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After years of protests and criticism, the Washington Redskins are changing their offensive name.

After years of criticism, the Washington Redskins are changing their name. The team name – which many view as an offensive slur against Native Americans – is officially being retired after an internal review was conducted earlier this month. The announcement comes as part of a larger cultural reckoning with the racist sins of America’s past.

'Redskins' Officially, and Finally, Out

The news came in an early morning tweet from the Redskins Twitter account, and was widely expected after the franchise’s announcement of an internal review on July 3rd.

Still, the move surprised some. As recently as 2013, team owner Dan Snyder was quoted as saying “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER – you can use caps.”

But seven years later, things have changed. America is re-evaluating its past in ways not seen in a generation. The death of George Floyd led to nationwide protests and calls to defund police, the Black Lives Matter movement is more relevant than ever before, and Confederate monuments and statues are being torn down with increased vigor.

America’s founding fathers, many of them slave owners, are now facing calls to have their monuments removed. Some activists are even trying to take down statues of Jesus.

And while some of those calls are themselves drawing controversy, the Redskins name change is being met with generally widespread praise (though some insist the move is long overdue).

The team hasn’t announced a new name or logo, but one interesting option was trending on Twitter recently: the Washington Redtails. That name references the Tuskegee Airmen, a group of African-American fighter pilots and bombardiers who fought for the United States during World War II. They were the first black aviators in the U.S. Armed Forces, and painted the tails of their aircraft red (hence the name).


What's In a Name?

The decision brings up an interesting question about how representation (or in this case negative representation) matters in our culture.

"A whole new generation of fans of Washington NFL football will have a team name and mascot they can be proud of,” said New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland, one of the first two Native American women elected to the U.S. Congress in 2018. "Now, young Native kids won’t be faced with the racist attitudes and gestures that come from having mascots that perpetuate stereotypes and silence indigenous voices and culture." 

Retiring "Redskins" is certainly a step in the right direction, even if it's overdue. Moreover, the decision was driven by a broad consensus. Despite the heated debates that continue over monuments and historical figures, many were heartened to see Americans successfully confront a clear mistake of the past and come together to make amends.  

What is your reaction?


  1. ronald wolfe's Avatar ronald wolfe

    I READ a article by the designer of the logo for the washington redskins, He is president or leader of blackfoot nation, he stated that the majority of the largest indian tribees in the us are very proud to have recognition by a major sports team, it is the minority but very loud minority that is against it. He stated that most american indians have no problems with the name or logo and are actually proud of it.

    1. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

      Ronald Wolfe, there may be quite a large proportion of wannabes and Apples among the Native Americans, who don't mind insults and stereotypes against Native Americans and who are accepted as the "majority" by the insulters and stereotypers of their people because that is what they want to believe and it fits in with their prejudices, but no actual and self-respecting Native Americans are happy with Native Americans' being mocked and ridiculed! No more than black people are "happy" about black face imitations of black people in minstrel shows or other racist caricatures and stereotypes of them or Asians are "happy" about racist stereotyping of Asians. Would you be happy about a team with a racist stereotype name for white people? If not, don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to yourself.

      1. ronald wolfe's Avatar ronald wolfe

        not sure how you know this? this is opinion of the leader of the blackfoot nation who refers to a majority of real 100% blood indians not what you may have heard or read about. These are not wannabes or apples as you state this is comming from their leader who actually knows the real indians in addition i contacted my cousin (distant) who is real american indian living on reservation in canada and he states that those real indians on his reservation, done have any issues with the redskin logo looking at it as a promotion of indian culture. not an insult i think maybe your projecting your views not theirs. here is a similar artcile not the orignal here is a similar link not the original i viewed ( i cant find that one) please be aware im not advocting either way just pointing out the original designers feelings and opinion, i really dont care if they change it or not. however my cousin who currently lives on a reservation with his family in canada says those indians on his reservtion do not have a problem with it. SO how about we let some real indians who are on this site reply rather then projecting our thoughs on the matter. https://www.wusa9.com/article/sports/nfl/redskins/washington-redskins-name-change-bittersweet-for-family-of-logo-creator/65-bf85b9b8-fa48-48dc-a3d2-3f03326cc338#:~:text=The%20Washington%20Redskins%20announced%20Monday,member%20of%20the%20Blackfeet%20tribe.

        1. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

          Ronald Wolfe, there are two Native Americans in this blog (Waya and Catherine Ohrin-Greipp), who contradict your views and so I will let you take up the matter with them.

          1. Waya's Avatar Waya

            Wado ale Nyah'weh, Tsani (Thank you in Tsalagi and Seneca, a clanmother of which was my elder.Tsani is how we pronouce John.)

            1. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

              Waya, you are welcome! I love your posts, which are very informative and enlightening.

        2. Waya's Avatar Waya

          And Ronald, I do apologize if you feel I was putting words in your mouth. I am no apple or wannabe; I protested against Joe Byrd, a chief who nearly cost my people our soveriegnity, at the side of Wilma Mankiller, Chad Smith, Wes Studi, and Pat Ragsdale. I hid in Judge Ralph Keen when I was chased by the FBI who wanted my film (this was 1997, so there were no affordable digital cameras then). I also participated in the campaign to elect Chad Smith. I've done the dirty work that would make apples and wannabees run in fear. So my Native is not assumed.

        3. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

          Ronald Wolfe, by the way, even being the leader of the Blackfoot Nation doesn't necessarily mean that he isn't also a self-hating Native American, just as there are self-hating Jews and self-hating black people and self-hating people in every other ethnic or cultural or other group, even if they have power, and so is a de facto wannabe or apple, despite his position. Other Native Americans' going along with him is just what we see with white people's just going along with Trumpelstiltskin!! Follow the leader---off a cliff, like lemmings, and monkey see, monkey do, in any group whatsoever!! The only authentically Native American attitude about Native American mascot names for teams or anything else is opposition because they are blatant mockery of Native Americans and being able to know that that is what they are, not mistaking them for something else and just going along with them!! That is how actual Native Americans can be distinguished from self-hating and going along with their oppressor Native Americans, even if they hold positions of authority.

        4. David Bartlett's Avatar David Bartlett

          I'm a genealogist and have been one for 40+ years and have never encountered anyone who is 100% anything. We are all a mixture of two or more ethnicities.

    2. Waya's Avatar Waya

      Ok, Ronald, Steven, link the articles. I want to see myself.

      1. ronald wolfe's Avatar ronald wolfe

        here is a similar link not the original i viewed ( i cant find that one) please be aware im not advocting either way just pointing out the original designers feelings and opinion, i really dont care if they change it or not. however my cousin who currently lives on a reservation with his family in canada says those indians on his reservtion do not have a problem with it. SO how about we let some real indians who are on this site reply rather then projecting our thoughs on the matter. https://www.wusa9.com/article/sports/nfl/redskins/washington-redskins-name-change-bittersweet-for-family-of-logo-creator/65-bf85b9b8-fa48-48dc-a3d2-3f03326cc338#:~:text=The%20Washington%20Redskins%20announced%20Monday,member%20of%20the%20Blackfeet%20tribe.

