Starting a Home Church

What makes a church a church? Is it the brick-and-mortar, the steeple, the altar, or the visual representations of deities? At the Universal Life Church, we firmly believe that the foundation of a church is none of these things. Paper people around a home church We feel that the only thing essential to a church, the thing without which no church could exist, is its people. A church could be as lavish as the Sistine Chapel or the Notre Dame Cathedral, but without ministers and a congregation, it would be nothing more than an exceptionally ornate building. Sometimes the strongest churches are the ones without any arches or stained glass- they’re the ones that meet in a kitchen under florescent lights or in a front room, packed onto sofas and recliners.

As we gain more and more religious freedoms and people feel freer to choose their own path to worship, Home Churches are growing in popularity. Currently, there may be up to 20,000 Home Churches in the United States alone. Home Churches offer an alternative for those who wish to worship differently from the conventional churches in their areas, and they can provide non-denominational sanctuary for those who don’t fully subscribe to a particular religion.

We encourage our ministers to research this phenomenon, and to explore their options when it comes to founding their own Home Church. We’re pleased to provide the ULC minister community with these articles on how to found and operate your own Home Church, and we hope that you find them useful.