Girl Scouts selling cookies
Some Christian groups have become increasingly critical of the Girl Scouts, pointing to an absence of "traditional" values within the organization.

The Archdiocese of Kansas City has announced it is cutting ties with Girl Scouts because of its stance on abortion and connection to Planned Parenthood. Citing the group's promotion of materials that are "reflective of many of the troubling trends in our secular culture," the Archdiocese is ending its decades-long relationship with the Girl Scouts.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann is calling for parishes to either immediately stop hosting Girl Scout troops or to "graduate" scouts already in the program. Naumann explained his decision, saying that the Girl Scouts are "no longer a compatible partner in helping us form young women with the virtues and values of the Gospel."

In their place, the Archdiocese will now sponsor troops from American Heritage Girls, a smaller scout organization that he describes as "based on Christian values."

American Heritage Girls
American Heritage Girls (members pictured above) has become a popular Christian alternative to Girl Scouts.

A Religious Alternative

American Heritage Girls was founded in 1995 by a Christian mother who felt the Girl Scouts were becoming too secular. For one, she wanted more emphasis placed on Christian teachings. According to the group's website, the mother also "started to hear troubling reports of camps that taught sexual ethics against what she read in the Bible." She withdrew her four young girls from the program and organized a brand new faith-based scouting troop.

The organization has since grown nationwide and has become a popular choice for families seeking a religiously-intensive alternative to the Girls Scouts.

A flyer encouraging a boycott of girl scout cookies Planned Parenthood Controversy

Over the years, conservative Christian groups have become increasingly critical of the Girl Scouts. They point to an absence of "traditional" values within the organization, and accuse them of trying to brainwash kids by teaching about safe sex and giving them information from Planned Parenthood.

The group's official website explains that it does not take a position on or create materials for topics like sexuality, birth control or abortion. Additionally, it claims that "there is no relationship past, present or planned between Planned Parenthood and Girl Scouts."

On the topic of faith, the website notes notes that "while we are a secular organization, Girl Scouts has always encouraged girls to take spiritual journeys via their faiths' religious recognitions."

Representatives from the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri have denied claims that they are trying to advance a particular political agenda or teach distinctly "secular" values.

Caught in the Crossfire

The move has angered parents in the Archdiocese, many of whom believe cutting ties with the Girl Scouts is a bad idea. After all, they say, it's a historic organization that does a lot of good for the community. The widely-respected program helps teach young women the value of hard work and helping others. Even if the Girls Scouts have become more progressive over the years, is that reason enough to walk away?

Maria Walters, the mother of two current scouts, doesn't seem to think so: "I feel we should all be together as one in the community. This does nothing but divide us." Walters notes that her Kansas City parish has had a Girl Scout troop for at least 25 years.

What do you think of the Archdiocese's decision? Do the Girl Scouts deserve the benefit of the doubt, or are faith communities right to ditch them for a more "traditional" scout organization?


  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    I think what really angers conservative organizations is the Girl Scouts' stand on the equality of women.

    1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

      Good comments girl. Thanks.

      1. XaurreauX's Avatar XaurreauX


    2. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

      Point we'll made.

      1. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

        That is supposed to read 'point well made'.

    3. Nora Greenia's Avatar Nora Greenia

      That is such an uneducated opinion that I am sickened by the stupidity of it. Conservatives are much more interested in the equality of EVERYONE than the progressive liberals ever have been. Educate yourself as to the history of the democratic party, its starting of the Ku Klux clan and its basic tenets of belief. The level of ignorance in our society is appalling and you exemplify this. What a shame that we have been given a brain to use and most people, such as yourself, DONT USE IT.

      1. Ben's Avatar Ben

        Nora; Is that the equality of women in education? Is that women's equal pay for equal work? Is that equality of poor to put food on the table? Is that the equality of women having say over their own bodies, like men have? Conservative Republicans have been against equality and strip it away where they can.

        1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

          Ben: It is obvious that you hold progressive ideology and that you believe that the general population is is mentally deficient and incapable of handling their own affairs so a government must act to safe them. While those of the conservation party believe that All Men (and Women) are created equal by there creator and must be the captains of their own destiny.

          That being said, a women has every right to do with her body as she pleases. She can prostitute, pierce, mutilate, amputate any limb from her being to her hearts content, but when it comes to taking the live of another human being that is murder and every sane person on the planet disagrees with that. Abortion is murder. Under the law when a person's heart stops beating you are pronounced dead. Once a fetus's heart starts beating it is alive. Abortion is murder.

          Government has fallen into the trap of championing social causes with money. Social Security was pitched as being a government savings plan of your old age. What it really did was split the family. It was not uncommon to see multigenerational families in one house. Family taking care of family. With Social Security elderly couples could live independently until the time of their death. Snow birding, traveling the world. Now if a senior needs help families do not want to put forth the effort to house their parent. Food banks, low income housing, choosing between eating and meds.

