ULC - IN THE NEWS - 2015

Dec 28

Divine Love of Pets Inspires Chaplain

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Matty Guiliano has a passion for animals that has deepened his own spirituality. After his beloved pet succumbed to cancer, he became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church to become a chaplain for his county's chapter of the SPCA.

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Nov 09

Comedian Rob Little wants to marry you (but no exorcisms, please)

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Comedian Rob Little recently became an ordained minister by the Universal Life Church, and was pleasantly surprised at how simple the process was. Now, he’s having fun performing weddings for friends and fans, and will be creating a television show based on his experiences.

Source: City Pages

Nov 04

Carrie Brownstein, Amy Poehler Conduct Spontaneous Marriage Ceremony During Book Reading Event

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Two dedicated fans of Carrie Brownstein and Amy Poehler surprised the pair at a book reading event in Pasadena. The couple requested an impromptu wedding ceremony from the pair, who knew Brownstein was an ordained minister through Universal Life Church. Brownstein and Poehler agreed, and it went viral!

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Nov 03

More millennials choosing pals over priests when tying the knot

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As young people around the world turn away from traditional religion, they are flocking to organizations like the ULC, which allows them to take charge of their own spiritual life. Religion isn't dying, it's getting better!

Source: CBS News

Oct 10

Kevin Smith Presided Over a New York Comic Con Wedding On Top Of A Tour Bus Today

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Director Kevin Smith, famous for his "geek" movies, has performed weddings as a ULC Minister in the past. One weekend in NYC, he performed one for fans on top of a tour bus as it cruised through the streets.

Source: ComicBook

Oct 02

Monmouth SPCA to hold 'Blessing of the Animals'

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Ordained Ministers find their calling in all sorts of corners of the globe. One ULC minister has found a more... unique niche: he's become a chaplain for an animal shelter, catering to the spiritual needs of cats and dogs!

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Sep 16

Cheaper Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Gifts

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Performing a service for a friend or family member's wedding can make a unique and inexpensive gift. Becoming ordained online through the ULC provides you the chance to officiate the service, making the day extra special.

Source: U.S. News

Sep 09

Kim Davis's Kentucky Is for Lovers: I Got Gay Married in Morehead

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Kim Davis has held marriages hostage in Rowan County, Kentucky for months. After her imprisonment, Jezebel followed the first gay marriage to take place there - which was officiated by a ULC minister!

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Aug 27

Dream comes true for two men who say I do

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Same-Sex marriage is now legal across the nation. In some areas, however, gay weddings are still far from the norm. This sweet article chronicles a couple's wedding and makes a case for a greater sense of marriage equality, removing stigma.

Source: Times Leader

Aug 14

These 8 Websites Helped Us Save $21,781 on Our Wedding

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The average cost of a wedding is around $31,000. A bride shares tips on how she saved more than half of that cost for the ceremony, including having a dear friend ordained online with the Universal Life Church to perform the wedding.

Source: The Penny Hoarder

Aug 08

Internet church attracts more and more people

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The Universal Life Church is making strides globally, and has been growing at breakneck speed for years. This German magazine chronicles the ULC's international rise... from its modest founding decades ago to its revered status today.

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Jul 25

Universal Life Church Clergy are ordained at a finger click

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Ordination is changing. With the June Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriage is open to anyone who identifies and wishes to be wed. This article shows the different ways online churches like the Universal Life Church are changing the way people not only get married, but go to Church in general.

Source: The Toledo Blade

Jul 07

Clergy defy Methodist church at gay pastor's wedding

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A member of a Methodist Clergy in Indiana, who identifies as a gay man, recently got married following the Supreme Court ruling. With the help of a friend ordained through ULC, the clergy man and his now husband wed on the court steps of city hall.

Source: South Bend Tribune

Jun 26

Couples Personalizing Role of Religion in Wedding Ceremonies

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Interfaith marriages, same-sex marriages and 'traditional' marriages alike are all changing. Couples are now taking active roles in deciding what their big day will look like, in every capacity.

Source: The New York Times

May 11

Keene Activists Will Drop Tax-Exempt Appeal and Start Again

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Ordination is changing. With the June Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriage is open to anyone who identifies and wishes to be wed. This article shows the different ways online churches like the Universal Life Church are changing the way people not only get married, but go to Church in general.

Source: The Keene Sentinel

May 06

Of Cabbages and Kings: How many marriages are done in church?

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'What percentage of marriages are done by clergy these days?' Justice Scalia raises some interesting questions about future weddings, highlighting mainstream culture as abandoning clergy for more alternative options.

Source: The Astorian

Apr 19

Conan O`brien Turns 52: Interesting Facts about the Comedian

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Famous talk show host and comedian Conan O'Brien turns 52 on Saturday, 18 April, and after living more than half a century, there are quite some interesting facts that his fans may not know.

Source: International Business Times

Mar 20

News story or editorial? Reuters reports on that bill to eliminate all marriage (licenses) in Oklahoma

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A previous Oklahoma Bill plans to eliminate government issued marriage licenses, but there is much more to the story With debate going on about who is able to wed and perform ceremonies, residents of Oklahoma are facing more roadblocks than just picking out the right venue for their reception.

Source: GetReligion

Mar 19

Oklahoma Bans Atheist Marriages In Hopes Of Preventing Gay Ones

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A local Oklahoma atheist gives her opinion on the recent Oklahoma bill that would prevent atheists and gays from being married.

Source: Reuters

Mar 19

Minnesota county will issue permits for atheist weddings

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Those who don't believe in a higher power still want to be married like everyone else. A vocal group of atheists in Washington County Minnesota are creating a new type of irreligion. Uniting Godlessness with the trappings of the Church, these folks are opening the doors, not to heaven, but to atheist matrimony.

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