        1. Waya's Avatar Waya

          Ronald, as I told you, I was born in the Native American Community. I am Native American, participate in our culture, make our crafts, learned our songs and dances, and volunteer for Native Elders. You are hearing from a Native American right now. I will be glad to check out your links, and I apologize if you think I put words in your mouth. It's just that I have Blackfoot friends who would consider Redskins as fighting words.

    3. Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson's Avatar Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson

      Sounds similar to the Land O Lakes logo, which was designed by a Chippewa man.

  1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

    I always find it amusing when people post their view our history from some google info rather than from Native American Studies programs or actually listening to us. No it was not about red paint. The term came into being when Spencer Phips, a British politician, and then Lieutenant Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Province, issued a call, ordering on behalf of British King George II for, "His Majesty's subjects to Embrace all opportunities of pursuing, captivating, killing and Destroying all and every of the aforesaid Indians." They paid well – 50 pounds for adult male scalps; 25 for adult female scalps; and 20 for scalps of boys and girls under age 12. It represents a trophy of war—the bloody scalp of a murdered Native Americans, of various tribes, slaughtered for money, the amount dependent on whether it was a man, woman or child.These bloody scalps were known as "redskins." The land flowed blood, from their horrible deaths, not red paint and this happened over and over again throughout our invaded territories. I was able to track down the actual document of Spencer Phips which is no posted online. Furthermore, he was not the only racist who ordered scalping of the People. This is true American history. It has pained me my entire adult life to see people prance around with a symbol of my ancestor's murder on their caps, Tshirts and other objects. Hearing non-Native people give the lame excuse "we are preserving your culture" has always been an egregious form of racism. Clueless they are. As an elder activist with AIM when I was younger, and continued involvement with Intertribal affairs, I celebrate the demise of this horrific reminder of our history and treatment by so-called "founders" and other hypocrite, murderous invaders. I will not engage in any debate on this forum with anyone who claims to Native American or otherwise and feels bad about the demise of this form of racism or anyone else who thinks they know more than me. This horrible "mascot" for over 25 years of my protesting alongside my brother and sisters of all Nations, to get people to do the right thing, is finally dead.

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      And what about these Indians with white people's names, on both sides of their families, divided by a hyphen? I get it. You had a great-great grandparent who was 1/32% American Indian, so that makes you think you're one of them.

      1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

        You are so pathetic Carl to attack me rather than learn from the post. Grow up. You have no idea what you are talking about. Sorry, I am enrolled whether you like it or not. My name is not the family name, which you are not privy to, so get a life and peddle you rudeness and disrespect somewhere else, racist man/boy that you are.

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          You couldn't beore wrong about me, Catherine. I'm not at all racist or prejudiced against anyone. However, you seem to be overly defensive when anyone says anything about American Indians that you don't agree with. Carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders is not won't help, and will only produce much unneeded stress and anxiety.

        2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          I really didn't think you would take me serious, Catherine. My hat's off to you, my dear lady. Thankyou for your comments.

      2. Waya's Avatar Waya

        Carl, English names were forced on us in the policy of "Kill the Indian, Spare the man." That is why we do not have names that are not in our language; they couldn't pronounce it or understand it, so the English names were given as our names.

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          I stand corrected. Thank you, Waya. And when my grandfather Cologgio Pistone moved to this country from Yoplo Cicily as a child they changed his name to Charles, and his brother Salvatore became Sam. My landlord's name is Hussein Shahri, but ever since 2001 everyone has called him Joe.

          1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

            Carl, man oh man you really do sometimes stick your foot in your mouth while having your head shoved up yer arse dontcha lad.

            In such short sarcastic sentences you end up making yourself sound an aweful lot like one of those who are racists because they dont even understand history, or that their behavior is literally born of ignorance which you seem to understand is the root of all bigotry now and then.

            First you should be aware each tribe gets to set their standard for how much of a blood link they need to the tribe. some allow as little as 1/62th because of the genocide practiced upon them by invasive colonies killed and raped so many of them that even that thin tenuous strand is worth a meaningful connection to what they lost.

            Some are very strict and require one or both parents to be members of the tribe, some are themselves bigots and only accept a child if the father specifically is a tribe member.

            second the term american indian also gives light to youe lie of not being a bigot, its likely again ingrained and not especially acute, the by product of culture like all the old cowboy vs injun movies etc. Terms like 1st nation peoples, american tribal peoples, even modern stone age peoples are all more accurate and less offensive in my personal experience.

            Now as to the 2nd part about names. No your grand fathers name change by some slackwitted immigration officer is not the same as what was done to the children of the tribes.

            Look up a little thing called the Stewart indian school in Carson city NV as an example of something that was wide spread and practiced until around the 1950s. Children of the tribes would be straight up taken away from their families on the reservations, and brought to live at schools that would cut their hair, put them in white people clothes, give them christian names and force them to practice Christianity as well as learn how to be "civilized". It remains one those actions that prove louder than all the words of the American Myth of so called greatness.

            So no not really the same at all as the classic americanized name change of ellis island fame.

            Carl while I do suspect you strive to shed it all, and be truly open minded and enlightened, its clear you need to continue to seek to expand your understanding both of the world and history, and of yourself and how things ingrained in you as you grew up might be more impactful than you may have thought.

            Because when your a scattered remnant of a massively reduced population and nearly wiped out culture, you maybe do have to feel a burden only too naturally to carry the weight of tradition and culture.

            1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

              Thank you, sir. I will continue trying to improve myself be learning more about history. However, I am truly not at all prejudiced, and believe in equality for all.

            2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

              Is there no reading between the lines around here. Must we always be grumpy, and take everything we say seriously, Ilmeny?

            3. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

              Is there no reading between the lines around here. Must we always be grumpy, and take everything we say seriously, Ilmeny?

  1. James Mounts's Avatar James Mounts

    They will keep the negative part of the name, and get rid of the positive. The moniker redskin of course came from the habit of painting the faces red, Only a moron thinks American Indians have red skin. And Washington chose them because of their bravery and skills. That they are trading away. They are keeping "Washington", a truly slanderous thing to do to a football team.

    1. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

      James Mounts, white people aren't actually the color white, either, any more than most black people are actually the color black or Asians the color yellow. White people are actually beige, black people are dark brown, and Asians are lighter skinned people. So, what's your point? "Redskin" is a caricature and exaggeration of Native American skin color and it is that caricature and stereotype that is wrong, the same as racist stereotypes of black and other people are wrong, and which had to go and must go! What if a team was called the Atlanta Palefaces or the Houston Peckerwoods or the Cincinnati Crackers or the Dallas Honkies or the Mississippi Rednecks? Would you be offended by that and think that all white people were being racially slurred by those names? Respect isn't a one way street and we should give to others the respect that we want for ourselves. Washington may have chosen Native Americans for their bravery and skills as a mascot, but teams don't need to and shouldn't treat other human beings as mascots, anyway, and should have just called themselves the Washington Generals or Commandoes or any other name not implying or stating a racist stereotype! That would have signified bravery and skills in fighting without insulting anyone. As for "Washington" in the name of the team's being a slanderous name for a team (the state or city, not the man), nothing can be done about that until the place changes its name, since they have to come from somewhere!

