Jeanine Pirro and Rep. Ilhan Omar
Jeanine Pirro (left) argued that Rep. Ilhan Omar's hijab does not align with the Constitution.

In November, Ilhan Omar became the first Muslim woman elected to Congress (along with colleague Rashida Tlaib). Although many cheered the news, it became clear almost immediately that Rep. Omar's faith would prove contentious among some of the more conservative members on Capitol Hill. In fact, a few detractors even argued that the newly-elected congresswoman shouldn't be allowed to wear her hijab while in office, citing an obscure centuries-old rule that bars head coverings on the floor of the House.

Recently, Rep. Omar landed back in the spotlight over her questionable comments about Israel that some viewed as anti-Semitic. A subsequent apology called "insufficient" by critics kept her name in the headlines.

With the stage set, enter television personality Jeanine Pirro. The popular Fox News host took issue with Rep. Omar's Muslim faith during a televised segment over the weekend:

Swift Backlash

In a rather rare occurrence these days, Ms. Pirro's remarks were widely condemned across the political spectrum. Even many on the right who have expressed concern over certain aspects of Islam took issue with the segment, pointing out that religious freedom is a foundational element of the American Constitution and our democracy.

Critics also jumped on a rather obvious flaw in Ms. Pirro's argument. People of other faiths have not faced scrutiny over their choice of attire, so why should she?

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Does America Have an Islamophobia Problem?

Despite the condemnations even one from Fox News itself the damage was done; the message had already been viewed by millions of people.

This incident necessarily leads to questions about Islamophobia in America. Hopefully there comes a day where one's choice of religious attire regardless of what faith it represents will be rightly viewed as inconsequential. But hearing someone argue exactly the opposite on a major television station seems to indicate we are not there yet.

Do we, as a country, have trouble treating Muslims equally?


  1. Miranda Allison Young's Avatar Miranda Allison Young

    We do not just have a problem with antisemitism, but with hatred towards anyone who is not white, or of legal age, or of any religion except Evangelical Christians (who, judging by what they say, are not new true Christians at all), or LGBTQ people, or disabled people, and anyone who is different in any way at all. If everyone just would follow the Golden Rule, all would be well in our country. However, this is nothing but a pipe dream. With our current administration, I see no hope at all.

    1. Rev Buzz's Avatar Rev Buzz

      I’m afraid following the “Golden Rule” is what causes so many misunderstandings. Many people of differing faiths don’t want to be treated as you may want to be treated. They would prefer the “Platinum Rule” which is; “Do unto others as they want done unto them.” All to often we are treating others as we want to be treated, contrary to their desires. Although we are not necessarily obligated to treat them the way they want to be treated, we should likewise not insist on treating them how we think they ought to want to be treated. Our meddling in foreign countries has resulted in the people of some of those countries resenting our interference to make their country follow our method of government. We need to respect their right to choose. In regard to our tolerance of faiths and beliefs that differ from ours: when it comes to politics and government, separation of church (any faith) and state must be observed.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Thank you, Buzz.

      2. Historian's Avatar Historian

        We should not respect what you say is their right to subjugate the constitution of the US, to disrespect our laws to use sharia law. Sharia law is not our law of the land. Someone comes here of their own will should acclimate themselves to our laws and our actions as citizens of this country. Buzz, when we go to other countries we are expected and often demanded that we adhere to their laws. This.muslim sitting up there putting down this country and Israel for nothing more than hate! She doeant need to be there and should have never been there! Judge Perro is right 100% Rev. Buzz and here is another thing we have never forced anyone to govern themselves as we do in this country so, look if you really dont know, dont say anything!

        1. Rev Buzz's Avatar Rev Buzz

          In response to historian: As is often the case, if something can be misunderstood, it will be. In no instance did I state that I supported a subjugation of our constitutional laws. My only point was in regard to the general belief that the platinum rule of treating others as they wish to be treated; rather than treating them the way we want to be treated, would result in less conflict. I humbly submit to you that our US government has on numerous occasions and in numerous countries interceded to shape their governments. Examples: After WWII, Gen. MacArthur was very instrumental in shaping the new Japanese government, much of which was patterned after that of the United Sttates. The US essentially ousted the queen of Hawaii, to implement mainland rule, primarily because we wanted to control the pineapple industry. The US propped up the Sha of Iran, until such time as he was overthrown. The US Interceded in Southeast Asia and supported a dictatorial regime to deter the spread of communism. So, I ask you please, as an acclaimed historian, to do more research before you make statements such as you did. And before you make a statement about my being anti American; please know that I am a retired Army officer who proudly served my country in uniform for twenty years. Do that which is right, after getting agreement on what is right.

