Person holding a cross with cannabis leaves
With the founding of "Christian Cannabis," marijuana could be coming to a church near you. Is that a good thing?

Pastor Craig Gross first made a name for himself when he founded the XXXchurch, which preached the dangers of pornography and encouraged people to stay away from foul temptations. But now, the anti-porn pastor has a surprising new venture: Christian Cannabis.

Traditionally, religion teaches restraint and that includes staying away from both porn and mind-altering substances like pot. So how did someone so concerned about sexual behavior come to embrace an illegal drug?

Apparently, it all began with a spiritual revelation. After years staying away from the drug, Gross first tried marijuana to help treat a chronic migraine problem that a dozen specialists and scores of prescription drugs couldn't fix. What he didn't expect were positive the spiritual side effects that came with getting high.

Gross says that his prayers became more focused and the experience more powerful than ever before. As he explains it: "the Lord met me in ways more powerful than I have ever known in my forty-two years on this earth."

With that, the idea for Christian Cannabis was born.

And on the Third Day

Pastor Gross believes that marijuana has been falsely demonized by people who simply don't understand it. He insists the plant is actually a gift from God, "created on day 3." Not only that, but it has tremendous potential to enhance the way Christians worship.

"What if Christians were to begin understanding how something like cannabis could be used in beneficial ways to support their lives?" asks the company's website. Between its healing properties and the ability to become closer to God, using cannabis is a no-brainer, they argue.

Coachella Launch

The Pasadena-based company had its debut at the Coachella music festival on April 20 the unofficial holiday for stoners everywhere. According to Pastor Gross, it was an enlightening experience to see his dream come to life.

A Pew Research study showing growing popularity of marijuana

"It was amazing. I've never lifted my hands in a worship service ever, 'cause I was raised Baptist," he told The Christian Post. "I've (only) done that in my bathroom worshiping with marijuana by myself."

Gross now wants his fellow Christians to feel his buzz. Which is why he'll use Christian Cannabis to promote an alternative way of thinking about pot. "I've been a Christian my whole life and I still carry that title. Today feels like 2002, like XXXchurch did. Putting three Xs in front of the word church is similar to putting the word Christian in front of cannabis. It's the dumbest thing. It doesn't mean we have better holy spiritual weed than you do. There's not such a thing. Our market is Christians that love the Lord."

Cannabis Use on the Rise

His timing may be spot on. There are already numerous non-Christian churches touting the benefits of marijuana and a recent Pew Research study found 62 percent of all Americans (and 74 percent of millennials) support legalized the drug.

Christian Cannabis will soon offer an introductory line of marijuana products to help users find peace and purpose, offer praise, and deal with pain. "Perhaps it feels as though your brain is waging a war against you," reads one description for a THC pen. "Quiet it."

But products aside, Gross insists more than a few pastors have asked him to tackle the issue publicly because they don't feel comfortable doing so themselves:

"What shocks me is churches in California, Oregon, Denver, Washington that are silent. People following and sitting in their pews deserve something more than just 'I don't know.' I've spent 18 years championing a conversation about porn inside the local church. My end goal with Christian Cannabis is that it shouldn't take me 18 years to see these kind of conversations with this topic."

A New Sacrament?

Despite the growing popularity of cannabis, traditional religion remains quite wary of the substance. But with time, and as the drug becomes further destigmatized, people like Craig Gross believe it has the potential to become a new type of sacrament in the church.  "Catholics have no issue with wine, so what's the big deal about a naturally-growing plant?" these visionaries ask. What do you think? Is there anything wrong with using marijuana to get closer to God


  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. You only have to look at the book of Revelations, that was written on the isle of Patmos, which is very well known for its trade in magic mushrooms, even to this day. It’s quite obvious that many back in those days had hallucinatory experiences judging from stories that you can read in the Old and New Testament.


    1. James's Avatar James

      1000's of years ago they drank out of pewter. (heavy metal poising). Does that make it safe / healthy? Biblical writings / stories by those who were never actually "there" not make it right, healthy or safe.

    2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      Are you sure those hallucinations didn't have something to do with schizophrenia? I've heard that the ancient word for schizophrenic was prophet. I've never seen anything like the book of Revelation while hallucinating from mushrooms, or anything else.

