the two are one. Not here, or at least it needs of the law require people to be identified. You can't without a face. You can hope all you want, she's going to lose. It's impractical and inconsistent with the needs of society not to be able to identify somebody when it needs to... You would change your position immediately if you were a victim of a crime, you'd expect that the criminal be identified so they can be held to account. Now if you were the criminal then I can see you might have a different point of view.

    2. Daniel Gray's Avatar Daniel Gray

      Nope, not even close.

  1. Doggod's Avatar Doggod

    In private you can wear what you want in public I need to see who I am dealing with end of story. The real story behind the hijab is to protect Hindu women from Muslim invaders. Learn history before making assumptions.

  1. Colleen McAllister's Avatar Colleen McAllister

    Since her face is completely visible I see no reason why she would need to remove the hijab. It seems no different than if she had been wearing a wig.

    1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

      Hair color under the head dress might be important to know.

    2. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

      There is a big deal. Obey the laws where you go. Simple. But liberal minds have to call it racist ot bigotry.

  1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

    Official Police ID requires a recognizable picture and of that exact date and police booking time. End of story.

    1. Addyson Raya Woods's Avatar Addyson Raya Woods

      I agree with 'ServantOfJudgement'. If I wore a Cowboy hat and sunglasses all the time everyday of my life and no one else had ever seen me without them do I have to remove them for a mugshot? Sure I do, even though I am an American citizen born here. Was she? That part I didn't catch. I have nothing against Muslims, but the truth be known, they hate us Americans although God says "Do Not Hate"! They're are many Muslim terrorists who have caused grave, evils to America and Americans. Who is crossing the border now? Michael hood does exist in America, but evil is all around us everyday and we must look to the Almighty God and follow his words and guidance and through prayer and spirit! He gave AMERICA her forefathers that gave us the Constitution for this country, but not to whom wants to use it as an excuse, or alternative advantage when they break laws, are not a legal citizen of America, and hate America! There are many other reasons, as well. YES! Take off the Hijab and follow rules, laws, etc. in this country if you're here, therefore leaving 'anyone' a choice...if you don't like it I'm America...LEAVE! There are many other places to go, maybe back where you came from, or where you feel you'd be treated better!!! Stop the drama and games, excuses and such and do the right thing and make your decisions and mistakes your problem and own up to them! Praise the Lord! Amen 🙏

      1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

        Addyson, it still doesn't matter whether you were born here or born somewhere else. Identification is necessary. Positive identification is impossible without a photo ID. Even then it's not foolproof, people can have different colored contact lenses and makeup art and facial arrangements can also be altered. Someday photo identification is going to be with retinas... And the state may even require DNA along with the fingerprints for routine identification requirements.

        1. Keith Allen Steele Eash's Avatar Keith Allen Steele Eash

          It can be hard to identify a man even with a beard. You do your best. Photo id is enough. You start requiring retina or fingerprint id for normal identification you're going to far. For voting we use signatures but those change over time just like voice identification. Either way, it comes down to rights. Photo. d is good enough for anything.

          1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

            We already use fingerprints when doing a police booking. And you should update your knowledge on "facial recognition" software since most police and government departments are now using it, as are many governments may be surprise to learn that facial recognition software sees right through beards, but not through cloth. The point is that you were not asked, most people don't know in fact, and you won't be asked when they start doing retinas.

  1. Rev. Laurie G. Cleveland RN's Avatar Rev. Laurie G. Cleveland RN

    This is a problem. In one place, women wearing full Muslim dress that didn't showvtheir faces was permitted. The wgole point of a driver's license, other tgan to drive, is to use facial identificationm this country was built o. Relugious freedom, but you also have to comply with laws.
    I saw what happened in Boston schools. The Muslim girls were allowed to wear long dressescand sleeves and hajibs, bur nobody else could wear symbols of their faith. This is wrong. If its OK for one, it should be ok for everyone. For this woman with 8 kids, her hajib not only was a symbol of her faith, but jailing her and makingban example out of her is as bad as getting stopped in MO because you refused to get a Covid shot and hadn't had a recent Covid tsst. This was as bad as an airline who refused to allow a friend of mine to board a plane because her Covid test nm, done of Friday, fidn't come back until Monday and she had no history ofvexpisylurem they essentially kept her hostage in the airport until she agreed to get either s Covid test or shot, either of whichbwould set her back $250. , Am I mixing apples and oranges here? No. These are all things that impact on a person's freedom. I had to pay that damned ticket, even though it wasn't mine and the company never reimbursed me for it. Likewise, you cannot say yes to one group of people and no to the rest. It isn't fair. In this case, the woman had worn her Hajib gor so long, eveb in the house, it seems, where she is allowed not yo wear it. But having a mug shot with no female officers was wrong. It wasike they were asking her to strip. They were lpoking for things to justify her illegal arrest. She has a case. Had they gollowed protocol, they shoild have had a female cop present snd gotten rid of extra men. The only person, other than family in strict Muslim households is her husband. She was following the tenents of her faith, but the women that had full muslim gsrb on whete you can't see anything, you have to have a picture of the petson on the license. Again, a female officer has to be present, and for these ladies, a separate room is required. There are many groups who have dress codes. Amish women and men wear dcsrves or hats. It is how they are rsised and it shows their devotion to God. However, a man can take off his hat, but the women cannot, but generally you csn see enough of their hair. We have to be fair to everyone. These are a symbol of their fath and I met a lovely you mum who had 3girls. Sje wore this long dress by the pool with a modest bathing suit underneath. She and I struck up a conversation and she said wistfully that she loved swimmingbas a child. Well, she had 3 daughters and if any of these ran into trouble it would take too much time to take everything off to save them.

