A black mass ceremony conducted by Satanic Temple
The Satanic Temple is holding its first Canadian “Black Mass” ritual. Historical black mass rituals are said to have been wild orgies of sex and violence. However, modern ceremonies are decidedly less exciting and typically resemble the historic rituals in name only.

True to its own dark humor, the Satanic Temple is ruffling Catholic feathers once again after announcing it will host its first “Black Mass” in Canada.

The private ceremony will be a 50-seat pre-registered affair that will include chants, burlesque, a “Satanic Unbaptism” and a sock drive for homeless shelters. Ottawa’s The Koven will hold the event on August 17, a heavy metal bar whose menu includes various grilled Cheesus sandwiches, a Lamb of God baguette and a Baphomet Burger.

Described simply, a black mass is really just a modern inversion – or parody – of the traditional Latin Roman Catholic Mass. While there is no set format or guidebook, it will often include music, chants, and the desecration of Christian symbols.

Demons, Sacrifice, and Sexual Rituals, Oh My!

Event organizers say there’s nothing to be afraid of, despite the scary name. They’re describing the upcoming Black Mass as “an expression of personal liberty and freedom.” Still, while the Ottawa event is unlikely to contain anything terribly objectionable, historical instances of so-called black masses have also included demon worship, child sacrifices, and bizarre sexual rituals.

In the fourth century, Heresiologist Epiphanius of Salamis, for example, wrote of a libertine Gnostic sect known as the Borborites that would smear their hands with menstrual blood and semen and consume them as the respective blood and body of Christ during their Eucharist. British occult historian Richard Cavendish, meanwhile, penned a “factual” secondhand report by a French journalist who attended a black mass in 1889 and then wrote about it in Le Matin. The account detailed how an orgy ensued after mass was read over the naked body of a woman stretched out on an altar.

Mass Controversy

Modern black masses continue to prove equally controversial, if less eventful.

One held in Oklahoma City in 2014 attracted hundreds of protesters, including a Catholic protestor named Francis Slobodnik, who drove in all the way from Kansas simply to decry “the most grievous offense against God you can commit.” Harvard University also moved a similar event off-campus due to public pressure.

The Satanic Temple uses such emotionally charged events to make statements about the place of religion in modern society.

It erected a sculpture celebrating Satan, called “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift”, in the Illinois Capitol rotunda holiday display, and filed a lawsuit against the state of Missouri challenging their “informed consent” laws for abortions. 

Delightfully Devilish

National Coordinator for the Satanic Temple in Canada Nicholas Marc hopes to assuage fears that his group has ill intent. He insists most Satanists in his group worship individual liberty more than they do the devil as some purveyor of cosmic evil.

“We do not believe in harm to any being what so ever. It’s not meant to be an attack on another group. It’s supposed to be cathartic for those who practice it.”

So what’s the big deal? Do Catholics have a right to fear black masses, or are they playing right into the devil’s punch line?


  1. Lionheart says:

    I guess it can’t be any worse that any other worship practice if people get comfort from it.


  2. Jeffrey Frye D. D. says:

    Being an ordained minister with the honorary degree for Doctor of Divinity and having read this article I felt better at coming out as both a Satanist as well as a proud member of the Satanic Temple!
    Honestly, I am not a spokes person of TST but can speak as an individual member. That said I felt that this article was very well written and informative!
    Thanks for the article and am on to search this blog for similar articles!

  3. William Waugh says:

    Again, here we have gone over the top to embrace controversial concepts in the public arena. As I am developing a belief in the concept that the universe itself is conscience, even particles at the molecular and quantum have (something to do) Maybe the quantum field network is the “gods” neural net…. but I digress. ……point is, no angels no spooky ghosts and no devil. All mental creations to tell a moral story…..going public with the devil just invites the wrath of believers. Sometimes, strategically it may be better to lay low that wear our beliefs on our sleeves. Secular society can be advanced in better ways than convincing believers around the world that the west IS a satanic cult to be exterminated. Get a.job.and vote. Then shut up, there is no more to do publicly when national enemies are nuclear armed or wannabes.

    1. Jeffrey Frye D. D. says:

      I’d mostly agree! In fact the only thing I disagree with here is the comment of “Get a.job.and vote.” My issue here is when a religious organization, in this case an evangelical Christian organization, is allowed to place a religious monument up on public property then it opens the door for others, the Satanic Temple for example, to do likewise!
      Honestly I wish it was as simple as voting then sitting and shutting up, especially with nuclear threat and a whole list of other important issues, but the reality is that it’s more complex than that! This is why I’m a member of TST instead of any other satanic organization!
      This one caviot aside we agree on everything else that you said as I believe that the American cultural image should be a pluralistic one and not one where one ideology, religious or otherwise, has taken presidency over all others!