    2. Jack's Avatar Jack

      You are being ignorant and flaunting it. You should become familiar with Shiria Law. It sets back the rights women in this and other western countries hundreds of years. She is filmed as saying the long term goal of the Muslims is to convert all of America to the Muslim faith. Schiria law prescribes the killing of all who do not convert. Wise up and quit helping these heathens take over our country. If you doubt my use of the term heathen just research what they have been doing in European countries. Just look at Belgium as just one. Hungry has actually built a wall to stop them and cite them as the cause. The U.S. Marines were established for the purpose of protecting our ships from Muslim pirates. These people are dangerous and need to be stopped. The American people need to get off FB and into some actual knowledge of this proble before it is too late.

      1. Oma D's Avatar Oma D

        You are absolutely right, Sharia law is NOT a peaceful religion, they will kill their own family if they don't comply. They hate the US and still many think they are allowed to do as they please because of religious freedom. Whatever happened to separate Church from State? If she is allowed to wear her Hijab while in session because of her religion, she is breaking that rule....I am sick and tired of having to please everyone that wants to destroy this country

        1. Dan Atatakai's Avatar Dan Atatakai

          Oma - May I suggest taking an adult education on comparative world religions. You will know that most of what you have claimed here is false. Sharia is NOT religion. Islam is the religion. Forced conversion or adherence is not in Islam, and condemned in the Qur'an. It IS demanded that anyone who is, for example, Christian, and becomes apostate, should be killed. (Deuteronomy 13:6-11 “If your brother, the son of your mother, your son or your daughter, the wife [c]of your bosom, or your friend who is as your own soul, secretly entices you, saying, ‘Let us go and serve other gods,’ which you have not known, neither you nor your fathers, 7 of the gods of the people which are all around you, near to you or far off from you, from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth, 8 you shall not [d]consent to him or listen to him, nor shall your eye pity him, nor shall you spare him or conceal him; 9 but you shall surely kill him; your hand shall be first against him to put him to death, and afterward the hand of all the people. 10 And you shall stone him with stones until he dies, because he sought to entice you away from the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the house of bondage. 11 So all Israel shall hear and fear, and not again do such wickedness as this among you.")

          Seriously, please learn and understand before you condemn from ignorance.

          1. W R P's Avatar W R P

            I worked for the Army for 2 years in Iraq and Afghanistan. In AFG, if you convert to ANY RELIGION other than Islam, it is a crime punishable by DEATH. The Islamic government murders gays and stones women to death as punishment. Their treatment of women is abominable (they treat dogs better) and their indoctrination of children into fundamental Islam is comprehensive. Anyone who thinks that Islamic immigrants or converts here want a Christian country are naive,

          2. james thomas's Avatar james thomas

            It is so hopeful of you, but the simple and clear understanding of this all is that the religions of the god "YWHA, Jehovah and Ali" are the three most violent religions there is.; (are?) He is one god that has assumed three names and started three religions. Apparently he likes killing people, just read the Bible; genocide galore. He even killed everybody (including all the pregnant women -ooooooh), while making their death a slow tortures one by drowning.

          3. Howard's Avatar Howard

            Excuse me sir, are you of the Jewish faith? People that are Christians are not under your laws of the Old Testament except for the 10 Commandments. Are you?

        2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Just for everyone's information: Religion is not just a belief system, but a way of life. Whatever the Koran actually says, it is the way of life of the supposed adherents that is concerning. In that respect it is like other belief systems. The belief itself is not the religion, but a philosophy. It is the way of life that is the religion. This one happens to be oppressive and unjust, and receiving far too much artificial philosophical cover from certain westerners.