          But that genie was let out of the bottle a long time ago. Planned Parenthood must not be funded for performing abortions. For those that enjoy there services it is not a mater of women's health but a ma of convenience. Why should I pay for someone else's inability to control themselves and use preventative measure when that same money can be spent on real medical clinics that do.

          1. Beth Campbell D'Angelo's Avatar Beth Campbell D'Angelo

            Mr. Rediger - NO government funding pays for abortion ANYWHERE. As for the "Why should I pay for someone else’s inability to control themselves and use preventative measures" question, do you object to "paying for" diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses in connection with excessive weight without a medical basis for the weight? Or cancer connected to tobacco products? Where do you draw the line? No payment for drug addicted newborns? Have you used any Planned Parenthood services? Like STI testing and treatment, HIV testing, vasectomy counselling and procedures and others. I suggest you inform yourself on these issues.

          2. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

            Beth Campbell - No I nor anyone in my family use the services of Planned Parenthood. My with used their services once when we were first married for a pap smear. They where butchers and she never went back again. Every service, except abortion on demand, is offered at any clinic, doctors office or hospital in a more comprehensive manner.

            I am an ex-smoker, prediabetic, overweight, tax paying American. I do not oppose any research to fight disease, but I hold myself responsible for any self inflicted ailment. But pregnancy is not a disease and is not life threatening, with a few exception (Medical reasons not convenience reasons).

            Where do I draw the line? If it is medical research fund it. If it is not medical research no funding. Now if you are fortunate to be involved with a clinical trial I'm good with that and I hope the best for you. But if you have smoking related lung cancer pray that medical research can save your life and that your insurance will cover the chemo.

            Warning labels have been on cigarette packs since 1965. PSAs are on TV, Radio and Print constantly, people are aware of the risks but choose to smoke or chew anyway. Government sponsored Smoking Cession programs are to promote health and combat the addictive effects of tobacco. I whole heartedly support them.

          3. Elaine Hunter's Avatar Elaine Hunter

            Beth C ... I have had to Medicaid paid abortions in the state of Michigan. Two of my friends have had Medicaid paid abortions in the state of Michigan. So who paid for those for abortions the state of Michigan tax payer or government-funded organization? One of my abortions was done at Planned Parenthood or one was done by an OBGYN at a hospital along with my friends there were both done at Planned Parenthood.

            God forgive me.

          4. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

            Beth D'Angelo - Planned Parenthood receives more than $500,000,000 in tax dollars. Some of that goes toward abortion and abortion is their biggest moneymaker. Your parallel between engaging in relations/a child vs. overreating/diabetes or drug use/addiction is not correct at all. Children are not "diseases," so cannot be equated as such. We object to using tax dollars toward KILLING HUMAN CHILDREN. See the real, physical, spiritual and moral difference?

        2. Graymalkin's Avatar Graymalkin

          Yeah, Republicans really oppose equality. Like when Republicans ended slavery, ended the Democrats' Jim Crow laws, ended the Democrats' Ku Klux Klan, and fought the resistance of the Democrats in giving civil rights to Blacks. Mean ol' Republicans!

      2. Natalie's Avatar Natalie

        I must disagree with you. There is a big difference between conservatism and the current Republican party. The empirical evidence just does not support your position that so-called modern conservatives are more interested in equality for everyone than so-called modern progressives. Voting records alone just do not support your position. But if you truly believe that is true, then then we share a common goal and there is hope in that.

      3. Beth Campbell D'Angelo's Avatar Beth Campbell D'Angelo

        Ms. Greenia - Please research "Southern Democrats", particularly 1860 -1964. If you think you can draw parallels between the Democratic Party of 2017 and that of the Democrat Party that fought the Civil Rights Act, historians would be interested in your theory. Huey P. Long, Jefferson Davis were also Democrats, do you think they would be today? Also, Southern Strategy and Solid South. Being informed is important, Ms. Greenia.

        1. PA Sammy's Avatar PA Sammy

          Please research early Christians who burned "witches" at the stake who believed that the earth was not the center of the universe. Please research early Christians who believed that women deserved to be in pain to pay for original sin. I think that things change over time. Maybe you just are not that good in keeping up with things.

          1. Ben's Avatar Ben

            Right on!

        2. Graymalkin's Avatar Graymalkin

          "Historians" today are the product of Socialist universities. It was the Democrat party formed in 1828 to expand slavery. Northern Democrats made their fortunes in the Atlantic Slave Trade (Brown University was named after one such slave trader), Northern Democrats ran the banks and insurance companies that funded and protected slavery, and Northern Democrats exported slave-labor-produced goods. Is the Democrat party the same today? Essentially, yes. It has simply moved decidedly to the Left since the 1950s, causing moderates and Conservatives to abandon the party. Note: In the 1950s and 1960s, Democrats harassed Blacks who wished to eat at "White" restaurants; today, Democrats harass Conservatives - White, Black, Hispanic - who wish to eat at Democrat-owned restaurants. The more things "change," the more they remain the same.

