Mugshots of Joshua and Deborah Green
Several of the group's leaders have been taken into custody.

Leaders of a paramilitary religious group based in New Mexico have been arrested on a set of sinister criminal charges. The group, known as the "Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps", allegedly sanctioned sexual abuse of minors living in the sect's private compound. Two of the group's leaders, Peter and Deborah Green, have been accused of (among other deplorable acts) repeatedly raping a 7-year-old girl they had adopted from Uganda.

The group denies involvement in the shocking crimes, calling the allegations "sickening" and completely false. "We don't know who all the accusers are, but the accusations are just re-runs of old lies that have been investigated and shown to be malicious attacks against a legitimate ministry, time and again," their statement read.

Disturbing Allegations

Despite their protestations of innocence, things don't look good for the embattled group. On top of the disturbing evidence discovered by investigators, several former-members have also come forward to confirm details of the story. They explain that the organization operates more like a Christian cult than a religious community, demanding complete control over its members' lives and using force to ensure compliance.

As if these circumstances weren't damning enough, only days after police raided the sect's headquarters in Fence Lake, New Mexico, four adult members were caught attempting to flee state lines with 11 young children. Does that seem like normal behavior for people with nothing to hide?

A plaque recruiting members to a paramilitary Christian cult Who Are These Christian Soldiers?

Originally founded in California back in 1981, the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps (a mouthful, we know) describes itself as a group "revolutionary for Jesus." The group places a premium on gun rights and self-defense it even provides a free spiritual "ammo pack" to any followers that request one. Photos posted online show the members dressed in paramilitary style clothing whilst on missions in Africa.

According their website, the Aggressive Christianity Missions Training Corps was created after its founders had a vision from God:

"Every vision has a beginning. In 1979 James and Deborah Green entered the prayer closet and God was there. Speaking to them prophetically, He made it clear that He was raising up an army His Spirit army. True, there had been other armies claiming the Lord's name, but this was something new."

Radical Ideologies

This is certainly not the first radical religious group to claim a mandate from God, nor will it be the last. We wonder, what is alluring about such organizations? Why do people choose to join? Perhaps it's the desire to fulfill a higher purpose. Isn't that what humans have been seeking since the beginning of time a calling greater than themselves?

It just so happens that in this case, the "higher calling" involved donning military gear and camping out in a New Mexico compound. And, apparently, sexually abusing children.

How's that for carrying out God's wishes?



  1. Beth K's Avatar Beth K

    The group also has ties with the Christian Identity Movement, listed as an "Other" group by the Southern Poverty Law Center on their current Active Hate Groups web page. With the current claims of sex crimes, that makes it all the worse.

    Paramilitary Christian organization? Didn't Jesus say, "He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword"? (Paraphrased)

    Their actions don't seem especially Christian to me.

  1. Miranda Allison Young's Avatar Miranda Allison Young

    Here again we have a group calling themselves Christians who go against everything that Christ taught. They belong in prison.

    1. Minister Dave's Avatar Minister Dave

      Not Christian folk. Posers

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens


  1. Ed McLaughlin's Avatar Ed McLaughlin

    Raping a 7 year old child, who belongs to Jesus; put them in a cell and throw away the key. Of course, this is America, do so after advice from a jury of their peers.

  1. Clayton Beardmore's Avatar Clayton Beardmore

    While the crimes they are ACCUSED of are heinous to say the least, they are still ALLEGED crimes.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Exactly, Clay. When the Branch Davidians were surrounded by paramilitary police who were blasting very loud noise to keep the reporters from hearing what David Koresh was saying on his loudspeakers, there were ALLEGATIONS of child abuse. I'm not saying it did not happen, but we cannot say that it DID, because they were all burned up. I guess Janet Reno thought being burned was better than being abused. There is sort of a pattern emerging here, when the government goes against a religious group-- take ugly photos, and accuse them of child abuse, then kill them. Who cares?

      Having said that, if ANY person claims to have any mandate from God Almighty, outside of the written scriptures, all we have to do is compare what they say to what is written in the Torah, and if it disagrees, we know they are false (Isaiah 8:20).

      It's funny though. Most of the people at ULC think we should counsel child molesters because it is a "sickness", but when it happens to be people who call themselves Christians, their attitude is a LOT different.

  1. Doug Barron's Avatar Doug Barron

    This is sad. Present the evidence to a grand jury, and prosecute and jail them for the maximum amount of time under the law!

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed

    I'm rather tired of ULC posting ONLY about "radical Christian groups." Maybe it's because it's easier to push at Christians, and not worry about them trying to behead you, like some "radical Islam groups?"

    Where's the outrage of the REGULAR AND ONGOING FORCED marriages of Muslims girls to men twice their age, sometimes men old enough to be their grandfathers! and This story says 8, although some have said it's untrue, while those stating it's true claim cover up:


    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Good points, Ed. Most of the people here are anti-Christian.

    2. Kelli Grabow's Avatar Kelli Grabow

      I have seen all kinds of stories on here ,but this is more of a Christian website, therefore, they predominantly post about Christians. You should probably just not read these stories if they bother you. That always works best for me!

  1. Donna's Avatar Donna

    Historically there have been (and likely will continue to be) extremists in all religions. I encourage people to be spiritually in tune themselves and know your God, so that you will not be deceived or drawn in by those seeking to fulfill their own needs vs. helping others who seek spiritual awakening or peace.

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