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        How about the Washington Hemp Heads,in reference to those who helped him grow his home garden.

        1. T Kosse`'s Avatar T Kosse`

          But make sure they are 100% premium-grade Organic Hemp Heads. We wouldn't want any of that herbicides contaminating them.

        2. T Kosse`'s Avatar T Kosse`

          So I guess the new catchphrase will be Say Yo to Drugs.

      2. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

        John it is beyond caricature. Please read my posts. Take a couple of courses on Native American Studies or better yet, read about our histories by Native authors, not Wikipedia or Google. Wado

        1. Waya's Avatar Waya

          Osiyo, Catherine! Dto hi ju? Ayv danila Kuwiskuwi ale Lancaster, from Park Hill, OK and Wagoner, OK.

        2. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

          Catherine, thanks for the advice. I didn't know about the scalping or taking of skin from Native Americans as the origin of the term "redskin" before. Your posts have been very enlightening and informative.

        3. James Mounts's Avatar James Mounts

          Try reading history NOT written to reinforce your preconceived sophomoric ideas. 1769: The first unchallenged use of the word “redskin” occurs when a British lieutenant colonel translates a letter from an Indian chief promising safe passage if the officer visited his tribe in the Upper Mississippi Valley.

          “I shall be pleased to have you come to speak to me yourself if you pity our women and our children; and, if any redskins do you harm, I shall be able to look out for you even at the peril of my life,” Chief Mosquito said in his letter, according to a 2005 study by Ives Goddard, the Smithsonian Institution’s senior linguist emeritus.

          1. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

            James Mounts, that quote doesn't prove that Chief Mosquito didn't use the negative term for Native Americans commonly used by the British, since that is who he was writing to, in order to be better understood by them. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp has already excellently explained the origin of that term and so please read that in this blog.

          2. Waya's Avatar Waya

            If you lived as one of us, you would find the term more than offensive.

          3. T Kosse`'s Avatar T Kosse`

            I seriously doubt that any American native tribe would have refer to themselves as Redskins; They most likely would called themselves by their native tribal name. I think the letter was written by a white person for them.

          4. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

            Well since even a simpleton knows that there was no written language among the tribes, its pretty damn likely it wasnt them who used a term like red skin. But considering how little information your giving, its likely more of american mythology rather than actual history your spouting.

            1. James Mounts's Avatar James Mounts

              Since even you, a proven simpleton, learned to write ENGLISH, I assume that even redskins could do it.

      3. James Mounts's Avatar James Mounts

        Can you say "sarcasm"?

  1. Kirk England's Avatar Kirk England

    “The Fighting Irish” They need to change the name because not all Irish get drunk and fight! Oh geeze! Grow up people! I don’t think the teams are named for negative stereotypes. I think they are named for the positives. If they change the name to The Prancing Pixies, somebody is going to be butt hurt about how it degrades prancers, or pixies! Just say no to whining and sniveling!

    1. John D. Partin's Avatar John D. Partin

      Kirk England, I don't believe that those who suffered through the Irish Potato Famine (or who died during it) and the victims of Know-Nothing or English prejudice against Irish Catholics in America or England would agree with you that "The Fighting Irish" and "drunken Irishman" stereotypes don't need to be changed!! (www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Irish_sentiment). Irish is half of my ancestry and German is the other half, and about 1/8th Cherokee and some French thrown in there, and so they are my people and I know whereof I speak! The Irish stereotypes of "drunkenness" and "fighting" need to go , just as much as black, Native American, Asian, and all other stereotypes must go!! If any actual pixies or prancers (outside of some people) are found who object to stereotypes of them, then those would have to stop, too, but as long as these are only imaginary creatures, so far as we know, or they aren't making their views about it known, The Prancing Pixies would be alright as a name for a team. All sorts of lies are told about God all the time just because He doesn't get right up in people's faces or poke His enormous head down through the clouds and bellow for people to KNOCK IT OFF!!! So, if they don't have a problem doing that to God Himself, why would they have a problem doing it to pixies? When people are telling you to your faces to KNOCK OFF!!! disrespect of them, it is only decency and consideration to do as they ask.

  1. Michael Ohliger's Avatar Michael Ohliger

    Just get rid of the picture and replace it with a redskins potato. Ridicules huh? So is this entire topic.

  1. flugo's Avatar flugo

    All this equality, LGBTQxyz, tolerance, racism, BLM, diversity, inclusion, equal rights nonsense is producing knee-jerk, absurd, and damaging results. Take the BLM mob for instance. In NYC more black lives are aborted by their black mothers than are birthed! Why don't we witness vocal, violent and huge protests about these black lives . . . . . or, don't t't they matter?

  1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

    I always find it amusing when people use google search to try to get information about Native Americans. Do you believe that Google and Wikipedia are the experts on Native People? NOT. Take a few courses in Native American Studies and you will get factual information. Read books written by Native American authors. Ask us directly. Do you actually believe that the term came from “red paint?” No it did not. The Massachusetts colonial government placed bounties on the heads of tribal men, women and children. The gruesome facts of that genocide are listed in a 1755 document called the Phips Proclamation, which focused on the Penobscot Indians, in Maine. Spencer Phips, a British politician and then Lieutenant Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Province, issued the order on behalf of British King George II for, "His Majesty's subjects to Embrace all opportunities of pursuing, captivating, killing and Destroying all and every of the aforesaid Indians." They paid well – 50 pounds for adult male scalps; 25 for adult female scalps; and 20 for scalps of boys and girls under age 12.These bloody scalps were known as "redskins." The land flowed with the blood of children, women and men in their own villages. However, this was a form of systematic genocide throughout the “colonies” otherwise Native American communities in New England, Mid Atlantic and Southeastern territories. I have protested for over 35 years alongside my other Native brothers and sisters from different tribes and we all knew the origin of this racist, genocidal term-a horrific symbol of hate, a painful reminder of how our history has been changed and whitewashed to suit non-Native People. When I would encounter those who would say, “We are preserving your culture” I would ask them whose culture and how? No response, but I would see they were uncomfortable. I celebrate the demise of this shameful “mascot” and name. I will not engage in any discourse on this platform with anyone who things they know more than me about this horrific symbol. Don’t bother to tell me you read an article about so and so. As a Traditional Woman’s dancer, I have danced in Pow Wows from coast to coast for 35+ years, meeting all types of tribal people. This we have in common. Good riddance to the “R” word and to those who have supported it. ‘

    1. Reverend Cory's Avatar Reverend Cory

      I agree. It was long overdue. It's sad that it's lasted this long. It will be interesting to see which is next to change, KC Chiefs, Cleveland Indians or Atlanta Braves.

    2. Waya's Avatar Waya

      Well said, Native Sister! (I am too.)

