Boy Scouts
Proponents of gender equality applauded the decision, but critics insists it constitutes an act of surrender to the political correctness mob.

After 108 years of male-only membership, the Boy Scouts of America will undergo a radical change.

The organization announced last week that after serious consideration, it will now allow girls into the program. The change also comes with a rebranding the name "Boy Scouts" will be dropped in favor of "Scouts BSA" as the organization hopes to boost membership and become more inclusive. The move was first reported last fall, but only recently did it become official. Starting in February 2019, troops will welcome in their first female members.

"As we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in Scouting in every way possible," declared Boy Scouts of America chief executive Michael Surbaugh in a statement released this week.

Sydney Ireland
Sydney Ireland has been an unofficial member of a Boy Scout troop since she was a young girl. After years of waiting, she can finally become an official member.

Breaking the Glass (Tent) Ceiling

Proponents of gender equality applauded the move, pointing out that plenty of girls want to participate in fun activities like camping, hiking, and archery that are typically reserved for Boy Scouts.

Many parents responded positively, thrilled to see the gender barrier in scouting finally get broken. "As a former Boy Scout, I'm glad my daughter will have the chance to do some of the awesome things I did!" responded one Twitter user.

For girls like Sydney Ireland, it was indeed wonderful news. Sydney has been an unofficial member of a Boy Scout troop in New York since she was young. But organization policy prevented her from earning merit badges and pursuing her ultimate goal of becoming an Eagle Scout. Now, all that will change.

Criticism Swells

However, not everyone is on board with the decision, which critics are calling a cowardly response by organization leaders to the pressures of modern political correctness. They've accused BSA of kowtowing to altruistic progressive-minded folks who believe gender is fluid and demand that every facet of society be tailored to maximize equality and minimize hurt feelings.

Opponents fear that new rules and restrictions created to handle mixed-gender membership will inevitably ruin the traditional Scouts experience and forever change the character of one of America's most beloved youth organizations.

Girl Scouts

What About the Girl Scouts?

With all the controversy surrounding the Boy Scouts' announcement, it's easy to forget that an equivalent group already exists for girls. So, where do they stand? As it turns out, the Girl Scouts are vigorously opposed to the move. Already threatened by decreasing membership numbers, the group now risks losing more recruits to the Boy Scouts. Perhaps it's no surprise they've launched forceful criticism of gender integration in scouting.

"The benefit of the single-gender environment has been well-documented by educators, scholars, other girl and youth-serving organizations," Girl Scouts said in a recent statement.

"The Boy Scouts' house is on fire. Instead of addressing systemic issues of continuing sexual assault, financial mismanagement and deficient programming, BSA's senior management wants to add an accelerant to the house fire by recruiting girls."

A War on Men?

On the surface, allowing girls to join the Boy Scouts doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Sure, mixed gender camping trips could pose an issue if scout leaders lose track who's climbing into which tent... But does a girl learning how to shoot a bow and arrow lessen the experience for the boy next to her? Hardly.

So why are people so riled up? Reading the many responses to this announcement, it seems obvious that larger cultural issues are at play here.

Some of the loudest critics have argued that the Boy Scouts' new policy is merely a reflection of a related societal affliction: the feminization of men. They lament that the days of "letting boys be boys" are now over and argue the world will be worse off for it. Instead of teaching boys how to channel their masculinity in positive ways, we're now training them to suppress it.

They point out that the Boy Scouts was one of the last arenas in which such behavior was not only allowed, but actually encouraged. Through a wide range of activities, becoming a Boy Scout provided a healthy avenue for adolescent boys to express their masculine energy and learn useful skills in the process.

Where do you stand? Is the "war on men" a real concern, or do such arguments merely represent the type of backwards thinking the gender equality movement seeks to combat?

[Update 5/9]: The Mormon Church has announced it will completely cut ties with the Boy Scouts, ending a 100-year relationship between the two organizations.


  1. Lori's Avatar Lori

    I'm not sure we need girl scouts in the boy scouts. I see nothing wrong with a division of the sexes if they are being taught the same things and that all are equal.