    1. Bond Wright's Avatar Bond Wright

      Ahhhhhh..paying some attention to your grammar and spelling would show respect to the rest of us participating in this discussion. Please consider upping your game. Thank you.

  1. Rev Mark D's Avatar Rev Mark D

    Lastly, there's a question of marriage. You have to know who it is you're married and be assured that that is the same person each time or chaos and sinning will ensue. A child has to know who is mother is and it is the same mother all the time. Then there are genetic needs and needs for medical care. We simply have to be able to identify the person. And that is for the person's own protection as well. Your job is not able to provide protection to the female in this regard. How was the doctor know that he is prescribing the right treatment for the right woman unless he is able to identify her? A man must know that the woman who is bearing his children is actually his wife and not say some other woman, and this could happen each time. That would be chaos of a great sort to a functioning Muslim community. And if the woman should suffer a mental illness and not know who she is, I was anybody to help her with cues from her original environments and familiars so it's to help treat her and return her to unless fearful reality? A lot of this has to do with pictures. Civil matters if she was required to sign a document at any time, which is extremely common right down to being able to obtain social services and supports and even just get a library card.

    So there are many things one cannot do without and pictures are the largest contemporary part of doing that, absent obtaining fingerprint and Jean samples of the person, but then that would require all of society to be able to instantaneously utilize and have technology for using those as identifiers on an everyday moment to moment basis.

    So we can't do without pictures in the final end, and it looks like one can live one's life entirely without pictures except for that final end, which is formal state identification or at the very very least, police identification and passport identification.

    To have a faces to be human. There's some things you just simply can't get out of, and being human and having a face are one of them.

  1. Addyson Raya Woods's Avatar Addyson Raya Woods

    Beards and mustaches are grown on and make-up is put on...meaning it could be removed by the request of the person with it. Not a scarf!!!!! This is not harassment, this is knowing who is in this country!!!!! America First!!!!! 🇺🇸

  1. Addyson Raya Woods's Avatar Addyson Raya Woods

    Are my comments too Christian and Honest????

  1. Stewart Newall's Avatar Stewart Newall

    And so they’re should I can’t go in and have a motorcycle helmet on for a mug shot

  1. Valentino Falovino's Avatar Valentino Falovino

    A suspended license is such a stupid reason to arrest someone. Outside of that the whole reason for the mug shot is to be able to identify the suspect in person. Do I agree with wearing a head covering absolutely not but if someone is wearing it for a religious reason that is their personal belief and not mine. I have no right to infringe on that belief. If the photo is public and her religious beliefs include wearing a head covering she should keep it on for the mug shot. It’s for identity validation. In public she’ll have her head covered. I will compare this the religious exemptions that were denied for the jab. If you have to respect a persons religious beliefs people shouldn’t be forced to take experimental medicines or proven medicines, that violate their religious or personal beliefs.

    1. Ernest Smithling's Avatar Ernest Smithling

      She was arrested because she didn't go to court and consequently a bench warrant was issued for her ARREST! Do you think the police should have just ignored it and let her go so she could once again turn up her nose to our legal system and laws?

  1. Rev. BH's Avatar Rev. BH

    I got pulled over for a dead taillight once. The officer checked me out and returned to my car saying "and your license has expired" (We used to get mail notifications, but no more). Yikes! You know what happened to me? A warning. I'm white.

  1. Carol M. Anaski-Figurski's Avatar Carol M. Anaski-Figurski

    I agree with her. This is abuse of power. She has a right to practice her religious beliefs & religious freedoms without being violated. That mugshot picture should be destroyed or returned to her & not a public photo. In addition, Cultural & religious beliefs should be taught as a learning education for that police department for the ever evolving mutli cultures in america. She has a right to sue it.

  1. Eric D Peck's Avatar Eric D Peck

    If Muslims resent westerners, there are many reasons. Including but certainly not limited to our constant military presence in the Middle East.
    If a woman wanted to marry me and insisted that I wear something over my body so as not to inspire arousal I would chuckle from the flattery. Until I realized she was serious...

