Many religions do not accept transgender people.

Even here in America, trans people have reported being ignored, ridiculed, and asked to leave when they try to attend church services.

Back on November 20, churches all around the United States held services to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance, a national event honoring transgender victims of violence worldwide – of which there are many. At a gathering in New Hampshire, 107 names we were read aloud. Each one belonging to someone who had been murdered for being transgender in the past year alone.

Transgender individuals are frequently marginalized and even disowned by their families. Many are in desperate need of a support network. Given their vast influence, some argue that religious organizations could be doing more to help. Among these advocates is Jon Rundquist, a transgender-identifying seminary student from Minnesota. Rundquist offered his thoughts on opening the door to people who don’t identify with traditional gender norms:

“It is very important for the church to be a welcoming presence for all… because the church in general has pushed away so many LGBT people from its doors, intentionally or unintentionally, I felt as a trans-identified pastor that I lead a positive image to show a welcoming presence.”

Tradition Vs. Progress

Despite increased awareness surrounding the issues faced by transgender people, many houses of worship remain opposed to welcoming them into the fold. Since some religions hold deep convictions regarding gender roles, perhaps it should come as no surprise that they’re uncomfortable accepting new interpretations of these traditional beliefs. Although the LGBTQ community has made significant inroads with religious institutions in recent years, fundamental changes in philosophy are rarely immediate. Transgender inclusion looks to be a contentious issue in religious circles for years to come.

Continued Mistreatment

At the same time, there is a huge difference between a willingness to fully include someone and treating them with basic decency. Even here in America, trans people have reported being ignored, ridiculed, and asked to leave when they try to attend church services. Regardless of your religious beliefs, this type of humiliating and discriminating behavior cannot be condoned. In other countries, the situation is even worse.

Transgender worshipers face discrimination in Pakistan.

Transgender worshipers in Pakistan

In Pakistan, for example, it’s not uncommon for members of a mosque call the police and kick a trans person out of the building. On the upside, there is a plan in motion to build a new mosque in Pakistan’s capital that will be open to people of all genders and sexual orientations. As of last month, about $7,000 had been raised toward its construction.  Unfortunately, there’s no certainty the project will be a success. Pakistan is known to be religiously conservative, and similar efforts in other Muslim nations have been derailed. Back in February, a group in Indonesia opened a gender-fluid mosque – drawing praise from human rights activists around the globe. Sadly, the mosque was forced to close its doors only a month later after receiving dangerous threats from a local jihadist group associated with ISIL.

Subtle Discrimination

Here in the United States, it’s rare to see that type of hate out in the open. However, just because it’s not right in front of us doesn’t mean its nonexistent. The bigotry and discrimination faced by the trans community in the U.S. is typically much subtler in nature. The sign on the door might say “all are welcome”, but once inside it’s clear that trans people are not treated equally.

Subtle discrimination against transgender people is common in the U.S.Is Your Church a Sanctuary?

Whether it’s a mosque, a temple, a church, or some other house of worship, these places ought to be safe for all. It’s a tragedy that people in other countries have to build special places of worship for the transgender community to have a place to build their faith. While the situation is not quite as dire in the United States, we’re still a long way from acceptance. People go to houses of worship to make peace with their faith. No one should be forced out because of their chosen identity. The clothes we choose to wear and how we look have no bearing on the practice of faith.

Is your church welcoming to all? If not, would you like to see that change?


  1. Natalie says:

    After careful consideration, I have come to the simple surmation. The human race is the most imperfect race. We were to be designed in G-ds likeness. But its plain and simple, nothing is cut and dry. True transgendered people know at a early age how they think and feel. Society and years of social programing is what creates the bigotry hatred and stupidity. It is not my place to judge what another does unless it hurts myself or others. Each individual has to face their own judgments and falicies. I feel no ill feelings toward any LBGTQ being. In my world they are safe.

    1. Carol Amina says:

      Very sweetly said Natalie.

    2. HeidiAnne Sekreta says:

      I really like what you said Natalie.

    3. Daniel says:

      If only all Christians had the same Christ like attitude as yours , the world would be a better place

    4. hsw says:

      Thank you. True tolerance doesn’t require us to approve, only accept without judgement, and love without prejudice.

      1. Tom says:

        very well said

    5. Rev. Jo-An Josephine says:

      I agree. My own personal opinion is that: it matters not what a person has in their underpants…it matters only what’s in their heart. Church or State has no business in it’s Nation’s bedroom.
      As hsw said: True tolerance doesn’t require us to approve, only accept without judgement, and love without prejudice.

      Blessed Be!!

      1. rabbi jim says:

        rabbi jim here: Greetings Rev. Jo-An! I agree with your comment above. I do not associate sexuality with either government or the church. Sexuality is a totally personal thing, an entity in itself. As long as we practice sex morally, it does not violate our faith in any way. The key point is MORAL. Moral sex is mutual sex, not forced appon anyone, but sex performed openly and willingly by both partners.
        SHOLOM!!! Have a blessed New Year!

    6. Sherman Harris says:

      Well said Natalie

    7. rabbi jim says:

      rabbi jim here: Greetings Natalie. I deal much with troubled youth who contemplate their sexuality and try to understand it. I rationalize with them and try to console their feelings. It is really difficult for a person to live with a different person living inside their body, yearning to escape and be free. I have deep respect for those who make the physical changes
      to set themselves free. I am not a Transgender myself, but I have great respect for them, as well as all LGB orientations
      in society. They are God’s people also.
      Please, feel free to offer your questions and comments to me anytime.
      Sholom to you and have a blessed and joyous holiday season!!!

    8. Helen Brown says:

      You have the right idea. God bless you.

    9. Fr. Douglas says:

      Natalie, Imagine a world full of you, Wow what a beautiful world. Thank you for sharing

    10. John W Snyder says:

      I dont not believe that God intended for a person to change their gender. That process was created by mankind and, by mankind will perish unto itself. The mockery that this behavior is to God will be Judged yes. But, to subject myself and my children to blasphemous behavior and tell the world, ” It’s ok”, is condoning sin unto yourself and others how value your insight. There are lines in the scripture that God placed there to never be crossed amd this is one of them. Faith by the actions of oneself in that sense is not faith. It is a screen that is placed over the fact by Satan to blot of the righteous mind. The only way back is to recognize and repent, though, to live with your sin around you till judgement day.

      1. hsw says:

        John W Snyder you are entitled to your opinion. What you’re not entitled to is to insist others believe as you do.

        Unless you’re also against all other medical procedures created by “mankind” your “belief” in that regard is a smokescreen for your bigotry.

        Live as you choose, but recognize that everyone has that right.

        1. JASON D BENDER says:

          I agree! Plus, there is something really wrong with people who include their middle initials in their byline!

    11. James Hoff says:

      There may be copious reason why one may think, feel, assume or wish they were some form of cross gender. The brain & the intestines are a major control center for who & what we are (brain programming). There are copious articles that come at the many possibilities. One of the many reasons may be mentioned here in this article.

      1. hsw says: – yes that’s a totally credible source – not.

        Articles written as long as 30 years ago are completely accurate in terms of what we know 30 years later – not.

        Then there is the completely inaccurate assumption that homosexuals and transsexuals are in any way the same.

        Feeling a little sick over the bigotry expressed in many of these posts.

    12. chris says:

      When a child is created in the womb there is a time when the child is neither male nor female, SUDDENLY chemicals are released from the mother into the child,sometimes the child’s brain does not respond because of a breakdown of communication and so the child eventually is born with male or female parts, but their brain is of the opposite sex.Having a males genitals,and the brain and feelings of a female or vice versa.
      Therefore its not the child’s fault at all .
      The problem relates from the mothers own chemicals never reaching its target properly and the fetus does not receive the needed chemicals to effect the change needed to balance itself into either male or female.Leaving people to manage the two types of internal feelings and emotions of outwardly being male or female having those normal sexual organs.Whilst the brain itself makes the person feel and act and adapt to a life which contradicts nature ,making them feel either male or female the opposite of what their body reveals. Which this should help so called christian family’s to understand what is happening, and its not the childs fault that they are being twisted in two different ways.God himself forgives you for blaming your child, God would not punish those born that way,God himself would move heaven and earth to help that child being punished by the churches,those punishing people born like this are not christians, they are acting without showing compassion and love , they have judged without showing forgiveness if its needed.Now you know the evil of your judgements , today is the day you all change and follow the example of Jesusu’s teachings only in love.

  2. HeidiAnne Sekreta says:

    In my opinion, the Lord knows our hearts and souls, and even though we as humans identify with our gender, the Lord focuses on our inner selves. I’m not saying that the Lord doesn’t care about our outer selves, it’s just that the Lord cares more about our heart, and souls. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you are heterosexual, homosexual, transgendered, etc. We are all children of the Lord and are all equal, and should be treated as such.

  3. Clayton Beardmore says:

    Genesis 5:2 says it all.

    1. Carol Amina says:

      That would only hold true to people who believe the bible is fact. I for one do not. So your rules for you and mine for me. Mind include and love all people. Do yours?

      1. Daniel says:

        Totally agree.
        They forget the important bits like he who is without sin cast the first stone and opt for bigotry and hatred

      2. rabbi jim says:

        rabbi jim here: Greetings Carol! I agree with your comment above, Carol. I, too, do not agree with or support the bible verbatim. The bibles were written by man, not God. Let us, rather, follow the teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth ( Jesus ). The Gospels were also written by man, but the teachings of Yeshua are probably authentic, at least to some degree. Anyway, the teachings make a lot of moral and logical sense and deserve acclaim. Let us go and love all people in kindness and praise!
        SHOLOM and have a blessed and joyous New Year!

    2. pastorrichard13 says:

      Well said Clayton.

    3. hsw says:

      With all due respect, if you accept the bible as a literal work, you have to solve the conundrum of who Adam and Eve’s children married and procreated with.

      To you, it “says it all.” To me, it says nothing that has any meaning in this conversation.

      1. John Owens says:

        Without learning ancient Aramaic and having an ancient scroll of Genesis handy, I cannot be certain of this, but I BELIEVE it tells of Adam and Eve, but does NOT say there was no one else alive. I’m saying, the narrative concerns specific individuals, but does NOT necessarily exclude anyone else. For instance, while the scriptures tell us about Cain, Abel, and Seth, that does not mean there were not other children born, to this couple who had all the genetic diversity to make all manner of humans. It plainly says they continued having children AFTER Seth, for centuries, but does NOT specifically state that Seth was the third child born to them. Cain and Abel were mentioned by name because of what transpired between them, and Seth was mentioned by name because it was through him that the bloodline to leading to Noah was passed along. Just because others are not mentioned by name does not mean they did not exist.

        1. hsw says:

          I really try to avoid interacting with you John Owens, because it’s proven to be completely pointless, as you’ll make up your own “facts” if the ones at hand don’t suit you – which is more or less the case here. But this one is too obvious to let pass, so I’m going to jump in (and then back out) to make a small but cogent point.

          In the Coptic faith (whose texts were among the earlier scripture translations, and therefore less “muddied” than the later, and certainly the English language translations), there are two celebrations centered around the resurrection of Jesus. The first is obviously exactly that – the resurrection of Christ. The second is the resurrection of Adam and all of his children – there’s more to it but that’s the simple version. If there were “others” around during (or prior to) the creation, why would Adam be singled out for resurrection?

          PS: The Feast of the Resurrection, celebrating the restoration of Adam and his children to paradise, is the reason people go to gardens and eat/decorate eggs as part of the Easter celebration. That’s a pretty important piece of symbology to have passed down through the ages if there were “others” and Adam and Eve weren’t really that significant.

          Coptic scholars are fascinating people. Used to have one in the family. You just never know what you’ll learn.

          1. pastorrichard13 says:

            This all well and good if you are a believer in Coptic Christianity and it’s relative doctrines. Since the Council of Chalcedon in 451ce where they split from the rest of Christianity. This Coptic Christianity is mostly in Egypt and parts of Africa and really pretty much nowhere else. If I’m not mistaken those of the LGBTQ community get thrown off roof tops there.

          2. John Owens says:

            If, by it being pointless to interact with me, you mean you cannot convince me of your intellectual or moral superiority, then you are certainly correct, but I think you read the first line or two of what I wrote and missed a few lines of my answer. Mankind, as we know it, all came from Adam and Eve. Cain married a sister. Not incestuous at that time, because the genes were more varied. Everyone but the family of Noah perished in the flood. If there were other humanoids, God did not see fit to explain it to Moses, but He did not deny it, either.

            The Easter (named for Ishtar, or Astarte, goddess of fertility, from Semiramis, mother/wife of Nimrod) celebration is a fertility ritual, hence the eggs and rabbits, but even if the celebration is about the resurrection of Adam and his seed, that would not necessarily exclude all others.

            However, ALL dead, small and great SHALL be resurrected. Revelation 20. Now I have answered both questions.

          3. John Owens says:

            Oh, and by the way, the oldest manuscripts known to be in existence will be in Aramaic, with the oldest complete collections being in the Greek Septuagint, which goes back to some time between the captivity of Judah and the beginning of the Common Era, I think.

          4. JOHN MAHER says:


      2. Rev. Jo-An Josephine says:

        Well Said. BRAVO!!!

        1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine says:

          My comment was meant for hsw.

          1. John Owens says:

            Yeah. Whoo-hoo!

