Stained-glass windows depicting Confederate generals.

Opponents are criticizing the move as “revisionist history.” Once we start taking down monuments and memorials, they ask, where do we stop?

In the wake of a national discussion about controversial monuments and statues, Washington National Cathedral in the nation’s capital has decided to remove two stained-glass windows depicting Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Church leaders agreed that the images sent the wrong message to parishioners, and ought to be replaced.

“This isn’t simply a conversation about the history of the windows, but a very real conversation in the wider culture about how the Confederate flag and the Old South narrative have been lively symbols today for white supremacists. We’d be made of stone ourselves if we weren’t paying attention to that,” said one bishop.

Relics of the Past

The stained-glass windows were installed back in 1953, and there they stayed for over 60 years without controversy. Then, back in 2015, Dylan Roof walked into a church in South Carolina and murdered nine church-goers – reportedly in the hopes of sparking a race war. It was this horrific attack that spurred officials at the Washington National Cathedral to first contemplate removing the Confederacy-themed windows. However, it wasn’t until the recent events in Charlottesville that the church decided it was time to act. In a meeting held last week, church leaders voted “overwhelmingly” to remove the windows.


Despite the majority being in favor, a number of church leaders opposed the removal, arguing that the windows should be contextualized as part of the cathedral’s history. Removing the Confederate images entirely effectively whitewashes that history, they say. Opponents criticize this “revisionist history” strategy as a slippery slope. Once we start taking down monuments and memorials, where do we stop?

Washington National Cathedral in D.C.Erasing History or Making History?

For those who support the removal, keeping the windows in place is antithetical to the cathedral’s claim of being a “spiritual home for the nation.”

“As difficult as it is to remove something that was dedicated in a sacred space, we felt it was a Christian imperative and our moral responsibility,” remarked one church official.

Furthermore, many Americans in favor of removal insist that taking down Confederate statues and monuments is not erasing history but rather making history.  For this group, a nation free of Confederate monuments signifies a nation that is finally ready to fight racism within its borders.

But therein lies the question: will removing such monuments help to heal the country of its bloody and racist past?

An Uncertain Future

If there’s one thing we can be certain of, it’s that the controversy over Confederate memorials won’t be ending anytime soon.  Supporters of the effort insist that each monument to come down is a step in the right direction. But their opponents hold that painting over the dark moments in American history will do nothing to solve our current problems, and may actually have unintended side effects.

For their part, officials at the Washington National Cathedral have sent a clear message by removing the stained-glass windows. In their mind, such images have no place in a house of worship.

Do you agree?



  1. Doug Barron says:

    The National Cathedral; those who oversee it, srand for nothing; so the will move with popular whim, in order to be politically correct.
    Jesus was NOT politically correct! Shalom.

    1. HSW says:

      Please explain how this historic house of worship stands for nothing.

    2. Rev paul collins says:

      I think they are trying to remove history

      1. MICHAEL says:

        History cannot be removed. It happened and, no matter how much some folks want to forget it, it cannot be removed. Removal of monuments and statues lionizing traitors to the United States does not remove the fact that they committed treason.

        1. thcbar says:

          What treason. These people did not have or condone slavery. this is just trying to erase the from history because they were from the south.

        2. LuAnn Powers says:

          I agree. This is still history. Our grandchildren won’t have an idea about the hardship and struggles that generation have gone through! Peace would be awesome.

    3. John says:

      Dylan roof and Benji McDowell were 2 thugs looking for attention.white serpremist and white separatist have their own flags.the Confederate flag is a symbol of men (heros) long gone away that stood for something they believe is history tells us the biggest recruiting stations were in church after mass.they we’re all God’s children.i don’t want to ick out other races or religions.but let’s start removing things that others don’t like or understand and watch the racial holy war start.i think our teachers need to be better educated.

    4. Rev. Ned says:

      Apparently, Talibanism is becoming popular here. The Taliban get off on destroying old monuments too.

      1. John Owens says:


        1. JOHN MAHER says:


    5. Brenda says:

      Those monuments represent the Civil War. A war in which the south ceded from the United States of America to fight for the right to own slaves. Put them in a museum, not on our public lands. Germany doesn’t laud Nazis, we should laud racists. You want to see history, go to a museum!

