A child and mother embracing at the border.
Many Americans are outraged by a new policy of separating children from their parents at the border.

When it comes to the brutal task of separating immigrant parents from their terrified children, Attorney General Jeff Sessions truly believes God is on his side. The highly-controversial Trump administration policy has been condemned by people on both sides of the aisle, and many religious leaders have declared it "unchristian." But Jeff Sessions doesn't see it that way:

"I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13, to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes," Sessions told a group of law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne, Indiana last week. "Consistent and fair application of the law is in itself a good and moral thing, and that protects the weak and protects the lawful."

Immigrants in cages
A group of immigrants is held for processing in a makeshift facility as officials struggle to accommodate an influx of detainees.

Taking A Stand Against Immigration

Back in May, the Trump administration announced a new zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration, promising swift prosecution for anyone who crossed the Southern border illegally. This includes any migrants traveling with children or unaccompanied minors.

However, instead of letting children stay with their parents, immigration officials are now detaining them separately in hastily constructed facilities. Photos of immigrant children locked up in metal cages within these facilities have sparked collective outrage across the country. With each passing day, more heartbreaking details are emerging. Newly released audio tapes from within a detention center capture the cries of children desperate to see their parents:

Administration officials insist that while the policy might not be pretty, it's a necessary step in curbing illegal immigration. If families know they'll be separated, the thinking goes, they'll be far less likely to attempt a border crossing. More than 650 children were separated from their parents in May alone, according to official figures cited by the Associated Press.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Would Jesus Support Ripping Families Apart?

Many were shocked to see Jeff Sessions cite the Bible in his efforts to defend a policy that's been widely denounced as inherently immoral. What happened to the Bible's overarching messages of caring for the less fortunate and loving others despite their faults? Taking children from their mothers seemingly flies in the face of those ideals.

Furthermore, given the history of the particular passage, critics argue that any good Christian should be concerned about where things are headed. The last time Romans 13 was invoked, explains John Fea, a professor of American history at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, was "in the 1840s and 1850s by defenders of the South or defenders of slavery to ward off abolitionists who believed that slavery is wrong."

Yikes. That's not great company to hold.

Biblical Guidance

What else does the Bible have to say about immigration? According to Gabriel Salguero, president of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition: "Overwhelmingly, Scripture causes us to defend families. The Bible calls us to be pro-family, and I personally find it deeply lamentable that we are separating children from their parents at the border or anywhere."

Catholic leaders in the U.S. strongly condemned the administration's "immoral" immigration policies, with one bishop even suggesting any Catholic who aided and abetted the Justice Department would be violating their faith and should potentially be denied Communion.

In another unprecedented development, all five living first ladies - including Melania Trump - have come out against the policy. Former first lady Laura Bush even wrote a scathing op-ed opposing the administration's tactics:

What Next?

Immigration has been a hot-button issue in the U.S. for years, and countless attempts to settle on a compromise have proven fruitless. There is understandably a need for some form of border security. However, we must also have frank conversations about what it means to enforce the law and grapple with the moral questions involved.

Is it right to separate families in an effort to deter further immigration? If so is there a religious or spiritual justification for such a policy, or are its defenders just grasping at straws?

[Update 6/20]: Amid the ongoing firestorm of controversy, President Trump announced this morning that he will sign an executive order "to keep families together," though the details of the order have not yet been made clear.



  1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

    Can y'all see the horns I see on Jeff Sessions head? This is evil and brutal, to say the least. Even if his obvious misinterpretation of the bible was right using it goes against separation of church and state. Isn't it illegal for our government to use a biblical passage to justify its actions. I'm not a lawyer so I don't know that much about it, but it sure seems like it ought to be. I'm not even a democrat, but I'd vote to impeach Trump over something like this. What happened to family values? Doesn't that include all families? How can any parents, anywhere ( not counting child abusers and molesters), agree with this? Sure, it will help deter illegal immigration, but it's cruel and immoral. Besides all that that idiot St.Paul wasn't even talking about the American government. I ça'nt wait for Sessions and Trump to be separated from their families. And it will happen. What goes around comes around,every time.

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      Before this I even thought Jeff Sessions would make a good president. However, there's not a chance of me voting for him now. And I won't vote for Trump or Hillary iether.

      1. mildred's Avatar mildred

        we as being people we still have to love them put your self in there shoes

        1. Rosana Martinez's Avatar Rosana Martinez

          Just remember America was built of immigrants needing a new place to live. Just like these immigrants they

          1. Al's Avatar Al

            Many immigrants come here legally and wait in line

          2. Ben's Avatar Ben

            Then give the government of Mexico Hell as they're stricter on immigration than the U.S. is.

