Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez discussing the Green New Deal
Popular freshman politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez first proposed the Green New Deal earlier this year.

In the same week that the Anglican Communion became the first global religious body to recognize a climate crisis, the Episcopal-led National Religious Coalition on Creation Care (NRCCC) released its own set of dire warnings and bold remedies at its most recent annual gathering in Washington, DC.

Amplifying similar statements made by various Christian and Jewish denominations across the country, this “Religious Declaration of Unprecedented Human Emergency” highlights the extremely short window in which elected officials must now act to avert a thousand years of irreversible climate chaos. Pulling no punches on human-created climate change, the report reads, “we will significantly alter the future of civilization as we know it and may eventually cause its collapse if we continue down this path.” Quoting climate economist Ross Garnaut, the report says that decisions made now could “haunt humanity until the end of time.”

The report continues: “Decades of delay on climate action have made small corrective measures and incremental approaches useless… Those who are invested in maintaining the status quo, or who put forth proposals that are clearly incompatible with what climate science demands, are condemning innocent young people – including their own children and generations to come – to a future of unimaginable suffering: the mass death of human populations and the extinction of species.”

But here’s the Declaration’s true moral kicker: “Further delay in addressing climate change is a radical evil that as people of faith we vigorously oppose.”

No Time to Waste

There’s been growing scientific, economic and political consensus that the time to act is right now. The U.K. and Ireland became the first two countries to declare a climate emergency, celebrity CEOs have railed against the carbon status quo and a new generation of US politicians – headed by freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and backed by hordes of young social media followers – have been pushing bold climate initiatives like the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal calls for, among other things, reducing US greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero and meeting 100% of the United States’ power demand with renewable energy sources by 2030. Republicans balked at the ambitious plan, and President Trump even issued a mocking tweet about the progressive proposal:

A Holy Obligation?

The declaration put forth by religious groups supports “the bold direction of the Green New Deal, or other similar science-based proposals, as an opportunity for this country to commit to stabilizing the climate while creating ‘unprecedented levels of prosperity and economic security for all people of the United States.’ This specifically includes low-income communities, communities of color, and those that have historically been marginalized or underserved. Like the Greatest Generation, we must rise to the occasion and commit to doing what science says it takes to avoid irreversible catastrophic climate chaos and make a rapid and just transition to a clean energy economy.”

The NRCCC’s argument appears to be, if people of faith truly believe it is the Creator who gave them the gift of the natural world, do they not then have the moral responsibility to cherish and protect the planet that has been entrusted to them? Isn’t that what God would want? Wouldn’t the Almighty Himself support the Green New Deal?

Circle of Life

But not everybody is on board with acting on climate change. In fact, some believe that not using fossil fuels is an affront to God.

Scott Pruitt, President Trump’s former Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), told CBN News that “the biblical world view with respect to these issues is that we have a responsibility to manage and cultivate, harvest the natural resources that we’ve been blessed with to truly bless our fellow mankind.”

Pruitt firmly holds the belief that God wants us to use all the resources He has provided – including coal, oil, and natural gas. This point of view is rooted in Genesis 1:28: “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”

Christian theologian E. Calvin Beisner even suggests that human utilization of fossil fuels is a beautiful part of the circle of life – and downright biblical: “Rather than seeing fossil fuels as permanent carbon sequestration, we see them, when transformed into energy, as both literally giving life—long and healthy life—to billions of human beings who are not carbon footprints but the footprints of carbon, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, beautifully picturing the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Clear Scientific Consensus

The scientific consensus on climate change is overwhelming: 97% or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree that the warming climate of the last century is highly likely to be caused by human activity. And yet, people of faith seem divided on the way forward, wondering “what would God want?”

Is it high time organized religion step in and support plans like the Green New Deal to help tip the political scales to save the planet? Or are fossil fuels – the remains of long-dead organisms from millions of years ago – all part of God’s grand design, created for humans to use however they see fit?


  1. Rev. Rene says:

    We need to go back to more sustainable lifestyles, as for me I have left my car and house, undressed and put on a loincloth and am currently looking for a suitable cave to live in. Too bad my wife and kids are not getting the picture, but maybe soon?

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      I hope it’s not long before the men in white jackets catch you in their net, you irresponsible crackpot! I feel for your wife and kids, and will be praying for them.

    2. Sharon says:

      Let me say after reading some of the comments, how easy it is to get distracted and start a hair splitting insult laden reply. First without the “God” question, the rampant pollution and it’s impacts are not something to dismiss. I’m sure the people in Flint would like clean water. I’m not someone who thinks “cows” are to blame. I’m also not suffering from a memory deficit problem, I do remember Love Canal, Three Mile Island, and Bhopal India to mention a few. It is not crazy nor irresponsible to want companies held liable for the messes they make and if a life is lost that also must be added to the bill for what they owe us. Time has moved on and those who wish to hang on to the past can do that, but the majority is moving forward into a new century. Not the first time and it will happen again, gas light gave way to electric and horses to cars, and now it will be coal to solar and wind, and gas to electric cars, time marches on. If you wish “God” gave you the tools to make a better world, I think it is time to use those tools. Further, we put a man on the moon with what we all know is the computing equivalent to a cheap calculator, so this is not a problem we can’t overcome with some hard work. No matter how heavy the rock, get enough people and you can move it. So, stop the back biting and insult games and start working toward a goal.

      1. Dan Anderson says:

        Sharon – Well stated! Thank you for your input.

      2. William Kramer says:

        Sharon – you hit it out of the ballpark. I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you!

      3. Kimberly Pierre says:

        Flint was falsification of laboratory data on a highly regulated water treatment facility. It was against existing laws regarding water quality. It had NOTHING to do with random pollution. Same with the other examples. These were against existing laws concerning pollution. Laws which prevent pollution ALREADY IN EFFECT. The United States is one of the cleanest areas of the world. It DOES NOT need Nazi politics such as the democrats are trying.

        1. Sharon says:

          Iam sure you get many to argue with you over simple and easily proven facts.The lead poising speaks for itself no matter what you’d like to state. I agree it didn’t have anything to do with random pollution only the use of pipes and their position which lead to the tainting of the water supply. Lead being a heavy metal doesn’t drop out of the water without help. The laws in effect couldn’t help a process already failed in its conception and implementation. Laws for all their good are again only ideas and by their own can’t prevent nor fix anything. As for the lying, this is something that is rife but and obviously people do have brains and can work out when they are being lied too, as is obviously happening right now. Something this site is rife with, consistently repeating what we know is a blatant lie. We all don’t watch Alex Jones, nor are we short for an education.

          1. kimberly says:

            I’m fully aware of what caused the lead in the water. I was working in Lansing for an environmental lab at the time. It was quite a story and it had NOTHING to do with climate change or pollution of nature.

          2. kimberly says:

            and you’re wrong about the laws. they would have forced Flint to correct the problem if not for the laboratory fraud. People went to jail over it. To use this as an example of climate change/pollution is the height of ignorance.

          3. preacher richard h. says:

            Just a thing or two About Lead,
            I worked in a factory with torches stripping copper and lead of of copper tubes used to make Heating an cooling coils
            I worked 3 feet from a Lead pot at 800 degrees I did this for 3 years I n the mid 80’s after the service. We used to have our blood tested EVERY 3 mo.
            and NOT Once did my blood work show signs of ANY POISINING From LEAD.

            Now I believe The Leftist groups pushed liberals into an AGENDA against lead.

            JUST LIKE CLIMATE Change is being blamed on Humans. its all a Political game for votes because ” LOOK AT US WE CARE” Vote for me
            mean while back at their Mansions bribes change hands to push this agenda to profit folks nobody will ever know about.
            and NO I don’t presume to know what GOD would support but I do know he Doesn’t support Dishonesty or Lying for votes or selfish reasons

        2. kimberly says:

          lead poisoning is mostly from ingestion. Not from inhalation. I’m a chemist and I’ve also been a safety officer. Any metal is poisonous if ingested in sufficient concentration.

        3. Rev. Marsea says:

          This isn’t about politics Kimberly, it’s about saving the world. I’m sure, Republican or Democrat, that if you were being washed away in a flood, certain to drown, that you would grab ANY hand that reached out to save you…Republican or Democrat, white, or black, young or old. That’s what God needs us to do… the meantime, I’m praying for all you naysayers. Better get a lifejacket now folks!

          1. kimberly says:

            the safest place in this world is in the grave. If you think people can save the world, you’ve completely missed the point of the Bible.

          2. Rev. Marsea says:

            You are an antagonist. No sense in even engaging you in debate, conversation, or otherwise…….the grave?! Well, you’re digging it! Seems you’re already in a “dark” place……

      4. preacher richard h. says:

        High concentrations of Large animals Deer, elephants Cows exec. put out enormous amounts of Methane Gas.
        Britain says cows alone make up 30% of all methane in that country alone
        Methane gas is a GREATER Risk than CO2 gas
        If you want to help the Earth an feel good about yourselves
        Shoot a Deer
        eat the deer an the cows from the store
        stop being vegetarians
        Plant more trees
        SAVE Your money n don’t get robbed by Greedy politicians

        Pray to GOD he sends JESUS SOON.