      1. John says:

        The war wasn’t about slVery.take a history lesson

        1. JOHN MAHER says:


      2. john says:

        the civil war was not fought over slavery ,,,, get over yourself

      3. William P Serrani says:

        Right on

    6. John says:

      I just seen a post the said the war was against I really feel before posting something you should know what ur talking about

      1. David Mitchell says:

        If the war was only about slavery, why didn’t the North invade Delaware, Maryland, Missouri and the border states that continued to hold slaves? Why did Gen. U.S. Grant hold his slaves until December 1865 when he had to release them eight months after Appomattox? The South did not seek to destroy the Northern/Federal government(a true ‘civil war’) but to repel the Northern/Federal invasion and to secure independence n the same basis as the colonies had 90 years earlier. Sure, slavery was an issue but the vast majority of Southern soldiers were not slave owners. Other major issues included Northern tariffs on southern produce (especially cotton) and cultural differences between the agricultural Scotch-Irish South and the commercial-industrial North.

        Hope this helps.

        PS The church made the wrong decision in removing the windows. They’re part of history including African-American history. What’s next? Pulling down Washington and Jefferson’s statutes? Jackson off the Twenty? (Oh, too late for Jackson).

        1. Minister Kevin Gironda says:

          Best info yet thanks I also believe it’s a mistake to remove those windows like it or not they are a part of history. Also those windows are historic and we’re done by hard working people. Should we remove all documents of every mistake ever made.

          Minister Kevin

  2. rebadams7 says:

    Everything should be held in context. There is a place to remember those fallen soldiers there is a place to remember how our country was torn asunder and put back together. The history we do not know is the history we are doomed to repeat. The more you point out differences the more prominent and divisive they become. We are allowing outside forces to determine our truth and our history instead of our own country and our own conscience leading us. I am very sad

    1. HSW says:

      What outside forces? I’m in Richmond, VA and those hateful symbols need to come down.

      1. Rev.Hoagie says:

        Spoken like a true believing Marxist or perhaps a moslem, HSW They love tearing down historical and religious statues of *hate*. Oddly the only hate I detect is yours, comrade HSW.

        They are erasing America. They are erasing our heritage. America isn’t perfect but those men from the South fought for their States. They lost. Many were killed. But they were Americans and by the way, they were pardoned. Or you can keep on hating.

        1. John Owens says:

          They try to be rational and intellectual, Hoagie, but they just can’t help the hating. All fascists are like that. They are like religious fanatics, only their religion is their own false view of everything, which changes every few years, depending on the propaganda of the time. They are blown about by whatever doctrine blows toward them from “academia” and the fake news channels.

          1. JOHN MAHER says:


          2. John Owens says:

            Liar. I only insult the ones who insult me, and I have insulted YOU a LOT less than you have insulted me. Seems you are the one always insulting.

          3. Jim says:

            John Maher, you are a troll!

      2. kimm says:

        What is hateful? I live in the south as well. First..The Aggression was NOT about slavery. Second, for those who do drag slavery into it, Lee was probably more against slavery that most of the North, who by the way, pillaged, burned and raped their way through the South (I’m an ex northerner) and spared no one…Not even slaves they ran in to if they got in the way. There was absolutely no reason for what the Union soldiers did to the people, cities and towns. Third, Lee was originally asked to lead the Union army. Fourth, why do we not discuss the hatred in the North at the time. They didn’t even want black people in their military, and escaped slaves certainly were not given the welcome mat. Where I was brought up in the North was a big underground railroad hub. They had to keep their activity as secret there as they did in the south. Yep…a real sign of northern tolerance of the times. And finally, do you propose we bury all the soldiers at Arlington somewhere else? After all, that property belonged to General Lee as well.
        Time that a lot of people get a history lesson.

        1. William Rahman Schors says:

          Wow, lots of good info there.

        2. gsl2727 says:

          Well, he should have been jailed as a traitor to the US and his oath at West Point to defend the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic once he left the Union. He was also reported to be very hard on his slaves and there are accounts of his having salt water poured on post whipping wounds. You say the Confederacy was not about slavery. Yet, every bill of session for every Confederate State lays out slavery as being the primary reason for leaving. Yes, African slaves were looked down on in the North also. Hardly justification for slavery. Finally, Lee himself, in an address at Washington College, now Washington-Lee Univ. stated that he thought statues to himself, other generals or the war in general were a bad idea.

          1. John Owens says:

            Lotta BS in that.

        3. Mary says:

          you are right.. I think the people emoving all the srt need a history lesson

          1. Mary says:

            sorry about the typ o’s I ment to say renoving art

    2. Chaplain Bill says:

      So should we put up statues to Timothy Mcveigh or the 911 hijackers. Traitors to our great country should not be memorialized, they can be remembered in infamy.

  3. HSW says:

    I’ve seen the windows in the National Cathedral. Each time I found them garish and out of place in a house of worship. I think they did the right thing.

    1. Rev.Hoagie says:

      So now comrade HSW is the kommissar of what is garish and what is acceptable? No borscht for you! Off to the gulag!

