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Among the religions of the world, Islam has the shortest creed: La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad rasul Allah, "There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is Allah's Apostle." This creed is the very foundation of the Islamic religion. The entire system of Muslim theology, philosophy, and religious life is summed up in this creed. Monotheism is so fundamental to Islam that understanding the Islamic view of God will allow us to better understand Islam as a whole.

Here we will briefly relate the concept of Allah in orthodox Islam. First we will look at the significance of the word "Allah." Second, we will explain the nature and character of Allah as understood by orthodox Muslims. Third, we will look at the Islamic view of the relationship between Allah and the rest of of the world.

Meaning of "Allah"

Allah Monotheism - Universal Life Church Monastery
Allah in Arabic calligraphy

Allah is the personal name of God, and in Arabic means "the Divinity." Both Christians and Muslims believe in One supreme God and creator, and so when they refer to him, under whatever terms, they are referring to the same Being. Though the differences between Muslim and Christian understanding of God are far-reaching, but it would be a mistake to assume they don't have the same referent in mind.

The exact etymology of the word "Allah" is not certain, however we can be sure that the Arabs of pre-Islamic days knew of and acknowledged Allah's existence. Muhammad's own father bore the name Adb-Allah, "slave of God," indicating that Allah was known by that name prior to Islam.1

Muhammads contemporaries knew of a Supreme Being, but did not consider him to be the sole dominate lord. Instead, they had greater faith in lesser gods - the sons and daughters of Allah - who were believed to influence wars, harvests, and fertility. The negative form of the creed, "there is no god but Allah," is evidence that Muhammad's mission was not exclusively to proclaim God's existence, but rather to deny the existence of all lesser deities.2

The Nature of Allah

"He is God, The One and Only; God, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not, Nor is He begotten; And there is none Like unto Him." This passage from sura 112 of the Qur'an was the cornerstone of Muhammad's message: the absolute unity and sovereignty of Allah. As one Muslim writer puts it: "In fact, Islam, like other religions before it in their original clarity and purity, is nothing other than the declaration of the Unity of God, and its message is a call to testify to this Unity."3

Besides Allah's great Oneness, Muslims attribute to Him all the noble names befitting a supreme holy god. He is all-knowing and all-wise. He is loving and far-sighted, and His mercy knows no bounds. Islamic tradition relates that there are ninety-nine names of Allah that describe his character. Among these aspects, Muslims place special emphasis on the following thirteen attributes: "Existence, Eternity, Perpetuity, Dissimilarity, Self-Sustenance, Unity, Might, Will, Knowledge, Life, Hearing, Sight and Speech."4

Allah, Man, and Creation

Muslims Monotheism - Universal Life Church
Muslim Friday mass prayer in Iran

The relationship between Allah and Man as the same as a master and slave. Allah is the master who requires man to submit to him as an obedient slave. In Islam, there is no intimate relationship between Allah and Man (the exception being Islamic Sufism). As the sovereign master, Allah has transcendence and absolute lordship over all of creation. He expresses His lordship by sustaining and providing for His creation.

As the master, Allah is not unmerciful. The Qur'an states that Allah has inscribed for himself the rule of mercy (6:12), and that "[His] Mercy extendeth To all things" (7:156). Allah's creation of nature and man, and of nature for man, is his most primordial mercy. In addition to being merciful, Allah also shows love to his slaves, "If you love God, follow me, and God will love you and forgive your sins." However, "God does not love the unbelievers" (3:32).5

When a believer commits a sin and sincerely regrets it, Allah will forgive him if he repents in earnest. However, orthodox Islam holds that there is one sin that cannot be forgiven, shirk, or assigning partners to Allah. Assigning partners to Allah goes against the central creed of Islam, "There is no god but Allah..." The Qur'an declares "God forgiveth not [the sin of] joining other Gods with him" (4:116).

Further, since Allah is the supreme master and has absolute command over all things, nothing outside of his will ever occurs; all things happen as the result of his decree. A confession from the Al-Nasafi's creed states, "Both good things and evil things are the result of God's decree. It is the duty of every Muslim to believe this."6 Thus, "If [Allah] wishes to reject someone and put them to shame, then He will create sin in him. God creates all things, good and evil. God creates people as well as their actions: He created you as well as what you do (37:94)." 7


Islam Monotheism - Universal Life Church Islamic monotheism is a vast topic that cannot be fully treated in a short article; this was intended as a brief foray into the matter. In summary: Islamic belief holds that Allah is absolutely one, and as supreme master is in complete control of all things. He is self-existent and independent from the entire universe. He has many names that describe his characteristics, but not his ineffable essence. He is also merciful and loving towards those who believe in him. Nothing ever happens outside of his will, and he is the author of both good and evil.

