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Apparently “Zoombombing” is a pretty widespread problem – particularly for churches.

A California church is suing Zoom after its online bible study class was rudely infiltrated by an internet troll who took over the video call and shared pornographic images on everyone’s screen.

Administrators from Saint Paulus Lutheran Church – one of the oldest churches in San Francisco – described in a written complaint how a May 6 bible study class on Zoom was interrupted and attendees "had their computer screens hijacked and their control buttons disabled while being forced to watch pornographic video footages.”

And they’re not alone.

The Zoombombing Epidemic

Apparently “Zoombombing” is a pretty widespread problem – particularly for churches. As services move online to keep everyone safe during the coronavirus outbreak, bad actors have jumped to exploit security loopholes that make it easy to join Zoom calls to which they were not invited. Other houses of worship around the country have reported their video calls being hijacked during quarantine, with offenders splashing various racist and homophobic messages across the screen.

One pastor described in horror how a Zoom sermon (attended by elderly and young children alike) was taken over and everyone was shown anti-LGBT slurs and imagery. Some of the older church members on the call had only just figured out how to work the technology, and it was their first time on Zoom.  

Zoom Vows to Boost Security

Representatives for Zoom didn’t respond directly to the complaint, but the company says it takes security seriously and a blog post on their website touts recent security upgrades – such as password protected calls – that should make it more difficult for unwanted visitors to hijack meetings.  

But some of “Zoombombing” incidents have reportedly occurred after that security update, meaning the system is still not foolproof.

It’s unclear if the church’s proposed class action lawsuit will move forward or not, but legal experts say they may have a case – particularly those groups that are paying for a membership. Getting ambushed with porn on a free service is one thing, but paying to gather online and study the bible, only to have the technology betray you, that’s another entirely.

What is your reaction?


  1. Summer Bree Nichols's Avatar Summer Bree Nichols

    that’s horrible that happen and Iam sorry it did but that’s also the Reality of being on line. Also make sure you know how to use zoom probably before you decide to do services.

    1. woodardenterprises's Avatar woodardenterprises

      Your comment is a most common sensed comment. Bless you!

  1. John Anthony Laben's Avatar John Anthony Laben

    Satan will use any means available to disrupt the word of God

    1. David A Griffith's Avatar David A Griffith

      Who is Satan? Who is God? Those are just names for entities that no one can, through empirical evidence, prove exist. Perhaps, Satan is good because it is disrupting the online service. How does anyone know that the person directing the service is a true believer and not a charlatan?

      1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

        Actually David when I was attempting The Alpha Project in Guildford United Kingdom.They had scientific proof God existed and told us about his son Jesus being resurrected.I am 62 years old next month and we were taught about the Lord and Jesus all those years ago.Question what is the best selling book in the world.Answer The Bible and if you don't believe in the Good Lord why are you with the Universal Life Church and why are you Ordained.I was a volunteer for the Salvation Army for 2 years feeding the homeless not one person was a disbeliever.They happily took food and clothes which were donated so why would he not exist.Why are there so many religions out there who believe.Finally I will add that I have hit rock bottom and tried to take my own life.But I was stopped by him.Im a true believer.Minister Nicholas Page.UK

        1. Janie Selma Juanita Lee's Avatar Janie Selma Juanita Lee

          I'm glad you lived. David is right, but it is your right to believe whatever you want to or not. People go to people who claim to know god because they have needs. That doesn't prove there's a god it proves there are some good hearted people that care about others even if there are some people that aren't as kind.

  1. Minister Carlos Ricardo Walls's Avatar Minister Carlos Ricardo Walls

    It's unfortunate that hackers can infiltrate any computer they wish.There seems to be no getting around it.Even large corporations cannot stop this intrusion.Hopefully you have some skilled tech's that can fix the problem when they arise.

    1. David A Griffith's Avatar David A Griffith

      Nor the federal government. Russia through many fake accounts tried to influence a presidential election.

  1. Stewart's Avatar Stewart

    Any fix that can be thought up by a human being anther human can find ways to get around it .... Your computer has an off button at worst pull the plug . Its not zooms fault a bad actor chose to attack those they felt would be the most disturbed by the porn .