  4. Jean Hill says:

    I thought we were adults on this site who attempted to respect each other despite differences in opinion, faith, etc. I see Rev. Hoagie attacking HSW as a communist because HSW didn’t like the windows in the National Cathedral. This makes me think of the Westboro Baptist Church tactics, and I hope HSW isn’t intimidated into shrinking from the fray.
    Having said that, I will share my OPINION about this issue. Opinions are neither right or wrong, they just are, like feelings. We cannot erase history. It happened. It has been commemorated in many movies, books, and museums. We don’t need to glorify the Civil War in which so many Americans died on both sides. I doubt if we’re going to forget the Civil War for many many years, judging by the persistence and resurgence of white supremacy and bigotry even, apparently, in the White House. I don’t think stained glass windows glorifying the Civil War belong in any church. Just my opinion. I was raised in the South, but I was educated as to the fallacies being taught and lived in many places in the South – I believe we are all created equal – ALL. And nobody is more equal than anyone else, as my father used to opine, tongue in cheek…

    1. HSW says:

      Thank you. I’m good. Fully adulting here.

  5. Ray says:

    1984 is here, a tad late but here.

    1. Roy L. Patterson says:

      100% RIGHT

    2. HSW says:

      How does this relate to 1984? This was not in any way a government action. This is a private organization whose governing body made an informed decision.

      1. John Owens says:

        They made a chicken-shit decision, but I hate stained glass windows and I hate cathedrals anyway. They are monuments to false religion. They inspire reverence to the building, and those who administer them, instead of the Living God, in my humble opinion.

  6. James says:

    Look for trouble and you’ll find it. Look for a reason and you’ll find it. Do we really know the history of the Civil War? Do we really have the understanding to say it was only, only due to slavery? So being lead around by your noses. More than half of the earth still has slavery. America was one of the first to outlaw it and the north had slaves far after the Civil War. The largest slave traders and breeders were of African decent. Not to mention European people were slaves as well. Not only in America. Not saying that the Civil War or slavery wasn’t, isn’t horrible, yet this is just like religion and the constitution. Freedom of religion, not from religion. Freedom of expression, not from expression. My grandfather always said to keep your nose out of other people’s business. So if we don’t live there ;yep “butt out!” let’s try not to point to an issue in a negative way. Let’s be thankful we learned from our past and honor the changes we made and the lives lost to change. Even by having memorials of it. Lets do what is next.

    1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

      Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery in society and created the thirteenth amendment of the United States constitution to make slavery an institutionalized punishment.

  7. John says:

    Where are we going? If we remove the statues, stained-glass windows, what’s next? The Tombs of the Unknown Soldiers? This is OUR history. The history of OUR great Nation! If we keep removing the monuments, we erase how our Nation was built, we sacrifice the memory of the people who gave their lives for our freedom. What do we have left?

    I can understand the pain that these may mean to people, but to grow, we need to face the pain of the past to grow into the future. If we ignore what has happened in the past we are doomed to make the same mistakes. I can see no sense in removing them.

    1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

      Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery in society and created the thirteenth amendment of the United States constitution to make slavery an institutionalized punishment.

      1. kimm says:

        Actually, Lincoln wasn’t looking to abolish slavery, he just wanted to make sure that it didn’t spread any further. Anyway, slavery was beginning to abolish itself as some who owned slaves were freeing them in their wills or owner’s family members who were against slavery and freeing them on the owner’s death.

  8. Lee Boutell says:

    Statues, monuments, decorative windows, plaques and other items that celebrate the Confederacy do not belong in public spaces without providing historical context to explain what they represent and detailing what happened to our country because of the abomination of a racially-based system of slavery. These monuments do belong in a museum–we do need to realize how strongly the attitude of racism and white supremacy remains to this day. We need to be able to see how so many southerners have tried to re-interpret and re-define the reason for the Civil War as a fight for “state’s rights.” So we should put these plaques and monuments in a museum and provide explanatory context.

    But these monuments do not belong out on the street or in other public spaces. Being in public spaces implies support for what they represent–slavery, white supremacy, rebellion and according to the US Constitution, treason (taking up arms against the USA). Why should we publicly honor racism, rebellion and treason? If you choose to honor the Confederate rebellion or white supremacy you can do it in the privacy of your own home, but not in public. And to a large percentage of Americans, the display of Confederate items is disgusting, appalling and insulting, similarly to how Jews view the Nazi flag.

    After defeat of the Nazis, Germany outlawed the display of Nazi flags or other items associated with Nazis, including doing the Nazi salute. Nazi leaders were tried and convicted as war criminals. The USA did not go so far as to outlaw the Confederate flag or other items and did not put the rebels on trial (although many northern leaders had insisted that this be the case) but the fact that the issues of slavery and systemic racism are still being debated and causing problems 150 years after the Civil War suggests that perhaps the government of the USA was far too gentle with the treasonous rebels after the Confederacy was defeated militarily and surrendered. Some may argue that creating monuments to the rebellion should have been made illegal in the first place.