    1. Necole Ivey's Avatar Necole Ivey

      They are not taught the same. Honestly we have tried seperate but equal but equal before. It never ends up being equal.

      1. Lori's Avatar Lori

        Sorry, I wasn't aware that the girls scouts did different things than the boys. In that case things do need to change.

        1. Terri Davis's Avatar Terri Davis

          Girl Scouts need to step up their game. Do they have Eagle Scout status for Girl Scouts? The requirements for Eagle Scout make young men take on projects which they must figure out how to do their own fund raising to complete the project. Coordinate volunteers to work on the project with them, plan out the project entirely. And it must benefit others. If Girls Scouts had the same opportunities, badges etc., it would be better. I think even boy scouts should learn some sewing, etc. So if all of the opportunities and activities were up to par, separate, but equal can work in this institution. However each need to be open to children dealing with transgender issues.

          1. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

            OH LORD ALMIGHTY GOD What in the World Are you people TALKING About? Transgender ISSUES? For Little KIDS in the Scouts, It Was the BOY SCOUTS. Not the Gay TROOP leader Scouts Because Someone HAD to MAKE EVERYONE AWARE that the DECIDED to BE GAY That was in the 90's But NOOO That's not GOOD Enough for the Tolerant LIBERALS Live n let live ( AS LONG as WE CHANGE HOW YOU THINK SIR) An NOW Accept GIRLS in your BOYS CLUB OR ELSE. ,BECAUSE We GIRL SCOUT LEADERS Have SCREWED OUR TROOPS UP n Now We DEMAND to Break SOME STUPID IMAGINARY Glass CEILING in THE BOY SCOUTS .I'll say This TRANSGENDER ISSUES would NOT EXIST for Kids If it WASN'T for YOU Wicked SELFISH DEVIANT Adults Pushing that CRAP on them. Yes There IS a war on MEN But ONLY IF YOU are WHITE / Your Christian /An Appear to Be a Alpha Type MALE Who is NOT some TYPE of VICTIM. Not GOOD enough You Let Kids Curse like Sailors In n OUT of School( oh He is just Expressing himself) but GOD FORBID One of m SAYS a PRAYER in SCHOOL Then You wicked people Start LOSING your MINDS. Pray To JESUS (OR What EVER IT is That Ya'll LOOK Up to) That Your Sinful ACTS Might be FORGIN In HEAVEN Because You Sorts are SURE DESTOYING the KIDS n THE COUNTRY/ THIS Evil HAD to HAVE STARTED in CA> Boys r QUITTING the SCOUTS But LIBERALS DONT CARE . Said My piece Amen

    2. Gary Hynous's Avatar Gary Hynous

      Hello Lori, I agree with you and believe that the so called "glass ceiling" is really a misnomer. This term is used more often in a business environment where it has to do with promotions and earnings. Granted that the glass ceiling often applied to the limitations placed upon women in a business environment as well. This should end right now! I do feel that the campaign to combine the girl scouts and boy scouts is ridiculous and misguided. I don't think we would find boys and girls sharing a tent. Perhaps they could gather around the campfire and sing Kumbaya or something. Boys need to be schooled by the scout masters about boy types of things and girls educated about what it means to be a girl in today's society. I do agree that the term Scouts could be used to define the whole organization but that's enough.

    3. Vanessa Vercoe's Avatar Vanessa Vercoe

      I'm a Cub Scout Leader who has 0 issues with girls in scouting. Cub Scouts are family oriented, other youth organizations are co-ed, 4H, FFA, and boys and girls competing, and working together will only benefit both boys and girls.

      Venture Scouts are coed, but have no path to Eagle Scout. Furthermore, with sports competing with scouts for membership participation, the more open the Scouts are, the better chance of survival.

      I would ask those who oppose, what is the objection for allowing girls, who have interest in the BSA program to join? The more diverse we are, the closer to the Divine Creator God, we become. As God created both Male and Female in God's image.