        1. Lionheart says:

          “Pray to GOD he sends JESUS SOON.”

          richard, he’s not likely to send anyone. He’s not even capable of sending himself to clear up this mess on earth, which I hope any reasonable loving deity would. I think deep down we all know why he won’t do it, don’t we richard? He doesn’t exist!

          Are you really sure that working with lead most of your life hasn’t had any affect on your health? Just asking!


          1. preacher richard h. says:

            Yes Lead has nothing to do with it
            He does exist
            Jesus walked the earth an performed all those miracles
            Just because you cant see something Doesn’t mean it is not there.

            if you look at a Magnet it looks like nothing but it is surrounded by invisible forces
            just like the spirit.
            Many times when I did not believe there was always something around an acting to get my attention
            Look for the signs in your life Lionheart
            you may be saved yet

          2. Lionheart says:

            I can demonstrate the magnetic field very simply, and technology uses that science. The same for electricity, all can be demonstrated to exist, neither can be seen but we know of their existence. However, with your “spirit” analogy and trying to connect it to some type of deity without having sufficient evidence is totally unfounded and cannot be demonstrated.

            I can’t see fairies, even though books speak about them, so am I to use your logic and say they are real? If you don’t believe in fairies what logic did you apply to determine they don’t exist? If you don’t believe in the god Vishnu, perhaps you could use the same investigative logic to find out if your god is real.

            Thank you for asking me to look for signs. I’ve been where you currently are, I used the same myopic indoctrinated logic to try and convince myself a god existed. Now, as a recovering Christian, and having looked for your god in the hospital wards of dying children, I realized after he never showed up, he was not only not at all interested, but he wasn’t there…they still died. Lots of people had “thoughts and prayers” for them though, but they still suffered.

            Look for the signs in your life richard and you will find he doesn’t exist. You might be saved from a lot of heartache.


          3. preacher richard h. says:

            Just because u don’t see the evidence that others have seen n felt in life doesn’t mean you wont
            the holy spirit is a gift from Jesus he sent it to the faithful so we would not be alone.
            Hang in there lionhearted an with a little faith an the right motivation from GOD you might just meet the holy spirit

          4. Lionheart says:

            Thank you for your concern richard. Please let me know which evidence you are referring to that can be demonstrated.

            There is currently no proof/evidence that any god, including yours, exists. There is a Nobel prize waiting for you if you can provide sufficient evidence to substantiate your claim.

            Even Kimberly, for all her over hyped qualifications, has no evidence any god is real, or exists. I of course cannot prove they don’t, but I’m not the one asserting they do.


          5. kimberly says:

            Richard. once again you’ve made the mistake of taking specific passages and applying them generically to yourself (or to your organization). The Holy Ghost (ie/BREATH of Holiness) meaning the ability to speak for God was given to the apostles, to Paul and to others in that generation for the express purpose of preaching the gospel to the world. They did that in full, 100% and it became a dead work. Today, we see people who claim they have received the “Holy Ghost” and who haven’t a clue what it was (it is NOT a “person” or a “power”) then they claim to be “called” to preach the gospel but in doing so, they lie about having the Holy Ghost and they steal a dead work from the Apostles and from Paul. The preaching of the Gospel of witness of Jesus is recorded in the pages of the New Testament. Much of the letters to those who assisted these men was to prepare them for being killed by the Romans in the Coliseum. To take the New Testament and pretend “we” is “us” or “me” is the height of biblical misinterpretation.

          6. kimberly says:

            Proof of deity is hardwired into the human genome. there has never been a civilization or people in which there was no concept of deity. From a scientific perspective, the logical approach is to intuitively acknowledge existence. For example, there is no evidence that aliens exist yet the intuitive acknowledgement is almost universal that they do. In spite of evidence to the contrary that shows the earth exists in the midst of a dead Cosmos as far as the “eye” can see. Same for a multiverse. Same for infinity beyond what mankind can perceive. Same for reality past what man can perceive. Yet, in spite of human history concerning deity and an entire book written over thousands of years by hundreds of authors being incredibly consistent, that in no uncertain terms reveals the existence of God, some seem to think that is not proof enough. Atheists say there is no proof but what they are REALLY saying is they reject the proof that is.

          7. Lionheart says:

            I think you will find kimberly that atheists and agnostics are waiting to see what evidential proof there is. Do you have anything that can be scientifically be demonstrated?


          8. kimberly says:

            Lion…I just gave evidential proof based on scientifically valid logic for acknowledging the existence of God. Only agnostics have a ‘wait and see” perspective. Atheists have completely rejected existence based on the absence of evidence. NOT evidence to the contrary. This is scientifically invalid. Even if there were no evidence whatsoever (and that is simply not true), the choice to acknowledge the existence of God is more scientifically logical than to assume non-existence. There is even less evidence that aliens exist than there is that God exists yet most atheists willingly choose to acknowledge aliens are “out there”. They are hypocrites when it comes to God.

        2. kimberly says:

          I bagged 5 deer last fall. one with a pistol, one with a bow, one with a crossbow, one with a high powered rifle and one by beating it over the head with a whiskey bottle. Turned them into venison summer sausage and eat it every day with slices of mozzarella cheese. A girl has to eat.

          1. preacher richard h. says:

            That’s what GOD Put them here for Yee haw

          2. kimberly says:

            actually department of natural resources (DNR) put them there. Durn things are thick as rabbits around here.

    3. Rev. Herbert says:

      Regardless of past and future fluctuations in the earth’s climate there is no question that there is an increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Our burning fossil fuels are causing that (basic chemistry of combustion). Increasing carbon dioxide will lead to two things – 1) greater solar heat retention (basic infrared spectroscopy) that in addition to warming will promote erratic climate change manifest in part as extreme weather, and 2) greater dissolved carbon dioxide into the oceans (Henry’s Law) that leads to acidification (basic chemistry) that is harmful to plants and animals. This will not destroy the earth, but will make it far more difficult if not impossible for some to inhabit. Fortunately, 76 years old, the worst will not happen to me.

      1. Carrie says:

        Thank you sir! Thank you for some good old fashioned common sense! It seems to be sadly lacking by a few of these cynical blowhards! Yes, the earth, like the solar system, like the galaxy, like the universe all work in cycles but we act like parasites and we are killing our host! It was predicted quite some time ago, by the oil companies themselves that burning fossil fuels was doing harm to the planet. The rise of respiratory disease is a symptom of it. I am 65 and won’t be around when the worst hits but my grandchildren may well be.
        There is nothing wrong with solar power, except for idiots who think you lose power when the sun goes down. There is nothing wrong with wind generators, except those who believe you lose tv when the wind stops. Please continue to be a voice of reason in this vast jungle! Blessed Be.

        1. kimberly says:

          fossil fuels was predicted in the Bible in great detail. And, it takes fossil fuels to produce “clean” energy. Climate change is NOT “killing the planet”. That is a blatant lie perpetrated by politics, not science.

        2. preacher richard h. says:

          Rev Herbert , Carrie
          an anyone else
          PLEASE use your computer that GOD has provided an type in earths climate history charts
          LOOK at the one for the Last Million years an you will SEE that Earth is in an never ending cycle
          of Heating up an cooling down.
          we have been at the top of the HEATING UP for about 500 years now, it will continue for over a 1000 years
          then it will cool for thousands of years until we have another Ice age at the bottom of the Natural cycle of Earth.
          HUMANS CANT CHANGE it or SPEED it UP or slow it down.
          That is the REAL SCIENCE of it all
          GODS Will be done

          1. Rev. Herbert says:

            As I emphasized at the beginning of my other reply – regardless of past and future fluctuations, i.e., the so called natural ones in the historical and geological records – I accept those exist so there is no need to lecture the choir, here. And I agree “HUMANS CANT CHANGE IT or SPEED it UP or slow it down.” It being the natural cycles, I presume.
            But, that does not mean that we cannot add to or subtract from those cycles in ways that are comparable to or greater in magnitude than say a current part of a these natural fluctuations. I look at the data, and conclude that is precisely what we are doing.
            Applying this historical record “logic” to say flight one can conclude that historically flight existed, and animals with membranes and/or feathers did it. And that is true, and that continues to be the case (just as natural climate cycles continue to be the case). But, it does not negate man having developed much larger flying machines made out of metal that add to, and to a certain extent dwarf the “natural” historical examples.

          2. preacher richard h. says:

            What ever you want to subtract from the intensity of the Natural Climate change cycle
            Can NOT compare to what was happening during the same cycle almost a million years ago with some or even a few enormous Eruptions around the world.
            an anyway earth will deal with this cycle for well over a 1000 years, probably cloer to 10K years before it cools down again
            so its all a SHAM
            we are as clean as we can be and still have a life worth living.

