Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - March, 2019

Provocative speech increasingly shapes our lives and the larger world.
From a coven of Christian witches claiming Jesus was a wizard, to a young U.S. woman who preached loudly for ISIS and now regrets it... This week, The Visionary looks closely at stories centered around extreme language and the extreme impact it can have.

Yer a Wizard, Jesus!?

A prominent group of Christian witches are arguing Jesus as one of their own, suggesting he was not a messiah performing miracles, but rather a wizard conjuring sorcery.
See Their Shocking Claims

Man's Search For Meaning

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The Church of Antivax

The Church of Antivax

Religious exemptions for vaccines are on the rise nationwide. Some believe anti-vaxxers are exploiting a legal loophole and don't have genuine religious concerns.
Should They Be Stopped?

Complete Book of Chakras

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I Take That Back!

Four years ago, an Alabama woman fled to Syria and joined ISIS. Now this 24-year-old prodigal daughter claims she was misguided and hopes to return to the United States.
Can She Be Forgiven?

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He Swears It's Fine

The 'cussing pastor' is causing an uproar again, this time for hosting a twerking contest in his church. He says his haters are hypocrites and he's done nothing wrong.
Is Church-Twerking Okay?

Vatican You Believe It?

A new book by a French journalist is making waves by claiming 80% of Vatican clergy are gay. Now it's receiving pushback from religious officials and the gay community.
Fact or Fiction?

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Our friends on social media were amused and angered by the viral story of a South African preacher who pretended to raise a man from the dead during a funeral service and claiming he’d performed a miracle. The outrageous video became so popular that the pastor was quickly forced to walk back his claims and apologize. You\'ve got to see it!
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