Foreign Corporation Information

Themis Scale While most US states do not require the Universal Life Church Monastery to register as a corporation within them, and are satisfied by the fact that we have non-profit organization papers filed with the State of Washington, roughly ten states' business laws compel us to file foreign corporation registration documents in order for our ministers to be recognized there.

For those of you who are curious, a "foreign corporation" is a business entity incorporated as a domestic corporation in one state (Washington State, in our case) and authorized to operate in additional states.

If you are unsure about the status of the ULC Monastery in the states listed below, please look at the documents we have linked to and be reassured that our papers are up to date and our ordination is legally recognized in these states. Current and hopeful ULC ministers should note that not all online ministries can say as much.

This list is not a list of marriage laws nor is it a list of states where our ordination is recognized. A complete database of marriage laws can be found on Our ministers' ordinations are accepted in all but three states.

Link key: state where ULC foreign corporation papers have been filed – state government entity with whom foreign corporation papers have been filed with

Florida - Florida Department of State Division of Corporations

Hawai'i - Hawai'i Business Registration Division

Michigan - Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Missouri - Missouri Secretary of State's Office

Nevada - Nevada Secretary of State's Office

Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Department of State

Virginia - Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission

Washington - Washington Secretary of State

Washington DC - DCRA Corporations Division

Wisconsin - Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions