Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - August, 2020

Are you ready to get off 2020’s wild ride? Not so fast. A secret Pentagon UFO program says it has vehicles “not made on this earth,” the Vatican is cracking down on a group of rogue exorcists (apparently that’s a thing), and if all that wasn’t enough, now a researcher claims to have discovered a recording of Satan speaking. We aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Exorcists 4 Hire

A Vatican-approved group of exorcists just published new rules for who can perform the ceremony. They say you need Church approval – but amateur exorcists are pushing back.
Is Experience Required?

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American Idle

American Idle

Evangelical churches have sued California over a state-wide ban on indoor singing. They argue that the enshrined principles of religious freedom give them a constitutional right to sing.
Can Hymns Go Viral?

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It's (almost) Official: We Are Not Alone

Government insiders have revealed what Tom Delonge knew all along: a secret Pentagon program researching UFOS has recovered “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.” Rumor has it, they’ll be making their discovery public soon.
See What They Found

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Satanic Advisory

A Christian researcher purports to have discovered the first-ever recording of Satan’s voice: a garbled clip of a voice growling “come into the fire.” We’ve got the tape. Listen at your own risk.
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“No Way” – Trader Jose

A viral petition called on Trader Joe’s to replace offensive labeling. Other brands like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben are being retired, but it seems ‘Trader Jose’ is here to stay.
Why TJ’s Refused

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