Despite complaints from viewers, Alabama Public Television insists it has no plans to broadcast the episode. (“Arthur”, PBS Kids).

Alabama has decided not to air the season premiere of the famed children’s television show “Arthur” because it features a same-sex marriage between two of the characters. Although the episode premiered nationwide on May 13, Alabama Public Television has determined that its own citizens – both young and old – should not be exposed to the ideas presented in the storyline.

“Our broadcast would take away the choice of parents who feel it is inappropriate,” explained programming director Mike McKenzie, “either because their children are too young, or because of their beliefs.” 

And many prominent figures were not shy about sharing their beliefs on the subject. Fundamentalist figure Ken Ham denounced the portrayal of same-sex marriage on public television, telling his followers: “The evil one is out to capture your kids & pervert their minds.”

Sebastian Gorka, former Deputy Assistant to President Trump, was also taken aback, asking listeners of his radio show: “Did you have any questions about there being a culture war, ladies and gentlemen? Did you have any doubt in your mind? This is a war for our culture.”

Much Ado About Nothing?

Interestingly, the episode in question doesn’t actually address the character’s sexuality – or even show the ceremony itself. Instead, the male character is simply shown walking down the aisle with another male character. The moment is explored in further detail in this Facebook post:

With this context, it’s hard to understand what all the outrage is about. The scene was brief and laid-back – perhaps the most “family friendly” depiction of a same-sex ceremony one could envision. And it’s inclusion is important to the show’s creators.

The Importance of Representation

Following in the footsteps of his good friend Mister Rogers, whose own show provided children with positive takes on sometimes-difficult family issues for four decades, “Arthur” creator Mark Brown felt a social obligation to write this particular episode.

“So many of us have family or friends who are gay who are not represented in the media,” he explains. “We have people in our family that are gay and raising children and looking for things to validate their families.”

Censorship Wins the Day

Despite this, Alabama Public Television insists it has no plans to broadcast the episode. While PBS allows its local affiliates the freedom to decide what airs in their markets, representatives from the organization stressed their belief that it’s “important to represent the wide array of adults in the lives of children who look to PBS Kids every day.”

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) was not so diplomatic, calling the Alabama station’s censorship of the episode a deliberate attempt to erase LGBTQ representation. 

“LGBTQ parents and their children deserve to see themselves reflected in media,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis, “and if leadership of this public broadcasting station cannot serve the interests of the entire public, it’s time to find someone who can.”

What do you think?


  1. CF says:

    Christian extremism at its finest … it amazing how Christians criticize Islam for their beliefs towards women, and everything else – but are completely blind to their own misogyny, bigotry, racism and general hate. This is not what the true teaching and following of Jesus was…. but the big business of evangelism has bastardized everything in the name of Christianity. Just disgusting.

    1. Rev Todd says:

      Can you use every “progressive” catch word to describe someone? True teaching says it is abhorrent in the eyes of God. Society does not need to bombard young ppl with images of lifestyles that are , until a decade or so ago, a mental illness. When some perverted Psychologists got together and decided to take it out because of their own personal belief it was a mental defect.

      1. Joe Fanning says:

        However, using the words of the scripture – WHO is the actual *only* person Jesus is mentioned loving? JOHN. Yes, I personally believe that Mary Magdalene was his wife, but for any who reads the gospels, then that other guy is the one and only. AMEN

        1. Kawika says:

          “CF,” don’t mind Rev Todd’s parochial and provincial comments. Another bible-thumping, podium-pounding, bigot, emptying his hate mongering on us… That is JUST DISGUSTING…

        2. John Hysell says:

          Yes Jesus did say he Loved John, but it was a brotherly Love not sexual Love. For man to be with man is an abomination in Gods eyes. Clearly stated in the Bible(Gods Word) so If you don’t believe in Gods Word you have no business calling yourself a representative of God.

          1. Carl Elfstrom says:

            ULC is not a Christian sect, and no ULC minister has to believe in anything contained in the Bible to represent GOD through the aULC. We come from many paths and religions.

          2. Carl Elfstrom says:

            It sounds like you might be confusing romantic love with sexual lust. Love is love, and is only good in every way, shape, and form, regardless of what your worthless version of God thinks about it. My God doesn’t like your god.

        3. Carl Elfstrom says:

          But he had twelve apostles who left their wives to be with him. I thought I heard that the only reason why St. Judas turned him in was because he felt rejected by Jesus when he left him for John.

        4. Armando Rodriguez says:

          You are not Christians therefore you have nothing no heritage in Israel. not knowing the bible not even God being alien to all righteousness.

        5. Armando Rodriguez says:

          Joe Fanning,Kawika, Carl Efftrom, You have no lot in the ways of God you only love yourselves and have not the love of God in you, not knowing the path of destruction you are heading into. Repent while it is called today for you are not saved and are bewiched by him who has doctrined you; Satan.
          Kimberly Rev Todd, John Hysel keep up the good work May The Father bless you and keep you until the day of his return and protect your loved ones, and thank you for defending the Faith. Because of true righteousness the world stands sounds and because of wickedness it is being destroyed, even natural disasters. I do not know you but the Blessed Lord honors me by knowing of you by the social media.
          See you in heaven, and lets fight the good fight against the devil and lets embrace that beautiful cross of Christ.

          1. Lionheart says:

            Oh just stop it and grow up!

            Your religious blackmailing of your pathetic infanticidal murderous god doesn’t scare me. He needs a good hard kick up the backside for his brutality. He has major anger management issues he needs to take care of.

            As for your beautiful cross, you know where you can stick it.


          2. HeySeuss says:

            I’m pretty sure…. IF the supposed magical son of God we’re to return… the last thing he is going to want to see is a bunch of crosses everywhere. Talk about PTSD!!
            Christian radicalism seems to be taking over in the USA…. and like it or not, your antics, are parallel to the very radical Islamic rhetoric that you perpetrate as evil. And I’m not talking about regular Islamic OR Christian doctrine… I’m talking about your holier than thou, false love, spread hate under the umbrella of “religious freedom” BS. I used to be a man of faith, until I saw what “faith” does in a war zone. You all need to just stop pretending that your ingrained hate has anything to do with ANY deity, and learn to live life without judgement or religious rhetoric. Hopefully we evolve beyond the control imposed by misinterpreted writings designed to historically control society, and learn that life is precious, and that everyone is entitled to a free and loving life. Grow up, and open your eyes…. make your OWN decisions that aren’t based on “scripture”.

      2. Kawika says:

        I think Alabama will soon be putting a Swastika on their state flag…

        1. kimberly says:

          once again for those obtuse enough to not understand…………conscientious objection to perversion is NOT racism.

          1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

            Perversion you mean like old men wanting to marry children? Because every time a state tries to raise the min age of marriage to something not utterly perverted its always the christian factions that come out crying how its not wrong for men well past their prime to marry girls as young as 12 in some states.

            Or perverse like telling kids horrifying tales of torture and death a plenty like the so called GOOD BOOK.

            Or perverted like thinking you can rape someone and then go to confession and repent and be good as gold,

            Seriously two consenting adults doing what they want to each other is not perverted. An old man wanting to marry a tween and put a baby in her now that is perverted. Yet many a so called christian will tell you its fine with their so called faith.

          2. kimberly says:

            There are plenty of laws on the books against pedophilia. Yet I don’t see you protesting what this really is.

            There is no torture in the Bible except AGAINST people of God. Torture originates from mythically based “children’s” tales. For example the little ditty about Lizzy Borden. Witches, goblins, trolls, etc. And, how about Halloween where little kids are dressed up like demons.

            Confession for rape does not negate the laws on the books against rape. So why aren’t you screaming “separation of church and state” instead of equating the two?

            Children are not “consenting adults”. This was a brainwashing attempt perpetrated AT children BY gays. It is an end-run around the laws protecting children and an act of PEDOPHILIA.

            What you’re attempting to do is pull up a bunch of what YOU think is perverted and accusing me of it. Won’t work.

          3. T'Keren Valmaz says:

            Just lol Kimmy your kind of views are so archaic you are not even worth consideration any more then those that persecuted Galileo. You may as well become an isolated hermit. The world and its changes are clearly too scary for you.

          4. Beth says:

            Kimberly;y get your facts right– It’s not gays that hurt children it’s mainly STRAIGHT MEN! Stop spreading your blasphemy people like you push believers away from the faith.
            Read the facts-0
            “Results. Abuse was ruled out in 35 cases. Seventy-four children were allegedly abused by other children and teenagers less than 18 years old. In 9 cases, an offender could not be identified. In the remaining 269 cases, two offenders were identified as being gay or lesbian. In 82% of cases (222/269), the alleged offender was a heterosexual partner of a close relative of the child. ”


            Ignorance runs wide…sadly

          5. kimberly says:

            Beth………perversion is perversion. Stop trying to justify homosexual attacks on children as “ok” as long as pedophiles are “mostly” heterosexuals. Both are equally perverse regardless of frequency.

          6. Patrick Gordon Connors says:


          7. Amy says:

            You’re correct, it’s not racism. However, when conscientious objection vilifies an entire segment of society, it’s called bigotry. Just another form of hate.

          8. kimberly says:

            wrong Amy…… isn’t bigotry either. Conscientious objections are passive and protective of one’s conscience. Bigotry is active intolerance fueled by hate. The difference is significant.

          9. Amy says:

            Your conscientious objection to gay marriage infringes on people living their lives the way straight people are never infringed upon.
            Two men – or two women – getting married and having the right by law to visit each other in the hospital in absolutely no way reduces your rights as a straight person and more than a man and a woman getting married does.
            Why are you so against gay people getting married? What is wrong with you?

            The only way your conscientious objection would NOT be bigotry would be if you conscientiously objected to ANYONE getting married. If you leave out certain people from rights and protections under the law, you are discriminating and you’re a bigot.

          10. Kimberly Pierre says:

            My conscience will not allow me to condone marriage that is not between man and woman. It is the biblical way. And it is not bigotry or hate. A goat could hump a garbage truck for all I care. But Don’t try to force me to think that is marriage.

          11. Rev. John D. Partin says:

            Kimberly, homosexuality isn’t perversion, except according to bigots, which makes them as bigoted as racists and the Swastika a fitting thing to put upon the flag of such homophobic and racist people!!

      3. T'Keren Valmaz says:

        True teaching? Who are these true teachers? The many times over edited and intentionally mistranslated texts that still dont trace back to closer then a few generations after the lifetimes of those that claimed to have bore witness to miracles?

        Because the vast majority of theologians even christian ones are of the consensus that there is not one verse in the oldest translations that come anywhere near condemning homosexuality. The oh so common story about Sodom also has nothing to do with homosexuals being bad. Its about a lack of charity, welcoming strangers different then you with open arms, and being willing to sacrifice even your own family to protect said strangers.

        As for bombarding the young:We all know that any emotional bias — irrespective of truth or falsity — can be implanted by suggestion in the emotions of the young, hence the inherited traditions of an orthodox community are absolutely without evidential value…. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. With such an honest and inflexible openness to evidence, they could not fail to receive any real truth which might be manifesting itself around them. The fact that religionists do not follow this honourable course, but cheat at their game by invoking juvenile quasi-hypnosis, is enough to destroy their pretensions in my eyes even if their absurdity were not manifest in every other direction

        1. Rev. John D. Partin says:

          Kimberly Pierre, the Bible’s restricting marriage to a man and a woman is bigotry and the Bible writers’ putting their homophobia into “God’s mouth”. Two men or two women having sex with each other aren’t “a goat humping a garbage truck”, but, rather, just two people making love and the same species having sex with each other. Your not recognizing or accepting that is just your being bigoted against gay people and indoctrinated and brainwashed against them!!

          1. kimberly says:

            There is no bigotry involved. I could care less what other people do but I do care when they throw it in my face and attempt to force me into acceptance of their particular perversion. I DO NOT ACCEPT such attempts and you can’t make me nor should you. I enjoy puppies but when one starts humping MY leg, I’m going to kick it off rather than stand there and take it.

      4. Laurie Cleveland says:

        No, it doesn’t. I refer you to the Celestine Bible which gives a different and more complete understanding of Yeshua’s words. The Holy Bible has been re-written more times and each time, something is taken out or reworded in some way or another . Yeshua didn’t discriminate against gays. He practiced and preached unconditional love and compassion. What you are saying is totally against everything that the man stood for.

      5. Carl Elfstrom says:

        The AMA considers it a chemical imbalance, which is nothing like a mental defect. Psychologists, who have doctorates of philosophy, cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions. Get you facts straight before spouting off a load of nonsense. Such a chemical imbalance cannot be treated, or cured. And who would want to be cured from one of the best ways of life there has ever been. Like the song goes “We are the champions of the world !

    2. Looking for Sanity says:

      Damned Evanglical Christians…arghh… These people are the worst of humanity because they lack heart and compassion. Do you all think that an All Powerful Being who created EVERYTHING is so petty as to care what 2 people do in their private lives? THINK! and don’t give me no crap about the OT. That was just for Jews! Christo-Fascism at its finest in a Racist and Bigoted State. I suppose all that inbreeding really lowered their brain power.

      1. Rev Mike says:

        If anything needs to be classified as a metal illness, its Evangelical Christianity. Trying to justify bigotry, hate, and their “Gospel of Prosperity” as the message of Jesus is an abomination.

        Looking for Sanity, you are totally right about the Old Testament. The Christian Taliban take a line from Leviticus and run wit it. Leviticus also opposes eating shellfish and tattoos, yet I don’t see any evangelicals demanding the closure of Long john Silvers or picketing tattoo parlors.

    3. CW says:

      You must be a liberal since you are so full of bigotry, racism and general hate.

      1. S. R. says:

        For what it’s worth, I’m very liberal and am all about love, empathy, acceptance ,tolerance, harmony, peace, dignity integrity, honesty, and so on. I live my life showing all of the above to all I meet regardless of their views, skin color where they chanced to be born, if they believe in a god or goddess or believe in humanism or Wiccan or any possible way a Human lives as a Human. I’m a minister through this group and I teach the above by living the above.


        1. kimberly says:

          liberals are not tolerant. face reality.

