Here we go again. What compels people to burn down their own neighborhoods, to smash windows of innocent shop owners, to rampage and set cars ablaze? Are the Baltimore riots just old-school-rioting, or is it the foreboding sign of an uprising?

We say "two wrongs don't make a right", but rioters damage their own turf in hopes of bringing about social change. There are other ways to make one's voice heard. To begin to find a solution for riots, we have to look at why people are willing to clash with authority.

Baltimore-riots-2015-imagesBaltimore, MD 2015

Freddie Gray, a young black man, was arrested for possessing a legal switchblade. While he allegedly had quite the rap sheet for previous crimes, the arrest in question was wrongful. He died while in a van in police custody due to injuries to his spinal cord. Rioters destroyed police vehicles and some local businesses. Peaceful protests were held before, during, and after the riots. Is it right that the arresting officers are being charged in the death of Gray?

ferguson-riots-getty-imagesFerguson, MO 2014

Police stopped Michael Brown, a young black man, after reports of a robbery in the area with the suspect matching Brown's description. Brown was shot to death by an officer who alleged Brown charged him and attempted to take his gun. Some eye witnesses claim that Brown was shot while running away from the officer with his hands up. Destructive riots and peaceful protests ensued in defense of Brown.

cliven bundy sniperBunkerville, NV 2014

A white rancher named Cliven Bundy was confronted by police for failing to pay over $1 million in fees for letting his cattle graze on government land for 20 years. In response, he summoned militia groups to take point around the area, aiming their guns directly at police. After a long standoff, a couple of his supporters went on a killing spree of innocent bystanders in Las Vegas. Police and Marshals walked away and Bundy continues to steal from the government to this day.

141203-garner-protests-jms-2131_08a6c828ffb48b9743248b01a12e4e07Staten Island, NY 2014

A black man named Eric Garner was confronted by police on suspicion of selling loose cigarettes. He sassed the officers, who responded by jumping on him and placing him in an illegal choke hold until he fell to his death on the pavement. Rioters destroyed property and peaceful protesters started the online trend #blacklivesmatter. None of the NYC cops were indicted, but the civilian bystander that filmed the incident eventually was for carrying a gun. Many people claimed the verdict was retaliatory for the bystander releasing the tape to the media.

pennstateriotBellefonte, PA 2012

Jerry Sandusky, a white college football coach, is convicted on multiple counts of sexual abuse of children he groomed while working for a charitable organization. He is fired from his job at Penn State. Rioters bashed windows, set cars on fire, confronted police, and damaged property in support of the pedophile.

There are other violent demonstrations for things like the local sports team not winning a game that are just as destructive (if not sometimes moreso) than those listed here, but those crowds are not hoping to influence social change, they are simply throwing a dangerous, expensive temper tantrum.

All you have to do is turn to the comments sections online for these news stories to see that society is tired of black protests and riots. News commentators and radio hosts use the terms "thugs" and "rioters" to describe participants, but many blacks are all too eager to step into those roles. If one wants to argue that blacks are unruly criminals, wait until a cop shoots another black man on camera and watch the chaos.

This, however, doesn't undermine the truth of the message that black crime is not treated the same as white crime. Cliven Bundy's white rioters aimed guns at officers but were let off the hook while unarmed black man Eric Garner is killed on the spot. Apparently the execution was warranted according to internet commenters, because the black man in question sassed the cop, and really should have known better. The double standard is so ridiculous; it would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

Our country is at a critical juncture. If we fail to take action and change our course, what do you think will happen to us?

Republican House Speaker John Boehner recently went on the record acknowledging the tension between police and black communities, calling it a "national crises" on NBC's Meet the Press. "I think most departments around the country are moving toward body cameras," he explained in support of the idea. While cameras could provide a solution to these issues, officers are free to turn them on and off as they see fit, potentially intending to only capture incriminating footage of those they confront without any truly unbiased accountability.

body camera copA law requiring the police keep their body cameras on while on duty could address this problem. Additional measures would need to be taken against officers like Jeremy Dear of New Mexico, who reported that his body camera just happened to malfunction over and over again right when he began physical altercations with suspects.

Perhaps with the heightened scrutiny, those individual police that betray the integrity of their posts will feel exposed. If we stop targeting black men and arresting them for unlawful reasons, as was the case with Freddie Gray, younger generations will not look on them with such disdain and fear. They will be less likely to run from cops because they believe in an impartial justice system that hasn't been in their favor for the last 100 years.

Do you think any of the Presidential candidates are doing a good job of addressing these issues? Who is showing that they can lead all Americans? Is it Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul? Or perhaps, someday, Elizabeth Warren, who seems to have more family jewels than the whole group put together.

What's your take?


  1. Dan's Avatar Dan

    sorry if this is a repeat. Having a switchblade is illegal in Maryland. Maryland Case Law: - "'Gravity knife' constituted a dangerous or deadly weapon." (1964) and maryland state law § 4-101. Dangerous weapons clearly states in section C that a switchblade cannot be carried.

    (c) Prohibited.-
    (1) A person may not wear or carry a dangerous weapon of any kind concealed on or about the person.
    (2) A person may not wear or carry a dangerous weapon, chemical mace, pepper mace, or a tear gas device openly with the intent or purpose of injuring an individual in an unlawful manner.
    (3) (i) This paragraph applies in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Caroline County, Cecil County, Harford County, Kent County, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, St. Mary's County, Talbot County, Washington County, and Worcester County.

    Therefor the knife was a valid arrest. And my federal congressmen (along with 35 others in the Senate and House) have introduced legislation that would ban any federal monies to go to ANY community that intentionally damages or destroys itself.

    1. Selah's Avatar Selah

      It was later clarified that it was not, in fact, a switchblade but a legal pocket knife. This came from the mouth of the State Attorney herself. Therefore, his arrest was illegal. But most of all, his death was a great tragedy that requires justice. I think we tend to lose sight of that with the distraction of irrelevant details.

      1. Leona Rite's Avatar Leona Rite

        This is absolutely correct Selah, besides which, at the time they ran him down they had no knowledge that he had a knife of any kind on him or that he had done anything illegal, thyys just thought that he was acting suspiciously.

      2. aaaaa's Avatar aaaaa

        Coming from the mouth of the state attorney means nothing, that's an ignorant, racist sack of crap. I suggest you wise up

        1. Krvin DeFranco's Avatar Krvin DeFranco

          stop attacking and calling names.

      3. Krvin DeFranco's Avatar Krvin DeFranco

        It has been since determined that the knife was spring assisted and therefore illegal within Baltimore's city limits. Its still tragic that the man died while going to jail, I'm sure the truth will win out in the end. I believe in any person or groups right to redress grievances but don't condone violence and destruction exhibited in Baltimore or anywhere else.

      4. Lena C. Williams's Avatar Lena C. Williams

        Wrong. It (the knife in question) was later determined to be illegal under Baltimore city code. So the arrest was justified. My condolences to his family, as a mother myself I can not imagine what his mother is going through and my heart cries for her. Every decision we make in life has consequences, some good and some bad. Mr. Gray's decisions brought fatal consequences.

    2. brucebarrett, reverand since 1977's Avatar brucebarrett, reverand since 1977

      dang. common sense. i have watched people burn down their neighborhoods since 1965 and watts, in los angeles, ca. it baffles me why they hurt themselves.....why didnt they go over to beverly hills and burn them down? in this case, it seems so set up to make a scape goat of the police. even the mayor gave them license to destroy. never allowing people to take responsibility for their actions is not the solution. im impressed by daniel gray's post. thank you

    3. Len DeSecottier's Avatar Len DeSecottier

      Mr. Gray, while your facts are correct, there is underlying messages in the occurrences today. It isn't about crime, it isn't about the police, it is about a society which continues to hold and spread hatred. Hatred breeds hatred. Laws are not going to change things or they would have already changed. Determining whether the arrest was lawful or not does not change anything. The bottom line is that we must come to a clear understanding that there is only one race and that is the human race, created by God which makes us brothers and sisters. Preventing funding to any community that intentionally damages itself if really upheld equally would mean that all of society could not receive federal monies, because that is what we are doing as a society, intentionally damaging ourselves with the spread of hate. End note: Quit hating your brothers and sisters. We are our brother's keeper.

      1. Dr. Griffith's Avatar Dr. Griffith

        You are so correct. It seems to be okay for whittle college students to riot over a sporting event, but people who live a life in a neighborhood with nothing are rioters. America is full of hate now, it seems much of it from Christians, the religion of love and forgiveness. I often wonder if The second coming has happened, but the current majority of Christians missed it because of their anger to those that are different from them.

        1. aaaaa's Avatar aaaaa

          LOL I see you're just an ignorant troll with much deflection of your own problems as to them being others. They're racist crap and should be done away with. Welcome to reality.

          1. Krvin DeFranco's Avatar Krvin DeFranco

            sounds like Joe Stutler causing mayhem again and calling names. unacceptable.

