Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - October, 2011

The Universal Life Church Monastery Visionary

Hello ULC Ministers, and welcome to the ULC Monastery's Newsletter for the month of October.

Fall is here! The leaves are turning and the weather is a bit chillier.

We'd love to hear of any kinds of ceremonies our ministers may be officiating that have anything to do with the fall harvest! Harvest ceremonies were not uncommon with Native Americans and a few of our ministers have mentioned they've participated in blessings of various crops. If this is you, we'd like to hear about it! We also welcome you to join us on our blog, Twitter, or our Facebook page.

The God Particle Revisited

God Particle Back in April, you may recall our story exploring some ideas related to the God particle (God's Work or Satan's Revenge) and the possibility of time travel, as well as their possible connections to the development of many organized religions  from certain mysteries of Christianity to Paganism. Earlier this month, physicists working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, have made some discoveries that could rattle the world of physics as we know it. We think this has profound implications for spiritual belief and encourage you to revist the subject to see what astonishing new things scientists have discovered: : The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

Occupy Wall Street Draws Religious Progressives

Wall Street's Golden Calf

Religion and liberal progressivism have become increasingly polarized in the United States, but new grassroots forces are rising to reunite the two. Typically religion has been absent from left-wing protest movements, but the Occupy Wall Street movement which has spread from New York to other American cities has been characterized by an unusually vociferous religious contingent. It seems only appropriate when one thinks about it. After all, the faithful have traditionally been among the first to speak up against greed and show support for the underdog. Read more at: The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

And read our companion piece at Wall Street and the Golden Calf

NY Town Clerk Denies License to Gay Couple

The New York State Flag

Legalization of same-sex marriage in New York has not meant that all hurdles have been cleared for same-sex couples. Recently, a rural New York town clerk denied a marriage license to a lesbian couple on the basis of religious belief, telling them to wait at the back of the line until a deputy clerk could be summoned. While the clerk argued that it was her religious freedom to deny the couple a marriage license, the couple argued that it was a violation of their civil rights to be forced to wait at the back of the line. It is a hard balance to strike: how do we protect religious freedom and civil rights at the same time? Read more at: The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

Same Sex Unions in Pre-Modern Europe

Same Sex Unions

At a time when strictures against homosexuality are the subject of impassioned debate, this groundbreaking work of scholarship has generated extraordinary controversy. for in Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, Yale historian John Boswell, one of our most respected authorities on the Middle Ages, produces extensive evidence that at one time the Catholic and eastern Orthodox churches not only sanctioned unions between partners of the same sex but sanctified them -- in ceremonies that bear striking resemblance to the heterosexual marriage ceremonies. You can view the product at The Universal Life Church Monastery Catalog