      2. kimberly says:

        Possibly, coastal regions will disappear to some extent taking most radical liberals with it. Could be a good thing? Anyway, what you describe was described in the Bible 2,000 years ago with no indication that it would result in the extinction of mankind.

        Revelation 9:2
        And he opened the bottomless pit (from which fossil fuels originate); and there arose a smoke out of the pit (smog), as the smoke of a great furnace (by combustion); and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit (air pollution).

        1. Sharon says:

          The Readers Digest Bible, and there is nothing more strange then the interpretations I see here. As for the misunderstandings of what I said, in reference to the issues in Flint, that was an example of what is wrong across the board like the rest. There is no such thing as clean burning fossil fuels and to state otherwise shows a contempt for learning. Like the wishes of Armageddon and the Last Days dogma’s. Often spoken of and to date, have not happened. No matter how hard the wish is for it. Again, the easy way out of doing anything productive and helpful to combat the problems we face, plain and simple lazy answers from lazy people. It’s God’s fault, it’s God’s problem, and we can sit here and whine about it all. No matter what time marches on and the people who are not lazy and wish to do something helpful will continue to be lights for other’s to follow.

          1. kimberly says:

            natural gas is a fossil fuel and is quite clean burning

  2. Lionheart says:

    If there was a god I’m sure it would have been a lot happier with the green earth before man arrived to mess up things. But then again, didn’t the mythical god flood the earth and destroy everything? It sounds as though it’s just as bad as mankind, but what can you expect, weren’t we supposedly made in its imagine. 😇


    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      If God made everything he’s probably having a better time with all this stuff than we are. And if he’s omnipresent like I’ve heard, he’s probably living it up in the forms of a man and a woman, and partying hardy until he pukes, every night, while laughing hysterically at the fools who deprive themselves of self-gratification, in hope of living miserably for an extra decade or two, and then going to christian heaven, which is full of miserable fools just like them.[ That sounds like Hell to me. And, that’s definitely not the heaven I’m going to, where you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Cerberus will see to that.

      1. Lionheart says:

        Love your Hotel California reference!


    2. Patty says:

      This is supposed to be a Christian website. These people that are talking don’t even believe in God let along Jesus. What is with this website. God did give free choice to believe or not to believe

      1. Carrie says:

        You are so totally wrong! This is an interfaith website. If you want”all Christian” content, go elsewhere. We are all ordained to minister to our faith, not yours. Goddess Bless.

      2. Lionheart says:

        Some people on this blog are actually Pagan, Patty. Some have no formal religion whatsoever, but could be classed to have a form of spiritual bias, whatever that really means.

        Don’t get disheartened though. If you stay and read members comments, and are open to investigating the way you think, you might find some articles very thought provoking. We welcome yours!



        1. kimberly says:

          anti-Christian is NOT a legitimate religion.

          1. Sharon says:

            I didn’t see anything anti-Christian, and Paganism predates Christianity. As for legitimacy, based on whom and what? That is more than insulting and wrong. Which is the trend here. There is a basic lack of respect for all peoples and beliefs one is just as legitimate as another. Each of us has their own right to find the path they wish to follow or not follow. The Atheist, the Pagan, the Jew, the Christian, the Buddhist etc all have the ability to be great or bad, each has his or her own callings, and each is as important and wonderful to know. I like to think I lead a learning life, one that is enriched by all I meet and that I learn from the experience. Even when I find it onerous and difficult I’m given another lesson in patience and grace.

          2. kimberly says:

            I’ve seen quite a bit of “anti-Christian” here in the form of mocking the Bible, God or the person who acknowledges the existence of God or the credibility of the Bible. That’s called bigotry. And, bigotry is intolerance of another. On the other hand, “I agree to disagree” is an admission of either a presumption of superiority over another or a presumption of mutual ignorance. All too often I read and observe the former in posts. Yet, its easily seen that the latter applies and the Bible gets thoroughly butchered in the process. I reject many “Christian” teachings as false. But, I see “non-Christians” rejecting Christianity, which has very little basis in the Bible and rejecting the Bible by association only. That is a leap in logic and a philosophical faux pas.

      3. Gary Garrett says:

        So one can have eternal bliss or eternal torture and that’s supposed to be a free choice? Here’s my choice; neither. I choose not to be christian, so if God “gave” us freedom of choice he should be all right with that, right? If not, then we do not have free choice.

        1. kimberly says:

          mankind has not choice but to face God in the day of judgment. Salvation is NOT contingent on being or not being a “Christian”. Nothing in the Bible says that.

          1. Carrie says:

            How sad… insist in bowing down to a mass murderer, a genocidal maniacal overlord! I am so glad I don’t follow a monster. From everything I have read, the one they call Satan seems much more peaceful but, honestly, I don’t follow that one either…it is a Christian problem. You think we will all face that monster? I have news for you dear, I already have! I went through hell, faced a monster with a god complex, was beaten, raped, insulted and scarred but I rose above. My Goddess teaches us to think for ourselves. She gives guidance, if looked for. We do not bow before her or anyone! She works by our side and never puts her foot on our necks! If your god teaches you to hate, you are worshiping at the wrong church! Blessed Be.

          2. Lionheart says:

            Carrie, her piety and deep indoctrination won’t allow her to see your point of view, only her own, but please don’t give up, keep trying.


          3. kimberly says:

            Carrie. It might surprise you but the Bible teaches that NOBODY has died. yet.

          4. preacher richard h. says:

            So your Goddess has convinced you not to have humility, an consider yourself as a God ?
            I pray I’m in line next to you on Judgement day. Cant wait to here that conversation,

          5. kimberly says:

            Richard…..God is not a man (Job 9:32). NOR a woman. And He is absolutely singular in every way. NOT some form of unification of persons or personalities. And, there will be no “lines” at the day of judgement. We shall face God together. We die individually but we shall all be raised together. Such ignorance of such things is not flattering for you.

          6. Lionheart says:

            Here endeth the lesson from St Kimberly, who obviously, by the sound of it, has begat great and wonderous knowledge from her god. Anyone who sayeth different will suffer great wrath, and will be subject to great pestilence if your very humble opinion differeth from hers. For if you do differ with her, you differ with god. Great shall be your trials on earth, for wo betide any who dares to disagree.


          7. kimberly says:

            lion. factual objectivity in discussions of this type are never well-received. sad I was a bit surprised that so many here aren’t well-acquainted with the Bible and who have a hard time differentiating politics from scientific fact. I walked out of a graduate course in environmental biology because the first thing the professor (a liberal woman) said was “we don’t have data to confirm scientifically that global warming is occurring but we must act anyway”. As a scientist, I was thoroughly offended by that and walked out.

        2. preacher richard h. says:

          GOD created man in HIS IMAGE n Created eve from one of Adams ribs so he wouldn’t be lonely.
          JESUS ALWAYS Refers to GOD as FATHER.
          Remember OUR FATHER Who art in Heaven Hollowed be HIS NAME.

          or do women want to do away with GOD as a Man image.

          No we will answer for our lives not all at once but each will be judged
          Yes Kimberly ALONE BEFORE GOD our FATHER.
          amen sister good luck

          1. kimberly says:

            Richard. wrong. God created mankind in THEIR image (ie/”let US” Gen 1:26). Mankind was created in the image of godS (plural). Not God (singular). God is a God of gods in absolute singularity. Mankind is not the image of God (singular). The only person who was in the image of God (singular) was Jesus (Col 1:15). To think God was alone for all past eternity in an infinite void of nothingness is to presume a god driven mad from sensory deprivation and the creation a result of insanity. If one thinks God was a tri-unity then that insanity shows up as a multiple-personality disorder. The true reality is not the creation. It is an unimaginable Kingdom which has ever existed without beginning and which is permanent unlike the creation. And, it is populated by innumerable Host who themselves have EVER been without beginning and who ever will exist as subjects to an absolutely singular God. From such Host, were appointed the angels and from the angels came the devil and his rebellious followers. Eve was created to be wife and a help to Adam in propagating the species. Not to entertain Man. A dog would have sufficed for that. And, if one thinks that Adam and Eve were the only people in the world created then one must presume that Eve must have birthed at a minimum hundreds of babies. No, Adam and Eve were first among created men in the sense that they were mankind’s first king and queen. And, “hallowed be His name” is a patriarchal phrase meaning “hallowed be His SON”. Religion has warped the Bible into it’s own agenda so badly that the Bible has become meaningless and I don’t blame atheists one bit for rejecting religion and God. But, they mistake religion with the Bible. The difference is phenomenal.

          2. Lionheart says:

            kimberly is correct.

            “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”

            The plurality of Gods is also made reference to in Psalm 82:1
            “God standeth in the congregation of the mighty; he judgeth among the gods.”

            In this case it seems he could possibly be making reference to the fact we are all gods. Possibly in embryo?

            Such are the mysteries of that book, if you want to believe it.