    3. Kirk England's Avatar Kirk England

      Invaders? Humans are not native to North and South America. They invaded each other’s land, killed, raped and enslaved each other just like every other culture. This crap still happens to this day around the world. The Redskins team was named for toughness, not from the writings of some racist British douchebag, geeze!

      1. Waya's Avatar Waya

        The American Colonists took Native land by trickey, treachery and downright murder. It's uncomfortable reading, but sadly truthful. And not eveyone is a bloodthirsty moron who took land from their brothers and sisters. Please ask us.

        1. Kirk England's Avatar Kirk England

          I guess you missed my point: Your ancestors did exactly the same thing to each other. No human culture is/was immune to the behavior. Anyone claiming the opposite is deluding themselves.

          1. Waya's Avatar Waya

            Perhaps, but we never killed each other over religion. Also when it came to war, we had alternatives, because war was considered wasterful.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    It seems to be the left once again. What ever happened to children playing cowboys and injuns?


    1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

      Excuse me? "Injuns" is pejorative. Find something else that is not offensive to people who are different from you.

    2. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

      No Lionheart. This has been a 35 year struggle for us. Please do not try to politicize this as "left" This has been hurtful and damaging for a very long time and we Native People have protested in various forms to bring awareness that mocking us with the ugly logo and fake face paint is demeaning. I never played the game you so arrogantly names us as "injuns." It is not funny, nor is it entertaining.

      1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

        Get over it already! It’s how it was back then when I was a child. I actually played the role of an Indian many times when playing. If you allow words to upset you there are plenty of places available to get help. Try and lighten up and work on having a wonderful day with plenty of humor.


        1. Ilmenheru Terikson's Avatar Ilmenheru Terikson

          This is another post where your true nature slips through and shows you to ultimately be a big who thinks playing games like cowboys and injuns isnt exactly what it is, entry level racism, to begin the bran washing early. It clearly worked on you, because even though you appear to have some semblance of a working brain, you seem to embrace willful ignorance that keeps you wrapped up cozy in a blanket of blissful ignorance, even as it resembles nothing else as much as the attitude of those raised in organized religion and have put their faith above reason.

          You clearly put your belief in the mythology of America over empathy, understanding, and reason.

          1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

            I wonder if you would have said I was blissfully ignorant if I was black, Hispanic, Asian, Chinese, or even Native American, LGBTQ..XZY? It seems you live with double standards. According to you it's obviously okay to be disrespectful, and even ignorant, but only to those you have filtered out that in your mind are worthy of it. If you want to you can call me a stupid Brit, or a Honkey, or even a Pommy as Australians call Brits. Will it ruffle my feathers if you do, absolutely not. We Brits have learned to get over it, and even have fun with it, and so should you. For what it's worth though, thank you for your opinion.


            1. Waya's Avatar Waya

              I think it changed to laser fights with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.

              1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

                You're right Waya. In a few years time you can guarantee someone will complain that Luke Sywalker wasn't black, or Native American, and that he did a disservice to those who were transgender because he wasn't one. Bring back Gene Autry, and Hopalong Cassidy. John Wayne would have sorted out this crazy world we now live in of being super careful and sensitive we don't upset someone for using the wrong pronoun. I personally blame god for only making male and female in the Garden of Eden. We now have to. ask ourselves was Adam actually transgender, and who knows what Eve really was. Perhaps thats why men have nipples 🤪.

                Peace ✌🏻


          2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

            This is another post where your true nature shows your intolerance of others, which is not a spiritual virtue, but a character defect, Ilmenheruru.

    3. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

      No Lionheart. This has been a 35 year struggle for us. Please do not try to politicize this as "left" This has been hurtful and damaging for a very long time and we Native People have protested in various forms to bring awareness that mocking us with the ugly logo and fake face paint is demeaning. I never played the game you so arrogantly names us as "injuns." It is not funny, nor is it entertaining.

      1. Waya's Avatar Waya

        Most Native vets I know are Republican. To use an honoring (the Navajo codetalkers, (and there were other tribes besides the Navajo who were involved, and finally declassified in 2008) under the painting of the most racist Indian hating President, Andrew Jackson, was pretty disgusting.

  1. Stephanie A Willey's Avatar Stephanie A Willey

    Renaming the team Red Tails would be a fine tribute I think (I would hope) to the Tuskegee Airmen, the renowned American WWII Army Air Corp fighter squadron manned entirely by African Americans. They maintained a prestigious combat record, especially when flying long range bomber escort missions over Nazi Germany.

    1. Waya's Avatar Waya

      A terrific idea! They need the honor, and it would increase pride more than a racist epithet.

    2. Mya-Lia Sharizyn's Avatar Mya-Lia Sharizyn

      Yeah, but then they'd be referencing foxes. And hawks. You don't want peta involved.

  1. Waya's Avatar Waya

    To Ronald Wolfe and any others who think Redskins is honorable.

    I am Native American. I grew up in the Native community.

    The epithet, "Redskins" is not honorable. I had it hurled at me by fellow classmates from Grades 1-12. It was usually followed by a fist or a kick.

    I have 30 scars on my legs from kicks from the kids who racially hazed me, the school and the parents of the kids who did NOTHING. We found them when I had cancer and the doctor determined them to be over 40 years before my cancer diagnosis, after my muscles in the legs atrophied. I can't have them removed; the surgery would take too long and after 5 surgeries in less than a year, too dangerous.

    I don't know where you read your article, but I know of no legitimate story on the Blackfoot Nation making that logo. I suspect it was wrong when you mentioned "President" or "Leader." We call, whether they are progenitive (very rare) or elected by vote (the most common way) as our CHIEFS.

    It also was not named for painting our faces red. As someone whose tribal teachings began at 5 years old and am an elder today, I can speak this with complete confedence. Not true, guys. Please ask our people if you want to know what we think. NewsfromIndianCountry.coim would give you accurate information.

    Dohiyi (Peace)

    1. ronald wolfe's Avatar ronald wolfe

      i never said the term redskins was honorable please dont put words in my mouth. i only stated what was posted by a high ranking indian council member who designed the logo, im not advocating for it or against it i dont care what they call the team. seems your a little sensitive to an open discussion, MY point is i could care less what washington calls ther football team. i only posted the opinon of another high level blackfoot nation leader im sure he is deserving of his opinion just as you are.

      1. Waya's Avatar Waya

        I apologize if you think I put words in your mouth; not my intention. Just trying to show you how the word was used to humiliate me and my dad.

  1. James Mounts's Avatar James Mounts

    Catherine, BS is BS no matter how often you say it. The term predates 1700. Yes, the whites brought scalping, but to think a bloody scalp was the origin of the term, however well it supports your preconception, is jus so much BS.