  1. Dane's Avatar Dane

    It's unfortunate that some people feel the need to ruin the activities of others. Hopefully Zoom gets their act together and cracks down on this quickly.

  1. Dennis Wesley Derton's Avatar Dennis Wesley Derton

    Zoom has been hacked more times than i can count. There are at least 10 other platforms that dont have the shady track record that zoom has with being hacked. Take some responsibilty for the stupid choice they made in choosing Zoom.


    Darn right they should pay. What they did is blasphemy against YAWH Our and only true God, but also to Yeshue the Messiah our Lord and savior who died on the cross for our sins. The bible say people will go on deceiving and being deceived.. We are in the time of Sorrows. And if they people can't see the deception that is going at this moment and stand on their Constitutional Rights and push back the corrupt politicians. You might as well bend over and become their slaves. The vaccine has the RFID chip in it, and coupled with 5G technology! Millions more will die if they force the vaccine and turn on 5G all over the earth. Then they will blame it on the corona virus. If you want to know the truth. Check out Dr Rashid Buttar on you tube. He is a hero to millions for coming forward and telling the truth with documentation to back up the truth. As a Minister I implore you to check out his videos and website.

  1. Janie Selma Juanita Lee's Avatar Janie Selma Juanita Lee

    Can't have too many words not over 5,000 characters. How many words is that? I disagree with you and think you need to read your bible so you really know what it says in it. That's why I am an atheist I can't agree with it. I think it is based on history, morals, and fiction. It's got some good things in it and some very bad ones too. You have to read it, believe it, and follow every word in it exactly. I'm sorry I can't do that. I think people do whatever they want and make up man's laws that don't agree with it. You really can't do that. Maybe you can, but I can't. I don't think it's a god I think it's a book written by men, I do believe in people and I know what they can do and I don't agree with all of it.

  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    What were they studying at the time, Songs Of Solomon, or the incestuous Adam and Eve family 🤪


  1. jpmcdunn's Avatar jpmcdunn

    WElcome to the Brave New World! Two months ago, I didn't even know what Zoom is. Now I have a subscription and am on it 4 hours a day!

    1. CB Cuff's Avatar CB Cuff

      A low IQ is nothing to brag about.

  1. woodardenterprises's Avatar woodardenterprises

    Your comment is a most common sensed comment. Bless you!

  1. Christine Pope's Avatar Christine Pope

    In December 2019 zoom had 10 million users, at the end of April 2020 they had 300 million. They have been working diligently to hammer out all the issues that arise, and I imagine it's been a nightmare. That happened in 12 step meetings too, but it isn't now, because they got on it and gave users many upgraded security options.

    The answer is NOT to SUE. I'm quite sure no one died from being exposed to nudity, or sex. Get over your selves, trust GOD and keep it moving.

  1. Brien's Avatar Brien

    Zoom, as a business provider, providing electronic communications, IS responsible for the security of it's platform and can be liable for any damages that a breach in it's security cause both to paying AND free users. Church goers are not the only users, doctors are also using the platform for stay at home appointments. If any of you feel that it is not the fault of zoom, you are simply wrong. When did poor business practices become okay?

  1. Kathleen Anne OBrien's Avatar Kathleen Anne OBrien

    Zoom is NOT responsible for evil people breaking into their system and posting harmful things. There is an assumption of best efforts. Hackers break into systems all the time. Did you ever think of suing them? If someone walks into your business and robs you is it the fault of the people that made the door that let them in? No, the thief is hopefully arrested and convicted. Why not sue Satan instead as that entity is really responsible for the evil in the world.