  3. Rod Gesner says:

    There Aren’t enough Caves to Go Around..Sad to Say if my family hadn’t Sold one with 4 n 1/2 miles of passage 20 yrs ago;
    I could Sell Condo’s and Buy a Ride Off this Planet 😉 However We have Put off Exploring Space; Way To Long..
    The Options for Expansion outward both in Tech and habitat; and gathering off planet resources;
    to Say nothing of the Lost time cleaning up our upper atmosphere.. The Kneejerk Reactions NOW Based on Fear and Mixed religious Messages have a Potential for Creating a Lowered Population/Lowered expectations Future for Humanity.
    if we Ignore Space and The Wider Possibilities We Become Trapped in an Inward Spiral of Entropy.

    or To Put it another Way The Sun is Feeding us and Threatening us;
    our actions may be able to Create Small changes;
    but unless we get a Better handle on solar energy and Weather We are Allready out of controll…

    1. James says:

      Greed, control, metering everything by government & corporations is a BIG factor in the unhealthy world we live in. There are copious ways to clean it up. Humans refuse. IE: The Pacific garbage patches, some are saying “leave it” it’s become a eco system.

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        I love this world, with all of its corruption, and work hard at freshening the air by smoking vanilla cigars.

        1. Lionheart says:

          Cigars yes. You are now speaking my kind of language.


          1. kimberly says:

            My cigar smoking covers the stink of my copious bovine flatulence.

      2. kimberly says:

        this is not an unhealthy world.

        1. Dan Anderson says:

          Kimberly – Very true, however humanity is doing a great job of taking it into the realm of an unhealthy one.

          Where Mr. 45 gets the idea that it means to get rid of air conditioning, planes, cars, beef, etc., is absolutely insane. Apparently, his inability to read, let alone a desire to do so, has limited his perceptions, deciding to attack anyone who he does not understand.

          1. caz says:

            We have to keep air conditioners!!!Turn them on full, leave the windows open, that will fix global warming. Cool the whole place down

    2. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Why don’t you try astral projection. You can leave your body and go any place you want. You don’t even have to come back, if you don’t want to. Just fade away into the ether, and please take all like minded people with you, on that astral journey.

  4. Randy Charles Ford says:

    Look closely at the “97%” from literary analysis. Less than 1/3 publicly agree with human-caused global warming (AGW), according to the study. In private questioning, where their careers are not one the line, and not verifiable, still less than 2/3 agree.

    How did they get 97%? Only 3% who, apperently already knew that they would never be published again, said publicly that human caused global warming absolutely does not exist.

    The previous 98% figure was just as bogus. Only two questions: Does the climate change? Duh. Do humans affect the climate? Again, duh! Butterflies affect the climate, which is always changing.

    1. Dan Anderson says:

      Randy – What are your citations for the claim that less than 1/3 publicly agree? Are you talking Republicans, maybe? The scientific community disagrees with that number.

      There are many more sources I can reference for you, but I would like to know your claims and their accuracy before I do.

  5. Kirk says:

    The “Green”, as in naive, “New Deal”, as in previously failed policy, is a complete joke. Not to mention impossible for this country alone. China and India pollute six times the amount that the US and European Union do. If you add in the rest of the world it’s eight times. And that propagandized 97% statistic – bwahahahaha!

  6. Lynn Gideon says:

    Why would God support genocide? To maintain the standards of any green deal would result in millions of lives lost to uphold the standards of the deal.

    1. Lionheart says:

      He was the original creator of genocide, as well as infanticide. Amazingly, people still follow him thinking he is the epitome of love.


      1. Amir Harris-De La Nuez says:

        Thank you!!!

    2. Dan Anderson says:

      Lynn – How would the Green New Deal be equivalent to genocide? Please explain and give examples.

    3. James says:

      God is LOVE… Love is neither for or against anything or any one. Love is what it is. Humans merge with love and become one w/ it or falter.

      1. Tommy Kiefer says:

        I Love your Comment and agree 110%. It all comes down to Love, even when faltering, when Love and forgive our own faults we will do the same for others, then we are truly living in Love

      2. kimberly says:

        another misunderstanding of biblical meaning. the phrase “God is love” means all love is from God. It is not a description of the Person of God any more than the phrase “God is a consuming fire” which means a consuming fire shall come from God.

    4. A says:

      Genesis 6:9-9:17 God drowned millions of people including women and children. In Hosea 9:11-16 Hosea prays for God’s intervention. “Ephraim shall bring forth his children to the murderer. Give them, 0 Lord: what wilt thou give? Give them a miscarrying womb and dry breasts. . .Ephraim is smitten, their root is dried up, they shall bear no fruit: yea though they bring forth, yet will I slay even the beloved fruit of their womb.” Clearly Hosea desires that the people of Ephraim can no longer have children. God of course obeys by making ALL their unborn children miscarry, this is MASS infanticide.
      1 Samuel 15:3 God commands the death of helpless “suckling” infants. This literally means that the children god killed were still nursing.
      Psalms 137:9 Here god commands that infants should be “dashed upon the rocks”.

      Quit pretending that our God is not a wrathful God. He has always always and will always support Genocide and the death of others.

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        My God and Goddess doesn’t like your god.

      2. Tommy Kiefer says:

        They left out so many great books that should have been in a bible, instead we get the stuff like you wrote about and stories of serpents being evil. All those references are not from the Creator but from a higher dimensional beings pretending to be the Creator. Unwise men wrote these verses. The bible was not written by the Creator, it like the Koran, has been altered, misinterpreted, and bastardized to cause separation and division from both God and our fellow humans. Yes there are some good ideas in both, but for the world to argue, fight and kill over either of them is mission accomplished for the originators of the Lies.

        The Creator of the this reality and multiverse is above Good and Bad- it just is without judgement. Karma and what you put in is what you get out, is the operating system of our nature simulation reality. The avatar Jesus did not come here to be worshipped as a God but to be a messenger of Oneness and Love. ~Namaste~

        1. kimberly says:

          the existence of a “multiverse” is a conjecture based on certain discrepancies in quantum mechanics. It is unproveable and unproven but is perpetrated as fact to the lay person. Yes, I’ve taken graduate quantum mechanics in college. By atheistic logic, a “multiverse” should immediately be rejected as NOT existing but that’s the hypocrisy of atheism to presume what one wants to think is reality (when convenient) except for the existent of God. Marvel comics picked up the idea of a multiverse and ran with it. Hardly a credible source of scientific knowledge.

          1. Lionheart says:

            You are wrong Kim. Atheistic (free thinking) logic is not to immediately reject a multiverse as not existing. All things could possibly exist, even your god, even Vishnu, even fairies, even Sasquatch.

            Until all these possibilities can be demonstrated they exist they remain just that, possibilities. Even you as a chemist should be able to understand that.


          2. kimberly says:

            wrong…that isn’t atheism. that’s agnosticism.

    5. Gary Garrett says:

      God is the genocide king, Havn’t you read The Bible? This country was founded on the genocide of native americans by so called christian manifest destiny. God’s ultimate goal is to destroy the earth (see Revelation). One of the angels of the apocalypse comes to destroy all the life in the oceans. Hmmmm…

      1. kimberly says:

        actually most Indians were decimated by disease. Not by “genocide”. God’s ultimate goal is to SAVE mankind from annihilation. The earth and all that are in it will no longer be needed and will simply burn at the proximity of God as He actually is (a consuming fire). If one wishes a good abstract of that event, read Mal 4. It depicts the RETURN of Jesus, not his first coming in preparation for that day. Too many mistake the return of Jesus for the “great and terrible day of the Lord”. Those are two separate events. Jesus returns to prepare for the coming of God on the day of judgement.

        2 But unto you that fear my name (namesake….SON) shall the Sun (light) of righteousness arise with healing in his (it’s) wings; and ye shall go forth (into eternity), and grow up as calves of the stall.

        1. Lionheart says:

          “Gods ultimate goal is to save mankind from annihilation.”

          He made a pretty poor start with his initial plan. He almost annihilated all of mankind, men, women, and children, including babies, and animals, purportedly by flooding the earth.

          His second plan hasn’t fared much better over the eons of time. He’s obviously a very bad planner. He’ll possibly get it right one day. It might help if he actually showed up one day to put a stop to the religious problems the earth has, but I think we all know that’s not going to happen, don’t we? I wonder why 🤔


          1. kimberly says:

            Actually, the flood was to save mankind from annihilation. After creation, mankind began practicing a form of eugenics by a practice of breeding with hundreds of generations of their own progeny. In those days men lived for thousands of years. Methuselah was an example. That practice of eugenics was to breed supermen (giants) for war. What it ended up doing was damaging the human genome to such an extent that mankind would have eventually gone extinct. God stepped in, chose Noah because he was “perfect in his generations”, told him how to survive what was to happen then shortened mankind’s lifespan to prevent recurrence of the evil after ending the whole scenario, possibly killing men who had been alive since the creation (2 – 4 thousand years old!). Neanderthals weren’t “cousins” or precursors of modern men. They were the other end of the eugenics pendulum. They were wiped out in the flood. Of great interest is the study of mythology….”gods” who were actually tales of genetically bred “supermen” from that age. Such tales came through the flood and ended up becoming “gods” to subsequent civilizations such as the Babylonians and Romans. There’s more in the Bible than simple religion tries to “teach” and its a fascinating tale.

