Alison Elizabeth Geraghty and Andrew William Bethke
On Saturday April 18th, Alison Elizabeth Geraghty and Andrew William Bethke were wed on Captiva Island, Florida. The wedding was officiated by ULC minister, Rev. Robert D. Mitchell.

The announcement was initially published in the New York Times.

The couple met in their senior year in high school when they studied Shakespeare in London and Paris. After a kiss in London, they dated their in their last year in high school. As they went off to college they remained good friends.
They dated other people but at "the end of the night," even at a distance, Ms. Geraghty said, "they were always the ones they called."

Congratulations Alison and Andrew!

And for the ministers out there: whether you're officiating in New York City or Captiva Island, Florida, know that the Universal Life Church Monastery stands behind your credentials. Our ordinations are recognized nationwide.

-New York Times


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