Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster

Mississippi gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster insisted Mississippi Today reporter Larrison Campbell bring along a male colleague if she had any intention of following him on a 15-hour campaign "ride-along" in his truck, ahead of next month's primaries. The GOP candidate, considered a long shot by pollsters, is invoking what has come to be known as "the Billy Graham rule" - no traveling with, dining alone with, or being alone with a woman that is not his wife under any circumstances.

Foster's campaign director Colton Robison reasoned the two couldn't be seen in a vehicle alone because "they believed the optics of the candidate with a woman, even a working reporter, could be used in a smear campaign to insinuate an extramarital affair."

We just "can't risk it", the campaign told her.

Foster took to Twitter to justify his request. "Before our decision to run, my wife and I made a commitment to follow the 'Billy Graham Rule,' which is to avoid any situation that may evoke suspicion or compromise of our marriage. I am sorry Ms. Campbell doesn't share these views, but my decision was out of respect of my wife."

Campbell, who is a lesbian, had a pretty forceful response on Twitter: "Why, you ask, would this guy not see the absurdity of demanding I bring in the reinforcements he requires? Uh... probably because at the end of the day, he doesn't see me as someone who belongs there."

Origins of the Billy Graham Rule

Famed evangelist Billy Graham created the 'rule' in 1948. At that point in time, Graham was on his meteoric ascent in the Evangelical movement. Graham and his team sought to re-earn the public's trust for evangelical preachers after previous evangelical leaders squandered public trust with scandal after scandal. So to avoid the appearance of any sort of impropriety, Graham and his team instituted the rule that would eventually bear his name.

Graham is not the only significant male figure to avoid alone time with women. Vice President Mike Pence also follows the rule religiously. He has followed the rule since at least 2002, when The Hill reported that he never eats alone with any women who aren't his wife Karen. He also told the publication that he does not attend social events in which alcohol is present without his wife. As he explained back then, "I don't think it's a predatory town, but I think you can inadvertently send the wrong message by being in [certain] situations." The Atlantic gives context to Pence's reasoning. Pence came to Congress in 2001, a few years after prominent congressmen saw their marriages in trouble or dissolve completely after infidelity allegations. As Pence put it back then, "I've seen friends lose their families. I'd rather lose an election."

Sexist and Demeaning?

The rule is not without its detractors. Critics believe it only props up outdated gender roles and demeans women in the process.

"They just presume that your marriage vows are so flimsy that you can't be trusted to uphold them unless a babysitter monitors you," said Washington Post columnist Monica Hesse. "It's rather like a thief sanctimoniously announcing that he brings a parole officer every time he goes to the bank to make sure he doesn't rob it. Good for you, dude, for knowing your own limitations but it doesn't make you better than the rest of us, who manage to regularly not steal things even when we're completely alone."

Chicago Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens took that rationale a step further, wondering how Foster would govern effectively if elected to office. "The risk of being photographed in the presence of a woman would multiply exponentially were he tasked with leading his state," she wrote. "Would Foster simply refuse to meet with them? Would he request male escorts?" Stevens also wondered if Foster would even accept political guidance or advice from women at all.

"My truck, my rules"

Foster eventually appeared on CNN's "New Day" to defend himself in front of Campbell herself, insisting that "in my truck, we go by my rules."

He denied viewing women as sexual objects first and professionals second, pointing out that while he fully trusted himself to act appropriately if left alone with any woman, "I don't trust the perception that the world puts on people when they see things and they don't ask the questions and they don't look to find out the truth."

Foster later tweeted "the liberal left lost their minds. They can't believe, that even in 2019, someone still values their relationship with their wife and upholds their Christian Faith." Franklin Graham, the late Billy Graham's son and the President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, came to Foster's defense on Twitter, saying he appreciates Foster's "desire to honor his wife."

What do you think? Was Foster right to ban women from riding alone with him in his truck? In the post-#MeToo era of social media, can one ever be too careful? Or is the self-implemented rule simply a demeaning and sexist relic of the past?


  1. Michael Mangold's Avatar Michael Mangold

    It's his damn truck and his own personal values. Forcing someone to abide by your rules and values is onerous at best, fascist at worst. I'm not an Evangelical Christian but I do believe it is up to each individual to live their own life as they see fit as long as you don't physically abuse anyone, steal, or break contracts.