      1. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

        You R Ridiculous Your a Cub Scout Den Mother You Feed 6-8 year ols Cookies n JUICE for a few hrs a week n they Go home. ALL those OTHER Groups are NOT the BOY SCOUTS. Why would a Girl Have ALL this INTEREST in the BOY SCOUTS UNLESS Busy BODIED BROADS Got BEHIND THEM n PUSHED n NAGGED. Forced Diversity IS a WEAKNESS in Society Some GIRLS Can Compete With Boys at the Young teen Years But NOT "All " (Oh MY)Then Later Someone DECIDES we Have to make it MORE FAIR, So Lets LOWER THE BAR For EVEYONE So little Maranda can ""Feel"" better About Herself , IN the end Everyone LOSES, Happened ALL AROUND AMERICA, Women wanted to be STATE TROOPERS But Low n BEHOLD State TROOPERS had to be at LEAST 6 FEET TALL 180 lbs Min. n that was fine Now The BAR WAS LOWERED n we have 5'4" Troopers Ridiculous N FORCED DIVERSITY Doesn't Get us Closer to GODS GRACE JESUS CHRIST is the DOOR He Saves us From GODS PIUNISHMENT n Punishment For SIN is DEATH(Forever being out of GODS GRACE) GOD created MAN (ADAM) in His Image GOD Pulled a RIB FROM MAN an Created a MATE (Eve) for HIM ,GOD Saw it Wasn't Good for Him to be Alone. AMEN GLORY be TO GOD may he HAVE MERCY on OUR GODLESS COUNTRY an All the HEATHENS

        1. Pastor Kenneth G.'s Avatar Pastor Kenneth G.

          wow thats a mouth full but why are we concerned about this, should not our foucs be on Jesus Christ love for us. This is a man thing, of the world. Let us speak on the love of our savior.

  1. Terry's Avatar Terry

    Bad, bad decision. Many scouts are now quitting and many more will not join. A once-great character-building organization for young men that has been losing membership will now just fade away. This country has started it's decay... Sad, sad...

    1. Rev J's Avatar Rev J

      Not only the Scouts BSA but other Christian organization also. I have bben a member of the Knights of Columbus for about 30 years or so. I voted at a K of C meeting to not give any money to the new Scouts BSA. You might have thought I was the devil incarnate as all, even the pastor, looked at me with disdain. I will not handing over my dues unless they get back to following the Gospel. The Scouts BSA has become and apostate organization who has chosen money over God.

    2. William J. Lewis's Avatar William J. Lewis

      I too am deathly afraid of change just like you guys.

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    I left the girl scouts because I was bored. I still beleive in the separation of the girls and boys. All they had to do was change the curriculum.

    1. Alicia's Avatar Alicia

      I couldn't agree more!

    2. Rev Bird's Avatar Rev Bird

      I agree. My wife used to be a Girl Scout leader. I was surprised by the resistance she got from parents the first time she proposed a camping trip for the girls. Some acted like it was unheard of to take a girl out camping. Of course, the girls loved the idea and had a blast. My wife also took them for hikes. I know it is not necessarily a popular opinion to have now days, but there is a difference between boys and girls, and having separate organizations allows them to better understand there are differences. And I am not saying one is greater or lesser, just different.

      1. Terri Davis's Avatar Terri Davis

        I was lucky to be in Girl Scouts in the early 70"s, and so my brothers were lucky to be in Boy Scouts. Our girl scout troop went camping alot and my brothers learn to hem up pants, sew on buttons and iron their uniforms correctly just as we did. Back in the day Scouts was about learning to be a whole person capable of taking care of themselves.

  1. Gary Hynous's Avatar Gary Hynous

    This whole situation has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime. The movement to instill sexual equality in our society is over the top in this case. As a former Cub Scout and Boy Scout whose father was a Boy Scout master and whose mother was a Cub Scout den mother, it is a ridiculous idea to combine these two groups. Young men and women should be taught to respect every persons right to be who they are. Combining these young people into one group would not, in my opinion, offer any positive value and may only serve to confuse young children who are probably already confused about sexual equality and the LBGT movement. Enough already!

    1. Lori's Avatar Lori

      Isn't the LBGT community part of the reason for allowing girls to join the boy scouts? By doing that it covers all the bases.

