cannabis stained glass windowThe Indiana government is barring a ULC minister from the free expression of his faith. Despite religious conservatives having just passed a controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act to supposedly prevent such restrictions, Bill Levin of the First Church of Cannabis is not allowed to partake in his holy sacrament, marijuana, and he has filed a lawsuit in the Marion County Circuit Court.

The Republican legislature recently passed a measure that seeks to prevent any burden on people of faith in adhering to their beliefs. They allege that business interactions between religious individuals and certain types of people consist of one such burden. In practice, this law could end up giving people a free pass to refuse services without penalty to people on the basis of religious objections.*

Not looking to wield the law as an excuse to negatively impact others, Bill Levin is simply hoping it will allow him to practice the rites of his faith within the privacy of his Indianapolis cannabis church. The suit details that laws that criminalize not only the possession of pot, but also visiting a place where it is used have "substantially burdened" the church's exercise of religion, and that this violates the state and federal constitutions.

"Members of the Church believe cannabis brings us closer to ourselves and others, it is our fountain of health, our love, curing us from illness and depression," said Levin. "We embrace it with our whole heart and spirit, individually and as a group."

Genuine Protections or Ulterior Motives

If the First Church of Cannabis isn't covered by the religious freedom protections, it would give some credence to the idea that these laws are really enacted by conservatives across the nation with just Christians in mind.

Franklin Graham, son of the famous preacher Billy Graham, wrote that we are in a watershed moment in the battle for the moral soul of our nation, and that people of faith need genuine protbill levinections as minority groups gain equality. This of course makes a huge assumption: that people of faith are in agreement on political issues, which is not the case even within Christianity.

Some faith leaders go so far as to explicitly assert that religious liberty is only meant for Christians. Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association said, "Our government has no obligation to allow a treasonous ideology to receive special protections in America, but this is exactly what the Democrats are trying to do right now with Islam."

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, argued that "Christians in the United States have too often been only concerned about religious freedom for themselves, rather than fighting for religious freedom for all." He spoke with Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers at a religious freedom symposium in Washington D.C. Powers applauded the legal measure taken to stave off persecution of Christians, but worries that many believers are conflating their concepts. "Sometimes I hear Christians talking in a very self-pitying way, 'woe is us because this is the way society is going.' That's not religious persecution from the state. We need to understand, people not liking you is not religious persecution."

What do you think, is the First Church of Cannabis suffering religious persecution? Your answer isn't necessarily linked to your views on the marijuana legalization debate. You could potentially fall anywhere on a very large spectrum.

The church held its first service on July first, though no congregants partook in the sacrament. Members gathered even as their building was surrounded by law enforcement officials and cameras. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the church. We hope Bill Levin will keep us up to date as he fights for his beliefs.

*The Indiana legislature later added wording stating that the law could not be used to discriminate against gay people, though this had no effect given that sexual orientation is not a protected class in the state.

Sources: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Huffington Post, Indiana Star, Christian Post


  1. rfox44's Avatar rfox44

    In Europe there are many countries spend tax payers money to build churches. Freedom of beliefs only is allowed to those who think that a sky god is the only reality.

    1. Cherie Ann Day's Avatar Cherie Ann Day

      Well said!

      1. Victoria White Eagle's Avatar Victoria White Eagle

        I think its interesting that cannabis gets involved in the mix and the fight is on for religious freedom. The natvie ameican people of this country have been denied and killed for the religious and culture belief for centuries. So if the issue of cannibis brings to the fore front and helps with freedom of religion, I'm for their success. If its just to get stoned, come on really... Once again human taking a sacred herb and using it in a hedanisic way to further there escapism.

    2. Mankind Global Media (@mankindglobal)'s Avatar Mankind Global Media (@mankindglobal)

      Freedom of beliefs only is allowed to those who think that a sky god is the only reality

      [citation needed]

    3. Rene's Avatar Rene

      I think he should be able to practice his faith.rastafarins even let young children smoke before sermons because it brings them closer to another and to god.slowly Marijuana is breaking out into the mainstream. When the pharmaceutical companies figure out how to make their money it will be legal everywhere because those companies fund our leaders and government.

      1. Richard Carnes's Avatar Richard Carnes

        Could they ever make as much money off of it compared to chemotherapy.

    4. C.B.'s Avatar C.B.


  1. Martha Knight's Avatar Martha Knight

    Using wine in a sacrament involves the use of ethanol. Those groups that use both wine and bread/wafer in communion often include minors in the ritual. Providing alcohol to minors under other circumstances would be unlawful. Of course, the amount is small.

    The illustration at the top reminds me that as part of a stained glass studio I designed a window for a homeowner who wanted a marijuana window in his bathroom. So I did a realistic design and it was executed and installed. Years later he sold the home to a couple that included the high school principal, who is really into rules and obeying the law. I mentioned that particular window to him once, and he seemed quite surprised, and not pleased, to know it depicts cannabis. He is a very nice guy, good at his job, a fine educator-- but I am thinking he does not know what Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is about, or Puff the Magic Dragon, or La Cucuracha . . .

    1. Ruthie (@Geminitwin777)'s Avatar Ruthie (@Geminitwin777)

      I saw a show on some guy who turned his bar into a church. So, really this man is going to get b.s. for marijuana? Oh, wait that's right if it became decriminalized the pharmacy vampire's would lose millions of dollars.

      1. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

        Ruthie, the truth has been set free, yet our politicians don't represent the will of the people, they represent themselves. It wouldn't matter if cannabis cured A.I.D.S., ebola, whatever. There's money made in illegalizing and enforcing an unconstitutional law. Too many fingers in too many pies. Bushy boy jr. used cocaine and marijuana, and then he supported bills and laws passed to make the penalties stiffer. Until America grabs it's balls and tells their bought and paid for politicians to kiss their ass.... PUBLICLY.... nothing will get done.

    2. Beth's Avatar Beth

      Really cute!

  1. Christy's Avatar Christy

    I hope the church wins the lawsuit! Cannabis is definitely a medicinal healing herb and a religion of respect for this seems to be a good idea.

    1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

      It is a fact that cannabis has been used for thousands of years by many different religions and cultures for spiritual insight. I joined a Jamaica Rasta church as a young man. Rastas believe cannabis/ganja is the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations. I wrote Marijuana and the Bible which goes into this history. For anyone interested the book can be found at Amazon books. one love

      1. Cherie Ann Day's Avatar Cherie Ann Day

        Sounds like an interesting book, will look it up. Thanks Jeff

      2. Chiki Li's Avatar Chiki Li

        You beat me to it, the 'concept' it's been around for a while in Jamaica with the adherents of Rastafari. And they have the biblical authority to do so....Genesis:[1:12] "The earth brought forth vegetation: plants yielding seed of every kind, and trees of every kind bearing fruit with the seed in it. And God saw that it was good". And Genesis: [1:29] God said, "See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food". A rather 'inconvenient truth' for the religious right A.K.A. the Republican party.