    1. pcfield's Avatar pcfield

      As it should be, for all, right on Michael.


        I am a female and I totally agree.

      2. Tom Phillips's Avatar Tom Phillips

        100% agree. The late Herbert. W. Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God that was based in Pasadena and once had in excess of 100,000 members lived by this principle and his followers followed his direction. The Word of God says, "Do not give any appearance of evil". We are in a different era now where mischief makers will use any means available to spread lies and insinuate things that are not true. As a pastor they need to be very careful and always be above reproach.

      3. Starla Anne Lowry's Avatar Starla Anne Lowry

        There are too many women who will create a lie about being sexually assaulted when alone with a man. The 'Billy Graham rule' is common sense for any man; particularly one in the spot light, such as a politician, minister, etc. Look back in the news and see how many politicians have lost elections by such accusations. We do not have a record of how many God-called pastors had to leave the ministry because of the same accusations.

    2. Emanuel Shajhef Quinton's Avatar Emanuel Shajhef Quinton

      I agree with Michael Mangold. My philosophy is based on Honor, respect and value. In these trying times, I also believe that no one should be alone with anyone who could possibly put you in a negative position. Ask yourself, could being alone with this person jeopardize me in any way. If the answer is yes, then don't be.

    3. John's Avatar John

      Agreed. In today's accusatioral climate, it makes perfect sense.

    4. Crystal Rene blackwood's Avatar Crystal Rene blackwood

      I didn't read it real well to see what's going on here but I do know this touch not mine anointed and do my Prophet no harm and that goes to a prophetess to you have to be wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove she she could have told a lie on them so I'm saying it had a ruler out on them why is it easier to set up in the room with her by so if you don't know her and she Baptist baptized with the baptism of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ what I'm saying x2 in 38 and is she baptized with the baptism of the Holy Ghost reproof speaking in the Holy Ghost tongues.

    5. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

      I agree with you. Your language is a little stronger than mine but I do agree with you. Unfortunately men have to be very wary of being accused of inappropriate behavior whether it's a gentle hug around the shoulders or a noun out attack. It seems like with the me-too movement women have lost the ability to understand difference between friendliness and support versus sexual attack

    6. Deborah Davenport's Avatar Deborah Davenport

      Well said.

    7. Mark's Avatar Mark

      Well said.

  1. directortice's Avatar directortice


  1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

    You can be too careful nowadays with the Me Too movement upon us at every turn.


    1. Athiest Lite's Avatar Athiest Lite

      Agreed. It is a shame really, it is providing an extension of sexism and is often unfair to the women involved. However, politicians are almost always presumed guilty even after they are proven innocent. The "MeToo" incidents have made Mr. Foster's position about the only safe option. Unfortunately, he can still be accused by anyone who happened to be in the same city on the same day, and if the press decides they do not like him they will carry the story (but not the retraction.)

    2. Barbara Williams's Avatar Barbara Williams

      Concur, Very sad times.

  1. Dr. Tinsley Keefe's Avatar Dr. Tinsley Keefe

    I am a female and a minister, and I completely understand where he’s coming from and support his right to do what he’s doing.

  1. pcfield's Avatar pcfield

    The only way to live now-a-days for sure. Someone out there is waiting to pounce on anyone they can in the public realm, for any reason they can that seems, in their opinion, unseemly. Good for him and his wife. Wait and see, he'll be called a homo-phobic, racist, or something...

  1. Travis Wilbur's Avatar Travis Wilbur

    Seems to me that people need to learn how to respect other people’s personal codes of honor and sense of self preservation.

    I wonder if this lesbian reporter might be trying to set him up for a scandal, to sabotage his campaign. Lesbians don’t seem to like Christians much, these days.

    1. pcfield's Avatar pcfield

      So true, I thought that is where it will be going soon too.

    2. Chris's Avatar Chris

      So-called Christians don't seem to like lesbians too much these days either. I think it would be safe to say the "Christians" started it.

      1. directortice's Avatar directortice

        Who said she was a Lesbian?

        Come to think of it.... it might be wise for these candidates to never be alone with ANYONE with the exception of close family. A person might be labeled in any number of ways that might look bad....


