LGBT teens are at a much higher risk of suicide.

An astonishing 29% of LGBT adolescents attempted suicide in the past year, compared to just 6% of heterosexual adolescents.

A recent John Hopkins study links the legalization of gay marriage to a marked decreased in teen suicide rates. Researchers compared data from states that had legalized gay marriage before the 2015 Supreme Court decision to those in which it was still illegal. Their findings, which were released earlier this week, are significant. The study found a 7% reduction in teen suicide attempts in states where gay marriage was legal. Seven percent may not seem like a lot, but it amounts to 134,000 fewer suicide attempts.

LGBT Suicide RatesA protest for LGBT rights.         

The researchers say the study was inspired by the astronomical suicide rates among LGBT youth. According to existing data, an astonishing 29% of LGBT adolescents attempted suicide in the past year, compared to just 6% of heterosexual adolescents. Researchers were curious if statewide acceptance of gay marriage – a barometer of tolerance toward the LGBT community – would have any effect on suicide rates. As it turned out, they were right.

Root Cause of Suicide Drop

However, questions linger about correlation vs. causation. What was the actual impact of legalizing gay marriage? It seems unlikely that simply changing a law could result in such a dramatic drop in suicide. What is far more likely, the researchers acknowledge, is that legal gay marriage is just part of the equation. States which embraced same-sex marriage before it became the law of the land tend to be more accepting to LGBT people overall. Such states are home to more advocacy groups, awareness campaigns, and greater access to mental health support. They are also less inclined to oppose homosexuality based on religious principles, which leads to another important point.

A graph showing suicide rates among LGBT teens.Religious Kids at Greater Risk

Statistics show that LGBT teens from religious families suffer the most. While some religious denominations have become more accepting of the LGBT community, many are still fiercely opposed to such ideas. In households that villainize homosexuality, for example, gay teens are forced to hide their sexual identity – frequently resulting in serious mental health issues. Those who do choose to come out as gay are often rejected by their families. Being forced out of the house and onto the street is not an uncommon experience. In fact, as many as 40% of homeless teens identify as LGBT. Perhaps it comes as no surprise that suicide attempts are most common among LGBT teens who experience high levels of family rejection.

Bullying a Factor

Billy Lucas committed suicide after getting bullied at school.

Billy Lucas

Bullying has also been identified as a major factor in teen suicide. Take the case of Billy Lucas, as just one example. Billy was a 15-year-old kid from Indiana who was relentlessly bullied by his peers for being gay. After being tormented for years and told to “kill himself” on numerous occasions, Billy finally gave in. In 2010, Billy hung himself in his grandmother’s barn.

His death was widely publicized and kicked off a campaign to bring awareness to bullying of LGBT youth. From this campaign was born the “It Gets Better” project – a successful non-profit group that has encouraged troubled youth to seek help instead of resorting to suicide.

What’s Next?

The past decade has seen a massive shift in public opinion in favor of acceptance and equal rights for the LGBT community. Although the situation continues to improve, the high suicide rate among teens is startling evidence of a long uphill battle that is not over yet.

The John Hopkins study shows that changing the law can help people feel more accepted. We would be kidding ourselves, however, if we thought stopping there was sufficient. Addressing high suicide rates among the most vulnerable groups in society also requires a change in the way we think. It means teaching our children to accept people different from themselves for who they are: human beings.


  1. Sam says:

    While there has been a drop in lesbian and gay youth suicides, trans youth suicides still remain high. We don’t need tolerance but we need exceptance and education. People who are afraid, homophobic and ignorant will always use a passage in the bible to attack, thus ignoring all other passages.
    God loves everyone regardless. If you are a member of the Universal Life Church then so should you. Shame on those who are on here for malicious reasons. But God loves you as well.

    1. Carol Amina says:

      Thank you Sam for talking from your heart! Yes we do need more education however I found that most in the Christian Church wont accept education due to fear and narrow mindedness. This sadness me because I know that Jesus was not that kind of person. Peace

      1. Rick Renwick says:

        Gay marriage does not save lives, it condemns them. The Bible forbids this practice. The Bible is the same yesterday,today and forever. Satan puts these perverted thoughts into people’s mind. We need to love our gay friends but also pray for them to give their lives to Jesus and turn from their sinful lifestyles. God is a forgiving God, but he is also a Holy God. Sin will not enter heaven, it can’t. Do let’s pray for each other to repent of their sins. This goes for unmarried couples who engage in sex before marriage and live together. Sin is sin. One sin is no worse than another. I pray all people give their lives to Jesus. Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus and so on trample on the Word of God. You can’t not worship God in truth if you don’t have Jesus Christ as your Savior. This is not my opinion, this is right out of The Bible. Read it people , Old and New Testament. Jesus is for redo and is the only way to eternal life. God Bless all.

        1. Kelsha Wright says:

          Yes you couldnt have said it sny better. I have people in my life who are gay, bisexual, part of the lgbt community. I love them so. Yes we need to practice loving one another, and yet still remember to be honest with what God has written in his Word. We have to remember that Sin is a Sin and to not rewrite his word for our convenience of the way we choose to live. He gives a choice, either we trust in him to deliver us from Evil and to abide by his laws and word or we dont. There isnt any straddling of the fence. No matter what sin it is. Thank you for saying what you said it helps to approach situations with people with my daily walk with the Lord.

          1. Ruth says:

            Actually man has written and translated these passages and word for millennia …….. Lost in translation comes to mind ….. LOVE – PEACE – COMPASSION is universal in all religions

        2. Daniel L. Taylor says:

          Are you with sin? Look deeper…are YOU with sin? Now let, God, be the judge of mankind and you just love your neighbor.

          Rev. Satch Tola

          1. CJ Walker says:

            Well said Rev. Tola….

            Rick, the “Good Book” clearly says. “JUDGE NOT”. Think about that….

        3. Michael says:

          GOD,,, does not judge,, at least “my GOD” does not. My GOD is loving, and accepts me for who I am,,,, the way he created me.

          1. Christianna says:

            Michael we must share the same Loving God.
            Bless you for your nice comment.

          2. Janice Murphy says:

            My Heartfelt Sentiments, Just As I Am, Live and Let Live, I Came to Life This Way. My Maker’s Choice. Goodness Is Gracious !!! And At This Maturity I Am At Peace With My Path.

          3. Laly says:

            Proud of yours words, my doughtier is lesbian and I tell her all the time the same, God loves you just the way you are. ( Sorry for my english I come from other country ) Thanks Michael!!!

        4. Jerry Wells says:

          Last I checked, by your statement of “Sin is sin” – then all of us, including you – are guilty. Show me one person – JUST ONE – that follows the Bible completely and absolutely. And which Bible should be followed – the King James version, New International, Roman Catholic and so on…

          There is too much hate in the world – what someone does in the privacy of their own home, that does not degrade or hurt the person they are with – is no one else’s business. Jesus, and Buddha, and Confucius and many others all have the same central theme – to love one another, and to help each other.

          I will not paint over the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel just because the artist that painted it was gay, nor will I shun my friends and neighbors that are. I look at the good in them, and the countless hours they volunteer with their community.

          May you find it in your heart to also follow that tenet…

          1. Christianna says:

            Well Stated. Love each one another not hate.

        5. Vaughn Gardner says:

          Old Testament laws are just that – old and for the Jews only. Unless your mother is Jewish you are not counted as being a Jew and thus not bound to the Laws.

          If you are Christian, you are not bound by the Laws because Jesus came to fulfill the with his death – he was the complete and total forever sacrifice. So as Christian you are not bound by them nor should you be trying to bind others to them.

          The only laws Christians should be following and preaching are the 2 Jesus gave: “And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he had answered them well, asked him, Which is the first commandment of all? 29And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: 30And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. 31And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. ” (Mark 12:28-31 So Love God, Love each other. To preach anything else is to play God. Leave the juding of what is sin and what is not to God. You be the hands and feet of Jesus and take care of the poor, the homeless. the hurting, the stranger, and the hungry.

          And don’t give me this “..but Paul or James or John said” Yeah they may have said but Jesus’ words are the life source and the way to live life. Their words, are the words of men trying live their lives to the best way they knew how based on their culture and understanding. Nothing more.

          Non-Christians on the other hand, unless born of a Jewish mother, are also not bound to the Law. So trying to pin others with them is false and lying to control their lives.

          Christians today preaching Old Testament Law as the way to follow Jesus are nothing more than modern day Pharisees trying to control how people believe.

        6. Mistydawn says:

          I understand how you feel about this issue, however I do not agree. If you wish to follow the dictates of the Holy Bible to the letter rather than the spirit of the letter, how are you any different from the persons telling a child to kill themselves? If I can recall in the Holy Bible Jesus said love one another. There was no but make sure they know you think they are going to Hell. Most LGBT that I know of are Christians. They believe in Jesus and that he died for their sins. Other than the sin of loving the same sex they uphold the same commandments as any good Christian can.

        7. Howie says:

          Rick, with all due respect if that is your opinion the perhaps you should join a ministry of an already existing Christian faith as there are may out there that feel as you do. I don’t understand how one can call himself a follower of Christ and look over the Golden Rule. Jesus never preached hate and disdain, He preached love. Unconditional love for all mankind. His law of loving God and doing onto others as you would have done onto you, quite explicitly stated by Him, replaced all existing law of the Old Testament. Jesus never made conditions for homosexuals. He never mentioned homosexual or homosexual marriage. I must say, in my opinion, from reading about Him and His teachings, that if homosexuality was truly a sin, He would have mentioned it at least once. He did not. He did not say homosexuals are sinful, a marriage between two are sinful, nor that they should be treated as such. We are all sinners.
          His message was love, very basic and to the point. Somewhere along the line a lot of Christian as they refer to themselves, lost that point and began perverting the message of Christ. That is very sad and unfortunate. But what is worse here is that it is so devastatingly dangerous. With this rhetoric so popular, yet so wrong, in many Christian faiths, LGBT children are raised to believe they are not loved by God and that something is wrong with them. Very often these children of God are the ones that attempt suicide. It is refreshing now to see the wider acceptance of LGBT lives, and the decline of attempted suicides. I only hope and pray to my God that that statistic increases. God makes no mistakes. If you are born gay then that leads me to believe God wanted it that way. In closing I must say that I hope you and others with such an incorrect view of Christianity find it in your heart to change and love all as Jesus instructed.
          The Old Testament rhetoric is completely dangerous, often times contradictory and so often cherry picked by evangelicals and the like. It went by word of mouth for thousands of years and then many translations, so it is safe to assume things were lost and man’s own agenda and opinions were inserted. God gave us brilliant people to research scientific facts, the Old Testament has few if any. It’s a great read but cannot be followed as it is a direct contradiction to Christ’s fundamental teachings.
          I will pray for you and others like you including sister Kelsha. There is no salvation for those with condemnation in their hearts. My intent is not to judge but you put it out there so I’m responding with my heart and what I know to be true,
          Very well wishes for you, brother Rick!

          1. Rick Renwick says:

            Read Romans , Chapter 1, read I Cor. , I believe Chapter 6, Read 1Peter. I have many gay friends. I work with 2 of 3.My hairdressers are a lesbian couple. I love them all sincerely. I cannot hate, God forbids it. I love our Muslim brothers who persecute us Christians.I belong to a Christian church. I hjyst know what the Bible says. My niece is a lesbian, I love her sincerely. I can’t in good conscience support a lifestyle contrary to Gods teachings. I love all. Have a nice day and may God Bless you.

