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Many anti-maskers just can't seem to find it in their hearts to follow the rules and respect service workers

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In the midst of the raging COVID-19 pandemic, which has taken over 300,000 American lives, it seems some people will stop at nothing to avoid wearing a mask, regardless of the risk to themselves and others, particularly others who provide services.

Despite the safety requirements set in place by state leaders, many anti-maskers just can't seem to find it in their hearts to follow the rules and respect service workers -- those on the front lines just trying to earn a living through this whole mess.

In a rage-inducing incident recently, Illinois Christians attempted to gain access to a Denny’s restaurant by claiming religious exemption to the state-issued mask-mandate. The poor server clearly had had enough. After informing the men multiple times that they would not be seated without masks, the employee quit on the spot. The whole thing was caught on camera.

The Breaking Point

A link to the video is included below (WARNING: Explicit language)

“Roger, I’m not working for this st anymore. **These guys won’t put their masks on, I’m sick of feeling like this,” the worker is quoted as saying, before taking off their apron and gathering their materials to leave. The two patrons attempted to justify their decision to put their fellow restaurant-goers and restaurant workers in danger by claiming a religious exemption. 

“Sir, the Civil Rights Act says we can claim a religious exemption for not wearing a mask, we’re not sick,” they insisted. The video features the men listing specific subsections of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as well. It has been part of a disturbing trend in the United States, with new self-shot videos popping up every day of someone who refuses to wear a mask claiming religious exemption, often with less-than-flattering results.

These attempts to side-step the simple task of wearing a mask are often more effort than simply wearing the mask in the first place, and lead many to wonder why the point is of these exercises. But does the argument for religious exemption hold any weight when it comes to masking?

Religion is Not a Shield for Negligence

Most of the time, the request for a religious exemption involves a person of faith requesting an exemption from performing an action, activity, or event which would bring offence against their faith. While the requirements for religious exemptions can extend to medical cases, this is generally exclusively with regard to the patient themselves, and how that exemption affects them.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, for example, are well known for not accepting blood donations, regardless of what it means for their medical outcomes. In this case, however, the argument for religious exemption doesn’t apply. 

Masks are not designed to protect the wearer from inhaling viral particles. They’re used to protect the people around you from getting sick if you have the virus and don’t know it. If the men in the Denny’s case were requesting an exemption from being required to eat certain foods, they would perhaps have a solid argument.

However, because their request for exemption would not only affect others besides themselves, and goes against the current safety mandates, the case for the exemption is incredibly weak at best, and non-existent at worst. 

And who suffers because of it? The service workers who are subject to this nonsense. What will it take to stop people acting like this?


  1. Dave J's Avatar Dave J

    It's a shame she had to quit. Those incredible jerks were in the wrong. Religious exemption my ***. They said it clearly. "We don't want to wear a mask." I did not hear what religion they were, but no religion gives you the right to endanger other people in the name of that religion. Yes, there is religious freedom, and you go ahead and worship maskless in your own home, but stay the hell away from restaurants and stores where your ignorance, prejudice, and just plain ******** would endanger people just making a living by doing things for you.

    Incredible the lengths some people will go to just because they feel entitled.


  1. Clay Serenbetz's Avatar Clay Serenbetz

    Covering their face must eminate from a sincere religious belief. What religion are they practicing members of that affirms the right to kill others? Even if such a religion existed, which it doesn't, such a First Amendment right would be subservient to the right to life. Furthermore, private establishments, such a privately-owned business have the right to refuse service. No ****, no shoes, no service". More recently, in 2018, the Supreme Court, in the "Masterpiece Bakeshpe" case, ruled that a business may refuse service based on their religious beliefs. You can't have it both ways, sorry.

  1. Wayward73's Avatar Wayward73

    The Constitution exists inside of restaurants too. They have every right to refuse to cover their faces but you have NO right to question or deny their religious freedom or freedom of choice. And let me remind you that the Fourteenth Amendment clearly states that no state may pass any laws which infringe upon the constitutional right of those therein.

    1. Alexander Clarke's Avatar Alexander Clarke

      The 14th Amendment applies to the State not to business. An employer can mandate what employees wear including safety equipment etc. They also have the right to refuse service to anyone (other than those reasons that are deemed against the law). Your rights end where they infringe on my rights.

    2. MAmatthews's Avatar MAmatthews

      I agree with you that the constitution exists within the boundaries of the restaurant, and the government can not infringe on religious freedom. However the owners of the restaurant , or other business, have the right to refuse service to non mask wearers if they have it prominently posted at the entrance where a normal person would see the sign. It is a privilege to enter an establishment, not a constitutional protected right. The server was following the establishment rules for customers and had every right to refuse service to non mask wearers even if they say it is against the tenets of their religion. Business owners have protected rights as well as their customers

      1. Rich Calton's Avatar Rich Calton

        MAmatthews --- WELL PUT!.... the business is very close to their HOME.... IF someone wants to be a guest in my home [and follow my rules] they are generally welcome. IF on the other hand they want to be jerks..... Well, there is the door and stay out... IF they want to be big jerks and cause 'issues' .... it will not end well for them and they can go to jail, IF I have to call the police.... The Constitution restrains the governments... not private businesses nor homes.

  1. Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson's Avatar Ealdormon Piparskeggr Robinson

    I keep in mind that wearing a mask is an inconvenience, not oppression.

  1. John P Maher's Avatar John P Maher


  1. CB's Avatar CB

    I am a service worker. I have refused to wear the mask; they do not work, anyway. If someone wants to wear it, that is their choice. The corona thing is a huge scam; big pharma has been losing huge $ due to lawsuits over the side effects of their drugs, and so they are looking to sell their hideous vaccines, which have proven to not work and to also have bad side effects. The mask is a social control device. I have not had to leave my job. The Constitution is not "paused" for the corona thing. Sunlight and the Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C and Zinc paks works to cure the corona thing anyway.
    Doubt the above? Do your research. If you would like some direction in which to look, let me know. Blessings to all!


      my former father in law passed away last March 2020 of covid. It is NOT A SCAM! I HOPE THAT YOU WILL FIND OUT THAT IS REAL! I NORMALLY DON'T WISH HARM TO PEOPLE OR TO ANY ONE, BUT WITH YOU, I'' MAKE AN EXCEPTION

  1. Alisa Kay Gill's Avatar Alisa Kay Gill

    I don't agree with using religion of any kind just because you refuse to accept what mandates a state has provided. My child went into the Army and every single waking moment wears that mask while training in extreme heat. If she can wear it while training to protect your freedoms, you can certainly do the courtesy of wearing one to protect others. Even if you think it's all a scam. Where is the harm in putting a piece of cloth on your face? Have fun with it, I do. I have one for every mood I'm in. I can't stand wearing them. But I refuse to be the one reason someone else dies!

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