        I totally respect the "Billy Graham Rule". It's not about the preacher or the politician. It's about the message.

        It doesn't tell me the guy is a Christian... it tells me the guy is responsible.

        1. directortice's Avatar directortice

          My apologies... I went back and read it....

          I still have no problem with this response.

          He's living in a glass house.... I don't even think he should be meeting with men alone.

          1. Chris's Avatar Chris

            I'm not condemning the practice itself. In fact, I agree that if you're worried about scandal by meeting with someone alone, you should avoid meeting with men or women alone. It was more about his manner of singling out the one particular reporter.

          2. Paul's Avatar Paul

            As a former teacher it was not only prudent but just common sense to not put yourself in a position where you would be alone in a room with either a male or female student. It comes down to their word against theirs and in that situation you are not presumed innocent until proven guilty. You are instantly placed on administrative leave. Kudos to Robert Foster. Stand your ground

          3. Lilly's Avatar Lilly

            Isn't his wife traveling with him? And he could be just as vulnerable meeting with men alone. This could be managed much better but I guess he's managed to get free publicity from it!

    3. K l swaim's Avatar K l swaim

      If he doesn’t trust himself, why would we trust him!

      1. donna guzman's Avatar donna guzman

        Yep. That's what I say too. If he's that vulnerable he has no place running for any elected office. This sort of stuff really hurts me as a woman. I'd never waste my time with anyone like that. It just seems so misogynistic.I find it quite sad and weak.

      2. Dusty Jeans's Avatar Dusty Jeans

        Not a matter of trusting himself....its trusting some irresponsible reporter looking for a story...

  1. directortice's Avatar directortice

    I am so glad this came up..... I was just telling hubby that Billy Graham stayed clear of issues the others fell from. He kept his mission clean. I am glad to see politicians who profess to be Christians stepping up as he did. Good Job.

  1. flugo's Avatar flugo


  1. kimberly's Avatar kimberly

    Gender roles are NOT outdated. They have simply been cast aside EXCEPT when it becomes convenient for a woman to attack a man. And one of my pet peeves is when a married woman uses a hyphenated last name based on her unmarried name and her married name in a vain attempt to say "hey, I'm married but I'm still the boss of me". disgusting.

    1. Mary Shaw's Avatar Mary Shaw

      Well said

  1. Chris's Avatar Chris

    Sure, his truck his rules. That's fine. But given the number of so-called Christians who turn out to be closet homosexuals or child molesters, he's still leaving himself open to the possibility of a scandal, one worse than being alone with a lesbian.

    1. kimberly's Avatar kimberly

      I don't see how.

      1. Chris's Avatar Chris

        Then I'll spell it out for you. By refusing to be alone with a woman, it could suggest he prefers the company of men, that he's gay. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility given, as I said, the number of so-called Christians (particularly the vehemently anti-gay ones) who turn out to be gay. I would imagine this would be worse than being alone with a lesbian.

        1. kimberly's Avatar kimberly

          So it's better to presume somebody a pervert than accept their good moral character for what it is? Typical liberal stupidity

          1. Cindy's Avatar Cindy

            Being gay is not perverted. Liberals aren't stupid.

        2. Deborah Davenport's Avatar Deborah Davenport

          I don't see it the way you describe it here. I think one thing that we need to remember is that doctors have had this same rule for a long time, especially if it is a male doctor doing a gynecological or breast exam on a woman. My PCP ;eaves the door open whenever I have any type of appointment with him and my orthopedic surgeons (even the female one) ALWAYS have someone in the room. I don't think it comes across as being sexist, misogynistic being gay or suggestive or of pedophilic tendencies, I see it as more of a protective rule just as medical professionals invoke.

      2. Mary Shaw's Avatar Mary Shaw

        Me neither

        1. Mary Shaw's Avatar Mary Shaw

          Unfortunately today everything you say is twisted to suit , attacking for no good reason, maybe too many people are delicate or so bored they have to invent their interpretations to stir up what is innocent. I'm on the side of Foster in this, don't care if she is a lesbian. My advice, stop having a go at somebody trying to do the right thing by him and his wife.

  1. Frank Villari's Avatar Frank Villari

    Me thinks she protesteth too much.

