donald trump, president, republicanThe field of candidates vying for the Republican Party's nomination for President is rather crowded. It boasts governors and senators with plenty of political experience, yet one man stands head and shoulders above the rest: TV's Donald Trump.

Trump is dominating in national polls among likely Republican voters, beating out former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. "The Donald" hasn't really set forth much in the way of policy ideas since declaring his run on June 16th, so voters are responding to a certain je ne sais quoi he carries.

John Heilemann of Bloomberg Politics recently traveled to New Hampshire to learn more about Trump's appeal to his supporters. "He's like one of us," said focus group member Jane about the billionaire star of reality television and husband of a supermodel.

Jane is likely talking about Trump's temerity to blurt out what a select group may be thinking, but are themselves sometimes too afraid to say. Reforming immigration and loosening certain controls is an unpopular idea among a substantial segment of the population, and Trump attempted to cater to those sentiments early on in his campaign.

While the Universal Life Church attempts to remove itself from the muck and mire of the political process, we do think it is important to remain informed on the issues and to ensure that, as the matters of state are carried out, our brothers and sisters are given the respect, care, and attention they deserve as fellow humans. Trump's comments earlier this year about Mexican immigrants struck us as demonstrably false and irreversibly damaging to the greater community.

"When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best," said Trump. "They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." It is a bold claim to insist that immigrants generally are rapists but it is apparently one that rings true to many, or at the very least, doesn't strike them as odd or offensive.

We believe that we are all children of the same universe. Immigrants have always fundamentally shaped, and will continue to shape, the United States. They are integral both to our nation and to even our church communities.

Comments like Trump's only serve to divide that which, now more than ever, we must be working to pull together. As the Bloomberg focus group shows, large numbers of people see Trump as a leader. Some supporters have mentioned in interviews that they appreciate Trumps affirmations of their views, which are actually misconceptions.

Interestingly enough, a study by Walter Ewing points out that as the foreign-born population of the U.S. rose from 1990 and 2013, violent crime declined by 48% and property crime by 41%. Of the top 10 ranked safest cities in the nation, 7 have very large Hispanic immigrant populations. Unencumbered by these facts, Trump and his brilliant marketing machine have managed to strike a chord with a large group of debate stage

Trump's bombastic and offensive comments certainly captivated, and were denounced by many. But is there room for them in the political arena? How can we hope to elevate our society and achieve universal equality when agendas of racism are still swallowed with such ease by the public?

As easy as it is to be cynical, one could argue that the office of the President is still one that carries with it the heavy burden of defending and guiding a nation of 300 million unique individuals. We cannot hope to work together when our leaders are so intent on driving wedges between us. Are we taking this election seriously enough, particularly as we find ourselves face-to-face with some of the most severe internal racial tension we've seen in years?

It will be interesting to see if these and other comments by Trump catch up to him. The upcoming Fox News debates will no doubt make for some incredible television. This is a platform where Trump has already shown he can captivate an audience and reduce even a capable leader to looking like nothing more than an apprentice compared to him. We would bet that if his poll numbers decline between now and then, this will put him back out in front. This will be his trump card.

Sources: Politico, Bloomberg, CNN


  1. rfox44's Avatar rfox44

    As a Scot I would be horrified if Trump became President. For reasons only known to himself he opposed Scotland regaining independence. He seems to be the supreme egotist.

    1. Carol's Avatar Carol

      Ronald, I am always troubled when someone who is living in this country taking advantage of all the wonder and prosperity of the United States who inclines to call himself a Scot. You didn't declare your citizenship. So, are you a Scot? or an American? Are you concered about Trump ONLY because of his opposition to Scotland's independence?

      1. Chiki Li's Avatar Chiki Li

        It is permitted by law to be both an American citizen and a citizen of another country and to hold two passports - it's called dual nationality. Ronald IS both Scottish and American. And as an outsider looking in (coincidentally a Scot with dual citizenship) my observation is that Americans are obsessed with race, ethnicity and nationality. Given that America feels compelled to define persons as, Hispanic, African, Asian, Irish, Scot or other, why shouldn't Ronald be permitted to do the same?

        1. Carol's Avatar Carol

          Because America is different. We are not simply a country. We are an idea!

        2. Josh's Avatar Josh

          We as Americans are a melting pot. I hate it when politicians. And Donald trump is no political genius. Separate us. I don't care what someone's background origin country is. The only people who can technically call themselves as non immigrants were here long before that attention whores trump, ancestors were. He suffers from diarrhea of the mouth.

    2. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      The only person to get the job done after Obumer has sold us out is Trump. I feel Trump will do a fine job weeding out the people trying to do harm to this great nation . Best part is you cn't buy off Trump he already has enough money. GO TRUMP !

  1. Mark's Avatar Mark

    Trump’s rhetoric seems to cater to the base of our population, to those that harbor hatred of minorities. Reminiscent of the 1919 rise of Hitler in Europe.

    1. WRD's Avatar WRD

      I believe that "hatrated of minorities" is a bogus simpleton knee jerk emotional reaction base on NO fact or data. Hate is very strong. Problem is Trump has tapped into the frustrations of many of the citizens of this great land. For example, for a convicted illegal Felon to be released/deported and to return time after time SHOULD be criminal with mandantory sentances. If it were you or I or our children we would be in prison for many of these crimes. They are deported to keep coming back with little impunity. Many people esp DEMS oppose Kates Law which should be common sense. Folks are angry and that allows for some one like Trump to resignate especially when all the rest are scared to death to anything other that PC correct\

      1. Doug Stockton's Avatar Doug Stockton

        Umm. You might get a dictionary friend. You used multiple incorrect terms. Illiteracy gives a message to your message.

        1. Carol's Avatar Carol

          Really? Is that your only opinion?

      2. Chill Draggon's Avatar Chill Draggon

        Spelling doesn't matter, if you've made your point. If the post was in perfect French, I wouldn't have understood it at all. Comment on the message, if you want to make a real contribution.

        1. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

          He wasn't talking about misspelling, he said incorrect terms..... like "with little impunity", which means exactly the opposite of what DD was trying to say.

          1. Carol's Avatar Carol

            Are we correcting his grammar or listening to what he is trying to say?

          2. Fred McG's Avatar Fred McG

            Intelligent people understood what DD was saying. DS did not address what DD was saying but instead marginalized the message by belittling the man through criticism of his choice of words.

            Address the issue, not the person.

        2. Chief Anderson's Avatar Chief Anderson

          Spelling does matter. You cannot get your point across if folks can't read it. Punctuation too. Also, these sorts of things cause people to not think what you say is important since you seem functionally illiterate.

      3. michael timme's Avatar michael timme

        DD, poor Doug can only read correct words so you lose your point with him and his ability to see the point would probably gone over his head and you would not have registered in his brain if you had letter perfect points. But, he spls gooder.

      4. William Hales's Avatar William Hales

        I agree with CD but you guys better stay out of politic's. I'm talking about Universal.

        1. Mark's Avatar Mark

          Politics have no place in religion and vice versa.

          1. Randy's Avatar Randy

            I so agree and I am upset that this was even posted. When we are concerned we pray not form opinions. The church's concern of my voting is wrong or choice is wrong.

      5. Dr Duck's Avatar Dr Duck

        DD, that was very clear and logical reasoning. I do suggest that you proof-read before you post so that people like Doug Stockton don't jump on your back with a stranglehold, yelling "ILLITERACY", when in fact you're just a person in a hurry. And Doug, I just want to suggest to you that a person's level of literacy does not necessarily reflect their ability to think clearly, logically, critically and creatively.