An exploration into the theological presuppositions behind Islamic monotheism brings more questions than answers. Since orthodox Islam asserts that Allah is the author of both good and evil, and that Muslims have a duty to believe it, what does that mean concerning the extremists who use Islam to justify acts of pure evil? Is it Allah's will that innocent people be slaughtered in his name, or in "avenging" the name of a man who died thousands of years ago? Perhaps Allah wants to shame the extremists by creating sin in them. If so, why at the price of innocent blood? If Allah is truly a loving and merciful god, why is there so much enmity and hatred between the different sects of Islam, his alleged loyal believers? How is it possible that a merciful and loving god can be the author of such deplorable acts of evil?


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  1. DirtyPaw's Avatar DirtyPaw

    Good Informative read.

    1. John Robertson's Avatar John Robertson

      I am not a xian and I believe in one creator with end beginning gender or equal.But my Shia neighbours are violent racist and dishonest .They have stolen my water my land and tried to scare me with threats.Unfortunately they tried to remove a brick fence of 45 years on my land as it showed how much they had stolen from my boundary.After father came up my drive wanting to attack me then the son full of muscle building rubbish the uncle came with a brick hammer demanding I allow them to remove the fence on my land as it ruined their straight line of the fence and showed the amount they had stolen .I rang the police and as I did the fencer brother in law attacked me knocking the phone from my hand and tried to hit me with the brick hammer .I did what I had to do and he was surprised .So were the police when they came due to my age. 7 years almost to build 3 units which rotted and were rebuilt full of mould and leaks .Now every time I am seen by the son he threatens me I am 72 with a heart and lung issue .The local council has fined them many times .Asbestos was removed with out any warning and I wondered what the dust was .My house has been flooded by their run off my trees killed with acid and my garden ruined with rubbish thrown over the fence mud concrete slurry and clay. They use the race card but it is not race it is bad behaviour and other Muslim workers are not paid as well as "he Indian black people rubbish I don't pay"Muslims I know are appalled by this behaviour but the council allows them to continue. They have used the same builder inspector all along but claim " he new builder" when in fact the pastry cook owner is building the units with his wild son.The moment you say Iranian or Muslim the Authorities shut up shop .. I am Australian from the 1834 immigration from Scotland and England .I am multi lingual and cultural.

  1. Gallet Christ Sampu's Avatar Gallet Christ Sampu

    nice post..if you can complete that by reading Surah 26 all and 5 all and in the Bible the first chapter of John... May God bless all of you

  1. Dominick J Vettraino's Avatar Dominick J Vettraino

    The primary reason we are created to make war and commit atrocities is to keep us from attaining our right of creation that is to evolve transcend and be able to travel the universe like our ancestors. Religions such as Islam and Christianity are prime example of the extraterrestrial presence that created humanity as a slave race and is now angry because we do not like i, we never did. I say further I would rather die fighting than live as a slave. What ever it is these forces are to me they are nothing but intergalactic thugs. The stories in the bible Caine and Able Ishmael and Issic and from beyond or world Enki and Enlil. Read Zacharia Sitchen if you want to know the truth it is all in the clay tablets that have been found in Iraq since 1849. Good luck and Annu bless

  1. James's Avatar James

    Thank you. My education continues.

  1. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

    I have read an English translation of the Quran. This was an excellent article, please dare to write more.

  1. James's Avatar James

    I hope you are aware that Allah (the God of Islam) and God (the Christian one) are exactly the same being. It is impossible to refute this fact since you already stated that Islam is an Abrahamic religion. Abraham's descendants are the founders of Islam and Judaism and Christianity springs from Judaism so they all have the same God.

    1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      Correct James! All the divisiveness is the result of the various interpretations, versions and translations, often done by men with an agenda. But they are meaningless without people to believe them. I trust we are all here to shine light on the truth as children of the same Universe.