          1. Cyril says:

            You don’t even know the definition of the word.

            Liberals espouse individual liberty. What two people want to do together is fine, so long as it is not harming anyone else. There is not plot to make kids gay. Just to let already gay kids know that they are loved by God and their community, just the way they are.

            If you refuse to accept what God creates, aren’t you rejecting God?

          2. kimberly says:

            there are no “gay kids”. Once again, we see liberals attempting to compartmentalize from birth when that is Nazi politics. Not science

          3. kimberly says:

            There’s a HUGE difference between those who claim to be liberals these days and liberalism. Tolerance is the furthest thing from a modern “liberal’s” mind. Today’s liberals are radicals, NOT liberals. Today’s conservatives are the true liberals.

            Conservativism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed, and equality before the law. Conservatives espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but they generally support limited government, individual rights (including civil rights and human rights), capitalism (free markets), democracy, secularism, gender equality, racial equality, internationalism, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion.

    4. Mike says:

      Not all Christians are easily triggered at all. The only ones that I have ever encountered who get really, over the top about these sot of issues are the right wing extremist types. Also, it’s not just Christians who are offended by same sex marriage, and related issues.

      1. kimberly says:

        Marriage in the Bible is the union of man and woman. There is no gay marriage described. There is gay sex described though and that would be outside the marriage union as defined. Consequently, gay sex is fornication and/or adultery. What one doesn’t hear is that most gay sex is outside even the contrivance of a so-called “gay marriage”.

        1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

          You do know that the actual biblical idea of adultry does not allow for divorce, nor remarriage after your spouse dies right? So even a great many so called christians who are legally wed are in the eyes of the actual ancient form of their faith as big of sinners as they can be right?

          Also if you really understood what the 7 sins are, youd understand that everytime you indulge in a snack, any excessively tasty and pricey foods, basically another above meager bare sustenance you commit gluttony for example. Yet I doubt all you eat is abit of plain rice and meat etc.

          1. kimberly says:

            Actually, adultery is the one reason divorce was allowed…through death. Lev. 20:10. I used to keep the dietary laws and am intimately acquainted with them having performed them myself. As for gluttony, the Pharisees called Jesus one. Matt 11:19. Guess who came out the winner?

      2. Rev. John D. Partin says:

        Kimberly, this statement of yours about “liberals being radicals” and “conservatives being liberals” is just more proof of how convoluted and illogical you conservatives’ “thinking” is, in which words and terms no longer mean what they, obviously, mean, but, rather, mean whatever in the Hell that you want them to mean to suit yourselves and in that make it up as you go along and upside down world that you live in, liberals become “radicals” and conservatives become “liberals” and, no doubt, if we carried on with your list of transposed “identities”, Nazis would become “Jews”, Christians would become “Hindus”, Muslims would become “Amish”, Hindus would become “Extraterrestrials”, Black people would become “Chinese”, and everyone would become something other than or opposite to what they, quite obviously, really are!! This is the same basic philosophy believed in and practiced by The Church of Satan: Up is Down, Down is Up, Freedom is Slavery, Slavery is Freedom, etc., and everything becomes converted into its opposite. I don’t have any problem with Satanists thinking that way because that is who they are and natural and honest for them to think that way, but do have a problem with Bible thumpers and “holier than thou” persons, such as yourself, agreeing with their same basic thinking. Pick a story and stick to it: the Bible or The Satanic Bible, but stop trying to have it both ways and thumping the Bible at people, while at the same time dishonestly (for you!) saying that words mean whatever you want them to mean!! Conservatives make very poor “liberals” while you are opposing ALL!!! people’s rights to love and live as they choose and marry whomever they choose, consentually for both people, and not hurting anyone else!! That isn’t radicalism, except according to people such as yourself, who make everything other than only conservatives having any freedom “radicalism”, but is just basic freedom and justice for all, as it says in the Pledge of Allegiance! Only if the Pledge of Allegiance is a radical statement can freedom and justice for all be called a “radical idea”, but your saying that it is doesn’t make it so. If freedom and justice for all isn’t a radical idea, quite obviously, then gay people’s having the freedom to marry whomever they choose isn’t radical at all, but just basic freedom!! Gay people are part of the people and so the freedom of the rest of the people to marry whomever they wish is also the same freedom of gay people to marry whomever they wish, in a consistent society and understanding of the word “freedom” and only in an inconsistent and double standard society and “understanding” of the word “freedom” can only straight, Christian, and conservative people marry whomever they want, but not gay people do the same!! That isn’t radical thinking, but consistent and fair-minded and equal justice thinking. The same goes for all other freedoms that are enjoyed by the rest of the people in this country: they are also for the gay people in this country. Only a right-wing radical, such as yourself, believes that rights and freedoms are only for conservatives in this country and for nobody else!!! This is still, no doubt, more casting pearls in front of pigs and pouring water over the rocks of (and in) all you conservatives’ heads telling you all this because, as always, nothing will get through to you out of all this, but, at least, you will know that your trying to make words mean whatever you want them to mean isn’t going to fly with me and other people here who are wise to you and on to your games in this blog!! As Rev. Al Sharpton says about Trumpelstiltskin and other Republicans and conservatives all the time: “Got ya!!”.

  2. Dan Anderson says:

    I find this blatant bigotry caused by nothing more than ignorance of the nature of the world and a blind faith ignorance of what their own Bible says.

    So many people think, for example, that Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:26-30, and 1Cor 6:9-10, along with the Genesis story of Sodom & Gomorrah were about homosexuality, but it isn’t.

    1. Howard Pippin says:

      Could you please tell me what the Scriptures quoted by you are about.
      Thank you

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        It was once explained to me by a retired Methodist minister who started out being a Baptist minister that the story of Sodom and Gom.orrah was about the men of those towns not being hospitable to strangers in their town, which was their custom. The form of inhospitality didn’t matter, and it would have absolutely nothing to do with homosexuality even if it did. Rape is an act of violence, and only that. It doesn’t have anything to do with sexual orientation. Sexual orientation has to do with love and attraction, not violent crimes.

        1. Carl Elfstrom says:

          And when it comes to Corinthians, and Acts, St. Paul was a closet queen, plain and simple.

    2. BE says:

      Actually, in Romans 1, Paul was pointing out beginning in verse 18 that mankind is guilty before God because they “hold the truth in unrighteousness” by denying the knowledge that each human has built into them that God exists and He is understood by them through the attributes of.creation. Verses 21 – 23 describe the voluntary departure of mankind from
      their Creator through human wisdom, thereby declaring that the wisdom of man is superior to the wisdom of God. As a result of this mindset, mankind departed from the precepts of God and replaced them with the worship of nature and the worship of humanity itself; this led to the dishonoring of their bodies through unnatural affections and behavior which
      included “their women exchanging the natural use for that which is against nature and likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another, men with men working that which is unseemly”. Verses
      28 – 32 go on to describe the complete degradation that occurs when mankind does not ” like to to retain God in their knowledge”.

      Leviticus 18:22 is one verse in the discussion of the Levitical laws governing personal behavior. Starting in 18:1 and reading through 20:27, there are seven categories addressing this subject. 18:22 does indeed address same sex sin while other subjects are touched on in verse 19 (uncleanness), 20 (adultery), 21 (sexual idolatry), and beastiality in
      verse 23.

      1 Corinthians6:9-10 is is the description of lifestyles that are abhorrent to God and are deeds deemed unrighteousness enough to prevent the inheritance of the kingdom of God by the offenders. The key verse of the discussion is verse 11
      which indicates that the some in the audience being addressed ‘were” living lifestyles of this kind but now they “are washed, are sanctified, are justified in the name of The Lord Jesus and by The Spirit of our God”.

      Individual verses are best studied and understood by connecting them to the conversation and subject matter to which they are therein included. Cross referencing with other discussions on the same subject is very helpful also.

      1. Val Jester says:

        What a complete and total load of poppycock. Your feats hermeneutical gymnastics are amazing.

      2. eric karr says:


        1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

          Bob Ulfo is that you?

          1. Carl Elfstrom says:

            It sounds like the one who started out calling himself Bob Fleutsch. I think when one enters the room the last one leaves his body, to make room for the next one, but their sordid personalities and ignorance stay the same.

          2. T'Keren Valmaz says:

            Ok so I am not the only one suspecting that

    3. Val Jester says:

      And of course you are mistaken.

      1. Rev Todd says:

        To say he is mistaken and not offer any rebuttal is disingenuous. It shows your mind is closed off and not open to any thought but your own. He was pointing out instances where it is considered abhorrent in the eyes of God and you just claim he is wrong. No sir-re you are wrong

        1. Carl Elfstrom says:

          No sir-ree Bob,Toddy, it’s your version of the Will of God that’s wrong. Hells bells, when did God die and leave you in charge of interpreting his will ?

  3. Truth says:

    Same sex relationship’s are a choice ( not a life style) Who people choose to sleep with is nobody’s business but their are too young to be taught about sexual choices. And the only reason why these characters are put into kids programming is to try to influence (or brainwash) them into that way of thinking.leave our kids alone.

    1. eric karr says:

      absolutely, trying to force tolerance on to children is wrong

      1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

        We all know that any emotional bias — irrespective of truth or falsity — can be implanted by suggestion in the emotions of the young, hence the inherited traditions of an orthodox community are absolutely without evidential value…. If religion were true, its followers would not try to bludgeon their young into an artificial conformity; but would merely insist on their unbending quest for truth, irrespective of artificial backgrounds or practical consequences. With such an honest and inflexible openness to evidence, they could not fail to receive any real truth which might be manifesting itself around them. The fact that religionists do not follow this honourable course, but cheat at their game by invoking juvenile quasi-hypnosis, is enough to destroy their pretensions in my eyes even if their absurdity were not manifest in every other direction

        1. Truth says:

          Your bringing religion into your life the way you see fit.if you have kids, raise them the way you want.Dont worry about how other people are raising their kids.Such interest questions your true intentions with the younger generation.

          1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

            On the contrary we as a society have a duty to the young and vulnerable to provide oversight into how they are raised and treated. Parents are not entitled to isolating their children and raising them however they want when eventually those kids have to integrate into society.

            Many parents fail to prepare their kids properly due to home schooling and avoiding actual education in the place of shoving religious teachings upon them as some kind of factual truth rather then the myths they are.

        2. Laurie Cleveland says:

          I have already weighed in on this, but for the sake of argument, I believe that the LBGT community has created a monster and that while it is true that they keep adding letters to their nom de plume, the reality is that certain things need to be discussed at certain ages and preschoolers and young children are just not appropriate. It’s as stupid as bringing up your kids gender neutral. They are either one or the other unless they were born true hermaphrodites. Having drag queens read to preschoolers just needs to be rethought. I also don’t agree with people watching soaps or other things on the TV that are inappropriate for youngsters to be watching. If a person wants to watch the soaps, record them and watch them when little ears and eyes aren’t watching. While you may argue that the subject was appropriate, I am not sold. I wasn’t crazy about Mr. Rodgers either when my daughter was small . I have no problem answering a child’s question in an age-appropriate way, but not like this. I have people in my family who are gay. For them, it was a process. I also don’t agree with gender-neutral bathrooms either because of the fact that people , being people, are putting themselves needlessly at risk for all sorts of nefarious things. People do play act to get what they want and that will most likely come back to haunt us sooner than later. For me, it’s a question of timing and what is appropriate for the age group being targeted.

          1. Jim says:

            Well said Laurie

          2. Carl Elfstrom says:

            I completely agree with Laurie, but doubt Jim’s sincerity.

          3. Chaplain Mike says:

            Well, how do we unpack all of your bigotry in one paragraph?
            I have been a chaplain for 14 years. Sitting at bedsides in nursing homes, hospices, and ICU rooms. Assisting people leaving this world for the next. Never did I find it necessary to bash Mister Rogers or a children’s cartoon. Nor did the subject of bathrooms ever come up. Your thought processes sound much more holier-than-thou-Southern-Baptist and less inclusive like the ULC. I’m wondering why you’ve chosen this ministry to troll rather than your friendly neighborhood holy roller church. I feel sorry for your alleged gay relatives as I’m sure they got a frosty and hate filled reception when they came out of the closet. Mister Rogers, really? Girl get help.

      2. Rev. John D. Partin says:

        Eric Karr, oh, but trying to force intolerance on to children is “right” according to you? Children are either going to be taught intolerance and unacceptance or tolerance and better yet acceptance (because gay people don’t want to be merely tolerated and put up with by other people, anymore than you or anyone else does, but want to be accepted and loved as they are). Doing unto others as you would have others do unto you eliminates just putting up with gay people and tolerating them and especially being intolerant, bigoted, hateful, and homophobic toward them, since you wouldn’t want that to be done to you. So, the only option left, consistent with the Golden Rule, is loving and accepting gay people as they are, since you want to be accepted as you are. Just educating children about homosexuality isn’t the same as forcing homosexuality on them or else there couldn’t be any education of children about anything because that would be “forcing that subject on them”. If just talking about homosexuality to children is “forcing homosexuality on children”, then just talking homophobia and hatred of gay people to children is also “forcing that on them”, by the same standard, and then it just becomes a question of what is better to “force on children”: love or hate!! We should teach children love and acceptance, not hate, bigotry, homophobia, and intolerance!!

        1. Kim says:

          Kids are not taught to fear perverts…they are taught to avoid them and rightly so. The perv was a pedophile.

  4. Lionheart says:

    I Alabama can chose what to broadcast and what not to broadcast whether we agree with it or not. Each state has its quirks of beliefs.


    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      PBS aired Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood for many years, even in Alabama, and Fred Rogers never seemed too terribly straight. I’ve even heard Mr. Rogers and Chef Tell were a hot number. They didn’t seem to mind their children growing up to be as frivolous or flamboyant as that couple. Then there was Sesame Street. Big Bird wasn’t at all manly, and Ernie and Bert were surely gay lovers, who lived together in the same box, probably tossed one on top of the other, when not in use, and stayed in that position, until the next show. But nobody ever complained about any of that. Just saying.