      2. Freddy Guerra's Avatar Freddy Guerra


      3. Dan Atatakai's Avatar Dan Atatakai

        Jack - Have you actually READ Sharia (hint: saying Sharia Law translated is "Law Law" - you can just call it Sharia) and what it entails? It includes issues of Usury. The Jewish practices also use that concept.

        Since you brought up Sharia, have you looked at the 613 Mitzvot of Judaism and Christianity? It is far more degrading and hostile.

        Do you have this lady saying about the long term goal of Muslims is to convert all of America to the Muslim faith? If so, citation, please. Now, how many Christian ministers and adherents of Christianity say that they want the entire world to become Christian? Same thing.

        About a wall to keep Muslims out in Hungary, please offer citation for that, too.

        No, the US Marines were NOT established to protect ships from Muslim pirates! Where did you get that awful idea? The mission statement of the US Marines is this:

        "Our Mission. As America's expeditionary force in readiness since 1775, the Marines are forward deployed to win our nation's battles swiftly and aggressively in times of crisis. We fight on land, sea and air, as well as provide forces and detachments to naval ships and ground operations."

        None of this says ANYTHING about Islam.

        How are Muslims "dangerous and need to be stopped"? Have you even ever had open and honest conversations with Muslims, especially Imam? How about visiting a mosque, especially on Fridays? I would take my students to various mosques, especially during Ramadan. Almost all of them who had the same attitude about Muslims changed their minds most rapidly after their experience. They almost always found them pleasant, caring, compassionate and generous.

        I look forward to your response, Jack.

      4. chiefhall's Avatar chiefhall

        Jack - you may be correct in saying "She is filmed as saying...", or you may be totally incorrect. I'd urge you to put your citation where your mouth is; otherwise, you have no credibility.

    3. james thomas's Avatar james thomas

      Islamaphobia is just one of many phobias popular right now. Phobias have become big since smartass marketing wonks have figured out that fear sells. What's the newest phobia? What's in the top ten? Hell, they'll sell the country into a shithole and not care as long as they can profit from the power of fear. NEED MORE, never enough; and everyone is into it, you're not cool if you don't have a phobia and/or at least a condition. Miranda, you are playing out their delusion. You can't imagine anyone being that immoral - YET THEY ARE! I keep hearing the phrase "real Christians" and I think I used to be one; but this now is utter bullshit - I like people, like everyone I meet until and if they turn out to be assholes. Sometimes it's a relief to talk to someone from a different culture, don't gotta put up with this white shit.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        I kinda believe the word "phobia" is terribly misused now. In the past, it was defined as an irrational fear. Now, intense dislike or rational distrust is being called phobia. I just don't think it's a correct use of the word.

        1. Gary Garrett's Avatar Gary Garrett

          An irrational fear of Islam.

    4. Dragon Priest's Avatar Dragon Priest

      What can you expect from Fox News? The republican white evangelical entertainment channel. They can be the true Fake News they always gripe about.

      1. Howard's Avatar Howard

        Are you actually serious?

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          I hope not. The comment is too funny to be serious.

          1. Gary Garrett's Avatar Gary Garrett

            That Fox News is the fake news propaganda network is too serious to be funny.

  1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

    I'm about as Islamaphobic as Islam is against Isreal. I'm really rather pantheistic when you get down to the science of it but even I understand Isreal has the right to exist. Anti- semitism today is a vote for Iran. No American politician should mouth a word of it. ..........really where do these idiots come from? .......oh yeah they still think Allah demands physical jihad! How's that working out for you?

    1. guidvce4's Avatar guidvce4

      Totally agree. Before folks jump on the bandwagon of islamaphobia, perhaps, they should read the koran and pay attention to what their pedophile founder has in mind for the rest of us, the infidels. The koran and sharia law are antithetical to the US Constitution and needs to be challenged at every turn. The headdress thing is nothing more than the camel's nose under the tent, with further encroachment to follow eventually leading to complete subjugation of country to islam. Study what they have done wherever they were allowed to roost.

      1. cbcuff's Avatar cbcuff

        "....The koran and sharia law are anti ethical to the US Constitution..." You must be a new resident to the US, unaware that ethics do not exist in the current US administration. You can't be 'anti' to something which doesn't exist. "Study what they have done wherever they were allowed to roost". That is a statement which resonates the feelings about Americans around the globe. Read some books my friend.