    1. David Bartlett's Avatar David Bartlett

      I don't know if this is the origin but my father told me stories of how the French paid the indigenous people of northern New England, the great lakes region and parts of Canada to "scalp" English settlers on disputed lands. That was supposedly in the mid to late 17th century.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    When I was a small child in Catholic elementary school I was told that American Indians had red skin. However,I knew I wasn't color blind, and none of the ones I knew,bor saw on TV had red skin. As a kid, I was also told that Jewish people had yellow skin, but could tell that wasn't true, iether. However, my parents once took my brother to the doctor because his skin turned orange. Fortunately, we were relieved to find out that was caused by him eating too many carrots.

    1. Dallas Timothy Ausmus's Avatar Dallas Timothy Ausmus

      Its total bs. Its the failure of our leaders to withstand the wickedness of minorities whom think they can do whatever they want. The Redskins name is just as bad as saying white person. Because I've never seen a white person before. And I don't really care about what happens to confederate symbols or history. I hope they change the name of the USS Robert E Lee. It was a disgrace when it happened. Robert E Lee turned his back on the Uniform and Flag in which he fought as a supposed honorable officer. Just to disgrace and dishonor that uniform was a crime that should've placed him in Jail. Just like Jefferson Davis.

  1. Archie E. Kline's Avatar Archie E. Kline

    STICKS AND STONES CAN BREAK YOUR BONES, BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT YOU, unless you let them. People have to take control of their mind.

    1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        All we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we shall become. ---Buddha

  1. Brian R. Smith's Avatar Brian R. Smith

    I wish I understood why we seek to label so many things in this world. I suppose we all define things the way we want to, and justify the results however we see fit.

    But I submit this to you all, is this entire world really broken? Or are we all just in search of acceptance? I believe the latter, and I fully believe that even misguided or misinformed beings can learn and grow. But truly in the thick of it all, we will never have blind acceptance until we go forth from this world, and so we’re all seeking to be heard and understood. What an amazing feeling it will be when we are finished with this experience we call “life” and return home to our creator, and no matter what the creator will embrace us all with open arms and complete understanding.

    I joined ULC because I never fit in any group or religion before, and all of us are here because we felt something similar. (maybe I’m wrong) Each of us is given this experience so that we may not focus on the things we want to accept as truths, but how we wish to define ourselves to the world. Are we so arrogant that we feel we know better than someone else? Our sense of right and wrong is imprinted on us from the beginning, and make no excuses for socially unacceptable behavior, however think of this... What if everything you thought you were certain of, was taken away because someone else didn’t like it?

    Blind acceptance is dangerous, but fear of rejection makes us consume all our time with seeking acceptance from everyone... but not everyone will accept you, it is a fact. I love all of you, and even though none of you asked for it, I accept the fact that I sometimes stand by myself because it’s how I view the world.

    1. David Bartlett's Avatar David Bartlett

      Humans often try to make sense of the world they live in by pigeon holing everything they encounter. They put round objects in one pile and square objects in another and triangular shaped objects in yet another. Then they subdivide into red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple, black, white, grey and brown. After that they come up with further divisions based on size, taste etc. We do this with food, plants, animals and other people. it is how we keep track of the order of the world. We label according to our experiences and our prejudices. We once called whales "sea monsters." Nearly every group of humans have used pejoratives to label other groups of humans that we encounter because nearly every human culture has had a xenophobic streak.

      In a child's development they reach an age when they begin to feel empathy for others though some never reach that stage. There comes a time in a civilization where it begins to feel empathy for other civilizations though this does not happen with all civilizations. it is up to us to determine if empathy is a worthy trait.

  1. Robert N Clarkson's Avatar Robert N Clarkson

    Mr Wolf is correct. The Wetzel family and the Blackfoot Nation, near Glacier Park, had lobbied the team 5 decades ago to rename it in honor of the Blackfoot Leader Chief White calf who was a notable historic leader for the tribe and up until now had been proud of that accomplishment. Blackie, son of the Tribal Council Leader who achieved the naming of the team to honor the Blackfoot Leader, is a local High School Coach where I live.

    Montana has 8 Separate Tribes, and for the most part all identify as Indian and observant persons can see nearly every tribe represented at Pow Wow gatherings just by the regalia worn, as the decoration and patterns are unique by tradition. Not all agree with each other, just like any other groups of human beings. Unfortunately the media, especially social media, assumes just because someone identifies with some opinion, interests, or matter of taste these individuals may be pigeonholed into a segregated homogenous group, especially if it differs from one's own belief. This is farthest from the truth and a form of bigotry!

    Eradication or Flat out forbidding any public display of racial and cultural symbols and heritage that served to erase public awareness of their memory is also bigotry, the same as misinterpretation by using cultural symbols as slurs to invoke bad feelings among others. That taking place in this day, after coming so far in the past 60 years, is sad, but represents the social values found in present day radical organizing corps youth political movements.

    Then to replace Chief White Calf's profile we see there is a large lobby urging to rename the team using a 'segregated' all black Army Air Corp unit as the team mascot? Isn’t that being racist and saying segregation was a good thing in the 1940's? Seems people have lost all sense.

  1. Arthur Preston III's Avatar Arthur Preston III

    I'm Native American Navajo/ white- mountain Apache from Arizona, I love the logo,name,colors, and would not like to see it go away.

  1. Mark Bell's Avatar Mark Bell

    As a Native American myself, and my Brother being a First Chief, it is my opinion the the team owner is just another Leftest caving to a bunch of snowflakes who should spend more time getting a job, and contribute to society rather that try to tear it down. I am glad we do now have to deal with that type of problem problem where we are, it would not turn out well for the fools!

    1. Terry Charles Miller's Avatar Terry Charles Miller

      Bravo. You are obviously not one of the sheeple!

  1. Tammy Lou Green's Avatar Tammy Lou Green

    I’m Native American Indian and I have no problem with them having the name “Redskins” the American people are taking this name thing way to far. These are nothing more than words unless you decide to take and make them into something more then what they were meant to be. I’m ashamed of what the American people are doing and how they’re acting it is apalling.

  1. Gordon Scott Hecht's Avatar Gordon Scott Hecht

    I 'quit" the NFL habit 2 seasons ago because I was tired of the millionaires arguing with the billionaires. I just wanted to watch games, not have someone else's political opinion shoved at me. The result is that I got 7 hours back on Sunday to engage with my family and reduced the stress of wondering if my team was going to win or lose. Candidly, all of these name changes (Redskins, Cleveland Indians and more) don't amount to a hill of beans about imagined or real racism. It's just a bunch of feel good BS that is good for the moment. I haven't watched NBA in years and will quit my beloved MLB because of their similar actions. I wish I could have back all of the time I wasted watching these activities.

  1. Minister Mike's Avatar Minister Mike

    I dunno. We call people with black, or nearly black, skin "Blacks" and, of course, there are those pink-skinned critters we call "White". The history of the use of "Redskins" or Red Skins" to describe aborigines of North America hasn't been definitely pinned down, but it was used by both aborigines and immigrants of European descent. Doesn't appear to be pejorative until mid-19th century. Wikipedia has a good article on the term at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Redskin.

    Most modern dictionaries define the word as being offensive or having a negative connotation. Because modern usage is insulting and derogatory, the case for a name change is overwhelming. An interesting side note, based on current usage, is the number of people railing against the name change - it is clear they suffer from "white is better than colored" syndrome.