        The writer dwelt on Trump's focus on "rapists". It is an unfortunate oversight that Trump didn't go on to list all the other crimes that illegal immigrants do that frequently result in little more than deportation, which is really just a free ride back home to visit with relatives and friends. My aunt-in-law, an attractive senior citizen, was raped by a young illegal immigrant who walked in the door she had left open between loads of clothes from the laundry room. The perpetrator actually was caught (surprise! surprise! Doesn't happen often!), given 1-2 years in jail, and then further severely punished by getting a free ride home to spend Christmas with his friends and loved ones.

    2. Carol's Avatar Carol

      Mark, I am part of what you call the base and have no hatred of minorities but am troubled that I am becoming a minority - a taxpayer.

      Since you didn't elaborate on who the minorities are that we supposedly disparage, there are several groups that fall into that category: women, Blacks, Hispanics, handicapped, short people - you get the picture. I can only assume that by your comment about Hitler you are illustrating the anti-semitism of that era. The illegal immigrant question cannot in any way be characterized as reminiscent of the rise of Hitler!

      Being a 1st generation American - both my parents were immigrants - I can tell you that the America of today is nowhere near what it was when they immigrated. First of all, they came here LEGALLY. They were required to speak ENGLISH; their sponsors were responsible for their care and they had to search for work. They were not given welfare or food stamps. Six months after my mother went to look for work, she was scolded for not being able to speak English more fluently. I am tired of pressing 1 for English and of seeing signs posted everywhere in 2 languages. Why are the Hispanics singled out for language favoritism? Do we not have other nationalities that inhabit this country? If you've been to other countries you know well that they don't cater to other languages. If you want to find a restroom, you learn the name for it!

      Even though the language most spoken throughout the world is English and in spite of that our Hispanic brethren in the U.S. refuse to do so. The Hispanic Lobby is alive and well. They blatantly flip the bird to the cameras while waving the Mexican flag and spewing obscenities openly disrespecting America's generosity. They walk over the Texas border and go to a bilingual school - that you and I are paying for. Mexican - and other Central and South American - women come across the border, have their babies and become our responsibility, so called Anchor Babies.

      My friend and her husband are Vietnamese-Americans. They have two children, run a business working 6 long days a week. Their son will be entering university and they will be paying the bills. They are furious that the children of Hispanics are receiving free college tuition. Can you point to a reason for that? I can. VOTES! Not to mention that, yes, they kill and rape. A large majority of the women crossing the border illegally are raped. Who do you think is doing that? And what recourse do those women have? What about the safety of Americans? Do you have an opinion about that?

      The illegals that pour across the border are not the immigrants of 50 years ago. They came to contribute; to make America greater. These immigrants are poor, uneducated - some can't even read - that are coming for a handout. They exploit the good will of Americans and fuel the Progressive ideal of a Utopia.

      This issue runs deeper than just Trump or others hat are running for POTUS. This is about greed and disregard of the law. Try channeling your anger and accusations; point it in the direction of the employers who are employing these illegal immigrants. And write to your legislators about enforcing immigration law. Don't point your finger at law-abiding taxpayers.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Well put, Carol. Just after 911 people came to their senses for a few months, but then they soon went right back to the idiotic philosophies of pretend Kumbayaism. Trump may be a little hard to take, but truth is like that, too. Strong medicine sometimes tastes horrible, but it can help you recover from sickness, if you can take it.

      2. Brother Chris's Avatar Brother Chris

        Hey, what about all those damned Canadians walking into the US? Oh, that's right, Canadians look similar to the "US base". Don't get all cranked up Carol......I'm only joking. Oh, and by the way, your parents did not immigrate to the US, they emigrated.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Technically, They emigrated FROM another country. They immigrated TO this one.

          1. Brother Chris's Avatar Brother Chris

            emigrate |ˈemiˌgrāt| verb [ no obj. ] leave one's own country in order to settle permanently in another: Rosa's parents emigrated from Argentina.

          2. Brother Chris's Avatar Brother Chris

            It was either the wrong word or the wrong context. Either way, I was merely joking (I understood what Carol meant).

        2. katepaulson's Avatar katepaulson

          A lot of Canadians are coming here for healthcare. Their socialist healthcare only works because they have a good backup plan. It's called the United States.

          1. Kenneth Littley's Avatar Kenneth Littley

            Oh Dear; another extreme misconception of Canada.

          2. katepaulson's Avatar katepaulson

            Having worked in healthcare for many, many years I know this to be a fact.

          3. Carol's Avatar Carol

            here - here, Kate.

          4. Carol's Avatar Carol

            You're right, Kate. I got so involved in looking up the right usage of immigrate or emigrate (LOL) I got distracted. There are definitely Canadians coming into the U.S. but I haven't done enough research to know if these are Canadian-Canadian citizens who know what our healthcare is all about and want to be able to participate. Fair enough! Or are they Canadians who have emigr - - - - well, come from another country and are sneeking in just to be here. We've attracted people from all around the world since we first settled here. Tony Blair said it accurately. I'll paraphrase. "I judge the worth of a country by the number of people trying to get not get out." Hmm.

          5. Carol's Avatar Carol

            Oops. Didn't proofread my comment before hitting POST COMMENT - I meant to say 'trying to get IN not get out.'

        3. Carol's Avatar Carol

          Now ya got us goin', CB.


          [ ˈimiˌgrāt ] VERB NORTH AMERICAN

          come to live permanently in a foreign country:

          "the Mennonites immigrated to western Canada in the 1870s"


          Emigrate or Immigrate?

          The prefix e- (or ex-) usually means "out of" or "from." The prefix im- (or in-) often means "in" or "into."

          Isn't this fun?


      3. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

        The world and times change and evolve, trying to use the rose tinted glasses approach is not the best use of recalling history and making use of its lessons. Nor is thinking that channeling anger in any direction is a good course when all our goal should ever be is remember that we are all human from the richest to the poorest and each of us is trying to live the best way they know how. This even goes for the wealthy elite of society who are just living as they where brought up to.

      4. Mark's Avatar Mark

        I have no anger. Who are you to place an emotion on my comments. I just posed the question of his motives.

    3. Mark's Avatar Mark

      I don't think I specifically said Mexicans. Seems a lot of you have agendas. Our jobs as ministers is to minister to all people, not just the ones we like.

      1. Mark's Avatar Mark

        Normally, if I wanted to specify a particular minority, I would name it. I meant all minorities.

    4. Philip's Avatar Philip

      I have lived in Southern Arizona for 30 years and like it or not, the fact remains that violent crime along the Arizona - Mexico has increased exponentially. If there is any doubt refer to this article:

      This is just on of many which address the issue of the problem with illegal immigrants and other factions crossing this border. There is a undeclared war occurring in Southern Arizona and as long as people keep their heads burred in the sand things will continue to get worse.

      Are there good hard working people who want a better life for their families, most definitely! However, it does not change the fact that they are entering illegally. Blind acceptance of everyone who comes across the border illegally is not the answer. It is tantamount to asking a home invader who has entered your house at gun point to take up residence. I can promise you that illegals that are found in Mexico are treated far harsher then anything we do in the US. There are means for legal entry into the US, and any and all who come in this way should be welcomed with open arms. IS there a solution to the problem? yes there is.

      1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

        The issue with violence along the border and across the globe all has the same root in the long term mistake of drug prohibition that much like during the prohibition of alcohol has given rise to a global criminal industry with wealth surpassing many small countries and armies rivaling the most well trained and armed. This is due to far to many in power choosing to sell out for personal wealth and favors rather then risking the ire of the powerful and corrupt and doing the right thing.