      3. Bruce Fink's Avatar Bruce Fink

        That is very true and I was thing the same thing as I was scrolling down the page. There is no need for all the negative towards some thing so pure its used in many different religions and as medicine. I live in Portage IN, and respect Bill Levin for what he is doing. I want to do the same thing but I'm am a little more in to mushrooms however I smoke cannabis religious every day. Smoking cannabis helped me find religion.

    2. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

      The problem with the whole cannabis debate is that it shouldn't have been outlawed to begin with. It was the Mormons and Protestants who started the whole movement. Uneducated minds on the plant came together and created propaganda films like "Reefer Madness". The war on drugs has always focused on cannabis. A war that can never be won, and the money involved to fight that so called war is incredible. Much like the war on terrorism, a war that can never be won, but money made and spent is about the same. Money is the bottom line, and I agree with you 100%. No government has the right to ban nature.

      1. Cherie Ann Day's Avatar Cherie Ann Day

        It was actually a cotton plantation owner, who got the law passed by changing the name so his competitors would not realize what they were voting for. I know there is a lot more to it. Its interesting though, check it out,

        1. axelbushing's Avatar axelbushing

          the sisal lobby was also involved, so as to land a rope contract with the navy. Hemp is actually stronger, more flexible and more resistant to degradation by salt water, so the sisal and cotton people made it look as though cannabis was a danger to public health.

      2. David Crandall's Avatar David Crandall

        Best to leave that one alone. It's a choice not for church for me anyway Rev dave

    3. Richard Carnes's Avatar Richard Carnes

      I believe that none of any of the gods. No matter what religion would put a plant on this earth if it was not beneficial and have a purpose. Also should be allowed to be made illegal. Years ago people had access to all the drugs that are making fortunes for drug dealers, pharmaceutical company's, and many more. It was rarely abused. The law was created and made a class 1 drug under a lie that it was never used for medical purposes. Right now it is used for medicine in many states as it has been for 100's of years. This is a healing herb if you don't believe check this. After you watch make a real educated decision for yourself.

  1. Rick's Avatar Rick

    And next the church of paedophilia, the church of opium, the church of meth, the church of television, the ministry of moonshine? Oh, please... Is it only me that believes that a church isn't just whatever the heck makes you forget life?

    1. CeAnne's Avatar CeAnne

      Based on the other comments, it's just you. As Christy stated above, "Cannabis is definitely a medicinal healing herb and a religion of respect..."

      1. Joseph Blair's Avatar Joseph Blair

        Actually, it is not a healing herb if smoked. I have cancer, and my oncologist gave me literature that shows that pot is as carcinogenic as cigarettes when smoked. Personally, I could care less what people do for recreation in the privacy of their own homes, but I really don't see the point of basing an entire church on marijuana. Do the parishioners tithe a nickel, ounce or a pound?

      2. Brett's Avatar Brett

        Cannabis isn't a healing herb, Cannabis just eases the pain of an ailment.

    2. Michelle Smith's Avatar Michelle Smith

      How are you not forgetting life by putting all your faith in a magical mystery cloud sitter in the sky? I'd say religion is EVERYTHING that let's you forget this life. The point is this religious freedom law is nothing but a way to allow psuedo christians to shun people of their choosing. It is not meant for anything else. Bill Levin has proved that.

    3. Josh's Avatar Josh

      Umm... It looks to me like you just described the Catholics pretty much dead on with most of your little "examples." (Large televised services involving the consumption of alcohol with services performed by child-touchers) Let's not forget the religion has been called the Opium of the People. As far as meth goes, that's the most out there example you could ever give because it's pretty much universally accepted by anyone with a brain that that garbage does no good for anyone (although that sermon may be funny to slow down to regular human speed and give a listen...) My point is don't be a typical fear monger by trying to bring the worst examples of what "could happen" later, when most of your example can all be covered in one of the largest Christian denominations in existence. Side effects of marijuana include euphoria, pain relief, and stimulation of appetite. Side effects of most organized religion (for me at least, got this pesky brain thing getting in the way) include self-loathing, depression, and a nonstop feeling of inadequacy. Put down the Fox News (which is an institution I have called the Church of Dumb for a long time) sir, I believe it maybe getting to your brain.

      1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

        cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. any law against it is a crime against humanity

        1. Tracy's Avatar Tracy

          I'd wear that on a button!

        2. Willie's Avatar Willie

          AMEN to that Brother! Ay one time there were states that had laws that made you grow it as part of your yearly crop.

    4. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

      I guess it depends on an individuals point of view.

    5. Ned Marbletoe's Avatar Ned Marbletoe

      It's just you. Without the ability to distinguish between an act that harms another person and an act that harms nobody, morality in general makes no sense.

    6. Patrick Williams's Avatar Patrick Williams

      AMEN BROTHER RICK ! Needing spiritual enlightenment, that's called PRAYING! !!

      1. Josh's Avatar Josh

        Actually, what that's called is right wing kool-aid drinking reinforcement of propaganda from the 1930's. I could almost see him as the doctor from the old movie Reefer Madness "Or YOURS!"

        A church is supposed to be a place where people go for spiritual healing and fellowship. What symbol at the front of it should be a moot point. As long as no one is getting hurt or being made to do things that polite society considers to be "out there" who are any of us to judge? Why do the "hardcore" christians always judge others the hardest? Lots of logs in eyes being ignored. I was raised Lutheran, but have since got out in the world and seen that all religions, at least the "mainstream" ones have the same message as to how people should be treated, and I can sum it up in four words: Don't be a jerk. The only thing none of them can agree on is which man in the sky you're also supposed to believe in to save your soul. That was the day I became an atheist, and I'm not one to bring this kind of thing up but...

        It's amazing, the atheist has the most "Godly" view of this...

        1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

          Rasta view is that god does not live in the sky but in our heart. He lives in me and he lives in you and he lives in a big old rascal too, And his name is love-

      2. Ned Marbletoe's Avatar Ned Marbletoe

        Equating cannabis use with pedophilia is an atrocious example of moral relativism. By that standard anything could be considered a crime -- beer, decorative flowers, showering longer than 10 minutes...

        1. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

          Due to the Patriot Act, everyone is a criminal and everything is a crime.... every American citizen has the potential to be a terrorist. You should read it sometime.

          1. Ned Marbletoe's Avatar Ned Marbletoe

            This is how injustice anywhere becomes a threat to justice everywhere.

            When outlawed cannabis became 'normal' the country got that much more blind to justice. Thus it was easier to pass a Patriot Act, as we'd already given up the basic democratic definition of freedom -- do what you want as long as it doesn't harm someone.