  1. George's Avatar George

    I've used Marijuana for fun and spirituality. I believe it won't be long before controlled groups will be getting high and through a spiritual guide will elevate their relationship with God.

  1. James's Avatar James

    Legal or illegal, Elevating ones relationship w/ god (love) thru a myriad of vices. IE: ingestion of carbonized particulates (sigs, crack, cannabis or even child-porn by clergy, etc) is a cop-out by those who are unable to handle reality. Sensing all these illusions of some spiritual gain by oxygen derivation and brain altering compounds as some form of gain to the pearly-gates are (excuses), Egocentric Predicament here. The illusion of Claircognizance as one defyth's thy temple to justify a godly reason to partake of egotistical vices is yet another down fall of the human species to the level of idocracy (the movie). Smoke up, drink up, crack up, consume allllll the vices the ego wants and call it "godly"? No problem, the healthy care industry is making billions off all the sick & polluted paths we pave. PS: leave something for your G-kids to inherit than a man created sick world and occupants. Government legalize various drugs / vices for consumption but holds ground on it being illegal to claim citrus helps scurvy. FDA laws read ~ "Only a drug can prevent or cure". Smoke, drink, shoot & eat up, it will cure the human race of existance.

  1. James's Avatar James

    100 % of all ppl I have counseled, spoke to or the like, had one factor in common. They all (after quitting) describe their path going forward as (In their drug-use days). "Their heads were in a cloud".

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      Some people just like to smoke a little weed every once in a while. Not all users are obsessed, drug - addicts. I've got a diploma on my wall that says I'm a Drug And Alcohol Treatment Specialist, and a couple of twenty five year chips in my pocket, and I'm all for the legalization of marijuana. A marijuana buzz is calming and relaxing, and has health benefits, when used in certain amounts. It's not good for people like me who become obsessed with it. I've been known to eat a dozen hydroponic brownies in an hour, and stay stoned for twenty six hours, while staring intensely at the TV, watching the same few Cheech and Ching movies over and over again. That isn't productive behavior. However, most pot smokers aren't like that, and just amoke enough to get a little buzz. There's nothing wrong with that. It can be a very enjoyable experience, and can even contribute to going deep into trance states, and having psychic and spiritual experiences. So, to those who can handle it, I say "Time it up, man. And don't pay any attention to nay sayers. Go for the gusto!"

      1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        The first word of the last sentence of my last comment was supposed to be toke, not time. I sometimes think my phone is possessed by an illiterate discarnate entity. Or maybe it just has a good buzz. And this goes to prove that I no longer have short term memory trouble, which has something to do with a benefit of not smoking marijuana. However, all this talk about marijuana is giving me the munchies. I'm on my way to the kitchen, now. Adios!

        1. TigerMoon2's Avatar TigerMoon2

          Glad you clarified... I thought you meant 'Fire it up, man.' Either way, I am set to comply. I DO think it allows one to 'deeply consider' the mysteries of life, and religion, and to 'discover' aspects that were previously not forthcoming... heh, heh. For me, it is no more addictive than a bag of Cheetos... and, having said that, I must confess I DO love my Cheetos, as well.

          1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

            Cheetos are very addictive. I especially like to lick my fingers after I'm through eating them. And marijuana can be just as mentally obsessive as anything else, especially to addicts, who suffer from an addictive mind/personality, despite the fact that it doesn't contain any physically addictive substances.

  1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown


    Google Rev. Tom Brown - Holy Anointing Oil and watch the diabetes sores on Jack Herer's legs get healed. After the Bible tells how to make it, it says that this is only for the Temple Priests....its the death penalty to give it to the ordinary folks and when Jesus did that, gave it to ordinary people, the Temple Mafia killed him. Go figure!

    1. William Reyes's Avatar William Reyes

      I was wondering if anyone was going to mention the Holy Anointing Oil. Cannabis is a main ingredient in the holy anointing oil and YES, Jesus and his disciples used it to help those in need to feed, heal, and clothes. Besides, there is a reason Jesus is called "The Anointed One". Sad that most of so called Christianity don't have a clue about their religion and scriptures.