    4. michael t. smith's Avatar michael t. smith

      people are starting to think/comment as if it really matters if the knife was a switchblade,gravity knife or spring assisted or spring operated or illegal under state law or city ordinance or federal law, and losing sight of the fact that the knife was already in the hands of the police. a life threatening (ultimately fatal) injury was inflicted/sustained and instead of an ambulance they put the man in a paddy wagon. It of course is claimed the injury happened there. this is horrible if an officer is in anyway responsible for the injury and ultimate death of this man, it is an absolute outrage if another offficer assisted in it and or tried to cover it up and if 5(FIVE) sworn officers of the law participated then it is time to re examine the way we vette and hire police in the first place and to completely overhaul the way police involved deaths are reviewed. Take the process out of the hands of local or even state government. create a national agency comprised of professional investigators, common citizens, and civil rights advocates whose decisions are reached in an unbiased process and are legally binding. Ban tyhe term thin blue line and police solidarity from the language it to me is far more offensive than the word nigger orspick or mick or jew, or even fag or retard, because it has much further reaching destructivness than mere offense to my feelings. Anyone who believes a person of any color other than there own is somehow less a person,who thinks in terms of race, ethnicity,color, or any other of these imaginary barriers is not a true american and not a christian because the don't fit the criteria. they are not muslim or islamic, jew or budhist or hindu for the same reason. they are just a blight on the human race. And when they pretend to be policeman who protectand serve the are a discrace and a fraud. andwhen they pretend to be people who are elected to represent us the people they are a shame to all of us. America is not just a place it is an ideal, a belief that our way is the right way. that everyone is equal and should be treated and protected equally. to all the police out there who are honest and truely try to do their jobs and watch over us i thank you for that but if you join in the thin blue line/wall of silence/pprotect my brother officer even if he wrong then you my friend are guilty of every dispicable thing that any officer does. if you say I love jesus/god muhammad buddha and love not your fellow man,you are a liar and the truth is not in you. rev. Michael Smith

      1. cbacani's Avatar cbacani

        Very well written.

        rev. Carl Bacani

      2. Rev. Randy's Avatar Rev. Randy

        The values of legal or not is not an issue at all nor is it a racial crime. Being prior law enforcement myself, the question should be only directed to the officers only. I will admit for the pay you get for officer is very minimal and the dangers you face as well as disrespect causes the acts of many officers. Most of the ones who are involved as an officer let the authority go to their heads. But legal or illegal knife the offender is innocent until proven guilty by courts not officers. So in conclusion they should be treated as civilian and charges as such

    5. Truth in Baltimore's Avatar Truth in Baltimore

      The knife was a standard pocket knife and this lie by the police was simply to cover up their illegal behavior. This has been acknowledged by the Maryland State Attorney General and is why the officers are being charged with murder, assault, misconduct in office, and false imprisonment.

    6. Ray's Avatar Ray

      Wonderful solution to the problem of rioting, looting, and burning down the community. Knee jerk response by out of touch politicians to punish the people who have lost businesses and community services at the hand of thugs. Deny the community federal reparations dollars. Why .ot establish a better screening system for police. There are far too many gunslinger white policemen who use the office and tools of the job for their own raxist agenda. Why not look into thise motives for answers. If a black or latino injured a police officer justice would beprecise and swift. Why not call police shootings of civilians for what they are, "lynchings". Let's deal with the real issue, racism in America by Caucasian americans. They don't want to share, they want to take possession and control all aspects of society.

    7. Mary's Avatar Mary

      Mr. Gray did NOT have a switchblade. It was a pocket knife. This is legal for anyone. This is just another example of the police murdering someone in cold blood and smearing their reputation after they are dead and cannot speak for themselves. Even if Mr Gray was carrying a switchblade, does Baltimore give the death penalty for carrying one? It seems that these officers appointed themselves judge, jury and executioners of Mr. Gray.

    8. Dr. Griffith's Avatar Dr. Griffith

      That means that E Lansing, MI, Morgantown, WV, Lexington, KY would all lose federal monies for destroying their own community or is it okay for white college students to do these things? The Black people have a true cause in terms of their communities. I am tired of hearing they can get out of it with a little work, the deck is stacked against them and until rich white people see the problem nothing will change.

      1. Mary's Avatar Mary

        Rich white men have a huge investment in keeping black and minority communities impoverished. Our prison systems have been privatized...there's big profit there. War is very profitable...keep folk uneducated and there are plenty of young men (and now women) who'll sign their lives away in order to have some kind of employment...there are all kinds of profits to be made off of fear and violence. The militarized weaponry sold to police forces comes with a very nice price sure is not women and minorities who are profiting from racism.

        David A. Griffith, I agree with you. When white college students are partying and destroy cars, etc...the police sure don't shoot and ask questions later...

        1. Rick's Avatar Rick

          The police also didn't shoot the people rioting in Baltimore.

    9. revanne's Avatar revanne

      the law was broken but to what extent does law enforcement have to stop ppl like the guy that got mowed down by officer in az and the lapel cams can be turned off as in case in alb shooting death of judges daughter then when officers are charged da becomes target for police to go after

      1. Krvin DeFranco's Avatar Krvin DeFranco

        revanne the two instances are mutually exclusive. The guy in Az. had a loaded rifle, he discharged bullets, pointed it at officers and headed to a place where people were congregating. stop the useless noise. All cops are not bad, and its hard to rationalize irrational situations.

      2. Dan's Avatar Dan

        Not a thing. But it goes to prove that the arrest WAS legal, therefor the district attorney does not know what she is talking about.

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    People living in poverty or in circumstances that have not been addressed by government often act out in ways that are self defeating. Baltimore might just be one example. I would also suggest that we could look at it differently and say miscreant behavior is not the result of poverty. Most of the rioters on Monday evening, were teenagers who were looting, burning, and destroying other's property. For every one in the streets there were at least three or more at home studying and trying to build a better tomorrow for themselves.

    Not one of those looters took their spoils home and said, "Here, Mom and Dad, sell this stuff and put food on the table, pay the rent, etc.". We all know this to be true.

    Has government failed, definitely! Have police departments gone way beyond the sense of reason, assuredly! Are they being held accountable for their actions, not often enough! This does not excuse rioting! Peaceful demonstrating, awaiting the facts and not the suppositions due to circumstances. This is the appropriate response. Much more can be accomplished, more good messages can be sent through silence and peaceful gathering than all the rioting in the world.

    Pray for reason. Perhaps this is the wrong prayer. We can ask for reason but God only gives us circumstances In which we can all behave reasonably. May we take advantage of those situations which are sure to reoccur The future.

    1. Dan's Avatar Dan

      Its not the Governments job to take care of you from birth to death. Its YOUR responsibility to work and provide for yourself. Quite a lot of these people seem to think they can go have children with 5 or 6 "baby mommas" and then when the woman is stuck with 4 to 6 kids from as many fathers who dont support the kids, then welfare has to do it.

      I grew up in a 14 member family in the 60's and while our clothes were not the best, we always had food on the table and a warm place to sleep at night. And we thought it was fantastic to get a nickel to go down to the corner store and get candy. None of us ever thought to go and complain to the government that they should take care of us. My father broke his back 10 and 12 hours a day digging ditches and repairing waterlines for the city, yet he never once asked for a hand out. He and my mother (sadly both have been gone for 20 years) taught us to keep our word if we gave it and to help the neighbors if they needed it. And if a hungry person came to our house there was always food for them, even if it meant that we had a little less to make sure of it. My dads weekly paycheck was a whopping $90.00 after taxes. yet we made do. And as it stands now we have three in the medical field, one interior decorator six who retired from the Military and four who are property owners that between them own over 45 different properties and buildings. Out of my family, every one of us has graduated high school (the one thing my dad INSISTED on) and NINE of us have college degrees with four of us having a BA or higher degree. and two of us having a degree in more then one subject!

      I am only 53 years old and already retired because of smart moves in investing, which allows me to make a very comfortable $65,000 a year retirement.

      The whole thing is that I came from poverty and worked my fingers to the bone to get out of poverty. And if I can do it, there is no reason they cant. And if there are no jobs, then you MOVE to a place that has jobs available. You dont sit on your butt and whine, you get up and do.

      1. Len DeSecottier's Avatar Len DeSecottier

        Consider your comments above, maybe even re-read them. You had parents who cared enough about you to teach you what you needed to know. This is not always the case. One cannot get off their butts if they don't know what to do next.What have you done in your 53 years on this planet that you have been given to help others, to teach others, to reach back towards others. Your fortunate life and the teachings you received should not only benefit you. How about going down to the nearest group home for boys and girls and telling those stories, but also giving of yourself to them to show them as well. It is not enough to speak of what you have done for yourself, but what have you done for others to make it better?

