Newsletters / ULC Newsletter - June, 2011

The Universal Life Church Monastery Visionary

Welcome, ULC Ministers, to our June 2011 edition of The Visionary. We hope everyone's summer has gotten off to a great start.

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The Religion of Apple, Inc.

An Apple Store storefront

A group of neuroscientists suggest that Apple fans will experience the same brain activity at the mention of Apple products as religious people experience when they hear about their God. In other words, Apple technology can induce the same emotional response as spirituality. The Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

Salem Witches Reach Out to Community

A house in Salem, Massachusetts

Once the site of a tragic witchhunt, Salem, Massachusetts has become a haven for Wiccans and practitioners of Witchcraft. In an attempt to educate others about their heritage and beliefs, Salem witches have established the Witches Education League, which hosts events to inform on and celebrate earth-based religions. Read more at the ULC Blog

Womenpriest Rebels Defy Roman Catholic Orthodoxy

A woman priest

Seven women in Germany were secretly ordained by the Roman Catholic Church. They each ordained other women, who in turn have ordained others, and the number of female priests is now estimated to stand at around 100. The Canons of Roman Catholicism state that only a baptized man can validly receive sacred ordination", but many feel that, should anyone be committed enough to devote their life to their church, they'll do a good job regardless of gender. Read more at: ULC Blog

New products for summer in The Monastery's online catalog

A handfasting package

We know summer is popular time for weddings, so we're pleased to introduce our brand new handfasting package. This package includes everything you need for a Wiccan handfasting, including cords, a Loving Cup, and Raven Kaldera's Handfasting and Wedding Rituals.

Emergency Communion KitWe also invite you to explore our new Emergency Communion Kit, which contains all the essentials for performing communion, and can fit conveniently into a glove compartment or briefcase.

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