          1. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

            Right on Graymalkin. Also, Dems wouldn't know color blindness if it bit them in the butt. Everything is about color to them. Find a liberal socialist college/university (most of them are) that doesn't ask a student what color/nationality they are? That doesn't have a number of race based special services. Find a Dem party platform that doesn't promote the completely false and hateful relentless media propaganda that conservatives are racists and want to see the black people and minorities fail. Find a Dem party platform that doesn't want to use their fake accusations to bolster their party numbers, make blacks and minorities dependent on the Dem party and government for handouts, and make blacks and other minorities completely hopeless about success and equality. But people like Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, and others see the truth and are powerfully spreading with a mixture of quiet and authentic example and loud and proud voices. Go Republicans! We've always been pro equality no matter what rumors and sad weak lies the Dems try to spread and we are proud of our history and our current efforts. We may have the occasional raciset wacko, but our party has always stood for equality and freedom. Dems on the other hand have consistently and for decades and throughout their history stood for control, mob mentality, self denial/mutilation, murder and racism. That's why I choose conservatism every day.

      4. Tim Johnson's Avatar Tim Johnson

        Sorry Nora, nice spin, but you need to revist history, not Fox news or Briebart history. The parties swapped platforms quite a while back. The Dixiecrats took over the GOP and made it the misogynistic, bigoted party of today. Republicans have blocked every equality Bill since then, every single one. Now use your brain.

        1. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

          That is 2nd grade propaganda. We did not "swap platforms." If so, why did MORE Republicans vote for the last (of many, all previously written by R's and shot down by D's) Civil Rights Act (1964) than Dems?!! Why did Dems filibuster it?!!! I could say more, but you are not listening to TRUTH anyway. Tell Condoleeza Rice, Clarence Thomas, Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum what we are the party of racists - they can see past the fake Democrat propaganda.

      5. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

        Don't forget Margaret sanga(lier?). Black democrat in 1930s who called for extermination of black race in america via abortion. So kkk and extermination of blacks via abortion attributed to dems. And, burning Baltimore, did nothing for Chicago, trump has done more in four months for Chicago than dem administration, killing coos, Ben ghazi, fired on Russian Warcrafts 22 times after we signed a no fire pact, pedophelia as per recent arrests...and Comey has Hillary's emails...God help us all.

      6. Susan's Avatar Susan

        Are you a member of the Conservative Party? I was. I am now a Libertarian. In fact, I am very well educated. I wasn't talk

        1. Susan's Avatar Susan

          Talking about a political organization but rather a religious one. Stop confusing the two. By the way, the Girl Scouts don't provide funds for abortions to anyone.

      7. Norma Miller Witham-Brickley's Avatar Norma Miller Witham-Brickley

        That's right Thelma, I don't understand why in the world the Girl Scouts would be connected with or supporting a group like Planned Parenthood that does nothing but push abortions and the killing of innocent babies. What kind of equality is that!

        1. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

          I completely agree, Norma!

      8. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

        Exactly, Nora. Women already know we are of equal importance to men, that unequal pay is largely non-existent anymore, etc. Killing children doesn't make women equal to men. Our reproductive rights lie with whom and when we chose to create children, not in murdering them (that is clearly a wrong). There have been some Girl Scout troops that have partnered with local Planned Parenthoods to have them featured as guest speakers about sexuality and reproduction. Mothers who know their daughters already have equality (but understand that equality doesn't mean men and women are the SAME nor do they advocate that women mutilate their bodies, shut down their reproductive systems, or kill their own children to vainly try to be the same as men), don't want an organization like PP, that falsifies records, undermines parent/child relationships, promotes abortion, underreports abortion complications and failed abortions, etc. to have an influence on their strong, self-accepting, beautiful daughters. PP promotes the oppression of women, makes women weak and self-denying and dishonest about who and what they are. And regarding politics, exactly again. I am amazed at how easily and eagerly people at up the false propaganda constantly churned out by leftists. Conservatives have always been pro-opportunity for everyone, and almost entirely colorblind throughout its whole history. Flip that to its opposite side, and you have the poor, victmized, government please save me, everyon's a racist but us, etc. so-called liberals. If you want to see true, good values and and true progress, be "conservative curious" like so many today and read/watch conservative news outlets, histories, books, etc. It was the Republicans that brought freedom to blacks by fighting for it themselves, then making laws to ensure it, an d the right to women to vote! It is Republicans that advocate for a fair immigration system, a free market within reason (we destroyed the slave-based system in the south and west, and expanded and installed the free market aka capitalism throughout the U.S.). We believe in true color blind opportunities in the market, in schools, etc, and have always advocated for that. We wrote several Civil Rights Bills for blacks that were always opposed by the Democrats. And when the Dems finally started acting like decent republicans in 1964 with a new Civil Rights Bill, Dems filibustered it!! Then when it was resubmitted and finally passed, MORE Republicans voted for it than Dems!! Etc., etc. All the diocese was doing was acknowledging a sad reality. American Heritage Girls rocks.