          2. John Owens says:

            You said people are born the way they are, so, let us reason together, if that is possible: are certain men born walking in such a way that identifies them as having a certain sexual preference when they walk down the sidewalk? Is there a genetic mutation which makes them talk in such a way as to be identifiable as having that preference? Of course not. They CHOOSE to walk that way and speak that way, much as ANY OTHER HUMAN CHOOSES within limits of that to which they are exposed. We also to a great extent choose to what we are exposed. Now, are people BORN with preference for wearing loud colors, or gothic makeup or thinking the 69 position is more desirable or less desirable than others? Absolutely not. Is it written in the genetic code that a 2 year old boy will grow up to prefer red-heads or brunettes or blondes or Asian women or black women or tall women or short women? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. So HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU SAY THAT ANYONE IS BORN WITH A CERTAIN GENDER PREFERENCE? That is not knowable, so if you say it with any certainty, you are speaking from FAITH, and not from knowledge. You believe it because you choose to believe it, not because it has been proven. We all know it has not been proven because it is unprovable.

    4. Pamela Raintree says:

      If Genesis 5:2 says it all, then what use is the rest of the Bible?

    5. Clayton Beardmore says:

      The LGBT activists are using this as a sort of Trojan horse to break down gender and sexual boundaries and essentially destroy what God (yes, I believe in the Bible) has created. They are very much anti-traditional family. If you can destroy gender, you can destroy the family – not a good idea.

      You can believe the truth of the Bible or not – and if you don’t, you are WRONG! The truth is quoted below:

      “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1;27 (NKJV)

      Walt Heyer (a former transgender) states that some 41% of the transgender population attempts suicide – a figure cited by multiple sources – makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

      Heyer’s journey to wholeness bears testimony to the lie being peddled by social revolutionaries – that one can actually become the opposite sex. He knows that changing genders is simply not possible, regardless of misnomers such as “sex reassignment surgery” and “gender fluidity.” There is no such thing. It’s totally cosmetic. “Not one person changes gender, except on paper,” Heyer said.

      Dr. Paul McHugh, former Chief of Psychiatry at John Hopkins Medical Center, which pioneered the so-called sex reassignment procedures, now strongly opposes such treatments as psychologically harmful and has written extensively on that subject.

      Be what God made you. Man is not in charge. Get over it!

      1. HSW says:

        Dude you’re really late to this party. We’ve been down all those roads. Not sure why you’re here as this is an open, welcoming place for people of all faiths and none to talk. Closed minds have other places to be.

        FYI this isn’t a Christian group – some people don’t seem to get that.

        Short story – McHugh is a thankfully retired loon, and Johns Hopkins still does transgender surgeries – still pioneers in new and better techniques.

        1. Carol Amina says:

          lol….HSW I really love it when you hit the nail on the head. Now if only we could get the point across to christians that we dont all need to follow there rules. Good, kind and caring people, good people come from all walks of life and under many different religions. I have been hurt and molested far less (like never) but Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu’s and so on. But the man who raped me as a child was a Sunday school teacher. The man who beat me for 9 years was a devout christian in a Pentecostal church… ( also the father of my son whom I later learned was molesting my daughter his step child) Now mind you I left that bad relationship and he went to jail thanks to the law. I am not saying “All” christians are bad. Oh no! but many christians label me as bad and hell bound because i dont go by there book. I did for almost 15 long years until I woke up and got a mind of my own.
          By the way my daughter is guy and so is my step sister. I have had friends in the LGBTQ community for many years. They dont discriminate agents me because i happen to be heterosexual.

          1. HSW says:

            Happy New Year Carol! The man who molested me was a devout Christian lay minister pillar of the community. The man who beat me, choked me, covered my face so I couldn’t breath until I stopped fighting, you get the picture – he was doing it all in the name of God, because I just wouldn’t submit to his superiority.

            I have close friends who are Christians but they’re the kind of Christians who are OK with the fact that I’m not, because they don’t believe they have all the answers, and in addition, they believe I have a right to choose my own path. One of them probably thinks I’m going to hell, but I have family who do too, so I’m used to that. As long as they leave me alone, we can all live and let live.

            My brother is gay, as are a number of my friends. One friend is transgender, and life got so ugly for him after he transitioned that he had to leave social media altogether just to live in peace.

            I self-identified as Buddhist for a while, but I found I’m not good at following anybody’s made-up rules (no judgement, it just didn’t work for me) and honestly there is so much misunderstanding of what Buddhists believe (no they’re not idol worshipers people) that I just got tired of it. Love the philosophy. The rules not so much. Now I’m just me.

            But the short story is that “Christian” isn’t a nice label in my experience either. Be a good person, then we’ll talk. You believe whatever you want to believe as long as you leave other people alone to live their lives. Then we’ll talk.

            Good to see you’re still here.

          2. Clayton Beardmore says:

            My original 2nd paragraph is still true, whether you like it or not. FYI, you (or nobody else) is in charge, GOD is.

            Also, I’m not sure I’d refer to the retired Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, as a loon.

            Instead of just spouting, got some FACTS?

            BTW, Carol Amina can’t spell worth a darn!

      2. Carol Amina says:

        Clayton Beardmore, You are right! I have a very hard time with Spelling. I have Dyslexia, and had a stroke back in 2014 that made things even harder. Sometimes my fingers don’t work well when I type. I answer many of my posts while sitting at Doctors appointments for my father who has Parkinson’s and Dementia. I am 60 years old and he is 86. I am now full time 24/7 caregiver and stress also causes me to not be as thoughtful with words as I should be.
        The reason I am taking time to say this to you is that you judged me and implied that some how I am less then because I have poor spelling. In fact I am college educated and have taken early retirement from 25 years in Children Mental Health Services. I have been judged by people like you all my life. Bible Thumping Right Wing Haters who think they are the “Chosen” and who like to make others feel bad because we don’t follow the same book as you. So go for it Clayton, like trump make fun of people who have disabilities it just shows what your really made of. Your god is one of hate, anger and cruelty.
        I wish you no harm. In fact I hope you never have to suffer under the kind of hatefulness you spew.

        1. Pastor Pete says:

          Very well said Carol, all love peace and light surround you.

          1. Carol Amina says:

            Thank You Pastor Pete Peace and Blessings back to you 🙂

  4. Dave Crandall says:

    I love the fact that folks r not bad and ungodly because of whom they identify with. Life is a process, not a challenge of moral interpretation .
    Holiday blessings
    Rev Dave

    1. JOHN MAHER says:

      I think everyone has to think for THEMSELVEs, THEY must FOREVER LIVE WITH TEMSELVEs and whats your PROBLEM ???

      1. Dave Crandall says:

        At 60 plus years. The world re invented it self?
        People who think for themselves , stayed pretty quiet then. Now it appears even toilet tissue is under scrutiny 😀Good or bad was never my idea when it came to religion. just as staff ambulance driver for u s m c I thought I had seen it all. World peace and all that drag.all in all I’m in favor of being non descriptive peaceful and tolerant. Sometimes very much so

        1. Dave Crandall says:

          😀made my day . Kind words .thank you sir

          1. Clayton Beardmore says:

            Talk to yourself much?

  5. JOHN MAHER says:

    DITTO Mr. Crandall DITTO, I could not have said it any MORE BETTERER

  6. CM Davidson says:

    I have no issue with people defining their own gender or sexual orientation; however, I do have issue with the LGBTQ community trying to change organized religions because they do not agree with traditional dogma and doctrine. Inclusivity is not an inalienable right, though freedom of religion is. Here’s an idea: if the religion does not fit with you or your chosen lifestyle, find one that does fit, just don’t demand that my religion change to suit your wants and whims.

    1. hsw says:

      Could you provide examples, please, of how and when the LGBTQ community has tried to “change” organized religion? I’m only aware of organized religion having deliberately excluded them, not for wanting to change dogma and doctrine, but for simply being who they are. That’s discrimination, and it’s wrong, but the church does have that legal right as a private organization.

      So again…examples please?

      1. CM Davidson says:

        You gave yourself a prime example in your comment. No organized religion has to change its dogma and doctrine for anyone, yet the LGBTQ community demands it, by demanding inclusion, and cries discrimination and victimization when organized religions stand up for their freedom of religion which allows them to define said dogma and doctrine as they see fit, and allows them to defend such against the intolerant of society, such as the members of the LGBTQ community who refuse to accept such inalienable rights! Each demand of inclusion is a demand to “change” organized religion, especially in religions such as Christianity, which defined themselves well over 2000 years ago. So I will put forth this idea again: If you (or any member of the LGBTQ community) do not agree with such an organized religion, then walk away and find one that fits.

        1. JOHN MAHER says:


        2. hsw says:

          Still waiting for an example. The request to worship as they choose does not in any way “demand” that others change their beliefs. My presence in a pew, sitting quietly, demands nothing.

          That’s like saying my divorce affects the sanctity of your marriage.

          Try again.

          1. CM Davidson says:

            I could give you several more examples, but you seem incapable of understanding the ones given. When members of the LGBTQ community demand that Christianity or other religions accept them, when the scriptures consider them deviant, abhorrent, and their lifestyle generally unacceptable, this is most definitely a demand for change, and one that goes against the inalienable and Constitutional right to freedom of religion. Like I have said twice before, if any organized religion does not fit you or your choice of gender identity or sexual orientation, then walk away…pretty simple ideology here…really, it should not be that hard to understand…

          2. pastorrichard13 says:

            Well HSW she answered you……

    2. Pamela Raintree says:

      So, who owns religion to claim a right to define it?

      1. hsw says:

        That’s a great question and I look forward to hearing the answers – all of them 🙂

      2. CM Davidson says:

        Each denomination within organized religion have defined themselves; if you wish to be part of their movement then it is up to you to respect their definitions. You have the right to organize your own religion, in which case, whatever your personal religion (aside from a predefined organized religion), you have the right to define it as you so choose, and if I were to choose to follow it, it would be morally wrong and unethical for me to demand you change its dogma and doctrine to accommodate my whims. As I said three times before, if an organized religion does not fit you, walk away from it…it cannot be more simple!

        1. Pamela Raintree says:

          So, no one owns the right to define religion. Next question; where is the law written that says only accepted members of a religion have a right to ask the members to change the rules of their organization?

          1. CM Davidson says:

            Reading comprehension isn’t your strong point, is it? You asked, I answered, you failed to comprehend….moving on…

          2. CM Davidson says:

            Put it this way, the key word in my answer was ‘organized’. Do you know what ‘organized religion’ means? From your answer, I will presume you do not. An organized religion is one that has been defined by a governing body within its membership. To simplify for you, that would be the dogma and doctrine I mention. Can you keep up? I know it’s hard… Oh, and if you are not a member of any organization, you have zero rights to ask anyone to change anything — that is what exclusivity is all about. It means that if I have membership, and I am in a place of governing authority within my organized religion, I have every right to tell you that you are unwelcome. Nothing in the Constitution gives anyone the inalienable right to be included in anything. I don’t know how to simplify this any more. I strongly suggest you try an adult basic literacy class to help you improve your reading for understanding abilities…

        2. Pastor Pete says:

          Of course you can discriminate in any way you choose, however seeing the hectoring sarcastic tone you seem to adopt when trying to have some kind of civilised debate, include me out, you don’t like deviants, I don’t like bigots, so hey, let’s not hang out 😎

        3. Pamela Raintree says:

          Your response to my comment and question represent a logical fallacy, an ad hominin, to be more specific. If that’s the best you can offer, then my comment stands uncontested. Toodles

  7. pastorrichard13 says:

    I for one am sick and tired of the Government and Liberal establishment telling me how I am supposed to think and feel, that being said I am not tolerant of transgender individuals nor do I believe the Church should be required to as well. Let’s be clear here, there is a clear difference between love and tolerance. Christ taught that we should love our brothers and sisters but that is not the issue here, acceptance and tolerance is. When the Government plays the zero sum game against the majority I have issues with that. I wonder if mental illness plays a role in having an issue with looking in a mirror and seeing whether you are a boy or a girl….

    1. Daniel says:

      Jesus was a liberal.
      I don’t understand how you could think otherwise

      1. hsw says:

        Thank you Daniel. Jesus would be ashamed of the hate and name-calling.

        1. JOHN MAHER says:


      2. John Owens says:

        I don’t believe in the hate and name-calling any more than either of you, but, can you tell me ANY place where Jesus said men could be women and women can be men or two men can marry and have sex and it’s okay? Modern liberals say that, and then try to appropriate Jesus’ name into it. They also say people shouldn’t have to work or pay for their college tuition. Liberals say people have a RIGHT to free housing and free food and free medical care and free cell-phones. Did Jesus say we have a right to EBT cards and WIC and free drinking water? Did Jesus mention all these freebies in some obscure text that I have not been taught? Did He condemn the death penalty? How can you in any intellectual honesty say He was a liberal? I’m not saying He was a Conservative, either (at least in the fiscal sense). He was a subject of an occupied territory, that was mostly governed by His fellow Jews, which were a little more like Taliban than they were like modern Jews, so POLITICALLY, He was neither conservative nor liberal. In the interest of sensitivity or empathy to others, we are ALL dancing around trying not hurt the feelings of others, but the reality is not what we pretend that it is. I’m not young or handsome, so I couldn’t make up to be a pretty woman, but I could easily make up to look like an old woman. Would that make me a woman? Nope. It would make me an actor, a pretender, maybe an undercover dude. That is not hate speech, nor bigotry, and not even insensitive. It is just fact. You can’t bend facts to make them more sensitive. You can only bend words. The facts remain constant.

