Jesus Shoes
The 'Jesus Shoes' sparked a debate online about the intersection of commerce and Christ. Would God approve of shoes made in his image selling for thousands of dollars?

If you've ever dreamed of walking on water, in the footsteps of your lord and savior Jesus Christ, then Brooklyn-based brand MSCHF have got a pair of rare Nike "Jesus Shoes" just for you.

Of course, you should prepare to spend upwards of $3,000 for a pair. The shoes are tricked-out Nike Air Max 97 sneakers - their soles filled with 60 ccs of blue-tinted holy water from the Jordan River that a priest blessed for good measure. And they sold out within minutes of appearing on the shoe website StockX.

The Holiest of all Collabs

As MSCHF head of commerce Daniel Greenberg explains, the shoes were more of a statement on collaborative culture than any kind of religious calling. "We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like? As a Jew myself, the only thing I knew was that he walked on water."

So the Brooklyn-based brand bought the original all-white Nikes at retail price and then redesigned them into limited-edition Christian footwear, complete with frankincense-scented insoles, a crucifix attached to its laces, the single red dot symbolizing Jesus' blood, an INRI inscription and lest we forget, the Bible verse Matthew 14:25 recounting Jesus' miracle of walking on water, printed on their side. Greenberg calls them "the holiest of all collabs."

And just to make sure they were onto something, MSCHF sent six pairs to YouTubers and celebrities, including famed Jesus-loving rapper A$AP Rocky.

And thus, all two dozen pairs available online sold out within minutes. Given the undeniable success, we can all expect more Jesus Shoe drops in the near future.

Jesus Walks

MSCHF isn't the first brand to effectively monetize Jesus Christ.

Many argue Kanye West has been doing exactly that with his Sunday Service performances, effectively using his recent born-again status to sell albums and Biblically-themed merchandise. And a quick search of Amazon reveals the Internet is full of dancing bobblehead Jesus figurines, Y'all Need Jesus t-shirts, Team Jesus socks - even Jesus-walks-on-water figurines. And, of course, there are entire film studios and record labels cranking out Christian films and albums by the boatload.

What do you think? Is there harm in any of this? What's wrong with a few lucky Christian sneakerheads get to feel like they're walking on water just like their savior? On one hand, everyone wins: A few lucky Christian sneakerheads get to feel like they're walking on water just like their savior, and some savvy entrepreneurs make a pretty penny.

On the other hand, what would Jesus say about expensive sneakers, with all the Christian bells and whistles you can think of, made specifically in his honor? Might he think these extravagant shoes are blasphemous? Last time we checked, he preferred his footwear simple and inexpensive.

Where do you (pardon the pun) stand?


  1. Cyndi McReynolds's Avatar Cyndi McReynolds

    How many people could you help with $3000? WWJD?

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    It really shows how idiotic religionists are, but I guess we are used to it.

  1. James Grainger's Avatar James Grainger

    Really, a pair of sneakers with a cross, $3000.00??? A fool and his money are soon parted..

  1. Lori's Avatar Lori

    I'm sure all that money is going to a good cause. Right???? It's all BS.

  1. Rod Gesner's Avatar Rod Gesner

    I Can Offer a Few Much Cheaper ways to Walk on WATER: Snow Shoes, Cross Country Ski's... Water Ski's, Ice Skates. Maybe Jesus had Large or Otherwise Self planing Feet and Was Barefooting it Behind a Fast Sailboat or Hooked on a Big Fish...

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    Respectfully...this has no positive spiritual value (but is certainly good marketing)...Peace...Tom B

  1. William C Millhouse's Avatar William C Millhouse

    What a total rip off

  1. Ted Prettyman's Avatar Ted Prettyman

    I think Jesus' image and substance remains undamaged, and unchallenged. What ever challenges, doubts and/or concerns existing exist in the minds of those who choose to - or choose not to - believe His message.

  1. Beth's Avatar Beth

    I think the tshirts and things are all in good fun because they arent expensive. The sneakers are going too far because they made them so expensive they know only "wealthy" people can buy them

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Who makes the water holy?

  1. T Kosse`'s Avatar T Kosse`

    Maybe they think they can walk themselves into heaven

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