  1. Penny K Carroll's Avatar Penny K Carroll

    It is very sad that this type of behavior has come to surface especially during times as we are experiencing. Satan will take advantage of situation like this pandemic and instill the help of his warriors to try and destroy us and distract believers away from God using any means to do so. We must unite together as one and stand firm in Gods' word and fight this evil force firsthand. God is a stronghold in times of trouble . Psalm 92:7-9, " That when the wicked sprouted up like grass, And all who did iniquity flourished, It was only that they might be destroyed forevermore. 8, " But Thou, O Lord, art on high forever. 9, " For behold. Thine enemies, O Lord, For, behold, Thine enemies will perish, All who do iniquity, will be scattered. "

  1. Glen Alan Brown's Avatar Glen Alan Brown

    What it usually comes down to is people not using good enough passwords for their meetings. Additionally, many are also not upgrading to the latest version which has enhanced security and encryption. If it's an open and not password protected, then it's the church's own fault. Zoom can't be held responsible for the lack of action towards securing the church's meetings. People will take advantage of people's stupidity, meaning not securing meetings. I use Zoom all the time and haven't had any problems. However, I'm not a target and know how to use a password. If anything, these trolls are just showing people their weaknesses. Churches are quick to put the blame on someone else when it's their own fault.

    Oh, of course, blame Satan, John Anthony Laben. Maybe at least Satan is computer literate, unlike those who sit back and don't take responsibility for their own actions or inactions.

  1. Paul J. Fumero's Avatar Paul J. Fumero

    Satan or the Devil does not exist BECAUSE.... GOD would never spend his time and effort making substandard beings. But in a free will environment some choose to go against God and thus Evil is born. This is never permanent as all must return or be put through the Second Death.So those religious beliefs is what is really being ridiculed. Just identify, block and ignore... move on.

  1. Richard Lee Cornell's Avatar Richard Lee Cornell

    Trolls can be your next door neighbor or on Mars. Security is built into the system if you know where to look. If they break into the Zoom they will also break into those on that Zoom sight. Check you server. Hope you have decent software.

  1. Robert Boulds's Avatar Robert Boulds

    Zoom is ultimately responsible for this breach of security. But I don't believe they should be sued for it. After all in this day and age hacking is the norm and all you can do is fix your system security as breaches happen. They always seem to find a way to sneak in and create chaos of even rob you blind.

  1. Hazel's Avatar Hazel

    You know, it really is unfortunate that internet hackers to do that or even out there in existence. No matter what faith path somebody follows, they don't want their worship services and study groups interrupted by hate talk and pornography.

    But the truth of the matter is that's life on the internet. Anytime someone gets involved in something on the Internet, be it Zoom or anything else, there is always a chance you will be hacked by an unscrupulous person.

    I really don't know what to say about whether I think this class action lawsuit will succeed or not but that's the chance you take when you're online. It's really unfortunate because, right now, the virus prevents in-person gatherings for religious purposes, regardless of what religion it is.

  1. Rev. Jonathan Peebles's Avatar Rev. Jonathan Peebles

    Zoom cannot be responsible for everything they need to moderate there own rooms themselves how hard is that?

  1. Chadley Martell Soules's Avatar Chadley Martell Soules

    There are forces of good pitted against forces of evil and Zoom can be hijacked by either,just like anything else.Zoom is being used not but for Church,but also for work at home,business meetings,school,government services,and medical services.

    Its far to complex to get into all possible angles of this but the example LGBT in the Church alarms me.Personally I feel the Western world has charged far to far in the wrong direction in carrying the banner sexual expression. Being a homosexual turned bi-sexual and then try-sexual who is then chemically and surgically altared to become yet another strange new sexual blend is not a source of pride.

    Recall the female band Pussy Riot invasion of the Orthodox Church in Russia,busting in the middle of a Church service and doing nasty naked things? Obama and much of the west labeled Putin a monster for jailing the poor girls who were just exercising their right to free political expression.

    The Bible is clear on its views of homosexuality.I wont say more than that ,you have a choice to make.I would point out that most all world religions all through history have held that chastity is a virtue and many further believe that masturbation,porn and sexual temptation are evil.Its a very common theme all through the ages.

    Contemplate this among yourselves in quarantine as you endure the rule of the big, powerful clusterfloop.

    1. Philip Joseph Ryan's Avatar Philip Joseph Ryan

      The issue with using the Bible to attack homosexuality is that it has been completely taken out of context, and Leviticus was intended to only apply to the Levite tribe, from whence its name was derived. It was down to a homophobic minority within the Catholic Church, that homophobia became doctrine. Today, it is only the himophobe, and those ignorant of the historical context of the Bible, as well as the post-exillic era's influence on it, that continue with blindly accepting what is a morally indefensible position.