      2. preacher richard h. says:

        Indians? If you study History Indian tribes were at war with each other for 1k’s of years.
        They would Kill All the male braves Capture n rape the women then enslave the women n children till they were of no use then torture n kill them.
        Yes they were savages
        and We built a Nation on top of there bones n We call this Great Nation AMERICA because that was the world back then.
        n GARY u should read the bible start in New test, Book of John.

  7. Bill phillips says:

    The Green new deal. Is a joke, I don’t want to go back to the dark ages, the flintstones day. I really think we should use good common sense…
    The Green dealers, are crazy.

    1. Dan Anderson says:

      Bill – What your hero, Mr. Cheeto, is claiming is nothing more than falsehoods. Maybe you should actually research what the Green New Deal is suggesting, and not just whimsical nonsense claims.

  8. j says:

    Climate change & extremes (as humans currently know it) is inevitable. Is what we can do it clean up the messes we humans made so we are not exposed to cheap products, garbage blowing back in our faces, eating the same pollution over & over. We all (as a collective) need to live w/ nature, not pollute more. This earth is a living energy force, we need to take care of it as if it were our only place to live.

    1. James says:

      PS: The earth is only as healthy as its inhabitance. Unhealthy life forms? The earth shall follow the signature.

  9. J Hoff says:

    What this planet has to offer is for humans to make of it. A stumbling block or stepping stone to betterment. I’m sure many can see the Nano and Macro choices being made (socially and individually).

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      They warned us about sex, drugs, and rock -n- roll. Just saying.

  10. Carrie says:

    Some of what I have seen written here plainly comes from ignorant fools! Giving up your way of life? Stupid! Genocide? Idiotic! The Green New Deal is there to introduce ideas…NOT as some fools are pushing, to force everything at once! We can, and we must change the way we live and treat the planet. Solar and wind energy is one of the fastest growing industries in the country and the world. The POS in Washington is the most degenerate slobbering cretin to say that there is no power when the wind stops blowing, or the sun goes down. I think it will be nice to be able to drive somewhere and not burn gas. Fuel cells and electric vehicles are getting better all the time. Why does anyone think that, as a people who invented the computer and then made it small enough to wear, are still so stupid and backward that they can’t come up with alternatives? There are biodegradable products that can be made into bags, bottles and packaging. There are fibers that can be used in place of synthetics. If you are a fool and want to go live in a cave, go ahead. Maybe your rapture will come first and the rest of us can live in peace! Blissful thoughts.

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Thank God for T.V. dinners !!! And Totino’s Pizza, which now comes in a plastic package.

    2. Rev. Herbert says:

      You should stop beating your head on this. I find it interesting that those who claim that climate change is only a natural phenomenon are basing their position on evidence that supports that produced by scientist, and reject any scientific evidence showing our current and growing contributions – frequently from the same scientists. Yes, there have been natural fluctuations taking millenia to come and go, and now fossil fuel burning is ADDING to those over a course of decades. Bless be.

  11. kimberly says:

    I’m an environmental chemist (scientist) and I don’t agree with that BS so there isn’t a scientific “consensus”. 30 years ago, I walked out of a graduate course on environmental chemistry when the liberal professor said “we don’t have data but we need to act NOW” in complete disregard to the reason I became a scientist in the first place! The “GND” isn’t new and it is a political talking point that has nothing to do with responsible manufacturing practices. Most of which United States companies follows these days BY LAW…..CLEAN AIR ACT (CAA); CLEAN WATER ACT (CWA); RESOURCE CONSERVATIONA AND RECOVERY ACT (RCRA). We already have “global warming” laws in effect that are more than adequate. The “green new deal” might be applicable in some form in third world countries but it is a POLITICAL POWER GRAB by democrats. Same as most other horrendous ideas they’ve been putting out.

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      The best thing I can suggest is that we keep living our lives the best we can, until we die, and then find other planets to have our future incarnat8ons on. That’s what I int3nd to do. There is no use getting upset about things that have’nt happened yet, and won’t have much of an effect on this planet until after we’re all dead and buried. It might help to live in the present moment, and not project into the future, or dwell on the past at all. The past is gone forever, the future will never get here, all we ever have is right now, this present moment. We aren’t responsible for future generations. They will be responsible for themselves and their environment when they live. Don’t condemn yourselves. Every generation that has ever lived has made mistakes. To err is human.

    2. Mark Hannon says:

      Whether the planet is warming or not, why would we want to pollute the air, water and earth?
      It always seems that the most polluting industries are in the poorest areas leaving the most vulnerable people to suffer.
      The plastic, throwaway lifestyle is so selfish. There is even plastic in toothpaste.
      I have walked along a boardwalk near a chemical plant shipping port and I’ve seen the tumors on fish and the skin sores on muskrats. A neighborhood in southwest Detroit had bluish green soil just a shovel full of dirt from the surface.
      A coal burning power plant in Wisconsin recently had a breech of their fly ash pond that flowed into Lake Michigan. This has happened in North Carolina last September.
      I now live in the “pristine” U.P. of Michigan and we have waste material from strip mining that is leaching into the streams that feed into Lake Superior.

      I’m sure you will never be convinced but I don’t think it will matter what political party someone may be affiliated with if no one can breathe the air, drink the water or eat the food.
      Especially stay away from carrots because they really soak up heavy metals.

      1. Randy Charles Ford says:

        The “green new deal” isn’t about the environment. It’s about greenbacks, money. Their main “pollutant” is what is required for green plants to live, CO2. There is such a strong impact from it that you can easily see on sattelite photos that the earth is getting more green, growing more forests, as CO2 increases.

        Their solar panels capture the energy with black panels that would have reflected back into space. Of course, every bit of that captured energy turns back into heat: entropy. Solar panels cause global warming. They either have no understanding of thermodynamics, or are lying to make money.

        1. Jerry says:

          Wow, I never even considered that aspect of solar panels, thanks for that

          1. kimberly says:

            The only way for mankind to destroy the planet is by nuclear war. The Bible calls it the “abomination of desolation” and we call it the “A-bomb”. Such is the accuracy of the Bible.

          2. preacher richard h. says:

            The FACTS are Even if Humans Detonated EVERY NUKE on the PLANET EARTH at the EXACT same time
            The PLANET EARTH Would STILL BE HERE.
            Humans No but the earth would be
            FACT is we cant destroy the Earth

          3. kimberly says:

            richard…….Nuclear weapons have the capability to destroy life 50 times over. If there is no life, there is no earth. Don’t be obtuse

          4. preacher richard h. says:

            Kimberly Life will prevail even if it is just the Cock roaches that inherit the earth
            If you think there is a Problem today worrying about NUKES you should have lived when the USSR Existed

            Thank GOD President Reagan Bankrupt the Soviets an it had to disband
            Does anyone KNOW where the MONEY Comes from for this Koom bia Green Deal??

          5. kimberly says:

            Richard…………I lived when USSR existed and was a big fan of Reagan. The peanut farmer was a fiasco. I am an even bigger fan of President Trump. Cockroaches would not exist in the event of a nuclear war. That is an old wives tale. Bacteria in the deepest levels of the earth might survive or deep sea creatures but doubtful. But nothing on the surface. The ecosystem would vanish in the same way the saurian ecosystem vanished even without lethal radiation and nuclear winter.

        2. Dennis says:

          The sun and the solar minimum will impact the weather much more than anything we do. I totally agree with you.

      2. kimberly says:

        All your “examples” of pollution are in fact highly regulated by EPA and any “breech” of those regulations is severely fined with mandatory cleanup. This country is cleaner today than it was when everyone heated with coal and wood and drove buggies. If you do live in the UP then make a visit to Mackinac Island and sniff the air there where only horses are allowed. Especially in the summer. The odor of horse sh*t is overpowering. It is third world countries which haven’t advanced to our level of cleanness that “pollute”. Not the United States.

      3. kimberly says:

        oh..and speaking of Detroit….its run by Democrats.

        1. Sharon says:

          It is now, but when the damage was done it was run by Republicans. That is old damage and it took years to become what it ended up.