        1. John E Coburn's Avatar John E Coburn

          Claud, before you post, pick up a dictionary and look up "antithetical". Has nothing to do with "anti ethics". Read some books, my friend.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    I hope we have a phobia with any organization, or belief structure, that goes against our constitution that has the intention of bringing it down.

  1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp MSW's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp MSW

    Fox Noise???? Why? Who cares about their fake "news". They are all a bunch of crazies who put on their white hoods at night when no one is watching.This business of acting as if one who speaks against the corrupt government of Israel is somehow anti-semitic is ridiculous. We give an outrageous amount of money to Israel for what while we have hungry kids and elderly people right here.Netanyahu was just indicted on charge of corruption. No one should be surprised.Screw Israel, not the people, the "leadership."

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Geez, Greipp, if not for your hysterical hyperbole, you might have a point in there somewhere. "They are ALL a bunch of crazies...?" Really? Including Geraldo and Juan? "White hoods"? Really? Does there seem to you to be anything remotely sensible about saying that? You accuse them all of belonging to the klan? Judge Jeanine is Puerto Rican or Cuban, isn't she? I mean, her family origin. I promise, the klan wouldn't let them in, not even today. And then you light into Israel? Like the klan, who hated Jews? Can you not see any problem there? Probably not.

      But, I just want to ask, Whom do you consider NOT to be fake news? I'm afraid to guess, because that's what people on the left side of things do to me here, and they are invariably wrong. Just curious.

      1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp MSW's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp MSW

        John Owens, why is it that you are unable to discuss with any level of intelligence, your disagreement with a post rather than slam or denigrate and disrespect those who do post here? Get a grip. You do not have to like what I say but to attack me is totally immature and ignorant. You behave as if you were attacked rather than someone posting their opinion of the situation. Wow, not only are you overly sensitive, but you make assumptions about what you think is the political side I embrace. The best thing is for you to take a deep breath. We might be on the side of what is right, good and humanitarian.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          YOU are the one who said they are all a bunch of crazies and made the comment about the white hoods. I didn't do that YOU did it. YOU act like you are too damned good to for anyone to question anything you say. I didn't make any assumption in this case. YOU did. YOU made insane blanket statements about people . I AM on the side of what is right, good, and humanitarian. Your over-the-top statements calling EVERYONE on FOX racists causes me to doubt your intentions.

          You don't just call someone a racist for the Hell of it. That is every bit as bad as a racial slur, so it is ignorant, bigoted, and disgusting. If you call ME a racist, it's horrible and ignorant, but I would expect you to say that because I am not ignorant and I am white and unapologetic about that. BUT, if you call a black person an Uncle Tom, that person might not be as forgiving as I am.

        2. Dan Atatakai's Avatar Dan Atatakai

          Catherine - Thank you for your input regarding this issue.

          Your feedback on a fellow "discussion input artist" seems to be quite accurate. He has not studied the subject of media or social theologies, so he speaks from a bit of an "ignorant cloud", not just about Faux Snooze, but other issues as well.

          I also agree that there is nothing wrong to discuss the topic at hand, but to get insulting is beyond the limits, as well as indicating that there is nothing left of substance in their claims (or else they would not resort to petty insulting).

          Keep up the good work.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Just to show you that you are talking falsehood, show me what ignorant thing I have said concerning Fox News. I seldom ever mention them unless one of you leftists do. BTW, what do you mean by, "media theology?" Is there a media deity? You DO know that theology means the study of a god or gods, right?

            And, how are MY insults any more petty than say, YOUR?

  1. Sharon Shores's Avatar Sharon Shores

    Wake up!! We wish everyone would follow the Golden Rule --but there are also wolves in sheep's clothing on both sides! Puppets of the Justice Democrats!! Backed by Young Turks!!

  1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

    Judge Pirro needs to be reminded that this country made a treaty with Tripoli on June 7th, 1797 and signed by President John Adams.

    Article 11 of this treaty reads, "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."