        2. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

          Yes, you are right. Here's my whole problem with a country I fought for: What we as Americans used to be appalled by is no longer appalling. I can recall in the early 90's in second grade how Nike was using small children to produce their shoes. My mother, and most of the towns people back then completely boycotted Nike. Wearing that company's shoes was like saying it was okay to sweat shop small children. Due to the N.A.F.T.A. agreement, corporations no longer are tied to U.S. labor laws, just the laws of other countries. Just like the Fed Act laws written by Central Banking Owners, not politicians. The banning of a medicinal plant by Marijuana, then the Drug Czar Harry Anslinger claiming racial discrimination, and blacks poisoning the white community with their "uppity jazz music/devil music", and the so called protection of white women from black men. Going further with the Patriot Act; unconstitutional and more importantly a destruction to the Bill of Rights. The NSA spying on EVERY man, woman, and child's cell phone calls and computer browsing. Homeland Security's equally appalling Gestapo policing, and armed military drones flying over Americans. Where in the world was the Supreme Court to defend the civil rights of Americans? It's there to make sure ALL LAWS passed are constitutional. Is there a checks and balances at all anymore, or is it just a free for all bought and paid for political Broadway performance while their corporate masters tell our so called leaders how to run the country. Unjustified conflicts and wars, the Bush families long history of corruption, including Prescott Bush during WWII cashing in on Nazi Gold during Americas so called neutrality before Pearl Harbor. The Rockefellers making money during our so called neutrality during WWII selling patented fuel for planes to operate on BOTH sides. Isn't that TREASON? I can list on and on the political and powerful people who have gotten away with treason in this country, but what's the point? I know now more than ever after coming home from the military that I didn't fight for America, or it's people. I fought for the greed and corrupt politicians, and their corporate interests. Marijuana is just another vehicle to attack and smoke screen issues politicians have used for DECADES. So it's okay for George Bush Jr. to use cocaine, and smoke marijuana, but not for us? It's okay for Barrack Obama to smoke marijuana. I tell you what, when every politician stops using drugs, and stops taking buy outs and committing treason, then I'll respect the laws they pass. Until then, they can suck me.

    7. Tom's Avatar Tom

      Right on!!

  1. Martha Knight's Avatar Martha Knight

    Society has professed respect or at least toleration of hallucinogenics and psychoactives such as peyote, by Native American groups, for quite a while, and government/law enforcement does not interfere with such use.

    1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

      correct- The federal Religious Freedom Restoration act was established because of a peyote case. There is case law in federal RFRA concerning the right to use schedule I substances in religious practice

  1. Sue Nicholai's Avatar Sue Nicholai

    We must remember that laws are meant to control the people to act in certain ways inorder not to experience the counsequenses. so people really believe in trying to make everything equal and some want power and control. Their aew some that will take advantage so they can do what every they want, some will do what the law says. Our goal needs to be to help people be more spiritual and let the spiritual world be our guide(encourage the help of good spirits not bad ones) personally I don't think drugs should be outlawed but they should pay taxes like anyother business and any crimes committed because of them should be prosecuted.

  1. Pastor P.'s Avatar Pastor P.

    Isn't it rich? Religious Freedom doesn't include the freedom to commune in the way you believe? The new rules have nothing to do with freedom, but, quite the opposite- Repression and Regression to a new Dark Age.

  1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

    It is a fact that cannabis has been used for thousands of years by many different religions and cultures for spiritual insight. I joined a Jamaican Rasta church as a young man. Rastas believe cannabis/ganja is the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations. I wrote Marijuana and the Bible which goes into this history. The book can be found at Amazon books for any interested. one love

  1. vic smyth's Avatar vic smyth

    Forty years ago this is something that you would have only found in a Monty Python skit.

  1. Rt Rev Dr N's Avatar Rt Rev Dr N

    To me, this man who claims to be a so called Priest/Vicar/Minister etc is self styled and the way he is carrying on, this has nothing to do with religion, with God. Basically, he is mocking the whole concept of the church. 7 years I studied for to become a Priest and value all the teachings I had, it seems to me that he is treating this as a complete joke. I do not go against anyone for their faith or non faith, each has the freedom of will but for someone to proclaim they are religious, start a church and treat it as a joke, this is sickening.

    1. JD Day's Avatar JD Day

      Whoa there Rev... Have you been to his church? Have you listened to one of his sermons or to anything he says? He could be preaching very well, about God and His place in our lives. I do not know that he has 'start(ed) a church and treat it as a joke'. Is he using the Religious Protection law in some sort of political protest? Unknown, I have never been to his church nor listened to him speak. Before we condemn this man or his church, we should listen to what he has to say. We could be surprised.

      1. Tracy's Avatar Tracy

        I thought that it was a political poke at first as well but I followed their FB since they set it up and it is no joke. Their doctrine is common since and this guy is not only really smart, he is a really loving, spiritual man that saw an opportunity to share what he believes. Check it out.

      2. Rt Rev Dr N's Avatar Rt Rev Dr N

        Hi Joe, yes, you are right, apologies to all. Just very sensitive about non prescription drugs, illegal as we call them here. Had a daughter who started just with a little cannabis which then led her on to other things and we buried her 3 years back so am anti drugs. I was harsh, must admit and wish to apologise to anyone I offended. God Bless

        1. JD Day's Avatar JD Day

          No problem Rev, condolences on the death of your daughter. It seems a very 'condensed' version of her life, a little cannabis and then she's dead three years ago. Since I have been up close and personal with the addictive behavior spiral, I know that it's not usually the drug but the addictive personality that leads us to self destructive actions. Mine began with tobacco & alcohol and spiraled downward for years. Cannabis, when used as a sacrament does not necessarily lead to addiction. Of course, you know that more people die from prescription drugs than illicit ones so the blame cannot be laid at the feet of 'illegals'. It must be attributed to our behavior and choices. Thank you again for your apology, many Blessings. JD

          1. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

            88% of all addicts here in America actually started on alcohol, not marijuana. I think of the government of The United States was more truthful on the subject, the intolerance would be less significant. People drink themselves to death EVERY DAY. Find me one person who has ever overdosed on marijuana, because you won't; short of those who had an allergy to it. I feel bad when people speak out against a topic they were programmed to speak out against without the facts, and only through propaganda. I feel bad because those people didn't even have a chance to learn the facts to begin with. It's even more depressing that people refuse to research the topic, short of what they think they already know because of their programming. I know it sounds like I'm saying we as human beings are nothing more than flesh and blood robots, but when you think about it, it's kind of how America operates. I was in the Army for six years, did my four tours in Afghanistan, so believe me when I say that programming the human mind is absolutely in the works, either through propaganda of the governments around the world, or through religion. Don't get me wrong, though. I absolutely believe in God, and his son Christ, but the organization of the masses have always focused on hate, separation, and discrimination, which Christ condemned. Reeses peaces, everyone.

    2. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

      You are making a judgement based on what knowledge? have you studied his religion or are you basing your statement on what you, personally, think has "nothing to do with religion?" It may have nothing to do with YOUR religion, but that has nothing to do with HIS religion. That is the essence of Freedom of religion - we don't get to decide for others what religion may or may not contain, just as they don't get to judge us for our religious beliefs, including magical underpants, converting wine into blood, etc. Judge not lest ye be judged!

      1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

        I joined a Jamaican Rasta church as a young man. Rastas believe cannabis/ganja is the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations.

  1. Joseph Blair's Avatar Joseph Blair

    Calling all catholic priests pedophiles is about as accurate as calling all liberal democrats idiots. That's the trouble with over generalizations.