      1. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

        VERY well put Brother John! This is absolutely correct. I mean we can go to at least 50 different stores to buy 100s of different name brand televisions, but at the base root of them all...they are all just televisions. They each have the features, tweaks, and looks their designers felt everyone should have and will want. Religion is no different, Each version was brought about by man, and each man felt his version was the correct and right version everyone would want and need to follow. Very basic example I know, but it gets my point across I think...

        And yes, man is always with an agenda...usually greed. All things in the world would be better if not for greed. I even hate hearing the phrase "Healthy Competition" because in teaching this we are breeding generations of greed and power freaks. Would it not be better to teach our children healthy living? How to live with and love thy neighbor?

  1. melinda's Avatar melinda

    i'm rather surprised at seeing this on here. do you not see what is happening in the world right now in the name of islam? this is the second time i have seen this kind of thing on your site and plan on no longer getting your stuff. islam is not a peaceful religion as long as they behead and burn people alive, rape and torture. i'm disappointed with this page

    1. Lewis's Avatar Lewis

      In the summary at the end of the article, you'll see that the rhetorical questions being asked are meant to challenge the Islamic conception of a merciful and loving God.

    2. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

      Not to mention Melinda, what you are speaking of is radical Islam ruled y Sharia Law. There is a difference. Covering it all broadly like you have is like saying all forms of Christian faiths are exactly the same. And even if you do feel all Islam is the enemy, any general of war will tell you the only way to defeat the enemy is to know the enemy. Burying your head in the sand shows ignorance and nonacceptance of fellow man irregardless or their character of beliefs. I am guessing you are a Minister like myself and surely that was not what you meant...

    3. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      The current Islamaphobia is politically motivated and has little to do with religion, other than one believing it's superior to another, and justifying the horror. Sadly, the West's forces are committing equally horrendous atrocities. And let's not forget who are the invaders and who are the defenders. Allowing our minds and hearts to be filled with hatred is the key to endless war. Protect them and seek the truth rather than believing the propaganda.

    4. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      You won't be missed melinda. Your comment was both ignorant and bigoted. The atrocities you listed have shamefully been done in the name of God by people claiming to be both Muslims and Christians, when in reality, they are simply nothing but flag waving patriots who believe they are superior and righteous. Live by the Golden Rule and quit with the bigotry.

      1. Don Turnbeaugh's Avatar Don Turnbeaugh

        Brother John, I must disagree that Melinda "won't be missed." The reason I read articles like this is so that I can expand my spiritual self by learning of other faiths AND other people's opinions/prejudices of different faiths. I believe that it is healthy to have your beliefs challenged because it forces one to honestly examine the basis of their own faith. Thesis + antithesis = synthesis (new thesis). Perhaps by discussing opposing views more openly and honestly, we all grow and learn. And what is the purpose of discussing faith if not to find common ground and meaning? And to Melinda I will say that there are murders and rapes and burnings and lynchings and torture committed by Christians...does that mean Christianity is not a peaceful religion? Look how full American prisons are and then look at the demographics for the prison population by religious affiliation to illustrate my point. There are some Muslims whose interpretation of the Qu'ran I cannot grasp who commit acts I cannot fathom, just like there are some Christians whose interpretation of the Bible I cannot grasp (i.e., KKK).who commit acts I cannot fathom.

        The key is that WE ALL NEED TO FIND COMMON GROUND, and the best way to do that is to discuss the differences and similarities between other faith traditions. If Melinda wants to challenge my own spiritual views with her comments, then I for one welcome her participation here.

    5. Rev. Jacob Stallings, ULCM's Avatar Rev. Jacob Stallings, ULCM

      Islam IS a benevolent faith. It is the absolute extremist that commit such atrocities. The Muslim extremists are to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity. They pervert the true meaning of each faith to suit their needs. Things done in the name of Christianity has been rather violent as the Crusades. The founding premise of the Universal Life Church is that we are all children of the same universe.

  1. Love's Avatar Love

    Christianity killed many more people than islam in the past and right now in the modern day but i guess when something has been happening for so long we seem to forget that its happening

    1. Lewis's Avatar Lewis

      Yes, in the past people claiming to be Christians have committed grievous sins. There is no denying that.