      2. Kenneth W Kurtz's Avatar Kenneth W Kurtz

        Your distaste for Hillary is what got us in this mess. You bought in to the lies that were repeated over and over so people began to believe them. I know she won't run again, but, she is exactly what we need to restore our place on the International Stage. She is liked and respected by most all world leaders. It would be our way of apologizing for Trump and reassuring our allies that we still stand with them over the Dictators of the world.

        1. Keith A. Eash's Avatar Keith A. Eash

          Hilary Clinton is a joke. She never would have made it to the barganing table with North Korea. Trump is amazing so far. Give him time. She is not what we need to rebuild our respect in th e world. She is just as bad as Obama with her open borders and socialist agenda. I do not know why so many of you Americans can't see past your own noses. The people who voted for Trump wanted a change. Also his policy of zero tolerance was only a ploy to get congress to act. I see you've studied no political science in your life time to see thru his political game to get donevwhat people elected him for. He may be our great white Hope which we need . Obama sure wasn't any good.

          1. Norma Battes's Avatar Norma Battes

            Fascinating perspective. Flawed, but fascinating.

          2. Marcia Lewis's Avatar Marcia Lewis

            How could one who is fair and open minded can't see the facts for what there are President Obama had common sense immigration bill in place period. Trump tell the Mexican President he should say that he was gonna pay for the wall even though he wasn't. That's a lie. We don't know what was in the letter he receive from Kim also we don't know what he promise them period. President Bush? President Obama?Let's be reasonable and call a spade a spade. I don't care who is the President none of them are perfect..Republicans and Democrats alike.but none of them them behave like this present one.Period. All the insecurities, misguided statements, I personally don't see a Republican president right now neither a Democrats..I see a confused soul need help.May God help us.

          3. Ben's Avatar Ben

            Trump and Hillary are cousins with one another and it wouldn't matter which of these ass clowns got "elected" into office or not. It would be business as usual. As for your statement about Obama - he was a puppet as they all were as well as the current commander in chief.

          4. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

            "He may be our great white hope, which we need"?????? Really, what is great white hope other than a white supremacist? Wow, take your hood and burning cross and go home.

          5. Annette's Avatar Annette

            I did study political and social sciences. Where did you study? Trump University?

          6. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Catherine, nobody who HALF supports Trump says things like “great white hope.” Only those opposed to him. Why don’t y’all stop inventing stupid crap like that?

          7. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            I just saw it. Keith DID say great white Hope. Keith, why do you have put that in there? That's just the kind of stuff the Left uses to criticize Trump.

          8. Rebecca Sandoval's Avatar Rebecca Sandoval

            Keith, I agree. Most people seem to forget these parents that bring their children to our country, do it illegally,,, not like our ancestors did... These parents are criminals and are separated from their families just like all the American citizens have to get done to them when they are arrested,,, their children are taken away from them. Also most of these parents send their children with strangers, smugglers, rapists,,, what parent would do that? These kids get raped and abused the whole way to the border, even as young as 3 yrs. They are separated from the adults to be able to check to see if they are truly the parent and who would want to give a child back to someone who claims to be the parent and who would harm them further? I live in a border state and have seen the horrors of dead children. These people who bring these kids here will just leave them in the desert to die if they can't keep up. It is disgusting. The media won't and isn't telling the truth about what really goes on. Also, many of these adults are kidnapping these kids to bring here so they will get into our country easier through "catch and release" then they dump the child off to sex traders... No one seems to care about that or will tell the American people these horrors at the borders... It's all the Dems way to get people to hate our president.. The pictures of the kids in cages were pictures from 2014 when Obama was president and he was sued over the horrible treatment of the children in those cages... look it up....... the media won't tell that truth either..... Trump is following and enforcing the laws that were passed by congress years ago. As it should be to control who is coming into our country.. You have no idea who is coming into our country we only hear about those who get caught. My step son was shot in the head by an illegal gang member,,, all over a parking spot... and there are thousands who have been separated forever from their children due to illegal aliens who live here and get away with murder, rape, and other crimes. No one wants to bring light to that or fight for the rights of our own citizens to be protected and safe in our own country. There are many horror stories the American people will never hear about, they will only hear what the media wants them to hear... The illegals need to be sent back to their own country and come back the legal way,, there are many who have been waiting for years to escape their horrors and come here legally ,,,, why should those who break our laws by sneaking over the border by given priority over those who have been waiting in line to come to America legally? That is just like spitting in their faces because they are doing everything the right way,, the legal way,,,, but no one thinks about that or any of the horrors these illegal kids go thru on the way to America,,, there needs to be deterrents to stop them from bringing kids to get into our country easier.... Trump needs to just send them all back to come in the legal way. There was a video of a child who was in foster care for 8 months and when reunited with his father, he was not happy at all,,, he didn't even smile when he saw him... so maybe some of these kids would be better off without their parents....The law is the law and if you break it,, you get arrested and are separated from your kids,,, just like all Americans have to when they are arrested and put in jail... there is no difference in the separation,,, why should the illegal aliens be treated better than our own American citizens? They should not be.