    5. Jonathan's Avatar Jonathan

      Mark I just don't see the correlation between Tump and Hitler. I disagree with Trumps wall but like the way he stands up to the G.O.P. they always seem to walk in lockstep. The race division we are seeing seems to be almost encouraged by the President I am white he is suppose to be my President too,I find some resent comments disturbing I would dislike seeing things go backwards instead of right and left,white or black focus on right or wrong and be Excellent to eachother.

      1. Gene's Avatar Gene

        Comparing Hitler and Trump is absolutely idiotic. You can only compare Obama to Hitler. He is the only president on history to systematically try to steal our rights with executive illegal executive orders. Hitler did the same thing and it worked. Your history is wrong

    6. michael timme's Avatar michael timme

      Mark, you really missed the mark with your comments. Trump has never harbored hatred for minorities, he is only saving thieves, murders, rapist and illegal aliens from ANY other country are breaking the laws of our country. Why don't you try living in another country under their laws and let's see how long it would take you to beg to return to the U.S. It sounds like you are the UNDER INFORMED I am beginning to hear about. It also sounds like you are trying to "trump" up hate and discontent on your own. Get a Life and get some facts then come back with some reasonable arguments.

      1. Mark's Avatar Mark

        You are very childish in thought and manner. I do live in another country under different laws and have served my country (USA) for 40 years. You are a chest pounding child with no logic to your arguments just stupidity.

        1. Carol's Avatar Carol

          I find it very interesting that you live in another country. I'm not condemning it in the least. It's curious. Are your credentials as a ULC minister accepted where you reside?

          1. Mark's Avatar Mark

            The only recognized marriage official here is the city hall clerk. You can have a church cerimony if you like but it is not legal.

          2. Mark's Avatar Mark

            Hmm can'type.....

    7. Gene's Avatar Gene

      It is very resentful as a conservative Christian that sees our Christian beliefs being attacked everyday. We finally have a patriot and Christian man in Donald Trump that cares less about politics than he does about America. He is not racist toward anyone's. That is just overused when someone plays the blame game. Also, to say he is only speaking to lowly people is name calling and Jesus wanted to be with people that needed his help. I see Christians afraid to speak up and are allowing religious persecution. I believe Donald Trump will stand up for our people against the world. Religious groups need to get behind him. All other candidates are politicians and are easily bought. Look at big money given to them by individuals and big business

      1. Mark's Avatar Mark

        Yes, but he is big money, you are inviting him in! If he is in government, what protection do you have from him or people like him!

    8. Gene's Avatar Gene

      Wow! Compare Trump to Hitler. Trump is a true patriot that cares for America! If you know about Hitler History as I do, Obama and the Democratic Party is trying to take away religious rights, destroy our Constitution through outrageous executive acts, which his steps on laws by Congress, destroying our military, etc. Donald Trump wants to stop such treasonous acts and will when elected

    9. Theo Black's Avatar Theo Black

      Trump is very ironic. He hates the poor but is creating poor people right now. It's sad that the two Republican frontrunners are Captain Treason and Bankruptcy Man. I actually am starting to miss Regan. I know he was a racist but I did not feel like he was milking the country like a cow the way the Bush family did. Wow, Trump. There must be someone the Republican party has.

    10. Mark's Avatar Mark

      I hate to get you all riled up again. But, check this article by the business insider.

      I said he reminded me of hitters retoric! I didn't expect to find proof.

      1. Josh's Avatar Josh

        I'm a bipartisan, yet usually republican leaning man. Because I support the 2nd amendment. But Donald trump. Stands by racist, sexist. List goes on. You people can continue with the pro trump, junk. The author of this article has it right. Trump reminds me of a early 1920s plus. Hitler. No I won't vote for Hillary either. I am no unlearned jerk. So save your insults.

        1. Mark's Avatar Mark

          If this is a reply to my post you didn't read my post. I'm the one that said his retoric sounded like hitler.

        2. Josh's Avatar Josh

          I may have misworded, my comment. I was agreeing with you on the trump/hitler comparison.

  1. Manuel's Avatar Manuel

    Well its a bit out of context, the whole conversation had to do with the topic of illegal immigrants and why they are coming here, so to write this type of article biased in this way is mere.propoganda, stop purpetrating division and hate.

  1. Brad's Avatar Brad

    You people are Fools! We need a man like Trump to reverse the damage of the Democratic Party and the evil that Obama has placed on us

    1. Chill Draggon's Avatar Chill Draggon

      What evil has been placed on us? Iraq? That was Cheney, et al. Guns? If guns don't kill people, people kill people...then let's send cops and soldiers to do their jobs without guns. Voting rights? That was unanimously passed by both parties in the 1960s. Immigration? That started when our country was founded. Women's health? Should we let poorer women suffer ill health. And, oh yes, abortion. The pro-life activists are really only pro-birth. Once the child is born they no longer care...they've reduced school meal funding, child health care, food stamps, etc. That's evil. Stop hating. Read the Sermon on the Mount and learn. Stop fearing. Nobody is out to get you. Stop trying to keep others down. Concentrate on lifting yourself up. you don't need to step on other people to make you better. You can help them and feel better about yourself. Try kust may like it. Evil comes in every color, not only black. White doesn't make right. Look up the exhortations of the 3 monkeys. There, I've given you the opportunity to respond with evil, if you choose

      1. Fred McG's Avatar Fred McG

        You asked Brad a question but then made several assumptions based on what you think he might have said without knowing what he means by his statement. Then you made several personal negative judgments about the man and his character without knowing a single thing about him other than his first name.

        This comment of yours did not advance the discussion.

      2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Ron G., Your paragraph has a lot of pathos, but the ethos is somewhat garbled. I couldn't tell where you were being sarcastic and where you were being serious, but I wanted to point out a couple of things: 1) No matter what anyone says, Pro-life people DO care about children, before and after birth. We care about our OWN first, and we think others should do that, too. We control how many children we have, because we don't want them to suffer and we don't want anyone else to have to care for them. That is NOT hating. That is being responsible. It is impossible to make YOU responsible for MY children or grandchildren, unless you and I make a prior legal agreement to that effect. To continue to give benefits to people who are profligate irresponsible procreators encourages their unacceptable behavior.
        2) People really should stop using the word hater to describe someone who does not subscribe to their philosopy. It sounds really ignorant the way it is used. The blind pc sheep mentality arguments might SOUND more reasoned, if it did not parrot the sloganism of the left. The sermon on the mount was not given to be used in order to help the spread of communism, though US socialists often try to appropriate select Bible verses to bolster their false morality. I don't hate people for being what they are, but they should try to come up with something original to say, for Pete's sake. In the process, they might figure out a few things that they have not yet.

      3. Stephen Venneman's Avatar Stephen Venneman

        Hear, hear! All the evil currently running rampant in the US comes directly from the GOP. Show me one way the Republicans are showing any sort of compassion, any sort of leadership, any sort of example of living up to the Christian ideal they hold so dear. Oh, and talk about a lack of common sense... Don't get me started!

      4. Carol's Avatar Carol

        Ron, forgive my fragmented response; you have said quite a lot and I would like to respond to what you have said.

        We gave Iraq their independence from Sadam Hussein; they were exhilarated. Obama moved us out; they now have ISIS. That was productive. On the other hand, I'm a bit conflicted about this whole thing. The Iraqi Security Forces don't have the will to fight. They were under a dictatorship for so many years, the learning curve of how to take care of themselves is extremely steep. From my perspective, it is only a confirmation of what the stifling of freedom and autonomy produces.