      But the difference between Christianity and Islam is that there is absolutely no justification for violence in the New Testament. Not so in the Qur'an, and despite all the cultural, ethnic, and political reasons for the rise of violence in Islam, there is no denying that there is a religious justification for violence deeply imbedded in the Islamic worldview as it is presented in the Qur'an.

      1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        Christianity involves the belief in the Trinity, and most believe that the God of the OT and Jesus are one in the same. Islam teaches that there is only one God, not a trinity. Jesus makes it clear that the laws of the OT are not to be ignored or changed in many NT passages. See Matt 5:17 and many more. When promoting their religion, most Christians want to avoid the OT because of it's of killing, rape, slavery, etc. Citing the Ten Commandments but denying the barbarity is picking the low hanging fruit for promotional purposes.

      2. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        Doesn't the New Testament end with the second coming of Christ in Revelations, Lewis? Jesus’ second coming sounds like it will be exceedingly violent. Revelation 19:11-21 describes the ultimate war with Christ, the conquering commander who judges and makes war “with justice” (v. 11). It’s going to be bloody (v. 13) and gory. The birds will eat the flesh of all those who oppose Him (v. 17-18). He has no compassion upon His enemies, whom He will conquer completely and consign to a “fiery lake of burning sulfur” (v. 20).

        The violence and Islamaphobia we're witnessing in the GWOT is politically and corporately engineered, but veiled in religion for those gullible enough to believe they are the righteous ones.

        1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

          Lewis, I absolutely agree that all beliefs should be aggressively challenged and discarded when they prove to be harmful, negative, or untrue. However, it is apparent that you believe Christianity to be the superior faith and have made judgemental, ill informed comments about Islam while defending Christianity with half or untruths as illustrated above and elsewhere.

          "Christians" are committing atrocities as I write this, as are "Muslims", thought neither of them would be true followers of their respective faiths. No doubt Christians are being demonized in Muslim countries just as Muslims and Islam are in the West. However, I don't think it's appropriate on a ULC forum. We are supposed to be enlightened enough to have rooted out bigotry, racism and much ignorance from our minds.

          Are you just a regular member of the ULC or something more? How many of the posts we read have you written?

      3. Celeste's Avatar Celeste

        Actually that is not true. It is in the Q'oran that to take one innocent life is equivalant to killing all people. It is incredible hubris for a political leader to claim that they know the will of God. I was astonished when I heard an American President say it.

  1. lisa moore's Avatar lisa moore

    I agree with Melinda , this is sad to see

    1. Lewis's Avatar Lewis

      This article was meant to challenge Islam by asking how a supposedly merciful and loving God could inspire so much evil in his "loyal" subjects.

      1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        Lewis, Lewis, Lewis…. it's the same way Christians are inspired. Blind, "loyal", unwavering faith in a book written by men who claimed to be speaking on God's behalf.

        Who are you to be challenging one of the world's most popular and widespread religions anyway?

    2. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

      Lisa Moore - Then you must STOP watching mainstream media, believing their rhetoric, and open both your mind and your heart. THEN and only then will you begin to understand the world and be able to make a difference. One may have acceptance of something without agreeing with it or following the same path. I am slowly losing my sight, this is part of growing old. Rather than be angry and depressed about it I accept it for what it is, and do what I can to make it palatable for me.

  1. Susan's Avatar Susan

    We are all children of the same Universe.

  1. E.A. Cruz's Avatar E.A. Cruz

    It is my opinion, Melinda and Lisa Moore are correct in their opinions. Also, I feel that to offer excuses for the blood lust of Islam is foolish and is miss informing. Islam does not speak as other religions. Islam is death to any who disagree. E.A.Cruz

    1. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

      YOu are just speaking hate E.A. Have you even read the original version of the Quran? Or any other religious text in an objective manner? Are you Christian? Not that I agree with ANY of them but I am betting you are Christian and I can point out just as many like things in the Christian book of fiction as one can in the Islamic book of fiction....back off! If you wish to speak within this forum and expect civil responses then speak in a civil manner yourself or else just keep your hateful, racist comments to yourself please!!

      1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

        Well said dreamwc! The ULC is not a forum for fundamentalists of any stripe. With the credo "We are all children of the same Universe"and acceptance of all beliefs including Druid, Pagan and Atheist, it should be evident that bigotry and dogma have no place here. The Islamaphobia that has become so rampant is more political than religious…. justification for the business of war. It's acceptance is based on ignorance and fear like any form of racism.