    Instead of trials and laws being made after the war, Abraham Lincoln wanted the nation to heal. He insisted that we forgive, re-build and try to heal the country that was so violently torn apart . Apparently his wish for healing this divided country has never been fulfilled.

    1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

      Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery in society and created the thirteenth amendment of the United States constitution to make slavery an institutionalized punishment

      1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

        Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery in society and created the thirteenth amendment of the United States constitution to make slavery an institutionalized punishment.

      2. HSW says:

        To what end do you repeatedly cut and paste?

    2. Minister JR says:

      Very good analogy. No one has mentioned the fact that most of these windows and statues were erected in the 1950s. I have no problem keeping monuments erected right after the Civil War. What were my parents thinking in the 1950s? I’m sure they did not consult the relatives of former slaves. This was also a time when the police could beat you until you confessed even if you were innocent. Some of that hasn’t changed either. Take them down.

  9. Robert Sherman Nix III says:

    No, I do not agree with removal of Çonfederate images as they have naught to do with racism but secession. The Civil War was not fought for slavery. And for that matter slavery was a worldwide economic reality for Negroes on Negroes also. To remove images is hypocritical, stigmatizes Southerners, and makes scapegoats of the South in the face of and against historical reality. The Church makes itself into a liar as the Confederates were patriots that the other regions of the United States were versus, and that these images illustrated reconciliation and not the conflict the Church is saying is motivation of their actions, but in opposite the images are representative of reconciliation and healing of the rift in the nation, and not emblems if racism but denote honesty of the Confederates. Therefore you might as well remove the building because you are trustworthy to administer justice, as it is a hunt against Confederate apropos and nothing to do about church shootings or flags used in such things but is anti-Confedederate and wronging the people in their graves by labeling them in a criminal way. Do you forget Negroe Confederates ? Because thus action is lying under assumption Confederates were not Negroes and it spreads the lies that Confederate images are versus inclusiveness when in fact the anti-Confederates garner some value of hate mongers in choruses against minority Confederates that stood up to the bullying United States tyrants and regional president Lincoln so that the Civil War was region against region not about slavery except some northern people could not obtain slaves, which was all colors, and these actions reinforce lied in society about history of slavery, a black on black establishment , as if it were Confederates that iniated slavery, so that the Church is choosing a lie to support.

    1. Lee Boutell says:

      Black people disagree with your premise that Confederate images are not racist. If you were black you would consider the system of slavery before the Civil War as completely evil, and it was all about the color of your skin. You can rationalize in your own mind how the people who fought to preserve this evil economic system were somehow noble, but this does not pass the smell test. It’s plain and simple: the Civil War was fought to preserve the plantation slavery based economy of the south in the face of mounting pressure from the abolitionists in the north who wanted to ban slavery and were gaining support from their political representatives who began to take steps to ban it. Succession was all about preserving the economy of the south, which depended 100% on slavery at that time, before the industrial revolution and machinery-based agricultural practices. Put yourself in the shoes of black people. Think about how Jews feel about the concentration camps. Should those be honored by statues? Should we honor Adolf Hitler in our churches? Slavery was pure evil as was the Holocaust.

      1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

        Your right Lee

      2. Steve says:

        You stated ” Succession was all about preserving the economy of the south, which depended 100% on slavery at that time, before the industrial revolution and machinery-based agricultural practices”. Where do you get your data? An average of approx 31% of the states that seceded owned slaves, THAT is directly from the 1850 census. Half of those owned 1 to 4 slaves. New York was a major hub of the slave trade…….You can not just throw numbers out there like 100%, it is just plain false…..

    2. Richard says:

      Read the secession proclamations. Almost all of them cite the retention of slavery as a key, if not the key, reason for secession.

      Also, many of these monuments are not in the South. Even if you were to accept that they are historically interesting in context, why are they erected in Washington DC and New York?