        Now, if an (obviously) effeminate man showed up at our church services, we wouldn’t mistreat him, and we wouldn’t interrogate him. That is not our job nor our purpose. If a person is sincerely trying to learn the WORD of God, the WORD will have its own effect on them. Having said that, they would be taught from the same Bible as the rest of us, and we wouldn’t change one word to accommodate anyone. I don’t spend any time crying about the LGBTQ people or worrying about their salvation. I have imperfections of my own that I am trying to overcome. When I get those nailed down or worked out, I’ll start worrying about others, beginning with my inner circle.

        1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine says:

          Christians believe that God made “man” in his own image. Christians also believe that GOD creates all things. Well, if GOD creates all things….who are you to judge GOD when he creates a gay or lesbian person, a trans-gendered or heterosexual or any other? We don’t choose to be, we are BORN this way as GOD created us.

          Blessed Be!

          1. hsw says:

            Wise words Rev. Jo-An Josephine!

          2. Carol Amina says:

            Perfect! and well said. I always try to use the words of there own book to hold the mirror up and show them how very ignorant this all seems.
            Thank you again Rev Jo-An

          3. Ralph Miller says:

            The term “born this way”is often used as an excuse.didn’t god give us the freedom of choice? The ability to chose right from wrong.

          4. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

            God create man and woman without alteration and as such !
            A group of people, inspired by LUCIFER, are fighting to change the SACRED RULES of our real GOD, and let innocent people fall under the rules of SATAN.
            It is easy to identify this negative group by their MEDIA, newspapers, books , movies, radios and TV channels.
            The Creation is perfect, but what about the bacteria of LUCIFER and his soldiers?
            God has created us free and told us to choose,and didn’t mean to create us as ROBOTS.
            Refuse to be with SATAN and refuse to let other to play games with your sane and holy body……………………, read and read the Bible and you will be able to keep your body, forever, sane and holy, as designed by our LORD.
            Blessing to all who have discovered the truth !!!
            Heaven will never receive the soldiers of LUCIFER, in order to protect those who are obedient to the RULE OF CREATION !!!

          5. hsw says:

            Rev Ragi Burhum, if “The Creation is perfect,” maybe you should allow for the possibility that your creator didn’t make mistakes, and that the people you believe are trying to “change the rules” are actually simply living as they were created, by the same creator who made you.

            In the alternative, I’m going to mull over the possibility that some street corner is missing it’s ranting preacher.

          6. CM Davidson says:

            God created in His image, a transgendered person is an abomination – a recreation of what God created as perfection. That is the doing of ‘man’, not God. Gender is, after all, a political creation of man, however a person’s biological sex IS the creation of God. Any other belief is heresy…

          7. pastorrichard13 says:

            Since God created man in His own image, you would agree then that God also created some of us more intelligent than others right? If you agree with that then you must also agree that God also created humans who are born with mental disorders right? This study would disagree with you Rev. Jo-An

          8. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

            Hi Rev.Jo-An Josefine!
            Don’t accuse God to have created the gays and the lesbians, because you are committing a GIG SIN……
            God has created us in perfect and normal condition.
            Devil with his assistants has disorientated the weak people and changed them to be as such.
            If you are a religious person, you may not spread propaganda, helping Lucifer to fight against the REAL GOD …. ARE YOU ALSO A BACKSIDER…?
            Go always back to the Bible (Genesis 5:2)
            God himself has warned us to fall under the lifestyle of Lucifer, who has been fighting to destroy our normal CREATION.
            Many of the TV, radio stations and newspapers are helping Devil to spread a propaganda, to destroy the moral and love in our human families.
            Fortunately, those small and powerful groups are now discovered, thanks to the free press found in the social pages.
            Blessings to all who love the only God and sue DEVIL with his Army …!!!!

          9. John Owens says:

            You are accusing me of judging God. Did I say one word that judges GOD? If so, show it to me, if not, stop crying and pretending to be offended by something I DID NOT SAY!

    2. Ralph Miller says:

      Why is the government or any other organization trying to force certain lifestyles on people who just don’t believe or support what they are a child of god I’m required to love everyone as i would a youth minister,i get asked alot how i feel about homosexuality.i can only tell you what the bible says on the’s not my place to judge.(i don’t agree with it,but I’m not gonna hate someone because they choose that lifestyle)it’s like if someone ask me for directions to get to a certain place(because their lost)i can point them in the right or not they take that direction is up to them.

      1. pastorrichard13 says:

        As I stated, this has nothing to do with hate, this has to do with personal belief. Personally I believe this is more a mental health issue than anything else. Hate and bigot are two words that liberal minded people use when they cannot find a coherent argument on any subject. There have been studies done and conclusions made to support the mental health side of this argument. Bruce Jenner for example, his show was canceled why? because people saw it for what it was, a novelty. He won a hero award for changing sexes or was it just donning a wig and high heels? Does he still have a penis or was it removed? No he hasn’t and in his words” I’m not comfortable with the surgery” So then that leads me to the question, is he a woman or not. NOT! Our society needs to come to grips that transgender is not normal and we as a society need to stop trying to make out that it is. We need to place this where it belongs, in the mental health arena….

        1. hsw says:

          Funny how the mental health arena (which I have to assume you’re not part of) says it doesn’t belong long there – that it’s well within the spectrum of normal human behaviors.

          The good news for the rest of us is that facts are still facts whether you believe them or not.

          1. CM Davidson says:

            The DSM-5, which is the clinical diagnostic manual for mental illness, begs to differ (see entry on gender dysphoria)…

          2. pastorrichard13 says:

            No hsw I am not, however, Lawrence Mayer, a co-author of the report and a scholar-in-residence at Johns Hopkins University’s psychiatry department, as well as a professor of statistics and biostatistics at Arizona State University, is and I’m sure he is much more versed and educated on the issue than you or I. And as CM has posted the DSM-5 which is the standard guideline for mental illness is also more adept ant diagnosis than you or I. I just read a lot, how about you.

          3. pastorrichard13 says:

            Here you go hsw, a little lite reading for you…

          4. John Owens says:

            Such as the FACT that a man is not a woman?

      2. hsw says:

        Ralph Miller, at what point in your life did you choose to be heterosexual?

        1. Ralph Miller says:

          Hsw….when i was a kid.i was taught homosexuality was wrong.i have nothing against that lifestyle,i have friends that are that way.most people i talk to living that lifestyle,tell me they feel guilty&ashamed everytime they engage in that behavior.I’m reminded of the story of adam&eve after they ate from the tree of knowledge.when they heard God’s voice the hid behind a tree to hide their nakedness.god ask how they know they are naked.because they ate from the tree of knowledge,giving them a conscience(also knowing right from wrong).if a child is raised without any discipline,and no conscience of bad behavior.And that child becomes an adult and murders someone,can he say he was born that way.if i go steal a car,i can’t say i was born to steal cars.i know right from wrong.i know what the bible says(so you can’t tell me different)the bible tells us that the flesh weak.our bodies are from this earth so it’s natural that we have earthly desires.but their is also that spiritual can’t always give in to the flesh,because there are conscienes for the decisions we make.If Thats your lifestyle (more power to you).I pray god watches over you and everyone get no judgement me.if you believe that lifestyle is acceptable,that’s gonna be between you&god. Hate the sin,not the person

          1. hsw says:

            And with all that you never answered my question. At what point in your life did you choose to be heterosexual?

            They are guilty and ashamed because people like you have taught them to feel that way. It’s the reason the “gay pride” movement exists. To overcome the stigma that people like you place on normal human behavior. Children who have not even had sex yet have committed suicide because people like you tell them that their normal feelings are sinful and wrong and they’re going to hell if they don’t pretend to be someone they’re not.

            Your god would be so proud.

            Now please answer my question.

          2. Ralph Miller says:

            hsw,i did answer your question.i was a kid when i chose jesus Christ as my saviour.I’m proud of that body is a temple and i will not degrade that.i will not give in to earthly desires.i simply state what the bible says.these are not my’s unfortunate that people have committed suicide over this,maybe out of guilt.i don’t know,i don’t have the i said,i have friends that are that way.and i have stood up for them when people have tried to bully them because of who they seems like your not happy with your own lifestyle,because you wanna argue with everyone’s you who have the hate in your heart.

          3. pastorrichard13 says:

            hsw, being heterosexuality IS the natural order of human beings.

          4. John Owens says:

            It is not ONE single choice, ONE single decision. Only an idiot would argue that. No one becomes who or what they are with one decision, one thought. It is a thousand decisions, a million, little ones that we make each day. What I am today can be changed tomorrow, if I CHOOSE, over and over again to make little changes. I can be thinner, healthier, change my mustache, my hair, my car, my clothes, my sexual FANTASIES. I can change all of those, by conscious action. I’m not limited by my past or even my present. I am only limited by my frame of MIND. I can fantasize about redheads until I am lusting for redheads, or it could be some particular ethnic group, or nuns. I can influence my own sexuality. I try to keep that limited to thoughts of my wife, as a married man should. I cannot tell others what to do, or even how to do it. I cannot know what has led each person to where they are at a given time, but I know we can be better than we are to one another.

            Back on topic, though, if LGBTQ people are having difficulty being accepted by established faiths, why not start an LGBTQ faith? What’s preventing that? Forgive me if my question seems naïve and simplistic, but I really don’t see why they don’t just do that, instead of insisting the other faiths accept them. Then, they can try to learn to be accepting and tolerant and loving and helpful in their own church, and everyone can just live and let live. Isn’t that what we are seeking?

          5. hsw says:

            pastorrichard13 I’m pretty sure “being heterosexuality” isn’t the natural order of anything other than bastardized grammar.

            As to what you meant to say, please provide your evidence. Thanks.

        2. hsw says:

          Once more – it’s a really simple question which you in no way have answered. At what point in your life did you choose to be heterosexual?

          1. Ralph Miller says:

            hsw…I know what your trying to get me to say,i was not born heterosexual or homosexual.i was born a man,and at puberty i was attracted to the female sex.partly because i didn’t grow up in a homosexual society.the bible said it was a sin,the schools didn’t support it,and such acts where illegal in this country.just because the government says that lifestyle is now ok,doesn’t mean its no longer a sin

          2. hsw says:

            I’ve tried not to laugh out loud – it’s not working. I’m laughing out loud.

            Ralph Miller I’m not trying to get you to say anything except to form a straight answer to a simple question – At what point in your life did you CHOOSE to be heterosexual?

            There is no “homosexual society.” There have been people whose orientation was same sex since before recorded time. The fact that you may have been shielded from that by someone doesn’t make it less so.

            So for the last time, you can either continue to be dishonest and disingenuous, making excuses for who you are, or you can answer the question.

            At what point in your life did you CHOOSE to be heterosexual?

          3. John Owens says:

            It is not ONE single choice, ONE single decision. Only an idiot would argue that. No one becomes who or what they are with one decision, one thought. It is a thousand decisions, a million, little ones that we make each day. What I am today can be changed tomorrow, if I CHOOSE, over and over again to make little changes. I can be thinner, healthier, change my mustache, my hair, my car, my clothes, my sexual FANTASIES. I can change all of those, by conscious action. I’m not limited by my past or even my present. I am only limited by my frame of MIND. I can fantasize about redheads until I am lusting for redheads, or it could be some particular ethnic group, or nuns. I can influence my own sexuality. I try to keep that limited to thoughts of my wife, as a married man should. I cannot tell others what to do, or even how to do it. I cannot know what has led each person to where they are at a given time, but I know we can be better than we are to one another.

          4. hsw says:

            If I was asking John Owens I would have said so – the question has been and still is directed to Ralphie. Still waiting. It’s a simple question. It doesn’t required more than one sentence unless Ralphie continues to prevaricate rather than respond.

          5. John Owens says:

            hsw, since neither of you have the answer, nor know which question to ask, I answered for you. I have been hearing this hollow argument for many years, since the mid 1970s at least, and it amazed me that people could not see the hole in it.

      3. Pamela Raintree says:

        Why would you try to force your values on anyone who is not a member of your religion?

        1. CM Davidson says:

          Why would you try to force your values on anyone whose values differ from your own?

          1. Pamela Raintree says:

            I’m not trying to force anything on anyone, but neither am I willing to have other people’s values forced on me. Jesus castigated the Pharisees and Sadducees for trying to force their values on others. Check Matt 23. They completely failed to comprehend the meaning of the law, which Jesus summarized to mean that we must show love to everyone and to “the Father.” I did a study of what Jesus meant by the term “love.” He spoke in Aramaic, of course, and didn’t write his words down, so we translate from the Greek Septuagint, which uses the term agape. In ancient Greek, that word indicated a deeply respectful treatment of people, such as a devout Catholic might show to the Pope. When “the word” is written on one’s heart, that doesn’t need to be explained to them. When one lives in the United States one has a responsibility to know the laws of the nation and uphold them. Those laws do not call for one to show agape love to anyone, but they do demand that we equal rights under the law to everyone who lives here. That is not MY value. It is OUR value, and has been for more than 200 years. If someone has a problem with that, there is a mechanism in the law for changing it.