  5. Jim says:

    I have not seen a new series yet that does not have a gay couple in it. The brainwashing of America has been going on for some time by the Hollywood elite. What people do in their bedrooms and who they do it with is their business. I for one do not think that it should be on every show on television. It is not a norm in our society yet. For me it will never be a normal thing. But then again I really don’t care. It is the individuals choice.

    1. Laurie Cleveland says:


  6. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

    Well, thanks, Alabama…for making us once again look like a bunch of redneck dumba$$ hillbillies to the rest of the world…..

    1. Kawika says:


    2. kimberly says:

      apparently you don’t understand the differences between dumba**, redneck and hillbilly. This use of such terms identifies a person lacking any form of logical and/or philosophical response to conscientious Alabamians. So this person accuses them of whatever he himself is bigoted against. I’m surprised he didn’t use nig*er in his response. And why should we give a sh*t what the rest of the world thinks?

      1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

        because you live in the world,not on Zenu or wherever it is you think your little bubble exist in isolation.

  7. Rev Todd says:

    I for one am happy they refused to air the episode. We are.constantly bombarded with images of gay marriage, gay sex, transvestite, bi sexual in every show nowadays. I wanted to watch a on hbo. I started watching and was shown 2 men kissing and then having gay sex in the beginning. That show went off as i personally find it disgusting. Though only less than 11 % of the country may be gay we are shown these lifestyle in every show coming out of Hollywood making us believe everyone is gay. We are bombarded with statements from actors proclaiming they are gay, bisexual, curious etc. I dont care what u do in your bedroom. I do care what is being shown on family tv programs.

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      It doesn’t seem that way to me, Toddy. Maybe the gay thing is on your mind all the time, for some reason that you havent shared with us yet, or perhaps you haven’t been able to accept or come to terms with yet. By the way, are you haven’t in a gay bar right now, or wish you could allow yourself the freedom to go to them. Did you know that June is Gay Pride month, and there will be festivities in every large city. That’s a really good time for coming out. And once your out it won’t be on your mind nearly as much.

      1. Debbie Johnson says:

        It’s always the same answer from the social marxists. If you disagree with the gay lifestyle, you’re in the closet, you’re a bigot, homophobe, racist, nazi….whatever words one wants to use.

        The recent gay pride festival in San Francisco had some rather disturbing videos on Twitter. Rather than have a parade about gay rights and keeping it classy, men were walking down the streets butt naked. I thought it was a violation of city codes to walk around completely nude. Hell, if that’s the case, let’s just have a free for all. Naked couples fornicating everywhere. That’s tolerance y’all!

        There is another scene of a completely nude lesbian in a blow up kiddy pool being urinated on by a woman and a man. I wonder when she was born mom said gee, I can’t wait until my daughter is grown so she can be pee’d on by complete strangers.

        I really don’t want my 7 year old nephew seeing a cartoon where two men are getting married. Cartoons are NOT the place to promote global warming, LGBT issues, or any other political issue. It’s all about fun for the kiddos and making them laugh.

        The real nazis are the dark left. They don’t want freedom of speech. They don’t want discourse. They want to shove their agenda down your threat and you’d better bake that damn cake.

        1. kimberly says:

          yes…most gays are not “getting married”. I used to be invited to parties by a gay man. The parties were always wonderful. However, his gay friends started showing up after awhile and we “normal” friends knew it was time to leave because they wanted to get started on their own “party”. The idea of traditional actions by gays such as “getting married” is NOT the reality of the gay lifestyle.

          1. Amy says:

            Kimberly, you clearly do not know any gay people who are married, and your choice of words demonstrates that you are a homophobe.
            Gay friends and “normal” friends?
            No wonder he wanted you to leave.

          2. kimberly says:

            Actually my sister-n-law is gay and I have a good friend who is a “married” gay. I don’t give a sh*t about their “gayness”. And I’m certainly not afraid of them. I do feel sorry for them. People like you use words like “homophobic” to try compartmentalizing people like me as morally deficient. It only makes you look foolish and childish to point the finger at us when trying to defend what has universally and historically been accepted as immorality. We who recognize this will ALWAYS be the norm and I could as easily accuse you of heterophobia except I realize that you’re simply spouting what you think is current political correctness.

          3. Amy says:

            Kimberly, pleases don’t think just because you are straight that you are “normal”.
            Do you read the things you type before you post them? Your thought processes here are a perversion of decency, humanity and kindness. You play at being accepting of the gay people in your life, but you barely tolerate the idea that gay people exist.

            I’m making my observations based solely upon the things you have written, not based on any real life observations.

        2. Rev. John D. Partin says:

          Debbie Johnson, you talk in your post about gay people going over the top in Gay Pride Parades in San Francisco (men walking bare assed down the street, women and men pissing on other women, etc.), but haven’t you ever seen straight people going over the top (painting themselves up for football games and screaming and half naked and drinking beer and pouring it over themselves, women flashing their breasts and baring their asses from their balconies down at men in the streets below during Mardi Gras in New Orleans, etc.)?!! This over the top behavior by straight people is their Straight Pride Parade!! Yet, you and other conservatives don’t let that over the top behavior by straight people turn you against all straight people. So, why does over the top behavior by gay people during Pride Parades turn you against all gay people?! That isn’t consistent. And you know that many straight people’s treatment of and attitude toward so many gay people have brought this over the top behavior from gay people on all of you because gay people have thought that they had to be over the top just to counteract the equally excessive prejudice against them. You say that “the dark left are the real nazis” and “don’t want free speech or discourse” just because we defend ourselves against conservative and right-wing lies and attacks on ourselves. Are you also “against free speech and discourse and a nazi” because you also defend yourselves against lies and attacks on yourselves? If not, why do you have a different standard for liberals and gay people than you do for yourselves?! How is that, in any way, your following Jesus’ teaching “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”?! Children’s seeing gay cartoon characters in a TV series getting married teaches them to be accepting of people who are different than themselves, instead of their learning to be unaccepting of and hateful toward other people who are different. We need to teach acceptance, not hatred. They can laugh and learn at the same time. This education of children won’t turn children gay because that isn’t something that can be done to anyone, anyway, since people are born gay, not turned gay, or else they are never gay at all. Nobody would choose to be gay in this society with all of the homophobia here anymore than someone would choose to be Jewish in Nazi Germany. Finally, the bottom line is: do unto others as you would have them do unto you and be accepting of gay people if you would want them to be accepting of you, were your social positions reversed. Love your neighbors as yourselves, not differently than yourselves. Being against gay people is bigotry, just as somebody’s hating you just because of who and what you naturally are and your heterosexuality would be bigotry.

    2. Rev. John D. Partin says:

      Rev. Todd, gay people aren’t only gay in their bedrooms or while they are having sex, but also in their relating to each other and the world. Their being out means their being free to be who they are and express themselves, no matter where they are, just as straight people can do and have always done. That is equality. It makes no more sense to demand that gay people only be gay in their bedrooms than it would be to demand that straight people only be straight in their bedrooms and not out in public. This “bombardment”, as you call it, of gay images in movies and on TV is necessary for gay people’s gaining acceptance and fighting against homophobia, which keeps others from infringing on their rights, and is no different than the “bombardment” of straight images also in movies and on TV.

      1. kimberly says:

        hetero perversion in commercials doesn’t mean homo perversion should be acceptable. That is circular logic.

        1. Rev. John D. Partin says:

          Kimberly, heterosexual relationships and sex aren’t “perversion”, anymore than homosexual relationships and sex are “perversion” or vice versa. You can’t seriously or reasonably call heterosexual relationships or kisses or sex on TV commercials or in movies “perversion” just because you really want to say that about homosexual relationships and sex in that medium and can’t do so without condemning straight people, too!!

      2. Rev. John D. Partin says:

        Kimberly, “what has universally and historically been accepted as immorality” doesn’t mean that that was ever actually immorality because many things have been universally and historically believed to be “true”, but turned out to be false, such as the “Earth’s being flat” or “the Sun revolves around the Earth and the Earth is the center of the universe”. An idea’s having been universally and historically believed doesn’t, in any way, prove that it is actually true. A prejudicial idea, such as “homosexuality is a sin”, is still bigotry, no matter how long it has been around or how many people have believed it!! Its age and popularity are irrelevant to its actually being true, which it isn’t, and for all that its age and acceptance matter, it might just as well have been lied by someone this morning. In fact, considering human nature, the more people who believe something and the longer they have believed it, the more likely it is to be total BS (monkey see, monkey do!). The less people who go along with an established belief, the more likely that the established belief is wrong and those who don’t go along with it are right. So, homophobia’s having been around a long time and believed by most people means nothing whatsoever!! Your kind (bigots and homophobes) who today recognize that “homosexuality is immoral” also by no means guarantees that your “thinking” about it “will always be the norm” because many other of these status quos and norms of the past are no longer such today. So, you have no guarantee that you will always be the norm, either, anymore than racism or slavery or the “Earth’s being the center of the universe” is. Don’t be so smug and comfortable about yourselves because things change!!! Homophobic, quite accurately and reasonably, describes all of you anti-gay bigots and isn’t “political correctness”, as you tell yourselves and others to try to dismiss and minimize it, to no avail. The world is becoming more free and open-minded about gay people and many other matters and you bigoted homophobes are powerless to stop it and on your way out and so just accept the new age and world that is coming and get used to it and join it!!

        1. kimberly says:

          You forget one thing…….…..history repeats itself. That which appears to be new isn’t. And unlike what you liberal radical non-thinkers want to admit, there are absolutes.

          1. Rev. John D. Partin says:

            Kimberly, things that have happened before happening again or history repeating itself also means nothing because “new” is determined by each individual, no matter how often something has happened before, the same as an old movie that you are seeing for the first time and so is new to you. It would hardly be possible or just not possible at all that anything done today would just never have been done before (except for space travel or nuclear power or weapons or a few other things, if you don’t believe in ancient astronaut theories) and so what?! Actual non-thinkers, such as yourself, as I already told you in another post, aren’t able to judge anyone else to be a “non-thinker”, since you don’t even know the truth about yourselves!!! As for absolutes, it is an absolute that you are absolutely wrong and that homosexuality is absolutely natural and normal, no matter what you and other actual perverts may be saying about it!!!

          2. Kim says:

            I didn’t say it dear. God did.

            Levi 18:22. Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

        2. Amy says:

          There is no Book of Levi in the Bible. Where are you getting your scriptures from? Do you mean Leviticus? Perhaps people who eat shellfish should be put in jail.

          Also, there is no factual evidence that the bible is anything other than a collection of myths. I am not saying the stories contained within are not true. I am saying there is no compelling evidence that the stories are true.

          1. kimberly says:

            Obviously, you aren’t well acquainted with the books of the Bible Amy. They are usually truncated when quoting. People who eat shellfish then try to sneak across the southern border into our country should be put in jail. There is plenty of factual evidence the Bible is not a collection of myths. For example, the statue of liberty is precisely described in the book of Revelation as a continuation of the tower of Babel. As the “great whore of commerce presiding over immigration (many peoples)” who come into the world’s greatest city of capitalism (whoredom) to a “new” world which is the modern day Babylon or melting pot of all nations (New York…world seat of finance). And it describes a world civilization wholly dependent upon fossil fuels which it calls the “beast” in reference to the long-dead prehistoric saurian ecosystem percolated over time into fossil fuels.

            8 The beast that thou sawest was (prehistoric), and is not (extinct); and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit (oil wells), and go into perdition (be used for combustion): and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder (technological inventions), whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world (a population explosion), when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

          2. Amy says:

            I am acquainted enough to know that there is absolutely zero evidence for the bible being factual. Also, Leviticus is abbreviated as Lev, not Levi.
            Your supposed equating the Statue of Liberty to the book of Revelation does not in any way prove anything. Nice try, though. Flimsy, but a reasonable effort anyway.

  8. Val Jester says:

    Study the constitution and more importantly the 10th Amendment, if y’all can stop whining and sobbing long enough.

    1. Rev. John D. Partin says:

      Words that have been put into God’s mouth, in order to make him agree with those Bible writers and so impose their will on other people, aren’t the same thing at all as God’s actual words!! I wouldn’t believe those Bible writers or you or any conservatives about directions across town, much less what God is saying is “right or wrong”!! You aren’t a very objective source of information on the subject or very honest people at all!!

  9. Rev. Brien says:

    I think it is a parents’ responsibility to teach, or not to teach, lifestyles and beliefs. We now DICTATE what a child must believe. Teach your own children how you wish, leave my children to me. Please stop trying to parent children that do not belong to you.

    1. Lionheart says:

      I believe the world would be a better place if children were taught how to think, and not what to think.


      1. Joe Fanning says:


    2. T'Keren Valmaz says:

      Your children are not slaves, they do not belong to you. They will however one day be part of and belong to society and must therefore be able to accept society rather then fear and hate it.

    3. Carl Elfstrom says:

      To teach or not to teach was not the question. The question is “To be or not to be.”

      1. Carl Elfstrom says:

        According to Albert Einstein “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”

  10. Laurie Cleveland says:

    It’s a CHILDREN’S show. I have repeatedly defended gay marriage and rights. For my colleagues who think that being gay is a CHOICE, think again. It is not and I have seen more than one adolescent or adult struggle with the same thing. Please note here that I said adolescent or adult, not kids. There is too strong a push by the LBGT community to get their message out to kids who are too young to understand. Drag Queens reading to young children ? Inappropriate at best. I have a niece who is getting married to her long-time partner. Big deal. She’s an adult. They have been skirting this issue on mainstream TV for years now. Does it make it appropriate? I don’t believe that it does. Kids are obnoxious enough to their peers to anybody that they think is different. Censorship is rife against this, but the daytime soaps and a lot of shows are showing nudity in love scenes. Should young children be exposed to this? Most of you would say no. What about the kids who are being brought up in same sex marriages? While the way that it is done is tastefully done, parents, not courts or the legislature should be the ones who decide what their kids are watching. It is against the first amendment and it’s PBS. Are the Bible belt going to stop funding PBS for one stupid episode that shows virtually nothing when it allows debauchery to a ridiculous level? I don’t get it. Kids pick up far more than parents think. The other day, there was an Amish man who had his 3 children with him at the grocery store. They were adorable and I smiled and said hi to the family and didn’t get a greeting back. Granted, I was wearing a Big Mountain T-shirt with a black cat and a Ouija board, but in polite society, this would have been considered rude, but they have a fairly closed society which may allow some contact with the Englishers as they call us, but that is the way they are brought up. Their services are still in German. Not one of you have complained about anything, but this, yet it’s hypocrisy at its worst.