  10. Robert Sherman Nix III says:

    The problems about Confederate issues is they are almost Revolutionary War period in which slander and defamation is used against the Confederates who lacked motives that modern day people hate them as themselves display, therefore the actions of the Church show ignorance, bowing to secular pressure, or they are hypocrite’s and haters. If previous generations did not see hate symbols but regular symbols of their nation, then it is only today viewed as hate symbols from insistence by anti-Confederate schools have taught it as such, when in fact it is a symbol of the nation. There were not only one race and if so these actions by the Church likewise inflict hate against the people rather than reconciliation and denial of the United States and absolvement of the Unite States for its crimes and wrongs in the Civil War by emptying itself upon the South to carry all the blame, which is unjust and a lie. Once secession was confirmed by the States, the Civil War proceeded by Lincoln to force them into the United States by force and bloodshed, and in that process the slavery fell by men being away at the battle front, which is not unethical except if criminally applied, so that it is just as true to say the Confederacy ended slavery by fighting in the Civil War as to say the same for the Union . Another pitfall the Church is putting itself into, is that the current political anti-Confederate hysterics has nothing to do with post-Civil War reunion and reconciliation, but is cheap hate and utilized by Communist and others who have no stakeholders in Civil War images, such as later immigrants which the Civil War had no bona fide connection in all the facets of dynamics, but are only taught that Confederates were victimizers which is a lie. Many Indians were Confederates and it I’d similar to when someone just becomes a hate mongers and fictionalizes crimes and characters of a another generation of current people which is slander and libel and hate mongers because it is a lie, and in that case all the African flags should be removed from America for their own slavery if this justice it makes a liar of truth.

    Robert Sherman Nix III

  11. Robert Sherman Nix III says:

    It don’t look like it made an issue until the media made it a political issue and it is a violation of the civil rights of Confederate people who has rights in these matters that other people have partially or totally but the Confederate people absolutely have rights to these Confederate images

    1. JOHN MAHER says:


      1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

        To uphold the abuse of mankind is a slap in the face to those who suffered the abuse. The confederate flag has history behind it that shows why its justified to remove it from public view.

        1. Lee Boutell says:

          Well said, Minister Anthony.

    2. hsw says:

      There are no “confederate people” so your premise is invalid.

  12. Alicia says:

    This is a cathedral….a church. Why are there images of anyone other than those relevant to the religion? Sorry….these windows don’t belong and should be replaced by something relevant.

    As for taking down all statues of Confederate generals: No…..Leave them alone! These men were a part of our history, good, bad or indifferent. Instead of taking them down, use them as tools of learning. Slavery was not the only issue of the Civil War. This happened over a hundred years ago. We have grown as a nation in many ways, one of which is to know that slavery should never happen again. Instead of taking down these statues, commission new ones to stand along side them. Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Dred Scott….all deserve to be to stand in bronze the part they played in history. Teach the good with the bad.

    It’s become a joke to take down statues/monuments and change names of buildings, streets and schools simply because the person these things were named after were slave owners, or fought for the Confederacy. Washington and Jefferson may have owned slaves, but they were the product of their time but, owning slaves was not ALL they did!

    Where will the insanity end? A theater in Tennessee will no longer show Gone with the Wind because it’s now considered “offensive”. An elementary school must now change it’s name because it’s named after the Lynch family, who donated the property to build that school. There’s a call to ban To Kill a Mockingbird because it’s “racist”. Where does it stop????

    1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

      I disagree. Dismantling negative and replace with good is a method used to show the public that the issue is being addressed to keep the peace.

      1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

        Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery in society and created the thirteenth amendment of the United States constitution to make slavery an institutionalized punishment

  13. Mark says:

    Will it matter in 5 years? Will/does it change history? Aren’t these the questions?

    1. Lee Boutell says:

      This is the point, It WILL matter in 5 years, it will matter in 150 years, as it does today. What values do we choose to honor–truth, justice, peace, respect? Or violent subjugation of others, white supremacy, tyranny and rebellion? The history is there already, what we are discussing is how our past is viewed–both now and in the future. Let’s look through the lens of justice and truth.

      1. Mark says:

        Really ? What’s next – editing the civil war and slavery out of history books?

        “Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them.” Edmund Burke

        1. Lee Boutell says:

          Exactly. We are doomed to repeat our mistakes if we do not provide a context where we can learn from them and chose to change. White supremacy is a myth. Slavery is evil. Honoring these things is wrong and perpetuates the evil. We are not erasing our history but looking at it for the purpose of education and enlightenment, so we do NOT repeat the same mistakes.

  14. Kathleen Baird says:

    The best comment I have seen regarding the Confederate statues glorifying those who sought to destroy the United States, in order to keep their right to own human beings as slaves, was this:
    Would you look at it as just “preserving history” if Germans put up statues of Hitler to honour the man who killed millions because he deemed them to be sub-humans?

    1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

      To uphold the abuse of mankind by glorifying the people who caused the wrong is to shame God and uphold satonism.