      1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

        Not only is Jesus an Anointed One, or a Christ, but he was murdered by the Temple Mafia because he put the HAO on the street. That was in direct violation of the law written just after the recipe at Exodus 30 vs. 22-30. It says the death penalty applies to anyone that takes this oil out of the Temple, it is only for the Priests. Jesus took to to the street and the Temple Mafia captured him in the Garden of Gethsemane, tortured him at the High Priests house - with John as a witness - and delivered him to Herod, Pilot and then Herod again - the Quisling of Rome, who ordered his execution. He got busted for distributing Pot. And since the HAO is poured all over the alter of the Incense, and then the incense was burned with the priest standing over the smoke so as to saturate themselves, de was smoking dat pot too. So that noted Viper, Louis "Satchelmouth" Armstrong was busted in Los Angeles for the same thing Jesus was busted for.

        1. TigerMoon2's Avatar TigerMoon2

          "Satchelmouth'?... 'Viper'? Have I missed something, here?

          1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

            Yeah, Satchel-mouth was Louis Armstrong's' nickname and a Viper is one who vapes marijuana in the early days of the 20th Century. Check out "Really the Blues" by Mezz Mezzrow, Louis's pot supplier - its on Amazon..

        2. rev brandon baker aka reverend420's Avatar rev brandon baker aka reverend420

          One love brother tom!

  1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

    Ok, I admit it that I got to the second or third paragraph and we have somebody who is being lead down the proverbial path and attempting to use his "experience " as a new way to experience religion. I call him full of it. I am not a fan of pot. Never have been. I saw a man who had MS swear by it and he got so stoned, he did serious damage to himself. He was an addict. That's the problem with pot. It is another gateway drug and this "pastor " a glorified drug dealer. In only certain instances has this proven to work. Now that the floodgates are opened, even drug companies want in on it. I am an RN. I do a lot of different herbs and other CAM therapies including laying on of hands and creative visualization. We have this stupid way on drugs, but the only ones who are being targeted are the patients and the doctors who prescribe medication. The real problem needs to be addressed at the top and then go down the line, but the reality of the problem is that too many people are making too much money and are following the false gods of money and false power. They are slaves of the devil and too many people are suffering because of it.

    1. TigerMoon2's Avatar TigerMoon2

      Maybe a little research on the difference between 'chemical' and 'mental' addictions. THC is not chemically addictive, no one dies of overdoses, and as I previously stated here, addiction to marijuana is no more dangerous than addiction to Cheetos... it's a 'mental' NEED to chill out from the daily grind, like a drink after work, only better for you and more satisfying. Mental addictions are on YOU, not the substance. You're ability to 'change your attitude toward your use/abuse is always present, nothing but yourself keeping you from it. With marijuana use, it's always been different strokes for different folks. I might go even further to suggest that the herb's 'addictive' aspects are a direct result of the insecurity that comes with trying to find a dependable source for it, in states that haven't implemented legal outlets. It tends to feed any obsession you may have already had. Much of this is proven science, a little is my own take.

  1. Mark Hannon's Avatar Mark Hannon

    I just received a note from an evangelical group that claims a piece of paper with a prayer on it ( they call the paper a cloth ) will help heal me of many problems if I send then a donation. A guy that makes pillows says the Lord told him to make pillows. And there have been many other cd's, dvd's, tapes and other props that evangelicals have hawked to bring in money. Marijuana is probably a big money maker for this guy.

    1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

      Mark exactly right. It comes down to money in this case and when you care more about money than about being a minister, than it is time to step down.

  1. Willi's Avatar Willi

    Anything that helps anyone be kinder and more compassionate is a good thing. All Blessings and Peace Profound, Pastor Willi

    1. Theresa Bei's Avatar Theresa Bei

      I’m with the compassion and Cannolis is a good life saver for people in pain and other medical issues. Minister T

    2. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

      Paster Will, Cannibus doesn't make people kinder and more compassionate. You may think so because they are so stoned, they have no clue what they are doing. If you want to be a kinder and more compassionate person, I suggest you check out Watson's Theory of Human Caring. If you follow what she has to say, you will be a kinder and more compassionate person and probably more effective at whatever it is that you do, but cannibus doesn't do that at all.