          1. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Chicago, new York, San Francisco…..all run by democrats. The poop just keeps piling up

          2. preacher richard h. says:


            You REALY must do a History search of City’s before n after a Democrat Tricks you into Voting for them.
            They put cities into POVERTY n Decimate the minority WHY do you think they started Busing in people from the country to attend to schools in the city. anyway Detroit was DESTROYED By Democrats like All Major City’s in America

            The last Republican Mayor of Detroit, MI was Louis C. Mirani. He was served from September 12, 1957 to January 2, 1962. He was Detroit’s 63rd mayor. Might be time for a change.
            its been 57 YEARS a democrat has been in charge

          3. Sharon says:

            Detroit has been in decline for years,primarily due to the loss of jobs. Cars not being made in the Motor City anymore it is common to blame democrats for failures in state and federal legislatures for not providing money and infrastructure rebuilding, which was and is historically blocked by Republicans. This has nothing to do with the original questions about climate change and the problems facing all of us. As for education and it the problems it has, again not enough money is allocated for it. Again, not part of the discussion. The departure of from facts to a cry and whine about all that is wrong is where these things end up. Blame games and gibberish to mask the real problems and that to do about them. This plays into the wrong idea of we have no money, no time, and no resources to allocate to the problems at hand, and that is the biggest lie of all. The same people saying the same things and all of it long ago debunked and is a lie, period. Let me be clear, I don’t suffer from the threat of a tornado, but occasionally we do have hurricanes. We built hurricane barriers to withstand force 5 hurricanes, and those barriers are tested yearly, and have never failed. Is that a reason to deny others the same protections? Is that a reason to deny others suitable tornado shelters because I’m not threatened by one? If I’m to believe the figures my educational system is the best in the country, is that a reason to not allocate funds to others trying to improve? That is what I call the “begrudge, belittle, deny” crowd who continues this lie of no money and nothing is wrong. No matter what you hold or believe, there is nothing but selfishness and a lack of empathy for your fellow man that comes through in debates like this. In my time I have met many dark souls and some would say evil people, but thankfully they are not the only people I’ve met.

          4. preacher richard h. says:

            I can say is its NOT Gov. job to supply womb to grave care for able bodied folks. as Americans under GOD we care for the elderly disabled n those who cant care for themselves,
            some people just need to pick themselves up and take care of themselves as it should be.
            ask for help when needed but to many expect free stuff that with a little work they can get themselves.
            to many have NO the right things these days.
            imagine 75 years ago Thousands Charged Nazi machine gun fire knowing they were there to die but they kept going that was Faith , Love of Family and of GOD n Country.
            If we had the same technology today we had in the 40’s and with todays people
            We would all be speaking German or Japanese
            sorry to say

  12. Lionheart says:

    Here is the temperature data for the South Pole over the last 36 years, which shows a cooling trend during that time.


  13. Kevin Kline says:

    AOC is talking about the inelastic demand for healthcare – i.e. people will only a certain price for a cellphone or they can decide not to buy a cellphone at all, but they will pay any price for their healthcare and to stay alive. This is why it will never be appropriate to treat healthcare like a market as if it can be restrained with market forces. Our lives are not commodities.

    1. kimberly says:

      Of course our lives are commodities. There are innumerable databases with that very premise. Its what Capitalism is all about. Its exactly why medicine has become big business. Back in the day, you’d be lucky to find somebody to fix a broken bone. Now, every aspect of physical aging is in some way addressed. The commodity of our life has become ever more valuable as science progresses.

  14. Carl Elfstrom says:

    I’m just glad this planet has T.V. dinners, and DVDs we can watch on our laptops while eating them. And coffee, and cheap, little, filtered, vanilla flavored cigars, which I couldn’t live without! And android phones, like the one I’m placing this comment on. And my Amazon app! Where would we be without Amazon! I must have close to two hundred items on my saved for later list. It might even help to think of things that we’re grateful for.

  15. preacher richard h. says:

    Its ALL a money making invented crisis , its the same story line the leftwing started in the 70’s that by 1990 we would start loosing coastal towns n cities,
    The Fact is the Earth is going threw a NATURAL change.
    The Earth has been heating up for over 300 years now.
    TRUTH is We are heading into an INTERGLCIAL PERIOD ( Getting Warmer)
    Its happened approx. 10 x’s in last Million years and lasts Thousands of years
    then Earth Cools an goes into a Glacial period ( Ice age or Mini ice ages)
    And that lasts thousands of years
    And THERE is NOTHING MAN Can do to Change it.
    Grow up n do your own research about EARTH
    Don’t listen to Money sucking People

  16. John Owens says:

    ANYONE in this day and age who supports the Green New Deal is either a hypocrite who is busy signalling virtue by espousing false values, or totally insane. We cannot return to horse and buggy days without creating more air pollution abd deforestation, and most of those who claim to support ot could not possibly survive it.

  17. Robertl says:

    The Earth been around long time. And it will be around long time to come. It is arragant to think man can have a effect on it.

  18. Judith Brouard says:

    It’s ironic how many of you Christians can’t spell. It makes your arguments, which are beyond faulty, far less credible. It is some comfort that your own ignorance will be your undoing. But it is sad that pure defiance on your part, and the defiance of others like you, will be the undoing of us all. God made us STEWARDS of Creation, and our presence here has caused the extinction of countless species. I don’t think disappointment in us as a race would cover God’s reaction to our arrogance. We are a pathetic lot, we humans, and when Armaggeddon comes, we will have earned it in spades.
    I might add, people who profess to be so Christian certainly don’t seem to practice it. Some very hateful, uncharitable and not at all like Jesus remarks on here.
    Funny how you fundamentalists are just like the Muslim fundamentalists: filled with hate and anxious to spew it.

    1. preacher richard h. says:

      Yes Judith
      reading your uplifting statement (spell checked im sure)
      GOD told us to go forth n Multiply
      GOD told us to leave our parents n cleave to our wives n husbands
      GOD Also gave us dominion over all things that live on his creation.
      He did not give us the power over the Earths climate. Not even the weather can we control.
      EARTH is starting its WARMING Cycle probably for the next 1000 years then it will enter a cooling cycle at the bottom of that cycle we will have an Ice age
      as we have proven over the last MILLION YEARS.

  19. kimberly says:

    The issue isn’t whether mankind can have an effect on the planet. The issue is whether mankind can destroy the planet by altering the climate. That is not possible. And regardless of whether the United States goes to something as ridiculous as the “green new deal” which isn’t new at all, the rest of the world (China, Russia, Mexico, Africa, South America, etc) will not and those countries have a far greater effect on climate than the USA does. For the “green new deal” to work, it would involve conquering the world using nuclear war. And, the only way mankind can destroy the planet is through nuclear war. So such politics actually carried out would kill not millions but billions AND destroy the world in the process. Such hippy politics are nothing more than an agenda to gain political power. This country already has so many pollution preventative laws on the books that they require an entire section of the Code of Federal Regulations (40 CFR). Literally millions of laws.

    1. Sharon says:

      Unfortunately yes we can alter the climate. The regulations stated have been dropped or not enforced. We must step up as the example to the world, not the problem makers. Nuclear war and such statements are a hold over from a way gone time of ego-eccentric gibberish. Time to move forward and time to stop the “begrudge, belittle, deny” attitudes of attacking the poor for all the ill in the world. The people that would benefit most and gain here are the ones desperate to hang on to the past and not accept that old hat excuse factory no longer plays and we’ve grown, moved past and evolved to understanding our roles in the world and yes, we are our brother’s keepers and it is our responsibility to be better wardens of this world.

      1. Kimberly Pierre says:

        That’s BS. EPA is one of the most powerful agencies in the federal government and they use that power. WE DON’T NEED Political Nazism.

        1. Sharon says:

          Was and that changed when Trump cut of funds and gutted the staff. Political Nazi-ism? From whom? The fact that use capitol’s to make a point is telling about what your tactics are. The other thing I notice here, paid posting from certain parties. The Russia games, and it is easy to see, same messages over and over again all based on gibberish.

          1. kimberly says:

            apparently, you don’t know the meaning of “draining the swamp”. EPA and other federal agencies are so full of pork and slackers that it needed funds cut and it was NOT “gutted”. I should know….I’m an environmental chemist.

      2. preacher richard h. says:

        Humans cant even.
        Predict THE WEATHER hardly can predict it for more than 5 days if that.
        Earth controls its OWN Climate n we are in a State of warming that has been going on for 300 years or more, Last main climate
        Politicians KNOW this n decided to Make TAX Money an Pocket Money also get votes by brainwashing the Youth around the world
        EARTH was cooling an we had an Ice age in Most parts of the world
        Now we are just beginning to warm, n It will get hotter for about a 1000 years or MORE.
        Then it will Cool gradually for 10000 years or more till we get another Ice Age
        Its a CYCLE Proven by science looking at EARTHS History over the last Million Years. It has happened 6 or 7 time are conservative in nature things may last 10K to 20K years in the cycles All this is due to Earths orbit to the Sun n moon an our position in the Solar system relative to other planets. NOT My lawn mower.
        Do your research I like Some what Intelligent responses please.

    2. Ki Wis says:

      regarding “The issue is whether mankind can destroy the planet by altering the climate.”
      That is one of the best arguments for a robust Space Program. Let’s get us humans off the planet before we destroy it!

      1. Kimberly Pierre says:

        Don’t you people Read? Man can NOT destroy the planet by affecting climate. Space travel is as unrealistic as political rhetoric about preventing climate change. It is POLITICS and NOT science.