    I wonder if anyone on either side of this teapot tempest believes a name change will cause the team to lose every game.

    1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

      Not so, Minister Mike, please review my posts about the origins of the term beginning in the 1700's forward due to bounties placed on scalps of my ancestors. Wikipedia?? Come on, they are not the source of information on who we are. Google all you want to get inaccurate information.

      1. Minister Mike's Avatar Minister Mike

        Yes, so, Catherine. Wikipedia is much more trustworthy than your rants. Maybe not the end all and be all, but if you take some time to read the article there you will find, unlike your restricted pronouncements, most of the information properly attributed, and that it is also factual and much more in-depth than your ravings.

        1. Warren Christopher Manser's Avatar Warren Christopher Manser

          “Rants” and “ravings” is disrespectful. You can be better than that.

          1. Minister Mike's Avatar Minister Mike

            How are accurate descriptions of a person's ...well, rants and ravings...disrespectful? Should I lie by saying her wild claims and unfounded accusations are sweet melodies? Would you prefer I call her little diatribes outright lies (some of which ARE) ?

            But, I suppose you, too, think her personal opinions are more factual than properly attributed writings.

            And, why are you not screaming at Catherine for calling me a liar and trying to denigrate my opinion and the facts I presented? Or for not reading what I wrote?

            Your response and lack of fairness is disrespectful. I doubt you can be better than that.

    2. Waya's Avatar Waya

      Look at it from a different perspective. If the team were called the Washington N*******, African Americans would protest. The word is that offensive to us. Take it from a real Native American.

      1. Minister Mike's Avatar Minister Mike

        My DNA proves that I am lily-white and my ancestors are from northern Europe, but I am as much a real native American as anyone else born here.

        You should be more offended by your refusal to read what I posted.

        1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

          Anyone born in a particular place is a native of that place. Besides that, the Indians lost the war, so who are they to say otherwise? I think they're just sore losers. Or do the American Indians have a different dictionary than the American dictionary?

  1. Anisahoni's Avatar Anisahoni

    Since some of you seem to be having difficulty with this I thought I would share the email I received from the National Congress of American Indians yesterday: NCAI Statement on Washington Football Team's Retirement of R-word Mascot

    WASHINGTON, DC | "Today is a day for all Native people to celebrate. We thank the generations of tribal nations, leaders, and activists who worked for decades to make this day possible. We commend the Washington NFL team for eliminating a brand that disrespected, demeaned, and stereotyped all Native people, and we call on all other sports teams and corporate brands to retire all caricatures of Native people that they use as their mascots. We are not mascots -- we are Native people, citizens of more than 500 tribal nations who have stood strong for millennia and overcome countless challenges to reach this pivotal moment in time when we can help transform America into the just, equitable, and compassionate country our children deserve."

    NCAI is the oldest, largest, and most representative national organization serving American Indian and Alaska Native tribal nations and their citizens, and has been leading Indian Country’s movement to eradicate offensive Native “themed” mascots from sports and popular culture for more than 50 years.

  1. Brien's Avatar Brien

    Please, if there is any deity at all, please flush already. Stupid has won. Time to start over. What truly hurts the brain is that people are attempting to justify stupid by acting like it is a thought provoking discussion. It is not. The world we are in has been overcome by stupid. This is a fine example of stupidity run amok.

    1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher

      BRIEN, ALL I can say is YER RIGHT 100%, BRAVISSMO !!!

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        And you're almost completely right, Mr. Maher, but you left the second "I" out of bravissimo, which is never spelled with all capital letters.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Is there no reading between the lines around here? Must we always be grumpy, and take everything we say seriously? We don't get to choose what we talk about, but do the best we can with what they give us.Please, lighten up. You'll only feel better by doing so.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    One of my favorite CDs (out of the hundreds I own) is called Spirits Walking The Wind, by Nancy Blum (another Native American with a white name). I think it's a very good time to listen to that CD, and chill out. Would anyone care to join me?

    1. T Kosse`'s Avatar T Kosse`

      Yes they good, but I think I like Enigma-Return to Innocence with it's native Indian chanting and also Enigma-Sadeness with it's Gregorian chants. Which I love listening to, I can listen to Gregorian chants for hours on end. I think maybe that there something mesmerizing about Gregorian chants. It seem to have somewhat a calming effect.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        I agree with you T Kosse, about those Gregorian chants. I once had a cassette of them. Thanks for reminding me, I'll add that to my Amazon shopping cart. Another good thing to listen to is bi-naural beat frequencies.

  1. Krystina S.'s Avatar Krystina S.

    We share your relief that this disgusting team name has been terminated. I know that "code talkers" has been suggested, but I think it would be likely to be abused an bigot-ized. Therefore, I believe that Red Tails would be a better name. I see the airplane rather than the hawk as the logo, giving Tuskegee Airmen much needed recognition. But it is so difficult to consider a First Nations or Native American name that would not be twisted into something awful... This shows, to me, how much education is really needed to change the paradigm vis a vis Native Peoples. Thank you to those who are able to help us to understand from your first-person experience: I am so sorry about the racism and vituperation and mocking that you have suffered, and continue to suffer even on our Ministerial Blog!!!

  1. Waya's Avatar Waya

    Okay, here is the video that the NFL would not air during the Superbowl a few years back, when Washington is playing. It is sponsored by the National Congress of American Indians, the oldest such organization of Native people in the USA. Listen to what they and we say, please. https://youtu.be/mR-tbOxlhvE

  1. Kim Anthony Hartsock's Avatar Kim Anthony Hartsock

    I believe Redskins is not a slur, but an honor. It might be a turn-around of the OHG "kindred" used repeatedly in the 12-century manifests written by Fredrick Barbarossa HRE, about planting N. A.. Those manifests named Conrad Klein (Conrad III) as the planter. Fredrick Barbarossa was also George Washington's 22-great grandfather. Is it also true Abraham Lincoln and others were paid $1 for every Indian scalp by the Dodge Brothers?

  1. James Worsnup's Avatar James Worsnup

    Keep politics out of football. The name change wasn’t warranted. When a study was was done the vast majority of American Indians were not offended. When did we become so weak and pompous that feel we should Be able to dictate what a business called itself. That stinks of inflated egos and is itself a sin.

  1. Phyllis Thrall's Avatar Phyllis Thrall

    Who started this country anyway. The Red skins or better known as Indians. Was there not a civil war. Why are we taking away American history ?

  1. Brien's Avatar Brien

    For all of you that self identify as a color, for all of you that self identify as a culture, you are the definition of the term racism. You are all human beings, there is no difference between yourself and others. The only difference is the one that is self created by being a racist. By promoting a particular race YOU help to fuel racism. The sooner people stop thinking of themselves as a color, the sooner racism disappears. If you cannot see the reason behind this simple truth, that we are all human beings, the you are a racist. The past is FULL of horrors committed against all people because they identify as a color. One color is better than another, slaves, wars, death. All of this because people identify as a damn color. If you want to battle racism, remove the one thing that creates it....COLOR. We are all human beings. Enough is enough.