  1. M.E.Holt C.N.'s Avatar M.E.Holt C.N.

    He seems to have mixed up teaching people about the way Christians should live with the use of a medicinal herb. It has no place in Church. If he thinks it does,he's confused and needs help.

  1. Pastor B Stevens's Avatar Pastor B Stevens

    I think this is absolutely hilarious because of the so called Political Christan movement . They attempt to rule all by their own belief . That's not religious freedom , the 2nd concern is this 22 years ago I met my wife . We got blood work done before our marriage and she came up HIV + . After through investigation by the state if was discovered a gynaclogis infected her with in sanatized medical equipment . This devastated her and me as well . My wife told me to go and find another to share life with because she was now tarnished . I was having none of this I loved her for her spirit and a love that simply I searched for my whole life . I was 32 before I got married and spent years in the missionary service I searched for that very special lady . So as time has gone by Pot , marajuna what ever you call it was suggested for her to try by her doctor . Guess what ? She gained a great relief from stress and her medication pills responded far better while using pot . Now as far as the Government being asses as they are have loooooon lied to everyone concerning THC the active chemical in pot . I studied long and hard and still keep up,with new advancements of pot . I now know why our government hates pot one is simply these so called political driven Christan movement they are truly confused and quite frankly stupid . I say this based on attempting to explain pot and its benefits beyond people using it to gain a short term high . They simply will here none of it whip sipping alcohol in my presents . Give them the facts on the destructive effects on many levels of alcohol I here , but it's legal ! Yes and so should pot ! You don't need to smoke pot so,that's no excuse there are many ways to use THC without inhaling damaging smoke . As for this church I say go for it ! Many legal churches give Chikdren alcohol in the form of wine any other time your in prison for giving children alcohol . Not with sacred sacraments so what's the big deal with a pot church ? Oh it's illegal ------ way way past time to legalize pot despite pharmaceutical co bitching they will loose income from not sellin addictive pills . Incidentally yes I'm still married to my beautiful witty loving wife till,death do I part ? Pastor Brenten Stevens ( I'm a Christan with a open mind )

    1. Tracy's Avatar Tracy

      They are not stupid foolish or any of those things. They are worse. They can't admit when they're wrong.

      1. Pastor B Stevens's Avatar Pastor B Stevens

        Correct !

    2. Josh's Avatar Josh

      If you had been my pastor growing up, I may still go to church. Much respect to you sir not only for your open mind but for your devotion to your wife. I lost mine 2 and a half years ago and it's the worst thing I've ever gone through. The stabs you took at big pharma and alcohol give me a little bit of hope that the Christian community can maybe as a whole one day open their eyes at least to this one small thing. It really is so small when it's put up against even day to day things. Keep doing what you're doing, sir.

      1. Pastor B Stevens's Avatar Pastor B Stevens

        Josh , I here this often , I get attacked by some I'm not naming they know who they are because I don't swallow their particular path . So be it , I talk with my creator daily and I expect nothing . It's up to us to change our lives for the better without harming others or ourselves . Keep a good heart and as I've always practiced do for yourself the better path in life don't expect the creator to hand you anything . That's in the next life ---

    3. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

      A little history. It is a fact that cannabis has been used for thousands of years by many different religions and cultures for spiritual and medical healing. I joined a Jamaican Rasta church as a young man. Rastas believe cannabis to be the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations. I wrote Marijuana and the Bible which goes into this history. The book can be found at Amazon books. The free first edition can be found surfing the web or on my facebook timeline. one love

      1. Pastor B Stevens's Avatar Pastor B Stevens

        Amen brother Jeff amen ?

  1. Rev. Don's Avatar Rev. Don

    I believe that if it were a bad thing God wouldn't have made it. Science proves that cannabanoidal resins are a treasure trove of healing to mankind. As a glaucoma sufferer, I advocate for it on medical reasons. As a minister of the ULC, I object to any outside interference by the government to define what constitutes a religious belief system. This is a supposedly "free" society yet regulation seems to define us otherwise. If smoking pot helps another person to believe in God and to live a Godly life, light 'em up.

  1. Jeremy Shipley's Avatar Jeremy Shipley

    Rock on pot smoking Jesus. The lord said let there be herbs to heal the soul of a average man.


    Yay!! Religious and drug freedom for all consenting adults! Actually, your average religion comforts...and cripples, so stay away from that stuff. ULC is as close to religion as one should get.

  1. rev.joe's Avatar rev.joe

    we need to careful on what we incorporate in are religious beliefs!!!!!!!!

    1. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

      Indeed we should. That includes deciding for others what is appropriate to incorporate.

  1. Minister Peter R.'s Avatar Minister Peter R.

    God bless everyone. I read everyone comments, but I'm not God to judge what everyone thinks or what is there opinions or does about pot. Unfortunately we live in a society where the government washed there hands creating all these laws where people don't see is making us all fight, argued and most of the time kill each other. Can anyone see how the government has agreed by passing these laws whether anyone likes it or not from way back then, is just a simple tactic for control population. But is ok, it is only my humble opinion about all these. All I know that one day we all and I mean all have to give account of all we did in this earth to God or what ever ur higher power is call. I only pray that one day we can all live in peace and harmony. Keep praying for everyone in this world. Be blessed everyone.

    1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

      Cannabis is associated with peace and breaking down the barriers that separate us. It is truly for the healing of the nations. We need to turn the weapons into plowshares and feed. clothe and shelter all with unlimited pollution free energy-come together brother, sister time is gliding on there will never ever be another Babylon-Rastafari

  1. bender's Avatar bender

    I wish the church well. Lord knows I would need to smoke cannabis too if I lived in Indiana.

  1. Tobias Dacula's Avatar Tobias Dacula

    I don't see how this is any different from Rastafarianism that does the exact same thing?

    1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

      True- Rastafarianism has been recognized by the United States courts as a religion within the meaning of the first amendment. Rastas believe cannabis/ganja to be the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations. As long as they are preaching and practicing love they should be recognized as a religion within the meaning of the first amendment. Just from what I have seen from a far he is preaching love. Further more cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, recreation. any law against it is a crime against humanity. Therefore if he is just making a political statement it is still an act of love- one love

  1. blueindy1's Avatar blueindy1

    Well, Rev Dr N, your view of religion is too narrow. MANY religions have nothing to do with God. Jainism is a completely athestic religion, and in Buddhism the question of God is irrelevant. As the Buddha taught, all are bounded by the Law of Karma, and even if gods exist, they, too, are bound by the same Law.The Unitarian/ Univeralist movement in our country has a very wide variety of God and NO God beliefs. Now maybe some of those strike you as absurd, and "Has nothing to do ...with God", but that's the point. All DON'T. Those who want to worship the Earth, or any of the products of the Earth, have as much right as you do to found a church and do just that. Religious freedom must include ALL or it will include NONE.

    1. Sara D's Avatar Sara D

      You are spot on. Excellent points.

  1. Dr Mel Young's Avatar Dr Mel Young

    Why should the shamans and shamankas be the only ones allowed illumination? Well done this minister with innovative trends!