  1. Dan's Avatar Dan

    Typical. Its just so special that when a person stands behind their religious beliefs that people who hate that religion try and destroy them for it. Aka the baker and the Florist, BOTH of them were found not guilty of discrimination and yet the baker is still being sued time and time again and the florist is STILL being persecuted for not paying the illegal 150,000.00 fine imposed by Oregons so called "civil rights commission"

    What ever happened to the 1st Amendment's section of no law can be passed that would violate a persons religion? I dont like Satanists, but I would support their right to practice their religious beliefs. These people need to calm down and just accept this persons beliefs.

    1. Charlotte Pemberton-Ropp's Avatar Charlotte Pemberton-Ropp

      I'm an ordained minister for the unit Universal Life Church. No where in the Bible does it say that women cannot go out and spread the word of God. It says in the Bible deny me in front of others and I would deny you in front of my father. So therefore I believe women to be in the ministry. Missouri it's wrong for doing that all 50 states should be allowed to have women Ministry. Actually all over the world should allow women in the ministry. Because aren't there nuns. Last time I checked nuns are women not men.

  1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

    The whispering of the Divine tells me any man worried about what others think is not fit to lead. My gut tells me a man who fears his character coming under attack likely has a pretty shitty character.

    If a man lives openly, honestly, and exhibits virtuous behavior he should not feel such concern. Any man so worried over such things is a man who does such things when he is certain he can get away with them.

    1. Min. B's Avatar Min. B

      Very well said...he is not ready or qualified to lead.

      1. donna guzman's Avatar donna guzman

        What I say too. Yuck.

    2. J. Skinner's Avatar J. Skinner

      Hmm...have you been paying any attention at all in the last decade, or longer? What a silly statement.

    3. william n Hodges's Avatar william n Hodges

      You have to be kidding. Joe Biden is accused by a woman of sniffing her hair, long-ago, and the media goes wild even though none of the many witness to the even can remember it even happened. This wild, unproven accusation almost derailed his Presidential campaign. He did not deny her access but did not want to be alone with her for 15 hours. Given her reaction I am quite sure I wouldn't either.

  1. Christian's Avatar Christian

    The Billy Graham rule protects women who might be exploited by men and also protects men from being exploited by women. Equal protections. Constitutionally, the Civil Right is Freedom of Association. You have the freedom of choice who you allow near your physical person. That should be common sense. Other's feelings and rights stop where your nose begins. One executive knowingly ALWAYS had two trusted paid body guards on duty with him in his office & NO person was permitted to get within 3 meters of the V.I.P. This protected him both from possible security risks and also protected him from any accusations. You did have to speak up a bit, not shout but speak louder for business. Thank you Billy Graham for common sense gentleman's guidlines.

    1. Emanuel Shajhef Quinton's Avatar Emanuel Shajhef Quinton

      If I ever get to that level in my life, I think that's a good idea to adopt. Body guards and a 3 meter rule. ;)

  1. Victoria Vernon's Avatar Victoria Vernon

    In the Bible it states don’t even let people get the wrong impression. It is not his rule. It is a very good rule which people can’t see through sexism and homophobia etc.

  1. Cheryl's Avatar Cheryl

    The way the world is today whether it be him or a reversed situation no he is not wrong . It's to easy for anyone to make allegations towards someone. People have lost their morals.

  1. Margaret's Avatar Margaret

    This is sexist for both the man and the women who know or work with him. It is discrimination. He should have the self-control to govern himself accordingly and be above reproach. He is denying women the chance to add their wisdom, knowledge, experience and creativity to whatever project he is undertaking. It is also anachronistic. The time for this segregating of the sexes belongs in the middle ages, not the 21st. His behavior and his attitude toward women should be enough that he can be brave enough to be in a woman's presence. Love without fear.

    1. Jedi Hatter's Avatar Jedi Hatter

      1 Not its not sexist to want to protect yourself. 2. You likely would have no issue if a women did not want to be alone with a strange man so you are very likely double standard central. 3. It prevents NOTHING because you can add things in groups. He just wont be alone. 4. You clearly have not seen the false accusations that happen and are a bully with abusive intent if you demand others compromise their personal security and comfort to live by your ideals

  1. Michelle's Avatar Michelle

    More gentleman should act as he has! It isn’t proper for unmarried individuals to be alone when it could give a perception of wrong doing. Self preservation...a true Christian...telling it like it is...