    3. Pamela Raintree says:

      What you think is none of my business. What you say is, so I will respond. First, you start with a false statement, saying that the Government and Liberal establishment are telling you how you are supposed to think and feel. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor.” What you are being told is that the laws of our nation apply to everyone equally, not just the people you approve of. That doesn’t mean your church has to accept anyone it doesn’t want in it, because whatever it is that your religion upholds as truth is protected by the same laws that protect everyone. It’s a good thing for you that I don’t run the government, because I’d require anyone who tries to push their religious views onto others to be judged by their own religious laws, and executed accordingly. Exod. 10:33 KJV I get that you are intolerant of transgenders. That’s your prerogative, but Jesus disagreed. “For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother’s womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven’s sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” Matt 19:13 KJV The term transgender wasn’t coined until modern times, but in Jesus’ day, the closest equivalent was, eunuch, and just to clear things up Jesus commanded you to love them, and everyone else for that matter. I presume you know THAT verse. Oh! And allow me to clarify about that idea about loving your brothers and sisters and being intolerant (terribly unloving). Perhaps you’ve seen this, from Matt 5 ; “43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. 44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; 45 That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. 46 For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? 47 And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? 48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” KJV

      1. Carol Amina says:

        Very well said! Using scripture to show the rude and Un-Christlike ways of many so called Christians is the right way to go. We all need a mirror held up from time to time. Thank you.

    4. Pastor Peye says:

      Liberal establishment? Where? Looks like the fascists are in charge these days…

  8. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

    As of the Bible and other religions, we know that Devil exists on Earth, fighting against the Lord and against the truth as well against the sanity of Humanity.
    There is only one group of people, who support Lucifer in realizing this negative mission on our Earth, and if you want to discover this group, just listen to their Media, channels, as well as Hollywood.
    This group struggles against the pure creation of the Creator, in order to spoil and ruin the health and morality of Humanity.
    Sodom and Gam. is an example for teaching Humanity not to fight against the norms and rule of the pure creation.
    If a certain groups want to change the real rules of creation, they are in the wrong place and they have to cure their brains and not touch the dirty part, which is designed for refusals………….
    My Orthodox Christian Church sticks to the Bible and doesn’t allow Lucifer to change the Christian doctrine.
    We never hate, but we avoid to mingle ourselves with SINS.
    I was born in Bethlehem and very close to the Church of Nativity and have the Christian Doctrine, running in my blood forever and for good.
    We respect all religions and look forward to spread PEACE on Earth, like our Jesus Christ……….!!!
    Best regards and wishes to all Peace-Makers……………………….!!!!!!!

    1. hsw says:

      “We” know no such thing. Neither do you. You choose to believe a book written by men who believed the world was flat, and accept it as a literal tome on how to live your life. That’s your choice.

      “Dirty parts”? What are you, twelve?

      “We respect all religions” doesn’t track with your “truth,” your “rules,” or your simplistic view of the nature of the world and it’s people.

      But again, that’s your choice. Just understand that everyone has a choice, and many of us choose facts over opinions, and love over hate.

      1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine says:

        Again, Well Said hsw!!!!

    2. JOHN MAHER says:

      HEY RAGU, I think you should REALLY WTFU and SEE the 666 on BEEZLBUB TRUMPS HEAD,YES LUCIFER does exist and HEAR HE is BORN of an ORANGUTAN, NOT HARD to SEE

      1. hsw says:

        You’re not furthering the cause or helping anyone. You’re just being a jerk. Please take your shouting and political rants somewhere else.

        1. John Owens says:

          …and thank you, H.

      2. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

        Merry Christmas and a happy new year, Mr. John Maher with all your friends……!!!

  9. JOHN MAHER says:


  10. auntie says:

    A human path of self and cultural identity much older than our current attention to such ways.

    Personally, I say everyone deserves love. Everyone.

  11. JG says:

    These poor souls are not “transgendered”, they are confused and disordered and need true guidance. It is a disease just like any other mental or physical ailment, and it is to be treated as such. For example, we do not praise the alcoholic because he or she is an alcoholic, we recognize that person’s disease and help them seek treatment for their disease. We do not laud the schizophrenic and encourage him or her to embrace their hallucinations and encourage their distorted perception of reality. So it is with the disease of “transgenderism” which is nothing more than a confusion and distortion of reality, much the same as any other mental illness.

    1. hsw says:

      I’m going to assume you’re not a mental health professional, as transgender is absolutely not classified as a mental disease or disorder. The only guidelines the APA gives psychiatric and psychological professionals for dealing with trans folks are to help them deal with the abuse that people like you heap on them.

      They are as hardwired as any of the rest of us – they’re not sick and their perception of reality is much less distorted than yours.

    2. Rev. Jo-An Josephine says:

      Christians believe that God made “man” in his own image. Christians also believe that GOD creates all things. Well, if GOD creates all things….who are you to judge GOD when he creates a gay or lesbian person, a trans-gendered or heterosexual or any other? We don’t choose to be, we are BORN this way as GOD created us.

      Blessed Be!

      I feel sorry for you JG, for it is you that seems to be suffering from Mental Illness.

      I absolutely agree with hsw on this one!

    3. Carol Amina says:

      As a Mental Health Professional I am disused that by what you have said! Transgender is in fact a real, and they don’t need people “saying oh poor them” The need to be seen as people just as valid and valued as anyone else! I somehow think you meant to be kind, as if to say they are lost and need to be found. But it is you JG who is lost. Lost in dogma and backward thinking.

  12. Peggy McFarland says:

    My ministry preaches only one thing…one thing only… The Golden Rule. There have been so many translations, interpretations and enactments of the Word of our Creator that no real word exists today…only the whispers of what could be those words. I see nowhere where His/Her Word is to go out and judge anyone in His/Her name. He/She reserves that right. I cannot trust clergy who profess God gave them the right to do so through His/Her word… That Word is only an interpretation..the Word no longer is written. Do unto others…judge not. Show kindness and compassion to all living things. Do not ever think you are righteous and made perfect…only our Creator can claim that.

    1. Rev. Jo-An Josephine says:

      Well said Peggy.

    2. hasheart says:

      This is exactly how i live my life . I also have taught this to my children as well. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you practice a religion, have faith, or not. It isn’t my place or any one else’s place to judge.

  13. David Doepner says:

    Being Transgender is not a choice, how one responds to it is a choice
    There has been enough research done now that shows this is not a “lifestyle choice” but an inherent condition hardwired into the person. Being shamed and punished over the years creates a need to hide, a desire to change, but because it is a natural aspect of that person, change is very, very rare in coming. And when it does, it is often a lie. Until societies accept that understanding they will want to fix or condemn or punish those in the Trans community. Until societies accept that understanding Trans people will be on the outside of faith and searching for support in other places, from other sources. Accept them or drive them away, that is your choice. However, changing them to fit the gender binary of male/female will only alienate them and further isolate them from what might be faith support.

    It is common to hear someone suggest they “Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin.” There is no sin here, there is only identity and a need to connect with others, finding support and love. If there is sin, it is turning your back on someone in need of acceptance and understanding. We can be the source of that love and support or we can be the reason they turn their back on faith.

    1. hsw says:

      Beautifully said.

    2. Rev. Jo-An Josephine says:

      Better said than I could have hoped for. Thank you David. Although I am hetero myself…I believe that transgendered, gay or lesbian, have all the same rights as we do.

      Christians believe that God made “man” in his own image. Christians also believe that GOD creates all things. Well, if GOD creates all things….who are you to judge GOD when he creates a gay or lesbian person, a trans-gendered or heterosexual or any other? We don’t choose to be, we are BORN this way as GOD created us.

      Blessed Be!

    3. Ralph Miller says:

      So what your saying is that we should just disregard the bible and all it’s teachings.that’s it’s ok to kill,steal,and commit all other types of just can’t pick out certain parts of the bible and try to change things around.if that’s the case,then Gods simply a myth

      1. David Doepner says:

        Ralph, First off people pick and choose from the bible all the time. To be true to everything in the book would be impossible. Shellfish and mixed fiber cloth and stoning and slaves and so many other things that we understand reflect a different time and culture. “Judge lest ye be judged” and “love your neighbor” seem to be ignored nearly as often as any other part of the faith. So why choose to look at trans people as sinners when there are so many others who are making choices every day that violate the core foundations and precepts of the faith.
        Second, suggesting someone born transgender and attempting to come to terms with it is comparable to murder or theft is an exaggeration and false equivalency. I’m guessing the “sin” they engage in is wearing the clothing of the other gender, not quite a 10 Commandment violation. We need to understand gender is not the same as sex, their gender is between their ears, not between their legs. They are attempting to be appropriate to their authentic gender. Even if you don’t see it that way they are calming the turmoil within so they can be better attuned to the other important things in life.

      2. Carol Amina says:

        For many people in the world god is a myth. If your a christian then you must follow the bible or your just faking it right? So then why dont christians follow everything exactly? I dont see many stonings going on for adultry in the modern christian church. Or what about that shell fish issue? Here is the thing that bugs me. I am not christian but I dont steal, lie, cheet, or treat people/animals or mother earth badly. I am a good person and would help anyone I could no matter there choice of faith or religion. But my children and myself where outcast from a church after my ex husband was found guilty of child molest. they turned there backs on us and we were his victims because I left him and protected my kids. That was my first clue that the christian church picks and chooses what they want to call sin.
        I wish you no harm. Peace Be With you.

        1. hasheart says:

          I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of that. You and your family were victimized and betrayed by your ex husband, and by the church. In my opinion, you are my perfect example of how that Christians don’t have the monopoly of being a good person. My biological Daddy was a Kohan Levit , but didn’t practice his Judiaism. He did practice being good to others, When my son was 11 1/2 years old, I had a friend online that was transgendered. My son was at the time being raised Roman Catholic, but was very much in favor of gays and lesbians having equal rights. He then asked me if my friend wants to be referred as a he or she. i told my son she. Even though my friend had to dress as a man, where she taught. My son asked me, how her family thought of all of this. Even though her daughters were over 21, they were along with my friend’s wife. ( They weren’t divorced yet) said that my friend was going to hell. When I told my son this, my gentle son yelled that this is so untrue. the one’s that belong in hell would be the wife and daughters for judging her. My son a week later told me that he had a confession to make. he told me that he originally didn’t understand my friend. He then told me that it didn’t matter if he understood or not, , because my friend is a person, and that my son put himself in her shoes and decided that it wasn’t up to anyone to judge. He then told me that he was sorry for not understanding earlier. . He told me that people, need more love, not more judges. He also said when Jesus, said ” love your neighbor, as yourself, Jesus did not mean love one’s that are exactly like yourself. he is now almost 16, belongs to the LGBTQ alliance for the past 2 years,, goes to Pride events, written replies to anti gay posts, and is an ally for the transgender community and the restrooms. One day, I hope with my son to open a center for gays, lesbians, transgenders, and their families and friends and offer a bunch of services. Too many people in my opinion, like to point out transgender , gay, or lesbian people destroying our society. I think people do that, because focusing on real problems such as poverty, disease, and wars , don’t separate the good vs evil people. Too many self righteous people, but not enough righteous ones.

          1. Carol Amina says:

            Your name suits you will. I can feel your compassion and love through your words. Your son sounds like an amazing person too! I so with that more people would come forth and bond together so we could beat this hateful environment that seems to permeate our culture. My heart hurts some days when i over hear the news. I am my 87 year old fathers caregiver. He is a Republican and before the Parkinson’s and Dementia got a hold of him we would talk and be respectful on so many things. Sadly this is no longer true. He watches Right Wing shows and gets so angry. He becomes hostel towards me because he knows I dont agree even though I do not say anything to him.
            It is sad really. But reading your words are a light to me. And your son my friend is our future. There is hope!

  14. Rev. Kathy T says:

    I belong to a small interfaith center and ALL are welcome. Our common bonds are LOVE, wanting PEACE, and having COMPASSION. FAITH is what saves us.

    1. Carol Amina says:

      Sounds wonderful Rev Kathy T. I live in Lakeside CA and cant seem to find a place that is not christian focused. I was part of a Unitarian group in LA and that was great! but cant find anything near me that is not “christ” centered and I cant do that.

      1. Rev. Kathy T says:

        I feel like I’m in an “Ice Cream Shop” and getting a different flavor each week. All who enter feel the love and positive energy. I sometimes go to other churches just to see how they worship. All goes to our Divine Source.

  15. Larry says:

    I read the Bible from cover to cover 15 times every time I read it I learn something I over looked. God told the people what to write. The Old Test. Is /was for Gods chosen people. The NT was Gods teaching everyone how to be saved, wash away sins to get into heaven Gods rules get you into HIS kingdom Satans rules get you into hell!! Who’s rules you choose is up to you says God

    1. hsw says:

      By that logic, God’s “chosen people” are all going to hell. People who use the phrase “says God” as if they’ve spoken personally with him scare most of the rest of us. Get help.

  16. GM REEVE says:


    1. Carol Amina says:

      Stop YELLING at us. Your opinion matters but your way is not the only way and your god is not everyone’s god.

    2. hsw says:

      Fortunately, no one needs your permission, or for you to “condone” them being who they are.

      I am unable to do as you request – as Carol Amina said, your god is not everyone’s god. In my belief system, I would be talking to an imaginary being, which generally is seen as something requiring mental health treatment.

      You are entitled to believe as you believe, with the caveat that no one else is required to agree with you. Thankfully.

  17. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

    I agree with, Larry, hsw and GM Reeve !!!
    I am like you Larry 100%
    hsw is right, because I don’t love one of my sons more than my other sons.
    The chosen people are accusing God, to love a group of people more than other groups.
    If those chosen people practice this version, it means that they must be the enemies of GOD and belong to the false one, who is Lucifer.
    Congratulations my friends to think the right way…………please predicate you ideas to open the eyes of our lost brothers and children.
    Blessing from the real and only GOD

    1. hsw says:

      I’m perplexed as to how you could agree with Larry, me, and GM Reeve, as I have absolutely nothing in common with them, and my beliefs in most cases are completely opposite of theirs.