    A couple words in this are spelled differently in 2019 but this is taken verbatim from the treaty.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      That was Libya a long time ago, and it dealt with the two countries. Not really person to person. If the rules said no head coverings, she should not be wearing a head covering. If she doesn't take an oath to uphold the Constitution, and then uphold it, the congresswoman should be given the boot.

      1. Freddy Guerra's Avatar Freddy Guerra


      2. Dan Atatakai's Avatar Dan Atatakai

        Because she supports the Constitution of the US as well as following the edicts of modesty of her religion, you find that conflicting? Where in the Constitution does it mention anything about head coverings? Remember, until very recently, the Catholic church demanded head coverings as well as some Protestant sects.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          How do you know she supports the Constitution?

  1. Rodrigo's Avatar Rodrigo

    If the liberal media really cared about Muslims they'd be devoting much more time to covering the actual concentration camps China is running right now. Over a million Muslims locked up and not a peep from these virtue-signalling elites!

    1. Bill Nazier's Avatar Bill Nazier

      Maybe a little re-education could be good for them... ever think of that? If we'd invaded Afghanistan sooner and shown the Muslims why religion is a stupid hill to die on I bet you dollars to donuts 9/11 never happens....just saying..

    2. John P.'s Avatar John P.

      How about all the Christians being killed in Nigeria by Muslims. Not a word about it and over 200 killed the couple of weeks???

      1. Dan Atatakai's Avatar Dan Atatakai

        Bill and John- and what about all of the Muslims being killed by "Christians"? What about all of the Muslims who condemn all of these acts of violence by those who CLAIM to be Muslim, yet the Qur'an condemns?

        Remember, the news media (print and broadcast) post/air what sells, not what is objective.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          And right now they are broadcasting the New Zealand nut-job, and not the Christians in Nigeria.

  1. John A Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON's Avatar John A Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

    From an outside point of view (I'm a Canuck), what would the reaction be if these comments were made about a nun wearing a veil on the House floor? A hijab and a nun's veil are parallels, in that they both represent an attempt to maintain the woman's modest appearance. If you want YOUR religion showing up on the floor of the House, then you should be able to understand other religions wanting representation. It is only fair.

    1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

      I don’t understand your “outside” point of view, I’ve lived in this shithole country for 72 years and our “we are better than everyone” mantra is so much bullshit I’ve given up the amount of times I’ve had a headache reading the same tripe about looking down from above about our Kanadian ideals. Why is there a story here, a need for a story seems to far outweigh the need to slander a lady trying to do her job in a normal manner and being weighed down by a non issue, screw the media, their biased bullshit based non news has made them a pariah.

    2. Freddy Guerra's Avatar Freddy Guerra

      First off a Catholic nun Weir's hungama it's out of choice as a nun married to God Muslim women wear their dominance out of force they are forced to wear their garments as it is written in the Quran if they do not cover themselves they will be what beaten or even put to death there's a big difference in religion there's a big difference in Christian nuns an Islamic women

      1. Dan Atatakai's Avatar Dan Atatakai

        No, Freddy. The Muslim woman wears hijab and other forms of garments to preserve their modesty. It is much like the practices of the Amish, where the ladies cover their hair to "save their beauty for their beloved." It is not an issue of violence.

        Therefore, your claim, unless you are talking about extremism, is not valid.

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    Muslims do it to themselves. If you fear islamaphobia (a made up term) don't be antisemitic (ilhan omar). If you act like a jerk and treat people of different religions than islam poorly, people are going to hate you. Being muslim should not give anyone a free pass to do or say what ever you want.

  1. james's Avatar james

    Head attire while on the floor? Well left join congress (ignore the rules) then scream discrimination for wearing head wear where its not permitted. AND... Fox host Jeanine Pirro says that Ilhan Omar's hijab MAY mean that she's against the Constitution. < --- The 5-th as I see it. Besides, it was a MAY / MIGHT be... Kinda like a person w/ a gun across the street from a bank MIGHT / MAY be planning a robbery. May not equate to a claim of fact or guilt. Pirro's comment (as read by me) could also be viewed as a question in a statement format. Over sensitivity all over the place these days.