  1. James Fonzarelli's Avatar James Fonzarelli

    As a Navy Seal, husband and father of a 4 daughters, I support genuine victims of sexual harassment and violence, but unfortunately, some individuals within the #MeToo organization decided to weaponize it as a form of revenge, causing lives and careers to be permanently damaged or destroyed.

    Perhaps it's my upbringing, and I don't like to think it's unique, but I've always shown respect to everyone, especially women. I hold doors, I say, "sir and ma'am," etc...Men like to act as if they are so put out by now being forced to show women the respect they've always deserved. OMG, I can't even look at a woman anymore!

    Yes, you can, just don't be a creeper and make someone feel uncomfortable. As for this Congressman, due to the day and age we now find ourselves, I support his decision to not be alone with a female reporter 100%. As for the comment earlier in this thread that this decision to not want to be alone with a woman might infer to others that he's a closeted gay man, I can only respond with, "are you serious?!"

  1. Anthony's Avatar Anthony

    We had the same rule in the military and I retired not too long ago. Any time I had to counsel a female subordinate behind closed doors I always made sure there was another female of equal or higher rank in there. It was for the protection of everyone concerned.

  1. guidvce4's Avatar guidvce4

    Smart move by this guy. Don't give the opposition the opportunity to even think about charging him with anything due to being alone with the "reporter". Her sexual orientation has nothing to do with his personal decision. Its all about optics in politics. And leftist lies. Simple common sense, in this day and age, where allegations seem to be flying about everywhere one looks. Just the allegations are enough to sink any campaign when used by the opposition. Mr. Foster deserves to be elected MS guv. He thinks ahead and is smart to take precautions against the leftists attacks on all GOP candidates that they can conjure up.

  1. Sandra Lent's Avatar Sandra Lent

    I believe he is acting in a correct manner. I wish more people followed this example.

  1. Joe's Avatar Joe

    His policy is more of a statement. After reading these comments I would recommend two bodyguards, one male and one female all wearing body cams. You still wouldn't be safe from accusations, which are ad damaging as guilt.

  1. Bruce Ryan's Avatar Bruce Ryan

    It’s his truck and he gets to decide. I think it is his prerogative to have a chaperon. When you are a public figure I believe it is appropriate to be cautious and respectful of public perceptions. His standard is appropriate for his position. Keeping it honest and accountable.

  1. Wayne K's Avatar Wayne K

    I today's climate of left-wing false sex harassment claims against political candidates on the right, and the main stream media's left bias, one can't be too careful.

  1. Ken's Avatar Ken

    That is the best thing to do. Safety for both parties.

  1. Pastor Dave's Avatar Pastor Dave

    Smart practice. Preserves the right of protection of both parties. Like he said his truck, his rules. My question is where people imply that this means he is gay. Isn't that prejudging him? Judge not lest you be judged.

  1. Minister Shaun james's Avatar Minister Shaun james

    I agree with him, jesus says women should be silent in the church. If you follow the word of God, then women should be submissive to men. You can't pick and choose what suits you. I mean no offence to women, but God's word is the truth.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Yes, as James says, no offense to women, but know your place and be good girls and be submissive because your god has spoken.

      Well James, why am I thinking you are not going to go down as being very popular with my interpretation of your statement, which by the way, is as a misogynistic as any statement could be. Your god is very weird!


  1. Ed Young's Avatar Ed Young

    Just look at what happened to Bret Kavanaugh.The left will flat out make up lies if it will take out a Conservative.

  1. Catherine's Avatar Catherine

    I would add a rule that people should have another person in the room or truck with them so that it can be witnessed. And that way the reporters and other female workers or male can do their jobs.

  1. Monique's Avatar Monique

    If he always requires a second person present as witness, regardless if male or female he’s conservatively cautious. If he only requires a second person present if the first is a female he’s a sexist. It has nothing to do with Christianity or family values. Exactly what is the concern, optics? Then he is perpetuating sexism. Maybe this isn’t the job for him.

    1. Paul Wallace's Avatar Paul Wallace

      Agree: If it is an optics, issue it need not also be a sexist one. We are not told if he asks for a third person with every interview. I did like the fact that he was allowing for the journalist to choose her own chaperone. I think that is fair. Perhaps someone could ask him if this is his policy regardless of gender. I can only hope that it is.

