ULC Video Academy

Celebrity Ministers of the ULC


The joy of religion does not have to mean seriousness; some of our most famous ministers are comedians, actors, TV personalities, and musicians. Some use their ordination to perform high-profile weddings for their fans, while others simply lead their friends and loved ones in personalized spiritual experiences. Stars of reality TV love our online ordination because it doesn't require very much time, effort, or money to complete.

It is important to note that the Universal Life Church does not approach anyone specifically requesting that they become a minister. Everyone who joins our community does so on their own. We will ordain anyone as a minister because we believe that a person's spiritual journey need not always be solemn and certainly doesn't always require the presence of an elevated leader-or-the participation in some lofty educational program, and our celebrity ministers agree. Every minister brings something unique to our community.

Even though we are all moving in different directions, in this church we are united as universal brothers and sisters on solid, equal ground.Read about the impact of our celebrity ministers and be inspired to make the world a better place with an ordination from the Universal Life Church.