    1. Terry Charles Miller's Avatar Terry Charles Miller

      You got nothing from the story of the Tower of Bable? Genesis 11:9-1 Go back and read your Bible. Then put some real thought into it. Don't just follow the "Cancel Culture" like so many other "WOKE" fools.

      1. Brien's Avatar Brien

        Wow. You sound like a racist. Please don't dump your mythical beliefs upon me. That ship has sailed. You do not get to hide behind your beliefs whenever you cannot admit what is truly wrong. You are a racist. Own it.

        1. Terry Charles Miller's Avatar Terry Charles Miller

          You should just shout at me and call me a racist rather than engage in a productive conversation.

          1. Brien's Avatar Brien

            I did call you a racist. You may discuss color all you want. You are a racist.

            1. Terry Charles Miller's Avatar Terry Charles Miller

              You call me a racist without knowing me. Adamantly against me because of MY race. Stereo-typing me in your ignorance about me. You are the epitome of the problem.

              1. Brien's Avatar Brien

                Comment removed by user.

              2. Brien's Avatar Brien

                First, I have said NOTHING against ANY color simply because I don't identify people by a thing, in this case color. Second, you failed to read my post, and instead you have attempted to insert words that I never used. I will repeat this for you again: If you identify as a color, if you give excuses good or bad for color, if you are driven by race, then YOU are a practicing RACIST. You now have a choice, own what you are, or change the way you think about other human beings and yourself. I will NEVER refer to you by color. To me, you are a human being. Please don't lay your toxic skin color beliefs on me.

      2. T Kosse`'s Avatar T Kosse`

        What Brien is saying is: irregardless what our differences may be due to ours race/ethnicity, whatever gender we might identify as, differences in ours culture, religious or non-religious belief, ours political or non-political belief might be, or whatever our social status is; We are all the same thing that is; we are all a member of the Human race. It not what make us different that is importance, but what we share in common that should unite us.

        The narrative of the tower of Babel Genesis 11:1-9 is an etiology or explanation of a phenomenon. Etiologies are narratives that explain the origin of a custom, ritual, geographical feature, name, or other phenomenon.[10]:426 The story of the Tower of Babel explains the origins of the multiplicity of languages

        So what is your point Terry Charles Miller

      3. T Kosse`'s Avatar T Kosse`

        When people used terms like "Snowflake" and "Woke fool" it make them sound like a zealot.

        zeal·ot /ˈzelət/

        noun a person who is fanatical and uncompromising in pursuit of their religious, political, or other ideals.

        Do you really want to sound like a zealot Terry Charles Miller.

  1. LB's Avatar LB

    I would like to see the name be Washington Warriors. Would this be acceptable?

    1. T Kosse`'s Avatar T Kosse`

      How about naming them the Washington Smurf, does anyone have anything negative to say about little blue people.

      1. Brien's Avatar Brien

        I like it! 😀

  1. Eric D Peck's Avatar Eric D Peck

    The only way this discussion stays pragmatic and productive is for all the of the people against the name to suggest team names that would honor Native Americans. If Redskins, Chiefs, Braves, Indians hurt people's feelings than are there alternatives? If the answer is no, and that is an acceptable way to feel, then maybe there are no more references to Native Americans in sports. That may decrease awareness of Native American culture, history, and current situation on a national level. So while this change may be positive it is not without drawbacks also.

  1. Minister: Levi C. Crowder's Avatar Minister: Levi C. Crowder

    It’s about time, no, it’s long overdue. We are in the twenty first century and still having to deal with systemic racism in this country. Yes it is sad that people must die in order to wake us up to do something about this illness that’s much worse than COVID-19 aka CORONAVIRUS. Yes, we do have a PANDEMIC CRISIS on our hands, two in fact. 1). COVID-19 illnesses and 2). RACISM Both are known KILLERS, so, what action are you going to take to end these illnesses in AMERICA? I would love to see your answers! Minister: Levi Blessings!!

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    I think they should have a name relative to their area. Corrupt Politicians or Crooked Politicians for example. Hey could be called the Cropols or Crooks for short.

  1. AetherAgent's Avatar AetherAgent

    Has anybody asked the Indians what they feel about this? Why yes, they have. But ironically, the debate has focused on what white Americans feel about it with little consideration to the feeling of the people they're talking about. . First, before you slam me for calling them "Indians," that's another topic where whites get in a huff on behalf of a race without asking the race just what their opinion is. The answer is that they're not really all that fond of "Native American" (though they're not offended by it). They prefer to be called by their native tribal name when appropriate. Optionally, they like American Indian, indigenous American, or just Indian. . As for the Redskins, I've only seen one poll. It said that the majority of Indians responded that they don't mind the name at all. . So while whites are getting all in a lather about these names, it seems that the people of concern are sitting around their dinner table asking each other, "What's all the fuss about?" If you're going to defend someone's sensitivities on their behalf, you should first learn just what those sensitivities are.

  1. Clayton Earl Andrews's Avatar Clayton Earl Andrews

    My great grandfather was 100% Mohawk so I have always had mixed feelings. I believed that these teams should sit down and talk with the various Native American clans to see what they could work out. Having failed at that I believe the Logo should be removed, The Washington football team made millions off that logo while the Native Americans received no compensation for using the image of a Native American.

  1. Daniel William Fenning's Avatar Daniel William Fenning

    I think it's past time that Nations move towards an inclusive future. Abolishing racial offenses is both necessary and long overdue

    1. Terry Charles Miller's Avatar Terry Charles Miller

      Overdue, perhaps so. And totally irrelevant at this point. I'm not responsible for the sins of my great grandfather. He fought in the war on Native American's and repented his choices in life. He has been judged by God. The only thing we control is what is in our hearts and what we do in this life.

  1. Patrick Campbell's Avatar Patrick Campbell

    As a person with a narrow touch of American Indian ancestry, and, in the memorable words of Rhett Butler, "Frankly, I don't give a damn!" Minister Pat Campbell

  1. Nicholas Paul Tutino's Avatar Nicholas Paul Tutino

    My wife is Chickasaw ,she is a descendant of Levi Colbert chief and governor.her grand parents full blooded.we attend yearly Chickasaw conventions and follow what’s going on in the community. This logo topic comes up rarely . Most all true native Americans don’t give a flip about names and logos, what we do care about is the US government continually screw Native Americans, broken treaties ,land theft, and dishonest gaming revenue contracts with government taking all the can steal. Most people out getting triggered at a name are of the Elizabeth warren type . I even heard one just identifying as Native American .when my wife sees that kind of BS is when she gets really red skinned!

  1. Richard Lee Cornell's Avatar Richard Lee Cornell

    I guess it is the white man who decides who is to be removed from history. If the fans like any new name they might not wear their jersey to the football games. On the other hand it can be ugly if hundreds of fans. Wear Red. If the Redskins are winners then the name should stay. If they are losers then the name should be remove to the back room. It will only matter when the fans are allow to gather in a place once again.