  1. JPrince's Avatar JPrince

    Our experience on this planet is one of choices. I can only conclude that these extremists have wandered far from the intent of our creator. We will change the world when we choose kindness, always.

    If it is true that the Qur'an says Allah is "loving and his mercy know no bounds" then I am once again amazed at how humans can get things all screwed up! I have had conversations with people who tell me that the Qur'an talks of world dominance and violent "justice". Why does the author not include this in the article? Is it true?

    Violence has happened throughout history in God's name..... so again I am thanking God that I am free to have my connection with the powerful energies of love and kindness; this is my path.

    Every being is energy filled and free to choose. I choose LOVE, compassion, generosity.... And I pray that everyone will!

    It does me no good to dent my energy with sadness, though it would be very easy to do so. It is my spiritual challenge to do better than that. I must BE THE CHANGE I want to see.


    1. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

      THANK YOU JPrince for a decent, and observant comment without hate or racism. =)

      I don't necessarily agree with the Christian or Islamic views new or old but one thing I CANNOT abide by from ANYONE is racism or hatred. So thank you!

  1. Rev. Charles's Avatar Rev. Charles

    I have actually read the Koran and spent the time to read Islamic history. This goes back to the Holy Roman Empire - same problem - different age. The model of making trade mutually beneficial does not work given such narrow views of the world and how it should be. In its tenants, Islam is a beautiful, peaceful religion. The amazing thing to me is that Hebraism, Christianity and Islam share the same roots and many of the same beliefs. God is a God of all people and life. Science is now seeing it. Please differentiate politics from faith. Islamic extremism needs to be addressed, not just by Moslems, but by the world. It is a distortion of faith and spirit.

    1. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      Charles, your comments carry substantial weight and wisdom. I expect you are one of the few people on this forum who have actually read the Koran. You are correct that all three major religions are Abrahamic and share the same God, no matter what word/language they use for it. The mix of religion and politics has been around since they've both existed and have always resulted in both the beautiful and the ugly. The Golden Rule is a key component in all current major religions, but is often buried in unimportant details that are the basis for most of the divisiveness.

    2. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

      VERY well put Charles! There is also a lot to be said about whether we take written words by their meaning, or by what they say. If I say this forum is killing me, I do not actually mean I will literally die from it. I honestly think, simple as it is, that this is one huge difference between what many call extremist and the norm. One follows the word of their bible EXACTLY as it is written, and the other takes the time to seek the meaning behind the words. We must remember that back in the time of writing most all holy texts, regardless of what religion, symbolism was king when it came to writing. This was in the days when writing words and telling stories and such meant something, people took time to write words like poetry, to exact more than just text but meaning, feeling, and sentiment within their words of text. Unlike today where the masses have embraced the screwed up shorthand of cell phone texting so much that it has crept into their lives completely. Now days I cannot even read a major news article from a well respected company because there are so many grammatical and spelling errors it just gives me a headache. Civilization is declining rapidly and it is up to us, ALL of us who have come together here, regardless of our religious beliefs to try and bring peace, love, and harmony to the population. We must be an example of how brotherly love can be, no matter what a persons belief system is. We are all here to help each other grow, live, love, and learn.

      just think if we all worked together, without our biggest world killer "greed" what the possibilities could be... We could already have cures for cancer, AIDS, and more. We would no longer need planet killers like nuclear bombs. The possibilities are endless...I dream of this day but fear I will never see it in my life time. But that will not stop me from trying to make it happen during my life time. =)

  1. Richard's Avatar Richard

    I'm an Asatruar and I personally don't believe in any of the Abrahamic faiths, I also do not claim that my gods are even real, but I pray to them for guidance and assistance in life for the simple fact of believing there is someone or something out there that can care for me in ways that no normal creature can. If I were to choose an Abrahamic faith though, I would pick Islam.

