The Use of Anointing Oils

Anointing oil is used in many holy ceremonial rites. You can order Anointing Oil through the Universal Life Church... available through our online store here.

Anoint anyone at any time for your holy purposes. Learn how to consecrate holy oil and practice traditional anointing, sealing and blessing.

These are suggestive words – this is intended as a reference, not a definitive guide.


The authority given to you for the purpose of anointing and blessing is found in many religious texts; you are a child of the Universe.

To Consecrate the Oil

For the spiritual use of any oil, it must first be properly blessed or consecrated. Always use a high quality pure olive oil. Oil was often scented in the early Hebrew Temple, and the practice is continued today throughout many faiths. Brothers and sisters laboring for their Lord must perform a consecration of holy oil and retain it for the proper circumstance.

  1. Open container of oil and hold with a firm grasp.
  2. Address your Creator as in prayer.
  3. State the authority of your blessing.
  4. Consecrate the oil (do not consecrate the container) and set it aside for future use.
  5. Finish in the name of your Lord.

When the oil has been consecrated, the oil remains blessed, permanently.


The practice of anointing is used to bless and impart healing grace, energy, and/or protection. Research your prayer and practice the words you will use.

  1. Use a small amount of oil to mark upon the person or object to be anointed.
  2. While applying the oil, call the person or object by name.
  3. State the authority of your blessing.
  4. State that you are anointing with consecrated/blessed oil.
  5. Finish in the name of your Lord.

Sealing the Anointing/Blessing

Immediately following the anointing, those present may lay their hands upon the head of the person being anointed. In the case of an object, where the oil was applied is the most appropriate location. The minister performing the anointing must speak on behalf of the Creator.

  1. With eyes closed in unison, call the person by name.
  2. State the authority under which the anointing was performed.
  3. Seal and confirm the anointing to your faith.
  4. Speak from the spirit(s) with which the anointing was blessed.
  5. Finish in the name of your Lord.

Remember: The prayer that you give must be appropriate for your situation; it is not preferred practice to read from generic passages or scripture. Your individual practice may dictate that you prepare for the anointing in one of many ways. This could involve solitary prayer, fasting, candle burning, etc.

Please note the anointing oil we sell has not been consecrated as to not interfere with any religion, you must concencrate with your creator before use.