Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - February, 2023

This week at The Visionary, we're examining who writes the rules we all abide by. From a controversial law in Florida that could send teachers to prison for accidentally showing students books with gay themes, to a team of clergy battling Missouri's strict abortion restrictions, to Pope Francis calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide, religion and lawmaking are feeling increasingly intertwined.

Pope: Gay is OK (Kinda!)

Pope Francis declared that being gay should "not a crime" and is calling for an end to anti-gay laws worldwide. But don't get too excited, he says it's still a sin. Oh, and some Catholics aren't happy.
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Missouri Loves Company

Missouri Loves Company

An interfaith alliance of clergy in Missouri are uniting behind a legal challenge to the state's abortion restrictions, arguing that they impose evangelical Christianity on the people without consent.
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A Literal Cover Up

School teachers and librarians in Florida are physically covering up or removing every single book in their classrooms out of fear of felony prosecution. A controversial new obscenity law could result in a prison sentence for any educator who exposes children to "inappropriate" books (apparently pretty much any ones that mention the existence of LGBTQ+ people).
Are Books too Dangerous for Children?

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When God Was a Woman

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Jesse Duplantis
God = Water? A viral video explores the idea that God is actually water, and thus, all around us - in the clouds above, the earth below, and even in our own bodies. Over on Facebook, our ministers explored the thought provoking theory.
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