  1. Gallet Christ Sampu's Avatar Gallet Christ Sampu

    Hi brothers! Behold, the great day of the Lord is at hand; and who can abide the day of this coming, and who can stand when he appeareth? Brethen I have many things to say to you on the subject(understanding Islamic monotheism); but shall now close foe the present, and continue the subject another time. I am , as ever, your humble servant and never deviating friend. Usually I share unto my post as Christian Mabanga Stone sg ( That's is my reference in my public life, but ordained as Gallet Christ Sampu. So I have to accomplish the rule of obligations to continue my sharing post by paying my acceptance certificate to preach online as soon as can I and my God bless all of you. Please a time to read Ezra prayer in the Bible: Ezra 9 all Chapter.

    1. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

      That was a completely useless post here and it's aim was nothing but to shove Christianity down others throats. Sorry if my bluntness offends anyone...No hate, plenty of love, just making an observation.

  1. Rev. Charles's Avatar Rev. Charles

    There can and only be one God. I am Christian and have explored many other philosophies and religious beliefs in my life. We have a biological need to believe in something greater than ourselves that cares about us and wants us to be the best we can be. What attracted me more than anything is that from the beginning of the Bible, God said that we will never know him: He is a spirit. When Moses asked His name -all He said to him is " I am that I am."So we are confronted with a mystery that we have to contend with. As a child, I was confronted by the Catholic Catechism, which maintains that God is insanely in love with each of us. The Abrahamic Religions call for believing in God is a matter of faith. St. Paul said - "by faith,not by sight." What I like about Jesus the most is that he taught us how to live and be at peace with each other, and that our Mysterious God was always present in our lives. Pretty radical - this had nothing to do with politics, government or power. It was a way to live as individuals in faith. I may be naive, but at some point in your search, faith, like Saint Paul said, attunes you into everything that is important. God is God, no matter how we see Him.

    1. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

      Thats nice Charles, and no offense but that is a very narrow view only from your chosen beliefs. Although I do agree with you on man have a need to believe in something greater than himself. Honestly I feel it all just boils down to in order to maintain our feelings of superior intelligence we have to find some way to explain things we cannot explain...thus a greater power.

      Rev. RJ Levesque, Jr. 8th Degree Earthen Pagan Priest

      1. Celeste's Avatar Celeste

        I have talked with 4 people of different faith traditions, who were following their paths and sharing with me the message that they focused on from their path. When the Jehovah's witness gave me the same message as the Muslim, Hindu, and pagan priestess had, I went to my knees. The Christian said pray first. The Muslim said, pray at dawn. The Hindu said, Meditate first, at the beginning of the day. The hoodoo witch said, tend your altar first, daily, and always. The Divine has asked for my connection, through all paths. I listen to all peoples of every faith. It is easy to tell a believer from a fanatic. The believer has a light, and does not force, but offers their light to share with you. I will learn from all of them. I would empoverish myself if I closed my mind to another's faith.

    2. Brother John's Avatar Brother John

      Hmmm. Your rhetoric changed a bit from your last comment Charles, but I do agree that there is only one God and it's not exclusive to Christians, Jews or Muslims. I disagree that the spread of Christianity had nothing to do with politics, government and power. Quite to the contrary. Collusion between church and state has been on-going for century after century and one has influenced the other. The Council of Nicea in 325 is an example of this….

      1. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

        And no offense to my Christian brothers and sisters but let us not forget that Christianity was forced on the populace to begin with by Constantine of Rome. It was his political power and demands that made that religion spread so quickly as it did. Trust me in my religion we pray for and keep remembrance of each of our priests that were slain on the alters where they stood in order to drive out Paganism and bring in Christianity. The Vatican in Rome even sits where once one of, if not the largest, Pagan temple sat. Beneath the Vatican are the catacombs and tombs of Catholic bishops and popes, yet beneath that even older are the tombs of our Pagan priests...

        So yes Charles I do feel politics has unfortunately had a LOT to do with modern day religion. There was a time when the Catholic church pretty much dictated what the laws of the land were period. This alone should be evidence enough. History books are filled with this information.

  1. Rev. Charles's Avatar Rev. Charles

    Thank you - believe me - I am not that narrow. I was never forced to believe anything. Irregardless of what we believe and practice, I believe that God is a Spirit. Even in the Old Testament, God said that and that we would never understand Him.With Jesus - what do we intend about our faith and how do people live together in their best interests and in harmony with God? He brought a message about that and it can't be denied. Again, thank you.