    1. Jack's Avatar Jack

      You sir are absolutely correct and the only one so far who has had the comprehension you posses. Most of the shrill commenters are much too “progressive” to bother with real knowledge but merely parrot the coffe house party line. Cudos to you. You are a breath of fresh air in a room filled with the rancid cigar smoke of liberal bullshit!

  1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

    Judge Pirro should consider wearing a beautiful fabric hijab because it cover up her neck and you couldn't tell she's had some "work" done! In any regard, I have seen many women wearing these and I think they are so pretty. I think men should wear nice fabric scarves, too. That is all that a tie comes from.

    1. Jack's Avatar Jack

      Deep! No wonder this country is on it’s way to hell with such deep thinkers as this. I think you missed your boat by not commenting on the Kardashians.or some other very important piece of wisdom.

      1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

        Pirro is just an entertainer or commentator, as FOX News will tell you, and not a member of the Fifth Estate so comparing her to the Kardashians is apt.

  1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

    With what happened in New Zealand today the media has to pull their collective heads out of their asses and quit giving the scum of the earth what they think are reasons for being famous by killing innocents. This fucking useless carnage is being used again by media people to chastise certain people, our Andrew Scheer was one of the first for condemnation but some writer with Huffington decided he didn't protest about Islamophobia so his statement was trite, another press talking head vomitized that Candace Owens caused stirs with her opinions. It's time fakebook, twitter, have to look at what is allowable statements before they get a head of their own and a psycho following. I'm sick of these dregs of our PC society getting their public way because we are inudated by fake news that gullible anti everything soak up, to hell with any religious connotation to this it's just pure hate, look at Germany in the 20's and the 30's, pure and simple hate.

    1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

      It is very apt to compare the hatred of the Nazi's with the white supremacists of today. My mother was born 3yrs before the rise of Hitler and she and her family did not live unscathed by the Third Reich. She left Germany 2yrs after the war so she saw the carnage left as it was brought to light. I am relieved that she did not have to live through this time. Hate is all the same. It is just wrong.

      1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

        You say your mom was born before the rise of hitler, do you mean 1920? My mom was dutch and born in '17, lived through the nazi overun of her country until she moved to canada as a war bride, she passed long ago and never saw anything like what happens now, she was a staunch proponant of the civil rights movement in the states, and seeing as my old man was indian, well you know how she felt that way.

        1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

          Actually I was referring more to Hitler's becoming Chancellor in 1933. I can understand why your mother would support civil rights.

          1. Maiane santo santos's Avatar Maiane santo santos

            I gotcha, both our mothers went through hell, nice typing with you, take care.

    2. Jack's Avatar Jack

      Though I don’t embrace everything you say, I am starting to like what you say. Go get em girl. I know you are too old for the “girl” term but you know what I mean. People who know the history of prewar Europe should be especially sensitive and vocal to what is happening in this country today. The “white suppremacist and any other ****phobia” term the MSM media and the ultra progressives can muster are just slight of hand misdirections to take the attention off of what is really happening. There are good liberals like Jimmy Carter who though misguided were driven by their good heart and intentions. This is in direct opposition to others like Hillary who are driven by their desire for personal gain of money and power. The later types care not one wit what they do to this country in the long run just pander to any group to get their vote. Why do we tolerate any elected official, Chuck Schumer, who advocate voting present or missing a vote instead of working to draft legislation benefiting this country. If what the Republicans come up with is so bad why spend hours berating it and not one minute trying to fix it. Face time on television is why . Getting personal attention. Watch any of the hearings. The purpose of many of the legislators is not to get information but to grandstand for the camera for as long as possible. America needs to demand more from it’s elected officials .

  1. Mike G's Avatar Mike G

    Would a toupee be considered a head cover?? If so, I’m certain there are several Representatives that should remove theirs!

    1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

      How about that awful TrumpCombOver?

  1. CRAIG's Avatar CRAIG

    Symbolic or more, we don't get to pick apart people's wardrobe. We don't have a dress code for being a US citizen (that would be a uniform which smacks more of stamping out individualism altogether leading to all kinds of bad "isms."). What part of America being a "melting pot" do people not understand.

    My favorite part is citing a "centuries old rule" as a reason for having a problem with the hijab. That is a perfect microcosm of the entire back and forth with some of the etiquette handed down through the Bible--namely, trying to use a document born thousands of years back to dictate how we live today.