      1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        Maybe they're hoping the girls will protect the straight boy scouts from the gay ones. If that's true they should put the girls in the same tents with the boys.

        1. Lori's Avatar Lori

          LOL! Perhaps the girls will protect the scouts from some of the scout leaders. It's a big, wide, wonderful world!


      The situation is only thickening as time has gone on. This might sound a little out there but here we go. This is the big plan to bring forth a one world order. Equality across the board for everyone how ever you decide to feel today. Any credible psychologist would tell you the in a group setting the genders act very different when working together. Especially in the adolescent ages. Now throw in Gay, Lesbian and (Trans) leaders into the mix and the agenda they bring to the table and we just allowed the acceleration of the problem. (I have a big problem with the indoctrination of children). Boys in the scouts are NOT going to be the same once this is in full motion. And i'm sorry Girls but this will end the Girl scouts its inevitable. I know this had allot to do with funding the boys where getting and activities they where doing. But forcing boy in their adolescent age to camp and lead with girls will not have a good outcome. You can't fight human nature. But they will try (Eugenics) Eyes wide open. Thoughts...?

  1. Alicia's Avatar Alicia

    First of all, I get why girls want to stay away from the Girl Scouts and join the Boy Scouts. I was a Girl Scout (though it was MANY years ago) and I HATED it! It was NOT fun at all. There was nothing but boring stuff. Cooking, sewing, crafts....crap! And, there was no real "camping experience" like the Boy Scouts had. No field trips to interesting places.

    Now for my take on this: TERRIBLE IDEA! Boys need to form friendships with other boys. Girls need to form friendships with other girls. Keep the groups separate, but have dances or other events (even some good old fashioned competition like Boys vs. Girls softball games) every now and then to get the groups together! Instead of letting girls into the Boy Scouts, make the Girl Scouts something that girls WANT to join!

    We've gone way too far with this "inclusion" thing. Some things need to be separate and this is one of those things.

  1. Gary Hynous's Avatar Gary Hynous

    Alicia, I agree totally! Gary

  1. James's Avatar James

    Well, all the boys can now join the girl-scouts & sell cookies. The man-cave can now be the unisex cave. The little boys room is now a free for all. (Gee, maybe we should all just go to a church & get to know the minister). The antique car club can me mixed with the swimming club. The knitting club can now join the skydiving club. The NRA can now join the scuba club. Every one is now a member of everything. This is like using the middle of the freeway as a playpen for toddlers. Some things were just meant to be classified than making fish live in the desert. We thought the idea behind any "club or group" is to attract like & kind to share similarities.

  1. James's Avatar James

    Oh yes, better let EVERYONE in. Let all in the club, let all in the class, let all in when the kids are taught personal / gender specific topics. NO line drawing on when to separate. Better let EVERYONE in. No segregation, no separation or we will sue for discrimination.

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      That could be interpreted as sex education.

  1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

    Times they are a changing as the song goes. Seriously though folks this isnt some sky is falling situation. A scout should be a scout boy or girl. In fact in WWII many british, french, and russian women operated as spies, scouts, and snipers. A russian woman for example is often held up by the russians as having the highest number of confirmed kills in WWII.

    Since at least the 80s girl scouts has been pretty much a declawed cat with a muzzle when it comes to survival skills. Nothing like it was for my mom who had as a girl scout in washington state had learned as a wee lass to build fires with wet wood in the middle of a rain storm and fish with line made from her own hair and a hook made from a hair pin.

    Its those who want girls to be fangless and clawless that ruined the girl scouts in the first place. Giving them no choice and the girls only voice to be a shout of defiance saying never will we be cute and cuddly toys for the boys who get to have all the fun camping and hiking.

    Frankly when it comes to ladies I prefer one that is at least as capable if not more so then I in the outdoors and I am pretty comfortable with very little.

    will having boys and girls along demand more over sight? Not really. as supervisors should already of been in place keeping potential abuse of authority and horny boys in check.

  1. Karen Cooney's Avatar Karen Cooney

    Easier solution would be BSA start an identical program as Boy Scouts, but for girls only. Why does it have to be co-ed?