  18. Travis says:

    I have no issues with Transgendered people, as long as they have their surgery before they enter their restroom of choice. But, let’s not get into bathroom law, right now.

    Transgendered people are good people, if a bit misguided. However, I do believe that the concept of transgenderism is anti-thetical to monotheistic belief. The very act of changing one’s gender is a declaration that the One Perfect Creator made a mistake; that the Creator is imperfect and not all-knowing, and mistakenly created the person with the incorrect biology.

    There are places in the Bible where the scriptures command against “defiling the temple”, in reference to the human body. I can see where members of a church would see a transgendered church-goer as heretical.

    However, that being said…..

    There is nothing in the Bible specifically addressing the idea of changing one’s actual gender, so this is open to interpretation. Any Good and Benevolent religion, especially Christianity, should be about Love, Acceptance, Compassion, and Compromise. Transgendered people should be welcomed into a church with love and welcome arms. Denying that, denies God the opportunity to be The Judge, in the afterlife. Do not transgendered people not also deserve a chance at spiritual salvation.

    Old Testament law is outdated and overwritten by Jesus’ own teachings. Jesus himself hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes. He taught Love, Compassion, Acceptance, and Human Kindness. “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”

    Any God-fearing man who would judge any of these people I would call a heretic, and they would be “spit out of the Lord’s mouth” as luke-warm.

  19. hsw says:

    Travis, do you have a problem with repairing a hole in the heart when a child is born that way? Or a cleft palate? Or a club foot? The world of pediatric surgery is vast, and the number of surgeries performed to correct congenital issues is as well. Is that not also a “declaration that the One Perfect Creator made a mistake”? And if not, why not?

    And given the requirement to live as the sex they are transitioning to for a year or more before the surgery, would you have the person with breasts in a dress go into the men’s room, and the buffed up person with a three-day beard in the ladies’ room? WTF difference does it make when or whether they have the surgery? They’re there to pee just like the rest of us.

  20. Pamela Raintree says:

    I am a mystic minister. I believe there is one life. It is sacred. We are its conscience, and our purpose is to preserve life. Even my enemy is part of me. What difference is it to the heart if a thumb is not like a pinkie? Both are part of a hand that brings nourishment to the heart. So it is with the universal life.

    1. Alan Mitchell says:

      Thank you Pamela, for the most mature and evolved comment on this thread. <3

  21. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

    I agree with you CM-Davidson !!!!
    God created Man and woman, Satan with his negative soldiers change the creation to gays and lesbians.
    God has warmed us to take the wrong way and now you can realize, who are such soldiers, trying to go against the truth…….open your eyes and follow the original creation which leads us to avoid the WILL OF LUCIFER AND HIS SOLDIERS OF SIN.
    Blessings to all who follow the holy and sane CREATION….!!!!

  22. JOHN MAHER says:

    CM DAVIDSON and RAGU BIGHUM APPEAR to have attended the colleges of BEEZELBUB TRUMP, I BELIEVE they deserve ONE REPLY and ONE REPLY ONLY, its like what a FARMER does with his JACKASS

    1. Amber Fry says:

      There is a difference between reading the bible and actually understanding what is said, where it comes from and what Jesus taught. You are not required to like or agree other people’s opinions or beliefs. You have no right, by your own bible, to judge and trash people for those differences. As a Christian you are charged to live your religion, not to wrongly judge and degrade
      others for there’s.

  23. Pastor Pete says:

    As ever, Bible, Christianity, Bible, Bible. Sorry folks, can’t accept your book, too many discrepancies, too many contradictions, I have no faith but kindness, and frankly that book is too full of hatred… It was clearly not written by God, but a bunch of fallible people, and bears very little relevance to the current situation. As a matter of fact I became ordained because two of my gay friends wanted to be married, and we’re finding it hard to find a minister, so I’m sure you can guess where I stand. Goodbye dogma, hello love, farewell to the words in a printed book, hello kindness…
    Plenty of priests have spent their lives immersed in the Bible and gone on to do terrible things, which I’m sure you are aware of. Having said all this the teachings of Jesus seem to be about love and tolerance. In my humble opinion it’s never a good idea to put words in the mouth of the Most High…just saying, love and peace all round.

    PS, Jesus was plainly a liberal, is that why the Old Testament keeps cropping up?

    1. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

      Mr. Pastor Pete !
      All religions on earth know that homosexuality comes from the teachings of a negative GOD, whose name is Lucifer or SATAN, who was driven away from HEAVEN. …….Never forget Genesis 5:2 !!!
      You have committed the greatest SIN when you got your two friends married in accordance with Lucifer’s doctrine.
      It is clear for any normal human, that you belong to Lucifer’s army and you are participating in the destruction of the HOLY CREATION !!!
      You are from the same side , where the Catholic priests, who committed similar SINS, come from.
      Many of Lucifer’s soldiers have been infiltrating in ROME and in other religions, in order to destroy the holy CREATION and the values of morality.
      This kind of WAR, against faith and morality, has been celebrated since a long time, by the Lucifer’s soldiers.
      Those negative groups, are being discovered, and they are most owners of the TRASH MEDIA, LIKE TV, RADIO STATIONS , NEWS PAPERS AND MAGAZINES………….
      I invite all people of good faith, to observe and evaluate the comments, and you will be able to discover the infiltrated Lucifer’s soldiers.
      The followers of the positive God will go to HEAVEN !!!
      The followers of Lucifer will go to HELL !!!
      Open your mind Pastor Pete, if you want to visit HEAVEN………..
      Blessing to all people of good FAITH……….

      1. Pamela Raintree says:

        RE, “All religions on earth know that homosexuality comes from the teachings of a negative GOD, whose name is Lucifer or SATAN, who was driven away from HEAVEN.”

        THAT is patently absurd, Rev. Ragi. There is only one religion on Earth that subscribes to those three myths, and it has more than 1000 divisions, because Christians seem to be unable to agree on much of anything, including which version of the Bible is canonical.

        1. Amber Fry says:

          I absolutely agree with Pamela on this. I wouldn’t natrow this down to just Christianity but the Abrahamic faiths in general, with a few exceptions, hold those beliefs. There are so very many other religious ideals that do not.

  24. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

    It seems to be, that some of the soldiers of Lucifer are participating in these comments……
    It could be, that Jesus was liberal, but he warned us not to be homosexuals……etc. etc
    If you are pastor and allow such sins, this means, that you are spreading propaganda for Lucifer and try to help him destroy the moral of humanity to lead the people to go to Hell. (Genesis 5:2)
    Your teachings are killing, because you try to destroy the sanity of humanity………..and what about the results of using the dirty part of the body, which causes the dangerous and killing diseases…………..
    Shame on many Catholic priests and shame on the dirty history of Rome with its Catholics.
    We don,t need to argue anymore, if we know that our Creator is sane, but Lucifer is the God of dirt and destruction.
    We were born free and Robots and we have the free choice……..Heaven, where our real Creator lives and Hell, where Lucifer lives.
    Don’t accuse Jesus Christ to be liberal and accepts your Sin.
    The other proof that Satan or named Lucifer tries to destroy humanity, is that the evil law-makers, accept the homosexuals to adopt innocent children in order to spoil them and accelerate the destruction of the Sacred Creation.
    If you don’t accept the commands of God, you will be sentenced to Hell, and that is very Christal clear.
    If you know that you are ill and homosexual, my only advise to you, is to start begging the Real God to pardon your Sin, before it is too late.
    Blessing to all who believe in any holy and sane doctrine of any Religion that exists on our Earth….!!!

  25. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

    He Pastor Pete !
    Your comment is very negative and against the faith of every religion on Earth.
    I am surprise, how the ULC allows you to publish such comment.
    It seems to be that you are not a pastor !
    Thanks to the ULS to give us all, the opportunity to spread our love to all nations on Earth and to fight against Lucifer with his terrible and negative army.
    God bless all who fight for the TRUTH.

    1. Pastor Pete says:

      Probably every organised religion certainly, I’m most certainly not against faith, just dogma. Little tiny humans have no idea about the workings of the universe, but continually try to impose their own ideas into it and each other. Nope, anything that tells me to hate or disapprove of anybody due to some ancient text is not for me. If that’s your thing, cool, but I don’t see why the rest of us have to tolerate it. As I said, love and peace all round.
      PS This is a church of many faiths you know…

    2. Pastor Pete says:

      Mate, sorry you find me negative, may you live to see the dawn 🌄

    3. Pastor Pete says:

      Having re read my reply Rev. Ragi, I can see how literal bible believers may find my comment negative, but I don’t think a Buddhist would feel that way… Or don’t they count?

  26. Larry says:

    God is our creator he did not creat bad peopl Satan did and still does. We have freedom to be what we want. Says God. His words tell us what to do to go to heaven or hell. Obey Gods written word you’ll get to see his Angels don’t and you’ll burn in a lake of fire Says God.

    1. Pastor Pete says:

      Satan is a medieval construct, not mentioned in the book, please check. Having said that, I believe in the existence of evil, hatred, oppression, bigotry, stupidity etc, because I see them every day, sometimes all in the same sermon. And that, frankly is hell, the one you make for yourself. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hatred, hatred leads to the dark side….

  27. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

    Blessed are your words, Larry !!!
    In the old ages and before the Bible was written, a group of known people, have practiced the law of Hamorabi : “eye for eye and tooth for tooth”
    In the bible, you find only peace and love to other !
    Although the Bible teaches peace and love, the Bible also tells us to be aware of SATAN (Lucifer) on EARTH.
    Awareness in the comment of Pastor Pete, means hate.
    No body is willing to live with negative and sick people, but this doesn’t mean hate, but precaution.
    If you are a real Pastor, you have the moral obligation to cure you homosexual friends and respect the other sane people, who doesn’t want to share with you their living area.
    Again, I am with you Larry and all others who have the same thinking and faith………..

    1. Pastor Pete says:

      Your judgement my brother, I don’t believe being gay is a sin, I don’t believe in Lucifer, I do believe that it is more than possible to fritter your time away with sophistry and dogma while the world is burning around your ears however… I don’t believe in the Bible, sorry, Gid gave me a mind and reason, and that alone tells me this is not his word. I don’t have a problem with you believing this, indeed, neither of our positions can be proven, so we all just have to take our best shot, at least that’s what I think. In reality it’s highly improbable that either of us will change position, so this is just a pointless argument really, I certainly do not intend to “cure” any of my gay friends, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it….
      I am truly sorry that all this seems to make you so angry though…

  28. John Owens says:

    So, why don’t LGBTQ people get together and start their own churches? What’s wrong with that idea? I’m not in favor of any of the characteristics of those initials, but I don’t want to be seen as an OPPRESSOR or anything. Aren’t they free to do that? Then nobody has to worry about being uncomfortable about anything. They can do good works and love and be tolerant and visit nursing homes or whatever. They can work out all the contradictions between their faith and their works like the rest of us do, but with the loving support of the LGBTQ community instead of the loathing or disapproval of everyone else. Then we can sing, “We Are the World,” and mean it.

  29. Larry says:

    What you are saying is you don’t believe the Bible is Gods written words for man to learn the creation earth and man. God gives that free choice to you. Satan was kicked out of Gods Heaven because he wanted to be God with his angles in The true Gods heaven. I read the Bible 15. Times cover to cover. I have FAITH you don’t that’s ok with God you chose your own final resting place not me!!!

    1. Pastor Pete says:

      I would like to ask you a very simple question Larry. What is your parents religion?

      1. Larry says:

        My parents believed there is a God but never attended any church that I know till dad crashed his trk and mom was murdered by door to door salesman

        1. Pastor Pete says:

          Very sorry to hear that Larry, my condolences. My point is, I’m assuming they believe in the Christian God? I have some very good Muslim friends, their parents were generally Muslim too, also true of my Hindu and Jewish friends. I don’t deny any of your beliefs, I’m sure they enrich your life, I have friends who are priests of all stripes, not a problem, my problem arises when one group of people try to annex the truth for themselves, using as proof some ancient, much-translated texts. The world is beginning to burn around our ears Larry, and it’s not Lucifer doing this, it’s us. Only and always us. So I don’t buy into anything that tells me to hate, or disapprove of anyone due to the way they were born. I know there are those that think I’m the henchman if the red guy with the pointy fork because I perform same sex marriages, but you know what Larry, I’m too old to worry about that, and when I die my brother I will once again be part of everything else. That however is MY belief, that you make me different from yourself, when we are the same, notes in the eternal mind, no less. So I can’t be doing with all that mate, I’m a Pastor, I’m trying to throw my arms around the world. Dumb, huh?
          Love to you and your family, P

  30. Larry says:

    Pastor Pete I read the name Satan in the Bible a few minutes ago. Are you reading a Bible or your own writing?

    1. Pastor Pete says:

      Nope, just did some research, and I stand by my comment.

    2. Pastor Pete says:

      Do some more research Larry. I stand by my comment. And either way, don’t believe in him.

