Buzz is swirling around the latest in the series of Sarah Palin news stories. Recently a video of Palin receiving an anti-witchcraft blessing began circulating on YouTube. In the video a Kenyan bishop calls upon Jesus to offer Palin, and her (then Gubernatorial) campaign, protection from all forms of witchcraft.

Some see nothing wrong with the Christian blessing.

The video of a Kenyan bishop asking Jesus to protect Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin from "witchcraft" has turned into a political witch hunt, says one Harvard expert who found "nothing unusual" about the blessing.

Some see it as yet another strike against her campaign.

the more stories leak out about her being blessed against witchcraft... the more of an embarrassment for the GOP she becomes.

No matter how you feel about Palin's blessing, witchcraft still manifests itself as a serious concern in central Africa. Yesterday, a soccer riot erupted in Congo and left 13 people dead; witchcraft was seen as the catalyst.

The Nyuki System soccer club was losing to rivals Socozaki when Nyuki's goalkeeper reportedly ran up the pitch chanting "fetishist" spells in an attempt to change the course of the match, Radio Olapi said. The station provided no more details...

Many Congolese use charms and other objects to practise witchcraft as part of their traditional animist beliefs, Reuters news agency reported.


One day we will all have to accept that spirituality is a personal matter, and as it harms none, do as thou wilt. Those that do excersize their Pagan and Wiccan belifs are no more or less harmful than their Christian counterparts.

Our hearts go out to those that were lost in the Congolese tragedy.

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