  20. Patrick says:

    I am old enough to remember when science was convinced we were entering a global ice age – front pages of newspapers and magazines – scientists were POSITIVE – people spent thousands on shelters… Was just 30 years ago – go back and check! When I was in school we studied global climate change – although back then we just called it ‘the weather’ and knew we could do nothing about it… Seems many have forgotten Who is in charge and they think man is in charge. If down deep in your heart you feel this IS man’s problem to solve – I suggest you commit yourself – your career and resources to help clear the seas of plastic. And, unlike the author of this article says, ‘man-made’ climate change is not proven science – it is based on flawed and manipulated data. 10’s of thousands of real scientists disagree with the dire predictions (which say we should already be dead incidentally if you look back – history is filled with facts you need to know). Me and my family? We will follow God and respect who IS in charge of our lives (and the weather).

    1. Sharon says:

      I’m also old enough to remember that “In search of” episode. The Ice age looming, and what it was plain “gibberish”. Don’t mistake a television program for real science and a real problem. Next, as for whether God is actually working to do anything is again a hit or miss idea. Depends on where you stand in the time line of what God has done. It has always been easy to blame it on God. He doesn’t pop up to correct you when you lie. Nor does an entity show up to say you’re wrong. It is part and parcel of the “blame game”. Not my fault, not your fault, so it must be God’s fault. I would point out, once Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of knowledge, that was it, God walked away. He warned them and Eden was lost. So, following that idea we have the knowledge to correct the problems we’ve made. God helps those who help themselves, and so far, it is a constant failure to do anything productive. Because it is always someone eles’s responsibility, fault, and problem. Don’t wait for God to do it, you do it. Jesus didn’t wait for the money lenders to leave the temple, he tossed them out. He didn’t wait for Domino’s to bring pizza he did the dinner himself, two fishes, two loaves, and everybody ate. The examples have been set, to continue to deny and walk away is not going to fix things and if you’re left behind, you didn’t want to come along. Bye. That might sound cold, but even Jesus brushed the dirt from his feet and left.

    2. preacher richard h. says:


      I agree with much of what you say
      But, Weather n Climate are 2 Different things
      Weather we have on earth Every minute of every day and Humans cant Predict this even for a few days with any real certainty . Take a hurricane they wait till the Last Hour to even say its a 99% chance it will make land fall here…
      is measured in thousands of years
      say 200 to 800 generations, that’s 2500 to say 18K years or so
      and Earth is in the Hotter Stage of Climate change on the other side of the spectrum
      is when its in a COOLING Stage guess what happens then
      ICE AGE around most of the world
      This is proven science LIBERAL Greedy people aren’t teaching in schools anymore
      First they took GOD out of schools
      Then they rewrite History or Omit Truths that go against their Agenda’s
      Like Total Power over the Free people, Money, and fame, but GOD is not in their agenda
      GOD is In charge He will keep us around until the 2nd coming n The Judgement

      1. Sharon says:

        Weather and Climate, yes, I’m more than aware. It is not normal for my weather to be 70 degrees at Christmas. It is not normal for great white sharks to be in my coastal waters so early in the season. I have a good memory of what things should be. I also have photo evidence to show a local river frozen solid to the point you could drive on it less than 75 years ago. You can continue to site as many figures and studies, and claim there is nothing wrong, but it does nothing the change these facts. It also does nothing to make jobs or address crumbling roads and bridges, our appalling schools and health care which now is one of the worst in the world for pregnant Mothers and infants. It certainly will not change the attitudes of do nothings and the excuses they use to vindicate what they have not done to help anyone but themselves. What I do I take seriously, I don’t don my coat of principles just when I feel like it or when it suits my needs. I don’t keep numbers of whom I’ve helped or assisted, my curb side outreach is open 24/7 365. Food, shoes, a shoulder to cry on, “what can I do you for”? I never push God, on anyone and I don’t see the need to constantly tout what I believe or don’t, I just do what is right. I will say, I get tired, I don’t want to answer the call at 2 AM some days, and I often run out of even a few pennies. But that doesn’t mean I get to ignore the knock on the door or the phone ringing. It also doesn’t give me the right to abuse or insult those who I feel are not doing the best they can in those moments. The tests come and I fail some of them, but I try to do better the next time and that is the best one can do. I’m sure what I’ve said will be twisted and picked at and at this point I have better things to do, in the real world, real time, with real people who are in need of help.

        1. preacher richard h. says:

          You site evidence of things that are different ,yes they are different we are in a Natural climate change n only GOD can change it. Im not sure what everything else was about
          But you speak of Jobs Americas Economy is the best its been in 50 years unemployment is at FULL Employment for the USA. we have 2 million MORE JOB Openings than there are Workers to Fill them. If someone Doesn’t have a job in this market THEY DONT WANT ONE.
          Much of the Crumbling Infrastructure takes place in the big city’s n across America Dems have been in Charge of them for 40 years or more
          Look at CA> the State is Totally run by Democrats an its a Disaster
          as far as health care go to the Emergency room and after apply in the hospital for charity. an they write off 50K hospital bills all the time.
          Good luck in your trials
          GOD Listens

  21. Ed Moriarty says:

    I am flabbergasted by the lack of knowledge expressed by climate change/global warming deniers. Responsible human beings do not make excuses for the destruction of our God given refuge from the nothingness of the universe. Good stewards of this gift must condemn this misuse and waste in the name of PROFIT. Greed is our new “original sin.”

    1. preacher richard h. says:

      ED M.
      You sound exactly like you should
      being brainwashed as a youth you sound like a politition running for office EXCEPT the GOD referances
      Check the CLIMATE HISTORY of the Earth over the LAST MILLION YEARS, Look at a Chart n see that MAN is NOT Responsible for CLIMATE CHANGE
      Climate Change has happened 7 x’s in the last MILLION Years
      Earth is in the Hotter end of the cycle and it will last a 1000 years or so then it will start to cool again. till we have an ice age Again its happened 7 x’s right on CUE.
      n Profit n greed is what This climate change is about for liberals to line the Gov. pockets n theirs
      Now I suppose you Have a Job, an drive a car? perhaps Saving money somewhere, HOW Much money do YOU have to have before it is GREEDY?? Just asking
      amen but do your own research brother n see.

  22. Enrique A. Cordero says:

    Climate change is a scientific fact as well as the fact that humankind is accelerating the process that would otherwise take several thousand years. If you want to go the religious route then think about this – God gave humankind this great gift we call Earth. It gave birth to all of us and provides us with everything we need. In return, we abuse and destroy the very planet that sustains us and flip that proverbial finger at the God that created that wonderful gift. Humankind must embrace the idea of stewardship of our planet and realize that the Earth will otherwise begin to brush off the pests known as humans. The earth will continue long after we are gone!

  23. Daniel says:

    Climate change is not a scientific fact, it is a Hypothesis exactly as the theory of evolution. Those who say it is scientific, do not know what the definition of a scientific fact is. Leave the U.S. out of any ridiculous carbon talk, we are the cleanest country on Earth, try and talk to China and lets see where you go with that !

    1. Rev Ned says:

      Wanna buy some stock in the Brooklyn Bridge? I know a guy.

  24. Rev Ned says:

    The 🌎 is not in trouble. Mankind, however, is. Long after we’re gone there will still be horseshoe crabs (if we don’t kill them off) and cockroaches. 😺

  25. wayne disch says:

    You just lost me ! Climate change has been happening since God created this planet .

    1. Lionheart says:

      You just lost me wayne, no god created the planet, unless you can prove a deity did, but I do get what you mean about the earths climate always changing throughout its evolutionary history.


  26. Kimberly Pierre says:

    Climate politics goes hand in hand with propagation of abortion. It is an attempt to reduce the human population and to take power over the remnants. It is simply another form of eugenics. Same with all the hype about hatred of Caucasians.

  27. Stephen says:

    It appears that we are doomed. Not because our world’s weather is changing, but because even the shepards are blind to truth and ultimately lost.

    This church has lost its way. I am saddened to realize it.

  28. kimberly says:

    so much for separation of church and state.

  29. Popodoc says:

    The Bible clearly states that all Followers of Jesus should be wary of “False Teachings” and should search the Scriptures for truth. It appears that Satan’s weapon of the Garden of Eden is at work here. Be cautious adhering yourself to this kind of philosophy being espoused by this coalition.

    1. preacher richard h. says:

      Do your own research for earths climate over last million years
      The change EARTH is in at the Moment has been going on for the last 300 to 500 will continue to stay warming for a 1000 to 5000 years
      then it will start to cool again until we have an ice age. AGAIN for the 7th time in a million years
      HUMANS will not be here. Jesus will come sooner rather than later I pray.
      But This is not Manmade .It is the biggest hoax in history dreamed up by GREEDY Leftwing strategists to get votes an give them reason to line their pockets

  30. Gallet Christ Sampu says:

    in this matters it is written ” In the last days or in the end signs will appears in differents ways and manners…but the end of time is no yet!!!So let build up ours faith and loves.