    4. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

      Yes it sure does

    5. Barbara Bonville's Avatar Barbara Bonville

      You are sp right!

    6. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

      Abortion has nothing to do with equality. It is murdering a life God has created. Christian girls don't need to hear murdering babies created by God is ok...its not.

      1. XaurreauX's Avatar XaurreauX

        The so-called "Pro-Life" movement lost all its moral credibility by their failure and refusal to support contraception. This is not about saving the "baby" or "protecting" women. It's about a minority of aging white males and their Stepford Wives, desperately attempting to hold onto their privilege and relevancy by controlling the fertility and sexuality of women.

        1. Graymalkin's Avatar Graymalkin

          Whether those of a crowd gathered beneath the feet of a man beaten and lynched for the "crime" of being Black, or those of German officers and soldiers amid the bodies of people gassed for the "crime" of being Jewish, or those of women celebrating the legalization of murdering a baby in its ninth month for the "crime" of being conceived, the dark, soulless smiles void of any trace of humanity are the same.

          1. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

            Agreed, Graymalkin.

      2. Graymalkin's Avatar Graymalkin

        Whether those of a crowd gathered beneath the feet of a man beaten and lynched for the "crime" of being Black, or those of German officers and soldiers amid the bodies of people gassed for the "crime" of being Jewish, or those of women celebrating the legalization of murdering a baby in its ninth month for the "crime" of being conceived, the dark, soulless smiles void of any trace of humanity are the same.

    7. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

      Not true. Its because they give money to baby killers.

    8. Linda's Avatar Linda

      I agree 100%, it's always someone who has never been one who has to open HIS big mouth to criticize a group or organization that teaches or promotes equality for all women. I'll buy 10 boxes of cookies this year to show support.

    9. Stephan F Finelli's Avatar Stephan F Finelli

      Do you really believe that foolishness?

    10. Mart's Avatar Mart

      There is no equality of women. Women’s organizations have not stood up for Sarah Huckabee when she was being degraded because she is a Conservative. They pick and choose what woman is worthy of their backing. Sad

  1. ronald wolfe's Avatar ronald wolfe

    i believe the diocese has the right to support or deny support to any group they wish for any reason they wish, then their followers can do the same to the dieoces they can choose to supprot the diocese or choose not to. problem solved

    1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

      I am familiar with the American Heritage Girls and it is a upstanding organization that promotes leadership and STEM skills along with social and life skills without the political agendas.

      A parent has a obligation to their child to provide for them the best education possible. Condemning an organization on the propaganda of another without investigating it for yourself is foolish.

      1. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

        That is correct, David Rediger. My daughter was an American Heritage Girl, and a Little Flower. We didn't want to put her in Girl Scouts b/c on a local level some troops partner with Planned Parenthood to have speakers come and talk about reproduction, sexuality, contraception, abortion, etc. So we avoided it altogether.

        1. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

          PS, I was a Brownie and Girl Scout myself when I was younger, and would have put my daughter in it, but modern feminism is an unhealthy, self-denying, twisted and false version of true feminism. I will never teach my daughter she has to shut down her reproductive system or destroy it, or kill her own children to be "equal" to a man. She does not have to deny her beautiful femininity or act like a poor victim. She is NOT a man. But she is EQUAL. She doesn't need PP's degenerative propaganda.

    2. Natalie's Avatar Natalie

      Agreed. But when they put out a public statement outlining reasons for the denial of support, it needs to be accurate and not misleading. Unfortunately, that was not the case in this situation.

    3. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

      Agreed Ronald Wolfe.

  1. Minister Greg Harden's Avatar Minister Greg Harden

    Brings to mind the old saying (pardon me) damned if you do, damned if you don't!. Leave them alone. They teach good things to help young people grow up and learn good values. Nuff said!!

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    I was a Girl Scout for over 30 years and never even mentioned planned parenthood.

  1. Ben's Avatar Ben

    Hooray for them! The should support Planned Parenthood! So, should our government!

  1. Randy powell's Avatar Randy powell

    Fuck this world. My gout is festering up need all the help I can get. Fuck everybody that is mean and has hate crimes

    1. Jim D.'s Avatar Jim D.

      Umm... Randy? You might want to lay off the beer and shrimp. Your gout will subside, and you might be a bit less cranky.

    2. XaurreauX's Avatar XaurreauX

      Yes, but Randy tell us how your REALLY feel. Don't hold back.

  1. Minister Greg Harden's Avatar Minister Greg Harden

    Your language is not appropriate for this site or anywhere else. Please.out of respect refrain from being this disrespectful. This all should be ironed out with respect from all sides.

  1. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

    Bet those girl scouts wouldn't like it if THEY were aborted! I only support abortion in the case of LIBERALS BREEDING!