    1. Cyril says:

      What’s wrong with reading to children?

    2. kimberly says:

      The Amish are some of the most close-minded people in the world. Many are so in-bred they have innumerable associated health problems and they go to Mexico to be fixed up because its cheaper. Some are so stunted they look like midget garden gnomes. They are a horrible group of religionists whose greatest sin is that of hyposcricy in that they make use of modern technology when they can in spite of appearing to be reliant only on antique methods. For example, they’ll catch a ride in a car when they can and they’ll sit glued to the tv when they come to your house. And they use gasoline engines to run household appliances (for example…gasoline powered washing machine). Defending homosexuality by referring to them shows a terrible degree of ignorance about them. Defending gays is an aggressive perspective. A passive perspective would be to not care unless/until it is forced upon those of us who consider it a perversion. Such as showing our children cartoons of gay marriages. Why not show two men in bed going at it? oh right…that’s on tv already. Those of us who don’t give a sh*t about gays are inundated by such things. It is that we think is intolerable and must be stamped out because it is well know homosexuality is not something we ourselves would engage in. Defenders of such things can’t stand to be ignored or considered perverse so they attempt to justify their actions by forcing others to “defend” them.

      1. Laurie Cleveland says:

        Kim, you are the biggest problem. Not for me or anyone else, but yourselves. I don’t know why you bring the Amish into the discussion anymore than you bring in people who adhere to other religious groups. I suggest that you look into your heart, that is if you can find it. Your intolerance for anyone different than you or the narrow opinions that you spout with impunity will only rebound against you. Nobody will be the cause of it, but yourself. Do you honestly think that you will get to wherever you think that you belong will get you there? It will not. You seem to like to stir up the pot. You are mean spirited. Yet, you call yourself Christian? If Yeshua were to make an appearance today, what would He say about folks with your brittle insularity.

        1. kimberly says:

          Laurie was the one who brought the Amish into the discussion. I have experience with the Amish. I’ve never called myself “Christian”. And, I’m pretty convinced that “Christians” will be the most surprised when the Jesus of the Bible returns. It will not be the Jesus that “Christians” have idolized and deified for 2,000 years.

          Luke 21:8
          And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for MANY shall come in my name (IE/as “my brothers” or “my brethren” meaning CHRISTIANS), saying, I (Jesus) am Christ (obviously true); and the time draweth near (of my return): go ye NOT therefore after them.

  11. kimberly says:

    Perversions are not required to be represented by any form of media. Back in the day when “I dream of Jeanie” and “Bewitched” came on, it was for the express purpose of making it appear that witchcraft was cute and acceptable. While those shows were entertaining, it had a negative overall effect on the normative culture that has continued to this day. And, it is a radical few who claim they are fighting (yes fighting) for harmonic diversity when in fact their goal is non-assimilative division to ensure the destruction of this country in order to perpetrate whatever form of abnormality they wish. Perversion aside (who gives a sh*t about it as long as it isn’t forced upon us…but IT IS) the agenda isn’t to make perversion acceptable. It is ultimately about introducing hatred where none previously existed.

    1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

      Only ones I see espousing blind hate and bigotry are you and your ilk here. Why wouldnt witchcraft be acceptable, We believe in freedom of religion in the U.S. and the false idea of what a witch is based on the bullshiite bible and that they must not be suffered to live, well its clear that those like you use that spot it says witches as a fill in the blank with whatever you let your fear and ignorance drive you to hate.

    2. Amy says:

      What’s wrong with witchcraft? It isn’t a perversion any more than homosexuality is a perversion. Two men kissing is no more perverted than any other couple kissing. I’d rather not see either in public, but I’m a bit of a prude to be honest.
      That said, nobody is forcing anything on anyone. People who are not in the majority are just asking for the same rights guaranteed everyone else: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness… for Americans at least.
      Why do some Americans believe they have more rights than others? Because they are white or “christian” or straight?
      Or men?

      Christians should only do what Jesus taught, not what anyone else taught. If you claim to be a follower of Christ, you are REQUIRED to be kind to everyone, to love everyone, to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and welcome the stranger. I know Pagans, atheists and Muslims who do a better job of following Jesus than many so-called Christians do.

      Paulists can be jerks, though. Paul was a jerk.

      1. Kimberly Pierre says:

        Witchcraft and homosexuality are perversions in that they are not the norm. Two men kissing is not homosexuality. Two men having sex in bed is. Stop trying to change reality. You grouping Pagans, atheists and muslims together gives an interesting insight into your own concept of what you think is “normal” exceptions to a perverse majority.

        1. Lionheart says:

          I wonder what the real normal is? If someone is in love with someone, no matter the gender, is that normal?


          1. kimberly says:

            desires of the flesh and the mind is NOT love (Eph 2:3). Romans 1:26 shows that the norm is a natural use of the body. ie/as it was designed to be. To put it bluntly, if one man actually loves another man as defined by the text of the Bible, he doesn’t stick his w*nky up the bass of the one he loves.

            1 Cor 6:9 – effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind
            1 Cor 6:18 – sinneth against his own body
            Gal 5:19 – works of the flesh
            Col 3:5 – inordinate affection
            Jude 1:7 – strange flesh

          2. Amy says:

            “desires of the flesh and the mind is NOT love (Eph 2:3). Romans 1:26 shows that the norm is a natural use of the body. ie/as it was designed to be. To put it bluntly, if one man actually loves another man as defined by the text of the Bible, he doesn’t stick his w*nky up the bass of the one he loves.

            1 Cor 6:9 – effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind
            1 Cor 6:18 – sinneth against his own body
            Gal 5:19 – works of the flesh
            Col 3:5 – inordinate affection
            Jude 1:7 – strange flesh”

            Kimberly, not one of those things was said by Jesus. Please be sure you attribute them to their proper authors. Most were written by Paul, who was undoubtedly a homophobic misogynist.
            I don’t know if you’re a christian, but you said in one of your replies to me that you’re an atheist. I don’t believe that because you tend to blather on about the bible, but please find that book, chapter and verse where Jesus says anything at all about homosexuality. I’d appreciate it. Nobody else has been able to find anything.

          3. kimberly says:

            Amy…I an NOT an atheist NOR a so-called “Christian”. I am a Bible researcher and a scientist. Paul was nothing of the kind. He was chosen personally by Jesus to go to the gentiles in being a witness of Jesus being Messiah and the Son of God. As I said before, it will be atheists and Christians who are most shocked to realize Jesus isn’t what they expected when he returns. And, it will be Paul who greets Jesus rather than them.

          4. Lionheart says:

            Kimberly is a Chemist, which adds no value to this topic whatsoever, it only serves her ego by mentioning it.

            Saying she is a “Bible researcher” is no different to anyone else on this blog that researches the Bible.

            Everyone else’s biblical research comments on this blog are just as valid as hers, so don’t be blindsided by her over inflated ego.


          5. Amy says:

            Kim, Paul was not chosen personally by Jesus. Even if the whole thing was true the way it is written – which I do not believe – Jesus was dead before Paul started his epistles to the various towns.
            Jesus taught the things that were important, not Paul. Hypocrites use Paul’s teachings because Paul legitimizes their hate and misogyny.

          6. kimberly says:

            Amy…Jesus was only dead for 3 days and 3 nights. He is alive and Paul was witness to that.

            Acts 25:19
            But had certain questions against him of their own superstition, and of one Jesus, which was dead, whom Paul affirmed to be alive.

        2. Cyril says:

          Well, since not being the norm makes you a pervert and you are outnumbered here by people who disagree with you, by your definition, you are a pervert.

          Here is the reality. You have no idea what homosexuality is. You have no idea what the Bible was referring to when it condemns witchcraft, and you have no idea what is normal.

          Stop condemning others for not being like you. You are the perversion in being against love. God made some men/women love the same sex. That’s how their brains are wired. That is how they were born. They were homosexual from birth, they just didn’t know it until later in life.

          It is wrong for a heterosexual to have relations with a person of the same sex. But that is between them and God, not me.

          And a witch as referred to in the Bible is a poisoner, an assassin who made and used poisons. Men used the term to go after herbalists and healers who were women to disempower them. So they could keep abusing them and keep them as chattel. Back in those days, Kimberly, you would be burned as a witch for daring to tell men how to behave. Aren’t you glad that people like those you are arguing with no longer allow that to happen?

          1. kimberly says:

            A witch in the Bible was one who had a familiar spirit such as the woman who Saul went to and Jezebel who is even mentioned in the book of Revelation. Once again, we see someone attempting to discard biblical reality. The ignorance of those who attempted to use the Bible as justification for burning or drowning women is no different than “Christianity” taking the specificity of certain passages and interpreting them generically for their own agenda. Such events are NOT justification to say witchcraft is “normal”. And, being unique is NOT a perversion. And, people are NOT born gay. “Born gay” is a political statement and NOT science. Goodness, face reality people and use some common sense. Stop trying to perpetrate the existence of bigotry where there is none. A conservative doesn’t care about who is gay and who isn’t UNTIL a liberal (actually a radical) tries to force them to.

          2. Laurie Cleveland says:

            Once again Lionheart, you are right on the money. A chemist is one which deals with various medications and/or compounds different elements into something which helps people with various illnesses. Some chemists are even good at concocting herbal remedies that work far better than mainstream Big Pharma medications who are so desperate to get their share of the billions and trillions spent, that they and the AMA have come up with illnesses that do not exist. They are merely symptoms of something more heinous hiding. However, since I mentioned herbs and I plead guilty as one who is not only interested in using CAM therapies to help people and give them back their dignity and make them a full partner in wellness, but as an RN, I also have to uphold all of the various rules & ethics that go along with being one. Most of them are based on the “Do No Harm” bit. As a chemist, you are naturally drawn to that which can be scientifically proven. It’s part of who you are. Of course, nursing is evidenced-based, but it is much more than that. In order to be a great home health RN or any other discipline for that matter, you don’t do it for the money (because if you do, you make a shitty nurse or doctor or whatever). You do it because you love helping people. I do it because I love treating people in their own homes, getting to know them as PEOPLE and centering my treatment plan around their specific needs. These treatment plans change if the patient’s status changes. I am old school. I don’t just tell people to go to the ER in the middle of the night if they have a problem. I get up, toss on some clothes and go and see them. Educating people is huge for good outcomes. This is the difference of just being a nurse vs. being a great one. I have made mistakes along the way and we all have. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t, but when I go into a person’s home, I am THEIR guest. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ramshakle old house with gapiing holes in the floor because there are no government programs to help people on fixed income survive in such circumstances, I do what I can to help them out. That is my job. If they have a bunch of animals and I’m doing a wound dressing on an abdominal wound, I do my best to keep the hair out of the wound. Obvioiusly, the animals are the person’s family and as such, they deserve to stay put. I do draw the line with aggressive animals. It doesn’t matter what the person’s religion, sexual preference, ethnicity–color–none of it matters except that I understand that in each case I have to be respectful of the differences and act accordingly. This is what all of the backlash is about, Kimberly. You have a choice, you can either stay ignorant or you can choose to learn and grow. I suggest not only a comparative religions course that you can find at almost any college, but that you look up “The Marriage of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene”. It will take you to the Celestine site and the version of a Bible which was dictated, again, by an angel. It shows an entirely different side of what you keep grasping onto. I understand that The Bible version that you have is quite different. I grew up with the KJV which is different from all of the others that came after it. I would also suggest that you look up onlinee The Lord’s Prayer as translated from the original Aramaic, which is what Yeshua spoke. There are 6 different ways that it can be translated with 4 of them concentrating on different elements–earth, fire, air and water. Now if that doesn’t sink your ship, I don’t know what will. You are entitled to your beliefs, but instead of being so stubborn “because that’s the way it has always been for me” routine, you really need to educate yourself and there is so much new information coming out. I firmly believe that all major religions come from the IAM. Why? Because when all is said and done, they all believe in a Supreme Being, whatever you want to call him/her. Yeshua didn’t preach monotheism. He preached dualism and that men and women were equals and that any church that favored one over the other wasn’t in tune with the heavenly realms. Seriously, for your own sake, you really need to broaden your horizons. I was lucky. I got the wake up call my first go-around in nursing school. I took the advice and learned and yes, it can be a scarey thing, but I will tell you this. If something doesn’t resonnate with you now, put it up on the shelf and come back to it later, because life has a funny way of teaching you that which you put away to revisit when the time is right.
            If you re going to quote or take out of context anything out of The Bible or any other book, you need to read the entire passage to understand the meaning of that one verse. Even then, because of all of the changes and the removal of information that the hierarchy didn’t want you to know, can confuse you. So, you need to take it with the understanding that until you fully research it, just like you had to do when you were in school, you cannot just throw out a quote here or there. Heck. Anybody can do that. I do it when the Jehovah’s Witnesses come to
            my door. I believe that everybody has the right to his/her own opinions and I believe that everybody has the right to live their own lives the way that they are either “wired” to or not. I do not like it when anybody attempts to force their religious views on me or anybody else for that matter. Do I think that children should be made to go to Sunday School or whatever religious education is required in the various religions? Yes. Why?
            Because everybody needs a base on which to base future knowledge.
            Do I believe that certain knowledge like cross-dressers, drag queens, gay and transgenders be allowed to do story time, or in this case, be part of a children’s show that targets very young children? No, I do not. Young children have enough they have to learn and since kids are generally cruel to anybody they perceive as different, I can imagine how some poor kid who is on the wimpy side would be called all sorts of names pertaining to being gay, even if he isn’t.
            Do I agree that a transgender male or female be able to use the opposite sexes bathroom? No. Why? Because there are too many enterprising boys that would take advantage of the situation in the girl’s bathroom and you will be hearing more and more about this, although right now, they are keeping it quiet and a girl going into a boy’s bathroom because she feels that she is wired “male,” still doesn’t negate who she is on the outside. It just opens a whole can of worms. If they want to use the bathroom, go to the nurse’s station or have unisex bathrooms available, but I guarantee you that if this happens, there will be a lot of sexual indiscretions, the least of which is rape. Now, for those of you who think I am being intolerant, I am not. It’s a fact that there will always be people who will play the system to get what they want and usually when they do this, everybody suffers. This is just looking at the present and at the future.
            All of the last paragraph is based on personal knowledge of how kids respond to anybody they perceive as “different.” I was the victim of such bullying. I started out as a very popular kid until we moved at the end of second grade and then we came back at the beginning of 5th grade. From the time that I stepped foot into the school until the time I called it a day at night, my life was a living hell. If I didn’t get it from the kids at the school bus or in school, I got it from one of my brothers who was 3 years my senior. I know how many of these kids feel. I still bear the scars. I still am trying to make peace with it, but some days are worse than others. No, I’m not gay. I just happened to have a curvy figure when Twiggy was en vogue. So I got called all sorts of horrific names, was nearly killed by a girl with no brains because she thought that something somebody else had done to her came from me, which it didn’t. I had clothes ruined because people put gum on my chair. The list goes on and on. There were times that I didn’t want to go on. My parents couldn’t help me. I had very few friends. I seldom got asked to dance because whomever did would be “ranked out” for asking me. I finally got my apologies, but they came after years of class reunions. That’s the way kids are.
            Before, if you did something wrong in school, not only would you get detention, but a call was placed to your parents and you knew what would be waiting for you at home. If you had any brain, you wouldn’t repeat the offense. Now, everything is half assed backwards. Why? Because parents have allowed their God-given rights as parents to bring up the children the way that they should be brought up. Yes. I’m dating myself, but when my daughter, who is now in her 30’s came home from kindergarten and told me that “The teacher told me that if you disciplined me and I didn’t like it, that I could report you.” I informed her that if she deserved a swat across her behind that she would get it and if you told, I’d make it worth her while. That worked until she hit adolescence.
            All of what I am saying is true. There are no lies or misconceptions. Because I lived through it, not only can I emepathize with them, I defend them. As an RN, I am my patents biggest advocate and I give them a voice to be heard when nobody else will.
            Wake up and smell the coffee, Sister, because you don’t hae much time to get your house in order.

