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Hello ULC Ministers, and welcome to the ULC Monastery's Newsletter for the month of August.

Statue of LibertyDid you know that July and August are the two busiest wedding months in both the United States and the United Kingdom? We're sure that many of you performed a wedding or two (or maybe three?) in the past month, and we just want to say: congratulations to all the newlyweds, and to all the proud ULC Ministers!

As the wedding season draws to a close, we'd love to hear about any ceremonies you've performed over the summer! If you have any stories or photos to share with us, please contact us at We also welcome you to join us on our blog, Twitter, or our Facebook page.

Warren Jeffs and Joseph Smith... Alike?

Statue of Liberty

Warren Jeffs, the leader of a Mormon fundamentalist sect, was recently arrested in Texas for crimes against underaged girls. Jeffs claims that in taking the girls, aged 12 and 15, into his harem of wives, he is exercising a method of purification orginally advocated by the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith. While many Mormons have abandoned polygamy, and in particular the forced marriage of underage girls, do you think that cult-leaders like Jeffs could successfully reestablish this dangerous and deplorable tradition? Read more at: The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

Russell Brand Performs Wedding Ceremony

Comic and actor Russell Brand

Comic, actor, and husband of pop star Katy Perry... Russell Brand has a lot on his plate. He still found the time, however, to perform a raunchy, joke-laden wedding ceremony for two lucky fans at a Santa Barbara Casino. Read more at: The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

Bible Shows Human Errors, Scholars Say

The Andromeda Galaxy

Contrary to the claims of evangelical Christians and many Orthodox Jews, the Bible does not appear to be the unalterable, inerrant word of God. Hebrew scholars been undertaking a project to publish an authoritative critical edition of the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament for Christians) and trace every change made to the text over the millennia. What they have found is that the original Hebrew Bible was significantly different from the one Jews and Christians revere today. This does not make the Bible useless, however; it merely makes it human. Read more at: The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

Emergency Communion Kit

Emergency Communion Kit

The Remembrance Ware Traveler Portable Communion Kit can be carried with you for visitations to hospitals and nursing homes, or to deliver last rights. Lightweight and portable, you can keep this kit in your car glove box for availability at all times. You can view the package at The Universal Life Church Monastery Catalog

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