  1. Carl A. Hankins's Avatar Carl A. Hankins

    I think they should put a big red potato on their uniforms and leave the rest the same. Somebody is always digging up something.

  1. Joseph Balletta's Avatar Joseph Balletta

    Word expressions have power because they do signal ones meaning.It appears obvious to me that the expression “redskins” indirectly references the notion that ones worth can be summed up by the color of ones skin in a similar fashion to works like darky, dago, kike and other such expressions are meant to humiliate another.. I do not believe liberty means that one person can abuse another or that one group can either. It is my opinion that the expression”redskin” is meant to disparage “ native Americans.”

  1. Kenneth J Ferrugiaro's Avatar Kenneth J Ferrugiaro

    I am very happy that another emblem of racism is being changed, although the possible "Redtails" who were African American pilots maybe subject to more controversy? I would consult with BIPOC to suss that out before you launch into it. And then there are so called Indian/native leaders who will sell out their people for a buck, so white people and they themselves can profit. A racist nation has a lot to do if it wishes to live in symbiosis with all things, instead of parasitism.

  1. Thomas A. Follis's Avatar Thomas A. Follis

    If you change a name simply because you don’t like it, that’s one thing. When everyone in America is looking to change the name of everything simply because of BLM and a dead man YOURE CAVING. By no means am I saying everyone should treated unequally or unfairly. But, so many people are willing to give up what they have. BLM and KKK go hand in hand. It won’t change for the better. Simply, anonpther character will take the lead role. For the worse. Now, we have to change the Pirates name for fear of offending someone in Somali. We can’t forget about the Steelers lest we offend robber, rioters and looters across America. America have gone soft. No backbone. You caved.

  1. John Dwayne Young's Avatar John Dwayne Young

    If the Native American culture find it offensive then they need to make that call and only them. I support the Native American race because far beyond the mistreatment of any Race, these brothers and sisters have had it the worse.

    Personally, I'd like the name to remain as it always has. However, once again that's not my call.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    And since these people, whatever they care to be called, didn't name this place America, they didn't start out calling themselves Native Americans. Personally, I don't care what any of you know it alls call me. Just don't call me late for dinner. I'm even hip to eating buffalo in a teepee, and might stick around long enough to participate in a sweat lodge, and listen most attentively to tribal drumming. I've already been on two vision quests, but did it the Wiccan way. I've had friends and good acquaintances who were Native American, and who followed the Native American spiritual path, which has similarities to my Wiccan path. The only thing I won't go for is hanging from my piercings,but think it's super cool to watch them do that. I'm also not likely to ever walk on coals, like I watched Cordell Walker do in an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. I have five seasons of that series, and especially like to watch the episodes that have something to do with his Native American heritage, so I'm not as ignorant on the subject as some of you know it alls seem to think.

  1. Waya's Avatar Waya

    I just came back to this a few weeks after my last post.

    I am a Native American. I will speak from experiences that I had, starting from childhood.

    Redskins and Redskin in general is NOT, repeat, NOT an honorable name to any Native American. When it was said to me, starting out with older kids and adults yelling this at me, it was NOT a compliment. Having had this hurled at me as a 6 year old by older kids and adults, usually the parents of same children, is NOT an adult compliment.

    As I already explained, we have European names because people could not pronounce our names back then, so tne Federal abbrieviated them for their own benefit, not ours. So expect us to have Euro names; my people have dealt with the European society for over 400 years, dating back to Hernando DeSoto's expedition to try and find "El Dorado." We thought he was nuts.

    There really is no term except the Canadian "First Nations" term that really is currently used out there. Native Americans is the begruding name; Indigenous is the preferred.

    You have all now heard this from two Indigenous women on this blog, myself and Catherine, who probably have a little more experience on the subject that those who are calling it a "compliment." It is not a compliment. Either to the team or to the people.. And having it thrown in your face the way we have does not excuse people who think it's a compliment. If you are arguing to make excuses for a racist term, a cultural reference that is long overdue in being relegated to the trash heap, think about how the people who are called this day in, day out and have to deal with the cruelty involved. Being Native isn't something you're able to choose. You're born into it. It's something you cannot change. You need to grow into it and be proud of, and that is hard to do when someone tells you that you're a "redskin," a "timber n*****," or a "prairie n*****." All of which and worse I was called as a child, all of which my daughter has been called, and my grandson, who is just starting school, is being called. About two years ago, his parents had to switch pre-schools when his teacher told him to call himself "White" because he didn't pass her "look" test. The same look test that our current Commander In Chief used to identify that Natives living on a Rez didn't look "Indian" to him in 1993, when he testified before the Senate, bemoaning no taxes on Native Casino money (the money is being used for infrastructure. In some cases, this is the first time these people have had central heat, air or even running water) and asked for that, and gave illusions that he didn't understand how we could say "how rough it is, how tough it is." My father lived in a one room home that was basically built as cheaply as it gets. My husband saw a mockup and shuddered when he saw one, asking me if this is how my dad grew up, to which I said, yes. It is tough. It is rough. My Dad worked his butt off so he wouldn't have to take money from the government and live a better life without help. He refused to let his family live like that.

    I guess we're supposed to look like we could be in the Road company of "Dances With Wolves." Buckskin and feathers. facepalm

    Any other minority, this wouldn't have gone on this long. Name one who has been marginalized to the point that this is acceptable.

    Personally, I would prefer Red-tail hawks for the football team. They are extremely territorial and aggressive, far more suited for a football team.

    1. Waya's Avatar Waya

      Here is our Commander In Chief making his claims about our Casinos, because his Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City blamed a small Native casino, in CT, caused his casino to go bankrupt.


    2. David Bartlett's Avatar David Bartlett

      I'm in favor of "Rednecks." I'm fairly certain most of the rednecks out there would consider it a compliment to have a team named after them. I'm a big fan of irony.

  1. David Bartlett's Avatar David Bartlett

    This part is purely pragmatic. A team owner along with the league are the only ones who can decide whether a name should be kept or changed. But they also must live with the ramifications. Keeping a name some feel is offensive can result in losing sponsorships which can cut into profits and professional sports is a for profit venture. Changing a name may cost some of a team's fan base which can have similar results. Both should be weighed to determine what is best for the future of a franchise.

    Now for the less than pragmatic comment. I suggest keeping the team colors and changing the name to "Rednecks" and see how that goes for a while.

  1. David Bartlett's Avatar David Bartlett

    I'm Irish. I would very much like Notre Dame to change their mascot. I find it offensive.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    I see they left the name “Washington” in the title. I wonder how long it will be before the BLM movement start having a hissy fit, jumping up and down like a spoilt child, wanting the name removed?

    Does anyone have any objections to the game being called “football” as it seems to have a very over physical name given to it and someone could get upset and run home to tell mommy.


  1. Christian's Avatar Christian

    SEEK YEE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF LOVE, and all other things shall be added onto you...

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      You really would have been a great cast member if you had been cast on Monty Pythons, The Life Of Brian.


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