        3. Amy says:

          Kimberly, I am astounded by your inability to understand that when I said that I know Pagans, atheists and Muslims that are better at being Christians than many Christians are, that you automatically believe that I know ALL Pagans, ALL atheists and ALL Muslims. I do not. I am not grouping them together. I am simply saying that there are people who do not believe that Jesus is the son of God, and some that do not believe in God at all, who live their lives the way Jesus taught, and there are people who profess to worship God, who preach the bible and who testify that Jesus is the savior, the Son of the Living God yet they do not follow anything he taught.

          Do you understand the difference?

          Just because something is “not the norm” doesn’t make it a perversion.
          ‘Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
          Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them.’ Second commandment, right there in relatively easy to understand English. Catholics, however, have all sorts of idols and statues, and they pray to Mary, the saints and candles. Isn’t that a perversion if you believe in God?

          Some people like to eat haggis. That’s not the norm. Is it a perversion? No. Kinda gross maybe if you don’t like haggis, but not a perversion.

          You seem to have a limited view of the world. Perhaps meeting a wider group of people would help you understand more of the world in which you live.

          1. kimberly says:

            Catholics and especially eastern orthodox are disobedient in regards to the second commandment. Disobedience to a law is NOT a perversion. They are obviously false religions. I reject them as any atheist would and should. However, rejection of such religions is NOT justification to reject the Bible or to diss the existence of God. Nor is eating haggis a perversion. Lots of people love it and the Bible says “judge not in meats” (Col 2:16). And, your idea that certain people with no acknowledgement of deity are “good people” is a house of cards. Without deity, morality is irrelevant. Its one reason why Jesus said “there is none good but one, that is, God”. So, you’re simply being obtuse on this matter.

          2. Lionheart says:

            Kimberly says “Without deity, morality is irrelevant.”

            Her statement is of course absolute utter rubbish. The genocidal, infanticidal jealous god of the Old Testament is the worst example I can think of to set up as an example of a moral deity.

            As a secular humanist, having good morals in this life, which might be the only life we have, is critical to enjoying this one possible existence. We hopefully leave behind us great memories for our posterity to remember to hopefully help them also enjoy their life with good healthy morals, established by their ancestors, us.


        4. kimberly says:

          God in the Old Testament insisted on morality. And, it was for a reason most people rarely acknowledge. He chose a people, insisted they act accordingly and stay clean. All with one purpose. To bring Messiah into the world for a brief time so humanity would have a chance at surviving the day of judgment. The salvation as defined by religion is false. Salvation as defined by the Bible is to be saved from a “second death” in the day when God comes to judge humanity. Forgiveness of mankind being mortal is now possible that Messiah came about 2,000 years ago but won’t be lead to salvation until Messiah (Jesus) returns. Dying and going into the grave to await that day was hardly relevant, who will eventually raise all men from that condition. Consequently, the OT describes many who failed to work toward Messiah and who subsequently died to get them out of the way to keep the people holy. Being dead and in the grave is NOT death. Such people are not lost and might still be redeemed. But, that is for God to judge in the day of them being resurrected and judged. Then, if they have nothing to redeem, then that will be the end of them….oblivion. Not eternal life in some kind of Dante’s hell.

          2 Peter 3:10
          But the day of the Lord (NOT the return of Jesus) will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth ALSO and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

          1. Amy says:

            “Without deity, morality is irrelevant.”
            This is one of the dumbest things I have read. Kimberly, are you serious with that load of crap? People murder other people BECAUSE OF DEITY. According to you, that should never happen.
            The God of the bible killed innocent children. Your deity is immoral.
            And your comments are ridiculous.

          2. kimberly says:

            Amy….the Bible states that. Not me. Murder would not be murder without God and the law He gave Moses. Also, NOBODY has died yet (Rev 21:8). God is God of the living regardless of whether they lie in graves or not. All await the resurrection regardless of how they die. Matt 10:28 and Matt 22:32

            Rom 7:8…for without the law, sin was dead”

          3. Amy says:

            The bible is a story book, a bunch of myths. Some people read those stories and are inspired to be decent human beings. Other people read the same stories and are inspired to hate and kill.
            You said in one of your other replies to me that you are a bible researcher and a scientist. How do you apply the scientific method to the bible? How have you proven that anything written therein is the truth? How can something be legitimate when it can inspire both love and hate, compassion and killing?

          4. Laurie Cleveland says:

            God in the Old Testament was a jealous God who demanded sacrifice. Adam freely gave up her life as her father promised God that if he won a battle that whatever came out of his house first upon his return would be sacrificed. He, of course, thought it would be a servant or something else, not his beloved daughter. While I am not a fan of Catholism in general, and they have caused much damage over the course of history, your beliefs as a Protestant would not be possible if it weren’t for the Reformation headed by Luther. He had finally had enough. Point is, Kim, that you appear to be very good at spouting biblical passages, but there’s a big difference between Old Testament, particularly the first 5 books that contain the laws handed down to the Jews and are contained in the Torah, and the God that Yeshua taught. Tell me this. If you were gravely injured and dehydrated and everyone else passed you by and I saw you and ministered to your needs and saved your life like the parable of the Good Samaritan, would you spit at me and curse me because I believe differently than you?

          5. kimberly says:

            Laurie…God of the OT is God of the NT. There is no difference. Most of the NT is quoting from the OT. Without what happened prior to Jesus is what brought Jesus into the world to save it, including all those people who died getting to that point. John was the most direct in saying this in John 1:1, a passage that is almost universally misunderstood passage in which John is predicating his entire witness of Jesus being Messiah on the promise of salvation inherent within the old commandment. John defines “Logos” quite clearly in 1 John 2:7 as the “old commandment” which is precedent to accurately interpret John 1:1.

            1 In the beginning (of Israel) was the Word (Logos…old commandment), and the Word (old commandment) was with (about) God, and the Word (old commandment) was God.

            This describes when God Himself spoke the commandments to his people from Mt. Sinai at THEIR beginning. John 1:1 is NOT a parallel to Gen 1:1 and “Logos” is NOT Jesus. John was witness to the light of the commandment…not witness of the Logos. See verse 8 of John 1.

            2 The same (commandment) was in the beginning (of Israel) with God.
            3 All things were made by him (God…NOT “Logos”); and without him (God) was not any thing made that was made.

            14 And the Word (old commandment) was made flesh, and (that FLESH..not the “Logos”) dwelt among us, (and we beheld his (the FLESH’s) glory, the glory as of the only begotten (SON) of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

          6. Lionheart says:

            This treatise is if cause only for those that want to believe the Bible is the word of a deity, as recorded by human beings.

            For those of us that don’t believe in this, or any, deity irrespective of how much those that do will tell us we are going to their mythical hell, just ignore it.


          7. Kim says:

            Amy….if its none of my business why are you trying to make it my business by forcing it upon me and other norms?

        5. Rev. John D. Partin says:

          Kimberly Pierre, are a man and a woman who are kissing being heterosexual and relating heterosexually with each other or are you seriously saying that their interaction isn’t related to their sexuality and interest and doesn’t arouse them at all?!! You certainly know better than that if you have ever kissed a man before! People aren’t only practicing their sexuality when they are having sexual intercourse, but in all of the steps leading up to that, too, as well as in their social interactions with members of the opposite or same sex. So, gay men or lesbians certainly aren’t only gay or lesbian when they are having full sex with each other, either, but also when they are kissing and just relating socially to each other, too. Witchcraft is considered spiritual “perversion”, the same as homosexuality is considered sexual “perversion”, because it is different than the “norm” and status quo of religion or sexuality and everything different is “evil” and “wrong”. Actually, both witchcraft and homosexuality are perfectly normal and acceptable to open-minded, reasonable, and fair thinking people and have always been around. They are as normal as those practices that are condemning them and have been around even longer than the established religion of Christianity and are part of God’s plan!!

          1. Kim says:

            The gay push isn’t to allow gay sex between two “loving” partners. The real push is to allow an entire lifestyle. A lifestyle so warped and perverse as to allow whatever sexual deviation imaginable to be acceptable. Your naivete regarding how far into sexual fantasy so-called “gay” has gone is commendable but by the time you and people in general see how far lust has taken the gay community it will be too late. The big thing now is that gay sex isn’t “fun” unless one is high on meth. So the trend is to have meth parties where gay sex is with anyone and everyone in attendance. And it goes downhill from there even to the point of the media hiding the fact that two gay men had sex with a 13-year old boy until he died since it would have been against gayness to say the sexual killers were gay.

          2. Amy says:

            Kim, how often do you attend gay parties?
            How many times have you been a man having sex with a man?
            Did you have to do meth so you could have fun when you were a man having sex with a man?
            From where do you get your information? In which universe does anything you say make any sense and in that universe are you considered a decent being?

          3. kimberly says:

            Amy…I used to attend a gay party every year. A gay friend would throw one of the best Christmas parties ever. We always enjoyed it. But….as the hour got later, his “friends” would start showing up and that was the signal for us “normal” people to leave without anyone saying anything. The gay friend was quite honest about what went on after we all left. And I have a gay sister-n-law. So I’m well acquainted with the “gay lifestyle”. And in case you don’t know…even a woman can engage in anal sex….especially after drinking heavily. But none of that is the issue is it? The reality of homosexuality isn’t the sex act but the lifestyle of those who do so and how that lifestyle is being fostered onto the majority of humanity when in fact there are so few out there actually doing what they say they do….copulating with anything that moves in the house. Including children and animals.

          4. Amy says:

            Kim, with that pile of rubbish you posted, you have made it abundantly clear that you are a bigot. While there is absolutely no evidence of the existence of any god, you have provided all the evidence needed to prove that you are a nasty person.
            You can change that. You may still be a nasty person deep down inside, but you might try not being a raging homophobe on the surface.
            You have no idea about the gay lifestyle. You have a vague idea about a guy who had his gay friends over.
            Fun fact: gay people are not the only ones who enjoy alternative sexual encounters. There are plenty of heterosexual people who engage in sexual activities that are none of your freaking business.

            Trying to bring rational thinking to you is like trying to convince a trump supporter that donald trump is a lying con man and a thief. All the evidence leads me to believe you are a lost cause.

  12. eric k says:

    absolutely should not be put on children’s show with out proper warning to the parent. That’s like a Trump supporter going to a Wanda Sikes show without being told she is a Black Female Lesbian married to a white French woman who adopted 2 white kids

    1. Rev. John D. Partin says:

      Kim, it isn’t naivete to not be cynical about gay people and think the worst of them, but is only not going along with right-wing propaganda, lies, and brainwashing against them that tells you that “gayness leads to pedophilia and marriage between humans and animals” and all of your other scare tactics designed to turn people against homosexuals and gay marriage. You are being naive and gullible by believing all of that!! You have been indoctrinated and brainwashed into your present attitude and beliefs about gay people!! Gay people don’t need to take meth in order to have and practice same sex attraction. That is another right-wing lie about them!! Gay people are just naturally attracted to members of the same sex and enjoy their sexual activities very much or they definitely wouldn’t be doing them in this homophobic society!! Your and other homophobes coming up with all of these lies about gay people isn’t any of your following your supposed “Lord and Master Jesus Christ”, who said “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” and “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Your hate for gay people shines through everything that you write or is just right on the surface because you don’t even believe that gay people can genuinely love each other and there are just an abundance of examples proving you wrong about that!! Racial bigots also thought and still think that interracial sex and marriage “leads to pedophilia and other things” and so, by your statement here in your post, you put yourself in the same ignorant category with them!! Wise up!! Gayness is just about people’s having sex with and loving other people of the same sex and doesn’t lead to anything beyond that!! That is the reality or the matter, instead of your propaganda about it!! Stop believing homophobic lies about gay people and just accept them as naturally loving human beings and free your mind from all of the garbage that you have poured into it yourself or allowed others to pour into it!!