    2. Jedi Hatter's Avatar Jedi Hatter

      Or maybe you are of abusive and ill intent if you demand others live by your comfort level. Bet you would be just dandy if a women refused to be alone with strange men. But hey who cares its just a dude that you can bash safely right?

  1. william n Hodges's Avatar william n Hodges

    Please give us a "Like" button similar to those on Facebook. I believe if you do you will get more responses.

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      ...and a “Not Like” button.


  1. Oh Mo's Avatar Oh Mo

    He's right - his truck so his rules. But, sweet Jesus, that is one of the dumbest rules anyone has ever made up. Not necessarily about sex with women, but is sure is sexist. People are going to perceive what they perceive - with or without dumb rules.

    He lost my vote based on the dumb rule rule.

  1. KAHass's Avatar KAHass

    Considering the hostile envIronment for folks with conservative values, I believe its a smart thing to do. Its unfortunate it has come to this in order to protect themselves.

  1. Alison H.'s Avatar Alison H.

    Let's distinguish between girls and women. Of course, he should not be alone with girls. That's called pedophilia. With women, he would be a fool to try anything sexually in the current climate of sexual assault awareness. Does he not trust himself with women? Hmm

    1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      No Alison, that’s not what pedophilia is at all, which actually covers a certain age range of both sexes, but I think I get your point.


  1. William Lloyd Ueland's Avatar William Lloyd Ueland

    Ancient customs and medieval customs always called for a second to be present from BOTH parties. In this day and age. Not a bad idea.

  1. Randy K's Avatar Randy K

    My wife and I agree that there would never be a problem with me being alone with a woman, as we absolutely trust each other! That being said, I would not feel comfortable being alone with a woman that is not my wife or daughters. ESPECIALLY in this time of the "ME TOO MOVEMENT". It is sad that it has come down to this in this day and age, however I think that asking for someone to accompany a woman with Foster as a third party observer is perfectly acceptable. It seems the reporter has tried to put her own SPIN on what was actually said by Mr. Foster. That right there is what is wrong with the SO CALLED news media.

    My wife and I applaud the decision that Mr. Foster made in regards to not being alone with a woman whom is not his wife.

  1. John Eubanks's Avatar John Eubanks

    simple CYA move smart

  1. DeLeon's Avatar DeLeon

    When will we ever grow up. I read these pages every month and find it interesting that so many of the issues and comments are terribly immature, not very well thought out, and still stuck in the dogma of old religious belief systems. For example the basis of this post is about the inability of a supposedly smart man to know how to handle himself in the presence of a woman. What is that all about? A mature man would have at least considered agreeing to the interview with the stipulation that it be with others in attendance. If the interviewer has a problem with that it's a red light don't do it. The consequence of his decision as it's being stated here is, now he has exposed him and his family to a questionable situation. Another example is the ever recurring statements from the Bible zealots commanding wives to be subject to their husbands. That is Chattel, look it up, It's about ownership of land, cattle, sons and daughters that could be traded from family to family to improve ones lot in life. Men take heed, without women there wouldn't be us. Get it! Why do men beat, batter, and kill their women and children, because they believe they own them therefore they have the right to do it. All other reasons are BS. I really do hope we can all contribute to making America great again but we need to grow up and stop the bickering first.

    1. donna guzman's Avatar donna guzman

      I'm glad to read this.. I was giving up hope for a sensible comment and sad to find that there are so many people who don't seem to realize that what he did was totally unprofessional. He'd never get my vote based on his unprofessional handling of a simple professional request. He's a 'Not ready for prime time' player.

  1. Diane Staunton's Avatar Diane Staunton

    I am a female and I completely agree with this . There are business like ways to set the rules, and without apology .

  1. Barry Zimmerman's Avatar Barry Zimmerman

    So, who's would Campbell gonna endorse for Governor, Robert Foster or Harvey Weinstein?

  1. jason scott's Avatar jason scott

    Would anyone object to their female friends wanting a chaperon? This is not a religious matter this is a matter of personal choice based upon each persons particular situation and experience. You must ask yourself when commenting on other peoples choices what would you feel like, what would you really do in their position? As long as your ( or their ) actions don't harm any reasonable minded person then it's none of anyone's business and equally you or they have the choice to interact with them or not.