    The bottom line: I believe our ancestors who broke with England and created a new doctrine, meant it to be a living, breathing guide for the future. Not something written in stone which could never evolve. The United States of America was born to represent all people and to be a haven from the narrow, single minded natures of those they escaped from in the first place.

  1. Minister Raymundo's Avatar Minister Raymundo

    First of all, the first mistake made was ELECTING HER! Who were the idiots that voted for her besides her murderous, genocidal radical muslim constituents and WHY didn't the opposition get OFF THEIR ASS and defeat this politician back to her stone age sharia law crap they're trying to push on us. Yes, to them, if you're not muslim, you should be KILLED. All you bleeding heart, millenial assclowns who support diversity and freedom of religion CRAP need to go live in Syria or Afghanistan for just a week, no military escort, no security, just out in the streets practicing your religious freedoms and tolerance and praising their beliefs. YOU WOULDN'T LAST A WEEK...

  1. Minister Jim's Avatar Minister Jim

    I watched the commentary from Judge Jeanine Pirro and she simply quoted the Quran in regard to where the head covering is required. Then she asked if the Congress Woman’s following the Quran meant she followed Sharia Law, and then simply stated the fact that Sharia Law does not fit within the United States Constitution. Judge Jeanine never said the Congress freshman should not wear her head dress. She stated a fact, incinuating if she does follow Sharia Law she can not believe in our Constitution. They are simply at conflict with each other. That is a fact. As an American I would like to know, does she believe in Sharia Law over our US Constitution? Is that so wrong to ask? I will ask that of every representative no matter what the religion, nationality, color, or sex. Fox News and this article got this one wrong!

  1. James L Georgeson's Avatar James L Georgeson

    I totally agree with the judge. I'm American and proud of it. Got a problem with it? Then leave and go back to the cave you came out of!

    1. The Rev. Dr. Marion Ceruti's Avatar The Rev. Dr. Marion Ceruti

      Thank you for this. The judge was expressing her opinion. As Americans in America, we have every right to say what we think. Freedom of speech is not so much for when we agree; it is for instances when we don't agree. Some ministers in this forum have expressed their hatred, disrespect, and distain for our President Donald Trump. Whereas I disagree with what they say, I believe that we must preserve their right to say it. No one should be punished for expressing an opinion.

      In any case, I agree that the freedoms listed in the United States Constitution are inconsistent with strict application of Sharia Law. The Constitution guarantees free speech and assembly, as well as freedom of religion. However, countries that implement Sharia Law control and limit speech, with no guarantee of freedom of religion. I invite anyone who thinks this is wrong to read the applicable documents with an open mind and make an independent judgement.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    If all that bothers us is the hajib, we aren't listening to what the woman is saying.

  1. Rev Ned's Avatar Rev Ned

    IMHO, when asked the question “Is the hijab a sign of religious freedom or a sign of the oppression of women?”, the only correct answer is “Yes!”.

  1. Trev's Avatar Trev

    Islamaphobia is a made up word that is used by supporters of Islam to denounce anyone seeking to speak against anything Islamic. The same tactic has been used by other 'groups' or 'beliefs', both religious and political, for millennia. I reckon I read almost every comment in this section and not once did I see a comment regarding the recent attack (Friday, March 15th, 2019 ) on two Muslim/Islamic places in New Zealand that left almost 50 (to date) people dead, and an equal amount wounded. Nor the calls by an Imam in Lakemba (Australia) for a 'great Islamic Army' that would impose Sharia on Australia. This is not 'fake news'. This is real. I know these things happened outside of "America" so are of little importance to so many of you. Unfortunately, my country (Australia. It's on almost all of the maps now) is flooded by so much inconsequential news from the US, that it succeeds in distracting the average population from domestic issues like our drought conditions, reducing the disproportionate male suicide rate, retaining our sovereignty and food security, and other such topics. If you haven't seen the movie 1984, you should. In some respects, quite a prophetic film. Whether someone wears a rag over her head or not, is of no consequence outside of the US. The whole world does NOT follow what happens in the US despite what some would believe (or have us all believe). Since 1789, 27 amendments to the constitution have been ratified. This can have two trains of thought. Either your 'Founding Fathers' got it almost right 230 years ago, or people recognise it as a flawed document in need of change (modernising), but veeerrrry slowly. Incidentally, I do not consider myself an anti anything. I am pro everything, unless given a direct reason to believe otherwise. I do wish you all well, no matter where you live, or who, or what you believe in. Namaste.