      1. kimberly says:

        once again….you are attempting to FORCE me to “ACCEPT” something I have no interest in or care about. Even you will shake a puppy off when it starts humping your leg. But that doesn’t lead to hating the puppy dear.

        1. Rev. John D. Partin says:

          Well, Kimberly, if just talking about this matter with you is “FORCING this on you to make you ACCEPT it”, then you better not ever have any other conversation with anyone else again or read any newspapers or watch any news or documentaries on TV, so that they also won’t be “FORCING their views on you” and just stay alone the rest of your life (as if you had a choice about that!) or only talk to those few other people who already agree with you, so that you won’t risk exposure to any broader thinking “being FORCED on you”!! If “thinking” that gay people’s wanting full equality and acceptance in society and the right to marry is, in your view, the same as “puppies humping on your legs and needing to be kicked away”, and that is a “sensible” attitude to you and really works for you, then, of course, go with that—until somebody takes that same attitude toward you and considers you “a puppy humping on their leg and needing to be kicked away” and has the power to hurt you by that attitude toward you (against conservatives and homophobes and denying you services or respect because of that!!). That is the whole point of the Golden Rule: “Don’t do or think or say anything about other people that you wouldn’t want them doing or thinking or saying about you”. What goes around comes around and it will come your turn, many times, to be the object of the same condescension and disrespect and indifference and being considered “a puppy humping on legs and needing to be kicked away”, too, that you show toward gay people!! Then, see if you think that that is a reasonable and good attitude for people to have toward other people!! The ONLY way that black people or other minorities or gay people ever get their rights and fair treatment and respect is by putting themselves in other people’s faces until all of that is granted to them and so your not wanting gay people to be out about themselves and in people’s faces would mean their never getting their human and American rights, which is totally unacceptable!! You told Amy that gay people don’t interest you and are none of your business. None of your business!! As the ghost of Jacob Marley said to Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol: “Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, benevolence, were all my business. The dealings of my trade were but a drop of water in the comprehensive ocean of my business”. Indifference to other people validates other people’s indifference to you, even when you need them to not be indifferent to you!! Gay rights and acceptance are part of human rights and acceptance and people can’t be indifferent to gay rights without that making it okay for other people to be indifferent and uncaring about their rights, too!! Please don’t wait until you are a ghost, too, before you figure that out and act accordingly!! “No man is an island, Entire of itself, Every man is a piece of the continent, A part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less. As well as if a promontory were. As well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were: Any man’s death diminishes me, Because I am involved in mankind, And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee” (No man is an island by John Donne). I hope that I haven’t been casting pearls in front of swine and wasting my time writing this to you and that it will open your thinking up and wise you up here!!

          1. kimberly says:

            Blacks are a minority. Gays are not. Gays are a perversion of the majority. Big diff.

          2. Rev. John D. Partin says:

            Kimberly, your reply to my post proves that you are one of the pigs that I’m casting pearls in front of and not even understanding what quotation marks around a phrase or sentence mean and not too bright really and the “female” version (in quotes because you have let yourself become hardened and cynical or done that to yourself, worse yet!, unlike a real woman) of John Owens!!! Just as I no longer waste any time trying to reason with that idiot because he isn’t capable of reason and so can’t respond reasonably, not even knowing what it is, so I’m about ready to not waste any more time on a brainwashed and indoctrinated Bible thumping piglet fool such as you because anything said to you is just more pearls cast in front of pigs and water poured over the rock of (and rocks in!) your head!!! Saul of Tarsus (“Saint” Paul) was as bullheaded and unthinking as you are about Christians and went around killing them and it took Jesus knocking him off his horse on his way to Damascus to kill more Christians in order to wake him up and change his mind. He thought that he was “right with God” and “doing God’s will”, too, by killing people, as did the terrorists on 9/11 who flew planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and the Inquisitors, and the Nazis who thought that they were “defending the Lord” by killing Jews, and the Klansmen who lynched black people and burned crosses on lawns, and so on down through history!! All of your not letting anything get through to you isn’t the same as your being “strong” or “right with God” because you aren’t strong or right with God. Hatefulness isn’t strength or rightness with God, no matter how much you dress it up to try to make it look “holy” to yourself and others, just as all of these other people did and still do!! Jesus had to knock Paul off his horse to wake him up. What will it ever take to wake you up and what horse do you need to be knocked off from for you to wake up?!! The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of an eye: the more light that you shine upon it, the smaller it gets! So, prove to me and others here that you aren’t a bigot, whose mind gets smaller when more light is shone on it, by actually considering my and Amy’s and Beth’s and other people’s comments to you here and letting them get through to you. Until then, you prove yourself to be a small minded bigot!! I’ve just wasted more words, no doubt, on something like you, which you won’t allow to get in, because I try to be optimistic about people about hope for the best with them, even when they are hopeless, as you are!!! Wise up to yourself and come out of your ungodly “thinking”!!!

        2. Amy says:

          Nobody is forcing you to do anything. On the contrary, you are forcing your hate and bigotry on all of us.
          I find it difficult to believe that you have any friends at all, let alone gay friends, unless they just have you around to laugh at and make fun of.
          People are forced to deal with Christians all the time, even when those Christians are immoral and hypocritical. The concept of god is shoved on everyone in America, even though we are meant to be a secular society.
          And just to be clear, Rev John was not FORCING you to ACCEPT homosexuality, ‘dear’. He was, I think, suggesting that instead of retreating to the relative safety of your dark and bigoted mind, that you accept people who happen to be gay as fellow human beings.
          To equate that with a puppy humping your leg is beyond stupid.

          Also, if there is a god, I remain unconvinced of that, he created homosexuality. And he can do no wrong. He also knew everything from the very beginning. So either he meant for some people to be attracted to the same sex and you are, therefore, going against him by criticizing his creation, or he’s an idiot who got it all wrong. Either way, wasting all your energy on hate is stupid. Leg-humping stupid.

          1. Rev. John D. Partin says:

            Amy, thank you. That is exactly what I was trying to get across to Kimberly: that she should accept people who happen to be gay as fellow human beings and not “retreat to the relative safety of her dark and bigoted mind”. You put it very well!! I don’t think that it will get through to her, though, because she doesn’t seem to be too bright and only “sees and understands” what she wants to.

  13. John Owens says:

    Good for Alabama. Social engineering that suits people in California does not suit people everywhere. Let there be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

      Ah yes another example of your clear libertarian borderline anarchist views.

      Lets break down the word social engineering.

      Social, as in to be social and able to interact with others in a positive and productive manner.

      Engineering, to design and build.

      So you have an issue with society being developed with forethought and planning.

      You sir want chaos.

      1. Jim says:

        First there are about 16 or more different definitions of SOCIAL depending on if you are using it as an adjective or a noun, none are the definition you used. The definition of Engineering is also incorrect. That said assuming your were correct in your breakdown of the words social engineering remember, Some buildings collapse do to poor Design and building materials. Who decides what we use and how?

    2. Rev. John D. Partin says:

      Bad for Alabama!! What you call “social engineering” is also what integration and equality and equal justice were called by other small-minded people there before!! It’s long past time for Alabama and other such places to come out of the Dark Ages and be accepting of all other normal and natural living people and stop judging them to “not be natural and normal”, according to their narrowmindedness!!

    3. Rev. John D. Partin says:

      Kimberly, the only way that gay people couldn’t be a minority is if most people were gay. So long as most people are straight and gay people are 10% or so of the population, gay people are a minority. Just a sexual preference minority, instead of a racial minority. So, they aren’t that big of a difference from another kind of minority. No more than black people are “a perversion of the white majority” are gay people “a perversion of the straight majority”. That is ridiculous!! Different sexuality isn’t the same as perverted sexuality. Straight people aren’t the pattern that everyone else has to conform to or else be condemned as “perverted” by such people as you!! If we should really consider anything different from a truly reasonable standard among people “perverted”, then all of you bigots against various things certainly qualify as “perverts” (or perverts for real!!) because narrow-mindedness isn’t how the mind is supposed to work and so is a perversion of its functioning!!! “First remove the beam from your own eye and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:5).

  14. Valdis says:

    This is the dumbest argument ever. They don’t address it whatsoever. Kids won’t know what that part is about if you don’t open your mouths. This is all the more evidence that Alabama, like California, Ohio, and Georgia, is a garbage state.

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Val, we have to talk about something. They don’t let us pick and choose the articles we’re going to discuss.

  15. Loren says:

    The top Alabama intellectual explained in great detail the reasoning behind the censorship “gay bad”.

  16. Mark Hannon says:

    I am so surprised that this has been a concern for Christians for so long. I remember going through this 40 years ago with my own church.
    According U.S. News and World Report
    Alabama has the second highest divorce rate in the country. 15.15 per 1000 married individuals.
    I wonder if the Bible says anything about divorce.

  17. j says:

    No claiming for or against on Ala call as of yet… But, there use to be a time (well B4 Youtube) when some public-access stations were required by law to permit “educational programming” on the air. Shows deemed “educational and would enhance the viewers mind” by private citizens.

  18. j says:

    Similar to this… … Some of these homemade educational shows were personal and intimate. IE: How to do oral. It showed all, with a blow by blow, talk it thru instructions as the deed was performed. If this type of airing was legal / permitted, what is w/ the same-sex unions on cartoons? Parents must educate / taper their children into what will be seen / known. If not by 3yo, 5 or by 10. Children will learn it by parents or on the street. I can see the stations being conservative for some reasons. But, on the other hand, ?????????

  19. j says:

    Some of these homemade educational shows were personal and intimate. IE: How to do oral. It showed all, with a blow by blow, talk it thru instructions as the deed was performed. If this type of airing was legal / permitted, what is w/ the same-sex unions on cartoons? Parents must educate / taper their children into what will be seen / known. If not by 3yo, 5 or by 10. Children will learn it by parents or on the street. I can see the stations being conservative for some reasons. But, on the other hand, ?????????

  20. j says:

    Similar to this… (Site won’t let us post link)… Google this… Public Access: Produce Your Own TV Show – Videomaker.

  21. Carl Elfstrom says:

    It’s about time I made some popcorn, and turned on my Queen concert DVD. Anybody care to join me? We will, we will rock you, for we are the champions, of the world !

    1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

      Buddy your a young man,hard man, shouting in the street, gonna take on the world someday.

  22. Carl Elfstrom says:

    I’m surprised we lived through all that shouting in the street we did. Now that we’re older, and iether wiser or just worn out, I think it’s better to stay home, and take on the world one post at a time.

  23. Dr. Tinsley Keefe says:

    God is not real….*sigh*

    1. Carl Elfstrom says:

      Tinsley, if God isn’t real, neither are you.

      1. Lionheart says:

        If you are a solipsist you might be right Carl, however, I bet I could arrange to meet Tinsley, shake hands, and prove that in my world he is real, which I just don’t seem to be able to do with any god.

        I’ve invited god to turn up and have a coffee many times but he refuses to arrive. Possibly he doesn’t like coffee. He’s perhaps a vodka or whiskey type of god being as he’s into spirits. 🤗


  24. Carl Elfstrom says:

    If God isn’t real, neither are you.

  25. Amber says:

    I don’t think all of them are, but yes, some of them do respond in fear or self righteousness.

  26. Rev Ned says:

    Are Christians too easily triggered? Not REAL Christians.

    1. Lionheart says:

      In your eyes, what is a real Christian Ned? Someone who is gullible to mythical tales? Just asking!


      1. Rev Ned says:

        Real Christians strive to be like the Christ. Helping those less fortunate than themselves, not judging everyone else, being kind to all, etc. One doesn’t have to buy into the whole religious business model to behave in a “Christlike” manner.

        1. Lionheart says:

          So, do I take it that you are happy with your wonderful Jesus when he said in Luke 12:47

          And the servant, which knew his Lords will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.

          And also in Luke 19:27

          But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.

          Is this the type of ultra loving narcissistic guy you like worship Ned? Sounds kinda merciless to me.


  27. CW says:

    Alabama Public Television is a PBS which means it runs off of donations. If the donators did not feel that their children needed to see a same sex marriage at the ages of 2 to 10. Then they did not feel they need to be exposed. As for the rest of the article seems to be a blog from some one with an opinion against people having the right to choose what their children watch on a channel that actually pay for with cash.
    All you fucktards that think I am a Christian or a Catholic or even a Muslim. I am not any of these things nor am I homophobic,because that would require too much energy wasted on people that don’t mater to me as a whole. Also Irrational fear which I do not have of anyone.
    I just come from a time where you did not have click bait clap trap like articles this one and other of the 8% of hating leftist SJW NPC cult members. Also when you watched tv as a kid in the 70s your parent knew that you would not get exposed to anything they did not want you to be.
    But for some reason 8% of the population thinks it is a priority to expose kids to homosexuality or transexuals, They think that when it has nothing to do with your regular lives you need it shoved down your throat 24/7. Well hate to break it to those people. If you are not attacked with ideas you are more likely to accept the ideas then reject them when first exposed to them.
    In the 80s because our parent had not talked about gays being wrong or good or sickening mainly because they did not have to counter something they were taught to oppose. I had two friends that had no problem coming out. And they were not bothered by bullies or when they were they were protected by real friends. Hell only thing I said to them was well just don’t hit or flirt with me as I am not gay. Today they would call that statement homophobic. It was not then it should not be today. I just did not want the awkwardness or resentment it might cause between me and my friend.
    As for public tv that is fund fully off donations. Don’t freak out that it does not want a gay wedding on a kids show. and quit clicking on click bait articles. With in a year they should be all gone. The turds that sunk money into these shit have got all the money the 8% is willing to give. And now are closing up shop and firing reporters and bloggers like this asshat that can’t even explain how PBS Tv works or did not bother to know what they were writing about. It is probably the later as the fucktard is bitching about something that happened not in their state.