      1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        Going to meetings and working a twelve step program might help too.

    3. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      Too much of such a good thing makes a lot of people paranoid, which isn't a good thing.

  1. linda salavarria's Avatar linda salavarria

    However you pray on your own time and with respect for other people's boundaries is not my concern. Just be safe and respectful.

  1. Preacher Man's Avatar Preacher Man

    God also created sexually transmitted diseases. Care to indulge?

  1. William Reyes's Avatar William Reyes

    I was wondering if anyone was going to mention the Holy Anointing Oil. Cannabis is a main ingredient in the holy anointing oil and YES, Jesus and his disciples used it to help those in need to feed, heal, and clothes. Besides, there is a reason Jesus is called "The Anointed One". Sad that most of so called Christianity don't have a clue about their religion, scriptures, and history.

    1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

      Bill, you want to cite your information? This one is just way the heck out there and he wasn't called "The Annointed One" because he used Cannibus oil in his healing mixture.

      1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

        Yo Son, check out Rabbi Kaplan's Living Torah which you can get on Amazon at:

        Exodus 30, verses 22 thru 30 is the formula for the holy anointing oil. Marijuana is listed as Kanhbosem in the Hebrew text. That is plural for marijuana which otherwise is Kanhbos in Hebrew. Add EM to the word and that makes it plural. The reason it is plural is because the formula calls for 250 shekels of marijuana for every Hin of oil. Yes that spelling is correct it is a Hin of oil. That amounts to 8 ounces of bud boiled down into one pint of oil poured over Samson's head until it runs of the edge of his beard onto the skirt of his garment.

        So if you are still a captive of the pedophile priests you never knew about this cause the miss-named Pope Innocent made it illegal in 1188 and sent Dominick into the south of France to convert the Cather Church - founded by Mary of Magdalene just after the Resurrection she witnessed. When he failed miserably to convince an Cather to pay the Popes tax, the Pope sent in the Swiss Guard and his other thugs to slaughter the Cathers. Ipso facto, marijuana is not in the Bible after that.

        Now we know that the marijuana increases the blood flow in the part of our brain where we talk to God, or if an atheist where they think about their kids, the Big Bang and Morality. So that part of the brain gets 10 times bigger under the influence of marijuana leading to the explanation for the abrupt decrease of violent crime, drunk driving, assault and robbery, murders, and teen age marijuana use after legalization even just for medical use.

        So you obviously have not done sufficient research on this subject, cause yes, indeed, Jesus and every other youth Nazarite who is anointed to be a priest, is in fact called Anointed because of the marijuana neuro-chemically and neurologically in thier brain. Ain't Science a Bitch! Ignore the pedophile priests.

  1. Patty's Avatar Patty

    The lower did not say you couldn’t drink wine said not to get drunk . Cannabis is going to make you high which is the same thing as making drunk . As a chaplain I don’t think so I know you’re going to drive somewhere just because something isn’t illegal to partake does not make it Godly. How times are changing. And I don’t think in a good way.