  1. Pastor Dave's Avatar Pastor Dave

    Sadly this trend is happening everywhere. One newer worldwide organization, namely the Men’s Sheds Association has also fallen victim to the gender equality mantra. Men’s Sheds has happened to respond to a male need to combat loneliness and depression faced by men, particularly in retirement. It is a bigger killer of men than cancer, heart attack or stroke. It acknowledges that the social needs of men and women are different. It is lauded by many as a better treatment of this male need than drugs. But you know what’s happened? Some Sheds have capitulated to pressure to allow female membership. The reason why? You tell me! And as for Boy Scouts, Lord Baden Powell started the organization to meet male gender needs. Likewise Sir William Smith launched the Boys Brigade in response to similar needs. Both organizations need to remain male gender specific.

  1. William J. Lewis's Avatar William J. Lewis

    Fear of change and fear of that which is unknown seems to drive most of the comments here.

  1. Elizabeth Bailey's Avatar Elizabeth Bailey

    Having been a decorated B oy Scout leader a nd Committee Chair, and as a feminist, I believe that the Boy Scouts should remain as boys. This group and the people in it are not perfect, they are human, trying to do their best to help raise boys to be good men, citizens, and people. Yes, my boys had to sew their badges on and learn how to cook. I think the Girl Scouts should include more activities such as archery and camping. I mostly saw healthy interaction between the boys. When needed, guidance was immediately offered. One time when I overheard the boys in their tents talking, I realized that one boy was telling another boy about camping bathroom etiquette! Where and when to pee and not to pee was the subject of the day. Yes, there are differences between girls and boys, cabbages and apples. Let's glorify God -like actions instead of watering them down.

    1. wtschafer's Avatar wtschafer

      Girl Scouts do have Archery and camping.

  1. H. I. Storian's Avatar H. I. Storian

    Do your research on how the Mormons feel about this...Basically they have just said No and will be ending their longtime relationship with the Boy Scouts.

    1. Rev. Theo. Klebes's Avatar Rev. Theo. Klebes

      I see this as a loss for the Mormon church but more so to the scouts themselves! Everybody loses!

  1. Rev. Dr. Gordon Francis Blaney Jr.'s Avatar Rev. Dr. Gordon Francis Blaney Jr.

    The Boy and Girl Scouts should combine their curriculums but remain gender separate, in order to address the inequality and avoid other types of issues that occur when combining young boys and girls together during certain events. The folks trying to force an institution to change in a way that may create unforeseen issues should re-examine their vision not mission; equality is a good thing, but it’s okay to keep young people segregated based upon sex at certain times.

  1. sam spade's Avatar sam spade

    Political correctness is ruining this country. Males are slowly being emasculated. We will soon have a society of brainwashed zombies not knowing what they are or who they are. All because WE are afraid of offending someone. Hell with those people . Life is hard. I survived a hard life being offended and bullied. Stop pandering to the wimps and cry babies!

  1. Oh Mo's Avatar Oh Mo

    “The benefit of the single-gender environment has been well-documented by educators, scholars, other girl and youth-serving organizations,” Girl Scouts said in a recent statement.

    What benefit? The one in which the organization leaders make tons of money and get to pat themselves on the back? Or maybe it's the benefit enjoyed by wife-beaters and who expect their "little lady" to bow down to their superiorness? And what educators, scholars, etc.? Oh yeah, the preachers who tell them it's OK for men to rape and beat them.

  1. Steve E.'s Avatar Steve E.

    The Boy Scouts have had a co-ed program for over 20 years. It’s called Venturing as well as Exploring available for youth 14 to 20 year’s old. For the most part it works out pretty well. The girls in our Venturing Crew enjoy doing the outdoor activities that they were unable to do in Girl Scouts (some are still registered with the Girl Scouts and are working on their Gold Award - the Eagle Scout “equivalent”). The young men in our group treat them like sisters and usually step up their game to make the program work well. Like all teens (and siblings) sometimes they get along better at times than others. One of our concerns is that if the young men and women have a relationship with each other outside the Crew and it goes bad, it can split the group along friendship lines. I have seen it happen with other groups. We take adult supervision very seriously while our Crew is doing any activity but obviously can’t control everything that happens outside the the group especially with older teens and “legal adults”. We try to help them make moral and ethical decisions and lead by example just as we have done in Boy Scouts for years.

