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How to Get Ordained Online


At get ordained.org we remove barriers to performing weddings. Now friends, family, or even you can officiate and legally marry loved ones. Getting ordained is a simple act. It's free, and there are no responsibilities attached. You may choose, to do it simply to perform a single wedding, or you may use it as a symbol to speak your truth to power, and contribute the world a better place. Fill out the ordination form completely, using your full legal name and current address, you will never have to renew your membership with the Universal Life Church attend training courses or pay .any periodic fees. Even your credentials of ministry will be valid your entire life. Once your ordination form is accepted, you will see a sample copy of your credentials of ministry showing your name and ordination date. You will also receive an email from us confirming your ordination. To purchase your official document, click on the picture to be taken to our full catalog of items located at www.themonastery.org, the Universal Life Church has only two tenets. To promote freedom of religion, and to do that which is right.