    1. JC's Avatar JC

      I think it's a simple matter of protecting oneself from the legal and personal liabilities that come with false sexual harassment allegations. He doesn't want to risk his reputation, career, and family and I don't blame him for taking precautions.

  1. Alvin Cummins's Avatar Alvin Cummins

    While I believe that he has the right to conduct himself in the manner he wishes...I do not feel that it should be the case for everyone. I would rather suggest a chaperon. I think that fear and suspicion are at odds with having faith in a higher power that governs us. I believe that there's far to much fear and hate being spread about these days from the right wing as much as the left. Just my opinion.

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Sitting Alone It was not too long ago sitting with both males and females at a dinner table either as a group or two of us was not consider dangerous. At a camp site around a bonfire where I sat was not considered dangerous. Sitting next to a person being female or male was not considered dangerous. That was then, but in today's climate where who you talk too or sit next to during a dinner makes all the difference in the world. If I look cross-eye at a female I'm insulting her. If I look at her daughter I'm a dirty old man. If I say; "good morning" I'm making advances toward her. If by rare chance that daughter sits down at the same table that I'm eating at were having an affair. If any female wants to talk to me I'm required to have a least two other people within ear shot just so that neither of us say anything that would be consider improper. Out are selfies at least with me. Just in case sometime in the far future it looks as if we are having a secret affair her being younger than I and I'm taking advantage of her young age. Then you have the businessman who must think about being photograph with an employee either at the holiday party or even surrounded by hundreds of people at an airport. Cannot take the same flight with your secretary male or female since that might seem odd and something is happening between them. Bowling night has become a place where very little is said between both women and men for the fear that someone will say even not saying is consider to be insulting to the wrong person. POTUS Trump who is a lovable character has found that his treatment of women as subjects instead of having respected that his mother taught him has landed him in trouble. He now has many people around him as well as having a wire on him. He is also told to watch his facial expressions when looking at women since even a smile toward her might be threatening. Night club life has taken on a new meaning when you both sexes in a dark strobe lighted place. It was a place where one night affairs were common even if they lasted for the weekend. Today with Facebook, facial recognition a prospect from either sex can be run on a tablet. Both female and males who think that a target is their dreams can find with little effort reviews of that person's life style. Scary is it not that I can have Facebook do my work to pre check her out. But since bringing her home to meet Mother would freak her out the closest that I can get is lunch. There is that slight age difference but I must not hold that against her for I'm a very reasonable guy. Ha! Ha! There is nothing stopping her from profiling me either. Being of that older generation anything even a year younger is robbing the cradle. Today not only can I find out dozens of details about a person but it would be wise to do a background check on that persons friends as well as his/her family. A background check of the parents might show they are church going couple who have been marry for decades while it could show that they are very strange odd couple. That reflects upon their children. That potential spouse whose mate died either from old age or was push into a grave one needs to know beforehand. I can be judge, jury and the one who swing the axe all at the same time, while eating at dinner. Do they chew like a cow, eat as if they forgot how to handle a fork. Since I'm the driver I do not engage in drink, the person on the other side might pour the bottle down their throat. The manners of the person can reflect that of their parents which even at my age. So I have been accusing of looking upon a very young and I do mean young person as if they could be a soul mate of mine where we live out our lives growing old together. My replay is that since I'm nearing the end of my life cycle that dying of old age together with her at my side is a waste of her youth. Having our images together splatter across the world would put her at odds with her friends. My friends would pull me to the side and ask what drug I gave her to have her look at me let along have dinner with her. They are right, since I tell them that I'm a tourist passing her in the night as I walk on the beach seeing each other as we past. She only sees in me a free dinner at a restaurant club that she could not afford to eat in by herself. A place where single ladies do not enter alone without a male. Rules from an era when stuffy old men had a place to get away from the daily grind of work. If I bring her there again all depends on what happens at dinner. It is also a place where cell phones are shut off, selfies are never going to be snap. A place where fans of Hollywood stars are not allowed to enter or bother Hollywood stars. Something about sitting alone in a corner of the Club typing away on a tablet far away from the maddening crowd. A place that gives me peace of mind. That the only noise I hear is that of a distant siren of a street fire van. The wisp of air as a waiter passes. Secretary June 2018

  1. Jollyn's Avatar Jollyn

    Is there something in his background that would make such an allegation believable? If is he afraid he has no self control?