    1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

      I don't understand how you can make an assinine statement, then come back with a reversal support opinion. I'm stymied.

    2. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

      Goodness, so your Christian love does not extend to those who hold different opinions to you? What a shameful remark!

    3. Minister Carey's Avatar Minister Carey

      So you believe conservatives don't honor the right to chose abortion? Some of them are no different than some Christians. They will spout one thing in public and do something different in private. So you think the Universal Creator does not have control over it's creations? And people (so-called religious people) now have to intervene for the Most High to make others do or not do something they were given free will to do? If the Creator allows wars, the killing of innocent people, born and unborn, would not this Creator allow women to chose what happens to their body? Really, what are you saying about your God - you ain't got control God, and now we the people (conservatives especially) have got to step in for you to judge, condemn, and kill? Really?

      1. Minister Greg Harden's Avatar Minister Greg Harden

        Here, here. Well said. Thanks from Minister Gregory Harden...

      2. Blanca Thompson's Avatar Blanca Thompson

        My comment about women's freedom to choose is that a woman who chose to fool around and gets pregnant or contaminated with a bad bug should paid for their own medical bills. Why should the taxes of hard working people "who pay taxes" should be paying for those irresponsible women/men that want freedom about their bodies but want government money to care for them?. They become their own victims and now is the government's fault?. HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT? Compassion is love, love has to be tough in order to help someone to become responsible, independent and productive to society.

        I wonder what is on people's mind when they think that the government owes them a living? The government doesn't make money. For centuries the government was originated to protect people from conflicts and to provide law and order. DO YOU THINK THAT THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD PROVIDE FOR YOU? IF THAT IS THE CASE, JUST REMEMBER WHAT YOUR PARENTS USED TO SAY "WHILE YOU LIVE UNDER MY ROOF YOU OBEY MY RULES"

        Don't need to comment about it, just think, and do whatever is good for you and all around you. After writing the above I felt like saying, "I LOVE YOU".

      3. Lynne's Avatar Lynne

        God gave us say in our government. The right to Vite what is morally right and wrong. Its a totally Biblical approach. If you hate God you won't understand that. What exactly are you a minister of? Minister of a woman's right to kill? You can blame white men all you want but it was the prez of PP for all to see describing how to kill a viable baby toharvest the parts. Slicing a live baby limb by limb while alive, thrashing, screaming and crying in the womb is solely of satan....and so is anyone who claims to be a minister of God and supports this.

      4. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

        You are confusing religious fervor with political ideology. It has never been about religion that the Republican party wants to defund Planned Parenthood. It is about using tax payer dollars to pay for one.

        God has always allowed us to exercise free will. He has from the very beginning. But he never said that there would never be consequences for our actions. He has always said follow me and I will reward you, disobey me and feel my wrath. Parents use that same technique when raising children.

        As far as allowing bad things to happen, He is God. He is all powerful. He is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. He has a plan for everything and everybody and it is very unfortunate for you that you where not included in the planning process. But then again He is God and a lot smarter that anyone here.

      5. Martha's Avatar Martha

        Oh my... your comment doesn't make sense. You're equating "allowing" with "supporting". The bottom line is that we have free will, but murder is evil and wrong, no matter if it's war or abortion.

        1. Toni Morelock's Avatar Toni Morelock

          War is different from abortion. God chooses His warriors wisely. He says"kill them" and "send them to Me". He is NOT talking about unplanned parenthood right!?! Anyway this topic was about one organization leaving another one. Instead of just leaving appropiately and quietly, they chose to leave throwing stones. Instead of being greatful for the freedom of choice to move on and go with another organization, who more closely follows their own morals and values, they chose to throw more stones. I feel they speak well for themselves.

      6. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

        Um, your'e a minister, right? What kind? Are you not familiar with God's Commandment:Thou shall not murder? So we have laws against murder, except the unborn are not included in that. That doesn't seem wrong to you? That seems overreaching to you? Of course people can still CHOOSE to murder, but that breaks God's laws. What your'e saying is how dare conservatives teach and promote God's laws of preserving human life. What an ant-minister you are. We should all know better, be taught better and strive to do better than legalized murder!

        1. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

          anti-minister (my apologies for the above typo)

    4. Ben's Avatar Ben

      So, is that what Jesus would say? You sir are a disgrace to Christianity.

      1. Ben's Avatar Ben

        This is reference to Bernard.

  1. Barbie Lockett's Avatar Barbie Lockett

    My children were girl Scouts,Boy Scouts, back in the 60's. Cookies were good then, but I as a Mother never heard of such.

  1. James Mounts's Avatar James Mounts

    The Archdiocese of Kansas City did not desert the scouts, the scouts deserted the church. A faith-based alternative to both the Girl Scouts AND the Boy Scouts should be lauded and supported.