        I think you're saying that guns in the hands of the good guys will keep the bad guys at bay. I agree on that one - wholeheartedly.

        Voting rights: Right. So, what's so bad about asking for identification? It's required for everything else. I wonder how all those disenfranchised citizens get into football games or concerts?

        And, your point is what about immigration? Oh well, let's just say LEGAL IMMIGRATION and be done with this one.

        Your compassion is getting in the way of logic. No one wants poor women to suffer. It's a problem though when the 3rd generation of those women are still receiving welfare benefits. "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." Thomas Jefferson

        Food stamp reduction? Food stamp usage is the highest ever among all working Americans and has NOT decreased among the poor. Re-read the Thomas Jefferson quote.

        Now on to abortion. There is nothing more damning to human kind and an abhorrence to God than murder and murder of the unborn is unimaginable. There have been 30 million abortions since it became legal. In NYC alone, in 2014 there were 29,000 abortions and 27,000 live births in the Black community. When a child is conceived, DNA is present at the moment of conception and if left unharmed will grow to a full term baby, be born and live a life like you and I are living. If - like some have stated - it's just tissue, then why does it have value to the Planned Parenthood gang? What they are doing is evil - beyond anything you have pointed out.

        Sermon on the Mount? Which beatitude did you have in mind? No matter. How about 2 Thessalonians 6-10 Now we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you keep away from every brother who leads an unruly life and not according to the tradition which you received from us. 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example, because we did not act in an undisciplined manner among you, 8 nor did we eat anyone's bread without paying for it, but with labor and hardship we kept working night and day so that we would not be a burden to any of you; 9 not because we do not have the right to this, but in order to offer ourselves as a model for you, so that you would follow our example. 10 For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.

        Ron, I believe that you are a good person, but after a time, it becomes apparent that compassion for the poor is no longer looked upon as a kindness by them; it becomes a requirement, AN ENTITLEMENT. The best entitlement is a job! "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." Thomas Jefferson

    2. JG's Avatar JG

      Yes we do Brad. If this country manages to survive President/Fuhrer Obama's reign, I think Trump would be a good choice to start undoing the massive damage that Obama has done to this one great Nation. Let's hope so.

    3. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      Trump 2016, I agree with you Brad. The Democrats have destroyed our country. WE DON'T NEED MORE REFUGEES TO SUPPORT WHEN WE CAN'T FEED OUR OWN.

  1. Rev. Leah's Avatar Rev. Leah

    His ego is only superseded by his ignorance. Enough said!

    1. WRD's Avatar WRD

      Stupid and ignorant NOT .. get real, the man is Very Smart and knows much more about how the world operates than you and I (i am guessing about you based on your comment). He is BRASH and NOT PC correct\

    2. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

      Leah get your head out of the democrats , Trump is a very smart man that will pull us out of this mess that you seem to love

  1. Prose's Avatar Prose

    I'm getting further and further disturbed by the choices of topics put out by ULC. This should not be a political group and I am seeing too much bias coming from here. I came here to be ordained and be a man one step closer to God. Seeing many of these articles lately has made me start to ask myself if I was a fool for coming here. I take my faith very seriously and don't appreciate faith in our Lord to be used as a political standpoint.

    1. Louisiana Steve's Avatar Louisiana Steve

      I agree. Bringing politics into the discussion only distracts our true purpose here, divides us in our work, and may prevent others considering taking this step into the ULC.

      1. Rick's Avatar Rick

        Couldn't agree more, Steve!

      2. WRD's Avatar WRD

        You are correct Steve

    2. Barry's Avatar Barry

      Politics are a part of of life

      1. WRD's Avatar WRD

        yes politics are part of life..... However, I pose the question, would Jesus be that concerned or is He more conserned with our souls?

        1. Micheal T McLoughlin's Avatar Micheal T McLoughlin

          What does Jesus have to do with it? Or have you forgotten the ULC is a multi-faith organisation, NOT a Christian one!

          Shalom Aleichem!

          1. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

            Multi-faith includes Christianity. Your statement seems to indicate excluding it.

        2. Josh's Avatar Josh

          I agree with you 100 percent. This is supposed to be a a place of faith. Even if my faith is different than yours. Politics are a part of life. But I am getting tired of them becoming a subject of hatred. On a religious platform.

    3. Rico Camacho's Avatar Rico Camacho

      This forum has every right to speak on current events. Thank You to the church of cannabis.

    4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Dear Prose, Just an observation here-- ULC's web-page managers' position on everything as far as I can tell is pretty far left. The leftist view is presented as the sane, rational, compassionate one while the right is presented as irrational, backward, and callous. I mean, it's in the name-- UNIVERSAL, which by extension means, ECUMENICAL. Ecumenical cannot mean anything CONTRARY to leftism, which seeks ultimately to bring all mankind under one government BEFORE the Kingdom of God. I look at it this way-- they are just trying to fulfill prophecy, even if they don't believe the prophecy. If you really believe Moses, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jesus Christ, Paul, Peter, or John, they are going to view you as backward, quaint, superstitious, a little naïve and unsophisticated here. However, there are plenty of us who are NOT leftists at all. We believe in INDIVIDUAL freedoms, and not political correctness (which is a communist concept). We are not "haters" as they try to label us to silence our point of view. The left just uses that practice to discourage the right's views being voiced. The left is all about the collective, thinking one size fits all. If it doesn't fit you, then you must be a misfit. Darwinism dictates that you have to be marginalized or eliminated altogether. Long live the Beast, gun confiscation, all that stuff. All the peace, love, and unicorn people, besides being full of beans, will not fare well in the Brave New World Utopia which they think they are helping to usher in. I too, think this page should try to stay off of politics and stick to the love and unicorns, maybe talk about Sasquatch and UFOs, but it's not really about all that. It's about figuring out who is who and us vs. them and all that. The Bible has to be rewritten to suit humans, humans shouldn't modify their behavior to fit the Bible. It IS political. Not sin and righteousness. I'm just saying.

      1. WRD's Avatar WRD

        I agree, Here is a great example of your logic: "The leftist view of killing 6 month (24 weeks) fetuses in the womb to sell the body parts is sane, rational, and compassionate. And the while the right's beliefs that all life is created by God and is to be protecteced is presented as irrational, backward, and callous. Clearly the conservatives are very mean spirited.

        The "Left" has lost all creditbility on this issue. They are Sick, Depraved, and Callus. God is weeping, and when He get thru weeping..... then the anger. God save our children! God please forgive us!

        1. Micheal T McLoughlin's Avatar Micheal T McLoughlin

          There is no left or right. There is only the ever-turning circle, with an inside and an outside.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Geez. That's so deep.

        2. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

          Your buying into a video that has been edited to present a lie. Planned Parenthood is not selling fetuses. It is facilitating the donation of fetal tissue by the mothers, and taking compensation for cost. They are not making any profit in the process, in fact they are more likely loosing money.

          1. Fred McG's Avatar Fred McG

            You are privy to the financial records of PP? You must be because how else would you know they are not making any profit from the sales? Oh wait, you say they are "more likely loosing money" so you don't really know do you? Just bloviating.

            Facilitating the donation and taking compensation for cost is not selling? That is just spin.

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            They would not be doing it at a financial loss. Nobody does anything at a financial loss if they are doing it for a living, except government, and the government is not spending its own money, because it doesn't make any money. It spends the workers' money.

