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Hello ULC Ministers, and welcome to the ULC Monastery's Newsletter of the month of July.

We hope that all of you ministers out there in areas affected by the heatwave have been staying safe! Our thoughts are with you and your families.

We also want to give a big "Congrats!" to the people of New York. The monumental Marriage Equality Act, which allows same-sex couples to marry, went into effect on July 24th. The images and stories of the first couples to marry since then have been a delight, and we look forward to more joyous unions in the months and years to come

Once again, if you'd like to share any stories about weddings you've performed, please join us on our blog, Twitter, or our Facebook page.

ULC Ministers Lend a Hand in New York Weddings

Statue of Liberty

Since the Marriage Equality Act was passed in late June, the ULC Monastery has seen a surge of New York residents becoming ordained in order to perform same-sex weddings. There's also been a jump in people outside of New York getting ordained for the exact same purpose! As New York law permits churches to exercise their own judgement in whether or not they will perform same-sex weddings, many ULC Ministers are hoping to fill any possible voids, and ensure that couples can find the perfect minister to marry them. Read more at: The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

The ULC Gay Marriage Etiquette Video Series

Two Groom Statuettes

At the ULC Monastery, we believe strongly in marriage equality. In honor of New York's decision, we're putting together a video guide on gay marriage etiquette. So far we've got a guide to your proposal, helping all of your family members feel comfortable in the anouncement of your marriage, and your bachelor and bachelorette parties. Check back soon, as the series will be growing! Read more at the ULC Blog

A ULC Minister Authors a Book on Life and Consciousness

The Andromeda Galaxy

Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom…on Earth, by author and ULC minister Robert Donald Tonelli, is a thoughtful, spiritually-infused discussion of the interconnectedness of life in the cosmos. The book explores the evolution of the Universe as a process of the evolution of consciousness. Read a synopsis of Tonelli's new book at: The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

The New York Same-Sex Marriage Officiant Package

Same Sex Wedding Officiant Package

If you too would like to perform a same-sex wedding in New York City, we offer a Same-Sex Marriage Officiant package with all of the paper necessary to register as an officiant with the New York City Clerk. This package also includes a gender-neutral template for a wedding ceremony. You can view the package at The Universal Life Church Monastery Catalog

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