    1. Carole Revelle's Avatar Carole Revelle

      Neither group was established as religiously affiliated. Taken from the Girl Scout website: "So while we are a secular organization, Girl Scouts has always encouraged girls to take spiritual journeys via their faiths' religious recognitions." Schools and Church's have historically offered support to these groups because most basic principals have aligned, not because of religious beliefs. Religious organizations have the right and responsibility to weigh the plusses and minusses of any affiliation or partnership know that the beliefs of their congregation are also mixed.

      1. Natalie's Avatar Natalie

        Here Here.

  1. Candace Kramer's Avatar Candace Kramer

    It's my personal belief that young girls, including Girl Scouts, need the benefit of solid education (including sex ed) and access to strong, empowering organizations like Planned Parenthood more than they need the influence of the Catholic Church! Having said that, I also believe that parents need to decide for themselves what priority religion should play in their own family's lives. Yes, I believe that Girl Scouts should be a secular organization! Members come from ALL faith backgrounds!

    1. Blanca Thompson's Avatar Blanca Thompson

      By the way, my daughter was a girl scout since she was 8, at 27 she is now a leader, still an active Girl Scout Member. Also, I was a participating mother and loved camping out with the girls, never occurred to me to talk about sex with them, it wasn't in my mind and I am married. During 6 years of being involved with the Girl Scout Troops I was never told to talk to the girls about religion or sex. Sex education should begin at home and parents should have the right to do it their way; but now even High Schools are educating students with condoms and making available information of organizations that would abort any unwanted pregnancy without letting the parents know. What kind of society are we creating? If aborting a child is moral and good, why then are the parents left out of the picture when the child, yes a child, is still supported by their parents.

      At 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and so on, most of us have done things that later we regretted, even if it was only to cut out with scissors an stain we put on our pretty dress so our parents wont see it? It has nothing to do with smarts, it has to do with our young minds not knowing what would happen after making a mistake, not knowing how to resolve it. That child needs tender support by their family, he/she doesn't need an estranger telling them to hide their mistake and no-one is going to find out. That scarf will be there for life, and, who is coming to their rescue? Those people performing that kind of work are not doing it for free, they are paid, they get money to perform a job, received a bi-weekly check and act like nothing is going on because with that money they are paying their own living expenses.

      Our girls are already bombarded with sex education and is putting it in their minds, telling them "yes go ahead, do it and if you get pregnant do this or go there". Those people talking about bitter cookies should refrain themselves from judging what is good for most and not mix it with what might be going on with their own lives.

      What is morality? What kind of legacy are we leaving? What are we doing?

      1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

        The real reason that so many scouts left BSA was not because they where homophobes, far from it, the don't ask don't tell unofficial policy had been going on for years. It was the fact that adding a political agenda to its official platform was the issue. If Lord Baden-Powell would have wanted boys and girls to be involved in political activism he would have done so at the beginning. He was a very wide man and know if his organization where to do that its days would have been numbered. Instead he focused on the character building of a boy to a man and a girl to a woman.

        I always site the 2008 tornado that killed 4 scouts at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch, where scouts, ages 13 to 18, were participating in a leadership training course at the camp. This was a truly horrific event of death and destruction. But the point of this story is that by the time first responders arrived on the scene all that was needed was to transport victims. The scouts organized themselves and located, rescued and triaged the injured, administered first aid and was starting the cleanup operation. I am a veteran and know quite well the chaos that follows catastrophe. The normal behavior of children of this age is to panic, and cry uncontrollably.

        The entire front had to be replaced after the 1914 Christmas ceasefire. That is why he created the World Jamborees. He knew that if boys of different nations became friends that they would have a tendency not to shoot and kill each other. Hitler knew this also and disbanded the Boy Scouts and Germany did not participate in the 1937 World Jamboree.

        Political agendas tend to polarize people creating a feeling for hostility toward those that oppose your position. Which was definitely not the goals of Lord Baden-Powell. Adding these and other political agendas must not be in Scouting. But the bottle has been uncorked and the genie is out and BSA/GSA is tainted forever.

        1. Natalie's Avatar Natalie

          Your interesting points about BSA aside, the BSA & the GSA are entirely different organizations. Different legal entities; different leadership; different policies; different programming. This article directly speaks to a church leadership working against an organization that empowers young girls because of misinformation about the organization &, dare I say, a general distrust of women.

          1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

            Yes Natalie BSA and GSA are two entirely different organizations stemming from one founder.

            The same organizations have lead charges against the BSA, GSA and the Catholic Church. The first to succumb was the GSA, next came the BSA, now their sights are set to the Roman Catholic Church. They are the last church holdout because all the protestant churches have split because of them.

          2. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

            Thank you, David Rediger. You should write more. God bless.

      2. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

        Blanca, I completely agree with your posts. You have great values!! God bless!!

    2. Toni Morelock's Avatar Toni Morelock

      That was nicely put. Thank you for that, I will learn from this.

  1. Minister Franklin's Avatar Minister Franklin

    I think the Scouts should remain neutral on religion.

    1. Natalie's Avatar Natalie

      It is.

