Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - November, 2019

More than 2000 years later, we still usher in the holiday season with gatekeeping.
Beyond just those Grinches who say its too early to play Mariah Carey, the phenomenon of people declaring for other people where they do and don't belong, what they can and can’t do, what they should or shouldn't believe is more rampant than ever. This week, The Visionary explores gatekeeping: from Jews being forced to hide their identities, to a politician being denied communion, to a city government declaring war on the anti-abortion movement. Can we ever cohabitate again?

Behind Enemy Lines

A new survey reveals that a surprising number of American Jews are avoiding wearing the Star of David, skullcaps, and other religious markers in public – for their own safety.
See Why They’re Scared

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Weird Sacrifice, But OK

Weird Sacrifice, But OK

Rather than burning goats as in Biblical days, a Texan pastor has been posting videos of himself torching books on atheism, arguing that the U.S. is a "Christian nation".
How It Backfired

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Can Democrats Have Communion? Some Priests Say No

Former Vice President Joe Biden was denied communion at a Catholic church in South Carolina due to his support for abortion. The move angered some liberal-leaning churchgoers, who called it an embarrassment. Meanwhile, conservative wings of the faith were thrilled to see the Church stand up for its principles.
Should This Rite Be Reserved for the Right?

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The New Mason-Dixon?

San Francisco has drawn a pro-choice line in the sand by blacklisting spending and travel to 22 states with anti-abortion laws, a move which further inflamed the heated debate.
Will Others Follow?

Spit it Out

Condom company Trojan went viral by loudly calling out Christian-funded abstinence programs that teach young girls that losing one’s virginity is like becoming a piece of “chewed gum.”
Should Sex Be Shameful?

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For over a thousand years, Catholic priests have been required to take vows of celibacy. Until now, that is. In a historic shift, the Vatican is signaling it will soon allow married men to become priests – a change that has the potential to revolutionize the Catholic Church. What is your reaction? Weigh in on the debate!
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