    1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

      Goddess only knows what happened to my reply to you, Patty, but whether it was an intentional or an unintentional typo, when you referred to "the Lower" were you speaking of Satan or Yeshua? While the Protestants tend to drink Welch's grape juice at Communion, the Catholic priests have alwaays used wine and many of them had addictive personalities and got drunk. You don't hear about this as much these days because now it's all about child abuse and sexual abuse. For the record, that as well has been going on for centuries. My own grandmother was raped by a priest up in PEI. Nobody believed her because he was a priest so he could continue on with his bad behaviors. She had to leave her home and travelled to Boston. Truth be told, when you know you have an addictive background, either your own or your family history is full of it, then commonsense dictates that you, too, will have a problem if you start it, so why start it? I had to tell my daughter, who is Scots/Irish on both sides of the family as well as her dad being 1/4 Wampanoag and Native Americans many times do not have the means to break alcohol down in their systems, causing terrible problems. So, the smart person will just not even try it and move on. Anybody who uses their position in such a negative manner, in my opinion has broken the vows he/she made to become a person of the cloth. There is a higher standard of behavior for reverends, etc. and it is for a reason. If you do not have the moral foritude required for the position, then don't take it, or if you want to clean up your act and get your life together and then try again, be my guest. Various churchs are closing and the congregations are underserved. Many are hanging on by a thread. I watched while a person who became a Reverend in the Spiritualist Church did it because she wanted to know everybody's business. I had another run-in with a High Priestess, whose chief mission in life was to break up families. She nearly did mine. She did with somebody else. Then you have others that if you are gay, you are automatically ostracized, yet we are speaking of something just as approbrious and that is Moral Character. Think about that Patty. Anything in moderation is one thing, but if you find yourself wanting it more and more and are using it as a "mal-adaptive coping" mechanism, then you should see the red flags waving in front of you and quit or get help to quit and never touch whatever it is again.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    If a person of any religious persuasion feels that marijuana is sinful, evil, etc., then they should avoid having anything to do with it. I don't use alcohol or marijuana, but I did prior to 1980. I do own thousands of shares of marijuana stocks. I have owned tobacco and alcohol related stocks in the past. Even in the 1960's, when I was in the Marines and had never used marijuana, I thought it should not be illegal. Criminalization of marijuana has resulted in tens of thousands of ruined lives and deaths of those in the trade and law enforcement.

    1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

      Hey Marine! You contributed to each of the 3 gateway drugs by buying stocks in companies that sold the crap. You are just as guilty as the people who manufactured what you invested in. Did you know that as long as you smoke, you keep the addictive pathways open? I worked in a psych. hospital as an RN and because of my strong med-surg background, I was always being called over to the Dual Diagnosis Unit for one thing or another. There they all are outside smoking their brains out. One of the doctors said that unless they quit the butts, that they would be back and that is why there is such recitivism in drug and alcohol rehab. People have to want to quit. Some are there because they were court-ordered. You know already that they are just playing the system and will be back. What about the alcoholics that function well by being totally sloshed and you wouldn't know it unless they ran out of booze in all of their hiding places and then seized. These are sad statistics. I would bet you that most of the Viet Nam vets came home with some sort of addiction problem and almost all of them have psychiatric issues. IDK what happened over there other than the Napalm and Agent Orange and trying to figure out who was good and who wasn't, going down into tunnels, etc. It was a war that the French warned us not to get involved in. Kennedy was going to pull us out, but LBJ kept it going for awhile longer until almost the whole nation raised hell about it. Now we are involved in other wars that have been started by the CIA. It's nice to know that so many young men and women and some not so young anymore are being hurt or killed because of the retards in Washington, DC.

  1. rev brandon baker aka reverend420's Avatar rev brandon baker aka reverend420

    Glad to see others understand what greenfaith has been preaching for decades!!! Welcome to the cannabis church revolution.... ALL aboard the train is leavin!!

    1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

      Yo Brethren, Dr. Tim Leary got busted in 1967, denied his religious defense and all religious defense in federal court since has been blocked by corrupt federal judges who cannot give up the money they get from putting us in jail for pot. Everything Tim said about consciousness and plant based spiritual experience has been proven true - though it was sooo far out at the time some though him just weird. Kinda like Galileo and the pedophile priests.. Now is our time to come out of the closet and develop our relationships with our Higher Power thru the mediation of our Plant folks.. Then global warming willl just be another event and not our destruction.

      1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

        Actual Tom, Leary was wrong and the US conducted illegal experiments with LSD on unsuspecting people all throughout the 1960's. Many of them have had long-term side effects from the drugs. IDK what you think, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. This is one of those things that is wrong any way you look at it. If you want to get up and preach as high as a kite, be my guest, but pretty soon, not only your family, your friends and your congregation are going to know about it and you will lose everything.

        1. Rev. Tom Brown's Avatar Rev. Tom Brown

          So Laurie, how much does the DEA pay you to make up these lies?

        2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

          Many years ago I also tried some illegal experiments with LSD. Acid goes best with ecstasy in the form of a yellow butterfly. That always ensures a good trip. First be sure to crush the tab and mix it with a little Sprite. Bottoms up !