  15. Clyde says:

    Some interesting folk ask, “Where will it stop?” It stops as of the first day of the War of Secession (Not Civil, it wasn’t, not between the states, for the Confederacy claimed to be a country…). Washington’s monuments are not in danger when Stonewall Jackson is taken down just because they both had slaves. All that is straw man bull is full of false equivalency. Those generals who fought for the South were merely traitors, and anyone but the poor grunts who fought and died for these slave owner secessionists were merely traitors, too. Washington, though a slave owner was a founder, not a traitor to this country. Washington was a traitor to Great Britain, but he won. I don’t know of one statue,or any memorial for that matter, of King George III anywhere in the USA. The Tories got over it. No one wants to become a British colony again.
    Secondly, Separation between church and state is on a dangerous precipice when tax dollars fund religious edifices in the first place. Not a cent should go to any religious organization in this country that isn’t given as personal tithing. These gross constructions mimicking Eurocentric Christianity and its colonialist structures are an abomination to the First Amendment. That said, any stained glass window in any religious edifice that has anything but religious scenes relating solely to that religion is a non-sequitur. To think that racist radicals had so much power in the Fifties to get those stained glass windows in that church, nearly a century after the the War of Secession scares the booboo out of me. That is not history, it is a feeble effort at visual propaganda supporting racism. Simple. Clear. Obvious. While some racist artist included “Read the Bible” in his stained glass window, he obviously didn’t bother to read the Constitution.
    The vast majority of Whites either owned slaves, were part of the family that owned slaves, or their income was inextricably woven into the inhuman industry of slavery and its products. The Deep South’s only real reason to leave the Union was slavery. Period. The rest is window dressing and myths. That said, “The Day They Drove Ole Dixie Down” is an apt and justifiable song against the unnecessary abuse by the North in it’s self-righteous fervor. Sheridan’s scorched earth policy in the South on his swath of destruction to Savanna was seen as inhumanly cruel even by Northerners as adding insult upon injury of a population.
    The post-war “Reconstruction” was a barrel of fish every carpetbagger from the North was sure to profit by just shooting into it. The oppression of the White population evidently was real, and it seems not many from the North objected to the South’s new (albeit somewhat justifiable) subjugation. That breeds hate, loathing, and revenge that was soon taken out upon the black population as an easy target. After winning the war and helping free Black folk, Sheridan demonstrated his hypocrisy by going back to the West and murdering Native American Indians with glee and impunity.
    Sherman is just the murdering racist who won. As a citizen of a Nation of America’s First Peoples, I think that this genocidal maniac’s sculptures should be taken down, too. (Well, at least the ones depicted after the Uncivil War.) Lincoln and Sheridan were surely racists. They just won. They surely ain’t saints. Their countenances have no place in religious art or displayed in a religious edifice either.

    1. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

      True. Teach brother

  16. Tom says:

    This is clearly revisionist history…as long as there is no active promoting of slavery, prejudice, bias, etc, by parents, schools and theological institutions, this mania to destroy statues is just another excuse to rile people up…every country has historical figures and icons of which it would not be proud today…as has been sung: teach your children well…Tom

    1. Lee Boutell says:

      The revisionist history is written on the “historical plaques” and monuments to the Confederacy, calling it a noble cause for state’s rights. Have you ever read them?
      I have made a study of them in my visits to the south. This biased presentation of history is why these plaques and monuments need to go into a museum and be removed from the public squares and churches where their very presence is TOTALLY INSULTING and REPULSIVE to a majority of people this country. Again, do Jews and right-minded people want to see statues and monuments to Hitler and Nazis placed in our public spaces? These monuments are INSULTING and REPULSIVE to the majority, no matter how much you think the Confederacy was a noble cause. It WAS NOT.

      1. Tom says:

        Lee…i regret you did not think about what i was saying…and you apparently think people should vote on what is history, while i do not…monuments and plaques are historical markers; they are not burning crosses…this is not “1984”…think about it…Tom

        1. Lee Boutell says:

          Tom, apparently insulting millions of people with having public monuments to white supremacy is okay with you. It’s not about voting on history. It’s about respecting the sensibilities of others. It’s about giving people dignity by not constantly rubbing their noses in offensive images. Please show some respect for people alive today who have suffered due to segregation, racism and being treated like second class citizens or worse. Are you capable of having compassion for those who have suffered? Or do you believe that there is no suffering?

    2. Clyde says:

      Seen any Stalin statues lately?

  17. Tom says:

    Once again i ask you to stop the censorship…thank you…Tom

  18. Minister Anthony Longstreet says:

    To take down anything that reflect racism is a plus. But it is my opinion that as long as the issue of racism and the issue about the confederate flag has been talked about you would think that they should have been took down those materialistic things that resembled racism since they are people who represent God. God do not uphold the abuse of mankind.

  19. Rev. T. King says:

    There’s a difference between erasing history and ceasing to celebrate the lives of people who did not make a positive contribution to it.

  20. wayne k. says:

    The taliban also like erasing by destroying history that doesn’t fit their belief system. those who ignore history are often forced to repeat it. history is something to learn from, not hide like it never happened.

