Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - June, 2015

We can’t believe 2015 is half over. Time flies, but don’t forget that you’re its pilot!
We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds. The Visionary weighs in on the Duggars, proposes a maverick marijuana policy, and highlights a new tool on the ULC site.

A Duggar Family Scandal

The revelation that Josh Duggar molested young girls has rocked the Bible Belt, raising a number of concerns. Why did he do it? And what should happen next?
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Marriage Equality is Imminent

Marriage Equality is Imminent

The Supreme Court of the United States, in a highly anticipated case, is expected to weigh in on gay marriage in the coming weeks. Is it finally the hour of equality?
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Mr. President, Pardon All Marijuana Offenders!

It’s high time that the Federal Government seriously revises its policy on marijuana. The ULC is formally calling today for a full pardon of all marijuana offenders, and for a total revamp of US drug enforcement.
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Demons Among Us

Christian theology teaches us that demons are all around us. Is the war on terror actually a war on demons? This sermon, from the Christian perspective, addresses the supposed prevalence of demons in our daily lives, and addresses how we might best cope with such a frightening existence.
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Ancient Aliens

Humanity still doesn’t have answers to some of its biggest questions. How and why did ancient civilizations create such intricate crop circles? Evidence suggests that they may have had extraterrestrial help.
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Just in time for wedding season! We are excited to debut today our site’s newest tool, which allows ministers and couples to quickly and easily generate custom wedding scripts. Plus, it’s free!
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By The Power Vested in You

We were finally able to release our own guide to performing marriage last month, written specifically for ULC Ministers. It’s gotten some great feedback so far; let us know what you think!

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Our gnarliest Facebook conversation last week was on the radical new wave-powered technology predicted to clean nearly half of Earth’s Oceans over the next 10 years.
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Tip of the Month

The ULC does not assign ID numbers to its ministers. While some jurisdictions, like Hawaii, will issue registration numbers to ministers, you should never use any number from the ULC on official documents.