    2. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

      The question is where is that Long Black Train (Josh Turner) going to? I don't believe that it's heaven-bound

      1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        Are you talking about the Groove Line, by Heatwave ? That's the one I'll be riding to that big rock concert in the sky. I wouldn't call it heaven though. The Summerland sounds a lot better to me.

  1. Patrick & Shirley Campbell's Avatar Patrick & Shirley Campbell

    Yes, God created Cannabis with its pleasures.. Then, he discovered it had some unexpected drawbacks. Being a "good God", he made the drawbacks known to us, and then left it up to us to make our own choice. Not for me is my choice. Minister Patrick

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      God also knew that mushroom tea would taste like cow poo poo, but figured if we wanted the affects of it bad enough we would drink it anyway.

  1. William Clarence Bass's Avatar William Clarence Bass

    God also created poison Ivy, Poison Sumac! I am not smoking that either. Your body is a temple. 1 Corinthians 3:17

    1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

      Bill, you forgot Poison Oak, lol. Seriously though, there are quite a few hbers out there that are prepared in certain ways that shamans use on Spirit Quests. If not prepared properly, many of these things are poisonous. An example are those red mushrooms with the white spots. They are deadly unless a shaman or practitioner knows how to dry them and extract what is needed. I certainly wouldn't do it. The problem with all of this is that now that it is legalized, everybody is jumping on the band wagon. We are going to see more impaired drivers, higher rates of drug/alcohol addiction and the behaviors that go along with them. There is a "War on Drugs," but the only people the idiots in Congress and the states are going after are the MD's and the patients who require opioids, most of whom are not addicted to them, but, like myself, have to use them when everything is out of whack and my pain level is not controlled by my usual combination of Ibuprofen and Gabapentin. I don't like being targeted. I have very few pills/month on a good day, yet the idiotic NP that I saw instead of my PCP cut the prescription down and then cut the total number of pills down by 2. They treat people like drug abusers, but instead of going after the drug users/abusers, the drug dealers and following the money trail back up to the top where you would be surprised just how many senators, etc. have their hans in the pot, pardon the pun.
      Anything can be abused by a person who has these tendencies. Kids have died eating transdermal Fentanyl patches. What possessed them to do that in the first place, who knows? At the very least, they would have caused an intestinal obstruction, but even when the patches are changed q72h, there still is quite a lot of the medication in those patches, that is why, as a home health RN we tell the person to put it in a bag of kitty litter (preferably used) or in the sharps container box. I flatly refused to sign over my rights to the company that my PCP works for. What they are doing is against patient rights and they are blatently interfering with the MD-patient roles.

      There is also another thing: One person's medicine is another person's poison. I will guarantee you that once statistics start coming out and there is enough of them, marijuana will once again only be able to be used by certain patient populations and that is only for those who have tried other things and it didn't work for them. I am not unfeeling by any means, but you make laws opening up the flood gates for POT (a huge gateway drug) and you simultaneously have a "War on Drugs." I my be blonde, but this doesn't make any sense whatsoever, even as I am writing it.

      It is not something that should be espoused by anybody getting up in front of their congregations, many of whole came be easily lead by the nose like a bull with a ring in it.

  1. David's Avatar David

    Stephen Gaskin truly was a prophet. For those who don't know his name:

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      And don't forget about the Summit Lighthouse, or the Royal Teton ranch. It has something to do with St. Germaine now possessing the Christ spirit, and being the avatar of the Aquarian age, according to Mark and Elizabeth Clair Prophet. Just something else to think about, when you've got a good buzz.

  1. John's Avatar John

    For those of us who follow the Holy Bible teachings., Remember what Jesus stated in Matthew 7:13-14; "Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide, and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and many are those who enter by it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and few are those who find it".

    1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

      Narrow gates, wide gates? I find it interesting that virtually every major religion, including Native American Spirituality speak about pathways. The Native American one is The Good Red Road. I don't necessarily agree with that small gate theory. That is why I practice the way I do. I respect Yeshua, but I also believe that over the centuries since He walked the earth, teaching people, this was one of those parables that got changed over the course of time. It would be helpful to see the entire parable to see exactly what he was speaking about. All too often, verses are quoted out of context by people attempting to make their points, regardless of religious affiliations. In order for it to make complete sense, you have to have the whole text. I think that this is just another way that was used to control the masses and to keep information from them, but then I maybe the only one who feels this way.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Lung cancer it is Gods way of getting rid of those who are not wise not to inhale.