    2. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

      But religion (in this case the Catholic Church) doesn't need to remain neutral on Scouts.

  1. Donald R Clamser Sr's Avatar Donald R Clamser Sr

    I feel that the way this world is going this is just another issue to split members away from the church. We need to keep politics out of religion. Get back to following what the Bible says and follow the Teachings of Jesus Christ. Parents bring your families back to church on Sunday's. If they grow up in a Christian Church they can learn to make their own choices and the Parents who attend Church with them can be good role models for them.

  1. storyman2001's Avatar storyman2001

    Yes, The Girl Scouts were founded in Christian values, especially the sanctity of life. Regrettably the organization is now influenced by radical secular feminist who are opposed to Christian values. As a Christian leader I cannot endorse or support any organization that will use its position of influence to corrupt the values of children, especially young impressionable girls.

    1. Natalie's Avatar Natalie

      You statements are just not based in fact. I have been a Scout leader for years for multiple troops with Christianity at the core of our activities. I assure you that the girls in my care were neither corrupted or unduly influenced. We taught them to think and pray and search for truth themselves. And as a result, their faith was strengthened. You have made wrong assumptions about the organization without knowledge of it. You over-estimate the secular influence. And underestimate the girls ability to figure these things out themselves if given the chance to do so.

  1. Francisco's Avatar Francisco

    The Archdiocese of Kansas City if full of Pea Brains...the girls should not be chastised because the adults running the institution disagree with them.

  1. rstamant's Avatar rstamant

    The Girl Scouts have always been a secular organization. They welcome members from all faiths. Some local troops affiliate themselves with the particular faith of their scout members and there are merit badges and pins that can be earned by individual girls participating in their own religious beliefs especially as it applies to the Girl Scout Oath of doing their best for God and country.

    Also this from the Girl Scouts USA website ( "What is the Girl Scouts of the USA's position regarding human sexuality, birth control and abortion? Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) does not take a position or develop materials on these issues. We feel our role is to help girls develop self-confidence and good decision-making skills that will help them make wise choices in all areas of their lives. Parents or guardians make all decisions regarding program participation that may be of a sensitive nature. Consistent with that belief, GSUSA directs councils, including volunteer leaders, to get written parental permission for any locally planned program that could be considered sensitive. (

    The Girl Scouts do not have any affiliation with Planned Parenthood (although they certainly have a right to do so). I fear that the Archbishop of Kansas City is reacting to some false information and rumors that have been bandied about on the internet for many years. I suspect these fake news stories help to underpin the position of certain conservatives who dislike/are challenged by the Girl Scouts goals of empowering women and helping them to become leaders in their communities.

    I grew up in a household with three sisters who were Girl Scouts, and I am proud to say that I helped to raise three daughters who were not only involved in scouting, but who have taken to heart the lessons they learned from their troops, from their parents, from their schools and from their community to become self-confident, empowered women who are doing great things.

    I am a proud Girl Scout Dad

    1. Natalie's Avatar Natalie

      Here Here

  1. Thom's Avatar Thom

    This archbishop is nuts he kick out the girl scouts because they don't promote religion and the new group does. The rest of this is noise see it for what is truly is. Also, hold back your donations for a few months and tell the parish priests why so the bishop gets the message

  1. Jim Reader's Avatar Jim Reader

    Of course, the archdiocese is free to do as it wishes, but I believe their decision to be wrong. Like most Evangelical groups, I'd expect American Heritage Girls to be heavily Dominionist.

    1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

      When the BSA splintered and Trail Life USA formed a lot of Roman Catholics felt the same way and tried to form a group for them and call it the Scouts of St. George. BSA sued them for trademark infringement.

      The diocese is merely the Charter Organization. The Charter Organization provides a safe place for the troop to meet and make sure the program is run according to BSA/GSA guidelines. If the Charter Organization does not agree with the Program they do not have to sponsor it. It is purely a contractual agreement between the both of them. There is not a court in the land that would force an agreement between both parties that diametrically disagree on the terms of the contract. Forcing to fulfill obligations is different, those can and have been enforced. But the term of the charter is for one (1) year so either one can terminate at any time after the charter expires.

      Scouting is a fine organization that has let political agendas cloud it executive decisions.

  1. Madleon's Avatar Madleon

    I believe that the Girl Scouts are and should be considered a secular organization. I also believe that parents should be made aware when socially sensitive topics are going to be discussed at troop meetings or outings. Parents can elect to be a part of the meeting, add their own insights, or they can keep their daughters out of discussions that might be questionable based on individual family values. As far as forming alternate organizations that address the desire for instruction and activities which actively support specific religious or philosophical perspectives, I see no problem with that. There can never be too many people or organizations committed to giving children a chance to grow up to be strong, productive members of society.

    1. Blanca Thompson's Avatar Blanca Thompson


  1. aerobat01's Avatar aerobat01

    Buy more cookies! Money is the only deity our lawmakers worship. The more cookies the Girl Scouts sell, the more respect they can buy from our lawmakers. If you pray, pray for our country.