    1. Rev. RJ Levesque Jr's Avatar Rev. RJ Levesque Jr

      Right, so rather than open discussion about this religion, you bombard it with Christian beliefs. Narrow minded. Open your mind and listen to others, you may learn something. God said, God did, ....I got news for you that helps nothing, God does not even exist in my world, nor yours to be honest. Bringing the discussion BACK to the original piece would be great. Sorry if I offend but I get bombarded with GOD stuff all day long everywhere I look, I don't come here to discuss the Christian god at all. I came here because it was an article about something of interest to many of us. It is like you are trying to tell me facts using only beliefs! YOUR beliefs and the Christian beliefs! And this article, for once, is NOT about your Christian religion...

  1. Rev. Charles's Avatar Rev. Charles

    Brother John, thank you for your comments. I agree. It was not my desire to offend anybody, but just share my journey in trying to understand God. God is the same - basis of monotheism and can not change. We can based on faith in our experiences and what we choose to believe, I think we have to look at the world as a wide eyed child, with no preconceptions and realize that if God is truly active in the world, and constantly reaching out to us, then, it will be evident in your life in some way that will have meaning to you. Blessings - great discussion. Please avoid hate speech. Sincerely, Charles.

  1. Gallet Christ Sampu's Avatar Gallet Christ Sampu

    Brothers and sisters have a happy new year all of you. The light of the wicked has ceased to burn and this this year is a year of glory to those who believe and born again. Let me share with you what the comforter inspire me to share going with understanding Islam monotheism. We face wars and confusions, but I would like to share with you ''How Islam Deal With Racism firstly''.

    P.S: I will explain to you in deepest on myself as soon as can I why I choose firstly this Chapter.

    Racism has feature heavily in UK over the past few weeks or few month ago(By Abdul Wahid)

    The conviction of two cold-blooded racist murder of Stephen Lawrence 18 years ago has been the most emotive issues-but by no means the only one.

    The media attacked Dianne Abbotts clumsy remark when she generalized that white people(meaning 19th century colonialists) used to divided and rule black people in the past- a generalisation that some might defend when on considers that more than a few of those colonisers were reinforced in their actions by beliefs of their innate racial superiority.

    Aside from this , the past few weeks has been racist abuse toward Oldham football player Tom Adeyemi, amongst other concerns about racism in football player; and a poll of a thousand people I the newspaper the voice that showed 83% felt racism was worse in the UK since the Macpherson report.

    All of this has occurred against the backdrop of rising racist attitudes within Britain-whether the softer aspects that surround negative attitudes towards immigrants or the harsher voices of the English Defence League in their xenophobia focused against Muslims.

    Racism emerges from a tribal mentality, where people feel bound together by their bonds of tribes or race.

    This is the history of tribalism down the ages, and it hasn't fundamentally altered.

    Europe's history of tribalism has been exacerbated by several factors.

    In particular the nation state idea promotes a national identity which all too easily fosters a sense of national superiority and consequently nationalism. National identity is nothing more than a modern version of tribalism.

    Also, the ideas that underpinned capitalist states wholly failed to build a bond that connected people to each other in powerful way that supersedes tribal connections.

    Western states have wrestled endlessly trying to create a mentality that binds people together as human beings, but find it fraught with contradictions.

    (Muslims And Racism): Sadly, Muslims today are wholly not immune from racism.

    They too have adopted the nation state as their modern day equivalent of tribe and tried to encourage feelings of a national identity in the Muslim world, so institutionalising division.

    We have all sensed how racist some of Arabs are to the Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi workers. Or how parents from the Indian subcontinent think about marriage prospects for their children when faced with going outside their own cultural and racial boundaries.

    Yet, Islam did manage to overcome barriers of race and skin colour for centuries. Indeed, it still does better than most. a trip to Makkah or Medina shows how comfortable Muslims are praying and worshipping side by side.

    The region that is today called Saudi Arabia-where the Al-Saud family sits at the top of hierarchy that puts others Arabs from Hijaz and Najd second, followed by other gulf Arabs, and then all the rest -was not once a meeting pot as pilgrims visited there and then settled. An average Saudi living in the Hijaz region could look white or black, or could pass for an Indian or may have slightly oriental features descending from the Mongols. Even some of the their surnames betray their geographic diversity.

    This is for the moment and I will continue the rest of it and I will explain to you how the matter does much with the present tribulations.

    May God bless all of you and let your mind be enlighten.