  28. Kodiak says:

    It’s sad. Even on a website that preaches coexistence, there are those who still don’t understand the problem. Neither side of this argument is actually addressing the problem. Instead, they argue about the color of the bandaid on a broken arm… Love the Creator and the created. Is being right as important as loving your neighbor?
    How is arguing about each other’s beliefs solving anything? Laws cost money, arguments cost money. Loving your neighbor does not cost money. Instead of fighting for equality, drop the “E” and treat each other with quality? I guarantee if you treat others like you wish to be treated, they will respond in kind.
    Whether its right or wrong to expose children to other belief systems should be a mute point. Even if you still disagree with their beliefs, most beliefs have a beginning or Creation Story. They also have their histories of generations of family and friends. All of these are just as sacred to them as yours is to you. Your children should at least know about the diversity of belief systems even if they don’t get into details. Loving your neighbor means taking the time to understand them.
    Remember, there is no one perfect and therefore, there is no belief system that is practiced perfectly. Christians, Muslims or whatever belief system.
    Have the best day you want to.

    1. kimberly says:

      shoving “gay marriage” down the throats of our children is NOT “coexistence”.

      1. Rev. John D. Partin says:

        Kimberly, “shoving gay marriage down the throats of children” is defined by you as gay men and women daring to be open and honest about their sexuality and being united with the people that they love, instead of staying in the closet and not marrying other men or other women whom they love. By that same standard and “logic”, interracial marriages or interfaith marriages or interethnic marriages “are also shoved down people’s throats” by these people’s being open and honest about their love and getting married, instead of hiding their love and not getting married. Well, if gay and other people’s being open and honest about their love and marrying the people whom they love is your kind’s definition of “having it shoved down your throat”, all that I can say is: GAG ON IT BECAUSE IT ISN’T GOING TO STOP!!!

        1. kimberly says:

          again…marriage isn’t between homos. Its between men and women. And thank you for admitting you’re trying to shove it down our throats.

          1. Amy says:

            Kimberly, grow the hell up. Your attitude is not only immature, it contributes to violence against people who should have the right to live their lives. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is not just for heteros.

            Prove that marriage is only between men and women. Prove it with factual evidence.

  29. Beth says:

    I can’t even believe in this day and age people are linking homosexuality to harming children…absolutely ridiculous…Being gay IS NOT A CHOICE or a LIFESTYLE it’s who we are- the way GOD made us. Statistically it’s heterosexuals who molest and rape …not homosexuals… in fact homosexuals are victims of abuse way more often that straight people. You must realize we tolerate you as well….

    1. kimberly says:

      You’ve finally said something factual. Homosexuals are more often than not VICTIMS OF ABUSE and it is that abuse which contributes to homosexual behavior later in life. Abuse is the tool by which homosexuals perpetrate their lifestyle. Consider the example in the Bible of Lot’s visitors. The inhabitants of the city wanted to initiate the visitors into homosexuality by rape. Fortunately, the visitors were angels and took appropriate action. Angels which would have appears quite attractive in appearance.

      1. Amy says:

        Kimberly, again, you are posting ridiculous things. “… and it is that abuse which contributes to homosexual behavior later in life.”
        If that were true, EVERY child who had been abused would become gay.
        Some people are attracted to men, some are attracted to women and some are attracted to both. And some aren’t attracted to either. They were born that way. Nothing “made them gay”.
        Just think rationally for a moment if you are able. If it were a choice, EVERYONE would be attracted to BOTH men and women and they would choose.
        Smarten up, Kimberly. You should be old enough to know better than your comments might lead some to believe.

        1. kimberly says:

          As a scientist, I am offended at your use of fake science. There is no study showing homosexuality is genetic. If that were the case, we could screen for it and eliminate it completely. Or are you against abortion based on genetic abnormalities? Can’t have it both ways sweetie.

          1. Amy says:

            Who said it was genetic? What fake science are you talking about? As a scientist, I am offended by your lack of reading comprehension and decency.
            Homosexuality is not a deformity that causes a person to live in constant pain. It’s not abnormal. It’s not a perversion. Just because you are not gay doesn’t make being gay a bad thing.
            The only problem with homosexuality is that there are horrible people on Earth who think they are better than other people. Which means that the problem is not homosexuality. The problem is homophobia. The problem is people like you who want to eliminate it from the gene pool. You are part of the problem, Kimberly.

            I find it hard to believe that you are a scientist. Oooh, maybe you’re a political scientist and a republican. That I could believe.

          2. Doug says:

            There is actually a mountain of evidence in peer reviewed journals of the inherited factors that favour homosexuality in both humans and many other species in the animal Kingdom (from fish to primates). Generally homosexuality due to genetics occurs in about 5-7% of the population . This apparent conundrum in terms of natural selection is also addressed in numerous peer-reviewed journals. So your statement is quite misleading.

          3. kimberly says:

            Doug, there is no “gay gene”. If there was, abortion rights advocates would immediately change their stance on abortion at will should the parents of a fetus testing positive for “gayness” decide to abort. Like I said…you can’t have it both ways sweetie.

          4. Doug says:

            The first evidence for gay genes was presented in Science in 1993 and the published literature in peer reviewed journals on this went back and forth for a while but it is well established now. I am not referring to some quacks on a blog claiming to be scientist. One of the earliest references for the genetic link is this:
            Evidence for homosexuality gene
            By R Pool
            Science  16 Jul 1993:
            Vol. 261, Issue 5119, pp. 291-292
            DOI: 10.1126/science.8332894

            Since that time much genetic research has been invested in this field. And as I said there is a mountain of scientific studies on this topic. It appears you are a science denier (well at least you dismiss biological and genetic science)r. I do not know what kind of scientist you claim to be.

            Your comment “If there was, abortion rights advocates would immediately change their stance on abortion at will should the parents of a fetus testing positive for “gayness” decide to abort”.

            I hope your comment does not truly reflect your views and you think that parents should consider killing their child if it happens to have the homosexual markers I refer to.

            Currently it is not possible, (nor of course is it ethical) to test in utero for the gay gene(s). There are really interesting questions regarding genetic manipulation and whether genetic manipulation could or should be used to alter a person’s sexuality.
            Your comment sends up a lot of red flags about you. Remember just because there is a genetic link with homosexuality that doesn’t mean that everyone with the gene will be gay or that everyone who is gay has the gene.

          5. Amy says:

            Kimberly, where is your peer reviewed work on proving that there is no gay gene? Without a study showing it is NOT genetic, you cannot say there is no gay gene.
            Do you really think that just because you say it, it must be true? That’s not how science works.

            As you have so condescendingly put it, you cannot have it both ways, sweetie.

          6. kimberly says:

            Amy…one cannot “prove” a negative. And, why would you object to me saying there is no “gay” gene? Don’t you as an atheist claim there is no “God” in the exact same way? Again, you can’t use atheistic logic one time and object to it on another issue. I’m all for finding a “gay” gene. Then we could eliminate homosexuality in the population by testing for it since you and others are so adamant that abortion be a “right”.

          7. kimberly says:

            Doug, if there are gays that don’t have a “gay” gene then it isn’t genetic and the idea of a “gay” gene is false. Most studies trying to find evidence for a “gay” gene have failed to be peer reviewed by repetition. Its a farce. And, why would you object to a woman’s choice to abort a “gay” fetus? After all, abortionists claim they want abortion-at-will for ANY reason. Its quite a quandary you leftists find yourselves in on this subject.

          8. Doug says:

            Ok Kimberley, you are partially right in saying that scientists have not yet identified one particular gay gene. However, propensity to be attracted to the same sex is common throughout the animal kingdom and the result of a complex interplay of biological mechanisms and genetics that occur in utero. You are going to hate this reference.
            Sex differences in partner preferences in humans and animals
            Jacques Balthazart Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
            Published:19 February 2016

            For those who can’t be bothered reading the whole study here are some conclusions relevant to this thread:

            Sexual differentiation is clearly the result of an interaction between endocrine, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms, and this conclusion largely applies to the differentiation of sexual orientation in animals and humans. Human sexual orientation, and in particular its less common form homosexuality, is thus not mainly the result of postnatal education but is, to a large extent, determined before birth by multiple biological mechanisms that leave little to no space for personal choice or effects of social interactions.
            Our current understanding of these biological mechanisms controlling sexual orientation is admittedly incomplete and will likely remain so, because we are dealing here with a complex behavioural trait and additionally most of the critical experiments that would be needed to reach firm conclusions are obviously unethical….It appears, indeed, likely that genes or hormones do not act specifically on sexual orientation. They rather modify more general behavioural traits, such as cross-gender identification [92,93] or the propensity to be sexually attracted by individuals who are similar or dissimilar to yourself [94], which indirectly predispose or lead to homosexuality.

            Your comment that “Doug, if there are gays that don’t have a “gay” gene then it isn’t genetic and the idea of a “gay” gene is false. “ is very silly. Think about it…That just proves that in addition to those who can’t choose there are some people who do choose to be gay.

          9. Amy says:

            Kimberly, what is your actual problem? Did you suffer a recent brain injury? Did you not get enough appropriate affection when you were a child?
            Why would we want to eliminate homosexuality? Why would you say that? Only horrible people want to do away with the things they do not like or cannot understand; horrible people who hate in the name of their god.
            And why bring up abortion? Seriously, what is wrong with you?

            You are proving yourself to be a terrible human being. Perhaps you should take a look into the cold, damp cave that is your soul and see if you can find a spark of decency.

          10. kimberly says:

            Amy…why would you not want to eliminate homosexuality? Most gay people try hiding their addiction.

          11. kimberly says:

            So far Amy and Beth appear to have missed the point completely. There is no scenario in which being “gay” is condoned by the Bible. That is non-debatable and simple fact (Lev 18:22, Rom 1:26, 1 Cor 6:9, 1 Tim 1:10). Also, those who practice a homosexual lifestyle (not are just “attracted to”) show the consequences of such acts within their own bodies by mental and physical abnormalities. There is no “gay gene”. There is however male and female. Nature itself tells us that. And, being mortal and of the flesh, many so-called “gays” have chosen to act upon their most vile tendencies. The “gay lifestyle” isn’t about simple sex between two people. If that were so, it probably wouldn’t be such a controversial issue to some. But, the “gay lifestyle” is anything but that. It is an entire menagerie of some of the most abhorrent orgiastic sex practices imaginable. And, like most things most vile, the homosexual community seeks to keep that hidden under a veneer of “marriage”.

          12. Doug says:

            If as Kimberly says, this is truly the message of the bible, then one day when the world grows up, women will be able to proudly say they had nothing to do with the writing of the bible.

          13. Amy says:

            Kimberly, if there was a gene that determined hatefulness – similar to yours – I might support getting rid of that particular gene from the gene pool. Gay people don’t have sex much more differently than straight people.
            Or perhaps you have never had sex and you just go about with binoculars, looking through people’s windows into their bedrooms to see what you’re missing.

          14. kimberly says:

            Women are saved in childbearing (1 Tim 2:15). And, the Bible was written by men and is highly patriarchal.

          15. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Don’t be naive. The “gay” lifestyle is nothing like traditional marriage. If you don’t know that then you should research it. Prepare to be sickened by descriptions of some of the most warped sex acts imaginable. What most “christians” don’t understand is that sex between two of the same sex is only a doorway into a world of some of the worst possible perversions of the human body ever devised by man.

          16. Amy says:

            Traditional marriage between a man and a woman is different from a traditional marriage between two women or two men in one way and one way only. The only difference is that same sex couples cannot conceive a child on their own. That’s it.
            If you think that only same sex couples have warped sex acts, you are not only naive, you’re ignorant. Heterosexual couples are just as capable as same sex couples of having what you call warped sex acts.
            Oh, and if you say that the only reason for people to marry is to have children, you have just offended all the women who cannot or choose not to have children.
            Take a look in the mirror and see one of the major problems with the world today: Intolerance toward anything that is not just like you.

          17. Kimberly Pierre says:

            If a woman doesn’t want kids don’t have sex. Its quite simple. Most women want kids.

            There is no such thing as a “tradional” homo marriage.

            And the “gay lifestyle” isn’t called that for nothing. Much of hetero sex perversion includes homo acts. Apparently, you don’t know much about the porn industry. Kudos.

          18. Lionheart says:

            “warped sex acts”?

            Okay, now. you’ve got me interested 🤪.

            But seriously, whatever goes on by two (three or more) consenting adults in the privacy of their own home, (car, RV, tent, private island, beach etc, you name it I’ve been there) and they both are enjoying it (life is short), good luck to them. If any voyeuristic god wants to poke his dirty little nose in to see what’s going on, good luck to him too. It’s his fault (if he exists) for giving us these fun body bits.


          19. Amy says:

            Kimberly, I almost feel sorry for you. You must lead a miserable existence to have so much hate in your heart.
            You do have a choice though. You can choose to stop being a bigoted, narrow-minded, busy-body and try to make your own life something you and your mythological god can be proud of.
            Or you can choose to continue in your holier-than-thou, I-know-everything-about-everything and I’m-better-than-you lifestyle and remain a miserable waste of space until the end of your time on Earth.
            Your choice.

          20. Amy says:

            Kimberly, I know for a fact the bible exists. I have a King James Version and a New International Version. There is absolutely nothing to prove its validity.

            If you know it to be factual, please explain how Adam and Eve could be created in chapter 1 of Genesis (vs 26-27), and then in chapter 2, Adam was created from the dust (vs 7) while water covered the ground* (vs 6) and then Eve made from his rib (vs 22).
            [*Adam was obviously made from mud.]

            In chapter 1, the fish, birds and animals were all created before Adam (vs 21-25), but in chapter 2, Adam came first. (animals vs 19)

          21. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Amy…..the genesis terraforming as described in the book of genesis is not a chronological description. Chapters 1 and 2 describe the same event with different emphasis. Not with contradiction. And, you should realize that Adam and Eve were first among men but not the only people created rather than born. Else one would have to presume incorrectly that eve spent up to 1,000 years spitting out the human race all by herself. Not a realistic scenario for ANY woman.

          22. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Amy. There’s one word you should learn…….objectivity.

            Release your PC hatred and face reality.

          23. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Lion….you’re a funny guy. lol

            I’m like you…..Don’t give a sh*t about who does what in a tent. Not the point though. I do object to anyone trying to make me participate in any way with whatever freakish thing people are doing. And I definitely object to involving children in any way such as trying to mainstream freaks and pervs using children’s literature.

        2. Beth says:

          Amy you hit the nail on the head, you’re replies to “Kimberly” have been so appropriate and on par!