          2. Ralph Miller says:

            Howie.jesus didn’t say anything about child molesters,does that make it right.Rick did say we should love all no way was he spreading hate.but you attack him because of his religious beliefs.he is entitled to his you yours.if you flaunt your lifestyle,people are going to criticize.when people ask about that topic,i simply state what the bible’s a choice,your choice.But take responsibility for your decisions.misinterpreting the bible to justify your lifestyle possibly means your uncomfortable with your lifestyle choices.

          3. William says:

            Somewhere Howie I think you missed picking up the good book, maybe you picked up and didn’t read, my point.. homosexuals are in fact addressed, you must have missed that part. Been mentioned several times over in this whole post…

        8. Andrew Muenzenberger says:

          for starters as a Gay Minister! i think that marriage is marriage no matter what or who you are, but Calling something “Gay” just makes it worse, and puts a stigma on it. When people of color get married it’s not called a “N word ” Marriage, When a a white person and a person of color gets married it’s not called “Zebra or Oreo” Marriage so what is it when anyone that is LGBT gets married it’s called a Gay Marriage?

      2. Philip Johnson says:

        Rich no where in the bible does it say homosexuality is satanism!

    2. Barbara Hanson says:

      I agree with Sam’s 2/23/17 post. Simply put, NO one is qualified or entitled to judge others based on race, religion, sexual orientation, et al. As for Rick Renwick’s post, WHICH version of WHOSE bible substantiates some [involuntary] behaviors are sinful. I will venture a guess that NO person, including heterosexuals is completely sin-free. Also speculate (sans statistical data) – many MORE per capita heterosexuals are imprisoned for various crimes than any other “faction”. The key here is tolerance; do unto others is equally as appropriate.

      I cannot imagine a loving, forgiving, tolerant God would condemn anyone. We do not know all the reasons/events/lifestyles that contribute to certain behaviors, therefore judgment of some is completely unwarranted and inappropriate.

      1. William says:

        How is talking about being sin-free or imprisoned here… I’m sure non of us are as righteous or even close as our lord Jesus … Fact of the matter is whether homosexuality is condemned in the Bible!!!!! I believe it says a man and woman…. Such as Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve… must we take bible study again… Stop trying to interpret or twist the scripture to suit your argument… OMG

      2. Howie says:

        Rick I have read Roman, Chorinthians, etc wow was I wrong. Homosexuals are sinners. Only heterosexuals are sin free. Thanks for clearing that up.
        And by the way Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. The Bible is written by man. Man with their own adendas, some maybe based on their own opinion. Man with his own spin, that maybe not always a good spin. Man, imperfect sinning man. Taking that into consideration is it really a good idea to interpret it literally? Literally as if it was something based on provable facts? It’s a guide. What really matters are the words of Jesus that can’t even be proven, but at the very least are inspirational and a good Guideline for living your life.
        “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” The Golden Rule. Pretty easy to understand. Don’t judge and condemn unless you’re okay with it being done to you.

    3. Preacher Jim says:

      Sam, I too agree that God does love us all. Having said that I must also comment that I do strongly believe that we should heed the passages in the bible that condemn homosexuality. In that same regard I have never found a verse in the bible that approves of same sex marriages.
      I do consider myself to be a follower of our Lord and Master Jesus the Risen Christ and try not to be judgmental. I am just stating that I feel, according to biblical tradition and wording that homosexual behavior is not acceptable.

    4. Grace G says:

      Wow! You took the words right out of my mouth! So many use the Bible to defend their thoughts and actions. I feel one thing for certain God and Jesus would never condemn our brothers and sisters. Therefore please don’t play God! Sam you’re awesome! Peace love and joy. Grace

    5. Grace G says:

      Thank you Sam! You’re awesome!!

    6. Jack Moore says:

      There is a great difference between loving members of the LGTBQ community and approving of, even promoting, their lifestyle. It is every Christian’s duty to love LGBTQs. However, the LGBTQ lifestyle is contrary to (1) Darwinism, in that the lifestyle does not result in replacement reproduction of offspring, and (2) Kant’s Categorical Imperative, which asks the simple question: What would happen if we all did it.?

      1. Marsha says:

        Extinction!!! That is what. And LGBTQ promotes the breakdown of the typical family unit as outlined in the Bible.

        1. William says:

          Thank you Marsha!!!!

      2. Howie says:

        I don’t think everyone will do as you stated as a concern, simply put bc all are not gay therefore will not find themselves in a gay relationship.
        As for extinction, that is up to the human race. Since by best estimates only 10% of the population is homosexual, the other 90% will likely continue to reproduce.
        If the human race lets hate and unacceptance of others run rampant then extection could happen, and reproduction would have nothing to do with it.

  2. Cary Talbott says:

    It is hard for me to believe that this is still an ongoing battle. I am very glad to see the Lesbian and Gay community enjoy the same rights that the rest of the nation does and happy to see that the youth is becoming better for it. I, on the other hand, am Trans and have seen my rights get stripped once again. The swamp monster just back peddled on another promise, who would have figured, and withdrawn support for trans in schools. We suffer from the highest suicide and murder rates in the nation and the world. To see the young get stomped on again in this matter is heartbreaking. The fight goes on.

    1. Howie says:

      Yet do not forget, regardless of the garbage you see, there are many of us who love and support you! I hope we see a better world for the trans community sooner rather than later!

  3. William w. George says:

    Unfortunately the people who wrote the Bible were translating it from ancient scripture, and it is my opinion that it is unfortunately misinterpreted, and because of church political views a great deal was denounced and hidden from the truly faithful, the message is simple love,tolerance ,understanding ,devotion and most importantly forgiveness, homosexuality ,male or female is a life choice, except it and worry about your own problems .

    1. Carol Amina says:

      So William you Chose to be male? how can you say male, female is a choice? you seem confused?

      1. Jay Kleine says:

        Carol, it is obvious he meant male homosexuality or female homosexuality. You seem like the confused one to me.

    2. Marsha says:

      The Bible is not, never has been…. mistranslated. We can’t change the word of God to serve our own needs or wishes. The Bible does say first and foremost to LOVE one another as God loves us. Where love is present there is no room for bullying, hate, or evil works. Sin is sin, but it also, tells us that it is NOT FOR US TO JUDGE LEST WE BE JUDGED! For no one is without sin. Jesus saved the adulterous woman from being stoned. He loved her, not her sin. We will all stand before God one day, only God can truly see our hearts and souls and know our true intentions! Judgement is mine says the Lord. A loving and far God is there for each of us. Faith, Hope and Love…. and the greatest of these is LOVE!

      1. Alyx Fraust says:

        Actually the King James bible was approved by King James, if it was translated in a way he did not approve it was not printed, so yes the bible has been mistranslated.
        Also according to readings there are no verses in the New Testament which judges sexual orientation. It is the part of the bible we are supposed to teach from as the old Testament is history, with the birth of Christ it became past tense, and Christ did not condemn anyone other than those that abused the word, he spent his life time living amongst the “sinners”. Christ said “For the commandments say, “You must not commit adultery. You must not murder. You must not steal. You must not covet.” These–and other such commandments–are summed up in this one commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” – Romans 13:9.
        You are correct, it is not for us to judge each other and those that use the bible as a means to do so are the ones truly losing the message Christ gave us over his 30 years of wandering and preaching.

        1. Marsha says:

          The Bible has NEVER been mistranslated! If you were a true believer…. you would know that God will NEVER allow his word to be used to misguide us!! Read Romans 1-16 for Biblical reference to man with man and woman with woman relationships!

      2. Les Godt says:

        Which of the many bibles was written by god?
        There were many more writings and teachings that never made it into the ‘bible’ for political reasons. The powerful decided what to be included and what was excluded.
        It’s nice to have written rules of behavior to never deviate from, but it negates your free will to treat your neighbor as you yourself would be want to be treated.
        I hope you attain whatever ‘paradise’ you’re seeking. Too bad you’re missing out on some of life’s pleasures like unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness for all our brothers and sisters.

    3. Howie says:

      Respectfully saying brother William, I am entirely sure you would have to be a homosexual yourself to know if it is indeed a choice.

      1. William says:

        First of all, thinking the way you dd Howie, we are not brothers in any sense of the word, and if you are in fact referring to me being gay, I would indeed commit suicide before lowering myself to be queer…..

        1. Mistydawn Carter says:

          And THAT is exactly the response children who are still figuring out who they are to be are afraid of. Thank you for putting it into perspective for us all.

        2. Howie says:

          So William you stated: “I would indeed commit suicide before lower myself to be queer. ”
          Well all I can say is the world would certainly be void of the love, compassion and the obvious high intelligence you possess.

          1. Marsha says:

            You have BOTH now lowered yourselves to the bottom of the moral ladder with your comments! Congratulations! Where is the love, acceptance and kindness now?

          2. Ralph Miller says:

            Howie:this is an example of you trying to force your lifestyle on say some one had to be gay in order not to choose that lifestyle.(that makes no sense).It’s true that people have become more tolerant of that lifestyle.Doesn’t mean they agree with that lifestyle.And you will never get everyone to agree with if i have offended you in anyway,i apologize.once again,i do not judge.I simply state what the bible it for yourself,how you translate it is up to you.the bible is a living book,it speaks to people differently.(i know what it says,so you don’t have to tell me your interpretation of it) Do you call everybody gay who says they were not born that way….that’s kinda like shoving that lifestyle down people’s throats.And people will take offense to that(this is the real world)comparing the lbgt movement to the civil rights movement…I take offense to that.we were denied rights due to the color of our skin.(can’t hide that)the only thing similar was the violence associated with it due to extreme hate.The difference is you choose to live that lifestyle in the open.(you are right,people should be able live there life style the way they want and in peace)but the world doesn’t work like that.Now let’s talk about all these rights the lbgt community is asking for.were getting alot of our information from the news(and we all know how they are when trying to divide people up)we see the gay parades,the gay marches.Tell us Howie,what equal rights are yall asking for?(we just know about the bathroom rights) This is now your moment…lets put aside the science,the religion,and all the hate.Tell us what it is your looking for…..?