    1. JC's Avatar JC

      It doesn't matter because all it takes is a one false sexual harassment allegation to ruin a man's reputation, career, and even his family life. The Billy Graham rule is an excellent insurance policy against such false allegations. You seem to be under the misguided impression that an allegation has to be true in order to do damage to a man's life, career, and reputation when in fact a lie can be just as effective, and by the time the smoke clears and the truth emerges (if it does at all), it is too late because the damage to the man's reputation is done.

  1. JC's Avatar JC

    I think there is a another serious issue at play here that isn't being mentioned at all by this candidate, possibly for PR reasons. And that is the issue of false sexual harassment allegations being made by women and the careers and lives of men who are destroyed by them. This "Billy Graham rule" or "Mike Pence rule" as it is known in the MGTOW and MRA communities, is an insurance policy against such false allegations. Yes, there are men who do commit sexual harassment and they should be exposed and punished, but far too many have suffered under false or unproven allegations. Lets be honest here. All it takes to destroy a man's reputation these days is a mere allegation of sexual misconduct made by a woman, without any shred of evidence, and the guy gets fired or reprimanded and even if he is later proven innocent (which is bullshit because the burden of proof should always be on the accuser), by that time it's too late and his reputation has already been damaged. Today the standard and much touted philosophy is one of "Listen and believe" rather than "Listen and investigate". I wholeheartedly agree with the Billy Graham or Mike Pence rule.

  1. Curtis Beard's Avatar Curtis Beard

    He is smart to do so.

  1. Dennis's Avatar Dennis

    As Foster pointed out, it's the world perception to be feared in a campaign to election. And just like the game of telephone, the public here has added words of sexism, homophobia, incompetence, and more. Even the author of this article added the lesbian label to the reporter. Foster simply stated an action of common business sense. The world shown here is proving his concerns.

  1. prinks's Avatar prinks

    i applaud this decision - its wise and respectful!! but would he be alone with a male?

  1. Amber's Avatar Amber

    I would say if that is really why he's doing it then so be it. I am concerned how far that mentality does stretch though. Does it affect his work if he has to take a meeting with female? Would it mean in job interviews or in the course of hiring or in promotions that a woman might be overlooked for a man? Going that far would be detrimental to women's livelihood, especially if it becomes a regular thing.

  1. Ann Oswald Laird's Avatar Ann Oswald Laird

    The false accusations by woman to the criminal system due to an angry boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, parent...is amplified by our judicial system that is driven by a machine that is called the private prison industry. It is safe to say that there are many men who have been accused and convicted within our systems. Systems that elect and protect government officials that may and often are driven by the love of power and not by the power of love. Further, the gossip, false evidence and uninformed journalists torment individuals even beyond the experience of incarceration. The me-too movements ignites a forest fire of unjustified judgements; 'To Kill A Mockingbird" is alive and thriving in the court system of the "land of the free." So I say, let go of judgement, seek truth, vote against Private Prisons, get informed who owns private prisons, and if you are in a position of judicial power seek justice, not political gain on the backs of the innocent. Then yes maybe we can co-exist.

  1. Rick Pascal's Avatar Rick Pascal

    In response to "Does Prayer Work?" my answer is prayer can make those who do the praying feel better, possibly a little more hopeful. But prayer does not change the course of events. Things happen that are totally outside our control. People can make things happen. People may be inspired by prayer to change things. But change does not happen only because we pray for change.

  1. Guy Britten's Avatar Guy Britten

    The problem I have in reading the comments here are, no one is talking about his preventing this woman from doing her Job. She is a reporter and yes I used the term women and reporter not lesbian. Also the use of terms like pervert to describe a person that's Gay bother me as well. We of fath are supposed to love everyone I love him even though I don't agree with his Decision, I just don't have to vote for him. I Love the reporter even though i don't agree with everything she said and I love all of you whose comments I find Offensive. That is I beleave I the way of God. If we of Fath could remember to be all inclusive churches and places of worship would be packed to the rafters.

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