  1. Thinking Out Loud's Avatar Thinking Out Loud

    If members aren't to have any head coverings, can we keep out those who wear poorly created hair transplant / wigs? I think Rep. Ilhan Omar might be okay if the rule was upheld evenly....

  1. john shephard's Avatar john shephard

    Freedom of speech is natural because it is a God given right. Fearful people will try to limit your God given right to free speech. Political correctness is a well-intentioned assault on free speech. Left-wingers are being oppressive and totalitarian if they support that assault. Freedom of the press is a government given right. Piro has the right to free speech because she is alive; God created her. She has the right to ask questions as a journalist because she lives in a country granting that legal right. Fox news got afraid as they were assailed by left-wing hate folk. Omar has the right to answer or not answer Piro's questions. PC bullies stifle such interaction and options. Piro can't talk now. The left-wing bullies won the battle, and will lose war, unless everyone becomes afraid to ask or state what is on their mind.

  1. Lyn's Avatar Lyn

    This is just ridiculous. It wasn’t THAT long ago that women were exhorted to wear head covering when going to a Christian church. There was also a dress code. If you go to a Black Baptist church you will still find women wearing head covering and dresses to the nines. Men of the Jewish faith wear yalmucas. All the time. Not all, but many. There are religious dress codes surrounding us on a daily basis. So a hijab is just one more. I would love to add here that before 9/11, there were only a minute number of people who were even interested in Islamic nations, their culture, or mores. Most Americans STILL don’t know one iota of information about those nations that is positive. And I might add, the things those nations have added to western culture throughout history.

    I am tired of this. Jeanine Pirro is a hate monger. She is so far off base, it’s ridiculous. FOX keeps airing their ignorance and some folks take up the chant of the absurd defense of a network that’s using them, sucking every bit of intelligence out of them, and turning a profit.

    Please let us stop it. It’s just plain crazy.

  1. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

    Interestingly, while the Judge was quickly and widely denounced for what some perceived as being an anti-Muslim comment the Democrats would not or could not do the same for the anti-Semitic comments made by Omar.

  1. Preacher Man's Avatar Preacher Man

    When the Mormons settled in this country, the government forced them to abandon the practice of polygamy because it not acceptable to the American people. Today, politicians can't bend over backwards enough to accommodate Muslims. Now, let's all sing a chorus of "Under the Double Standard."

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    She looks upon all in Congress as pig and apes. It is in Sharia Law. Maybe those in Congress should put into the Congressional record what she believes in. Want to insult her eat a ham sandwich in her present. Without that hijab she is looked upon by Muslim men as a whore.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    being banned

  1. Joann Serger's Avatar Joann Serger

    Having both dealings with the Catholics, and the Seventh day Advents, I have learn that the Muslim do not have the monopoly on having women covering their heads. Have you ever read the teaches of St Paul in the bible, you would know that he call for women to cover their heads in an public place.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Again I will say that she is looked upon as a whore without that hijab

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Killing my comments.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    I’m actually wondering what the problem is of being islamophobic? They sure as hell scare me. Perhaps I’ve been too indoctrinated by the media and perhaps in reality they are really very nice guys and very peace loving people. But......why am I just not feeling it?

    One would think that if there really was a god.....any god, now would be a really good time to come forward and prove himself/herself to the world to stop all this worry and bloodshed. But alas....I guess it’s just not going to happen any time soon, if ever.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      He will intervene just at the moment when left to our own devices, we would destroy all human life. At least that is how I read it. Matthew 24:22, Mark 13:20

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed

    There is a member of Congress, who is "at least 51% Native American." He wasn't allowed to wear his head dress, but she is. He's calling out the hypocrisy. On that:

    Rep. Ilhan Omar Promotes 'Love' Before Telling Muslims to 'Raise Hell, Make People Uncomfortable'

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