  21. MICHAEL says:

    Monuments and statues lionizing traitors and losers do not belong on public land. Huzzah to those private institutions removing memorials to those who committed treason against the United States Those who want to keep memorials and monuments to traitors and losers should buy them from the local governments and erect them in their own yards.

  22. Chaplain Bill says:

    As on Facebook you should have a place on each of the statements and replies were we can mark we agree or not with the statement. It would quickly show how many people like or dislike statements made and be more accurate in showing how our group feels.

  23. Chad Ali says:

    The statues are American history. People need to wake up and find something else to complain about. I believe that they should stay where they are and if people do not like them they should move. So what are we supposed to do remove all George Washington and Andrew Jackson statues because they and many of the founding fathers were slave owners. The past is the past move on and grow up already because we can not change the past. God bless America

  24. Steve says:

    I keep seeing on here as well as other places that Confederate soldiers and ALL of the south during the Civil War as TRAITORS….. Therefore they ALL should be removed. OK our founding fathers were called traitors (yes even by other colonist) during the time of the American revolution. So do we start taking down statues of Washington, Jefferson, etc??????Do we ban the American Flag?????

  25. Amanda McCreless says:

    I disagree. If the government takes down one monument they should take down all religious or political monuments.

  26. Ed says:

    I don’t think these windows ever belonged in a cathedral, a house of worship, to begin with. They are lovely windows and should certainly be preserved for history, but not in a church.

  27. Lori Lassiter says:

    Museums preserve history. The belong in a museum, not “lording over” people.

  28. Carolyn Jean Evans says:

    These windows were put in place in 1953, not in 1863–They were part of a push back against the Civil Rights Movement. Most of the Confederate Statues and monuments date from the Civil Rights Period of the 50’s and 60’s or the Jim Crow era..not from the time of the Civil War. They were deliberate attempts to infuse a false nobility in “The Cause” and to continue the subjugation of people of color, of which I am one according to the Jim Crow Laws…although I have the fair skin of my Irish ancestors. I think that if the statues and monuments remain, they should also include a statement as to when they were erected and the reason behind them…the real reason.

  29. J. J. Mueller says:

    IF I were of African decent I would not want history rewritten. I would fear that without these visual reminders history would be repeated. And before someone makes a snide remark about me not knowing what I’m talking about let me state that my ancestors were Irish and German Jew. I can match any groups horror stories.

    1. Johnny Doeseph says:

      I agree.

  30. Herb Meister says:

    For those who think they know their history, go back and read the Emancipation Proclamation. Mr. Lincoln banned slavery for the Confederate States only. He wanted to cut down on the Confederate manpower resources. Slavery was alive and well in the Union States until after the Civil War. But, the majority of Americans, unread regarding history, claim the Lincoln was the Godsend who abolished slavery. The cold truth is, there was no slavery under the rebel flag. That’s more than you can say for the British flag or the American flag.

  31. Bill Fox says:

    If you don’t like what the National Cathedral is doing, don’t donate. It was built by and supported by private contributions. It represents the best of intentions and the worst of results.

    1. Herb Meister says:

      Very good point!

      1. JOHN MAHER says:


  32. Clyde says:

    Oh. So, evidently someone is equating the Taliban with we who are intolerant of racism, genocide, and slavery because we wish to dismount these symbols of human persecution. But, Racists put up those monuments and stained glass. The Taliban are evil because they are intolerant of other religions, and history has nothing to do with it. They rub out evidence of other religions. They slaughter and enslave innocent people. The Taliban are religionist, nationalist, and racist intolerants who believe they are better than others, just like the slave owners of America who quit the Union. The Skinhead/KKK/White Nationalists/White Supremacists are our Taliban. It is evidenced by defiantly erecting symbols of the ignorant, foolish and hateful justifications for cruelty and tyranny over another sovereign soul because of caste, class or race. It is not, by very definition, the folk who wish to END the shameful, overt, glorification of Class, Cast, and genocide. There is a difference between censorship and relocating symbols of hate off of their oppressive propaganda pedestals. Any logical person knows that.

  33. Clyde says:

    You say the UnCivil War was not about slavery. Yep, instead, it was about states’ rights; the right to retain slavery.Pretzel logic propaganda to promote racism and genocide. Show me one history professor living today at an accredited university who professes otherwise.

    1. John Owens says:

      No one is promoting racism and genocide, except the Muslims and some BLM people. Why would you think any professor’s opinion is rational, correct, or even matters more than any other person? They all study from the same history books, printed by the same companies, and THEIR professors force them to regurgitate the material until they are unable to think for themselves. The fact that any and all information is available to EVERYONE who can read should at least make a professor’s opinion’s value equal to anyone else’s and not greater.