  31. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

    Very well said, Larry !!!
    Happy Christmas and a happy new year with your loved ones…………from me, as son of Bethlehem………..Ragi

  32. Peggy McFarland says:

    I have sat quietly and read each comment, every response in this thread. I am dismayed and confused – yes, confused – at the hatred and disrespect for one another shown throughout. Can we all truly be teachers of the Creator? Or are some so vain as to think they are the Creator themselves and have the one and only answer? It is startling to me that some here give Satan the power to create. Satan does not have that power. Satan’s true name is “Evil.” He has only the power to influence. And the discussion of “biological” was also interesting. Biology or biological refers to a science that studies many things – genes, DNA, hormones and enzymes, blood factors, bones, bone density and length, hair and other skin coverings, etc. It does not define sex or gender by appearance alone. That makes no biological sense. What then is a child born with no visible genitals? And what is the child born with both sets of genitals? Would you allow those children to grow up with no defined gender because the Creator made them that way? Or would you ask doctors to use biology to determine what was really inside them so they could become that gender and live as the rest of us do? Or do you subscribe to the “Satan created it” and drown it at birth as an abomination? What I see here are many who can only love that which is the same as themselves and fear anything different. But that is only what I see and not what may be in your hearts. Only the Creator can see that. I hope you All can find goodness and forgiveness in those who do not believe in your way of believing. For the Creator gave us all a heart to love one another with.

    You may bash me now. I respect your ability to do that and I know your intent is just the same as mine…to follow the true path. May peace and love go with you.

    1. Carol Amina says:

      Peggy McFarland you sound balanced and loving. Thank you for bringing that to this post. Peace be with you as well.

    2. HeidiAnne Sekreta says:

      Peggy, what you wrote here was so beautiful God bless. Peace, and hugs..

    3. Pastor Pete says:

      Very well said ❤️

  33. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

    Hi Larry !!!
    Don’t argue any more with Pastor Pete, because it seems that one of his ancestors was who sentenced Jesus Christ to DEATH IN JERUSALEM.
    We are still living with people, who have been hating Jesus until know and that is why this HATRED is still going on in the HOLY LAND.
    Go to “You tube” and read about Dr. David Duke comments………you will be surprised, how real is the hatred in world, caused by the grandchildren of thos ewho hated Jesus in that time………
    Larry !!! don’t mingle with such negative people, in order not to be influenced by them.
    Pastor Pete trying to classify us as haters, which is a false accusation….a Christian will never and never hate…….
    God bless you and bless people like you…………!!!

    1. hsw says:

      Are you seriously saying that someone should look to David Duke to learn anything that’s worth learning? David Duke is a world-class bigot and hater of everyone non-Aryan. The fact that he may (or may not) have retired his KKK hood notwithstanding, he’s not someone any person of faith or good conscience should listen to.

      1. Rev, Ragi Burhum says:

        Hi hsw !
        Why you don’t reveal your real name.
        I see always the shows of Dr. David Duke and admire him for his courage for his comments.
        All his shows are really a proof that Lucifer exists on earth.
        Although the Devil or Lucifer or Satan, is hidden, but he cannot hide his negative actions.
        You have to watch Dr. David Duke in INFOWARS.COM, you would be able to realize that Lucifer exists and represented by a group of people, who also, are destroying the whole world including our USA.
        You may watch all that information in YOU TUBE…..
        All what is written in the Bible has been happening……… DANIEL in the Bible……another proof that the Bible is INSPIRED and WRITTEN by the positive power.If you believe in the Bible, I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

        1. hsw says:

 – OK that explains a lot.

          Why would you ask me about my “real name”? I expect that no answer I could give you would be satisfactory, so I’m going to go with the real one – the internet is inhabited by a lot of different types of people – and some of them are clinically insane. Alex Jones would be a good example of that 🙂

          Nothing that’s written in your bible “has been happening” unless you choose to see it that way. Much like the prophecies of Nostradamus, you first have to want to believe them. Otherwise they’re just vague generalities that mean whatever you want them to mean.

          The bible was written by men – and severely edited and redacted by men for men’s purposes. Having said that, I’m going to have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year because that requires no belief in anything except the goodness of people and the love of family.

          And with that I conclude this conversation.

          1. Larry says:

            Glad to hear your stopping your ignorance of Gods word. If I’m right I get to enjoy eternal life if your right we just die with no benefits.

    2. Pastor Pete says:

      Ragi, you are plainly delusional my friend, one of my ancestors condemned Christ? For goodness sake, that’s just dumb. I’m afraid I can’t take you at all seriously. I genuinely don’t believe I hate anybody, but I’m afraid your words tell a different story. Ok, go ahead “la la la, I can’t hear you…..”

  34. rabbi jim LGBT supportive says:

    rabbi jim: I am in total support of transgender orientation. Transgenders or people too. They deserve to be what they choose to be
    and I am indeed pleased to see them come out proudly and and show their honor. I have always been a proponent of self expression and believe that all people should be the person they are meant to be. The body we live in has nothing to do with the soul within. All people can love God and serve Him and their fellow man in the same way. Stop judging people by their cover! Stop judging entirely and leave judgement up to God. Meanwhile, be the person you are meant to be, inside and out. Your supporter and friend, rabbi jim.

  35. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    I believe in Genesis 5:2 and not more.
    The result of the homosexuality, was Soddom and Gamorra in Jerico.
    The real Creador, who has the power on earth, wanted to sanitize the earth and to clean it from the dirty bodies and give the sacred SOULS a clean and healthy garments.
    Accepting a dirty garments for the original sacred souls, is the struggle of devil on our earth, in order to destroy the original creation.
    The people, who accept the homosexuality are, for sure, soldiers and supporters of LUCIFER.
    THE PRESENCE OF LUCIFER and his supporters on our small globe, are the cause of what is going on our EARTH.
    Humanity is now waking up from the dark past and looking forward to uncover Lucifer with his supporters.
    Blessed are those who have opened their eyes and support the REAL CREATOR…!!!
    Read the Bible and read the words of PROFIT DANIEL……………..
    I am supporter of all religions of good and honest FAITH…….!!!

    1. Pastor Pete says:

      Ragi, sorry but you are not “a supporter of all religions of good and honest faith” by your own admission.
      You seem to be fairly intolerant and obsessed with the bible, and no disrespect intended, I don’t believe in the veracity of that book at all.
      You go around flinging around all this fire and brimstone nonsense and expect what exactly? To convert us heathens? Do you really not understand that we have given these issues the same level of serious thought that you have?
      I don’t have a handle on the truth Ragi, but I don’t pretend to. All I know is, people are people, regardless of sex, gender, orientation, whatever, just people who deserve love and respect, if they are a problem for you, then I’m afraid it’s your problem, not theirs. So don’t hang around them, avoid them, disapprove of them if you must, you’ll be missing out, but hey, that’s freedom, know what I mean? Regards, Pete

  36. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    Pete, sorry, but I pretend to open the eyes of those lost people, who are really suffer and don’t find the right way to the real Creator.
    They could be happy when they leave the slavery of Lucifer and become free as real sons of their creating father.
    I am not persecuting them to hurt them, but to lead them to the way of a sacred and safe heaven.
    Pete, If you don’t want to save your spirit, but at least, let me save the spirit of other lost sons, and come back to their loving and heavenly FATHER……..
    I am a follower of God and missioner on earth. My obligation on earth, is to save as much spirits as possible, in order to save our heavenly FATHER…………..!!!
    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all who believe in Christmas !!!
    Happy new year to all people of good faith !!!

  37. hsw says:

    “Pete, sorry, but I pretend to open the eyes of those lost people….”

    The irony is too much to resist.

    By the way, I believe in Christmas. I celebrate Christmas. You probably missed the part about all of the major traditions having their origins in Paganism.

    Love my tree, my carols, shopping for gifts, everything about it. Except the overbearing arrogance of those who insist this co-opted holiday belongs only to Christians.

  38. Brien DeMartino says:

    Ok, which one of you is…God? Anyone? No, really, I have questions…a whole lifetime of questions.
    All right, so no one is God…ok tell me this one….Which one of you was granted the divine right of judgement over the spirit? No, really, I have questions….No one? Ok…which one of you speaks for God in all matters both earthly and heavenly? No…really…I have questions….No one again?
    As you can see by the above example, none of you speak for God. That means that whatever it is you are spouting on about is your OPINION. Everyone has one of those. Please, both sides of this argument need to kindly keep to their own opinions.
    When there is a true topic, one that affects the food on my table or the roof over my head or causes harm to my loved ones, then you can all get together and rattle your swords.
    Until then, try and at least have an ounce of common sense and the decency to use that common sense. Why is it that people who claim some spirituality always sound….less than intelligent?

  39. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    Lucifer is an able Devil and smart in cheating innocent people……….!!!
    If somebody doesn’t like reasonable comments, he may not read it.
    We are looking for lost people, to let them come back and dress the real and original clean and sacred garment of our real and true GOD.
    Lucifer will never win the battle and will soon surrender an give way……
    A sacred spirit, must have a clean garment of glory and avoid the dirt of the BACKSIDE.
    God’s army will defeat Lucifer’s army, and that will mean that PEACE WILL GOVERN ON OUR EARTH…………AMEN…!!!
    Again ” Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!)

    1. Brien DeMartino says:

      Ragi, when I see a reasonable comment, I will acknowledge it as such. Comments such as yours are no where near reasonable but rather borderline fanaticism. You have appointed yourself judge over mankind. You are not qualified for that position. Your extremist viewpoint only lead to harm and the very evil you are so against. I would no more allow you to affect my world than Satan himself, although in my opinion the two are more or less the same. You and those like you all over the world are why there is so much death happening now. If you are expecting me to go down on bent knee to your holier than tho attitude, you are sadly mistaken. The God I believe in simply will not allow it. Your exclamation of the birth of Jesus offends me when it comes from your lips. I can only hope that whatever pain has taken your soul will heal. I now wish you a Merry Christmas and I say that with true belief in my heart. May your heart eventually be at peace.

      1. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

        Death has been taken place, since the death of Jesus Christ.
        Those who killed Jesus Christ, are the same people who are still killing in the whole world .
        They are still killing in the name of LUCIFER, blaming other people and nations for those crimes.
        I will never kill, because Christianity is running in my blood.
        Genesis 5:2 and that is all what we are taking about !!!
        That is the mission of Lucifer and his army…………..!!!
        Blessing to all people of good FAITH.

    2. Peggy McFarland says:

      Well, I have a question…but I’m not picking on just you, Rev.Ragi Burhum, because my question far exceeds only one person here, but if the Devil (Evil) is so smart in cheating innocent people as you firmly believe and as you live your life to reflect, how then does one know for sure you are not that Evil trying to lead us off the Creator’s path? Is it because you say so? Because your interpretation is the only true one by your words? But wouldn’t Evil also try to convince others of that so the wayward would follow him? Perhaps, the true word of the Creator is found in each of us and not just the one who claims they have the only word. I believe Evil lies in the heart of one who does not treat others as he, himself, would choose to be treated.

  40. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    Peggy, your comment has no sense, it is only an accusation !
    Lucifer will never praise God like I do.
    The struggle of Lucifer, is to replace the real Creator and be a God….God of evil and God of destruction.
    I am taking against homosexuality and about the lost souls wearing rotten bodies………
    Lucifer praises such destructive behaviors………, but not Rev. Ragi
    My only path is the path of the HOLY BIBLE……………..and that is the proof that I am not evil, but a missioner of the Bible.
    I receive hundreds of e-mails from people, who are coming back to the teachings of the HOLY BIBLE, begging God to pardon them for their SINS……………this is the sacred mission, which helps people come back to their real heavenly FATHER.
    I respect the GOLDEN RULE ……..!!!
    There are two paths in the Creation : Heaven or Hell……..!!!
    I will never accept to live with rotten people, until they become cured and sane.
    The HOLY BIBLE IS CLEAR…….Genesis 5:2
    HEAVEN OF HELL, and here is your choice.
    If your choice is heaven, one must cure his rotten body, in order not to infect the people of HEAVEN…………!!!

  41. Peggy McFarland says:

    So, you are not Evil because you say so. Evil would never misrepresent himself to glean followers you say. And you have the only answers because of how you interpret His Word. I rest my case. However, I was not accusing you of anything. I was only asking for you and others to clear up the muddle in my mind that asks these questions. All you just did was yell at me. I will pray for the Creator to bless you with humility in His light so that you may learn to let Him be the one true judge of his works on earth. Bless you sir, and a Happy Yule to you and yours.

    1. Pastor Pete says:

      Well said lady, I was at Stonehenge today, with as mixed a bunch of people as one could imagine, 5,000 people who between them left one bag of rubbish, playing music and dancing and I swear I was nearly hugged to death… All for the Winter solstice, the Druids were there (of course) and I was talking to this beautiful Christian lady, 80 years young, and she said to me “all us crazy people here, standing in a field near some big old rocks… I guess we all have different beliefs, but I think to do this, you’d have to be really dumb or really believe in the light… It’s like a promise, the sun is coming back to us… ”
      So happy Solstice dear lady, the Yule logs are lit, we are halfway through the dark,
      May good fortune attend you,
      From all sorrows refrain,
      Til that happy time when we all meet again

      Bless you, Pete

  42. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    Rom and their Catholics are not Christians, if there some of them, they are only cheated.
    The Catholic Church hates Jesus Christ !!!

    1. Brien DeMartino says:

      I was wrong the first time. You are not a fanatic. You are a nut job. I pity you and offer you as a fine example of what to avoid. You have decided your direction, and so you will have to live with it. I would wish you well, but that would be a wasted wish. Go in peace Ragi, you simply are no longer worth speaking to.

      1. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

        Brien, save your comments for your own house and don’t disturb others.
        I am a missioner and will continue saving lost spirits…….I have always reached my aims !!!
        You may cover your own face against the sun, but there so many faces on earth, which you will not be able to cover.
        I follow real and true teachings of the Bible and other positive religions and avoid taking with other lost individuals, who are under my honor.
        I am so lucky and happy to have changed thousands of people, who have already came back to their HOLY CREATOR.
        It seems that you are blind in heart and blind in eyes, and so I don’t pretend to change you………..sorry Brien, your case is lost……..your are only a drop of salt in the DEAD SEA, so you mean nothing for the people of goo FAITH.