  1. Rev. Wayne Gibbons's Avatar Rev. Wayne Gibbons

    I do not believe this is a legitimate church, I believe Bill Levin is using the premise of a religion as a political stand and nothing else. It does not help those who have faith and wish to worship their deity. It is my opinion that this is a bad idea.

    1. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

      How can you say what is in this man's heart? Our faith is in our hearts, not in words on paper. Beware judging lest you be judged. He should be allowed to worship as he pleases, not as you imagine he should worship. That is the essence of religious freedom.

    2. Tracy's Avatar Tracy

      You speak without research which means you are judging without merit. Check out his FB page and then maybe bring your thoughts back to the table.

  1. Toni Guy's Avatar Toni Guy

    I think this is a fine way to illustrate the fact that some Christians are seeking special rights to discriminate by passing these "religious freedom" laws. Either it pertains to all religions or none and no one religion has the right to judge another as illegitimate. Unless your religion is discrimination, being required to treat all people with equity and respect doesn't violate your religion.

  1. JD Day's Avatar JD Day

    Have you been to his church? Have you listened to one of his sermons or to anything he says? Have you seen how he uses this herb as a sacrament? He could be preaching very well, about God and His place in our lives. I do not know that he has 'start(ed) a church and treat it as a joke' as Dr Rev states nor should we condemn his motives from the safety of our computer screen. Is he using the Religious Protection law in some sort of political protest? Unknown, I have never been to his church nor listened to him speak. Before we condemn this man or his church, we should listen to what he has to say. We could be surprised. I think this is a case of 'Judge Not'.

  1. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

    If Hobby Lobby doesn't have to pay for women's healthcare because the COMPANY'S religious feeling would be hurt, then this church should definately be allowed to practice their religion.

  1. cliff's Avatar cliff

    After the navy gave me hep c from bad blood in the early 80's .....pot is what saved me from the drugs they were giving me Interfoen and ribovion,,,I was going down hill till I got a holded of some pot. keep me from loosing more weight and took my sickness of want to hurl all the time...i'm 63 and the government has pot in the wrong classification...

  1. Wendilyn Emrys's Avatar Wendilyn Emrys

    I am on the fence regarding this issue, but leaning towards NO.

    It depends on the State, to begin with. If they allow medicinal Cannabis, Religious Cannabis should be allowed as long as there is no abuse of its use. For AEONS Cannabis has and was, used in conjunction with religious worship. Thus there is a history for usage in a religious context.

    The conundrum regarding this issue, if a thing is illegal in the Civil Context, why should it be legal in a RELIGIOUS Context? Even though the State is slow on the full legalization of Cannabis, if it illegal... sadly... it should not be allowed.

    To extrapolate - say someone [and there are people out there who would] wanted to say that sex with minors is part of their religion and should be protected or animal sacrifice. Our society, and rightly so, has made these things illegal in most states. Religion should not protect you, or allow you, to do things that are illegal in the first place. So, until the law is changed, or they get a special dispensation, sadly, I think they should hold off on partaking in Cannabis, or leave it to the folks who can legally do it. I do hope that soon there will be full legalization for Cannabis -- and I don't even use the stuff.

    1. Ned Marbletoe's Avatar Ned Marbletoe

      Why would a religious practice depend on a medical rationale? Your argument is basically 'if it's against the law' don't do it. However there are examples of improper laws -- i'm sure you could think of many. Cannabis criminalization is an immoral law, as the act of consuming cannabis does not harm anyone.

      Religion can at times be on the forefront of removing immoral laws from the books. The fact that cannabis has legitimate religious uses is a legitimate issue to press before the courts.

    2. Tracy's Avatar Tracy

      How you can compare one person consumption of weed to one person raping a child? There is NO comparison and yours is obtuse.

      1. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

        You could not be more correct. The person who stated otherwise is guilty of attempting to create a straw-man argument or possibly is using the excluded middle fallacy, but in either case, he is wrong.

  1. Sherwood Munk's Avatar Sherwood Munk

    I have long held that smoking Cannabis helps open one's consciousness to the presence of God and all the magic of the universe. However, I am not sure encouraging people to come out to church, toke up, then drive home, is one of the most responsible courses to take. One might relate it to the drinking of Sacramental Wine during Catholic and Anglican rites, but this argument falls apart with even the most basic reading of scripture. Jesus broke bread and past the bread and wine among the disciples saying of the bread: “Take, eat; this is my body.” and of the wine: “Drink of it, all of you, for this is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. I tell you I will not drink again of this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.”. He never passes the bowl.

    I also take exception with establishing a Cannabis Church as a thumb in the eye to religious freedom. If you are taking up a "religious" practice as an "F-U" to religious freedom, I think you are missing the bigger picture. Perhaps you need to go live in a land where no such freedom exists. May I suggest eastern Syria?

    1. Jeff's Avatar Jeff

      If we send everyone whose integrity of motive for attending or forming a church to Syria, we will need a bigger Syria

      1. Sherwood Munk's Avatar Sherwood Munk

        I think you are misreading my last paragraph. If the establishment of a church is done in protest against religious freedom, then the party making such a protest is, in fact, saying they are opposed to such freedom. Hence, my invitation to visit eastern Syria, where trying to practice such freedom could result in one suddenly becoming 6 to 8 inches shorter (from the top).

        No need for a bigger Syria. ISIL will resolve the population growth issue...Harshly!

  1. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

    I believe that you are conflating a number of concepts here.

    First, You say that, the Cannabis Church is taking up a 'religious' practice as an “F-U” to religious freedom." How do you know this to be true? Unless you have some special knowledge, you do not know this.

    Second, given that religious freedom is a Right in America, not a privilege, there is no OBJECTIVE religious reality or practice, so there is no basis to say that only in the context of the Bible may he practice his religion. He alone, and without any need to refer to the Bible, can define his religion in any way he feels spiritually moved. To deny him that Right is to threaten, let us say, the Mormons for their magic underwear, or you for your drinking in church.

    Third, your statement, "Perhaps you need to go live in a land where no such freedom exists. May I suggest eastern Syria?" is a common attitude taken up by people, against those with whom they disagree. It is not a valid argument, and only serves to demonstrate the weakness of your position.

    Fourth, your supposition, that "people to come out to church, toke up, then drive home." is just that. A supposition without basis in fact. Do you know that this takes place? Unless you have some special knowledge, you do not know this.

    In conclusion, you are suggesting that this church be thrown out of the U.S. because it is not based on Judeo-Christian scripture. Accusing this minister of sending his parishioners out to drive intoxicated. Further accusing him of saying, "“F-U” to religious freedom." and being intolerant and condescending while doing so. Not a good position for a spiritual person, which I assume you are, to take. Repent.

    1. Sherwood Munk's Avatar Sherwood Munk

      Wow. I did not realize that my comments would be taken so far from the intended mark. First off, I begin by stating that I personally find using Cannabis brings me closer to God, so in that regard, I believe in the personal use of Cannabis as a spiritual act.