          3. Howie says:

            Ralph I am not trying to force anything down anyone’s throat. I am saying the LGBT lifestyle is just as worthy of acceptance as any other lifestyle as long as it’s consenting adults. Living out loud me be seen as flaunting but is certainly as acceptable as a straight couple living as they choose. There should be no difference.
            So tell me how a straight person could know if a gay person chooses to be attracted to another man? He couldn’t know that, unless has had that experience himself. How else would he know? So to say it is a choice is completely without evidence and not rational thinking. It’s scientifically disproven
            Let’s look at your choice to be attracted to females. When in your life did you choose your attraction to females over your attraction to males? Was it 11, 12, 13? What made you decide? How did you know it was the right choice? Did you experiment before you decided? After growing into a man are you comfortable being attracted to a female? Is it that you are still attracted to males because of fearing the damnation you refer to in the bible?
            Allow me if I may…most if any, of this did not apply to you. As you hit puberty you felt a natural attraction to females. It was a natural attraction for you. Just as being attracted to a male is a natural attraction for a gay male. There simply is no choice.
            One can choose to have a romantic relationship with a female but yet being attracted to a male. That is living a lie. That is also using and being dishonest with someone else. That is causing harm to another human being. That is not consenting adults. That quite simply wrong.
            The civil rights movement for black Americans once again, is NOT the same as the new civil rights movement for the LGBT community. I did not compare the two in experience but yes in struggle. They both still struggle from oppression and equality. One for the color of the skin, the other for mannerisms or the appearance of femininity (for gay males) and masculinity (for lesbians). Nothing either group can help. Yet both groups are still discriminated, victimized, brutalized and even murdered…just for being how they are born. The black Americans had a brilliant man that struck a chord with other blacks across the land and fearlessly demanded equality. His message encompasses all minorities. The LGBT community has benefited from his message and what ultimately. The LGBT community does not have one important figure such as the black community did, but there is a huge unification, just as there is/was with the black community. The work of Dr. King has benefited so many oppressed minorities. So no I would dare not say the struggle has been the same. History quite frankly shows blacks were brutalized on a much wider scale and things aren’t still how they should be. But there cannot be any denying of the struggle of the LGBT community, that has suffered a great deal themselves. To equate the two is not my intention, to call out the similarities and bring attention to the injustices suffered by both groups is the entire point here.
            The LGBT community want equal rights and protections. Marriage equality is a great start. Now there are spousal benefits afforded to all. The LGBT community does not have full protection from discrimination. On a federal level as far as government jobs and the military, discrimination is not legal. Many cities have the same protections for the LGBT community as far as jobs, housing and the like. The struggle continues until it is a federal law that in the public sector noone can be turned away, denied goods of services for being LGBT. That is not a special right. That is an equal right. It is not a law across the land.
            Neither is it the wish to force this lifestyle on anyone. If you don’t live it, then don’t live it, no one wants or expects you to change. But it is the wish and the fight for acceptance and tolerance whether one agrees with the lifestyle of not. If you own a business in the public sector governed by law on the city, county, state or federal level despite what you personally think, then you are not allowed to discriminate. That is not the law across the board although every court so far is siding with that basic equal human right, and the fight will not stop until it is. If you claim your religious rights are being infringed upon then I must ask what belief is it that’s being infringed upon? If you believe a homosexual lifestyle is sinful, then don’t get into a same sex relationship. Noone is asking or wants you to. But if you own a business in the public sector you cannot discriminate. I call on you to “do unto others as you would have done unto you.” It doesn’t mean you have to like it, support it, applaud it, but “love your neighbor as yourself.” You would not like to be told “we don’t serve coloreds,” “we don’t serve towelheads,” “we don’t serve “mics,” “whops,” “kikes” and all the other ugly groups that have seen discrimination. “We don’t serve fags,” is just as unacceptable. Funny I’ve never heard of anyone saying “we don’t serve Straight White Anglo Saxon Protestants.” The bible has oftentimes been used to treat various minorities in inferior ways. It’s been written that a lot southern plantation owners thought they were supreme Christians.
            Point being if you don’t want to serve the full public, don’t open a business. The laws are starting to lean that way, towards the rights of all.
            Until then the fight continues. It’s basic human decency.
            There will always be marches because there will always be pride of what has been accomplished. Just as there are St. Patrick’s day parades, or Black History Month, a world wide women’s march and the like. Minorities have the right to be proud of their accomplishments.

          4. Ralph Miller says:

            Howie:I’m not saying what your doing is wrong(i just don’t believe in that lifestyle)if that’s your decision then by all means,do what makes you happy.but don’t try to convince me that people are born that way because God intended for it.As far as the civil rights,people don’t know your gay unless you tell them or flaunt that lifestyle.(i can’t hide being black)wouldn’t be easier to stop letting people know your gay so you can be treated equal(just asking)
            As far as God making you that way,what are your thoughts on bestiality(that’s also condemned in the bible)were they born that way,what if they were to ask for rights to marry animals.Do you even consider that to be natural.It’s the same argument if you think about it.why would God make people born attracted to animals then tell them that act is forbidden(that would be a cruel joke)So the real question is this….Are you trying to convince us of that lifestyle or yourself? Cause their are some that will say”it’s my life,and I’ll live it the way i want” those are the one’s who just wanna be left alone,you don’t see them in parades or crying about certain see,they are honest with themselves(they don’t claim to be born that way)”my life,I’ll live it the way i want”means they made a choice.It’s when you make the argument that God made you that way and misinterpreted the bible to fit your own needs is when you have problems.why would you constantly have to defend your lifestyle unless somewhere deep inside you,there is a bit of regret…

          5. Howie says:

            Oh Ralph let me address this one by one although I think I have many times before, so I feel like I’m repeating myself.
            I know how I was born and the sex to which I’m attracted. I never had a choice. The only choice I had was to deny myself full happiness that most people don’t even have to think about.
            Again I ask when did you choose your attraction to females over your attraction to males? Yep that’s what I thought. It works that way with gay people as well.
            I personally do not bring up my sexuality to strangers. If a friendship develop it just comes out as would anything in the natural progression of a friendship. There are many whose behavior or style of dress, appearance, etc. lends its way to interpretation by others to label them as gay. A parade of pride is not a flauntation. Not saying it can’t get flamboyant but that is called freedom. For some they are not treated as equal based on first appearance, much like black Americans were and still are not treated equal based on appearance.
            Bestiality, I really can’t believe I’m dignifying this but you brought it up so I’m assuming you are just ignorant to it, so I’ll do what I can to explain it from what science has taught me. Bestiality is not a sexaulity, it is improper sexual acts. Animals are not consenting adults. Someone that engages in this practice is suffering from some kind of perversion and mental defect. This does not involve two consenting adults, so to even address should that marriage be allowed is ludicrous, seriously ignorant and a waste of my time, not trying to be rude here.
            No one is crying about rights. I haven’t seen anyone crying, I imagine some do get that passionate to where they get overcome with emotion here and there but I have not seen widespread incidences of mass hysteria. Now I have heard and seen, once again, people suffering from oppression band together to achieve equality. I applaud any group, blacks Americans, LGBT Americans, Jewish Americans, female Americans, etc. that defies social injustice to achieve their God given basic human right of equality. When this occurs, the other countries of the world often follows suit. It takes unity as again I think you have seen from what the black community went through in the 50’s and 60’s. They were not crying when they organized the march in Selma, they were making a demand as part of a movement, to be treated equally. Because of that act and many others, laws were changed to give black Americans equal treatments. There was no special treatment, only equal treatment. Also as I’m assuming you know, the struggle isn’t over as is the case with the LGBT Americans. So you don’t say “wow, thanks, finally,” and go home. You keep fighting until it is equal in all areas across the board. Quiet, complacent people never cause positive change. So it may be okay for them to sit in the corner and let everyone else do the work, but most people agree that everyone has to tow the line at some point. And most of those people have been conditioned to fear speaking out or taking a stand. That is their own personal journey.
            The bible is not the basis of my spirituality. I do follow the teachings of Christ but I have also have use for science and facts. The old testament does not contain many factual statements. Some of the new testament is man’s word. So no I don’t live by a words in a book just because it’s written in a book that I have to or I’ll go to hell. That would be a slap in the face of God who came be a mind and this ability for critical thinking,

        3. Marsha says:

          This is devolving into a really sick post!

          1. Ralph Miller says:

            Howie:you keep missing the point.i will no longer argue religion& keep saying”BORN THAT WAY” i wasn’t born attracted to females and was never attracted to men(maybe because i wasn’t raised in that environment)it was at a certain age that i become attracted to women(for me it was normal and natural) Have you ever been with a woman(to experience the pleasure that only a woman can give you)it’s like plumbing,certain parts don’t go together.let’s look at the differences between the rectum&the vagina.both are two different parts but serve to different purposes(where’s your science now)you would think if that was God’s intention you would have had a vagina back there.

          2. Howie says:

            Ralph you’ve topped yourself here.
            I was raised in an environment where men liked women and women liked men. As were all people. It is just now that thank God, people are learning to support their children and love unconditionally and help them develop into loving, happy people. And sometimes along that journey a child figures out (just as you said you figured out you were attracted to females), they are attracted to the same sex. They don’t decide, they figure it out. It is a natural occurrence that they come to terms with. Now so much more than ever before, parents are realizing that their child is deserving of unconditional love, and that the societal norms of “not discussing that” or worse, casting them out, is growing less and less.
            Love isn’t about the sexual act or what parts you put where, love is about love. Sex is only but a part. So what people do in their bedroom is their own personal business. How they pleasure themselves and their partner is private and many couples do many different things.
            I would suggest you not think about how people do what they do in their own bedrooms and get back to your own personal business. For you to even mention that shows that you have spent some time thinking about that. That is quite simply just, CREEPY!

          3. Ralph Miller says:

            Howie:the actual comment was “what people do behind closed door is their own business”but much like you do the bible,you twist my words around.I’m starting to understand you know…deep down inside you hate being gay.i don’t have to defend being straight,yet you feel the need to defend being gay.all you have to do is tell people “it’s your life,and you’ll live it the way you want”that would end any argument.don’t tell us about science or misquoting the bible(we don’t care why you think your gay)we don’t care what you do. Just stop trying to force us to accept that

          4. Howie says:

            Ralph I did used to hate to be gay. I thought something was wrong with me. I was conditioned by society and southern religious beliefs. I came of age in the 80’s, there was no acceptance of being gay back then. It wasn’t talked about unless it was something that was mocked or scorned.
            I sought counseling from several wonderful people, some religious some not. I learned that there’s nothing wrong with me. The only thing wrong was that I had listened to ignorance and lies and believed what was said about me by those who thought gay was evil, weak, inferior. I gradually arose from an abyss of self loathing and learned to like myself and then to love myself. I learned the negative things society had taught me and what peers made me think of myself was wrong. They were lies. I was programmed because I had no one in my life to open up to about my big secret and offer a positive influence. I had bought into the garbage and negativity, so I had to learn to deprogram. Now I am proud of who I am. Gay is a part of me, just a part but a part that is worth love and acceptance just as anyone else that is gay or straight. It’s no longer a point of shame or embarrassment. So no, you’re wrong, I don’t hate being gay. But it I keep it in perspective, it doesn’t define me, it is only a small part of me.
            I love my life and who I am. I am very blessed to live such an enriched life full of a loving accepting family, immediate and distant. I have wonderful friends that are as close as family. I have a wonderful relationship with a man who is my soulmate. I have respect at work and my community. I am invited to social events, charitable events. art showings, play premiers, parties, dinners, dances and the like. I have a full life that had I not had the experiences I had, may have turned out quite differently. I could be in a bad place, had I not learned love and acceptance of myself.
            Now I am volunteering at a local social group for non profit, that welcomes all youths to feel accepted, appreciated, included and valued in our society. The majority of them are LGBT. I don’t push my spiritual beliefs unless asked but I make it known I am approachable without judgement. I found that my spiritual health has made me a vessel for others, but only when solicited. Organized religions have put such a bad taste in the mouths of so many that are lost and searching for spiritual peace. If they come to me I ask God for guidance and try to listen and hear what they are saying. I try to tell them the positive things I have learned on my journey. I have married many couples most of which are straight but gladly officiate weddings of my gay brothers and sisters.
            It has become an important duty for me to advocate for the equality of this extremely battered community. Things are so much better in 2017 but there is so much more to do. When I read about suicides, attempted suicides, families that cast their children their own flesh and blood out; it breaks my heart and at the same time incenses me.
            That is why I will do everything in my power to fight for legislation that protects the LGBT community. That is why I will not let the community, the youth in particular fall prey to the wolves in sheep’s clothing pastors that shove the bible down these peoples’ throats. Their interpretation of the Bible. The LGBT community should learn about Jesus and His way of life, They should learn how He treated His fellow man, especially the outcasts. They should learn His message was only one of love, compassion and forgiveness. If they choose not to believe, I let them know that is fine, they are still loved and entitled to happiness.
            At this day and age, with the current political climate it is more important than ever to embrace science and remember that science, critical thinking, compassionate reasoning, facts, truths, evidence is what we know. What we only speculate on has no relevance. It only serves to confuse and divide. Science has shown there is very strong evidence by numerous scientists that homosexuality is genetic. It exists in over 1200 species of animals. It has been around for all of time. And undisputed in the world of psychology it has been deemed as a normal condition of many in the world’s population.
            Religion has turned into a business and has abandoned almost all of science. There are many hypocritical predators out there. I will call this out every time I see it.
            So I have stated that I don’t approach people on my way of thinking, religion or life. I don’t expect everyone to agree, it’s not my place to even try and make them. But it is my duty to call out bigotry especially when it’s hidden under some’s interpretation of the bible.
            The bible holds wonderful stories, and some pretty disturbing, but most importantly it tells us of the life of Jesus. Whether one believes or doesn’t believe, I tell them that for me, the way I see it, we can only benefit if we try to live just as He did. I’ve had many non Christians, agnostics, atheists all across the gambit, agree. Some do not but not because they don’t agree is a great way to live and love, but mainly because they don’t believe Jesus was the Son of God. And I again tell them that’s okay.
            It’s not really my business if you or whomever accepts me or tolerates me, It isn’t for me to care. But I will speak up and call out social injustice against anyone anytime I see it. But especially the LGBT community. Because they are the ones that get targeted the most from the religious right or should I say religious reich and the extreme “Christian values” conservatives. Anyone who says they are Christian and speaks out against a group of God’s children that only want to live in the world with peace and happiness, their God given right, well then I have a problem with that. They are nothing more than hypocrites that pervert the teachings of Jesus.