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Not to worry. Jihadists will train the boys to be men.

  1. MathPhile's Avatar MathPhile

    Just another assault on our culture by the left. Boundaries, differences, competition....all of this is a threat to the radical left. They need to be systematically challenged at every attempt they make to dilute and castrate our culture.

  1. Jennifer Marie's Avatar Jennifer Marie

    Political correctness and equality are not what’s damaging our society. It’s the extreme views on both sides of these issues that prevent progress. Why is the admittance of girls going to make boys any less masculine? If there was a level in the Girl Scouts equivalent to the Eagle Scout rank I don’t believe this issue would even exist. There are proven benefits in adult male life to being an Eagle Scout, at the very least it says something about a man’s character (in many cases). If all scouts are to be held to the same standard, and there is no reason why those standards should change, then what is the harm? Giving equal opportunities to one group does not automatically mean the other group (in this case boys) are being persecuted, emasculated, or victimized by “political correctness”.

  1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

    The Boy Scouts of America has historically been a place to learn how to be a man. It was a place for single parent mothers to send there boys for role models. It was a safe place to keep a boy busy and out of trouble. It was a place for a boy to learn leadership skills.

    For every 100 boys who join Scouting, records indicate that:

    • RARELY will one be brought before the juvenile court system
      • 2 will become Eagle Scouts
      • 17 will become future Scout volunteers
      • 12 will have their first contact with a church
      • 1 will enter the clergy
      • 5 will earn their church award
      • 18 will develop a hobby that will last through their adult life
      • 8 will enter a vocation that was learned through the merit badge system
      • 1 will use his Scouting skills to save his own life
      • 1 will use his Scouting skills to save the life of another person

    Scouting's alumni record is equally impressive. A recent nation- wide survey of high schools revealed the following information:

    • 85% of student council presidents were Scouts
    • 89% of senior class presidents were Scouts
    • 80% of junior class presidents were Scouts
    • 75% of school publication editors were Scouts
    • 71% of football captains were Scouts

    Scouts also account for:

    • 64% of Air Force Academy graduates
    • 68% of West Point graduates
    • 70% of Annapolis graduates
    • 72% of Rhodes Scholars
    • 85% of F.B.I. agents
    • 26 of the first 29 astronauts

    -1 became the President of the United States of America

    But those roles models started to disappear from troops in the 80's. Women started to step up to be Scoutmasters when no men would . At first they were hidden on their charters as committee members with a figurehead man as the Scoutmaster. As the male leader deficit increase National decided to allow women to be Scoutmasters. When Wood Badge for the 21st Century (The Scouts primere adult leadership course) was launched it stressed the philosophy of diversity and inclusiveness. This, unfortunately, was the foundation and rational for the inclusion of LBGTQ membership. But the reaction to that monumental decision was not anticipated and when BSA lost on 1/3 of its membership the financial strain was almost there demise. Many Scout professionals where let go, districts and councils were consolidated and Summer Camps and other assets were sold to compensate the loss of membership income.

    The sad part of it all was that there was already a Lord Baden-Powell style organization already operating in the United States that readily accepted the LGBTQ community and girls in is ranks. The Baden-Powell Service Association (BPSA). This organization uses the principles of Scouting outlined in the first Brown Sea camp that Baden-Powell initiated. All the fun of Scouting without the politics.

    From the 2013 vote a new scouting organization was cobbled together. Trail Life USA was launched 1 Jan 2014 using a boys only membership. It was patterned after its sister organization American Heritage Girls, and is a Christian organization. Unfortunately only one organization from each country can be in the World Organization of Scouting that Baden-Powell started in 1909 and the BSA has a monopoly hold on it. The WOSM holds a world Jamboree every 4 years and invites all 169 member nations to it.

