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The Universal Life Church Monastery Visionary

Hello ULC Ministers! Welcome to another edition of the Universal Life Church Monastery Visionary Newsletter. We hope that Spring has been treating you well, and that you've gotten to enjoy some sunshine.

We ask that you please keep tornado victims in the American Midwest and South in your thoughts and prayers. We'd also to thank the brave volunteers The Red Cross, The Tornado Task Force, and other relief organizations for all their work. If you are able, please consider donating to the efforts.

This month, we've seen articles about the rising popularity of college students becoming ordained, Lady Gaga once again thumbing her nose at the Catholic Church, a ULC Book Club, and a look at the Large Hadron Collider from a religious perspective.

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Join us at our new ULC Book Club!

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We'd like to invite all of our ULC Ministers to join us for weekly book discussions at our new ULC Book Club blog. Every Friday we'll begin a new book on spirituality, faith or religion, and we'd love to have your input! You can also join us on Facebook to extend the conversation. The Universal Life Church Book Club

God's Work or Satan's Revenge?

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Some researchers suggest that we may someday be able to send messages, or even ourselves, into the past. This raises the question: is it possible that "supernatural" beings our ancestors met and described as Gods, or as Angels, were actually us? Obviously, this stirs up discomfort in the religious community. Is there a way to reconcile this- to stay on the cutting edge while keeping spirituality alive? Read more at the ULC Blog

Students Find Niche in ULC Ministry

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Many ministers ordained online are also college students. The University of Arizona's campus paper, The Daily Wildcat, recently interviewed a handful of the 104 U of A student ministers about what their ordination means to them. Read more at: Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

Lady Gaga Pushes Religion Buttons with New Video

Lady Gaga Judas cover

She's at it again! Pop star and avant garde icon Lady Gaga has once again rankled the Catholic Church. Her latest video, in which she plays Mary Magdalene, has raised some sharp criticism from the Catholic League. Read More At: Universal Life Church Monastery Blog

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