        4. Marsha says:

          SUICIDE?!? Really? That is even more WRONG! How can you say such a thing? This entire post has devolved into nothing but hate and evil.

          1. Ralph says:

            Howie:why you keep trying to explain your lifestyle to me.that’s pushing your lifestyle on me.i already told you i don’t care,and you still throw it in my face.i don’t care what your reasons are.just be you.if your happy stop trying to explain yourself.truth be told its not me your trying to convince

          2. Howie says:

            Ralph you are the one accusing me of hating being gay. You went there not even knowing me. You don’t know what’s in my heart or behind my same sex attraction yet you keep trying to tell me and anyone else who will read your uninformed believes, that you are somehow in some omnipotent gift of knowing what’s in the hearts and mind of gay people. You don”t. Let go. I went so far as to explain where I was coming from which fell on deaf ears. I have tried at all, not once to get you to give me lifestyle a chance. That’s not what I’m doing. I don’t push that on anyone. I am calling you out because so are supposed to be so Christian yet you are first to say you will not accept. There’s a difference in accepting and experiencing. No one want to push anything down your throat. Acceptance is up to you, me describing my experiences is doing nothing to you. If you feel imposed upon, well that’s on you. Just don’t call yourself a follower of Christ when you don’t accept your neighbor as yourself.
            Any you say you have gay friends. What your wife’s hairdresser that you have met once or twice.
            It’s ashamed to be a slave to a book, especially when you completely miss the point.

    4. Marsha says:

      The Lord would never ALLOW his word or message to be mistranslated!! That is just an excuse to make the truth fit your own needs. I too, have committed sins! They are exactly that. I can’t change the Bible to make it right. I sit in judgment of no one. I love my neighbor. That doesn’t mean that if I see him committing a sin I should condone it any more than I could ask anyone to condone my sins.

  4. Ralph Miller says:

    You really want to believe that religion is the cause of gay teen suicide.i have no problem with the gay community.(but i feel what people do behind closed doors is their own business)if you want to place blame,blame the lgbt for encouraging young teens to come out and saying that lifestyle is normal behavior.although widely accepted nowadays,there are still those who object to that when a teen comes out they face rejection from family,friends,and peers.for a young person who’s mind has yet to fully develope might not be able to take this we have kids wanting to change genders(some can barley tie their shoes.let alone make any type of adult decisions for themselves)while there parents support can be mean at times.and make fun of things they don’t understand(but that’s what kids do)you want to point fingers,and force everyone to accept your lifestyle.unfortunately this is the real world and it doesn’t always work out that way

    1. William says:

      Couldn’t have said that any clearer myself Ralph. The life you choose for yourself is not up to debate by me or anyone else, but don’t try to push your ideals on on me, by trying to convince or make me accept. Seems people to the day are trying to interprete what the Bible says and how to apply… Sorry but all this support for gay, lesbian, trans, whatever marriages is far from what I ever invisioned from the scripture.. Again, interpretation has been accomplished… Not a fan

      1. Ralph Miller says:

        Thanks William.glad I’m not alone in my thinking

  5. Ralph Miller says:

    This world would be a better place if everyone worried about their own problems.but when people choose to live that lifestyle openly,they set themselves up for ridicule.there are some that don’t agree with that lifestyle,it’s when they try to force their lifestyle on others that causes problems

    1. William says:

      100% correct Ralph, thanks for sharing your wisdom… William

      1. Jay Kleine says:

        Wisdom to some, yet more exclusionary dogma and rhetoric to others…

      2. Les Godt says:

        Wisdom? Those openly in the LGBT lifestyle I’m acquainted with deal with the same up and downs the rest of us do. Like non-LGBTs, they are following their bliss as Joseph Campbell would say.
        Where’s the wisdom in homophobia or fear of the ‘not like me’ people?
        Last I checked, we’re all god’s people.

    2. Alyx Fraust says:

      Yet if people were treated equally as Christ did, there wouldn’t be “that lifestyle” as you put it to worry about, it would be just people caring about people.

    3. Howie says:

      Brother Ralph every child of God has the right to openly live their lifestyle freely and without judgement, condemnation or hate, unless it infringes on another’s rights, health and own lifestyle. God created beautiful people of all lifestyles, celebrate diversity and invite them into your ministry. If you have judgement or even I dare say hate in your heart, then you should step down until you evaluate your own life. God created all in His own image. Everyone has beauty and has God’s love. His son came to us to preach that very code. I do not respond to chastise you or change your views. But I will pray for you and others that can’t find love in their heart for those that are different. LGBT are our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. We should stand proudly by their side as we are followers of Christ! The world is a tough place for all and really tough for that community because there are still thoughts that are openly expressed like yours. We need not to do God’s work, we have not that right. We do have as ministers, the right to love and accept all mankind. The LGBT need allies, much as the blacks did in the 50’s and 60’s. We should learn from history and put ourselves on the right side of it. What the world and our country needs now more than ever, is more love!

      1. Ralph Miller says:

        Howie…i hear you.I’m reminded of an old saying”wanna make god laugh,tell him your plans for your future”we all have a purpose in life.God wants us to be happy.the bible is simply a blueprint of how to live by his word.when people contemplate suicide,turn to drugs&alcohol or do anything else that’s going to cause them to self destruct.It’s because their not happy with the way there life is going.nothing good comes from going against God’s will.unlike the angels God has given us the power of choice.nobody is born a certain way.we come into this world with a blank slate.we are all spirit&body.only our bodies are of this it’s natural to have earthy it be money,food,or sex(flesh).the bible warns us to avoid certain behaviors because its not good for a youth minister,I’ve consoled many gay teens on this topic.i never judge.simply tell them what the bible says and tell them the choice is theirs.some were depressed even thought about suicide.but choose to live according the the bible.they have found peace,family and happiness because they chose to live the way god intended

  6. Not a Sheeple says:

    I’m glad I’m not brainwashed by the majority! Let’s reward a perverted lifestyle. It’s UN- natural. I guess in the next twenty years you same people will have the same feeling for pedophiles also. Remember they were born that way! They can’t help it that they are attracted to little children.. Liberalism is a mental disorder. God help you all.

    1. William says:

      And that is exactly what they are pushing for… It called the NWO.. The Catholic Church is even accepting this type of behavior….

    2. Les Godt says:

      Not a sheeple,
      You are a good hater, though.
      Seems to me that Jesus was a liberal, given his preaching and the people with whom he consorted.
      Perhaps a sheeple is one who emulates him and the others are the ones with, as you say, a mental disorder.

      1. Marsha says:

        As a Christian, I accept and love all people. Even those who commit great sins as murder, adultry and blasphemy of God. That does not mean I endorse their sins. God told us in the scriptures to love each other as ourselves. That love is different from our sexual/sensual needs. No where does God/Jesus endorse or support prostitution, men with men or women with women! What we fail to discuss here is the demoralization caused by these practices. Also, rectal sexual practices spread diseases like AIDS! So does intravenous drug use. It simply is NOT healthy nor do these practices forfill God’s plan for men and women to unit as one and produce offspring ( the real purpose of sexual behavior ). God gives us free will. Many times we go against God’s will for us and commit sins. In our souls WE ALL KNOW when we are going against the Holy Spirit. Our subconscious speaks to us! When we continue down these paths against the spirit…. many terrible things result. Suicide is only one of those things. It is again FREE WILL to do such a thing or not. To turn to Christ and pray for help is another choice. It is not for anyone but God to judge. But, our subconsciousness tends to convict us. Christ loves all and forgives all. Only Our Lord can save us.

  7. Thomas says:

    As a father of two gay boys and a deep seated religious belief, GOD made us they way we are. The Bible states that we are not to judge others that he will. Jesus said we should love all as we love ourselves. The Bible also talked about fake churches, fake teachers, and others that will try and teach us false things. If you pray for GOD to interpret the Bible as you read it, then he will show you what HE wants you to understand from the Bible. To me a TRUE church will welcome and love everyone that comes into their church to hear what is said, even if it’s just a little bit. That might receive just enough that it helps them. We do need to educate the people and even some of our churches to understand.

  8. Marie says:

    Seriously Ralph! It is indeed that kind of ignorance and ideals that is the problem with society today. Parents are lazy and don’t teach their children respect for any human being! Teaching your children to be kind to people is not difficult and accepting that its just the way kids are is ridiculous. It really does sound like you have an issue and it is within yourself, accepting is not about saying you don’t have an issue with it, but knowing it in your heart. If you don’t know someone is gay, then it doesn’t exist and it’s not what people do in there bedroom, that is the issue it is indeed who they love. The problem is that a young LGBT individual falls in love with someone of the same sex and is scared to admit it or go after what it is as teenagers that rules our lives at that point in time. To be scared to talk to your parents the people who are supposed to guide you through this life is absurd, loving unconditionally is what a parent is supposed to do,
    When they don’t accept you, noone will and that is what the issue is, trying to hide from your feelings and the overwhelming sadness of feeling alone.
    That is the reason for the suicide rate, and it is the continued acceptance that is helping. NOT WHO YOU CHOOSE TO BE IN YOUR BEDROOM WITH.

    1. Ralph Miller says:

      Marie.i have friends who are gay.i don’t judge,but do not accept their lifestyle.i don’t agree with’s like having friends with different political views.nobody really cares what you do behind close doors.stop trying to force that lifestyle on people

      1. Deborah Latona says:

        Ralph, No disrespect however you need to practice what you preach ” Stop trying to force a lifestyle on other people” we are all gods children and he makes all things perfect. Your feelings matter however we all need to let god judge because in the end its between you and him. You say you have gay friends and you do not judge but do not accept their lifestyle? your not accepting their life style so really you are judging, That is my opinion.