        1. hsw says:

          Rev. Ragi Burhum, pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Your arrogance is appalling, and instructing someone to “save your comments for your own house” is beyond even arrogant. This is a public forum. You’re not in charge here – or probably anywhere else.

          If ever there was someone who should stick to their own narrow little world, it’s you.

          1. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

            hsn, you are like Brien and few other people, who don’t count in my world.
            A drop of salt in the DEAD SEE……………..Just read Genesis 5:2
            If you don’t like comments of other honest people, just avoid to read it and let other live in peace of mind.
            I receive hundred of e-mails from the whole world, accepting my thinking and concepts.
            Keep sticking to your own way of living and leave others in peace……….you are discovered as such.
            If other churches accepted the homosexuality, this doesn’t mean that all humanity agree with them.
            Now, it is well known, that many churches are rotten, because Lucifer has infiltrated in them, in order to destroy the real values of the HOLY CREATION…. young people of 10 years are now aware of Lucifer’s actions………….read the social pages and you will realize that 99.99% of the world population has discovered the truth……….!!

          2. hsw says:

            Whatever dude. You can neither read nor spell, and we won’t even go into your powers of reasoning as a general topic.

            First you tell someone to stop posting, then you tell me if I don’t like what people post, scroll on.

            Given that only somewhere around 50% of the world’s population have internet access, I’m pretty sure 99% of them don’t subscribe to your lunacy. The rest aren’t talking to you at all – they’re the voices in your head.

            I’m going to go try to figure out what I did with my can of Troll-Be-Gone.

          3. Brien DeMartino says:

            hsw, you rock. BTW, did you ever find that can of Troll-Be-Gone? We really need a shot of it up here. 🙂

          4. hsw says:

            Sadly Brien I was unable to locate the Troll-Be-Gone. It’s unfortunate because I acquired it in a place I hope never to go again, far too deep inside my own head.

            But in all honesty, in this case I think it would be like trying to eradicate a gnat with an elephant gun when a simple fly swatter should be sufficient.

        2. Brien DeMartino says:

          Yours is a lost cause. You are along the same lines as the terrorists that destroy in the name of some made up god. Your are NOT a missionary, nor have you ever been. You spread hate and evil where ever you go. I personally think you are a ridiculous waste of time, but your hate is dangerous and must be dealt with. I will turn my back to you. I cannot judge you, but I do not have to acknowledge your existence either. You stand alone.

          1. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

            It doesn’t worth to deal with people like you.
            You seem to hate your own spirit, because your words come out of the mouth of a real hater.
            A hater suffers more than the hated………………!!!
            You seem to hate Genesis 5:2
            You are an unhappy BACK-USER……
            I turn my back to you and all thinkers like you…… are lost……….I forget you forever….you don’t exist, because you are a great Hater.

          2. hsw says:

            Amen Brien. Well chosen analogy.

          3. JOHN MAHER says:


      2. Amber Fry says:

        Brien I think most of us are getting that idea. I have a hard time with anyone who dictates their way as the only one true way, especially when the words popping out of their mouth is clearly not what the bible says that Jesus taught.

    2. rabbi jim says:

      rabbi jim here: My dear Ragi, You must fully understand what the Catholic church is. The Catholic faith is a man made faith. The Jewish faith is God given. The Catholic church has become a business organization accumulating great financial wealth. Even though, the church still offers some great services, such as, the Mass, it is still a business entity.
      I humbly suggest that you acquire a copy of a book entitled ” The World Jesus Knew” by Anne Punton. It is a detailed review of the Jewish faith and lifestyle of the people Jesus grew up with. Read it in it’s entirety. It will help to clear up many of your ideas, especially the last chapter. You can get a used copy from Half Price Books really cheap. It’s a great investment!!!
      I am a Jewish rabbi. But, I respect all faiths. I also blend elements of different faiths into my own. Be tolerable and respectful of others even if you do not believe in their faith. Faith is a personal thing to all. Have a nice day and a wonderful holiday season!!!

      1. Peggy McFarland says:

        Rabbi, may I say I much like your answer to this business. I was all set to come back in the forum swinging at the tone this conversation had taken by so many. For one of such great belief in the Creator to stand and say, I walk away from you, or for one to call another believer offensive names, or for one to ridicule others is so painful to watch. Your words are good ones for the Creator never turns his back on one of his creations here on earth, even in sin. He waits to see what is in his heart when he is called. Nor does He wish more bad upon him.
        I greatly respect you, sir, and your beliefs as well as everyone here. Though, I may not agree with all, I know each belief comes genuinely from their heart. I firmly think that if more people like you and I were to lead by action rather than words, we may not change how everyone believes, but we can open a door – just a crack- to give all the opportunity to peek through and see if the other side is not such a bad place to visit. When arms are open to all mankind, the Creator hugs back.

        Blessing upon you, Rabbi, for being an inspiration for me today.

  43. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    Dear rabbi Jim! I agree with you about the Catholic Church, but I don’t agree that ROM with the Catholic Church are giving great services…………..Rom has been fighting against Jesus Christ and it pretends to destroy Christianity.
    I am Christian Orthodox and believe that my religion is based on the 10 commands of our HOLY JEWISH PROFIT MOSES…..!!!
    Rabbi Jim !
    I am fighting against homosexuality and not fighting against the faith of others.
    Homosexuality was not created by God, but by Lucifer who was kicked out of Heaven, and he is now living among us…………
    Shame on many many Catholic Priest, who are famous in destroying the human values, using the name of our Jesus Christ.
    Kindest regards

    1. rabbi jim says:

      rabbi jim here: My dear Ragi, do you not believe that the Holy Mass and Holy Passion services are great services? They are what I was refering to when I said great services of the Roman Catholic Church.
      But, as the rest of your statement, I cannot subscribe. I don’t know anything about Rome trying to destroy Christianity and I don’t think that is so. It may sometimes exploit Christianity, but to a lesser degree. But, it sure don’t have anything to do with Lucifer. Lucifer is evil and only constitutes everything evil. But, why fight against Homosexuality? What has it done to you? People have a human right to choose their own sexual preference. And they have made that choice since the beginning of humanity. The key word here is CHOOSE, because it is an individual choice that we make. Lucifer has nothing to do with that. Also, we are talking about Transgender orientation here. Transgender has to do with the inner-person in people. They make a choice based on what they feel inside as to whether they must be male or female. If you were living with a female inside you, would you not want to Transgender?
      I am not a Homosexual or Transgender myself, but, I do not discriminate or degrade them for what they are and I don’t think Yeshua ( Jesus ) would either. They are religious people too. Also, I might add that all Transgenders are not Homosexual and certainly vise-versa. Please, stop casting those harmful stones at people. That is the work of Old Lucifer!!!
      Keep reading your scriptures and receive The Holy Father’s Blessings during this festive season.

  44. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    hsn, I speak 5 languages fluently and I used to be for many years as a translator for the high court of law in Berlin-Germany.
    It is under my honor to argue with people like you, because you are not able to know how to respect others………it is, for sure ,your mother’s education……….!!!
    I am sure now that you need to read Genesis 5:2 every morning………..poor man !!!

    1. hsw says:

      Again, you can’t read. But let’s pass on that. You were a translator, and yet you can’t spell one of the basic words of your posts – prophet. Apparently English isn’t included in your fluency. I do think “profit” is more accurate when speaking of organized religion so have at it.

      I have absolutely no idea why you keep hammering on about Genesis 5:2. Most of us learned in elementary school biology that there are biologically two human genders (which is actually a gross oversimplification but appropriate for children). In middle school we learned that in the animal kingdom there are far more than two genders, including animals that can change at will. I wrote a paper on it somewhere around seventh grade. Science is fascinating. You should try it.

      Repeating something over and over might wear some people down (which is probably why you believe they agree with you) but you only get your own opinions, not your own facts.

      I’m going out to drink wine, eat good food, and enjoy my family. Have a strange evening.

    2. hsw says:

      By the way Ragu, if you want to meet me in person, speak of my mother again. She was an actual Christian with more kindness and love for humanity in her pinky than exists in whatever toxic plane you inhabit. She died decades ago and she’s buried in Arlington National Cemetery, a place you would have to pay to enter with the rest of the tourists.

      Take your fake faith and your false idols and shove them. Someone else can talk to your hate-filled self from this point on. If there are others like you, I hope you all get together and a house falls on you.

      1. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

        Dear hsw, excuse me…after reading your comment, I realized that I have committed an error and want to apologize for that.
        I never fear any thing or any body, but I fear the JUDGE OF MY HEART…….I fear my conscience more than any other thing.
        HSN, again, I apologize for my words and apologize to the SOUL of your sacred MOM.
        I hope, that I have gained you as friend in HUMANITY.
        Really, I appreciate the teaching of RABBI JIM, who really knows how to convince people…
        Pardon me, hsn, and let me be free with a clean conscience….
        Blessings of the real Creator and best regards to you and your family………….!!!

    3. Pastor Pete says:

      Mate, you may be able to speak a thousand languages, you can’t say anything intelligent in any of them. We know what your point of view is, I think you’re getting the general reaction. Enough now, you’re insulting good people. May you live to see the dawn.

  45. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    To all, who want to correspond with me………..welcome !!
    Since the 1st of January 2017, I will be living in the City of Cuzco (Macchu Picchu) Peru.
    On the 9th of September 2016, I turned 80 years of age and would like to spend all my time in this beautiful City and sometimes in Berlin-Germany.
    Best regards to all people of good faith

    1. JOHN MAHER says:


  46. Pastor Pete says:

    And by the way, as far as Genesis 5:2 goes, if you really believe that the reason we don’t live forever is our earliest ancestors are the fruit from a magic tree, I’m really sorry, but I just can’t take you seriously. Sorry

  47. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    Not following Genesis 5:2, is the cause of killing illness..
    Our Creator, wanted to protect us and wanted for us a sane mind or Soul in a sane Body………..
    God blesses all people, who try to advise their brothers not to fall in the Sins created by our enemy LUCIFER, kicked out from HEAVEN.
    I don’t worry, Pastor Pete, if you take take me seriously or not.
    I remind you, that the army of Lucifer and in Jerusalem itself, refuse to take JESUS CHRIST seriously.
    What is happening nowadays, is the the result of those negative behavior of the ancients terrorists, who are affecting the rest of humanity.
    Pastor Pete, it is my my sacred obligation to save Souls of my brothers of the same Creation. from the terrible illnesses, caused by using the back-side of the body.
    It could be the last time, that I correspond with regarding Genesis 5:2, praying to God to illuminate your dark way of thinking and bring you back to our real and holy Creator.
    I live for many years among the people of South America, like Peru and have learned that the people have been badly treated by the Catholic Church……….It could be better for those people to warship the SUN, called INTI, in the old language of the INKAS.
    The ancestors of those people lived in harmony and peace, shalom, until the Catholic Church appear in their HOMELAND and started killing and destroying in the name of JESUS CHRIST………….
    Rom has never been Christian………Rom has been the TEMPLE OF LUCIFER and its actions and behavior, is a clear PROOF…
    Kindest regards, PASTOR PETE

  48. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    Dear Rabbi Jim!
    Your kind comment hat effected me positively and I thank you for your advice and your concept, which I will take with pleasure.
    I will be in touch with you in order to spread more positive concepts of LIFE.

    1. JOHN MAHER says:

      HEY RAGU after 80 yrs. of IGNORANCE why are you going to a 90% Catholic COUNTRY like PERU, STILL trying HARD to SHOW YOUR BLATANT STUPIDITY,SHAME on YOU TRUMP PUPPET………………

    2. rabbi jim says:

      rabbi jim here: My dear John Mayer, Try not to be so harsh with Magi. He may have some dust and cobwebs in his brain, but lets try to clean it out. Compassion was the Lord’s way, not condemnation or shame. We are all ministers of God our Father in some respect. Lets keep the goodness flowing.
      Sholom and wholesome blessings to you and yours this festive holiday season!!!

      1. rabbi jim says:

        rabbi jim here: Thank you sincerely for your kind response to me, Peggy, it was very welcomed. I am a servant of God our Father and am trying to do the best I can in his honor. You mentioned that you do not agree with some of my concepts, that’s fine. I would like very much for you to share your disagreements with me. I may be able to explain more clearly my reasoning and philosophies to you. I am very open to constructive criticism and welcome any questions or concerns with open arms.
        Again, thank you from my soul for your support. Sholom, and have a blessed festive holiday season!!!

    3. Brien DeMartino says:

      I am so sorry Ragi, I should have seen this from the beginning. You are just a bitter old sot on the tail end of your mortal life. If you are truly like this ignorant character you portray here, then your spirit is ignorant as well. I would suggest you spend whatever time you have left fixing your soul. There is a bit of history with you due to your age. Fortunately, mankind has begun to outgrow the viewpoints that were normal during your youth. The world must progress, the human spirit must grow. Even at your age, it is still not too late to fix your spirit, but you have to want to change. Rabbi Jim, you are a breath of clean air in a somewhat polluted environment. I am not of the Jewish faith, but I would attend a service if you were speaking at it.
      Merry Christmas

      1. rabbi jim says:

        rabbi jim here: Thank you Brien for your kind praise. I too agree with your dissertation of Ragi. But, let us try to fix his spirit and clean his soul. After all, we are servants of God our Father. We are called upon to serve and help mankind. Let’s help poor souls recover by our words. You are so right, the environment is quite polluted with filth. But, we are obligated to God to try to clean it up. That is our ministry.
        Thank you, again Brien, for your support of my views. May your faith and ministry take you to great heights!
        Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me anytime.
        Sholom, and have a great blessed joyous holiday season!!!!