  31. Tommy Kiefer says:

    “The scientific consensus on climate change is overwhelming: 97% or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree that the warming climate of the last century is highly likely to be caused by human activity. ” This is patently 110% false. Stop parroting these agenda driven lies. The climate is changing and is has been since the beginning of time. We are a cyclical universe with the Sun and energy (magnetics) being the movers and shakers of creation. I often wonder sometimes who this Universal Life church is? You guys spread a lot of misinformation like the mainstream corporate media-Democrat-leftist- talking points. Not everyone here is brainwashed to such an extent. I worked for NSF at the South Pole Station in Antarctica all throughout the 90’s spending many many seasons down on the Ice performing experiments to backup or debunk the “man made global warming” ruse. Well we found out a few years in that NO MATTER what the science and history shows, if we wanted to continue to be funded and keep our careers, we had to come up with the data and climate timeline that supported the warming claims( we just made it up). It’s just not true! The planet is headed for a mini Ice-Age along with a Pole Shift in our life times. Blaming it on the people and telling us it’s getting hotter is a ploy to keep us distracted, taxed, and controlled meanwhile big business continues to pollute and treat the planet like landfill. They know what’s coming, it can’t be stopped, life on Earth as we know will never be the same. Btw, the yellow vest protests in France are because the CRAZY increased taxes of the Paris Climate Accord. God is Great- God is You! We are all facets of divinity, Love yourself, Love Others, See God-Creator in everything and everyone. Namaste!


  32. Bill Millhouse says:

    As the old chant goes: “The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her”. I feel that the gods approve.

  33. Oldaabill says:

    Care of the planet starts as an individual responsibility. The surface of the planet and the condition of the air and oceans is an example of sacrificing individual responsibility to make money and then passing the responsibility off on future generations and worst of all, the government.

  34. john hilley says:

    Gen: 8, ver 22

  35. Dave Lewis says:

    It appears that this site has been heavily infiltrated by Trolls. Some folks who call themselves “ministers” seem to comment repeatedly only to carry on mean-spirited arguments.

  36. DALE says:

    I’m a retired environmental scientist with a graduate degree and 30 years experience in the field blah, blah, blah… When I first encountered the notion of global warming I was a little bit skeptical but decided to do some more reading on the matter. And the more I read, the more convinced I became that global warming is real and if left unabated the consequences will devastate the current environment and its life, especially humans.
    So what do we do? We can deny it’s happening. (Best of luck with that approach.). We can pray God steps in to save our sorry asses. Or we can use our God-given free will to try to save ourselves. I vote for the latter. I hope you will, too.

  37. Secretary3rd says:

    The computer I’m using is running with a 350 watt power source. I’m sitting in a room that has lights and air conditioning. In the winter I have heat. I have a fine life and if anyone wants to take that away from me I shall fight and ruin your lifestyle. A black out of the East Coast and think what happens. Out side of a lot of babies being born in nine months elevators stop working, cell phone are not charge, laptops batteries die. Everything that needs electric power dies. Unless you have backup power we will be in the dark ages. Office building are not design to pop windows open. New schools are close systems and if the water does not work they close down.
    US coal burning power plants are running clean compare with India and China who puts a new dirty one online per week.
    Remember that who ever is elected in 2020 will only be in that position for 4 or 8 years until a new clown is elected.

  38. Jo says:

    Religion is a realm of thought derived from observing the immensity of wander about the mysteries of the Universe. The word “Religion” it self derives from the Latin “Relegare” meaning to reconnect, reunite, etc., implying that some things were disconnected and needed assembly.
    The idea that God is a “person” like deity, holding supremacy over human social management, appears archaic and unconducive to the practicality in life as it unfolds before us all today.
    We need to break up with the old patriarchic, imperialistic, ideas relating to God.
    The world has become much larger than the Middle East territories of the Mesopotamian times from which the Bible span.

    Today, is common knowledge that we live in a planet (even if flat), for those who find joy in playing ostrich with science. We know that the firmament is actually billions and billions of light-years deep, and that’s only how far we can see.

    Today, science and religion are becoming more and more connected through Astrophysics, relativity,
    And quantum Mechanics that brought about the Big-Bang theory that so many religious groups like.

    We must commit to the responsibility of our own actions as people. To do as we please for selfish and uneducated reasons whatever we want, counting in the 11th hour absolution does not fly anymore, praying for murdered school children, is not working, and finding justice in the bibilical proverb that “It is harder for a rich man to ascend to heaven, the a camel through the eye of a needle” does not convince anyone anymore, while keeping the poor in suffering.

    I could go on but the reader probably had taken in thee direction of this topic that appears to be totally out-of-context with the subject of “The Green Deal” and how God may feel about it. However, if one may stick with the subject, I promise to connect the dots in this picture.

    We are presently living in an electronic tower of Babel, instead of stones, pitchforks, and swards, we have bombs, missiles, and weapons of mess-destruction. Instead of a Roman Empire vs a local culture, we have Face Book, Tweeter, and all the noise of a social media that makes the original Babel look like a friendly spiked tea party on a Sunday afternoon after football.

    The “Green Deal” is just one more noise out in the madness of social media. The reason it is capturing attention is in itself, its own value by rising above the monotonous mumble of idiosyncrasy, and lack of commonsense muddying the waters of discourse.

    Any relation between this and God having an opinion on our state of affairs, is just food for babble.
    As I see it, we need to stop theorizing believes, and instead start paying attention to solid theories, that may lead us to practical solutions to our problems. After all, if God is believed to work though us, then let’s get to work, having in mind that it is told in the Bible that Jesus said: “…Greater works than me, shall you do…” (and I don’t think plastic count in this case, or our mission has been completed already).

    Therefore, lets assume the responsibility of being the best to OTHERS because if ALL of us were to do that each one of us would be CARED by all others!!!!
    Let’s support all ideas meant to support and help us all knowing that Jesus said that we CAN do BETTER that HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is in a nutshell the formula to destroy greed, envy, fear, hate, and all the negative poison our divided politics and faiths have brought us to the present living hell!
    The anti Christ is here and is called CORPORATE GREED.
    So let’s stop wandering what God is thinking of us and let’s focus on what we can do for humanity in HIS, HER, or ITS name. May The Blessings Be!

  39. Rev. Jose' Antonio Correia says:

    Religion is a realm of thought derived from observing the immensity of wander about the mysteries of the Universe. The word “Religion” it self derives from the Latin “Relegare” meaning to reconnect, reunite, etc., implying that some things were disconnected and needed assembly.
    The idea that God is a “person” like deity, holding supremacy over human social management, appears archaic and unconducive to the practicality in life as it unfolds before us all today.
    We need to break up with the old patriarchic, imperialistic, ideas relating to God.
    The world has become much larger than the Middle East territories of the Mesopotamian times from which the Bible span.

    Today, is common knowledge that we live in a planet (even if flat), for those who find joy in playing ostrich with science. We know that the firmament is actually billions and billions of light-years deep, and that’s only how far we can see.

    Today, science and religion are becoming more and more connected through Astrophysics, relativity,
    And quantum Mechanics that brought about the Big-Bang theory that so many religious groups like.

    We must commit to the responsibility of our own actions as people. To do as we please for selfish and uneducated reasons whatever we want, counting in the 11th hour absolution does not fly anymore, praying for murdered school children, is not working, and finding justice in the bibilical proverb that “It is harder for a rich man to ascend to heaven, the a camel through the eye of a needle” does not convince anyone anymore, while keeping the poor in suffering.

    I could go on but the reader probably had taken in thee direction of this topic that appears to be totally out-of-context with the subject of “The Green Deal” and how God may feel about it. However, if one may stick with the subject, I promise to connect the dots in this picture.

    We are presently living in an electronic tower of Babel, instead of stones, pitchforks, and swards, we have bombs, missiles, and weapons of mess-destruction. Instead of a Roman Empire vs a local culture, we have Face Book, Tweeter, and all the noise of a social media that makes the original Babel look like a friendly spiked tea party on a Sunday afternoon after football.

    The “Green Deal” is just one more noise out in the madness of social media. The reason it is capturing attention is in itself, its own value by rising above the monotonous mumble of idiosyncrasy, and lack of commonsense muddying the waters of discourse.

    Any relation between this and God having an opinion on our state of affairs, is just food for babble.
    As I see it, we need to stop theorizing believes, and instead start paying attention to solid theories, that may lead us to practical solutions to our problems. After all, if God is believed to work though us, then let’s get to work, having in mind that it is told in the Bible that Jesus said: “…Greater works than me, shall you do…” (and I don’t think plastic count in this case, or our mission has been completed already).

    Therefore, lets assume the responsibility of being the best to OTHERS because if ALL of us were to do that each one of us would be CARED by all others!!!!
    Let’s support all ideas meant to support and help us all knowing that Jesus said that we CAN do BETTER that HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is in a nutshell the formula to destroy greed, envy, fear, hate, and all the negative poison our divided politics and faiths have brought us to the present living hell!
    The anti Christ is here and is called CORPORATE GREED.
    So let’s stop wandering what God is thinking of us and let’s focus on what we can do for humanity in HIS, HER, or ITS name. May The Blessings Be!

  40. JOHN GAINES says:


    1. kimberly says:

      how much do you want for your Florida land?

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