  1. Janie Selma Juanita Lee's Avatar Janie Selma Juanita Lee

    Does it matter if they are true believers? Everyone from the Wright brothers to Disney believed in something, they had a dream a vision. Now if you believe that it's a god or a devil out of the bible you are a Charlatan too. Just because you can't believe something exist doesn't mean it doesn't nor that it does. It just means you need more facts and actual evidence. Some people search for it all their lives some people believe something at the drop of the hat or are indoctrinated into it from birth. Some people are skeptical and need more information and facts. A decent detective or scientist wouldn't jump to the first conclusion even if they were tired and didn't like to be questioned. All of our actual real knowledge came from those who failed thousands of times before they got it right. Some people can't accept they might be wrong and some can't accept their own failures at all and some simply have some sort of an agenda. Those people are mainly brainwashed into believing this or that especially because so and so said it even if so and so really doesn't know what they are talking about. No one seems to legitimately question them if they are supposedly the expert or say they have some information even if that information is wrong or in truth can't be proven. It's like a person that one says is having delusions if you are not that person how can you prove that. In fact what they are thinking may be true and then again it may be false. Sometimes it takes a long time to get to the truth of ones speculations. The computer and cell phones were all just speculations at one time even the airplanes. The ones who wanted them to come true or reach for the highest potential just never gave up even if it took them years and many many trials and errors. Some people are actually lazy or have a lot of their own fears keeping them from pursuing things. Christopher Columbus wasn't the first one to reach America although he got the credit for it. Our world is built on speculations. Every good thing that we have is not people jumping to the first or easiest conclusion. We wouldn't have them if that was not true. Many of these things were seen as dangerous to begin with such that not everyone would even try to pursue them to find the right answer. Roller coasters we all enjoy them, but there have been many fatal accidents on them. A real scientist inventor journalist can't do that they have to take the bad with the good. They have to be non biased, they have to look at all the evidence, and keep pursuing things until they get the answer that is most correct and even then keep pursuing it to see if they can make it better. They have to explore every idea that they have. It's like this Covid 19 we can't give up and just because the expert said this or that works, when we see that the answer is clearly that it didn't. How many people have died because the experts said so when they didn't know. I'm not even talking about lay people that have no or little training or actual knowledge or experience. We don't give up and keep letting millions of people die until we are extinct. We keep searching for the right answer to stop it. Some people don't they exploit it for monetary benefit or whatever. They are getting something out of it even if people are dying. They don't seem to care as long as they can make some money. Me I can't do that, no matter what it cost me, and if their is any god he knows our hearts and intentions. Supposedly he is stronger, smarter, more capable than all of us put together. He's Omni in every way. And it's hard not to just follow along with the crowd peer pressure is one of the mightiest things there ever was, then when your desperate you will grab for every thread of hope you can get. I don't ponder and dwell on things and question because I want to, sometimes I wish I wasn't this way at all and could just go about life non chalantly all the time, loosen up as I've been told by many many people let everything go. I wish I could. Constantly being hacked isn't fun and it needs to be corrected whatever that takes. Just because I don't always agree with everything everyone thinks or says. You know what I said. A scientist doesn't care who questions or disputes them what they want are the facts. Most lay people don't know how to get them. They go on assumptions from what the experts say. The experts don't know either. They don't know everything and they make mistakes. They just don't hardly ever admit it. And millions of people are dying because of it. People are Watching, good. They should watch and learn the facts. Not go on assumptions or assume. That just makes an ass out of u and me. Minister Janie Lee

    1. Chadley Martell Soules's Avatar Chadley Martell Soules

      Just began posting here,I doubt I'll last long in this environment.

      Coronavirus comes primarily from breathing air from an infected person,so to say kissing might make you sick is not wrong.

      Many diseases are spread through contact with others.Simple fact.The ways you come into contact carry risk.

      Human bodies contain far more bacteria and virus than they do human cells,Some are beneficial.Some are parasitic,some cause mutation,most fight against one another.

      This cloud of life that lives in us and surrounds us is there at all times and the things surrounding you at this very moment and everyone is unique ,there own genetic cloud fingerprint.extends for at least a meter all around.There are many trillions of different. Bacteriai and virus,prions,molds,amoeba,etc...