      2. Rev. michael smith's Avatar Rev. michael smith

        ok mr im retired a 53 with 65,000 a year riddle me this. white men go to africa and kidnap black citizensput them in chains,pack them on ships where half or more die, bring them to "the land of the free" sell them on the auction block to 'investors' who enslave them for a couple hundred years, selling away their wives mother fathers children and friends,finally some people witha concience say enough is enough and outlaw slavery, the fine upstanding gentleman "investors' feel cheated that they can no longer own other human beings and force them to do their work for free. So they pass laws telling them they can't live here, they can't work there, they can't love and marry this woman or that man, and you have to get permission from my racist cousin on the election board after passins a rigged test or payin a ridiculous pole tax in order to cast a vote that i'll probably throw away cause i dont trust you to know whats right or wrong. plus i am not going tolet you to school with my children or join my trade unionn or work in my store much less eat at my lunch counter or drink at my fountain and if you try to im going to hang your black ass or send my sheriff and 'posse' to do it for me. I'm going to watch you every minute you are in my neighborhood and if you mother stops by my shop after church im going to follow her every step she takes asking her over and over if she needs "help" even though we botth know i prefer she shop elsewhere. I'm going to do my best to keep you out of my life, my neighborhood my workplace my schools my unions most especially my family, clubs. pools, restaurants, taverns, theatres and parks I'm going to hire police who will shoot you if you have a cell phone or a comb, or a grat big orange balloon in you hand and he thinks it's a gun. Or beat you if you get "uppity" so why is it that these blacks get upset and riot when the police shoot a kid and the boss says he was following proceedures? riddle me that mr america.

        1. JR's Avatar JR

          Quite true. But Baltimore is a predominantly black city (60+%), so the current assignment of blame in today's environment can not be shouldered by past crimes. Something is amiss if black citizens feel oppressed in a predominantly black city that probably doesn't have some much to do with race as with enduring poverty.

          1. Rev. michael smith's Avatar Rev. michael smith

            the point is that all history form the present. you can't just act lke none of that happend. and all is including police attitudes in this country and the lack of accountability. We need a federal level review board for ALL cases of police violence toward the public. remember the cop who stungunned and peppersprayed the old lady on a traffic stop and the chief said he followed proceedures? wake up people we can't keep pretending it doesn't affect us. rev michael smith

        2. Jas's Avatar Jas

          History books would be a good place for you to start, then you would have to rewrite your entire paragraph. First thing about slavery: It has been around since the beginnings of time (you can read about it in the books of Moses). Slavery still exists today. White people did not go to Africa and round up Black people. In that time, as still today, you had tribes. Tribes with more power would capture members of weaker tribes (as prisoners). The prisoners would then be sold by a tribe (that was black) to American importers who saw a business in the slave trade. Now let's talk about the very first slave owner in the U.S. (Anthony Johnston). Anthony Johnston was a "black man" in the U.S. when it was still a colony in the mid-1600's. A black man the first owner of a black slave in the U.S. Blacks where not the only slaves in the U.S. The Irish sold slaves to the U.S. slave trade. Those slaves where White Irish, not black. When trains where invented, they needed track to run on: railroad companies had Chinese slaves build the tracks all across the U.S. It is your way of thinking that keeps racism alive between Whites and Blacks. It is people like you that keep the embers burning.

          1. Rev. michael smith's Avatar Rev. michael smith

            wes jas, let me dispel some of you assumptions first of all I do know history and I know how people twist it, for instance anthony johnson was indeed a black slave owner and probably the first BLACK slave holder but certainly not the first slaveholder in virginia, he was a freed indentured servant and established the first org of freed black slave property owners and is a hero. Second everyone knows there are slave holder and slaves since at least biblical times but it is irrelevent to this conversation third i am an american of irish discent, a decorated combat veteran and a college graduate and a taxpayer, in fact some part of my taxes went to pay your welfare which you collect as a beneficiary of the chrysler bail out. But you think its all right for police to gun down unarmed citizens with impunity so why am i even trying to adress you as a rational person

          2. linda's Avatar linda

            You are 100% correct. Ignorance such as that by Michael Smith is what keeps racism alive and well. We CAN NOT change the past, we can only work to ensure there are no more repeats of the injustices of the past. That means all of us!! Racism is not exclusive to whites. Every time whites are called terms like whitey, honky, or Hispanics are called beaners, or any of the other stupid racist terms - they are the racists!

        3. Rick's Avatar Rick

          I live in Reno, NV. Everyone here drinks from the same water fountains, attends the same schools, and goes to the same movie theaters. The black people I know here are at the Buddhist temple I attend and college students, and for the most part, very serious ones. I realize parts of the country are still very unequal and unfair. However, I can tell you that in almost every part of the country my Native behind is more likely to get shot by a cop AND get shot by a lot of angry blacks who think I'm white. So yes, racism exists. But it won't help my situation to burn down the buildings and homes and cars of people who never did a damn thing to me, or even the ones who did do something to me. It won't do anything but lower me as a person and in the eyes of a nation. It will do this -- perpetuate negative stereotypes. So while their anger may be justified, their actions, sir, are most certainly NOT!

        4. Dan's Avatar Dan

          Oh PUH-LEAZE Smith give that tired old line a break. I CAME from poverty and I busted my hump to work my way OUT of poverty. I was working three jobs while paying my own way through college with NO help from anyone. Then I went to work for Chrysler, and then joined the military. Worked and retired from the military and then I went back to work for Chrysler. At which time I found I could "buy back" my military time. SO I did, meaning I paid Chrysler for the time I was in the military and as such could now use that time for retirement FROM Chrysler. Which I did. Thats the reason I have two retirements. I ate a lot of beans and franks and had more balogna sandwiches then I care to remember for lunch and sometimes dinner. I EARNED EVERYTHING I have now so dont you dare act so self righteous on me child.

          And as for the slavery issue...get real. My family is Native American, so show me child exactly WHERE you had any Indians owning black slaves. But dont expect me to wait as you wont find a single one. So dont start that nonsense to me either. And I see that you didnt mention that it was their own people who sold them into slavery, something that is going on still today, or that there were BLACK slave owners. Oh wait, did that pop um's wittle bubble?

          And the same thing happened to the Irish (oh wait, the Irish were white!) And the same thing happened to the sharecroppers during the dust bowl (Oh wait, they were white too) And the same thing happens each and every time Native Americans leave the rez and go into town to buy supplies even to this day (Oh wait, they were not black either)

          SO you go right ahead little man and try and tell me or the Irish or any descendant of the Dust bowl migration about how bad you supposedly have it. And name me one other country where the poor have AC/Hot running water/Heat in the winter/Cell Phones/Colored TV/free housing and free medical care/foodstamps that they use to buy candy and beer and soda and so on with and drive around in caddys. Go ahead child and try and tell me they have it so bad when most of the worlds poor live on less then $1.00 a day.

          Go ahead child. tell me your myth again, but dont expect anyone who can check the facts to believe your myth.

    2. katepaulson's Avatar katepaulson

      Sadly too many people are raised to believe that "the government" is there to take care of them from cradle to grave. They somehow think that The Government is somehow separate from "The People". That's a big problem and I believe that's a big contributor to where we stand now. I for one am quite tired of working myself sick to support someone sitting on their couch complaining that they are getting enough for doing nothing.

      I did not come from a wealthy home. I had my first job at 14 years of age. Why? Because I knew I would want a car at age 16, and I did. At 16 I bought my first car, on my own. It never even occurred to me that someone else would be responsible for providing me with transportation.

      I worked HARD, every day. It wasn't easy but it was worth it. My husband and I saved every penny we could and continued to squirrel away money whenever we could. We raised 2 children who are both "producers", not "consumers", CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS of society. Neither of them expect someone else to pay their way through life.

      At age 50 I paid my final house payment and the only real "help" we received was a VA loan that allowed us to buy a home with no money down. And that was no gift believe me. The cost was years of service to the United States of America which was an honor.

      My husband and I worked hard and saved for our future so we wouldn't need to put our hand out. We were both able to retire early, my husband at 59 and myself at 57. We're not rich but we have no debt and a modest income that serves our needs.

      We have way too many people in this country who have come here or been raised with the notion that someone else is responsible for their existence. That the "government" will take care of them. That's what needs to stop in my opinion. I know I got really tired of working my butt off only to have to listen to someone complain that they didn't get enough free rent, free healthcare, or free food, etc which is what really motivated me to get out of the workforce as soon as possible. I've been taken advantage of long enough. I still donate regularly to charities that motivate people and really do good things.

      I think for things to change we need to put some a requirement behind the handouts so that people understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch and at least have some sense of contributing to society instead of always being on the taking end. Maybe if people were asked to work for what's given to them they could gain a sense of pride and accomplishment. Who knows, that could even drive desire, and once you have desire there's no limit to what people can do.

      1. Walter malone's Avatar Walter malone

        You are one that don't have a clue. I would like to have a very civil conversation with you. Call me 228-623 -7201 and thank you for writing from your point of view

      2. Barry's Avatar Barry

        I agree . its a us/ them mentality. We pay for the police protection.Some has to maintain order

    3. ME Royce's Avatar ME Royce

      And where were the parents? I was proud of the mother who took control of her son who was obviously swept up with some other classmates. As a retired educator (forty years) I truly believe parents are the key. Perhaps others were working and could not be the force necessary in stopping their children, but I know if I had wind of what was up in a classroom or the front office, an immediate response would have been made. No, I am not naive to think it would not have happened, but sometimes kids need a forceful reminder from someone who truly cares about them.

