Feb 09

Non-Denominational Christianity Origins: 6 Events That Led to Followers Standing Apart

ULC in the News

Non-denominational faith systems are on the rise. In the 90's, less than 200k people in the US identified as such. Now? More than 8 million people claim to have nondenominational beliefs. Churches like ULC are leading the course into a new religious arena.

Source: Newsmax

Feb 09

Ordained ministers wait for chance to marry same-sex couples in Mobile, to no avail

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Following the Supreme Court ruling of same-sex marriages being legal, courts in Alabama kept the their doors locked, In efforts to keep same-sex marriages at bay, courts in Mobile refused to issue marriage licenses not only to same-sex couples, but to everyone.

Source: AL.com

Feb 04

Equality groups gather list of officiants to perform same-sex marriages on Monday

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Since same-sex marriage became legal, states all over the country are making groundbreaking strides in bringing marriage to all. In Alabama, one pride group are trying vigorously to gather as may clergy men as possible for a large round of gay marriages.

Source: WBRC

Feb 03

Couples in Alabama no longer need Judge and Church to Marry

ULC in the News

Even with marriage equality still strongly opposed in Alabama, wedding officiants have it pretty easy. Any pastor or any religious society can oversee a wedding-- your friend could even perform yours. This article is an oped on navigating through the laws of Alabama so you can have your big day in peace.

Source: AL.com

Jan 31

Online Ordinations no longer for just Weddings

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Online ordinations are widely known to be helpful when someone is getting married (particularly a friend or family member, or when a couple has differing religious beliefs), but more and more people are using their Universal Life Church ordinations for much more than just weddings.

Source: The Charlotte Observer

Jul 04

Can I chose My Best Friend over my Sister for Maid of Honor?

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Choosing a maid of honor might seem like an easy task, but can also cause a bit of drama. If you have a sister who isn't on the best of terms with you, this article sheds some light on how to avoid drama while choosing your maid of honor.

Source: ELLE

Jun 21

Watertown couple makes history with first ever wedding at CNY Pride Festival

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The CNY Festival hosted it's first wedding at the Inner Harbor. Michelle LaVancha and Sara Verne were the first wedding of the CNY Festival, and hundreds of people turned out to support.

Source: Syracuse NY

May 12

6 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget

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Today's weddings are costing a lot more than they did a few years ago, A survey of 13,000 brides showed the average wedding costs about $28,000+! This article will help you if you're trying to trim the costs of your big day. Everything from the dress, to the reception, to the wedding officiant is up for debate when you're trying to save a few bucks in your wallet.

Source: U.S. News

Mar 13

How to Become a Legal Wedding Officiant

ULC in the News

There are many rewarding aspects of being an ordained minister. Joining two friends in matrimony and helping be a part of a couple's happiest day together are just a few. Becoming an ordained minister is easy and this article helps walk you through it.

Source: oureverydaylife

Aug 28

The Bachelor TV Host Gets Ordained and Performs a Wedding

ULC in the News

The Universal Life Church ordained Chris Harrison, the host of the wildly popular Bachelor and Bachellorette reality shows on June 28th 2012. He notably has used his ordination from the ULC to perform a wedding for his television show's producers Cassie Lambert and Pete Scalettar.

Source: PRWEB

May 18

Universal Life Church calls upon Google to Block Services in "Hate States"

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The Universal Life Church calls for economic sanctions on 'hate states' and for other organizations to fight the cause as well. For too long institutions designed to protect and preserve hate have been allowed to exist. The ULC is asking Google to sanction their search engine in these states.

Source: PRWEB

Apr 25

ULC Joins fight against autism

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The Universal Life Church, a nationally recognized online ordination organization, publicly announced that if they received 1000 new Facebook likes, they would contribute $1,000 dollars to fight against autism. The Church also said that they urge their thousands of ordained ministers to join the fight against this crippling disability.

Source: PRWEB

Feb 13

More College Students Becoming Ordained Ministers

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Today, more and more people are becoming ordained. The newer generation is trending towards having more of a connection with their minister rather than pay extra for a clergy member of some church. The amount of students becoming ordained has doubled in recent years.

Source: Kentucky Kernel

Jun 27

NYC Pop UP Chapel offering Free Central Park Weddings

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Awaiting the verdict on marriage equality in Albany, many New Yorkers paid attention to their smart phones awaiting the news. Soon after, a 'Pop Up Chapel' came about where an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church did free weddings.

Source: Village Voice

Jan 01

Something About Me Makes People Want To Marry

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I explore the business that is the online ordination industry. From Dudeism, to Wicca, I show you just how easy it is to get ordained, how much it costs, and how easy it can be. 'I plan to officiate many more times, because something that's 'good for life' doesn't come around all that often.'

Source: The New York Times

Dec 10

Elvis Has Left the Chapel

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Being married by an Elvis impersonator is so last century. Now, in the age of reality TV and Twitter, celebrities are more accessible than ever to do your wedding for you.

Source: The New York Times

Dec 03

ULC in the News

Being afraid of a life addressed simply as mister, Brendan Baumgardner describes his experience and how he found the Universal Life Church, and the obtainable epithet that would suit him.

Source: The Georgetown Voice

Jun 12

Chapel Bound: Getting Ordained Online

ULC in the News

The process of getting ordained online might seem a bit confusing, but it doesn't have to be. This article explores all the different options, discusses pros and cons, and ultimately serves as a guide to anyone looking for online ordination through the Universal Life Church.

Source: The Wall Street Journal