      My comment about the risk of people attending this Cannabis Church and toking up comes out of other reports I have read that this specific practice was intended. I have no personal knowledge of this, and can only go on what I have read, which may in fact be inaccurate. I simply point out the risk if it were to be true. I make no claim that it is true.

      As to this presumed motivation for forming that particular church, I just re-read the article, and this was an incorrect initial reading on my part. I had initially read this as the church being formed as a "response" to the passage of the Religious Freedom Act. Which had me thinking this was an act of protest against Religious Freedom. So I suppose I am due some verbal beating here.

      I do stand by the opinion that those who oppose religious freedom, including the right to not practice any religion, should spend time in a place where no such freedom exists. Religious Freedom is a precious right, which I will passionately defend to the bitter end.

      1. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

        Very fairly answered sir (I assume you're a sir). However, while I value religious freedom, there are a number of ways in which that freedom, under the Religious Freedom Act, is being abused to harm others. One egregious example is Hobby Lobby, which has managed to use the Religious Freedom Act to impose the rights(!?) of a corporation on our society, thereby allowing it to avoid paying its fair share of health insurance costs, and used the Religious Freedom Act to deny its employees the full benefits to which they are entitled. There are many other situations in which the Religious Freedom Act has been misused to harm others rather than protect a person's beliefs, so there are a number of people, myself included, who see the clarion call of "religious freedom" as an underhanded way of imposing Bible-Belt morality on others.

  1. Natalia's Avatar Natalia

    Why do people want to disgrace us ULC body with these thoughts and actions and makes those of us want to keep our religious practice honorable, sacred with dignity and integrity. I look at this gay agenda, cannabis and other immoral or unethical agendas demoralizing and discrediting our mission and cause. It is my belief that it stains us and is rebellion of that which is holy and sacred that commands respect and reverence, Since we are suppose to be representative to the masses as ministers, pastors. counselors and educators to bring salvation, comfort and humility to hungry souls seeking a higher uplifting purpose for the masses not chaos. I take my Certification as a Minister to others very serious and believe in righteousness not lawlessness. I remain. May God Bless You and All those you love when reading my post. Amen.

    1. Josh's Avatar Josh

      Something that you believe God made (In the beginning...) is immoral? Sounds like a bit of an oxymoron to me...

      1. Carol's Avatar Carol

        Josh, If you're referring to Genesis 1:29 " shall have them for food”.? Do you eat Cannabis - Pot - Marijuana? whatever you want to call it. Even though I didn't write the verse and had no direct intelligence from the writer I can surmise that the intent was to plant the seed and harvest it for eating purposes.

        But before I go on and get a myriad of responses about marijuana's medical benefits, let me say I continue to be conflicted about the medical marijuana issue. I have read both pro and con. I cannot in my own mind declare an opinion.

        To others on this blog: I've read, tried to understand the intent and to justify some of the comments and must admit to having trouble doing so. A church of cannabis? Mr. Levin has too much time on his hands. Living in the world as it is now is difficult enough without dealing with the shock value of cannabis. I sometimes think people like Mr. Levin just want to attract attention to themselves by stirring up controversy.

        There are those here who pull out the political stick and whip posters with it; e.g., Fox News, Republicans as being somehow responsible for all the bad occurring in the world. Even the tone of the introduction CANNABIS CHURCH FIGHTS BACK! and the reference to the "Republican" legislature proves a bias. Why not just "legislature"? How about MSNBC? CNN? Democrats? Progressives? Liberals? Are these the only inspirational providers in our country? Why not declare Socialists or Communists as givers of encouragement to a brighter future? And a law against pot is a crime against humanity? Wow. The FB reference also struck me, as if someone's FB page gives weight to their important messages.

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I can't see the need to smoke pot to feel closer to God. I see God in a sunset; a baby being born; a flower; a good meal. These are stimulants to me.

        1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

          Yes it is a crime against humanity. Outlawing the most useful plant on the planet and putting humans in jail or prison for growing or using this plant is evil. It is only in modern history that they outlawed this plant. Can you tell me another plant that can do such much and has done so much for humanity.

        2. Josh's Avatar Josh

          Wow I feel the need to make this reply a bullet point list...

          1.My reference was to its' creation, and the only shock value marijuana has is how shockingly quickly one can empty out a refrigerator. 2. The legislation was brought up by a GOP majority (former resident of Indiana here), and signed into law by a closed minded republi-bot governor. They just didn't see it blowing up in their faces and are now trying to make it look as if this is some horrible unintended side-effect of their "righteous" (see discriminatory and disgusting) new law. So yes, Mr. Levin does want to stir up controversy, but if rational thought gets provoked in the face of an absolutely retarded law, that's not a bad thing either. 3. A group's social media accounts are the modern way of getting their message across without the spin that ALL media (politicians in the 2 main parties are just two sides of the same corrupt coin) puts on the message, and the CoC's message is one of peace harmony and not being a jerk to people (ooh so trembly to not have some guy with a beard threatening hell if you don't CONFORM... scary I know).

  1. Ann Wood's Avatar Ann Wood

    Marijuna is a WEED, like GRASS and WILD FLOWERS, it grows in NATURE. How can any logical law making body consider it something to be banned, unlawful, and evil. If God made all the other plants, then he made this one as well. If humans consume some weeds that are harmful, and they do it voluntarily, then they may get a bit poisoned, sick, upset - but such is not the case with this particular weed. Should be able to grow it in a pot, dry it for your home use, and treat it like Dill, Basil, Coriander, Cloves, what ever. Get the money out of keeping it illegal, close half the jails, stop little kids selling it to other little kids in order to make money, get the U.S. airplanes that fly it into the country out of the business of weed for profit. Let freedom ring.

  1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

    cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. any law against it is a crime against humanity

  1. rev brandon baker aka reverend420's Avatar rev brandon baker aka reverend420

    ULC cert holder since 2006, congregation cert since 2009 ;) praise and blessings to all cannabis churches using the holy healing sacrament as food and burnt offering!

  1. Cheryl's Avatar Cheryl

    this man has no respect for the fath smoking weed in a church is just WRONG

    1. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

      It's wrong in YOUR church. In his church you may be wrong. Your church and your beliefs are not the only ones, and you do not, according to U.S. law, have the right to impose your religion or even your family of religions, on anyone else, nor deny them theirs.

  1. writeous's Avatar writeous

    Most Highest Ascended Divine blessings, love, peace, gratitude, light, prosperity, well-being, and oneness from neighborly Canada based cannabis-friendly ULC minister/sadhus.

  1. Earl Hooper's Avatar Earl Hooper

    It's a moot point here in WA, but you can't make laws to suit yourself and then get mad when someone else uses them to. Holy Smoke

  1. Tiana Smith's Avatar Tiana Smith

    Weed seems less dangerous than snake handling. Cannabis in worship isn't new. The interesting thing about freedom of religion is you get to choose, whether it makes sense to anyone else or not.

  1. kim jackson's Avatar kim jackson

    i have and will continue to smoke marijuana religiously, as well as becomes a prayer, i also burn sage and ceder and sweetgrass as well as red willow in the chanupa ...peyote and certain mushrooms also assist the journey inward to that sacred place of Spirit. i am Anglo but i have learned more about myself and spirituality from my red brothers in the last few years than all the decades spent in "traditional" Christian church..i have found nothing inconsistent with "Christian" values in the Dine "Beauty Way" or the Lakota "Red Road" People arguing against the things grown by Mother Earth is akin to shouting from the rooftops that God in his wisdom has made mistakes....NOT! A lot of "religious" people need to remember that is our Creators place to judge, not theirs. i hope these words bring some healing to a troubled and light to everyone! Rev. Redwolf

  1. Kathy's Avatar Kathy

    Becoming a minister in the ULC holds social responsibility. If the practices are illegal or disrespectful to life, inappropriate for children, or lack credibility, the purpose of offering a non-denominational option to people is minimalized. The use of illegal substances and creating a front using ULC is insulting to those who use their credentials responsibly.

  1. Martha Knight's Avatar Martha Knight

    Kathy, the practice of drinking wine was illegal for a while in this country, but still allowed in church services where this was part of a sacrament. Some consider drinking alcohol to be harmful to health (and for some, it is); and some will say it should not be given to children, but persons under 18 (or 21, in my state) are served it in church. As for a non-denominational option, ULC is not the only way to go-- one can achieve that merely by participating in a community-based church, one that is not connectional, or a local society of a denomination. For most of us, ULC provides a credential that would otherwise require lengthy preparation followed by ordination, or appointment or stationing, by some organized church, processes usually undertaken by persons who want to make all or part of their living as professional clergy. Did you know that United Methodists are not supposed to use alcohol or tobacco? Says so in the Discipline. Their pastors are supposed to be bound by those rules, along with the members. But then, thousands of non-affiliated or non-denominational churches in this country have similar rules. We with ULC credentials may or may not adhere to those, and numerous other, strictures. But we are able to minister to others in various ways, using our credentials as responsibly as others who pride themselves on interpreting "moderation" or "temperance" (recommended by Paul) as meaning abstinence.

  1. eugene c farley's Avatar eugene c farley

    I fail to see what the use of any substance has to do with faith. The absence of all material things leaves only ones faith. Really, claims of religious freedom to use marijuana. Good luck to you Sir.

  1. Mike Le Master's Avatar Mike Le Master

    WOW i have seen more junk on here than the biggest junk yard on the planet, sad very sad. I see people condoning marijuana use rather than just for medical reasons or say it is but getting high and saying it is for Church. I see ones who complain and then admonish the use or consumption of wine during services and include children, and i have seen where some exclude christens just because they are from another faith but still christen. It seams like all and i mean ALL have forgotten much, it is NOT up to us to judge that is reserved for the lord, it is not for us to turn away from others just because they worship a little differently. We as Christens are to follow in the lords foot steps which include not judging others or pushing them away or criticizing how they worship, even the ones who use pot in the worship services, children are our most precious gift from the lord and should be treated as such not just allowed to do things we know are not good for them, and that is one of the things the lord requires us in the bible. we need to learn tolerance and compassion before we re-enter heaven and try and be like him or we will face the doors of the underworld faster than you want. I am grateful to this Ministry for the opportunities i have received and continue to receive. Amen.

  1. DR's Avatar DR

    Marihuana is of the Earth. It is a wonderful herb that has numerous benefits; some health wise, some spiritual. A discriminatory law created by man made this plant illegal. Marihuana and spirituality go hand in hand. If you have used it you understand how it can open your mind. I also have to agree that if the government feels the need to make a law protecting religious freedom, they must understand that it applies to EVERYONE's religion, not just the ones that they pick and choose. I'd also like to remind folks that not every ULC minister believes in the biblical god. We are all of different religions. It just looked like some people forgot about that.

  1. asp112015's Avatar asp112015

    It seems to me that the Congregants will decide if this Ministry fufills their needs.

  1. crislsoul's Avatar crislsoul

    IMHO MJ does seems to put the "Lower self " or 'ego' on the back burner. So I feel that it does enhance Spirituality to a great degree. I use MJ as an aid to meditation which is essentially listening . I hope the church wins , I believe there is another one in CA that is an MJ church where each member puffs the magic dragon before services. I bet they come up with some wonderful insights. MJ opens up new pathways in the brain linked to creativity and invention . I believe our controllers in society do not want this to happen. After all, how will they control the people when the people are beginning to wake up from the fog of control put on them by organized religion, media, politics, and the educational systems? If MJ becomes legalized nationwide it will open doors to enhanced learning with subjects such as meditation , psychology, and sociology in the elementary phase of schooling which will abolish racism and so much more leading to a more peaceful society. Sometimes I feel that our Government is controlled by an alien race that wants to keep the Earth's inhabitants ignorant. Out of the mouths of babes....

    1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

      I believe cannabis to be the only peacemaker in this generation. that it can break down barriers and bring people closer together. That it can help us learn to love and accept each other. That eventually we of the human race can turn the weapons into plowshares. that we will evolve spiritually and usher in a new golden age with food, clothing, shelter, pollution free energy, medicine,for all and that this plant will play a big part in all of that

  1. Willie's Avatar Willie

    Anything that is made by God, This Universe, The Earth, All that God has made on this earth including is for our use and consumption. A Government that outlaws what God has made is an Ungodly Government!

    1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

      Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet, food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. any law against it is a crime against humanity- big companies and politicians conspired together and told the wickedist of lies to make it illegal even changing the name to Marijuana to fool the people

  1. Mike Le Master's Avatar Mike Le Master

    Well there is no way any of the many who have spoken things that they feel is good points or good stuff as far as the health reasons or any other thing they want to say about it, but for all the stuff they out out i can attest to a few items, 1. you can overdose from smoking pot, had a friend who was medicated from Korea in 72 from doing just that , had a med discharge after, and during the sixties I saw so many get sick and die from cancer which is still prevalent with weed not just cigarettes, weed is the beginning for all drugs it never starts with heroin or crack, it starts with weed, they get that uforic feeling and while you are high and having a good time someone offers you some and your life is over from then on, according to the 6 major rehab centers in the country 92% of all heavy drug users in the nation start with pot, that last item all by itself is the biggest reason not to get involved with it, and the clown who say oh i dont have a problem or i can quit any time, both those lies BOTH are what EVERY and i mean EVERY alcoholic says before they realize what they are, each and every one who uses drug will one day have to stand at the gate and be judged and no one will be able to stand beside you, and no one will get to say oh he is ok he is just a recreational user, sorry but you have made your mold and your epitaph , only repentance and prayer will get you where you need to be before that day. good luck to all those who desire to make that happen for themselves and to those to stupid to get that ( oh well you cant fix stupid )

    1. Josh's Avatar Josh

      The only gateway drug is a weak mind. Your statistics sound like they come right off Faux I mean Fox News. You can not overdose on THC. The only correct part of your post is the last pit in parenthesis. You sir are completely beyond repair.