      1. William Waugh says:

        Thank you for your support!….borrowed from an old Bartles & James commercial.

    2. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Some people seem to have a hard time letting go of previous articles. We must move on!

    3. Carl Elfstrom says:

      William, I could take a disbeliever like you to some haunted locations that would scare him out of his Sox. And I would be truly glad to do so. I’d be glad to introduce you to other supernatural experiences, too. I hope you can afford a good psychiatrist. You’ll need one by the time we’re through.

  4. Lori says:

    It’s one way of pushing back. It lets the Christian community know they will not be alone in their strife to bring their beliefs to the public eye. The Christians opened the door by thrusting their faith at the world. Their children are, and will continue to be, exposed to a vast variety of beliefs systems because of it. For those who believe in the devil, life will become increasingly difficult for them, mentally. It’s time to rise above the god vs devil way of looking at the spirituality.

  5. Jeffrey Frye D. D. says:

    Oh absolutely! The good verses evil might be good for story time but we’re living in a time when we need to transcend such spiritual constructs!

    1. Lori says:

      Yes. Each person perceives spirituality differently. They take thought forms from any number of belief systems and build a fascinating spiritual world that can bring them comfort, or it can terrify them, but most don’t recognize that it is of their own making and they have the ability to mold it however they would like. Religion is simply our way of connecting to forces we cannot comprehend. So many would rather be told by someone else, what spirituality is.

  6. Jeffrey Frye D. D. says:

    I completely agree with you and that’s my point here! Sometimes it’s OK to agree with someone! I know that by the end of the day my spiritual path is what I mold it into but one of the guy’s that has colored some of my spiritual ideas is Jason King who authored Postmodern Satanism!
    I have personally meet the guy and he’s awesome but what’s ironic is that in spite of writing one of the best books on satanic thought that I have read in quite some time Jason has gone on record to me directly that by the end of the day he’s a Buddhist and I’m OK with that because even though I’m an ordained minister and a satanist by day I’m a musician by the end of the day!

    1. Lori says:

      So your words “Satanic and Black Mass” are mainly for the shock value. You want to elevate and disturb, through your religious projections, those who are already mentally charged and misguided by the ‘god vs devil’ thing.
      It seems our core beliefs are similar in that we both focus on the universal energies. The difference being is the core VALUE. You use the universal energies to disrupt and tear down bridges. I use them to bring balance and harmony, and to build bridges. Good and evil may not exist on the spiritual plane, but it is alive and well in the minds of human beings. I see no value in trying to inject more chaos into the already stressed real world we live in.

      1. William Waugh says:

        Excellant answer Lori. I need the sound effect of a room full of raunchy stomping feet! Here, hear!

        1. Lori says:

          You’re funny, William!

      2. Carl Elfstrom says:

        Balance is the key. A little evil can be a lot of fun. We must not deny ourselves the experience of being
        fully human, while we are human, which includes self gratification, as long as we cause no harm in the process. I have read part of Anton Lacey’s bestseller, as well as the Necronomicon. It doesn’t hurt to be well informed. Someday, hopefully soon, I hope to listen to Judas Priest’s Nostradamus in its entirety. Be there, or be square.

        1. Carl Elfstrom says:

          I don’t know why the mischievous poltergeist that possesses my android phone changed the name Lavey into Lacey in my above comment, but it often has fun like that at my expense, when I don’t proofread. Im grateful for it for helping me get better at proofreading, but I’m not perfect at it yet, so I better let it stick around for a while, before exorcising my phone.

        2. Lori says:

          Self gratification is only evil if you see it that way. Evil is Catholic priests molesting young boys or someone shooting people at Walmart for ha-has and prejudice.
          From what I’ve read from you, you don’t even come close to evil, unless you’d like to think of yourself that way. If so, sorry I tried to take that from you. Be fully human. Knock yourself out.

    2. Carl Elfstrom says:

      I’m not a Satanist Jeffrey, but that Black Mass sounds like a lot of fun to this natural, eclectic, solitary Wiccan. However, I couldn’t possibly give up my membership in the Craft, or quit flying my besom around the moon with other Witches during esbats. However, maybe in a future incarnation I’ll sell my soul. It’s definitely something worth considering. We need good, intelligent Satanists like you as active contributors on this blog. My hat’s off to you, sir. Please, keep coming back.

  7. Carl Elfstrom says:

    I had a prophetic vision in which I saw that someday soon this blog will be henceforth and forevermore free of all the flugos, and the rest of prolific christiandom at its worst. Then we can get down to some truly spiritual matters.

  8. Carl Elfstrom says:

    P.S. It’s just like that Holy song by Queen goes “Another one bites the dust”.

    1. Jeffrey Frye D. D. says:

      I’m loving the comments here! I was nervous about coming out of the satanic closet until I saw the article on the black Mass in Canada!

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