  1. pasture deb's Avatar pasture deb

    This is ridicules, are they animals? Because there is not excuse for this kind of behavior. Grow up people, we all have problems, the way we handle our problems are what defines us as a person of character.

  1. Mike's Avatar Mike

    I am a police officer. Yes there is bad police officers out there! Also bad congressmen, ministers, teachers and in every job. I have sworn to protect the innocent. America is turning into a third world country fast and unless we grasp the issues there will be no turning back. I see the problem with the leaders of the country, and also the freedoms of speech and what we allow and let our youth be exposed to. The games encourage killing and drugs as well as the music in this generation.

    America has given and supported single moms in poverty, no father figures in these youths life. It's not a black and white issue, it's a lack of want, lack of support, lack of leadership and lack of religion that is causing all this dismay.

  1. Michael Jones's Avatar Michael Jones

    The war on poverty began back in the 60's and there have been trillions of dollars spent on that war. The only thing we have is more people on welfare, food stamps, and public assistance. The burden has been put on the working folks to support this welfare nation. Rioting only serves to destroy the local economy. Some businesses pack up and leave and never rebuild so the locals are the ones who lose. In Ferguson, many of the people arrested were from outside the community and were there only to burn and loot. Rev. King held peaceful marches and demonstrations for equality and is turning over in his grave as the actions of a few, put a black mark on all the gains that have been worked for. Only through your own works can you prosper and sitting around waiting on that Government check is no different then waiting for the Master of the Plantation to take care of you. It makes you a slave to the system.

    1. Daniel Swan's Avatar Daniel Swan

      Yes. You are right. I just have one little addition to what you've written, and actually it's a BIG one. I don't like using political jargen either, but this one is very important, and by God for some reason Americans still haven't stormed Congress for this act of treason towards not just the American people, but third world countries as well. REVOKE NAFTA, and either force American companies to stop using slave labor over seas with legalized sweat shops because they are overseas, or these billion dollar companies can stay in poverty stricken areas and renounce their citizenship to the United States. Why is it that we allow sweat shops overseas now, but back in the early 90's when Nike was caught not only sweat shopping overseas, but using children to boot. I REMEMBER this one, because I was about those kids ages when it was revealed. It was the most horrid thing I had ever seen as a child up to that point at least, and knowing it was an American company doing it.... it made me sick... I even cried. NAFTA not only legalized such a horrid thing, but Americans went along with it, not realizing their government sold them out, worsened the American economy, and more importantly were the main cause of the Depression of the New Millennia. It gives me no pleasure to write this, but that is the reality. WE HAVE BECOME THE MONSTERS.

    2. melinda's Avatar melinda

      have said the same thing. your nothing more than a slave when you expect the government to give you money. stop sending jobs out of country and we would have plenty of jobs for people. there out there now, but i guess they would rather burn their towns down then make it better. i don't know who writes these things on this site but they need a new job

      1. Len DeSecottier's Avatar Len DeSecottier

        Have you considered that they do not know how to make it better? Again I ask, what have each of us done to make it better. It is our world, these are our people. It is not about us versus them. It is about us and the world.

        1. Brother Tim's Avatar Brother Tim

          Sorry this is about EVIL vrs GOOD< God created the world and everything in it, until you as a people realize that the natural resources created by God in this planet are to take care of every one not just a few we are going to have this sort of upset. Until we act as responsible people and force through laws the EVIL to share the wealth we will have slaves. Even most Christians are slaves to the Bible. We need to stop the slave mentality and ignorance. Make EVIL stand behind, we need to forge forward. What's wrong with us when we allow the rich and powerful to be just that, rich and powerful ? there's nothing wrong with being prosperous but when we as a whole let those rich and powerful hurt others because we can not decide if the rich and powerful are EVIL with greed, we have defeated Gods purpose for the very EVIL we were suppose to be against. We as humans are suppose to stand up against EVIL, God gave us free will, that's why God does not intervene The God with in you must stand against all EVIL or we are doomed to keep reliving these lives until we do. We are one, we have a sick part of our body and it must be healed, remember healing? We must start healing the EVIL before we become the EVIL itself. We have been slaves for an eternity, God is waiting for us, you, to start healing the EVIL. We are not equal in body or mind but we are suppose to be equal in monetary status. Like Mr. Colt made all men equal. Until we have equality there will always be slaves. SHAME on US.

  1. Daniel Keilman's Avatar Daniel Keilman

    Genuine effort to develop quality persons, families, and communities will change our society. Not everyone can become rich financially, but everyone can become rich with faith, hope, and charity and the greatest of these is charity.

  1. Richard's Avatar Richard

    The article listed seems to be very slanted in favor of the black perspective. I have discussed this issue with several white and black supporters, what I see is that blacks are treated differently, they are allowed to be unruley, destructive and lawless all under the umbrella of racial underprivilege! Blacks use the race card somewhat in the same way as an unruley child throws a fit when they don't get what they want. Racial divide is widening, in a major part because blacks are forcing Whites and all to deal with lawlessness, unruliness, escalating crime rates, While using the excuse of racism. Blacks follow radical race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as an excuse for lawlessness. A criminal or a criminal act is just that and if your skin is white black green or brown, if you break the law you should face the punitive measures that are United States laws dictate.

    1. Mary's Avatar Mary

      And when police break the laws that they are supposed to uphold, they should also face the same punitive measures that our US Laws dictate. This aspect of the process seems to be ignored...certain police officers believe that the laws they are supposed to uphold do not apply to them.

  1. stephen kennedy's Avatar stephen kennedy

    We all have different opinions about what makes for a just society. That is what makes working together so difficult. The answer? There is no answer acceptable to all. Compromise is my best guess.

  1. Elle's Avatar Elle

    Not in these cases. Systems are and were in place to make things better: caring and reasonable people see the troubles and are and were already taking action. These destructive riots are just crimes atop of crimes. There are peaceful ways to demonstrate and bring attention.

    And, to respond to the idea that these people have been ignored by government: it is not government's place particularly. We do need to change the systems that continue to allow the rich to get so very much richer and so very many more people to become poor. But like any other moral idea, it cannot necessarily be dictated by law but by evolving cultural changes and degree of spiritual enlightenment and focus on different priorities.

    In the end, it is not about the amount of money or color, race or occupation. It's about the wisdom and decency that has both been instilled and developed by an individual.

  1. Matt's Avatar Matt

    First, we must define the difference between "protesting" and just using the word to justify wanton savagery where everyone gets free electronics, sneakers, and beer, and in the aftermath can't buy milk for their children because they burnt down the store. This pretty much focuses on one particular demographic which has never been able to accept blame for their own actions. There is a reason why the statistics are the way they are, and we're looking right it at in these "riots". This is what happens when the best you have is Al Sharpton, who makes his daily bread reinforcing racial hatred. It's not riots. It's LOOTING, and it's wrong. Is law enforcement out of hand? Yes. What do you expect? They hand pick violent sociopaths with low test scores, and give then guns. Positions of power (including political power) attract the corruptible.

  1. Michael's Avatar Michael

    I was raised on a reservation. I remember being treated differently than those in the 'lighter' communities, but that was never a reason for any of us to destroy or steal anything - we simply stayed away from those communities and lived in as much peace as we could. Committing crime is not a way to protest. I perceive these 'protests' merely as a way for criminals to excuse their own behavior. I have moved off the reservation and through determination and will, although I am not wealthy by any means, I am comfortable in my life. I obtained my college degree and worked hard for what I have and everyone has that same ability if their desire is strong enough.

  1. Todd's Avatar Todd

    if one is accused of being something that they are not, they must ensure that they do not go out and prove their accuser right, Because an individual has a right , does not always make it right to exercise it.

  1. franklin's Avatar franklin

    We're never upset for the reason we think. Ego is pernicious and active on both sides of an issue.

  1. LtBil Drat's Avatar LtBil Drat

    Elizabeth "Liar-watha..Loco-hontas" Warren is as looney as they come. Blurting out stupidness like you have a self induced dose of Tourettes Syndrome does not a set of balls make.

  1. melinda's Avatar melinda

    this is so much bull. it wasn't alleged that brown charged that officer. if you run from cops if break the law you have a chance of being shot. best thing, stop breaking the law and articles lilke this does nothing more than continue the race baiting and excuses.

    1. Leona Rite's Avatar Leona Rite

      A federal law passed in 1985 in fact makes it illegal to shoot someone for simply fleeing. You may only shoot them if you know in fact or have strong reasonable grounds to believe that if they get away they constitute a public danger or a danger to themselves. This was not the case with Mike Brown.

      1. Leona Rite's Avatar Leona Rite

        And yes, at one point when the coroner said that he was shot in the backs of his forearms, the police said that Mike Brown had charged the officer with his arms out and head down.

  1. Tom W.'s Avatar Tom W.

    There was a statement issued after a government study that, to paraphrase, said that they continued investment in low income communities to develop housing and to subsidise families was spending good money after bad because there was no development of pride of ownership. Future government dollars needed to be dedicated towards uplifting communities through the creation of jobs opportunities which needed to be started at the education level and helping the private sector grow and develop business opportunities. This opinion was written in 1946. What has changed? People will not work to help themselves if they receive sufficient money to live on for doing nothing. It's become a culture and its generational. Riots are just and excuse for looting and more free stuff. Peaceful protest gains attention to a problem and its called "CIVIL" disobedience for a reason... It's not uncivil or criminal disobedience. I would hazard to say that, in part, this unrest is part of a conspiracy. And.... How the hell did Al Sharpton, a big mouthed, tax evading, racist agitator, become one of Pres. Obama's closest advisers?