          1. Amy says:

            Beth, I find it difficult to understand the depth of hate that exists in some people. Sure, there are people I think humanity would be better off without, but I don’t judge their entire religion, race or sexual orientation based on that one person’s horrible behavior.

          2. kimberly says:

            an excellent example of mutual intolerance of a non-politically correct perspective. Bigotry comes from the radical left far more often these days than from the conservative view.

          3. Beth says:

            kimberly is a waste of DNA… What someone does in the privacy of their own home is nobody’s business- Atheism is becoming more and more widespread and I believe it’s people like kimberly plays a huge role in that.

          4. kimberly says:

            Pedophiles operate in “privacy”. And, atheism is NOT becoming more widespread. That is a lie. Diminishing church attendance is hardly atheism. What is happening is that people are waking up to fake religion and reading the Bible on their own. This country continues to be populated by a vast majority of people who have a deep personal commitment to the acknowledgement that God exists. And, most of those who claim to be atheists are actually anti-religionists. The difference is significant.

          5. Lionheart says:

            I think more and more people are starting to question whether god, any god, really exists.

            I think many people just took religion for granted and never questioned it as they grew up. Now, with the rise of radical Muslims, it has prompted many to not only question Islam, but also question their own beliefs. I think the rise of the internet has played a big part in that. Education is the key.

            Personally, I think atheism/agnosticism is growing, not just here in the US, but around the world. I have no empirical data to support that, I’m just going with those people I meet on a day-to-day basis, compared with a few decades ago.

            Some people are too deeply rooted in their faith to ever question it, but younger people, especially the millennials, are starting to change the way people think about religion.


          6. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Questioning the validity of religious organizations is not questioning the existence of God. Religions wants us to think they are the same but they are not. Islam is obviously false. But Christianity is also false in that it claims to be the “church” that Jesus said he would build but has yet to do so. He was referring to his return and the first resurrection.

          7. Lionheart says:

            I love this quote from Richard Dawkins:

            “How wonderful of God to arrange matters so that, wherever you are born, the local religion always turns out to be the true one”

            How convenient that it’s always your parents religion that’s the correct one. 😇


          8. Amy says:

            Kimberly, people are reading the bible and discovering what a sham it is.

            Here you go… according to your savior Paul, women should be silent. Why do you continue to blather on about what Paul said while simultaneously breaking his law?
            All the men blame Eve, but if it hadn’t been for her, according to the bible, none of “God’s plan” could even have happened. Based on the bible story in Genesis, there would have been no people beyond Adam and Eve. If Eve had not eaten the fruit, neither of them would have ever had any sexual urges and would subsequently never have had children. How were they suppose to multiply and replenish the Earth if they never had the hots for each other? It was part of God’s plan that they realize this dilemma. Adam was just too stupid.
            All this according to your bible. It doesn’t make any sense.

          9. Amy says:

            Kimberly, how is Islam obviously false? And why exactly do you believe what Jesus says about when he is going to build his church, but you do not believe what he says about being kind, tolerant and loving toward EVERYONE?

          10. Beth says:

            Kimberly- Atheism is NOT anti religion- Look it up-
            and YES Atheism IS BECOMING MORE MAINSTREAM THAN EVER- Damn you’re so ignorant seriously– all you do is spout out idiotic responses that have NO validity..

            Article #1
            Atheism Doubles Among Generation Z

            Article #2
            The World’s Newest Major Religion: No Religion

            Article #3
            Way More Americans May Be Atheists Than We Thought

            Do you need more??

          11. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Jesus called the Jews “whited sepulchres”. Not all that tolerant. As for Islam….Don’t be obtuse.

          12. Kimberly Pierre says:

            I’ve communicated with Dawkins. He rejects God based on religion when he SHOULD reject religion based on God.

          13. Lionheart says:

            An amusing quote from Dawkins “The God Delusion”

            “Do those people who hold up the Bible as an inspiration to moral rectitude have the slightest notion of what is actually written in it? The following offenses merit the death penalty, according to Leviticus 20: cursing your parents; committing adultery; making love to your stepmother or your daughter-in-law; homosexuality; marrying a woman and her daughter; bestiality (and, to add injury to insult, the unfortunate beast is to be killed too).”


          14. Amy says:

            Kimberly, I’m surprised there’s enough neural activity in your brain to keep your heart and lungs functioning. Come to think of it, maybe that’s all the neural activity there is.

          15. Kimberly Pierre says:

            As I said, Atheism rejects God based on religion. It should be rejecting religion based on God. The logic of atheism is inverted.

          16. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Lion…..Dawkins has a poor understanding of the purpose of OT law which was to prepare the way for Messiah. And Dawkins predicates his entire misunderstanding on a fundamental presumption that death is final when the Bible shows that there is a resurrection and that the grave is nothing but a resting place. No human being has yet to “die” and won’t until after the day of judgement. Dawkins lack of biblical understanding might allow him to to convince the biblically illiterate but a true Bible scholar can easily discredit his teachings.

          17. Amy says:

            Kimberly, you said you’re a bible scholar and a scientist. I have read nothing from you to prove you have any interest in or knowledge of science. How about you try and prove the bible is factual. Choose the version you like and prove it is fact.

            PS: atheism rejects the notion of any deity, not just your God. And because of the rejection of deity, there is a rejection of religion since religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.(Google dictionary)

          18. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Oh there’s no doubt the Bible exists. And there’s no doubt it is not fake. There are hundreds of manuscripts available to provide evidence of authenticity by simple correlation of those manuscripts to obtain enough information to recreate the original writing. And the original quite accurately predicted Jesus to be the Messiah hundreds of years before he was born and exactly who he would be. Additionally, the writings were made by numerous authors over hundreds of years with an undeniable level of correlation in spite of the authors not having access to another’s writing. And, the book predicts a world wholly dependent on fossil fuels. Even to details such as a description of the statue of Liberty, modern transportation, capitalism, modern technology, air pollution, a population explosion and much more. And that is only the writings we know of and then seen through language translation. Its a miracle we have what we have.

        3. Beth says:

          This “Kimberly” person is one sick individual- full of hate and ignorance…I can’t even…
          I’m gay and my marriage is ordinary in every sense of the word- I think you need to see a shrink Kimberly– it’s people like you that are so homophobic that are running away from the GAY they have inside themselves! I think Kimberly is a lesbian….

          1. Kimberly Pierre says:

            I really don’t care if you are gay or not. Just don’t expect me to change my convictions and don’t throw it in my face. There is no such thing as a fear of gay people so stop trying to convince yourself I am afraid of you.
            Accusing me of insanity is about as intolerant of my viewpoint as it gets. Those kind of radical accusations will only lead you to be filled with hate when people just don’t think you’re important enough to notice.

        4. Amy says:

          So, in other words, Kimberly, the bible is not true.
          Thanks for clearing that up.

          1. kimberly says:

            of course its true. It might be misunderstand but its true. Don’t believe what religion tells you it is. Would be better to not be religious and just read the Bible to draw your own conclusions. And don’t think the Bible is meant for “you”. Read it with the specificity it should be read by. Some passages are simply not generic but are specific to the context. And, the book is unique in that it is event-driven rather than chronological. That in itself shows it was influenced by an immortal perspective rather than by mortal man.

  30. Laurie Cleveland says:

    Ok. Now I am angry. How dare any rate of you say that this or that is bad? Talk about living in a glass house and throwing rocks! First of all, just because someone is gay doesn’t mean that they are bad or won’t go to Heaven or worse. Then for the rest of you that think that people who practice Wicca or other pagan religions with the exception of Satanism, which by the way is entirely different and by definition is really what The Bible is speaking about. I am an eclectic Wiccan. I must follow The Wiccan Rede which is far more restrictive than The Golden Rule. I am not the devil incarnate nor are the majority of those practicing Wicca. We happen to see the Divine in almost anything. Do you? We must abide by the Rule of 3, the Universal Law of Unconditional Love which, by the way was the message that was preached and taught by Yeshua. We also believe in the duality of God, i.e. God the father and the Goddess which has 3 parts maiden, mother and crone.
    Having said all of this, there is also the part that says do what you will, BUT HARM NONE. Sound familiar? What you are doing is wrong. While I personally do not think that the subject is appropriate for young children, I do believe that this would be best dealt with when kids are a bit older, as in 4-6 grades. However, your inappropriate and clearly ignorant comments show us exactly how ugly you are on the inside. You use scripture to bolster up your negativity and you seek to put your own prejudice and insecurity onto groups that you feel will not defend themselves. You really need to take a good look at yourself. It’s time that you started educating yourself and learn.

  31. Secretary3rd says:

    The State lives in the dark ages. Next thing will to ban the Internet, burn books, and censor all that even suggest anything not in the Bible. Maybe the Bible should be the only book allow in the State. It almost sounds like the lawmakers are trying to copy Iran.

    1. kimberly says:

      hardly. Alabama has a law on the books defining marriage. It was quite appropriate to not accept the teaching of children to disobey the law. Shall we teach children to ignore speed limits?

  32. Doug says:

    Dear USA,
    The rest of the world does not know if it should laugh or cry. The American constitution is such an enlightened secular document but the religious antics of your political representatives are a true danger to your country. I fear for you.

  33. Laurie Cleveland says:

    Kim, You are deliberately mixing apples and oranges and you know it. Just because there is a law on the books that defines marriage as only between man and woman doesn’t mean that it cannot be changed. At one point in time, I would have agreed with you, but that was before I understood the harm that was being done to people. Insurance companies weren’t covering same sex couples. If one of the “friends ” got I’ll, the family could and would deny that the partner not be allowed at a gravely sick and dying person. This causes great harm to people. I agree that the subject of gay marriage should be put in a program aimed at older children, because it’s more appropriate to do so. For the record, I couldn’t stand Mr. Roger’s, so my daughter didn’t watch it much. This is what parents, not the state, schools or government should be doing. You have your opinions based on your upbringing as do many people here. However, if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and learn, you will never evolve or understand about anything that has been said.

  34. kimberly says:

    not so. I’m not just talking about United States law. I’m talking about historical and world law. Most countries aren’t nearly as lenient about such things even today. Especially Islam.

    1. Amy says:

      Kimberly, Islam is not a country. It’s a religion.

      1. T'Keren Valmaz says:

        SHHHH! Dont tell her that, that way she doesnt actually know the names of the countries where they hold differing beliefs then those she pathetically clings to while sticking her fingers in her ears going nanananananannananana

      2. kimberly says:

        Its a set of laws used by numerous “Islamic” countries. And, it is not a religion as we know a religion.

  35. Amy says:

    Islam is a religion in the same exact way that Christianity and Judaism are religions. They are all based on the God of Abraham, that same God who told Abraham to murder his son.
    The ‘set of laws’ to which you are referring is called Sharia Law, not Islam. Those are the laws that are practiced in many countries where Islam is the predominate religion.

    For a scientist you are not very good at checking out the available information, are you?

  36. Laurie Cleveland says:

    Lionheart, You mentioned that agnostics and atheists are on the rise. In China, anything but the party line is forbidden. They have even rewrote the Bible to keep it in line with the party. There is no freedom of religion in China and I am not sure why people are not saying enough is enough, but there you have it. As for the rest, I think that agnostic thinking is more apparent because parents don’t want to take the time to teach their children the religion that they grew up with or learned. As for the atheists, well, you just have to look around at nature and all of the variables and not believe that a Supreme Being didn’t have a hand in it.

    1. Lionheart says:

      Yes I’m sure you are correct Laurie regarding China, possibly North Korea too.

      I’ve looked around at nature and “beautiful though some of it is”, I see no reason to say that any God did it, any more than I would say any God made the inhospitable places on earth. Nature can be very beautiful and also be very ugly.


      1. Kimberly Pierre says:

        One CANNOT “prove” the existence of God because to make that connection is to contrive a God as an extrapolation of the creation. God is extra natural…..Not supernatural

        1. Lionheart says:

          You are right Kimberly, one cannot prove the existence of something that isn’t there. I could of course make a statement like; “Fairies are extra natural”. Who now is going to prove they do, or don’t, exist? I have a sneaking suspicion they don’t exist, but can I prove a negative? I also have a sneaking suspicion that no god, or gods, exist. Out of the two, I rather hope someone can prove me wrong about fairies 🧚🏻‍♀️. They sound as though they could be quite cute, and doubt they would ever commit genocide, or infanticide. 😜


          1. Kimberly Pierre says:

            Actually fairies originate from prediluvian times and such tales made their way through the flood to become mythological creatures including the God’s of myth. The fact of such creatures is that they were descriptions of apparently real people but who were genetically altered due to eugenics as practiced by people whose lifespans were thousands of years. The reason Noah was chosen was because he was perfect in his generations.

          2. Lionheart says:

            Noah wasn’t that perfect, he was a drunkard. His daughters had to cover up his nakedness when he was drunk. If you want to believe that tale I’m sure there were better people to chose from.

            I think I’ll still go with the stories of fairies


          3. kimberly says:

            Noah was genetically perfect. That was the point. Not whether he tended to drink and had unruly kids. The flood was to save mankind from extinction due to nearly immortal men who bred with hundreds of generations of their own progeny in an attempt to create giant men of war. Of course the gene pendulum eventually swung toward extinction at which point God stepped in to save mankind. Neanderthal were genetic anomalies rather than precursors of modern man. Its really quite interesting how human history progressed during those eons when prediluvian man lived for thousands of years.

          4. Lionheart says:

            One would think that any omniscient and omnipotent deity worth his salt who could make the universe/multiverse would have had the ability to know how things were going to turn out so that he didn’t have to drown every man, woman, and child, not to mention all the animals that didn’t survive. Bad planning!

            I’m not impressed. I’ll give your god an “F” grade for failing to be as knowledgeable as he should have been. It’s possible that pre-diluvian fairies might have done a better job.


  37. Rev. John D. Partin says:

    Kimberly, there is bigotry involved when you refer to gay people’s being out and open about their sexual preference as “puppies humping on your leg” and homosexuality as “perversion”. People definitely should try to overcome bigotry such as yours with logic and reason and fighting against it because that is the ONLY way that such bigotry is ever overcome.

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