      1. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

        Here's a stat for Mr. Le Master; 88% of all people who use hard drugs actually started on alcohol. You cannot o.d. on Marijuana... period. You, Le Master are uneducated, like many people in my country of America who speak from their rectum, and not from their education... much like our politicians. Ever hear of Straight, Inc.? They abused children, some of them sexually, and the company is now backed by our government with a new name; ever hear of Partnership for a Drug Free America? It's funny to me that they are also backed by pharmaceutical companies as well. The fact that people can grow their own medicine would be a major dent in their bank accounts, wouldn't it? You're governments corrupt, and by YOUR government I mean just that. I live here in the United States of America, a patriot to the country and the people in it, not our bought and payed for corporately sponsored politicians. There's a special place in Hell for people in power who don the cross, claim to be a God fearing Christian, and use that power for their wars, control, and chaos. Just so you know, Mr. Le Master; I was a solider. I was at Walter Reed Army Hospital while soldiers with bullet fragments in their brains somehow wrote off their rights for medical treatment even though they were drooling on themselves, and couldn't form a sentence, let alone pick up a pen. That whole thing with Georgy Bush Jr. crying in front of the cameras over a wounded solider was nothing more than a great performance, and should've won him an Oscar. He was the one who gave the order to refuse over 60% of wounded soldiers for disability during their medical boards. Check your sources, with the Devil in mind.

  1. Ben Wade's Avatar Ben Wade

    How many times did you watch "Reefer Madness" again? I'll tell you something, everyone who has used drugs used refined sugar first. Stop the madness! No more sugar for you sir!

  1. TheFirstCannabisChurchofFlorida's Avatar TheFirstCannabisChurchofFlorida

    its not easy we are in a nonlegal state and not having an east time.

  1. William Alexander Frederick Mitchell's Avatar William Alexander Frederick Mitchell

    The Bill Levens' of the world need to get on their knees and pray they all discover God the Father through Jesus Christ and stop defiling the Church and the work The Holy Spirit looks to do for our lives.

  1. jhelms's Avatar jhelms

    There is not a one size fits all answer to this. If this is a legitimate means of worship I so more power to them, but if it is an excuse to get high and skirt the law, then I have real problems with hiding behind one's religion for personal purposes. I am a child of the 60s and very liberal and open minded. I believe in live and let live as long as no one is harmed in the process. But again, using religion as a means to one's own end is, in my opinion, wrong.

  1. Rev. Allheart (Dean Craig) Pagan/Wiccan Clergy's Avatar Rev. Allheart (Dean Craig) Pagan/Wiccan Clergy

    From one Hoosier to another, Acceptance is the word the world needs to learn and understand. So We can have that perfect world We been wanting for so long.!!! Bless You

  1. Stephen W. Bratton's Avatar Stephen W. Bratton

    So much fighting, so little Love. If you just let Love in you would be surprised what you can do without. Such as big government and drugs. Let Love In.

    1. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

      Yes, I agree. The problem is that two President Republicans (God's supposed spokespeople) allowed cocaine to come into this country, then protected drug kingpins here in the United States to mush on while incarcerating the lowest on the totem pole in order to fund the Contras while their own citizens became addicted to crack, thereby destroying thousands of lives. I can only ask why it's okay for the government of The United States to allow powerfully addictive drugs in this country in order to fund "missions" overseas that Congress deemed as unlawful, and get away with high treason just because the brainwashed Christian community backs up sleeze balls like Ronald Raegan and George Bush Sr. The best place in the world for Christians to refer to when their politicians are destroying America would be the Bible, and not the word of orators who behave like the Pharisees. Can you believe the balls on Jebby-Boy Bush to run for office after that scandal in Florida, and the so-called miscount of presidential votes? The entire Bush family's legacy is nothing but corruption; all the way back to Prescott Bush harboring Nazi Gold during WWII. Keep this in mind, people: The only thing our now totalitarian government wants is complete control, and they are getting it, aren't they? From surveillance over the internet, to armed military drones flying over our heads, and even monitoring our cell phone calls and text messages.... you people do realize that "Cloud" is, in actuality just another way to track us.... think about that the next time you choose to save any "back up" files on it. Don't believe me? Don't take my word for it.... in college the number one attribute to any written paper is research, UNBIASED RESEARCH. One last note... it's only okay for the government of America to break the laws they themselves lay upon the people, but it's not okay for us to. Ponder that.

  1. Burn a Koran a Day (@burnakoranaday)'s Avatar Burn a Koran a Day (@burnakoranaday)

    That it's Conservatives making this laws is nonsense. I'm a Conservative and I'm religious, AND I support the use of Marijuana; recreational use and ESPECIALLY medicinally....and there are a lot more that feel as I do.

    If it weren't for weed, I wouldn't be able to sleep some nights, and then be able to get up the next day and go to work with no ill effects. Just one little hit, and I'm golden. I don't use to get high, I use to bring calm to my person so I can get some rest. Alcohol, it's hit or miss, and alcohol can be very habit forming and detrimental to myself and others.

    The issue isn't conservatives, it's that there's more money to be made by prohibition than there is legalization (for the time being)

    1. Sherwood Munk's Avatar Sherwood Munk

      It's been my observation that there has been just as much resistance to Cannabis Legalization from "liberals" as there is from "Conservatives". In fact, conservatives tend to lean more toward the personal liberty/responsibility concept than liberals tend to be.

      Liberal vs. Conservative tends to be more about the application of public resources and control over the individual. Liberals are about the liberal (read extensive) application of these concepts, where as Conservatives (at least conceptually) are about limiting the use of public resources and government involvement in individual choices and issues. Unfortunately, with our elected officials, they tend to verbally claim certain principles, but their actions send a completely different message.

      1. Martha Knight's Avatar Martha Knight

        LIBERTARIANS tend to be open to cannabis use, and opposed to government intrusions in personal choice. LIBERALS include a fair proportion of "behaviorist" professionals who have been influenced by training that warned them concerning addictions or the use of psycho-actives.

  1. Jeff Brown's Avatar Jeff Brown

    Cannabis is the most useful plant on the planet; food, clothing, shelter, energy, medicine, insight, re-creation. It has been mankinds companion and helpmate since the beginning. Any law against it is a crime against humanity. It is a fact that cannabis has been used for physical and spiritual healing by many different religions and cultures for thousands of years. I joined a Jamaican Rasta church as a young man. Rastas believe cannabis to be the biblical tree of life for the healing of the nations. I ended up writing Marijuana and the Bible which goes into this history. the book is available at Amazon books- one love

  1. James Pace's Avatar James Pace

    Jesus instructed his followers to follow the laws of the land....if marijuana is illegal in your area then claiming religious exemption doesn't get you a free pass.

    1. Josh's Avatar Josh

      Not all of us here are Christians though. Don't try to hold me to your beliefs, thanks.

  1. James Crone's Avatar James Crone

    I think that if it truly was religion that was at fight here I would say he is right but your talking about a drug that is illegal in the state of Indiana you can't even have a prescription for it like most states so I'd say I hope he rotts in jail

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