    1. Leona Rite's Avatar Leona Rite

      Its not that people will not work to help themselves when their efforts are being hacked out from under them. This all began many years ago when people moved into cities because that is where the factories were. THen when white people didn't want to live among blacks they moved to the country which became the suburbs and factories followed them out of the city. However, extremely poor whites who couldn't afford to move stayed impoverished in the city and could not afford cars to make the commute for lucarative jobs. In this same vein, Black people and other ethnic minorites stayed in the city largely because no one was willing to sell them land in the suburbs at that time and there were no equality protections to make them. There was very little work in the cities at that time and the communities the poor people lived in got progressively more run down either due to slumlord tactics or because homeowners had lost their stable jobs with factory relocation and couldn't afford repairs. White people with money then moved into the city across town from these run down areas and because they could afford property upkeep, property taxes were higher on their side and so, city funds were spent on improvements in the richer areas and schools were funded likewise. This continuous system has caused financial and spiritual depression that is overwhelming. Since most of the people left in these areas were black or brown minority status people those who did turn to crime turned inward on their own communities knowing they would be killed if they preyed on the white community. Thus the myths of black on black crime being the only problem. The problem is that the people are trapped in a cycle they don't know how to fix and in addition, white people were already building and growing wealth for nearly two hundred and fifty years before black people were freed from slavery and another hundred years before they were granted even a sliver of equality, and then they are pointed out as not being as advanced on a level of business and financial success. Seriously, the problem is pretty clear.

  1. Dan's Avatar Dan

    You are right melinda, I have been saying this since the Brown incident. There is no way Brown could have been running away or had his hands up as science and medicine and physics say that is impossible.

    1. According to the autopsy (all three of them) Browns woulds cam from the front, meaning he wasnt running away or they would be in the back.
    2. Brown could NOT have had his hands up. When your hands are at your side the front part of your arm is facing foreword. Its only when your hands are up that the rear of your arm is facing foreword. All three autopsies clearly show that the bullet wounds were in the FRONT of his arms meaning he never had them raised in the first place. So that was a lie...unless they had magic bullets that could do a 180 after they passed the suspect.
    3. And gunpowder residue on his hand clearly shows he was a whole lot closer to the cop then his "pat'nah" claimed he was as gunpowder only spreads about 3 feet at best from the end of the muzzle (I used to have a federal firearms license before I was filling out more forms then I was selling, so I know what gunpowder does and does not do)
  1. Bill's Avatar Bill

    I agree with Mr. D. Gray May 5th post – “‘Gravity knife’ constituted a dangerous or deadly weapon.” (1964) and maryland state law § 4-101. Dangerous weapons clearly states in section C that a switchblade cannot be carried.

    (c) Prohibited.- (1) A person may not wear or carry a dangerous weapon of any kind concealed on or about the person. (2) A person may not wear or carry a dangerous weapon, chemical mace, pepper mace, or a tear gas device openly with the intent or purpose of injuring an individual in an unlawful manner. (3) (i) This paragraph applies in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Caroline County, Cecil County, Harford County, Kent County, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, St. Mary’s County, Talbot County, Washington County, and Worcester County.

    Therefor the knife was a valid arrest. And my federal congressmen (along with 35 others in the Senate and House) have introduced legislation that would ban any federal monies to go to ANY community that intentionally damages or destroys itself.

    My take is that this is not so much a race issue as one of entitlement. They are entitled to feel aggrieved against commit crimes riot loot and what ever else they have done under the claim of it being racist. A lot of them are criminals waiting to happen and use any excuse to do wrong. Yes I feel sorry for the person who lost his life and yes it was a tragedy but this does not give all these people the right to do what they have done. Supposedly everyone under the US Constitution is Innocent until proven guilty except if you are a Police Officer.

    I grew up in a 6 member immigrant family in the 50’s and while my clothes were hand me downs, we always had food on the table and a warm place to sleep at night. I thought it was fantastic to get a penny to go down to the corner store and get candy. Not one of us ever thought to go and complain to the government that they should take care of us. My father labored hard 10 and 12 hours a day digging ditches and repairing sewer lines for the State, yet he never once asked for a hand out. He and my mother taught us children to keep our word if we gave it and to help the neighbors if they needed it. Our house was a home away from home for all the waifs and strays in the neighborhood. My Father got a small weekly paycheck yet we made do. As it stands we all have made something of our lives and still work hard. At no time have we said the Government or the Society owe us. In fact we owe our parents for their dedication and hard work in raising us as individuals. At no time have I ever taken what is not mine or willfully damaged someone else's property to get my own way racially or otherwise.

  1. Nagash's Avatar Nagash

    Every time I see the blacks "protesting" (i.e. burning, destroying, and stealing) I am struck by the same memory: anyone remember the scene from the original Planet of the Apes movie series when the monkey were rioting in thes streets? Different monkeys, same behavior.

    1. kai's Avatar kai

      Nagash - your are despicable representative of this institution. You should be excommunicated!!!

      1. Nagash's Avatar Nagash

        The two examples in my post (movie, Baltimore/Ferguson/etc) are indeed virtually identical, are they not?

  1. Jim Barnhill's Avatar Jim Barnhill

    We don't have a race problem , we have a behavior problem plain and simple.

    1. Jeannine M's Avatar Jeannine M

      We do have a race issue, a gender issue, a sexism issue, favoritism,... and so on. We have a lot of isms' in this country and across the globe. If you are not the same as a certain group, or think the same a,s or otherwise conform to the norm, the in crowd, current or regional religious or political ideology, or popular fads you are an outcast, mobbed, bullied or otherwise repressed, blasphemed, shamed, etc. This country, the GREAT USA, was founded in many ways off of abusing people who did not conform to the ways of a certain group, i.e for one example of many, remember the Trail of Tears and the land stolen from the Native Americans?

      I bet that some who riot are just thugs looking to cause issues or get something for nothing just like some of the high dollar white collar criminal thugs. But I also think that a lot of folks have just had enough of banging their head against a wall seeking change and a better life in systems and against groups of power, designed and stacked against them. It is high time that we bring to the forefront the ills that certain groups of humanity do to put down, repress or unduly control the lives of others, we are not a humanity of lifting others up we are a humanity of a lot of selfish, righteous people, and this country hides its flaws, then blasphemies others for the very awful things we ourselves do.

      I agree though that race is not the problem, the behaviors patterns, thought patterns and systems designed by many of the worlds religions, political, government, and private institutions, as well as the ills of humanity are at the root of the issues. Humanity has become a chaotic seed of control, power, and resource sucking leech, and less of a seed of love and stewardship. People riot and turn to violence and other ways of physical and damaging conflict often because they are not being heard, and change is not working, the systems are stacked against them, as are the laws and the institutions...this is just a symptom,

      Too many of the people are not being heard in this country and across the globe, so many are suffering at the abuses of the systems, institutions, corporations, etcetera that are supposed to lift them up provide justice and protect them. We have become a world of money and resource driven souls. We spend more energy chasing the dollar than we do seeking to lift up humanity.

      In a nutshell PBS TV has a really good program on the Ebola Virus, I think it is called "outbreak" It is a great watch to understand the problems with leadership, listening, worshipping the dollar, and focusing on egos, and money over peoples lives and good stewardship of the world, the gifts we have been provided. How do humans respond when in crisis when they feel lost, and without hope, and the very institutions they have been told are their to help them turn a blind eye, a blind ear, and blind action. Why do people resort to violence? Simply because it gets our attention like nothing else will. It makes us afraid and we respond to pain or pleasure, If you are trying to hit a nail on a wall and a small hammer doesn't get it done you get a bigger hammer. People in chaos do not think about their actions they just act, reason left a long time ago. History repeats itself because humans change the outside to look better and then stop doing the work, humans need to change the inside and keep doing the work.

      Personally I think we have a lot of closet racist, sexist, and other ists that hide behind politics, religion and money, and unfortunately too many of those are still in power positions, creating and enforcing the laws, and buying the justice. Two wrongs do not make a right, but neither does ongoing, continued and corrected wrongs, or cover ups make anything right! I think their is good and bad on both sides of this coin, and that includes the police, the citizens, the laws, the courts, the systems, the government, the media...but we need to stop sticking our heads in the sand and remember that NOTHING GOES WITH YOU IN DEATH BUT YOUR SOUL ,& THE SOULS OF OTHERS, THE BODY OF ENERGY IS THE ONLY THING and EVERYTHING ON THIS EARTH AND BEYOND IS OF ENERGY AND CAPABLE OF LOVE AND LIGHT OR DARK AND HATE! THE TREES, THE PLANTS, THE SEAS AND STARS HAVE NO CHOICE. WHAT SEPERATES HUMANS IS WILL AND CHOICE.