        1. Ragi Burhum says:

          Dear Rabbi Jim, Please clean and purify the poor soul of Mr. John Maher.
          He seems to be unhappy guy, and he needs a better orientation.
          We as American citizen, have to support any elected President, in order to let him govern our Country successfully.

          I wish you good luck and keep predicating…..SHOLOM……!!!

          1. rabbi jim says:

            rabbi jim here: Greetings Ragi. Happy belated birthday. Congratulations on your 80th. May you have many more years with us. And, congratulations on your move to
            Peru. I’m sure that would be quite a spiritual and joyful place to live.
            I will pray for you often that you will remain faithful to God the Father and to the teachings of Yeshua of Nazareth.
            Bless you, SHOLOM!!!!!

  49. Rev. Ragi Burhum says:

    Dear John Maher!
    Please, let RABBI JIM, gives us some wise words, in order that you stop insulting people.
    Comment with your heart and not with your mouth
    Kindest regards

    1. JOHN MAHER says:


  50. JOHN MAHER says:

    RAGI BURHAM cries INSULT, does HE not REALIZE that every word HE utters is an INSULT to MANKIND, MORE AGAINST EVERY TEACHING of J E S U S !!!

  51. JOHN MAHER says:


  52. Pastor Pete says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a discussion just once without being smacked in the face by the Bible? As has been said before, this is a church of many faiths, and there are those of us who are not crazy or possessed or evil that just don’t buy it. I have dear friends who are vicars in the Church of England, and they wouldn’t insist I validate their beliefs, faith is a personal matter, however I think the issue here is not one of faith but tolerance.. And ironically tolerance is one of the most important Christian virtues…

  53. Minister Carlos Ricardo Walls says:

    I denounce hate speech,I’m a firm believer that God works through people.We all need to be tolerant,non judgemental and be more Christ like.God will judge us all.Those that are seeking sanctuary should be given sanctuary.Truly follow the teaching of the bible.Not your personal interpretation

    MInister C.R.Walls

  54. Peggy McFarland says:

    I would highly encourage those with non-tolerant beliefs, and those who believe they understand what is written in the Bible regarding man cast in God’s own image, read the latest issue of National Geographic. 3/4 of this highly respected and well-researched publication is dedicated to this subject. The scientific as well as the cultural and geographic issues are covered in it. I found it most enlightening and I learned so much I didn’t not know about this topic of gender. If, in fact, the Creator made us in his image, he was and is, indeed, a complicated being and just short of a Shape Shifter.

  55. Patricia Golson says:

    It is not a choice and I do believe in sanctuary.

  56. Phil Bullock says:

    Live like you want to live, as long as it’s within the laws of the land. Break the laws intentionally, don’t seek sanctuary at a church. That is using sin to get protection. How does that make any sense?

    1. hsw says:

      What does your comment have to do with any of this? Being transgender isn’t illegal, and it’s only a sin if you subscribe to a “faith” that teaches that.

  57. Rev. Joe says:

    Hi everybody. I was feeling depressed this afternoon and saw this thread. After reading all of the posts, I feel much better. Thank you for the laughs.

  58. BRK says:

    I was surprised when I read the comments of a certain Brother Nathanael in “you tube”
    He was converted to a CHRISTIAN ORTHODOX and he comments strange things.
    Who is this priest and who was before?………….???

  59. BRK says:

    I am reading every night in the “you tube” about the comments of Brother Nathanael.
    He comments about a group of people, working against the teachings of Jesus Christ and trying to destroy happy families and damage the Sacred heavenly Creation of the Lord of our Universe……….O God……O God

  60. James Hoff says:

    Do I read a poster holding a sign that reads “GOD is YOUR enemy”. How does the poster know who other ppls enemy is. GOD = LOVE. Love is NO enemy .LORD = LAW, Laws of the universe are our savior. Jesus THE Christ. Christhood is a life style of LOVE & LAW.

  61. BRK says:

    Congratulation USA for our new President, who believe in God and Jesus Christ………..God save our President TRUMP , who is a PEACE MAKER..

    1. Carol Amina says:

      To funny! He believes in Money! his faith is in his self and what he can buy. He will rule and run the US like a Hitler, with no concerned for anyone rights. All his god talk was a smoke screen and some people like you bought it. I am sad and sorry for the fools who voted for him. He is not a peace maker he is a bigot and racist.

      1. Pastor Pete says:

        Absolutely Carol!

        1. BRK says:

          Churches have been a big business, especially the Catholic Church with her central Agency located in ROM.
          Other churches scattered worldwide, are only taking advantage of our famous JESUS CHRIST, talking about Peace and Love, in order to collect money from the poor and innocent and stupid people.Creator, and trying to destroy our real Paradise and convert it in bloody battles.
          Bush, Hilary Clinton and similar presidents, have only destroyed our world with their BLOODY WARS without respecting the SONS OF GOD, who were created to enjoy the paradise created by a HEAVENLY MERCY FATHER.
          Pastor Pete, you are cheated and don’t realize that our President Trump, is a PEACE MAKER, and believes really in God and his Son JESUS CHRIST more that the false profits of LAST DAYS….

          1. Pastor Pete says:

            I say this with all the love in my heart. If you really believe that this man, this misogynistic thin-skinned reactionary bigot is motivated by faith, then I’m afraid I find you extremely naive and gullible. Not only that, but not all of us are Christian you know…

          2. Carol Amina says:

            As a person employees by the Federal Government he should not be standing for and preaching any one religion. He has a right to practice in his private life as he wishes but I was employed by an agency that took federal moneys and as such we were not even allowed to have any kind of religious pictures or saying in our office. This is supposed to be a country that honors and respects all faiths and is without bias. I have a right to not follow the christian faith and teaching as much as you have a right to do so. Shame on him for using christianity to promote himself with the Religious Right!

          3. hsw says:

            BRK if you are buying what DJT is selling, he’s a better businessman than even he knows. He didn’t even start going to church until someone was watching after he started running for president, and the Presbyterian church says nope, he’s not really an active member – he just shows up when the cameras are on.

            In any case, nothing in his life demonstrates any faith whatsoever – the way he treats the people who work for him, the way he treats the people with whom he does business, and most especially the way he treats his wives, present and past.

            He wants to dramatically increase our military presence, which has no meaning unless you plan to use them. He requested that tanks and missle launchers parade down Pennsylvania Avenue during his inaugural parade, in the way that Russian, Korean, and other dictatorships demonstrate their military might. If there’s a way to make money off of war, we’ll be fighting until both my grandchildren and yours are retired.

            Then, as Carol says, many of us are not Christian, and this is not a Christian forum.

            So be at peace in your delusions, but don’t expect the rest of us to join you.

  62. JOHN MAHER says:

    I could NOT have said it any MORE BETTERER, RIGHT ON PASTOR PETE,

  63. JOHN MAHER says:

    SEIG HIEL !!!

  64. Rev. Brien DeMartino says:

    I have been many places in my life. I have survived dark times as I am sure many of you have. I have seen the best that this life offers, and I have seen the worst. But the common denominator in all I have seen are people, all kinds of people. A fine upstanding man one day takes out a gun and shoots his wife and children, a transgender person one day runs into a burning building and saves children. Stand them both side by side and they look perfectly normal, by any common standards. And yet one is overcome with evil, and the other is overcome with courage. But as I read many of the opinions here, I am forced to conclude that many of you without knowing any background save for one is married and one is transgender would make your own judgments on criteria that simply does not matter in life. You see, there is a reason why mankind in general is not qualified to be judges almighty. We simply cannot see enough. When I see that people are denied the love and support that so many others take for granted, my heart and soul hurt. If you deny, then so shall you be denied. That is the only thought that helps my soul not hurt so much. Please, when you form your opinion of someone you do not know, remember that your sight is limited. You simply do not see the whole story. That is where compassion and forgiveness are needed the most. May you never experience the denials that so many seem to subscribe to.

  65. BRK says:

    I am not naive, even Trump, because we want and we need to make changes in the world…….fight the the corrupts …

    1. Pastor Pete says:

      I sincerely hope you are right, really I do, but my previous comment stands.

      1. Carol Amina says:

        Standing with you Pastor Pete, and John Maher as well. Peace

  66. James says:

    I’m sure three are copious reasons for being straight or gay. Liking bondage, or any personal details of inter human relations. Intestinal health of our parents & G-parents can have a genetic bearing on our lives. God is LOVE. all else is the absence of. Adam & eve. (man/woman). implies thy shall not defyth they temple, leave the yin/yang balance alone. Make NO changes to the RNA / DNA of your existence. With all the gender bending chemicals in our food & environment no wonder there are gender issues. Egocentric predicament & our Phaneron. Read all the articles one can find on gut health & emotional, mental, physical & spiritual gender assignment. Here is one…

    1. Carol Amina says:

      This was not from a reliable source! its from a right wing propaganda site. Its more lies meant to make others feel they are wrong and you are right. I can not respect a person such as yourself and I wont waste my words on you anymore.

  67. BRK says:

    I totally agree with you Carol, all other artificial ways of living are only fake, in accordance with the plan of LUCIFER, to destruct the original and sacred creation.
    People like Maher and his group, belong to the negative party and for that you have never to take them for serious people.
    Good luck to you Carol and your similar people !

  68. highpriestesskathy says:

    As a member of the LGBTQ community, I have seen first hand how bad it is to be denied the right to worship just because of the way you were born. I was raised in the Catholic faith. My mother is a devote Catholic believer. I, however, am not. The Catholic Church does not accept me because I love women instead of men. I knew from a young age that I was different from others in my family. I felt something different in my heart, soul, and spirit. It took me 20 years to accept myself for who I truly am. I left my mother’s church last year, when I was 19, and I haven’t looked back and I haven’t regretted it. I found that one religion that accepted me wholly and unconditionally. I converted to Wicca and I realize that I am and Earth witch and priestess. Last year I founded a church based on the principles of religious freedom and acceptance. There, everyone is welcome and they are not judged or persecuted for something that they cannot control and is beyond their power. Truth, honesty, acceptance are some of the founding principles of my church. Every person deserves to worship in a place, among friends, where they can feel safe and protected without the fear of persecution.

  69. JOHN MAHER says:


  70. Copeland Larry says:

    God created man/woman he said keep my commandments not mans Gods. He says if you keep my commandments you will be Blessed. Don’t keep mine and you will be cast out. His Son Jesus repeated it word for word. God says sex man with man-woman with woman is a sin. You will not get to heaven committing this sin so says God&Jesus. Mans thoughts don’t count when he sins against God..

    1. BRK says:

      I agree totally with you Larry………..!
      Repeat all what you think to J. Maher and his followers, because they seem to be from the other side, and belong to those who were driven out of the real Heaven and who are hating our real creator………..leave them alone suffering what their ancestors have committed………
      Blessing to you Larry and to your followers

    2. JOHN MAHER says:


  71. Amanda says:

    I’m all for this, but can we stop using Caitlyn Jenner as the photo for these things? She is not a good role model for the transgender community, and there are far more better examples out there.

    1. Shauna says:

      THANK YOU! Many of us in the Transgender Community see Caitlyn Jenner as having no relationship with the rest of us. She is a wealthy white woman who cannot see beyond her bank account.

  72. Shauna says:

    I appreciate that you remembered 107 of my brothers, sisters, and sibling at your Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony. The international list remembered 295 of our Fallen killed in hate crimes. The most gruesome death was Death by Dismemberment. There have been worse murders.

    The United States is the 3rd most deadly place for transpeople that we know of, following behind Brazil (#1) and Mexico (#2). Most of South America is hazardous to my People – all supposedly ‘christian’ nations. Like the United States, many of these so-called ‘christians’ have no understanding of what true Christianity is all about.

    We admittedly have little to no information from Russia, Asia, Africa, and the Mideast. Most of these regions look upon us as not even being human. I know of one transman who is a refugee here because the best he could have hoped for in his homeland is death by hanging.

    You probably won’t find many of us coming back to houses of faith – even accepting ones. We neither feel safe nor truly welcomed. I was a liturgical musician for over 30 years, and a music director as well. When I came out as Transgender, I was told that my skills and presence were no longer wanted or welcomed.

    This does not mean that we have lost our faith! It’s just our religion we rejected. I personally consider myself a Follower of Jesus, but I shun the title of christian – too much negative baggage comes with the label.

    I could talk about the science behind why we are the way we are. I could talk about how most of us know who are are as young as 3 or 4. Such discussions are useless. Why? The reason is that so many hate us because they are uncomfortable around us. Scripture verses are cherry picked and taken out of context to justify their hate…

    … To justify their murder of us.

    Why stay where we are not welcomed?

    What is the likelihood of us coming back? Once burned – twice cautious.

    Shauna Marie O’Toole
    We Exist Coalition of the Finger Lakes
    – a 501c3 dedicated to Activism, Visibility, and Outreach Education for the Trans Community.

  73. Stephanie says:

    There are some good points made here, however I am shocked and appalled by the evil comments of some of you “Christians”.
    As a Christian myself I feel ashamed that people may think I harbour your toxic thoughts.
    I am a transsexual female Pastor and God made me this way for His own reasons which our puny human brains could never comprehend.
    If you have issue with that I suggest you go to a Church and take it up with Him.
    I hope God’s love reaches you soon and may he bless you.
    Amen xx

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