        1. Ralph Miller says:

          How is that judging,if i don’t agree with that lifestyle.i know people who steal,i don’t judge them.i know what they do is wrong(i don’t do it,wasn’t raised that way)that’s my opinion.i have a right to my opinion.

  9. William says:

    Marie, nothing wrong with Ralph, you will find that many millions of people feel like Ralph including me. What decisions one makes is clearly not mine, but don’t shove this kind of thinking down ones throats and think it should be considered acceptable.. I’m curious to know what you think about the Muslim faith??? Do you agree with the laws in which they are governed?? Are you true in your Christianity?? You know that they truly hate you, correct?? Or should we misinterpret the readings of the Karan? They are a loving religion!!💋💋

  10. B says:

    I think gay marriage is fine and there is nothing wrong with it, it is not a sin at all what so ever.

    Is love a sin? No.

    1. William says:

      Always thought of it as Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve… Again my opinion, I’m entitled to the same as you are, but know your probably quite outnumbered on this one..

      1. LGBT Supporter says:

        I wouldn’t bet on it. From what I’ve seen of the United State’s population many people are accepting of the other. I’m no expert but I do have to point out that most of the people stepping against gay marriage are the same over and over. Like a patient mother the people in support of the LGBTQ is waiting for the screaming to stop. But only my opinion…

        1. William says:

          They are tolerant of it, not accepting of it, there is a difference

  11. Duncan says:

    Poor Billy Lucas what he must have gone through. He died as a result of other people’s condemnation of who he was, such a tragic waste of a young life. God is never portrayed by many Christians as unconditional love but as a wrathful, vengeful punisher of sin, content to send all non believers and sinners to hell for an eternity of torture. Of course I think that most of these individuals have created God in their own sociopathic image.
    Well this young man lived in hell, I truly pray that his soul finds the peace that he could never find on earth.

    1. Preacher Jim says:

      God is unconditional LOVE. But he gives us the free will choice of how to live our lives and if that choice is to turn from God and the teachings of Jesus, we are told in no uncertain words that we will be cast into the lake of fire. I think that is made very clear in the Word. We are called to love all in the name of Christ but we are not called to condone the behavior of all when that behavior does not conform with the teachings of the Word.
      I recently read a book, “Compassion without Compromise” which gave, what I thought, was a good path for churches to deal with homosexuality.

  12. Gary Evans says:

    The bible says man and woman in a marriage.Gay marriage is a send before God.

    1. William says:

      Thank you Gary, I’m not alone

  13. chuck ream says:

    Thumbs up!

    1. Marie says:

      “Love one another as I have loved you”
      Judge lest ye be judged,
      My Christian beliefs are in the loving soul God gave me, the one that distinguishes from right and wrong. The one that tells me when you use religion as an excuse to harm, hate, kill or judge people, it’s wrong no matter what religion you are. I beleive God gave you a soul to be able to distinguish between what is meant to be good or evil.

  14. Amber Fry says:

    What I find unfortunate is that the author doesn’t seem to distinguish between religions or even different sects in various religions. There are some Christian churches that do accept people who are clearly loving individuals and boons to their community and church as legitimate in their sexual orientation. They are consenting adults and not forcing themselves on anyone else. The are not demanding anyone else be gay or trans or anything else. They do not cause anyone any harm by the choices they make or the feelings and desires they have, or by who they are internally. They made peace with God just as anyone else of strong faith does to be who they are without forcing anyone else to be the same. Those that I’ve personally known and talked to really don’t even wish it on anyone else but more to just be accepted as human beings just trying to get by in this world, just like everyone else. To try to force someone to be something they are not, especially when who they are doesn’t cause anyone else any harm, it is seriously damaging to that person. When people are severely enough damaged, suicide, homicide, drug use and abuses of all kinds rise dramatically. You want to fix this world? Start with being kinder and more accepting. Start by seeing where the real damages are and working on those. Violent crimes need to be addressed a lot more earnestly.

    1. Howie says:

      That is the most intelligent post I’ve read on here. I applied you Amber Fry

      1. Howie says:

        Sorry I applaud you, that is

  15. Hrh Prince Guglielmo Rinaldini says:

    Relativism is not the solution. Didnt discriminate this people it dont mean consider them in perfect mental good health. It is in the facts that they are having problems. It is a real condition that is an attraction among same sex, among the same mean no difference, mean no effort, mean no development, mean no babies (and for this motive now is the rent of reproductive organs and the market of the sperm).

  16. Ralph Miller says:

    There is a difference between having rights and wanting special privilege.the lbgt doesn’t want rights but special privilege.during the days of segregation,when you had to use the public bathrooms&water fountains according to one’s skin color.that could be considered special privilege for some and rights taken away for some.(we all have the right to use public facilities) As a man i have the right to use the man’s bathroom.what i don’t have is the right to go use the women’s bathroom while women are in there.women have the right to use the bathroom without the fear of men walking in on them.when you cry about not being able to use the bathroom of your choice because you no longer accept the gender in which you were born,that’s not violating your’s violating ours.when a boy decides he wants to walk in on my daughter while she’s in the bathroom,then you’ve violating her’s not rights you want it’s special privilege.a man and a woman have the right to get married(always been like that,since the beginning of time)but now people want to marry the same gender.this is something new(i don’t remember any history books containing any same sex marriage)you wanna change things,and try to force us into accepting this behavior.SPECIAL PRIVILEGE

    1. William says:

      Thanks again Ralph!!

    2. Howie says:

      It’s unfortunate some of you feel that way. Pedophiles are not born that way, they have mental defects or vary many times have been molested themselves. Comparing homosexuality to pediphelia is sick and wrong and scientifically proven inaccurate. When you infringe on the rights of children and cause harm, you are breaking the law. That is a crime, the LGBT community are just trying to live their lives as anyone does. Love between them is love between consenting adults. They are allowed to live openly just as anyone else. There are no special rights, they seek equal rights.
      No one here or anywhere has the right to say it’s not natural or recorded in history so it’s not okay. If God made someone gay, then it is natural to them. Shame on anyone who has the audacity to take it upon themselves to think your opinion which I see many here do not base on fact or science, reigns supreme, that is casting judgement. If you say you are Christian then you are in direct conflict with what you are taught to believe.
      The teachings of Christ is the base of Christianity. It can be argued with science and facts the much of the Old Testament is baseless fables. As a follower of Christ, I only focus on His guidance and teachings. If I am wrong and He wasn’t the Son of God, well what have I lost. He is still a great role model and someone to emulate.
      This is the reason some many people have left traditional religions. It is the deep hypocrisy that turns people away. As ministers we are to welcome everyone and guide them toward light and eternal salvation.
      I pray that anyone that judges their fellow man, and condemns (and yes that is a form of hate) will have a change of heart and stop playing God. It’s dangerous and wrong.
      My prayers are with you.
      And I never said I was LGBT. I am a supporter a basic human rights.

      1. Ralph Miller says:

        I’m not they not have the same rights as every one else? Are they not our equal? Oh that’s right.they form a group,put a label on themselves and want more rights….or is it special privilege

        1. Howie says:

          They have formed a group because of oppression. Much like the NAACP, the demand their entitled human rights.
          What special rights are you thinking off? Not sure where you’re getting this idea,

          1. Ralph Miller says:

            Howie:your so confused and brainwashed.the civil rights movement was about the color of want special rights or special privilege over sexual preference.that’s like saying”I like cheese,i shouldn’t have to pay for milk”you already have the same rights as everyone else

          2. Howie says:

            Ralph the point of my comparison was oppression. You or someone said LGBT band together in a group marching around demanding rights. My comparison was minorities that have spent years and years being oppressed find banding together is how to achieve equality.
            The LBGT movement is similar to that movement in that way. The personal demographics aren’t the same but the cause is. People coming from hundreds of years of oppression to gain equal treatment.
            That was my point, please don’t tell me you could not figure that out.
            Or are you choosing to ignore the point and instead choosing to deflect?
            You are pulling the obvious color of skin verses sexuality difference to digress from the real point of oppression suffered by most minorities.
            If you are going to argue a point, then you cannot try and spin. It’s especially easy to catch you in a spin when it’s typed out as opposed to being verbal.
            So to answer your question, the LGBT community bands together to fight oppression and gain equal rights. That is how they achieved marriage equality and the few anti discrimination laws that are on the books. “The squeaky wheels gets the juice.” It’s written about over and over and over again in any history book.
            Now let’s address the special rights you claim that the LGBT coomunity is looking for. What are they exactly?

  17. Jamar says:

    What I do not understand is why there is a belief that recognizing the rights of others is breaking the law or illegal. The government should be sued and all people who suffer violations of their rights should be paid reparations. The United States is a free country yet “We the people” seek out to violated the rights of others forgetting GOD’s law of “Do Unto Others As Done Unto Self”. The religious are just hypocrites. No one has to ask or be allowed to get married regardless of how anyone interprets the bible that is their right. Even if an organization does not support it they should organize their own instead of seeking again to violate what another believes. We are taught we have the same freedoms and protections(.) Is that not constitutional!? It is a vicious cycle!

  18. JA says:

    I’m 100% for gay rights, to me it’s just another expression of being born with a preference and being able to find the person you love without castrates just as a straight person does. I’m not gay, I’ve never been attracted to a man, and I’ll even admit I’m sure I don’t know about the bible as much as many others here. Rather than argue, I’d rather just let those who are against gay people say anything they want, because what they say is so ridiculous it makes an argument for being gay or different because we are all loved the same amount by God. Don’t forget the bible also says “He who does not love his brother cannot love God and he who loves God cannot love his brother.” and so far as I know there isn’t a note in the margin of the bible that says “Unless you are gay” does anyone have a bible with that little notation on the side and a note reading “edited by God” ?

    1. Jamar says:

      Consider this, was the labeling “gay rights” a separation of rights already in place for everyone counterproductive in the first place. It is like it creates more separation for rights we are all “supposed” to be entitled to.

      Sesh Per Ankh Jamar Hotep

  19. Wayne Bowlby says:

    Not only are people alienated from Society by denying rights adults should have, but issues such as health care, retirement, etc. are a mess. This effects people mentally and psych ally. It is a practice that is up to individuals and society has no place to judge in my opinion. I know pressures on families without the added pressure being placed on individuals for their feelings anndroid beliefs.
    Wayne Bowlby
    Fort Collins, CO 80525

  20. RT says:

    We are all people; period! We are born, and we all die. What happens in between makes NO ONE any better than anyone else. Anyone who thinks differently is a Hypocrite; period. We ALL deserve the SAME rights and privilages.

  21. John Owens says:

    I wouldn’t trust Johns Hopkins for this, or any other scientific research, whether dealing with animals or humans. I think this is most likely just a heavily biased, politically charged phony wishful thinking feel-good “study”. Johns-Hopkins belongs to that group of pseudo-intellectuals who think you can make something true by making others BELIEVE it is true. Gay marriage has not been legal for long enough for any difference in the suicide rate among people who are too young to marry anyway to be noticeably affected or measured. That would take decades. That is why this is hokum. If people with agendas would used real science, their results might be respected. If it makes you feel encouraged, well, just live it up. If you prefer to analyze, though, you will know there is no way this could be accurately, scientifically done.

