In an article from a few weeks back, two writers from the Washington Post set out to help a couple plan the ultimate "anti-wedding".

What if we find a couple who shares our opinion and lets us plan their unorthodox, fabulously cheap anti-wedding, located -- we dream -- in a bus depot or a Laundromat? We envision the glorious reversal of typical wedding cliches: the symbolic release of dirty city pigeons in lieu of doves, bouquets of dead leaves, a buffet of peanut butter or grilled-cheese sandwiches. The wedding itself would be a statement, a metaphorical loogie aimed right at the wispy veil of wedding-obsessed America. It must be anti-industry, but pro-romance, because real love means knowing, This is my soul mate, even if (s)he's wearing a garbage bag. The writers find a couple, Jaqi Ross and Chris Rossi, who are open to just about anything, and the article chronicles their wedding from the planning stages through to the ceremony. When it comes time to find a minister for the ceremony, who do you think they turn to?

Meanwhile, to save the couple the $300-to-$800 cost of a hired officiant, Chris's stepmom, Mardie Rossi, becomes a minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery -- an online church that sells a "Ministry-in-a-Box"package for $139.99 and will ordain anyone it believes to be alive. As we love to emphasize, a ULC wedding is not only a more personal wedding, it's also an economical alternative.

Congratulations Jaqi and Chris!

- The Washington Post


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