      2. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

        I have seen more attacks on individual freedom from the right than from the left. My brand of liberalism is more about individual freedom than any conservative's. For instance, if your not gay, gay marriage is none of your business, stop trying to dictate to them how they should define their relationships. Women have a fundamental right to control their own bodies, so stop trying to tell them whether or not they can stop a pregnancy they are not ready for, or can't survive. Stop telling people they can't use contraception to prevent those pregnancies. Stop giving Corporations, which should not count as individuals, power over the health care of the individuals who work for them. These are all ways in which the "right" attacks individual freedom. Your characterization of both the right and the left is dishonest.

        1. Scott's Avatar Scott

          I agree with your stance on homosexual rights; anything but full recognition is a blatant affront to individual freedom, but the other issues are less clear.

          The issue of abortion rights, while often argued poorly, depends on whose life you value more. I think the right classifying the unborn as protected individuals is logically sound. I consider myself pro-abortion, but I don't deny that the other side has a good argument.

          I also think corporations have every right to limit healthcare options they provide. If you provide, you get to choose what you provide. I suppose that argument comes down to whether you think corporations have rights, which I obviously do.

          I think the right and left have pretty fair exchanges on which rights they seek to deny. Both enjoy a la carte civil rights.

        2. JG's Avatar JG

          Were that the child that abortion butchers able to speak, I am quite sure he or she would say otherwise. Individual freedom does not equate to selfishness. The mothers individual freedom ends when she bears the burden of another life. If one cannot see that the you probably should even have children in the first place as you are obviously not parental maeterial.

      3. JG's Avatar JG

        Agreed Sir. It's astonishing how intolerante the left can be, it equates to "equality for all, as long as you agree with us, if not you're a hater". Nazism, thy name is "Liberal".

        1. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

          So, your in favor of giving equal standing to beliefs based on hate. Interesting. Not exactly a valid path to truth, but interesting.

          1. JG's Avatar JG

            One man's hate is another man's valor. It all depends on what side of the pond you are looking at. The history books are written by the victors, as they say. A wise man looks at all aspects of a situation, anything less isn't exactly a valid path to truth.

    5. Rick's Avatar Rick

      It does seem like a progression of poor decisions, doesn't it? I'm with ya!

    6. Layton's Avatar Layton

      It would be a sin for churches to stand by silently while groups promote hatred of other groups of citizens. That has happened in the past and our experience has shown it to lead to disastrous results. Churches speaking out against inequality on the other hand is what brought about much of the success in bringing Blacks and Whites together in the US. I agree that church should not take political stands but treating all people equally is not a political stand it is the basis of solid loving community.

    7. WRD's Avatar WRD

      I agree!

    8. JG's Avatar JG

      All things considered, I must agree. The ultra-left leaning mentality of the ULC is made quite clear with aritcles like this. It makes any normal and sane person probably want to vomit, in "pride" rainbow colors, no less. Disgusting.

    9. mark's Avatar mark

      growing up i went to several christian churches. each and everyone of them told us how to vote all the time, every year, and surprise, it was always republican. i guess ulc is just like every other church but democrat instead of republican. if you are all mad about churches in politics, it is way beyond the ulc. it happens in almost every church every sunday

  1. jimgramze's Avatar jimgramze

    Among the many outrageous things that Trump has said, very recently he mentioned those who cannot help and take care of themselves and how we must do something about that. I am very interested in finding out exactly what he means by that. He also said something about how Obamacare could have been better handled, again being very vague.

    While I fully intend to support Bernie Sanders, Trump has planted some interesting seeds and I am anxious to see what he is really about. Morbid curiosity, perhaps, but the full picture has not yet emerged.

  1. Rev. Larry Mager's Avatar Rev. Larry Mager

    I think if Trump were to be elected, there would be a gridlocked Congress the like of which has not been seen before. Congress would stymy Trump in ways never dreamed of. He might try Obama's Executive orders, but even those can be overturned by a later President. My own opinion is that NO ONE who has not served in the military should be allowed to be POTUS. Even if it were a 4 year hitch as an enlisted person, it would be better than those who didn't serve or deserted. This way, the Commander-In-Chief would know how the military does work. I'm a service related veteran and even I still remember how things are supposed to work.....I just don't want to be POTUS!!!! :-))

    1. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

      Some of our best Presidents have not served in the military. To make that requirement would be a strike against civilian oversight, and be one step toward military dictatorship.

    2. mark's Avatar mark

      that sort of throws the idea of civilian oversight of the military right out the window so i couldnt disagree more with your idea. it goes against the checks and balances that are vital to our country

  1. Norma j Mousoulias's Avatar Norma j Mousoulias

    Politics are a part of life. For God wants us/His creation to be united, and not Divided. I pray for all our candidates that our Lord may carry them through and that they too may see that we are ONE family.

  1. kimm's Avatar kimm home was burglarized by Mexican illegals and I had to find out through other channels since local law enforcement did not want to tell me, and haven't till this day, even when asked outright. They even blew off an eye witness who came forward. Can't say Trump is too far off.....

    1. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

      In spite of the one crime against you, and what ever other anecdotes you can come up with. The fact is that illegal immigrants commit a lower percentage of crimes than American Citizens.

      1. kimm's Avatar kimm

        Such as they were responsible for a string of burglaries in the area? And why would law enforcement not verify what another person of authority already had? And why did it take more than a week for my report to be filed after the cop took it? (The insurance company had to get on their tails to find out what happened to the report then it miraculously appeared.)Why did they not want to look at the hand prints left all over my windows? Why did they not want the items that the robbers left behind in my house? My guess is they already knew who was behind this but didn't want to "rock the PC boat". And when your home is burglarized, I hope you look at it as an antidote.

        1. kimm's Avatar kimm

          Excuse me....anecdote....stupid auto correct....Sorry about that!

  1. M.E.Holt C.N.'s Avatar M.E.Holt C.N.

    D.T. is shaking things up that's a fact. He's well known, & outspoken. Everyone seems to think he's outrageous & truthful at the same time, however he's not president material. He has 'no' experience, & would most likely have us in another war 3 minutes after he takes office. His degree of prejudice is off the richter scale. He's very entertaining however and we all need a good laugh when it comes to politics.

    1. Robin Call's Avatar Robin Call

      Obama had no experience nor is president material but he has served 2 terms

      1. Doc Cribbett's Avatar Doc Cribbett

        Nuff said!

      2. Rev. Roe's Avatar Rev. Roe

        Yes, President Obama has served 2 terms but look where our country is today!! May God help the next President get us back on course.

    2. urania144's Avatar urania144

      Well, look at what we now have, considering the ones that have had military experience. Perhaps many of them had fallen into the hidden agenda of keeping their job, therefore, playing the game. It is very apparent that the American people are not our "leaders" top priority. It is time for a "Big Change", and I think it is time for Donald Trump. He may not be perfect, but considering what we have now, that is not required. However, his " ideals" for our country are perfect, and his ideas will no doubt improve the path to getting our country back to where it should be, honorable.

  1. KBob's Avatar KBob


    I hope you all are not going to vote for any socialists, as you show your hate onwards TRUMP.

  1. Donald's Avatar Donald

    Walter Ewing's research was fundamentally flawed in both its scope and sources. If we look at facts, for instance population in prisons, crimes committed and where, we find a much different picture. As for The Donald. Which devil do we dance with? No one can please everyone. But we look at the facts of what a person has done in office or business and life. These speak volumes as to what they would try to do in office. Also look at who backs them! Good will always be good and evil will always be evil.

  1. LFOD ANP's Avatar LFOD ANP

    Great story! I never liked Trump before. I like him now though. He'll win in 2016 because Americans are waking up and no longer will allow ourselves to be DESTROYED by politics as we have been for many decades. Look at us; we've become the laughing stock of much of the world due to the disastrous politics of Bush and Obama. Trump WILL help America be great again, and just like he says, he'll take the immigrant vote, and the black vote, once people see what he has to offer WITHOUT the mainstream media twisting his words. Count on it. Peace and Love!