  22. Dr. Minister says:

    As a Pagan Minister, I have to say. My faith does not believe homosexuality or transgenders violate any so called “moral laws”. The only being that can judge a persons self worth is themselves, and that is how it should be. I cannot tell someone how to live their life. If someone is homosexual, Good for them! I wish them a happy and joyful life. If someone is transgender, I hope they find eternal happiness, and the Mother Goddess and Father God look down on them along with their ancestors in admiration. In the animal kingdom, There are other species of animals besides humans that exhibit homosexuality and transgender behaviors. It is another biological principle that is a factor in life. We simply have to accept it, Biology is Biology, everyone is unique down to their last gene. To say someone is immoral based off of one point of view, from a book a majority of the worlds population doesn’t even live by or care to, is absurd. Everyone is entitled to their own happiness, Facts cannot be disputed. Blessed Be all. Have a wondrous day, May the Goddess or God assist you with good energy and love.

    1. Rick renwick says:

      Your nuts, pardon my French. Mother Goodness . Where did you find that in the Bible. Romans , chapter 1 speaks of homosexuality as a sin along with Corinthians and 1 Peter. There are consequences to your actions here on earth. God gave us a free will because he wanted obidience. Not robots. You can choose to worship God or Satan. Follow Gods lead of Databs. Visit Hell for eternity or visit Heaven. I’ll choose Heaven. Thanks,

      1. Mistydawn says:

        Renwick, the minister you are responding to didn’t look up his belief in a book that has gone through so many edits and rewrites that it could be considered the world’s longest game of telephone. I do not consider you nuts or a cannibal worshipping a zombie. I do consider you to be an opinionated gentleman that might want to learn some manners when reading and commenting. I wonder if you have ever read the story by C.S. Lewis the Chronicals of Narnia. I would like to suggest you do. Most importantly the Last Battle. Maybe then you will learn to see things through another’s perspective. In response to the comment about obedience. If that was god’s true desire we would have been robots what God wanted was to be loved, or that’s at least what I was told during my practically indoctrinated childhood.

    2. Marsha says:

      Animals do not display gay behaviors! If you are talking about male dogs humping other males…. that is just a display of dominance! They don’t actually have sexual relations! Such ignorance!

      1. Howie says:

        According to Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway, homosexual activity has been observed in at least ,1500 species. It has been documented in Bagemihl, Bruce (1999). Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. There are plenty of other studies that have documented, I would think you a a science major will understand and appreciate this.
        Animals have no need for protestant beliefs.

  23. Rick Renwick says:

    Yes, we all have privileges and rights. We are all equal in God’s eyes. But, God cannot and will not allow sin to enter his Holy Gates. Repentance is the only way there. Faith in Christ Jesus. God wrote The Bible for our benefit, not his. Adhering to his laws makes only makes sense. We Europe made in his image and God do

    1. Ralph Miller says:

      Very well spoken.Rick

    2. Pagan minister Mistydawn says:

      Then he without sin cast the first stone. And God didn’t write the bible. If he had the Pagan religion you had to hide from for millennia would have destroyed it. The religions you condemn and get self righteous over your precious holidays which were taken from the Pagan holidays. The last time I checked the Christian LGBTQ did accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. However you want to keep your privileges to only the side that follows your beliefs. If you want to follow the dictates of the bible to the letter please halt the celebration of the following days: Easter, it is also known as a pagan holiday called Ostara; May Day it is a holiday originally called Beltane; Halloween or ALL HALLOW’S EVENING it’s called Samhain and it’s the Pagan equivalent to the new year; winter solstice, it’s called YULE. And while you are going through all the Pagan symbols you have adopted into the faith stop burning a Yule log, and putting up a Christmas tree all have origins in the Pagan Faiths, and I’d like to keep the sanctity of those holy days.
      P.s. Stop saying tying the knot when getting married. It’s also rooted in the Pagan religion. It’s called Handfasting. I’m sure you know of it.

  24. Reverend Erika says:

    Very interesting article, I think freedom & respect of others choices in life that are positive to their true expressions of self and overall quality of life (those around them) – I’m all for it! Blessings, Love, & Peace to All, Minister Erika

  25. William says:

    Also agree with you Rick

  26. Ben says:

    It baffles me to hear so many people argue and defend homosexuality by misusing the bible. God is very clear on what love is and is not. He is very clear on what is sin as well. We cannot say it doesn’t matter what people do behind closed doors that it’s their business only, that’s where drug use, rape, murder, and others just like domestic violence and child abuse happens. God is loving and forgiving yes but He is also an equally just and holy God too. Remember why Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed? Men wanting to have sex with other men. Even Lot’s wife became a pillar of salt for not obeying the Lord. It’s way easier for us to live our lives thinking we can do whatever we want cuz God will forgive us anyways but remember as much as He is a forgiving God, He is a Righteous and Just and Holy God! We are definitely to love each other like Jesus loved. He loved us so much that He came to earth to show us how to live then He died for all our sins so we can have a relationship with God the Father. He wants us to live a certain way that’s why we have the bible. Sin interferes with our relationship with God. Remember our loving and forgiving God kicked Satan out of heaven cuz of sin. We don’t get to decide what is right and wrong. We don’t set the standard of living….only God the creator does!!! All said in love.

  27. William says:

    Thank you Ben for your holy wisdom, lord be with you !!!

  28. Ralph Miller says:

    Now ben,when you worry about what people do behind closed doors,that is judging.(unless their hurting some one,it’s nobody else’s business)you can’t argue bible verses with them.they already know what the bible says about homosexuality.but they will argue with you,and say the bible’s been mistranslated.and twist every thing around.they do this because deep down inside they know their lifestyle is wrong.So misquoting the bible is the only way they can justify their lifestyle.

    1. Ben says:

      Thank you William for your kind words and may God bless you! Ralph, it’s amazing how we interpret judging or judgment. It’s ok to live however we want unless it’s hurting someone else? Then it’s not judging? We all judge all the time. We judge our servers at restaurants and markets. We judge movies by the actors and acting. We judge who we feel comfortable with when looking for a service. We judge who is right for our kids whether it’s for a friend or a relationship. We judge churches and pastors to find the one we feel most comfortable with. I think most would agree that it’s not necessarily a bad thing in these situations. But on the topic of homosexuality most would say Christians are judgmental cuz we don’t agree with the lifestyle according to the word of God. We are not allowed to have our own beliefs cuz it’s wrong and judgmental but isn’t that exactly how we’re being treated? Judged for our lifestyle and beliefs? I apologize for being so long winded I just feel this topic can be so one sided. I also apologize to anyone who has been mistreated for being a homosexual especially if it’s from a Christian. That is definitely not ok with our Father in Heaven. We can disagree with choices but still need to show Christ’s love to everyone! May His love be obvious to us all. Amen!

    2. Grace G says:

      Oh Sweet Jesus! So many want God’s job! They? They are my brothers and sister’s who share the same dream’s of happiness and love that I do. Peace

  29. gsl2727 says:

    People do not choose to be homosexual anymore than you choose to be heterosexual. Stop trying to ram you religious beliefs onto everyone else. If you don’t like Gay marriage, don’t have one. And for those of you who stand by the Bible as never having been changed, I hope you are adhering to all 613 laws given in the Old Testament. Of which only 2 came directly from God. And you should question your love of your fellow man if you say I love you but you are going to hell and will support laws to take away your acceptance in society and you civil rights.

    1. Ralph Miller says:

      Gsl2727….one can simply say no to that lifestyle.i choose to be heterosexual.(always been attracted to women)partly because i grew up in a normal environment.if someone offers you drugs,you have a choice YES or say your born that way is an excuse used by the weak know who else uses that excuse….CHILD MOLESTERS.answer me this…if it’s not a choice,how come many former gay people have decided to live their lives as a heterosexual,started famlies and are happy with their decision.So if it wasn’t a choice,how were they able to change their lifestyle.when you tell kids that at a young age,they buy into that.(that they have no choice,that they are who they are)so when they become so depressed(because they actually start to believe that they actually were born that way,and it’s nothing they can do about it) that they hurt themselves,the gay community is quick to blame religion,when the blood is actually on their will never ever convince everyone into accepting that lifestyle,as long as your in the open you will always have opposition,because the future of our children are at stake

      1. Mistydawn says:

        So you were born attracted to women? I just clarification?

        1. Ralph Miller says:

          Mistydawn…no i was not born attracted to women,nor was i born attracted to men.I’m going to assume that your young.your way of thinking is not entirely your fault.I’m old school,i was raised in a conservative family.before 24 hour cable tv.(when television would actually shut off at 10:30)there was no gay rights movement(telling kids that it was ok to be different)there was no sex on tv.their wasn’t gay celebrities telling people that lifestyle was ok.their were no tv programs or movies depicting the gay lifestyle.As i grew older i was attracted to women because it was normal.and because as a youth i was not constantly bombarded by gay propaganda.a few years ago my young son asked me”why is homosexuality considered an act of sin in the bible,but our government supports gay marriage in our country”what do you tell a child,when there’s groups of people out their trying to poison their young minds.(from people who try and misinterprete the bible for their own gay agenda)my boy is 13 and he is attracted to girls(his choice.he could have choose boys,farm animals,or even his own kin folks)but he choose girls.because i raised him up make his own decisions,not based on what he see’s other people doing or what he see’s on have a choice.stop letting other people tell you that your born that way.start thinking for yourself and grow up

          1. Pagan minister Mistydawn says:

            Mr. Miller I think I should respond to you in the most polite way possible. Yes, sir I am a lowly 24 years old. Yes sir, I understand you were raised in a conservative family before 24hour television. I was raised with a generation that had the world at their fingertips. It’s really to bad I spent most of my childhood reading books on ancient lands with kings who were fair and just. Like le morte darthur, and also of men who put logic in all of his reasoning like the famous Sherlock Holmes. My family did not have the comforts to claim we followed the sociable fads, as most of what I owned was handmedowns. I forged myself and my own thought processes through the only education available to me. But thank you for raising your own with unconditional love.

        2. Marsha says:

          SO MISTY DAWN…..are you saying you weren’t born attracted to the same sex?? You can’t have it both ways! Were pedophiles born attracted to children? I think many life choices are due to life experiences. Do I blame or judge? NO. But, I am tired of hearing ” I was born this way”. Was a prostitute ” born that way”? NO. CHOICES…. we all have free will and choices. We can decide how we wish to live. Do we choose to commit adultry, or choose to be loyal…. do we choose to do whatever our sexual desires direct… or do we decide to restrict ourselves to certain behaviors? Do we steal when we are tempted or do we resist? CHOICES….. it is all about choices! What you choose is your business, but PLEASE STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DON’T HAVE A CHOICE! It is a cop-out!

          1. Howie says:

            Just so I understand Marsha, you at one point contemplated being attracted to men verses being attracted to women?
            What made you choose to be attracted to men?
            Please enlighten us all on the entire process of your choice and decision.

          2. Pagan minister Mistydawn says:

            Mam, thank you for calling out on me so I can respond to your kind and thought provoking comment. I personally believe that all feelings or emotions rather stem from different chemicals in our brains. As example through reading your post where you albeit play devil’s advocate my brain processes a certain word and responded with anger. I believe we choose how we act on our emotions and if someone is having urges sexually for someone yes it must be reigned in check especially when children are involved and if no reciprocal feelings are attached. Thank you for reminding me about my own molester was claiming when I FINALLY had the courage to stand against him. There is a lot of information in our DNA that we don’t know about yet. Like the Warrior gene that causes a predisposition for aggression. But what do I know? I guess you should have to pay for love with bones and flesh… you know what they say Hell is for children.