  1. Carol J VanderMiller's Avatar Carol J VanderMiller

    She should reread her belief because it says they should honor the laws of the land in which they live. Cut & Dry - no if, ands or buts. In Islam obedience to the law of the land is a religious duty. The Qur’an commands Muslims to remain faithful to not only Allah and the Prophet Muhammad(sa), but also the authority they live under:

    O ye who believe! obey Allah, and obey His Messenger and those who are in authority over you (Ch.4: V.60).

    Any country or government that guarantees religious freedom to followers of different faiths (not just Islam) must be owed loyalty. The Prophet Muhammad(sa) stressed this point when he said:

    ‘One who obeys his authority, obeys me. One who disobeys his authority, disobeys me.’ (Muslim)

  1. Carol J VanderMiller's Avatar Carol J VanderMiller

    It is clear that according to Islam Muslims must obey the law of the land as anything to the contrary would mean that they are not obeying their Prophet or their religion. Therefore, no violation upon her

  1. Doctor Loyal's Avatar Doctor Loyal

    It does make one wonder why all the issue with removing a head covering? Perhaps a distinctive scar was covered, preventing proper identification? Less drama and more adherence to the legal aspects of the case could be suggested.

    In a case where a warrant had been issued and the police, in an excess of zeal to protect a possibly innocent person, required more stringent requirement in the identification of that person, she should accept that without her prior criminal behavior, such detail might very well have not been necessary.

  1. Larry Mager's Avatar Larry Mager

    I will stick in my 2 cents worth here: The idea that a woman must wear the scarf over her hair in order to keep men from being turned on does not make sense in today's world! Why???? Because most of the Muslim women I have seen attract men by the use of eye makeup! I've watched other men go "ga-ga" upon seeing them and their beautiful eyes. If Islamic men want to keep other men from "lusting" after "their" property, then the men should stop "their women" from using eye make-up as well! It's all BS imho. If one does the crime, they should do the time, no matter WHAT their religion! AND quit thinking of women as property!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Patricia Therese Loparco's Avatar Patricia Therese Loparco

    In retrospect, they may have never encountered this situation and were merely having her follow their policy. The Officer did his job and asked his supervisor. Hindsight is 20/20. As a former law enforcement Officer myself who has also educated herself with other's religions, they should have had her remove the hijab only for the female. Then have the female take the photo and put her hijab back on while only in her presence. How do you know she didnt have any weapon or contraband under the hijab. It has to be checked by someone. The only thing they did wrong in my opinion. She knew she had a warrant and had a suspended license. Her ignorance to the fact, does not negate that she broke the law and is responsible to follow the procedures for that jurisdiction and their policies.

    1. Alexander Arends's Avatar Alexander Arends

      Totally agree. This is not an issue about someone's "feeling". The only issue that should matter here is: did the officers follow proper procedures and protocol?

  1. Duane Michael Gorder's Avatar Duane Michael Gorder

    Most of what I had planned to write would have just been a reiteration of what many other people had written, so I will keep this as brief as possible.

    Please don't compare removing her hijab to removing beards and moustaches. They did not try to shave her head.

    Her lawsuit said the mug shot procedure seemed to be public, with gawkers walking by and checking her out. If this is true, they handled it poorly. But it might not be true. We don't know.

    As far as violating her religious beliefs, I really don't know much about the Muslim religion so I can't make an informed comment. Our court system will have to figure it out. At least they will have access to more information than we have. The American court system might not be perfect, but I believe that it is one of the best in the world.

  1. Paul Edward Nunis's Avatar Paul Edward Nunis

    I'll take 'Words that don't appear in either the Koran, or the US Constitution' for $500 Ken...

  1. Thomas Payette's Avatar Thomas Payette

    The reality is the mugshot system incorporates facial recognition. Her head covering could have remained and the system would still function as it should. There's the flip side of this is not a Muslim country. We have our culture and ways we do things. Realistically it's not our responsibility to adapt to the Muslim culture and ways. It's their responsibility to adapt. The nature of America has been to incorporate practices that bring ease to immigrants. This has always been a courtesy as we welcome other cultures. This seems to have been forgotten. As well as any gratitude for the opportunity to live here.

    Welcome people of the world to America. Just know it's your responsibility to adapt to our country.

  1. Angela Sidney Andrado's Avatar Angela Sidney Andrado

    She should expect to be treated like anyone else. Going to jail means you have to have a mugshot and unfortunately it to easy to disguise your look if had that crap on your head. Also right now we live in a time when the majority of the people like her have become terrorist and so you want to be sure you have good finger prints and good mugshots. She obviously is not religious or she wouldn't find herself in jail so she can't ***** now.

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