Baptism Ceremony Script Generator

The Universal Life Church's baptism ceremony script generator allows ministers and parents to build custom baptism ceremony scripts with just a few clicks. Whether you're planning a traditional child baptism, a more contemporary adult baptism, or even an interfaith ceremony, the generator will aid you in constructing a unique script to fit any scenario.

After completing the process, you'll be able to download your sample baptism ceremony script for free, hot off the presses and ready for the altar. With this task finished, be sure you visit the Minister's Catalog to confirm that you have everything else you need for the big day, and remember to become ordained if you have not done so already. Begin by choosing the type of ceremony below, and watch the magic happen!

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Type of Ceremony: To begin, select the type of baptism ceremony you'd prefer, and choose 'Child' or 'Adult' Baptism.

Basic Info: Next, enter the names of those participating in the ceremony.
Elements: Baptism ceremonies contain several parts. Here, you may select which elements you'd like included in your ceremony (all elements are included by default)
Optional Additions: Looking for a little something extra? Feel free to add an additional ceremony or prayer to your baptism script.
Congratulations! You just built a one-of-a-kind baptism ceremony. Click the button below to download your baptism script.
The Charge
Godparents' Charge
Question for Witnesses
Hindu Naming Ceremony
Buddhist Naming Ceremony
Sikh Naming Ceremony
Jewish Naming Ceremony
Christian Prayer
Christian Blessing
The Lord's Prayer
Certificate Presentation