      2. Vaughn Gardner says:

        If they consider themselves ;ex-gay’ then they were never gay to begin with. Rather they were bisexuals who came to terms with having an attraction to the same gender but found they preferred to a greater extent opposite gender. The Kinsey scale is quite accurate when it comes to our attractions. Many are on one polar point or the other while the rest of us are somewhere inbetween. This would explain why these so called ‘ex-gays have found happiness with opposite gender mates.

        But let us be clear. Most so called ex-gays are now just regular gays or practicing bisexuals. It’s never been a point of curing or healing someone of their same sex attraction but rather just clarifying what it really is. If someone calls themselves ex-gay but their same gender attraction remains as strong as ever, that will not change. They will instead return to the closet and ‘make do’. Making do is not living, it is existing and I fully believe God never meant for us to ‘make do’.

        I recommend living your life according to the dictates of your heart and your own interpretation of what God expects. When or if Judgment Day comes, He will sort it out and weigh your heart, not your pastor, not the evangelist, not your neighbor, not your family member, and certainly not a stranger, but God. In the end, He is the one that counts, not the others.

        1. Faith Pigeon says:

          Chaplin: Faith Pigeon
          Garder: Thank you so much for your post. Because you’re right, God is the only one who really Counts.

  30. Ralph Miller says:

    Vaughn Gardner:you seem upset that these ex gay’s(as you call them)have decided to think for themselves and follow the way as God intended for us to live.instead of being happy for them,you say they return to the closet and make-do.honestly i don’t even know how to respond to your comment(it makes no sense).if your comfortable with your lifestyle,why defend it.why make any comment about anyone who walks away from that’s you and people like you who are you try and corrupt young minds into believing that lifestyle is normal.If you were to put me in a room with 20 other people,and i was the only heterosexual in there.And everybody was to make fun of me because i was attracted to women.not only would i not get upset,but i wouldn’t feel the need too defend my decision.Put a gay or lesbian person in that situation,they will feel different.your still young,probably lived a shelterd life,not knowing much about the real world.I’ve been around,I’ve seen things.I’ve faced true evil and overcame.because i live by God’s word,and i know the wages of sin is death.i do not hate you or do i judge you.but i will pray for you.

    1. Ben says:

      Why do so many people try to say how they think God feels about situations, lifestyles and or what sin is? The bible is so very clear on what sin is and how He feels about it and what His will for living is. He does not want us to make do. No, He wants us to live according to His will by His standards nothing less. People think that you can live however you want and still be ok with God but please be careful when you encourage this behavior or follow it cuz that could very well cost you your soul or somebody else’s. Jesus says over and over if you love me you’ll obey my commandments. Also you will know who belongs to me by who does my will. He gives us free will to choose how we live but warns us the consequences for our choice. We all were born into sin and our nature is to want to sin whether it be lying, cheating, being selfish, wanting to do our own will, giving into lust whether it’s in a heterosexual relationship or a homosexual one. All choices have a consequence no matter if you think you’re born that way or not. Heterosexuals still have a responsibility to live the right way. They can’t have sex with anyone they want or with how many they want. Even tho we were born with that desire. We are to save ourselves for our spouse only. I know that seems ridiculous these days but that’s how God intended it to be. If you truly know God and His word you would not argue in defense that it’s ok to live however we want and say He is ok with that. That’s a very dangerous state of mind to have and is the exact meaning of sin.

  31. Vaughn Gardner says:

    Please do pray for me. I consider that an unwelcome intrusion.

    As to the other… upset… if they are making do, I believe they are living less than the life God meant for them. The scriptures held up to support that position is Jewish Law only meant for the Jews. Gentiles were never expected to live up to those laws unless conquered by Isreal. Christians were never meant to be held by those laws as Jesus is the only true complete sacrifice. While he lived, they continued to be relevant to Jewish believers. When he died the Law was fulfilled and no longer applicable to Jewish believers. Again Gentiles were never meant to be held to that standard. This is evidenced in the Book of Acts where Peter got nailed by God regarding foods.

    Therefore, I am pissed for those who make do because they are being taught, as Gentile believers that they are sinning according to Old Testament law never meant for them. If you are speaking of Paul, I was taught and believe to this day that you must take scripture in the cultural context in which it was given. He was speaking of temple prostitutes, nothing more.

    I also do not hold Paul’s letters to be anything than letters written to the church of his time. Some of it is good advice, other of it, not so good. To say that he was inspired by God and therefore could not be wrong is to say his word is equal to Gods or the words of Jesus. Paul was a human being born ‘in sin’ for those who believe that, was made of all things human, which means he was imperfect. Unlike Moses who got the commandments from God;’s own mouth as it were, Paul did not. Nor was he human and God like Jesus. Therefore asking people to live their lives and make do according to anyone less than Jesus’ own words is a travesty.

    So yes… I hurt for them because I believe they are being led to live according to man’s interpretation of scripture rather than what scripture actually teaches.

    And again, do not pray for me. I specifically charge you in Jesus’ Name not to do so. That would go against my free will, what I believe His will is for me, and I’m a big believer in consent and you do not have it nor do I give anyone else here that permission.

    1. Marsha says:

      Are you trying to say that men with men and women with women was intended? No way this is true. God created man and woman to be united and to have children! Anything else is unnatural. It is up to each person to decide for themselves, that is free will. But, to act like this is natural and normal is ridiculous!

      1. William says:

        Thank you Marsha, you have millions of Christians that feel exactly as you… Thanks and god bless

        1. Marsha says:

          You are welcome…. but it is NOT just Christians who feel this way. Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Amish, Buddhist, and Hindi Religious all feel this way! I am tired of all the BS related to Christians “condemning LBGTQ”. It simply isn’t true. Do we believe that men and women should be together? YES ! We are simply stating what the Bible teaches. Christians have been very tolerant and many stand for LBGTQ rights. We simply don’t believe as they do. God will be the only one to judge each of us. But, to keep trying to SPREAD THE LBGTQ message and the small children and others they are gay, etc. is ridiculous! No one needs to be told what they are. Many children experience same sex thoughts, etc. That DOES NOT mean they are gay, etc. I am sick of labels and recruiting methods that many use to make their LBGTQ lifestyle feel validated. Live and let live! I don’t go around stating I am heterosexual…. why must LBGTQ do thi?. It is getting absolutely ridiculous!!!

          1. Marsha says:

            Sorry for typos.

          2. William says:


  32. Ralph Miller says:

    People say there born that way…
    How is that possible when boys are young,they don’t like girls.say say their nasty and have cootys.but when they reach a certain age,they become attracted to girls.So if they were born that way wouldn’t they have been attracted to girls to begin with.being gay or lesbian does not define who you’s a state of mind(a preference).how are you born with a preference.that’s like saying killers are born,or child molesters are born that,or that we are born to one is born that.these are feelings learned at a young age(while our minds are still developing)and if not put into check becomes hardwired into our brains once it becomes fully a youth minister,I’ve talked to alot of troubled teen,some of which were gay.majority say they have had these feelings since the age of 5 or 6.they have been influenced by what they see around them and on tv.they here gay adults tell them that it’s normal and their born that way.some of them have never been with people of the members of the opposite sex.and because their first time is usually when their very young(once again before their minds are fully developed)with members of the same sex.their minds become hardwired to that way of thinking.when you tell a child that they are born that way,you take away their choice.if you wanna live that lifestyle and your happy,then by all means be happy.But don’t try and force your lifestyle on me and my kids.And I’m not gonna comment on What the bible say about this,because your just going to misinterpret for your own agenda

    1. Howie says:

      Interesting, however I would say you would have to indeed be gay to know that.

      1. Ralph Miller says:

        I’m afraid not,Howie:as a youth minister I’ve counseled troubled teen(some of which were gay)their was one teen in particular,who actually contemplated suicide.he was convinced by the lbgt community that he was born that way(that his only choice was living that lifestyle)if this is the advice your giving too our youth,then your no better than a child your life the way you wanna live(if it makes you happy)stop trying to spread your lifestyle&negative influence on others.God gave us choice.have you actually read the entire bible.

        1. Marsha says:

          Amen! Well said.

        2. Carol Amina says:

          People like you Ralph Miller are one of the reasons that youth that are Gay or Trans commit Suicide! you tell them god hates what they know is there nature! why dont christians keep there noses out of others business! I dont come into your home/church and tell you that you need to accept or believe what I do! But you keep going around telling others they will go to hell if they decide to not follow your rules.

          1. Marsha says:

            No one said anyone is going to hell, Carol Amina! Those are your words! No one is telling you what to believe. You have free will like everyone else. We are simply stating what we believe God intended for humanity. If all people and animals were gay there wouldn’t be any offspring! I am NOT judging anyone for I too have sins. LGBT life if not easy or natural and those pressures are from within the person who is going against their own conscience. It is not anything they will burn in hell for. Only God knows what is in the heart. Suicide is a horrible thing and is NEVER the answer for anyone. God loves each of us. Only Satan himself would want anyone to commit suicide. God wants our peace and happiness and his teachings and Bible tell us how to reach those goals. No Christian or God or decent person, would EVER want anyone to commit suicide. People murder and can be forgiven if they truly repent. No one should ever believe that suicide is the answer!

          2. Ralph Miller says:

            Carol Amina: so I’m to say God hates anyone is speaking for god.not only is that harsh but very dangerous and irresponsible.But to prove a point.i simply said God gives us choice.(never said anything about God hating them)Hate is a very strong word.but i noticed how you misinterpreted my words to fit your own agenda(much like you do the bible)thank you for proving me right.

        3. Howie says:

          My God is a loving God. My God makes us in his image. My God makes no mistakes. My God doesn’t allow us to judge. My God created beautiful brilliant minds that have gone on to do research and come up with scientific evidence that homosexuality is genetic. My God allows me to use such evidence to share with these troubled children that there is nothing “wrong” with them and they are entitled to live their life in a way that brings them happiness as long as it doesn’t cause harm to another.
          I’m sorry that you feel it necessary to hurl unjustified insults at me. That tells me that you are a troubled person with no business counseling anyone. You sir, need counseling yourself and should stay away from young impressionable minds with your misinformation and your corrupted viewpoints. I will pray to my God that you can find peace with your God.

          1. Marsha says:

            THERE IS ONLY …. ONE GOD!! The fact that you are talking about your God, my God and so forth shows how little you really know! God gave us the commandments and The Bible to guide us. He also, gave us free will. Follow him or don’t. It is up to you!

          2. Ralph Miller says:

            Wow…(I’m actually speechless)that there are people out there ,who have completely lost touch with reality.obviously you feel that lifestyle is normal,so good luck with that.

          3. William says:

            I think that you are in your own little world with your own God, we will certainly pray for you and hope you find your way.. Again the minds that have misinterpreted the Bible to fit their own views have no merit here.. God did not lay down his life for the sins of homosexuality… Thanks again Ralph for your wisdom on this matter…..