    1. Doc Cribbett's Avatar Doc Cribbett

      Well said!

  1. Rick's Avatar Rick

    While it's true that politics are "part of life", that does not mean they must inundate every corner of our lives. When I'm playing with my nephews and nieces, I'm not talking to them about Obama and Reid. When I meditate, I'm not thinking of elections. When I come to this site, I expect to see topics based on what this site purports to be. However, if they are going to post political things because "Politics are part of life", they are using statistics on "cities with high Hispanic populations" as a counter to the idea of ILLEGAL immigrants being criminals. The high Hispanic populations of those cities aren't comprised of ILLEGAL immigrants. They are comprised of American citizens who happen to be Hispanic. It's comparing apples and oranges and the type of liberal logic frequently used because it seems logical on the surface but has absolutely nothing to do with FACTS! Thousands and thousands of these people already have a criminal history. That's a FACT. In 2011 the U.S. deported more than 400,000 illegal aliens and 55% of them had a criminal history. That's not exactly "the peaceful, hard-working, honest, decent" group that the left would have us believe they are. How many times have U.S. criminals sought to escape justice by going to another country? TONS!! It's no different in Mexico. Is ULC representing that none of these ILLEGAL immigrants are that type of fugitive? The truth is that Mexico has in the past released criminals on condition that they leave the country. It reduces their prison population and resultant economic burden. Mexico isn't the only country to have ever done this and many cities here in the U.S. do the same thing with criminals. They release non-felons on condition that they not return to the city/county. Let us not forget that by coming here illegally they are making this statement - "I do not care about your laws. I do not care about your economy. I do not care about how I may be negatively impacting your way of life, your freedoms, or your well-being"... And that means they aren't exactly the type of people we want here, anyway. People who immigrate legally are making this statement - "I respect your home, your laws, and your way of life. I admire your country and want to be a part of the American melting pot." That's why most legal immigrants don't like the ILLEGAL ones as well. The truth is that the number of convicted felons or people facing felony charges among the ILLEGAL immigrant community is FAR FAR FAR higher than among the rest of society, whether here or in Mexico. They are not just a homogenized cross-section of Hispanic society. There is a disproportionately higher criminal element. This is the TRUTH, not the rose-colored, Pollyanna, kool-aid drinking, leftist view. I hope ULC will stop posting political/controversial crap just to get more replies/responses to boost their ratings. I hope they will start posting more things about healing, meditation, the science of religion, how spirituality helps people recover faster from illness and after surgery, maybe a weekly spotlight on a great spiritual place to visit, and concentrate on what a church should concentrate on, which is not politics. I've left better churches because of politics from the pulpit.

    1. Doc Cribbett's Avatar Doc Cribbett

      Very well stated!!!

  1. Craig Sanders's Avatar Craig Sanders

    I, too must mirror my concerns for the postures ULC has taken regarding very disturbing events and political actions that have been imposed on our Republic. Religious belief isn't about liberal, progressive thought. History has shown to survive and thrive, humans need boundaries - guidelines to live WITHIN. Without them, we stray toward self serving activities that are designed to satisfy only the sentient Self - not the Spirit. As a minister, I feel it is my responsibility to support that which helps me and those I serve to progress Spiritually and oppose that which allows an individual to self destruct in the eyes of God. If we, as true teachers of the Word of Spirit take the stance "do what ever you want as long as it makes you feel warm and fuzzy WE become the false prophets. It is of utmost importance we, as ministers, remember the Constitution gave institutions such as ULC the right to exist. Try having a business like this in any other country. We need to do everything in our power to protect the Constitution and the rights it has afforded us. The current Administration has worked diligently to negate constitutional right for all Americans. The illegal immigration issue is real. LOGIC dictates allowing people into the country that may have criminal histories is a horrible idea and threatens those we are sworn to minister to. We've already seen multiple violent crimes committed against Americans by illegal immigrants. So, to me, that's a problem. Donald Trump's comment was appropriate. The truth in what he stated may be painful or disturbing to some, but he spoke only truth. As ministers, we should support truth. And yes, politics ARE a big part of life today. We need to accept it and use THAT truth as a way to further every one of our ministries. If ULC is to begin political comment, please let it be in the spirit of reality and in the spirit of that which will preserve our very right to celebrate religious belief. Trashing someone for speaking truth is not in that spirit - In Light, Craig Sanders, Ph.D

    1. Brother Tim's Avatar Brother Tim

      Heil Hitler, yes we must eradicate all that do not believe. So if you do not like it then do not read it. Jesus was all about Communism and the right for all to live you folks need to grow up and have a better relationship with god and quit worrying about your neighbor. if you want truth you need to live it because its not in any Bible or book. Mr. Trump has evil plans like ALL rich people and they do not include you unless your part of the 1%, you can not be rich and be Christian because of the temptation, GROW UP and see the truth behind EVIL. If you have money and homes and cars your not exactly Christian. REAL Christians do not have very much and serve only God, they do not need your laws because they never do anything outside of what God tells them to do. And they do not need a Bible to tell them so. God's internal not external. If you want truth why don't you really find out who wrote those Bibles, that might shed some light on you dim prospects. Also I'm not trashing just trying to get you to wake up to the fact that to fight evil you must be with God, not divided by being Jew, Muslim or Christian or anything else but human. We are all brothers and sisters if you wish to restrain one brother/sister you are only trying to restrain yourself,if you hurt a brother/sister you are only hurting yourself. This is a sounding board put up by U.L.C. which I'm a proud member of and I thank them for it.

    2. JG's Avatar JG

      Well said Dr. Sanders, I agree, and while logic would dictacte exactly what you suggest, the liberal ideology behind what is actually transpiring is far from logical to you and I as normal persons. But, make no mistake, there IS a logic behind it, and an evil and nefarious one, at that. Permit me to explain:

      1. They allow illegals into this country at will, and do nothing except token actions to stop them.
      2. They allow the illegals benefits and healthcare and government subsidies at the expense of you and I, and is now dependent upon the government to survive.
      3. Now the illegals get fast-tracked to citizenship. Citizenship includes the ability to vote.
      4. The formerly illegal citizen remembers all too-well what political party keeps food on their table, and will do anything in their power to prevent this from ending by voting to support the party and politicians that favor them.

      That is the real reason, the simple truth, the fact, and the reason why they do it. May God have mercy on us all.

    3. urania144's Avatar urania144

      Thank you for your post. Jesus never got involved in politics. The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man was His message. The things that are happening today are for us to handle with His help. We must look at the logical in these decisions in order to further humanities growth. Unfortunately, I don't think that this is happening in the present governmental system. I do believe that there is a hidden agenda behind what is going on now and I totally agree with your statements. Many people are waking up to the Truth. I firmly believe that Donald Trump is the catalyst for many things to get back to where they should be, that he is our hope for the change that is needed. If not, then we are following along with the same bureaucracy that has brought us to the state that we are in now. I pray that that the American people are led to make this important decision and ultimately upgrade our future.

      1. Gene's Avatar Gene

        Well said!

  1. Jody Ahrens's Avatar Jody Ahrens

    are not IMMIGRANTS. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS. THEY BROKE THE LAW. Their very presence here makes them Criminals PERIOD. We as people do not get to decide which laws we will follow and which laws we will not. That is like me saying, well, I don't think Gods word on Pre-Marital sex is very sensitive to my feelings, so I will start to teach that everyone can just have sex at will. Political correctness has run amuck in this country and people are SICK OF IT. That is why Trump is double digits ahead of the rest. The others are just playing political GAMES. I do not agree with Trump's words that Mexico is sending anyone here. People decide on their own to hop the border. The country does not send them. I also do not think that most of them are rapists and murders but they ARE Criminals for hopping that border.