  1. Terry's Avatar Terry

    Find a solution. Stop blaming, complaining and start working together for a better future.

  1. unbiased's Avatar unbiased

    To sum it up. The media does not know the truth and incites riots and hatred. Then it spreads nationwide. Many hoodlums don't care about incidents, the violence is the thing to do at the time cause it's a mass of destruction to be part of. It's fun and exciting. Demonstrators go by rumors and make it worse for everyone and create chaos.

    You have to ask what were the black victims doing before it was caught on tape? Who called the cops to the incident? Apparently someone was fearing their safety. Freaking out On drugs, PCP, METH, HEROIN, you name it, makes abusers evil and crazy to harm officers and anyone in their way, including themselves. Why can't the brainwashed public understand that the cops are in danger. If you ever get caught in a threatening situation, who will you call for help? Let's analyze all the facts before we judge all involved. Keep the peace.

  1. Tom's Avatar Tom

    This is most definitely a biased article against white people and police. It would apparently be no use to argue or bring sense to this article based on the racially biased tone of it's author. It does warrant a word of advice to the author and anyone who supports that stance, this article only further divides the people by skin color. If division is what you are looking for, then you hit the nail on the head with this one.

  1. Anglyn Hays's Avatar Anglyn Hays

    People riot out of anxiety. I regret that they destroy property, but if the riot is put into a psychological and social context, it becomes clear there is a message behind the destruction that would NOT be heard. This is a problem with our social infrastructure that goes beyond our racial failures but that plays into our racial failures with remarkable regularity. I have studied US riots for over 20 years. The focus on the damage done by civil disobedience begs the question of WHY such activity occurs. I have been in a number of riots, and although I feel the anxiety, I don't participate. It seems to be something that glides over me, but that I get to watch. People really are not themselves. People I know to be fine and reasonable will break a businesses window, steal something they can afford to buy, urinate on the floor, and set the building on fire who the day before or the day after the riot were reasonable and tolerant people. It is like the civil order clock that ticks by everyday keeping our reactions in check simply stops. Is it simple? Maybe. It is the civil order that is usually being questioned in riots, sports riots being the big exception. We won't have a remedy for riots until we fix the civil order infrastructure that fails to address popular concerns. The fact we live in a purported democracy but still can't allow these voices to be heard is an abrupt awakening from the habitual idealistic dreaming of the past 30 years.

  1. CKJ's Avatar CKJ

    Its interesting to read everyones opinion. I dont see what is happening as being good or bad. It just is. Chaos is neccessary and often leads to change.

    We are very quick to judge other peoples circumstances based on what the media has showed us. It often isnt until we walk in anothers shoes we feel a sense of compassion.

    The majority of us are paid by the government and rely on the government for everything from food and water. No one is innocent in this matter. We are all one. The separation is an illusion. We must take a look in the mirror and begin to face our own inner fears and judgement.

    We have a problem with superiority. Some of us deem ourselves better, more worthy, or more valuable than the next. We somehow feel we are entitled to greatness while others are not. There is enough to go around. Poverty is a mindest but it is also something that has been created by the masses.

    Everything is in perfect order. Protests, riots, looting. Cleaning up the city, peaceful protesting. Beautiful and necessary contrasts. There is beauty in the chaos.

    1. Marlin Ray Taylor's Avatar Marlin Ray Taylor

      best answer I have read here.

    2. Krvin DeFranco's Avatar Krvin DeFranco

      There is no justification for mindless violence from any side.

  1. George King's Avatar George King

    I believe that if blacks were able to sit down and talk with other races without getting their feathers ruffled, great strides could be made in communication.

  1. tommy's Avatar tommy

    god set forth paths of good and if you don't see it you will only hurt yourself and others. these paths are tests of faith and god sees theses people failing only the peaceful protesters are on the right track.

  1. nekrolumak michael dean's Avatar nekrolumak michael dean

    Day 553 of the evilest gang of misbegotten, delusional inbred ,extortion and theft club ever formed, the house of redshield/rothschild. Out of frankfurt Germany, thats why they all have German surnames, bauer,rockerfeller,sachs,goldman,schupper et al. Since 1768 thirteen bank and loan shark owning families have inbred with each other and forced into the pact through debt the monarchies of the world to create a stock market theft machine funded my military theft and mass murder. Called the house of rothschild investment brockerage, they have contained all stolen assets through hereditary laws with contractual pacts with their offspring. Their first mass theft campaign was funding napoleon to fill their coffers with all the property napoleon could steal. Since 1815 no combination of countries or people has had 1/1000 of the assets they stole, so they have had no competition in any market but their own insanity. Jacob rothschild took over haliburton in 2012, the worlds largest consortium of weapons and military supply in the world with exxon mobil the former worlds largest company aquired in 2007 a mere division. All paid for by extorting the US taxpayer to pay trillions in an arranged loan to their world bank federal reserve. This is still going om with the highest level of military based extortion hit in 2007 and maintained at that record level to this day!!! All involved in this theft debacle must be arrested their stolen assets given back to the original owners. Then law will be valid and existance other than zionist pedophile mass murder and theft can start. Boycott israel abolish zionism/judaism the vile homosexual theft and murder club attempting to run the world from jerusalem. All involved in the TPP, the attempted legalization of this, must be arrested. Do you care for your babies, children and grandchildren? if not do nothing you will all be dead by 2025, if you are outraged as you should be you can end this, call your rep and senator, demand this be stopped. 1. demand the arrest of all commanding officers at the 300 US airforce bases, for mass murder, treason, violation of oath and tax evasion. 2. demand the arrest of all dual passport holders in the US Congress and administration for espionage and violation of oath. 3. demand they abolish the CFR, arrest all its members for conspiracy, espionage and tax evasion. Arrest all at the CFR’s creations, the IMF, UN and CIA for operating under an illegal charter, a treasonous offense, only sovereign nations can be granted a charter, not groups, clubs, or people. 4. Remove the president from office and charge him with being a spy., under the UCMJ at 906.106 and a traitor under 18 USC, Part 1, Chapter 115, Sec.2381.

  1. Krvin DeFranco's Avatar Krvin DeFranco

    These types of articles are "en vogue" right now. Anything depicting the "man" in a bad light is profitable to the leftist, anarchist cultivating race baiters. The social progressives, humanists that see no value in spirituality or religion as a life guiding tool in educating our children. The last thing American youth are interested in is spirituality. If they were; the off shoots of spirituality would be manifested like, respect for themselves and others. Obeying the law. Getting an education and not beating up their teachers in the process. Walking away from crime, violence, drugs, and gangs. Leaders taking a stand against the hip,hop, gangsta mentality. Young men pulling up their pants and looking respectable. Young women dressing in a manner as to not show everything they have. Kids who don't sext and send nude selfies out over the internet. Time to stop swarming in uncontrolled groups causing mayhem and randomly trying to knock people out. Time to hammer those thugs, yes, thugs from turning our youth into a "purge" culture. We may very well be the last generation that cares about God and spirituality. Without laws, law enforcement, faith, and consequences for their actions, anything is possible in the future, in our lifetime. If the author is expecting to leave our future in the hands of political whores instead of parents and spiritual leaders then take a good look at Baltimore and Chicago, East L.A. South Bronx. That's what our cities and towns will look like all over. Its time for all of US to step up and guide youth away from this abomination of desolation. We are staring doom in the eye, and allowing it to flourish. Stop blaming the White Man or authority figures for your lack of responsibility, and accountability for your own life. There is no "White" privilege. There is money and power privilege and it comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. By focusing on a perceived privileged segment of society and blaming every social minority setback on them is ludicrous, but effective in disguising the real culprits motives. Our youth is being groomed for failure by those who hate God, anything of faith and anything spiritual. That's where the real battle is , its not for land, money, material things, its against spiritual powers and principalities who would destroy goodness and decency. Whatever this author gives as proof of cultural bias against "black males" vs white males is mythical, and does not justify the wonton rage and destruction brought about by rioting "misguided" youth. Those guys are thugs, and criminals getting a pass from cowardly officials who don't do their jobs. And white criminals feel the same injustice as their black brothers in crime because its everybody else's fault for their actions. That's the common denominator, they're all innocent.

  1. S. Ngoran's Avatar S. Ngoran

    Denial is a wonderful thing. It absolves personal responsibilities for all involved including the writer who glibly condemns his brother. That my friend is the spiritual darkness you are speaking of and that of which you think you know. It's these thoughts that perpetuates the very outward projected madness we see. It begins in the mind and goes through the mouth into creation. Everyone is responsible for what we are seeing.

  1. ronald wolfe's Avatar ronald wolfe

    I suggest the author of this article do sokme fact tinding before publishing his propaganda there are many mistakes in his analogy. for the sake of being brief iwill only point out one. Jerry Sandusky was NOT fired at Penn State he retired about 10 years before the accusations, and the rioters WERE NOT supporting th "Pedeophle" they were protesting the sanctions levied against Penn State, by the CORRUPT NCAA! PLEASE DO NOT POST SUCH INACCURATE INFORMATION AND LEAD PEOPLE DOWN THE WRONG ROAD. By the way the NCAA did restore full rights to Penn State knowing they overstepped there bounds thus THEY caused the rioting . Jerry Sandusky was not connected with Penn State at the time of the accusations there are so many other mistakes in your article. Please give up writing this crap.