    BPSA and Trail Life USA can have international contact with other scouts by being members of the World Federation of Independent Scouting with 82 affiliated Scout organizations in 41 countries.

    This recent move by Scouts BSA is obviously attempt to regain membership income using the same philosophy of diversity and inclusiveness that caused them to lose members. This time they will have a more receptive audience because they are targeting sibling sisters that wanted to be in on the Game of Scouting as Lord Baden-Powell referred to from the beginning. This will also interest those fathers that wanted to have son but only had daughters and wanted to get back in Scouting as an adult leader.

  1. Shane's Avatar Shane

    I don't think girls should be allowed in boyscouts. Girlscouts should teach things that align with the boyscouts. My daughters were in girlscouts and it seemed to be more designed to make stepford wives. The boyscouts is designed to make boys grow into strong men, with good morals and a good sense of community. Girls should get the same survival training as boyscouts and not focus so much on selling cookies and candy.

  1. sheryl A clyde's Avatar sheryl A clyde

    I despise the term political correctness because it is a smear against plain old fashioned politeness. Being polite and respectful has been tossed out the door in the name of not being politically correct. People are using it as a excuse to be mean, abusive, racist, sexist, homophobic and other hateful things. If girls want to be part of the boy scouts and they want to let them well then so be it. This is not the first boy's only club women have barged into so you might as well deal with it.

  1. Judge's Avatar Judge

    Why would you separate boys from girls and teach them different skills? Every person needs those skills, the more the better. This will lead to Girls Scouts accepting boys too. All this is not a solution...Why they don't unify this two? I grew up with that, we were called pioneers. I can do almost anything anything a woman can do, like cooking, sawing, shopping, raising kids, etc, plus typical mans skills like camping, hunting, building, sailing etc. It helped me a lot in life.

  1. Rodney Miller's Avatar Rodney Miller

    This is so sad I have very few words, Boys and girls are different. When put together things get different. Depending on age the more age change the more different, I feel they should be separate but also include each other. Now there have always been gays in the boy scouts and gays in the girl scouts. That happens and is fine with me Not where I am going here.

    Boys and girls act different when together. Age has a factor on how much different even as young children still different. Every child is different but when males and females are together both act different than when not together. I know there are exceptions .

    Unfortunately I fear this has done damage to both scouts. both were once a great plan for our children. My daughter and wife were a girl scout and I was a boy scout. opps scout.

    This is one thing you can do stop supporting if you have a problem with what they do. Cut the money to them. Then they fail.

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    Instead of merging girls into boy scouts, the girl scouts should simply add some of the boy activities into their program and vice versa.

    Before anyone makes fun of me for boy scouts baking cupcakes, look at some of these big macho men on TV who own bakeries and have TV shows dedicated to them. Plus women love men with culinary skills.

    More importantly, I would not want my son to ever be in a situation where a girl can make sexual allegations against him or anyone in his group just because she needs to make up an excuse for an "F" on her report card.

    It's just a really bad idea and will be the complete and final downfall for BSA.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I just don't understand why people are now beginning to think there is something WRONG with boys being boys and girls being girls. It's like they want everyone to be the same gender. That's not going to be very interesting or fun at all, but thankfully, this artificial paradise bullshit will never come to pass.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Look from the side of the Boy Scouts. It is the bottom line. Less boys (males) are joining the Boys Scouts then just a few decades ago. A lot less in numbers since the Internet has been around. The Boy Scout officials look at it as a way to keep scouting alive with a mix of anyone who is "alive" to be able to join. One thing that will change with encampments is that boys will learn to be gentlemen with the fairer sex is around.

  1. James's Avatar James

    My goodness what ever happened to boys doing their thing and girls doing theirs. They train with men in the armed forces as well as train on naval vessels ... my goodness just be a girl or woman

  1. Rick's Avatar Rick

    If you let girls in the Boy Scouts then you would have to allow boys in the Girl Scouts ..
    let's think of a overnight scouting trip Do you want a co-ed camping trip.

    Then let's just call it Scouts

  1. Lee's Avatar Lee

    It's not true. Not the way it's portrayed, or even in this article. First there's this...