  34. Clyde says:

    Yes, Jackson off the twenty. He was impeached for stealing money from the treasury to fund the Trail of Tears for all Native American Folk who during the reelection to Oklahoma, over one quarter of all Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw in the world suffered and died. That, after the Supreme Court had recognised these folk as sovereign nations, and declared the relocation unconstitutional. My Ancestors. The genocidal, sick son-of-a-bitch deserves no sanctification on currency. He was a dirty, deceitful maggot.

  35. Clyde says:

    Yes, Jackson off the twenty. He was impeached for stealing money from the treasury to fund the Trail of Tears for all Native American Folk who during the RELOCATION to Oklahoma, over one quarter of all Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, and Chickasaw in the world suffered and died. That, after the Supreme Court had recognised these folk as sovereign nations, and declared the relocation unconstitutional. My Ancestors. The genocidal, sick son-of-a-bitch deserves no sanctification on currency. He was a dirty, deceitful maggot.

  36. Johnny Doeseph says:

    I am personally for keeping them up, but anti protesting to keep them up. Taking them down won’t change anything, so it’s a waste of time. Protesting it is also a waste, because while others may want to waste their time, I refuse to waste mine. The fact is several great confederate generals opposed slavery, but fought confederate out of loyalty to the south. The confederate flag is also commonly used as a symbol of southern pride, not so much a racist symbol anymore.

  37. Dawn Pisturino says:

    Anybody who is so intolerant and offended by a statue, a picture, or a piece of cotton, as to have a total melt-down, is mentally ill. You cannot erase history, no matter how hard you try. The Jews keep the Holocaust alive to make sure people remember. Blacks should do the same and be proud of their accomplishments — not dwell on being a victim. These radical movements make me dislike and lose all respect for these people. And the federal government recognizes Confederate veterans as true American veterans. It’s all nonsense.

  38. Jim says:

    Ugh! Thank you to Johnny D and Dawn P for trying to bring this back around to what the article is actually about. This was not meant to prompt a debate over why the Civil War (War between the States, War of Secession, that thing we did a long time ago… whatever you’re happy calling it) was fought. It was about the removal of stained glass windows depicting confederate generals from the Washington National Cathedral. As far as the war itself, keep this in mind:

    North = Union = Good = Winners
    South = Confederacy = Bad = Losers

    For the purposes of this discussion, we don’t need more details than that.

    Now, as for the windows, or any other monuments or memorials that have to do with whatever, it is up to either the owner of whatever governing body has authority over such things. In the case of the Cathedral, it is up to the parishioners and leaders to make that decision. It’s a private entity, and they can do whatever they want.

    If we are talking about the statue in the city square or in the park, that is up to the citizens of that municipality and city council. For state capitals, that decision falls to the citizens of that state, it’s governor, and the state government. If there are protesters that are flooding in from far-away places to do nothing by make trouble and protest, they should be rounded up, charged with creating a public disturbance, inciting a riot, destruction of public property… whatever. They do not have anyone’s best interest at heart. They are just there to make trouble.

    Of course, this is just about who makes the decision on such things. The component that should also be considered is what the ramifications are when such monuments are removed. As George Santayana wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Whitewashing the landscape of monuments, statues and plaques may only be the first step. What happens when history books are edited to reflect an alternate history? Books that contradict the “new” history are banned and burned. Eventually, the old history becomes a distant memory only in the minds of the oldest of us that remember what we were taught in school… before the Revisionism. The world will be ripe to a Civil War “for the first time”… Again.

    If you don’t think history repeats itself, look at all the empires that once existed. Sure, we are aware of the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire… those are the biggies. But there have actually been nearly 200 official empires throughout history. And they are all gone. Why? Because each failed to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

    The truly sad part is that all the hubbub over a bunch of glass, stone, brass and wood is ridiculous when you consider there are living, breathing people out there that would appreciate just an ounce of the effort these dopey protesters put out to make trouble. In my opinion, we have learned nothing, and we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past sooner rather than later.

  39. Lyn says:

    When and where have the victors of a war allowed the losing side to commemorate their their philosophy with all kinds of statuary, flags, and organizations? This was war. A war to reunite
    the United States. The North won. But the South, 152 years after being beaten, celebrate a system of States rights above and beyond legality, allow for the KKK, wear and display the confederate flag, and promote racism, etc.

    One person commented that Germany does not applaud Nazism. Not only do they not allow
    Memorabilia, it is ILLEGAL!!! And they lost the war as did the American South. The Confederate
    MUST conform to the laws and practices of this nation. They lost. Get over it and become a true
    American. We have no need for more hate in this country.

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