  1. Ædam David Clayman's Avatar Ædam David Clayman

    The Fundamental Problem here is the division of Us⁵⁰+ by facial appearance. Let's all call this act "facism". It's functional discrimination and stereotyping in its most compact, most stereotyped, most Type I, and most dangerous form. Slow-boil facism can turn deadly or injurious in an instant with officers who feel licensed to kill as soon as they feel they can meet the standard of satisficing a jury of their acquittal, or among looters, or within calmunities that are losing their pathways to calm. These all represent corruptions of Our Spirit, facilitated through coextensive and mutually self-reinforcing binary facisms. As soon as one terms themselves Double Hex 0 and the other as Double Hex F, or vice versa, it becomes more difficult to oppose and interfere with this violently infectious binary division, without digital logics to remind us of how much chromatone there is within the world.

    Let's reverse slow-boil facism. Stop identifying some as Double Hex 0 (#000000) and some as Double Hex F (#FFFFFF). Let's just stop "double hexing". If Y⁵ou absolutely need to refer to in Your sermons and prayers, refer more broadly to the Liberated and the Freed, those from branches that were Liberated from Forcible Slavery. Instead of diffuse and nonspecific "African-American"* or the facist, double hex 0 of "Black", say "The Liberated and Freed Calmunity".

    Lastly, acknowledge that prolonged imprisonment without bail is legalized reenslavement by the State or Federal Government, as exempted from slave-taking by the 13th Amendment, Section 1, reproduced below with emphasis added to the exception:

    "Amendment 13, Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

    Is it any surprise that the Liberated and Freed Us⁵⁰+ Population should fær reenslavement when threatened with arrest? There are 2.3 million enslaved in the Us+, representing 1 in 100 of the population, and there are no signs that any reduction in force or realignment of force is emergent in calmunity force-functioneering culture. The United States, by this Standard, remains the largest self-legalized enslaver in the world, with a prison enslavement rate (incarceration, they call it) almost twice as large as the next major enslavement center,

    • (Is a Bharatiya not "Asian-American"? Is an Algerian-American not "African-American"? These categories are stupid. Why are we drawing so many harm-prone exceptions to Continental Associations? Why is Double Hex 0 synonymous with Subsaharan? Why can't we say Subsaharan instead of African for the euphemism for high UV clines? All these imputations are poorly wrought and require more conscience. How much energy will it take for Us to get synchronized on the self-questioning, such that the schisms of the past mend?)
  1. B. Gilb's Avatar B. Gilb

    I think the comparison of Eric Garner and Cliven Bundy is quite a stretch. The whole story lost it's credibility when that comparison was made.

  1. Prophetess's Avatar Prophetess

    The blacks of America and the Island of the seas are a people destroyed and cut off from their nationality, their language, their history and culture. On top of that every nation look down, destroy and abuses them. They feel the only way to be heard is to act out violently. This is not the right method of communication but it is the only way America will pay attention.

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed

    Wrong! The autopsy of Brown shows that he was struggling with the officer over the gun. He did NOT have his hands up. #PantsUpDontLoot!

    1. A friend of an officer who arrested Gray said the suspect wasn't secured in the van because officers were not able to bring him under control and were afraid he would attack or bite them.

    2. Gray may have been intentionally trying to injure himself in the van. Multiple reports claimed Gray was not buckled because officers wanted to dole out extrajudicial treatment by deliberately giving him a rough ride. But another prisoner in the van with Gray told investigators that Gray was banging against the walls of the van and the prisoner believed he was intentionally trying to injure himself.

    Wow. You ARE biased. That's like saying the people who rioted over Brown and Gray are as guilty of crimes that Brown and Gray committed. It's like you're blaming their surviving family for the riots that happened.

    Harry Reid and son were wanting the land, for a land grab to sell to Chinese investors. The BLM used choppers to chase down his cattle, in +90 degree heat, and killed many of them, with mass graves. They also ran heavy vehicles through the area, smashing up the very habitat they claimed to "protect." You have the federal government, on multiple cases, stealing people's land with such BS as "eminent domain," and then, they lease/sell it to the highest bidder.

    Maybe you need to read about how a BLACK COP shot a WHITE MAN in SLC, and has been cleared of charges:

    I can find you a ton of cases where blacks assault or kill whites, and it's brushed aside. You may have heard of the Bull "Knock Out Game." What a load of ----! In many of those cases, black thugs attack whites, just because they can. To minimize it as some game is lame. They are thugs, simple.

    Here's a "double standard" for you: 1/2 of the cops in the Gray case are BLACK! For Garner, there was a BLACK FEMALE SERGENT! And how about all the black on black killings that go on, in places like Chicago? Blacks are their own worst enemies, from selling captives in tribal wars to slavers, to the above examples. Don't blame whites, only!

    Maybe you should look at some of the Independent Parties. The Green. Constitutional. Gary Johnson is running for Libertarian. They'd be better than the corporate owned Demo-cans [demons that shape shift between donkeys and elephants, whose main passion is to screw sheep].

  1. frank's Avatar frank

    the statements above about cliven bundy incident are miss leading. 1. bundy did not "summon" anyone. please came when law enforcement started killing his cattle. social media took over from there. 2. the couple that killed in vegas had nothing to do with the "stand-off". they were random people that showed up, and were quickly asked to leave by the bundy family.

    1. frank's Avatar frank

      people* came

  1. Iain's Avatar Iain

    The police are supposed to be a social institution that is tasked with crime prevention and the keeping of civil order. They are not supposed to be a brute squad enforcing the will of the wealthy elite upon the remainder of society. Law is meaningless in a society where the citizens give up personal freedom for social order if the very body that enforces this contract is not held to the same standards as the general populace. Laws must be enforced equally across all socioeconomic classes. Any deviation from this foments dissent and renders the law illegitimate.

    Police brutality is spoken of in our society as if it is a given or a fantasy. Past and recent events demonstrate how fragile the will of the populace to be governed is. Many areas of or Local, State and National Government have been receiving a pass for far too long in relation to the abuse and mistreatment of the populace. I feel this is fueled by the events of 9/11 and the ensuing "flight from reality" our populace has been engaged in. Absolute security from danger cannot be delivered! Any who willingly give up even the slightest freedom for this false promise of security will have neither their freedom nor their security. Each freedom lost leaves us all a little less secure. Finally, If I give someone a ride in my car I am responsible for what happens to them as long as they are in my car. The police must be held responsible for any life they take into custody. The race issue is valid only in the sense that it currently appears as though the police get away with the death of black suspects more than white suspects. If there were records kept on all deaths in police custody I feel you would find there are many whites and Latinos who die in police custody as well. It just does not get reported on as much. This is an issue that affects all citizens of all races, creeds and ethnicities. Institutionalized brutality is an affront to all of humanity. Only through love, communication, mutual respect can we find the path to care for one another as the creator intends.

    God Bless us all,

  1. kai's Avatar kai

    Reading these post it is clear that the spiritual leaders of this community are really as racist/biased and out of touch with the realities of the oppressed and the root causes of imperialism/colonialism as the mainstream clergy.

    1. frank's Avatar frank

      very constructive. you make accusations, but give no example or no counter point to whatever comment/comments that may have caused you distress. you simply throw the racist accusation on to the whole population of the website, and casually go about your day. our acts are measured, our tongues lash out in frantic need to validate the self.

  1. ginnysbreadbasket's Avatar ginnysbreadbasket

    "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

    Frequent and appalling current events are being whipped into a spurious froth by individuals who continue to spawn hatred among races. This month's article, 'Displaced in the Dominican Republic,' published in Harper's Magazine illustrates the tactics used by purportedly Christian, light-skinned Dominican's who have historically and systematically killed dark-skinned Haitians and recently deprived 200,000 living in the Dominican Republic of citizenship status, rendering them without a passport and poverty-stricken. And no country is admitting the Haitian people despite continued, appalling living conditions since the earthquake in 2010.

    The unemployment among black males in Baltimore is 37% according to the City's own statistics. Baltimore City voter turnout in the midyear elections was 18%. There have been 12 murders since Monday in the city.

    The more you stir a bucket of shit the more it stinks?

    There is only one race, the human race. In our nation a man who calls himself 'Black' was elected President, twice. It bothers me that he never acknowledges his mother's heritage, whatever it is, European? I don't know, but the point is why does someone identify with skin color instead of national heritage(s)?

    As a self-proclaimed minister I ask myself again and again what is happening in terms of the way people treat one another, ignore hardship and dispense tragedy for selfish gain. I believe that the Universe is benevolent and we are learning to adopt a collective consciousness that is sustainable not pejorative among fellow beings.

    God bless us one and all.