  1. Lee's Avatar Lee

    There there is a statement from a friend of mine who has been active in scouting for almost all of his life,

    Time for me to pipe up on an issue. One very near and dear to my heart. Boy Scouts.

    First. I am very conservative. I am against PC gone amuck.

    It is time to set down some facts. When I first heard that the BSA was inviting Girls to join I was initially "Oh HELL no." I believe that Boys need a program where they can be boys without having to worry about the very real changes a girl brings to the dynamic. I was concerned that it would water down the experience that makes mature men from boys.

    But then I actually READ the plan, the releases and saw what was actually happening. So, in an effort to combat the misinformation and out right wrongheadedness I am seeing ALL OVER the internets here are some facts.

    First, Girls are NOT NEW to the program. Girls have been actively involved in scouting for at least the last 50 years in Exploring and Venturing. now, Venturing will remain Co-ed like it has been, successfully, and will remain the same.

    Second, the Name of the Orginization is NOT CHANGING. It will remain the Boy Scouts of America!! The name of ONE program is changing to Scouting USA. To represent the change girl members bring.

    Third, THERE ARE NOT going to be COed troops. There will be Girl troops, doing youth led activities THEY choose, and there will be BOY troops, doing WHAT THEY HAVE ALWAYS done. There will not be any camping or schenanagins in the woods, inter patrol dating or any of the such. in Cub Scouts there will be three types of units. All Boy packs, All GIRL packs and family packs, where there will be ALL BOY and ALL GIRL dens. And as a Cubmaster/Cub Scouter of over 25 years, let me tell you. The girls were ALREADY there in cubs, they just didnt get recognized or get to compete in the Pine Wood Derby.

    Fourth, It is not required to have girls involved in YOUR UNIT. It is up to the Chartered Orginizations. They can opt to sponser a Girl Troop....or NOT. For example the LDS Church. It has a very robust, and highly successful girls program already. They will not be sponsering any Girl units for that very reason. But I know of several Members who will certainly be enrolling their girls into the program as a supplemental activity in a traditional unit.

    Fifth, the requirements are not changing or being watered down so a GURL can do them. The Eagle is just as difficult to obtain as ever. In fact this is nothing new, the Girl Scouts Gold and Silver awards are equally as difficult as the Eagle, even if they do not get the recognition it has. The Eagle is and will still be something to admire, and be proud of.

    Finally. The BSA offers the best program for ANY youth I have ever encountered. It is SO great and SO life changing I have devoted my ENTIRE adult life as an active member and leader. Since 1991 I have seen this program absolutely change lives. And I KNOW that will not change. the boys will continue to have the same great experiences they have ALWAYS had. But now I rejoice REJOICE that girls may be exposed to this same program. Particularly girls with no strong father figures in their lives, no strong families, girls that simply don't find the local Girl Scouts to be a good fit.

    So rather then rage, and complain. Please please PLEASE read the plan. See the amount of care and reason put into it. A chance to offer this amazing thing to not just boys but girls as well, WITHOUT CHANGING THE BOYS experience at all.

    It is NOT about cowtowing to the extreme left. It is NOT buckling to pressure for INCLUSIVENESS.

    It is NOT an attempt to replace the Girl Scouts, but simply to offer an alternatitive for girls who otherwise might not participate at ALL.

  1. Ron's Avatar Ron

    Does this also mean boys can now join the girl scouts as well?

  1. Christian's Avatar Christian

    I am so glad most other conservative countries are immune from the liberals preying upon young boys.

    Protect your children as they are your gift from God, and the future parents of your grandchildren !

  1. doris taylor's Avatar doris taylor

    VERY MUCH AGAINST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It wil change the dynamics. If little salley just can't get across the lake swimmng and starts to cry and have issues, you know the adults are going to pull poor Salley out of water and tell her she does not hae to do that awful thng. SORRY! you all know this is going to happen. leet us all sit around the campfire tonight and enjoy the night and being together as men. lil Salley is flirting with the two boys across from them. tell me this is not going to happen. Sorry, but you would be wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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