  1. Janet DeMar's Avatar Janet DeMar

    Trump is just another board rich man with to much time on his hands. The amusement factor of his hatred of minorities is getting so stupid every time he opens his mouth. We need Jeb Bush to take over and fix our country after the mess that has been made. I pray this will happen as this country needs to have someone who can take America back to what it can and should be.

    1. kimm's Avatar kimm

      I don't know if you are from Florida or not, but speaking as a Florida resident myself, Jeb Bush is one of the last people we need in office. Lessons learned when he was governor. But just my opinion.

      1. Mark's Avatar Mark

        Amen kimm.

  1. Scott's Avatar Scott

    "While the Universal Life Church attempts to remove itself from the muck and mire of the political process, we do think it is important to remain informed on the issues and to ensure that, as the matters of state are carried out, our brothers and sisters are given the respect, care, and attention they deserve as fellow humans. Trump’s comments earlier this year about Mexican immigrants struck us as demonstrably false and irreversibly damaging to the greater community."

    In other words: we officially have no political stance, but unofficially, here are some overt, horribly partisan political comments that are more about taking a stance than providing information.

    Got it.

  1. Rev. Leah's Avatar Rev. Leah

    My fear is elitism. Does Trump have any idea what a gallon of milk costs? I mean without an assistant giving him an answer? When was the last time he tooled around a grocery story with the grocery cart with the bad wheel?(I think they make them that way on purpose). Mandatory military service to be Pres? Do you think the forefathers were thinking about the possibility of a military coup?

    I fear Trump! I fear our future if he becomes President.

    How many politicians has he financially backed over the years?

    1. healthiestdietpossible's Avatar healthiestdietpossible

      Why would you vote for an "ordinary" person who can do no better than push a wonky-wheeled cart around a supermarket counting his pennies and watching the price of milk? Why wouldn't you vote for an extraordinary person who has lifted himself above ordinary men and negotiated multi-million dollar deals with governments around the world for granting business permits, casino licensing, construction zoning... Trump has TONS of experience. His projects are renowned for coming in under budget and ahead of schedule and when completed they are magnificent. When was the last time that happened in our government? So what if he's outspoken. I think that takes strength and courage given the way the public seizes every opportunity to crack you over the head if you're in the spotlight and say anything that is even remotely dodgy in our PC world. I applaud it. Yes he's backed politicians. That's the construction game. Read his book The Art of the Deal. That's part of knowing how to get things done. It's not corruption it's the system. Trump doesn't back down. That's who we need in government. Go Donald. I'm gonna vote for you.

      1. Gene's Avatar Gene

        You're answer is the best I have seen. I also came from nothing and am not rich but have wonderful life. Donald Trump can be a voice for everyone to take control of their lives. God gives all of us that ability.

      2. Brother Rog's Avatar Brother Rog

        You obviously have no done your homework. In my opinion If not for Trumps father, public investment, and the government bailing the Trumps out .... he would have nothing. Self made? Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has no idea what blue collar or hard work means. He has no respect for the working class of this country. I would never vote for Trump and I seriously don't think he expects me to. Money does not make you right, or moral, or honest, or even represent you as a hard working deserving person. Osama Bin Laden had a net worth of $50,000,000. Much more than most all of us. Does that mean he was a hard working rags to riches story? Don't be fooled people. Blindly follow someone because they have money? Not me. No thank you.

        1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

          You obviously have no done your homework ? What school in Mexico did you hail from ? Try going back to high school, learn correct grammar and try again.

  1. Joseph Lee Langer's Avatar Joseph Lee Langer

    First of all, though I agree with the articles criticism of Trumps claims, I think they praise him too much. He's not a captivating speaker, he's bombastic. It's like watching a car crash, you just can't look away.

    Secondly, he has a lead in the Republican polls with only 26%. Far from a majority. With 16 people running for the Rep. Nomination it does not take much to be in the lead, you don't even have to be all that popular. Remember that 26% for him means 74% against him. As it goes forward the votes of the other 74% will move behind one of the other candidates......... and maybe some behind Trump, but not enough for him to win. The hyperbole about how popular Trump is, is not accurate, and we should not get caught up in the hype.

    1. Gene's Avatar Gene

      People want change to take the greatest country. Our Republican Congress has failed us. Trump is the only candidate that will not play politics. You say don't get caught up. It is you that is caught up with business as usual--failing business. The main issue in this country is to get rid of our debt and jobs. Trump is the only one that ca do this. I was taught a long time ago, if you keep doing the same thing when failing, you will continue fail. The last president that could do it was Reagan and Trump is stronger than he was..neither would play politics

  1. Vanessa Thomas's Avatar Vanessa Thomas

    Obviously selective listeners. Criminals have no business coming to our country. Trump is not anti-immigration, but he is anti-criminal. So am I. Get your facts straight and don't suck up to the mainstream media with this crap.

  1. marie sifford's Avatar marie sifford

    I would be on ALERT all the time if Trump became President because he acts without thinking. A leader can not be that careless. He acts like a child at Christmas ; what toy do I play with next. Be careful of what you ask for America. A classless rich man with no limits.

  1. Brother Rog's Avatar Brother Rog

    Trump sounds like a real hypocrite. If he deports all the Mexicans in the United States who are here illegally then whom will he get to clean his hotels, do the laundry, maintain the grounds, and staff his kitchens? So many corporations are bringing in labor from outside of this country. The rich are not doing anything but getting richer. The gap between the rich and the poor is expanding at an alarming rate and It’s the way the rich want it to stay. Does anyone really think someone like Trump wants everyone to share in their pies? What is Trumps solution to the illegal cheap labor which helps support his industry? Does anyone understand the amount of money that flows from the United States back to the country of origin of these illegals Trump refers to. Everyone month millions of dollars flows back to Mexico from the people here working. Millions of dollars in transaction fees are made by American banking institutions every month. You think Trump and his buddies want that to end? So much money made from exploiting the very people Trump condemns. Now the frustration of American citizens will be exploited for his own personal gain. He really has some people fooled with his comments. Like a dangling shinny key chain to distract them from thinking for yourselves. Does he really take himself that serious? I imagine from up where he lives the world looks much different than way down here where he feels the rest of us reside. But that’s just my opinion. You’re Fired!

    1. Fred McG's Avatar Fred McG

      You are accusing Trump of violating Federal and State laws? Do you have any proof of your allegations? Or are you just mouthing off?