      Its a minute to minute war with many trillions of casualties and births every instant all around.

      When you contact another person,or another object ,you exchange living things that change the course of you life,some times in very small ways and sometimes very large.

      A person you shook hands with yesterday could be carrying genetic material that could wind up not just changing your future,but the course of your decendants .

      Look into epigentics.

      Life is about choices.All living things big and small must make them every minute.

      God (I call him dad sometimes),tells me to make good choices and I listen as closely and intently to HIM moment to moment as much as I can. He tells me to stay celibate and only touch my penis to wash it and wash my hands.

      The Charlatans are the ones carrying the rainbow flag of pride and salvation.

      That's all I have time for...

      1. Janie Selma Juanita Lee's Avatar Janie Selma Juanita Lee

        I think you are right. When gay people believe in the bible they are the charlatans trying to fit into society instead of standing up for what's right. They have been taught that there is a heaven and hell, but in the book it does say gay people ain't getting into heaven. When they realize they been brainwashed maybe from the time they were born into a god they can't accept themselves as being shut out so they want to change it. When if they believed like I do that it's only a book written by men to teach people to read and write because it came from England where there are a lot of beautiful churches and they brought the idea here and built churches. Then they could also believe like I do that there's only people. The churches could be used for community centers that were inclusive of all people. No one would disagree to have community centers. It would be better for all of the people and utilize the buildings to do good to meet people. To build friendship. Everybody caring about each other. It would help people to have jobs if there was work to do at the community center. I couldn't oppose them getting government funding at a community center that helped everybody whether they believed in a god or what kind of god or not that would be their choice not enforcement. It wouldn't be seen as a church and we wouldn't be made to go by the bible we would just be doing what we could to help one another. They would be community centers. Mountain Moms is a great example it was at a Catholic church we didn't have to go to the church or read the bible we just went there and did things together. The church service was separate if you wanted to go to it or another church you could, but you didn't have to go to no church. You just had to act civilized. The church helped people. Built houses or did repairs different things. It was a place of hope. No one was judged. No one went there to start fights. It was just a fun place to go. A gathering place for women 3 days a week if you wanted to go and you could take your kids. Men need to be included more instead of all the men bashing. We do a lot of it in our society. I don't believe in patriarchy or matriarchy I believe in equality where even gay people belong how bout that. Where we all belong. Men have been the bread winners for years now women wives work too. Non married women work too or they try but they didn't use to get child support like married and divorced women did they didn't get to take a mans home single mothers married women did. And they had two families to count on his and hers most of the time. Men were taught to work because it was expected of them to support their families. Unmarried women didn't have that not the training or the support. Women like me changed that. That's how I fit into the equality situation. I said yes you are going to help me one way or the other. Now young women work and they get child support they just don't get the matrimony that they get in divorce. That needs to change too. No matrimony. Reasonable child support from both. That would be equal no widows pension. That would be equal. If you insist you have to know how hard it was for me. I didn't get that. That was unfair. I had no one to depend on except me and my parents. Lots of women got help under the table. I didn't get that I had to do whatever I could. People don't understand that. Women say they want equality that's not really what they want. They want their cake and ice cream too. Men blamed women like me too called us whores right after they got done using us not their precious wives. If I really think hard I can tell you why it wasn't equal. Married and divorced women have always had it the best. Men were not treated equal neither were unmarried mothers. Some of these girls were raped and abused and got pregnant by it. They use to make them give their babies up for adoption Christians still do. That's wrong two lives are affected with doubts for the rest of their lives. Some have committed suicide because of it. Suicide prevention lol. The things that are done to people are the reasons they do it. Things have to change. I helped start a program to help unwed mothers and they twisted it by bringing the married Christian via into it like those people never had any problems of their own and never got divorced. I've been through and seen to many things that weren't equal or fair.

        1. Douglas Robert Spindler's Avatar Douglas Robert Spindler

          Why did God create gays?

  1. John Condron's Avatar John Condron

    So they think they can sue Zoom because they didn't do their homework? I have been using Zoom for several years. It is impossible to "Zoom bomb" if people take some simple precautions. If that church failed to do so, shame on them!

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