          4. Howie says:

            William you speak as if you have God on speed dial. Many people do not use the bible for their spiritual salvation. And the many that do, many of them do not use it as a literal word of God. There are so many contradictions, that’s why God created you with a brain and the ability to think critically and reason. So let’s just says since we weren’t there and it’s pretty universally accepted that God didn’t write this book, that we should use the message to guide us. The most important message is that of Jesus Christ.
            Believing in fire and brimstone does none of us any good. We must look at the positives…pretty matter of factly Jesus’s message of love, compassion, forgiveness.
            Judgement and condemnation have no place in anyone’s life if they are to live a healthy lifestyle. It is no one’s right either.

          5. Howie says:

            Yes Ralph an LGBT lifestyle is normal for members of the LGBT lifestyle. There are consenting adults hurting no one that are and rightly so, afforded the same rights everyone else enjoys. That is reality. If you don’t think it is normal then don’t engage in sexual relationships with members of the same sex. It’s pretty simple. You can mind your own business and stop trying to act as if your lifestyle reigns supreme. It doesn’t
            In my opinion people that judge another’s lifestyle are wrong and aren’t living in reality to think they have the right to do that.
            I will say it again, God makes no mistakes. Everyone has the right to live their lifestyle in peace. God created people that are gay, and that is okay. To think otherwise well I would ask why do you think someone would choose that lifestyle? What direct advantages would they get exactly…condemnation, rejection, scorn, shame? Yeah why wouldn’t anyone choose that. Sounds like a great, peaceful way to go through life.
            According to your logic a straight guy about 10 or 11 years old decides to act against his feelings of attraction to girls and DECIDES not to follow that attraction and instead decides he wants all the benefits of a gay lifestyle (condemnation, rejection, scorn, shame) so he is going to make himself attracted to boys.
            That way of thinking is not living in reality.
            All because you read it in a book instead of using your God given gifts of thinking realistically. God created brilliant scientists that discover truth based on proven evidence. They is much evidence on a gay gene if you need it. I would think common sense would reign supreme, but just in case that’s why we have science. God and science coexist. Science is not a liberal conspiracy!

      2. Marsha says:

        That is a rather ignorant claim Howie!

        1. Howie says:

          How so Marsha? How would a straight person who obviously has no use for science, know that being gay is a choice, unless he made that choice himself?

          1. Marsha says:

            Who has no use for science? I am a science major and an RN. We fall in love with those we open our hearts to. Sexual experience is a choice. I have been attracted to many who weren’t right for me and chose not to go down that path. Gay or straight…. there is no difference! Both are choices. I don’t know why LGBTQ don’t get some guts and admit that they choose to live a certain way! It is NOT FORCED ON ANYONE!!

          2. Howie says:

            You really don’t have a right to speak for anyone, let alone the LGBT community, if you are not a member. To say they need guts…really? I think the situations and events in their lives that they experience, that you never have, shows they very much have guts. To think differently is ignorant and insulting as you sound as if you are superior. You are judging them.
            Sexual experience is a choice, attraction for the same sex is not. How would you know? Anyone who is attracted to the same or opposite sex is entitled to live and love as God intended. If a man falls in love with a man and a woman falls in love with a woman, so be it. In this country they are and should be afforded every right that a man and woman who are in love, possess.
            The bible is not the end all be all to everyone and in America it is not allow to be used to make laws/

  33. William says:

    Again, well said Ralph!!!

  34. Ben says:

    Vaughn, you obviously have an issue for some reason with Christians, the bible and possibly God. Its not your free will to tell people they can’t pray for you and to bring Jesus’ name in that demand speaks volume. Scripture tells us believers to pray for others constantly even our enemies. This is not suppose to be an option for us. Most people pick and choose what to believe in the bible especially if it supports their comfort or lifestyle. This is very very dangerous. The bible wasn’t given to us to use our own understanding and to determine what makes sense but to get to know who God is and how to live according to His will. This can ONLY happen by the Holy Spirit. And if the Holy Spirit is living in you there is no way to disagree with what the Bible says. It’s just not possible! Again according to scripture!

    1. Marsha says:

      He doesn’t want prayer because he knows that would go against what he is doing! He wants to do what he wants no matter what the Bible or God tells us. That is like an adulterer who doesn’t want to hear they are wrong because they want to keep doing what they are doing. Free will is for everyone. Let them do what they believe is right. It is between them and God.

  35. Rev. Donna says:

    Teaching children to accept all people is a noble gesture as all people are equal, & equally loved by God. NO one should be bullied for any reason & it starts with wise adults teaching the young by practicing acceptance themselves & being role models. I do not say “tolerate” because that implies negativity. To: Love your neighbor as yourself is a direct commandment from God. it is simple, straightforward & says it all. LGBT marriage is a God given right- equal rights for Monogamy in any community is very healthy for all.

    1. Ben says:

      I do agree with most of what you said however to say LGBT marriage is a God given right is a contradiction to the bible. Jesus said over and over that true followers of Christ forfeit their rights in order to truly follow and obey Him. I know it’s against what our natural desires and thoughts are and that is exactly why it’s so necessary and important. We surrender all of our desires to Him so we can live by the Spirit. It doesn’t mean they aren’t there anymore it just means we need to keep them in check. Obviously this is very difficult to do as most of us struggle in this area. The bible is so clear on marriage and how we are to act toward one another. It talks about the guidelines of marriage as well. For anyone who doesn’t agree that a marriage is between a man and a women I have one question…where in the bible whether it be the old testament or the new testament does it ever approve in direct the union between a man and a man or a women and a women? This should settle any confusion cuz the bible specifically says a man and a women should become one. This is repeated many many times so it’s not a coincidence for those of you who will try to twist and manipulate the bible.

  36. Mistydawn says:

    Does it not also say that any woman whom is the subject of divorce is an adultress, and that she being such should be cast from society or stoned to death? Anytime someone brings up the old testament I get reminded everyday that I am only allowed life because it might be considered a sin to kill me oh and against the constitution. Then I remember a saying an eye for an eye will make the world blind. I’m thinking now an ear for an ear is going to make the world deaf. I think we can all agree its amazing that the rates are lowering, and if acceptance of another’s perspective and or lifestyle has changed it then it’s a great thing. Gay marriage is the symbol for the LGBTQ to rally behind to know they are accepted in the community. Anyone who sees a problem with that fact needs to read whichever holy book the religion they follow owns. Maybe even try to put themselves in others shoes.

  37. Marsha says:

    This is true! Amen. Ben…. though it is all clearly written and explained in the Bible, those who don’t follow the spirit are blinded to the truth. Sadly, they hear they word but don’t receive it.

    1. Ben says:

      Marsha I totally agree with you. It’s very sad but Jesus did worn us about this. Mistydawn, sorry but I’m not really sure what your point was? The old testament had certain rules according to their culture that’s why the ten commandments was created cuz it wasn’t what God wanted. The new testament had cultures doing the same and also tried to go around God’s law, a lot like we do now so Jesus made it clear and simple for us so we couldn’t find our own gray area to fulfill our selfish desires. It’s amazing if you read the Bible with God’s purpose behind it instead of how most of us do by trying to twist it around to satisfy our selfish desires and make us comfortable. Accepting all people is God’s way but it doesn’t mean we have to agree with or support their choices.

      1. Mistydawn Carter says:

        Ben I am happy to inform you of what I was talking about. In Deuteronomy chapter 18 it states thou shall not suffer a witch to live. This sentence has followed me my entire life with a chilling fear as we few still remember the witch trials of Salem to be sure but really it was the 1600s. Also the reason for some of the flees from Europe during the reign of King James the first.
        My main and final point was as human beings we deserve to be accepted not just tolerated, and that would best be served through trying to see the other side of the situation. I am dating a Christian who had reminded me to not look to harshly at Christainity and to remember that sometimes people aren’t always the best example of how Religion is supposed to be.

        1. Ben says:

          Mistydawn Carter thank you for providing more info for me. I read the scripture you mentioned but if I may ask why has this affected you so much? I want to be sensitive to your feelings and have a better understanding if you’re willing to share. I also agree that to tolerate is not the right word to use. I hope you didn’t get that from what I had said. I also agree that sometimes Christians don’t represent God in the best way and unfortunately I am guilty of this too.

  38. Mistydawn Carter says:

    The reason it affected me in the way that it did is because I am a pagan. I don’t try to hide it like some sects believe we should. As a solitary practitioner I do face scrutiny. As a child I was bullied in school for believing in magic, not even being a pagan yet but for the simple belief that magic existed. That passage only made me more frightened back then, and the only way I could deal with my fear was with anger. Most of that came in the form of sarcasm and or violence in extreme cases. As a child I wanted nothing more than to be accepted with my belief in magic as well as my faith in Jesus Christ. I finally realized I wouldn’t be accepted within the church and I grew stronger in my religion as a pagan. However knowing what I know of history and the Christian, Muslim, and Islamic religions I am still cautious. You never know when a radical from Any religion might decide it’s time for another crusade.
    I mean no offense in any of this I know the darkest side of my own religion and give them the same wariness as others if not more.

  39. Marsha says:

    There should NOT be a dark side to any religion! God alone is Holy. Following The Holy Trinity is to follow Christ, receive the Holy Spirit into our souls and try our best to live as the Bible outlines. It is clearly stated that witches, mystics, wizards and fortune tellers are getting their power from Satan and should not be followed. That is a form of darkness. It is a form or idol worship. I am not condemning those who practice these things, but condemning the sin itself. No happiness, love or salvation lies down this path.

  40. Mistydawn Carter says:

    Marsha where lien men there is always darkness. That’s a sad truth I’ve found to exist in my 24 years on this planet. As a child I saw more darkness than I cared for and was told I was a sinful witch because of a belief and one special ability. I know the capabilities of men (mankind) with power. The reason for our three branch system is to keep power from corrupting. This also held true with men of religious away back when the Catholic church had tried to control all of Italy (Bit dated example but here you go). I understand that you are trying to say it should not but in reality “should” is a word we use to comfort ourselves. To say there is no happiness or love to be found is a bit insulting as I have loved and been loved as well as spread joy to others in my life. As for getting our power from Satan most of us could tell you Lucifer holds no position in our craft. The darkness I fear from my religion is the darkness I fear from any human being.

  41. Marsha says:

    I don’t know what your gift is, but I do know true gifts come from God. I am not judging you, You called yourself a pagan. I am simply responding that witch craft, wizardry, etc. are not where we are directed to receive help. Help should come from God alone as only God is Holy and all powerful. If you possess a gift, use it to serve God. All true gifts come from The Lord. There is only one God and he is there for you too. May God bless you with faith, love and all his graces.

    1. syliasnowcarter says:

      Marsha please understand that in this conversation between me and you, Only ONE of us believe in God. Your words hold no truth for me as my religion differs from yours. I refuse to claim otherwise as I feel that would insult the faith of many Christians. I will accept your blessing and offer you my own. Merry Meet. Merry Part and Merry Meet again.


  42. Dr stevens says:

    2 timothy 3:1-9
    These are signs of the last days.people will be swayed by all kinds of evil desires,always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of truth.these are trying times for the spritual(notice i did not say christains)the lbgt community say’s their not trying to force there lifestyle on us(there right) Because while their distracting us with their gay parades,and there gay rights agenda their going after our kids.In 2016 California past a law that will teach LBGT history in public schools.Disney (who caters to children&toddlers)will now start adding gay characters to their movies.
    Gay marriage destroys the foundation of the family unit.Because if they plan on starting a family,the child would have to be ripped away from their biological mother or father.By doing this you put your needs over the needs of the child

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