      1. Brother Rog's Avatar Brother Rog

        Slow down brother. If I offended you I am sorry. If you go back and read you most probably would agree, even though you ended your statement with a question mark, your comment is much more of an accusation than anything I said. I was simply stating my own personal view on something Trump had said. Do you consider personal opinion "mouthing off?" I don't think you do but If that's the case then you must consider Trumps statements as he also just "mouthing off." That being true then Trump and myself are in the same category; Just a couple of guys "mouthing off." If all that is true then you might as well through yourself into the mix as three guys "mouthing off." Most everyone else though considers "mouthing off" as you put it, a constitutional right. They call it the freedom of speech. If that offends you don't complain to me, because although I will defend it, I didn't write the constitution of the United States of America. It is a fact that there are millions of undocumented immigrants from Mexico here in the United States living and working in our towns and cities. So if it is against federal and state laws to employ undocumented immigrants from Mexico then who are they working for? Mind you this is not just a few here and there, but MILLIONS of workers. So ..... speaking of proof , do you have any proof that all persons currently working in all hotels and restaurants, or any other business for that matter, here in the United States are all here legally? I would imagine you do not. No more proof than Trump would have that most undocumented immigrants are criminals. Ive seen no proof that Mexico is sending anyone here for the purpose of doing the United States harm. Where is that proof? Ive seen no proof that undocumented immigrants have caused crime rates to increase. Where is that proof? I'm not going to apologize for not being hypnotized by the talking heads I see on television. I will not worship at the alter of fear and greed either. Trump "alleging" that most undocumented immigrants are criminals I consider a ridiculous statement that I hope most free thinking semi-intelligent people would not believe. Where here is his proof? We should be defending the weak and trying to free the oppressed instead of allowing the rich to dictate fear to us. All I am suggesting is that in my opinion allowing fear or greed to control you is a good way to loose control of your heart. I'm must here for one reason, to Love people. I am no better and no worse than Trump, or anyone else for that matter. I make mistakes everyday. Accusing an most of an entire group of people from one race for contributing to the heartless unthinkable crime in this country is not one of them. I know one thing, I am one small voice but Trump will never have my vote for public office of any kind. Peace be with you brother and best of luck in your journey.

  1. Cindy Anderson's Avatar Cindy Anderson

    Keep the church separate from politics. Put the efforts toward praying for peace and love for one another and helping our community. Trump getting elected or not is "already written" in his destiny.

  1. William Thompson's Avatar William Thompson

    Donald Trump has appealed to the masses that are tired of our current administation's deceitful way of handling our affairs. I believe he has America's best interests at heart. Also, I want to note that the people coming over the border from Mexico know that it is wrong and try not to get caught. They are not "immigrants" they are illegal aliens and have not operated in accordance with our laws. This creates chaos for law abiding citizens that believe that this country should apply all the laws we have equally to all who break them.

    With that being said, I whole heartedly agree with Cindy Anderson who posted above. Keep the church separate from the politics. Pray for peace. If Trump is elected or not we will still be left with a country that needs prayer and responsible leadership.

  1. Rich McWilliams's Avatar Rich McWilliams

    I came with a torch to burn this hit piece but find it already afire. I warm myself in its glow knowing I am not alone. I shall keep my torch afire that I might be a beacon for others looking for a way out of their darkness both here and other places. It is truly unfortunate that all can not see the fire before them even a blind man should feel the heat but such is the way of the Lord, for all are given free-will. Always I remember that by my words am I judged above as it is below,

  1. Mankind Global Media (@mankindglobal)'s Avatar Mankind Global Media (@mankindglobal)

    the foreign-born population of the U.S. rose from 1990 and 2013, violent crime declined by 48% and property crime by 41%. Of the top 10 ranked safest cities in the nation, 7 have very large Hispanic immigrant populations

    [citation needed]

  1. Meg's Avatar Meg

    My cousin was murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2005. She hired a well respected home construction company to power wash her house in a nice Connecticut community. Unfortunately the owner of the company hired illegal aliens so he wasn't able to run background checks on them. They sent one of them to her house to power wash and he stabbed her to death, stole her husbands clothese, her cell phone and started calling women in her address book and threatening to kill them too. In my opinion, Mr. Trump is spot on about the caliber of people that are coming in illegally. The word, "illegal" should clue you all in.
    I don't think I will vote for him, but maybe his running will make all of the political clowns we have running realize that we are fed up with their lies and rhetoric. We don't need someone in charge that knows how to read a speech like our current President, rather someone who steps up to the plate and gets the job done and calls crimes by their real names!!!!

  1. katepaulson's Avatar katepaulson

    I think it would have been best if the Universal Life Church would stay out of "the muck and mire of the political process" as you cautioned. Instead you jumped in with both feet. Bad idea.

  1. Jim Gatos's Avatar Jim Gatos

    Since when did ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS become accepted? I'm not really a Trump supporter but he was talking about ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, Not "Legal Immigrants". I don't think anyone has a problem with the legal ones. My parents came to this country LEGALLY. They were able to stay here LEGALLY. They didn't "sneak" in. They didn't have low paying illegal jobs tax free.

    By the way. why is the ULC even getting involved.? Separation of church and state. Can't anyone, including you guys, respect this?

  1. john o's Avatar john o

    Hi Did you know that trump is a uk slang word for fart,or to break wind.?seriously though,do you not think that the fact that the us system of election for president is very flawed,and open to abuse,In europe and uk,head of state is seperate (eg uk queen),and leader of largest political party eg cameron uk/ merkle germany has to be an elected member of govt first.Also europe,uk,australia etc have specific limits on election spending.Not saying without flaws,but seperating head of state from politics,as in uk with queen has lots of advantages over having money-backed politicians,regards john o (uk).

  1. Dr Duck's Avatar Dr Duck

    If we don't get a President who can and will put this economy back on track quickly, our great nation with all its liberties is going under. Trump is obviously the man to do that. Clinton, Bush and Obama seem to think that the way to prosper a nation is to ship all our manufacturing to China and borrow more money from China to keep our sinking ship of state afloat for a little longer. It will be more of the same if don't elect Trump. If we don't stay afloat, all our liberations will not survive.

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed

    The other side of this are the "Sanctuary Cities." We have a man, who has been deported FIVE TIMES, with MULTIPLE FELONY RECORDS. He somehow gets the gun of an agent, and kills Kathryn Steinle. This is NOT an isolated incident. There's rapes, murders, and other criminal activities. There are a number that aren't, but in not addressing the issues that do arise, it adds fuel to the fire for those who will say "See? This is what illegals do? They've already broken the law, being illegal? How many more young girls must be raped? How many people must be murdered? How many families must have victims, because we're not hard on the criminals that break the laws, no matter where the criminals come from?"

  1. Brother Rog's Avatar Brother Rog

    The problem of illegal immigrants effects everyone. It is all of our responsibility to help fix it in whatever way we can. Talking about it is the first step. I could not agree more with you on not being hard enough on violent criminals. Then you are faced with where to put the criminals. My state is releasing them because the budget wont allow for upkeep on the prisons and the Feds have given them the choice of fixing the prisons or releasing prisoners. Go figure. It still does not mean that most of the People crossing our boarders are violent criminals. But increased boarder security, harsher punishment for any violent offender no matter where they come from, allowing law enforcement to arrest, detain, and return them back to where they came from, and passing laws to hold American businesses accountable for doing the background checks of everyone they hire to make sure they are in the United States legally. Would our economy suffer if we closed our boarders to immigrants, illegal or otherwise? We are turning into a nation of consumers. We used to produce so much here in the United States. Now we importing our technical manpower, exporting our labor, and almost every shelf at the store is filled with garbage quality merchandise or processed food with little or no nutritional value. Seems like we are always trying to fix the symptoms and putting on band-aids on not focusing on the disease.

  1. Rev. Donna's Avatar Rev. Donna

    It is important for all of us to search our hearts, in any election, & keep our priorities on the highest & best for all concerned. Keeping the best intentions & sending high vibrating prayers to our leaders & potential leaders, will help the process. Focusing on negativity is not productive. As we each choose high vibrating thoughts for ourselves, we radiate peace out to the world & thus attract the best circumstances for all.

  1. Rev. Charles Deaton's Avatar Rev. Charles Deaton

    So long as another thug don;t get in office, Clinton. Carson, we may be ok. I will vote for trump ! Get the illgals out of the USA if you want to get in apply like you should.

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