  1. Rick's Avatar Rick

    I don't really see this as a race issue, even as badly as some want it to be. An even higher percentage of Native Americans are shot by police every year than blacks. Poverty is more prevalent among Native Americans, as well. Next are Hispanics. And if we look at only impoverished whites, the numbers are again, also nearly identical to the other groups. These groups are committing crimes more often. I'm saying this as 1/8 Native American. That part of my culture is committing a very high percentage of crime for their population. We need to solve the issue of poverty. The crime isn't about race. Poverty and lack of education cause higher crime. If any one of us was raised in surroundings that treated crime as "normal" because of generations of despair, we could be criminals, too. It's no different than viewing pit bulls. If they are raised to kill, they will be that way. If raised like a normal dog, they are incredibly affectionate and gentle. Remember what people thought about them? Born evil, irredeemable, unintelligent, no good, enjoyed killing... etc. Sound familiar?

    The only issue is really whether we are spending money to "help" the right way. I see this problem much the same as an economy that is floundering. It has to have an enormous amount of money to get back on track AND the money has to be spent correctly. Instead of money for "green businesses" that immediately failed, it should have been more like the Great Depression. Bridges, highways, baseball parks, etc. Invest in the infrastructure and spend the money on jobs. Then it doesn't sit in the banks of the business owners, it pays rent, buys food, and truly stimulates the economy. I do agree with the President on this - COLLEGE. Give the impoverished people of this country a reason to stay in school - a free college education (with some work after graduation for payback, like many students do) and a future. If they can't get through college, then trade school, whatever. Then those same people who could have been criminals will become the healthy, tax-paying, productive citizens they would actually like to be. They can help themselves better then. And they need to try harder. Harlem pulled itself out of hell for the most part. The rate of burglary and violent assault is lower in Harlem now than in Manhattan!! But they will need help. Showing we care (through donating to a community garden or ordering from a local business in an area like Baltimore) goes a long way to lifting spirits.

    If people would get a bit less selfish - and this is to the 7/8 white part of my culture because we have more financial resources - and help end the cycle, we can. If Oprah and Bill Gates would help get our children through college, this nation could save the whole continent of Africa with our productivity.

    I help by giving free tutoring to kids at community college who can't afford it and helping teenagers who just got out of jail get their GEDs and get financial aid for college. I have seen some amazing turnarounds in attitude and actions. I hope to provide a young person from an impoverished area (inner city, reservation, whatever) with a home and education in the future if I can.

    I honestly think that instead of debating who did what and who is or isn't racist, we should be a bit above it. I doubt anyone here can make any impact on the proceedings, anyway. If so, best wishes and may God keep your intentions pure. If not, then we should work on how to end the cycle and let the other millions of people argue. I think everyone here would like to see an end to the pain that is happening. Help stop the cycle of poverty.

  1. Bob Long's Avatar Bob Long

    2nd Amendment. An armed society is a peaceful society

  1. Dave's Avatar Dave

    Blessed are the peace makers. I challenge every and all who wish to judge to step up and put on the shield!! Life is weighted by the totality of the circumstances and an individual's actions.

  1. Wayne Bowlby's Avatar Wayne Bowlby

    I grew up in Maryland in the "60"s-"70"s. At times police came across as bullies. I realize working in large crime ridden areas such as Washington D.C., Baltimore, and all the large suburban areas can make lawman rather famous, but those enforcing laws must realize the laws apply to them as much if not more. With cameras watching everyone's actions, driving habits, and more one should consider they are always watched in some way. We also need to realize videos and audio are not full proof and do not tell the entire story. As with everything in this world we need to address what created the problems and work on those issues. Sometimes this goes back years and people need to learn to forgive and move forward, lest the past repeasts itself over & over. Peace and Love (please), Losaiko1234

  1. Marlin Ray Taylor's Avatar Marlin Ray Taylor

    All of these post seem to overlook one thing. As long as we Americans are fighting among ourselves, the Government knows we are not watching them. I do not care what Party holds the office, Every Politician is out for what HE or SHE can get out of the job. <- Human Nature at it's best. UNTIL our own Government is reigned in and held accountable for it's actions and inactions, nothing here in the United States will change. It will only get worse.

    Now ask me why I have this opinion, I can answer it this way. I am a 100% Disabled Veteran. I took that oath to defend My Country , Flag, Constitution and all the people here even if they don't like me for what ever race I happen to be. That oath did not have an expiration date on it.

    Right now as I look out over my Country, I am sad and afraid. So many people just believe what ever is pored into their eyes and ears from the Main Stream Media. So many people just read what ever comes across their Face Book Page and never look or research what else is going on. I see something on Face Book or the Media, I go do research to see if it is accurate before I post my opinions. What is sad is to really get the News here in the United States without one of the Political Parties distorting it is to go to News from Europe (usually the BBC)

    Racial problems is nothing new to the United States. It has happened since the first Europeans landed and started swindling the Native People here. What we do as results from these problems is the only thing that matters. Do we self implode as a Nation? Do we rise above it and become stronger? Do we stick our heads up our own butts and hope it gets better/ Or do we stand up and demand that our country be set back to what it was originally intended to be by our Forefathers?

    I chose to speak up and take action if need be. Instead of complaining in the Social Media, complain to the Government. Take a stand.

  1. Rick's Avatar Rick

    Shouldn't our questions be about "How do we help people change attitudes, actions, and responses? How do we help people find a different way of life? How do we help people deal with tragedy?" Maybe I'm wrong, but I think by arguing about whether cops are good or bad, or whether Freddie Gray got what he deserved or was an innocent victim, we are missing out on helping others. How do we help people who aren't a part of this at all deal with being drawn into it, categorized as a result of it?

  1. ronald wolfe's Avatar ronald wolfe

    Rev, Mike, I dont think jas was ever said it was ok to gun down unarmed citizens and even though the "switch blade" knife is illegal, it does not give police the right to act as judge, jury and executioner. however even though i agree we can't forget the past, and police to need to be held accountable for their actions, we also cant use the past for our actions, and rioting and burning down buildings and hurting innocent people because you are angry and upset is NOT the answer, peaceful, demonstrations are ok but taking your rage out on buildings, shops, lootings, etc. Are NOT? Please dont take peronal attacks and make assumptions of other peoples posts here, they are opinions only and everyone is entitled to theres.

  1. Rev. michael smith's Avatar Rev. michael smith

    you are correct and the answer is so simple it seems incomprehensible to most people, JUST TREAT PEOPLE AS PEOPLE NOT CATEGORIES OF PEOPLE, every authority from Jesus "love your neighbor as yourself" to the founding fathers "we find these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal"

  1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

    OK, I live in Baltimore County. I used to live in Baltimore City. I've ben here since1985. I saw the riots in the 1960s. Here's what I think is happening here and in other cities across the country.

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects more than just soldiers exposed to war in some foreign country. If you are traumatized at any point in your life severely enough or over a long enough period of time your brain chemistry is changed. You become highly sensitive to any number of stimuli. Once your "button is pushed" you enter Fight/Flight/Freeze mode. You are not in control of your thoughts and actions.

    I think any police person in a metropolitan area with any time on the force has probably been exposed to enough trauma to be affected. In fact, they may have experienced this trauma before they even entered the police force. It may have been a part of what made them want to be a police officer.

    Many citizens who live on the edge in inner cities are also exposed to abuse and crime. They too are likely candidates for PTSD. Toss the police and these citizens together in a racially/socially charged situation and Baltimore is what you get. It's inescapable. And it will continue to happen until the PTSD can be dealt with.

    Interestingly, there's a doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Roland Griffiths, who has done research on PTSD and who has data that proves that administering psilocybin to PTSD victims makes a remarkable difference. Here's a link to a story about him in the Washington Post.

    We need to find a way to heal these people, both citizens and police from PTSD.

  1. Marcel French's Avatar Marcel French

    I have seen first hand that there a far more corrupt cops then good cops in law enforcement. It is proof that politics does not belong in everyday life. If the job it self requires running for office then the politics should begin and end with the election. Good news on a cure for PTSD it's called cannabis. Adults with PTSD if possible should use Indica for night time and a Indica / Sativa hybrid during the day. Childeren with PTSD should receive treatment with CBD dominant Indica for night time and CBD dominant Sativa for day time. And as far as cops having control over the use of the body cam then you may as well not have the cam as it will do nothing to help good cops or the citizens. The longer this problem goes unsolved the worse it will get.

    Being a cop does not make any person infallible there is no way for anyone to be infallible. The only thing that can be done is to make groups that teach hate and ignorance illegal. There are three known races of humans on this planet and not one of them are better then the others. Corrupt cops come in all three races of various size shape and skin tone. As do hate mongering ignorant citizens.

  1. Tom W.'s Avatar Tom W.

    The police have been trained and conditioned to believe that law abiding citizens do not run away. Criminals run. I am not a black man and I don't pretend to know the psychology of a man's thoughts when the police stop a man for being "black". I do know that standing on a street corner in the mid-day, when real men are at work supporting themselves and their families, is suspicious activity in areas with a high incidence of drug use. Loitering is suspicious activity and should warranty a conversation if I was an officer doing my job. And yes, I would run a man down who tried to escape my attention. It's time for the insanity to stop. Insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. We need to teach our children to respect authority and to stop making excuses for their bad behavior.

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