    Peace and love

  1. Gallet Christ Sampu's Avatar Gallet Christ Sampu

    Brothers and sisters , I would like to continue my sharing based on Understanding Islam monotheism next paragraph . But let me correct this '' it was about the year 2012 not like I did start fro few week or few month.

    Going with all turmoil and disorder and discriminations and terror actions, so let deal with ''How did Islam manage to achieve this?

    It stems back tot he core Islamic beliefs laid down in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet(Sallallahu alaihi wassalam).

    Allah SWT says in the Quran: O manking, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Surah al-hujurah(49-13)

    Allah SWT has addressed all humanity in this verses of Quran-not one section alone such as male or female, black or white, young or old.

    He reminds humanity that it shares a common Creator, a common ancestry despite the diversity of gender, race and geographical location.

    He makes it clear that none of those things convey any inherent superiority of gender, race and geographical location.

    He makes it clear that none of those things convey any inherent superiority of one person over another. Rather it is righteousness in terms of what one believes and does that makes one person better or worse than another.

    Beliefs and actions are the products of thoughts- so they are something any thinking person capable of undertaking actions is able to achieve.

    It is the value of individuals based on merit and nothing else.

    This view of the belief in diversity of humanity is not confined to one verse. There are others, some which even describe the diversity as a sign for people of knowledge.

    ( And of His signs is the creation of heavens and the earth and the diversity of your languages and your colours. Indeed in that are signs for those of knowledge. Surah rum 30:22)

    The Prophet SAW reinforced this view of humanity, race, belief and action in teachings. In his final sermon at the Hajj he said: All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non- Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.

    And when he saw evidence of a resurgence of tribalism, he spoke out against it in no uncertain terms. Abu - Dawud reported that the Prophet(S.A.W.) said He is not of us if he calls to asbiyyah, and he is not one of us if he fights for the sake of asbiyyah, and one of us if he dies on asbiyyah.

    In another situation Imam Muslim narrates that when when two men of different tribes disagreed, disagreed, each one called to his group for help, so each group got ready to support their man, then the Prophet(S.A.W.) said, what is this? Are you calling the call of the people of Jahiliyyah? Leave it, for surely it is filthy.

    In another authentic narration from Abu-Dawud, the Prophet(S.A.W.) said, Allah(S.W.T) took away the asbiyah of jahiliyyah from you, and your boasting about your fathers. So, man is either a righteous believer or a corrupted non-believer. You are the children of Adam, and Adam is from dirt; let men quit their boasting of their own people, they are nothing but coal from the coal of Hell or they will be more humiliated in the sight of Allah more than the dung beetle that pushes dung with its nose.

    All of these-and more, even harsher examples-were clear rebukes to people who showed any signs of an identity or bond that super ceded the Islamic identity and bond-whether based on family, tribe or interest.

    Moreover, he encouraged a real melting of the community into one Islamic identity through actions.

    He elevated an Abyssinian former slave, Bilal ibn Rabah alHabashi, to be the first caller to prayer. He freed Umm Ayman, also known as Barakah, who had been a slave against from Abyssinia. He encouraged the marriage between her and Zaydibn Harritha who was no less beloved to the Prophet than any son would have been.

    This melting came through ideas: The ideas that all humanity is equal in its worth regardless of race or colour and the idea that belief in Allah and his Messenger Isa (Jesus)higher bond to unite people and regulate society.

    Among his companions and the Muslims of the time, the Prophet managed to create a real bond of brotherhood by encouraging acts of charity, kindness and sacrifice for each other.

    Brothers and sister this is my sharing for the moment and I will continue the rest of it as soon as can I. Let me end with this ''When politicians insult Muslim, when a Mosque is vandalized, or kid bullied, that doesn't make us safer. That's not telling it like it is. It's just wrong(President Obama words!!!Union speech).

    May God bless all of you.

  1. Imran's Avatar Imran

    Well, it's long since this was written, but let me make a comment nevertheless... Okay, this was well written, but the problematic is on when the writer translates "Sharr" of Arabic as "evil" and then concludes from that problematic translation that God/Allah is the creator of Evil.. yet the Qur'an says it very clearly that "all Evil come from us humans" and that "God does not command evil"... Basically all the questions the summary were motivated by that wrong translation of "sharr" as evil!

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