    1. rev brandon baker aka reverend420's Avatar rev brandon baker aka reverend420

      As the good book says, WOES to those that call the good green bad and vice versa... Isaiah 5:20 Remember... ignorance is how the Almighty Doesn’t choose the righteous....

      1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

        Ah Brandon, I don't believe that they were taking about pot here. Just saying'

        1. Rev Brandon Baker's Avatar Rev Brandon Baker

          you have to be the least educated and most ignorant personal agenda troll Ini know... specifically states even with all the BS lies about cannabis smoke.... being 50x worse than tobacco LOL it had no lung cancer connections.... Please Please lord send this troll back under their bridge!!!

  1. william n Hodges's Avatar william n Hodges

    I would love to know how many here that are demonizing Marijuana have their evening cocktail or beer. Never once in my life time have I read of someone smoking a joint and then beating their wife. Time to stop the nonsense,

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Yes, but don't forget that the Jesus guy is supposed to have turned water into wine, so it must be okay to have alcohol if it has been approved by the mythical almighty. Having said that, it wasn't much of a miracle anyway, as most wine is still about 87% water, unless his wine was fortified in some way to get a higher ABV. I'm betting that David Copperfield could have done better. ?


  1. Laurie Cleveland's Avatar Laurie Cleveland

    Bill, I can see that you like pot. I've never been a fan of it. It is a bigtime gateway drug. It is addictive. While you may think that it just chills people out and makes them stupid, which is bad enough, I've seen what it does first hand and your statements just show your lack of information, whether intentional or not. These people are impaired--seriously impaired. Do you really want them getting behind the wheel of a car stoned? There have been a lot of accidents caused by this behavior. It stinks like socks are burning and if you have allergies to it as a neighbor, you are shit out of luck. While booze is a gateway drug as are cigarettes, again, just having one cocktail a night is what my parents did for years. My dad would come back from his career as a USAF pilot and officer and they'd have one drink to catch up on the day's events, which allowed both of them some breathing time and quiet time. That was it. If I go out to do karaoke, I may have a couple of drinks and then I stop and have club soda and lime or Diet Coke as I can't stand regular Coke. I don't do it every night. I'm lucky if I do it once a month! Karaoke is one of my coping skills. I happen to love to sing and my "alter ego" comes out. People don't need excuses to beat their wives or beat the hell out of a kid. They are jerks to begin with. Pot or other drugs/ETOH just gives them an excuse. Smoke it if you want, but just not around me. I've too much experience with people that I've known and patients. All this is is a ploy to make money and it totally sends the wrong message out there. There are certain responsibilities that go with being at the helm, whether you are a ministor or in some other field. Congratulations, you have crossed the line with your thinking and because you do it or did it or whatever, you aren't doing any justice to yourself or your congregation and I'll leave it at that.

  1. Sandy's Avatar Sandy

    The native American Indians used marijuana and such, mostly for spiritual guidance, illnesses and not recreational use— it was their way of concentrating and opening up their mind to the spiritual— I have smoked it for many years--at first it was for recreational use, and now that I’ve grown much older, for pain management and better sleep— it’s really stupid that the government had always recognized marijuana as a drug because it is not--it’s an herb that carries awesome Medicinal purposes— and incidentally, whoever heard of someone murdering or violating the law while high on weed??

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      Don't forget, Genesis spoke of some good uses for mandrake, which is well known as a hallucinogen (which marijuana also qualifies as), and has also been used as a poison.

  1. Paul Bruder's Avatar Paul Bruder

    Thanks for your informative newsletter. I really appreciate the universal aspects of humanistic thought. Keep up the good work. Paul Bruder

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed

    First, God created every plant of the field, for man to use. Just like guns, anything can be misused. But, used properly, it can have a lot of good.

    I'm surprised more Jeudo-Christians aren't using their religious freedom protected by 1A to use this.

  1. Robin Call's Avatar Robin Call

    No, I don't think I will embark in This even though it may help with my chronic pain...but not going to condemn those who make the choice

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