  1. Deborah Rosen's Avatar Deborah Rosen

    When I was growing up (back in the Stone Age), our Bishop told our parents that scouting organizations were forbidden (probably because at the time, the RC church discouraged friendships with non-Catholics). And now, they're coming full circle. If I were the parent of a scout, I'd allow my child to continue scouting. Another organization will "pick up" the groups and life will go on.

    By the way, I'm surprised by some of the rancor in this forum. Surely we can discuss issues outside of the current political hate mongering? Surely we can make a difference by approaching issues maturely and calmly?

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    Churches are businesses. Their product is selling people the hope of life after death. The Catholic church's business model opposes any form of birth control. Their model is based on believers having as many children as possible, and bringing those children up believing so that when they become adults the continue to put money in the collection plate.

    Of course they would be opposed to any group that does not condemn birth control. It's bad for business.

    You only have to look at the Shakers to see the validity of the Vatican's position. They were a religious movement that was big in the late 19th century. They believed in total separation of the sexes, no marriage, no babies. The only way to get new members was to go out and convert people. A few years ago, there was a documentary on PBS about the last remaining Shaker community, there were 7 people.

    When you're in the religion business, it's good for business to oppose any form of birth control.

  1. Brother Ralph Friedman's Avatar Brother Ralph Friedman

    Thank God for her great and wonderful wisdom . The catholic church should never be near children,animals , or any living thing ( well maybe plants , would be ok under supervision ,ofcourse). Besides St. francis , there is a very sick and muderous vent in the catholic church. Why ? Total power corrupts totally. From the "crusades " to today's 'sexual 'misconduct with children. THE "church" has proven time and time again that it's moral compass is sick and discusting. Therefore , my follow humans , Rejoice in the elimination of children ,in contact with this evil serpent. enough said?

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    There is no "doubt" to benefit. There is no way the Roman Catholic Church can support LGBT, abortion, birth control, etc. This is not a turn the other cheek situation. There are many Protestant religions that have no fundamental Christian values and they will love the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts no matter how perverted they become.

  1. DJ's Avatar DJ

    I love the Girl Scouts! It seems communistic to shun an organization just because they do not believe as you. The Girl Scouts have done only positive things for the planet & I stand behind them. To keep one's beliefs in a narrow little box will eventually make you obsolete. It is time on this planet for acceptance & tolerance.

  1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

    It is not communistic to not want to be a part of an organization. That is very democratic. To hold a gun (even a figurative gun) to a persons head and force them to be in a specific organization is communistic or fascist. Yes the Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts have and still do a lot of good for their communities, it is the organizations policies that are in question. I myself am 3rd generation scouting, and a 3 bead Wood Badger and was a District Commissioner, but the BSA voted to allow political agendas to form their new policies and that conflicted with my religious beliefs. Should I be forced to remain?

    It is not up to me to judge (Romans 2), but I have been warned of those who cause dissensions and offences, in opposition to the teaching that you have learned; avoid them (Romans 16:17-18). My narrow beliefs are not in a little box but in obedience with the Creator.

    1. Jennifer Mathew's Avatar Jennifer Mathew

      Well said, David Rediger!

  1. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

    Personally as someone opposed to childhood indoctrination, I'd like to see religion kept away from kids until they can decide for themselves, my so was in the Woodcraft Folk for that reason.

    1. Pastor Pete's Avatar Pastor Pete

      "Son" not "so", sorry....

  1. Joseph E Knopick's Avatar Joseph E Knopick

    The Scouts are not the issue, It's the indoctrination by the leading abortion provider is the problem.

  1. Toni Morelock's Avatar Toni Morelock

    I feel they should have simply made an informed and researched decision to move on to another organization and left it at that. Instead the Archdiosis(sp?) and others decided to make it a campaign against the Girl Scouts. Certainly it would have been best to disengage appropiately and or legally and quietly dont you think? There is absolutely no reason to be making this both political and religous. It is wonderful we have the freedom to choose which organization to be affiliated with. Most folks reading these posts are intelligent enough understand that it does not take a democrate or a republican to belong to the Girl Scouts or any other organization...unless otherwise stated. What I honestly meant to say was just move on. Stop with political b.s. and religious b.s. and just move on to your next victim. Judge ye not padre. You are abandoning the Girl Scouts when the Girl Scouts should have bailed on you long ago. These are my feelings on the subject, they are neither right or wrong; they just are. Oh and by the way please forgive all my spelling errors and all my grammer errors. Thank you kindly.

  1. XaurreauX's Avatar XaurreauX

    Republicans are going through MAJOR testicular implosion because they can see the dominance of aging white males collapsting before their very eyes.

  1. Heidi Homeschool Underhill's Avatar Heidi Homeschool Underhill

    You are silly. Cookies go to the girls in the area in which they are sold. Stop being so evil and spreading lies.

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