          9. hate the lier's Avatar hate the lier

            Hillary is not the President, Trump is so, put the blame where it should be, on TRUMP!

          10. Catherine Armstrong's Avatar Catherine Armstrong


        2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

          I didn't say I never voted for her, and I voted for her husband twice, despite the fact that I was a republican then too.

        3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Your effusive praise of Hillary is sycophantic, and completely false. She is NOT liked and respected by "most all world leaders." How in the Hell would you ever know if she was? Do you have intimate conversations with a lot of world leaders?

          1. Beavis Monkey's Avatar Beavis Monkey

            Even though you used some nice vocab words, you haven't made an argument stronger than the one you are trying to disprove. How do YOU know that, "She is NOT liked and respected by “most all world leaders.”? Do you think that you have weakened the opposing statement by asking ,"Do you have intimate conversations with a lot of world leaders?", Asking that question works just as well against your statement as it does to support it.

        4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Catherine, nobody who HALF supports Trump says things like "great white hope." Only those opposed to him. Why don't y'all stop inventing stupid crap like that?

          1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

            HAAAAAAm, HAAAAAA. Pathetic. Yep, that's why we see images of white people who support the monster wearing T shirts which read, Make America White Again.Trumpf is a racist, no ifs ands or buts.

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Catherine, I have never seen any photo of ANYONE wearing a tee shirt that says make America White Again.

            The only possible motivation to dress like that and allow oneself to be photographed is if you are anti-Trump and it is a false-flag propaganda move. Please post one of those pics and evidence that there are Trump supporters in those shirts.

            I think you imagined you saw those pictures because a liar told you they saw them.

          3. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

            Never seen a T-Shirt saying this? What about a billboard??? So easy to check in nowadays internet era, saying you have never seen such a thing indicates quite a bias. http://foxchattanooga.com/news/local/rick-tyler-holds-make-america-white-again-campaign-event-in-cleveland

          4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Jerry, you twit! Even a geezer like me can photoshop something and put it on facebook. How in the Hell does it indicate BIAS NOT to have seen something? I am sure I have seen things you have NOT seen. I have seen my Chinese ex-wife naked, and you (most likely) have not. DOES THAT MAKE YOU BIASED AGAINST CHINESE PEOPLE? Can you see what is wrong with your logic? Seeing something on the internet is about like seeing something in a movie. Yes. I saw men land on an earth-bound asteroid and detonate nuclear weapons to save the planet. IS THAT WHAT YOU MEAN BY SEEING SOMETHING?

          5. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

            If you think that a widely reported event is the subject of a photoshop conspiracy (least speaking of this candidate speaking publicly about it and very proud of his ad sign). But I see hat you bought the idea that all news is fake - so much for critical thinking and fact checks for the benefit of random opinion you broadcast here. I am afraid you are beyond salvaging.

          6. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Jerry, you twit! If you mean "widely reported" on CNN, I wouldn't watch CNN. If I could sit at home in my bathrobe and watch TV all day, I might have seen that stupid crap, but since I am not a hermit, I MISSED it. So much for YOUR critical thinking skills, you twit.

            How the Hell does not seeing a stupid news blurb NOT WIDELY REPORTED put anyone beyond salvaging? That is so asinine that it gives new meaning to the word asinine. Do you think the people being PITIED in this article saw that stupid news blurb? If they didn't, are they beyond salvaging? Moron. Just keep talking. The more you say, the dumber you seem.

          7. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

            John, not sure why you feel such on a high ground but you are only showing people how shallow your arguments are and how unwilling you are in fact checking (and totally unable to even read what people send you). I sent you a link to a fox (Chattanooga) report (and yes, you could find a CNN report as well on the same topic, so was the WP, WCIB and dozen more). That is what I am calling as widely reported. Rick Tyler (the candidate in question) and fact checks about him are easy to find as well (but I am sure you did not make any efforts to check, more focused on calling people names and writing every other words in caps): his own web site (http://ricktylerforcongress.com/) has the slogan "Make American White Again" with a confederate flag as site icon (if you know what that means) and other slogan. Sp, perhaps you should apply the last statement of yours to yourself?

          8. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Jerry, again the twit. What could be more shallow than accusing someone of bias for not seeing something that they didn't see? You fail to address the irrationality of your own comments but put your warped vision of things on my comments. I told you I would not look at CNN.

            I cannot open the link you posted on the company computer I use for this blog because of security protocols. If I WANTED to see it, I could copy the link into my cell phone and open it there, but I don't really care.

            If you say there is a dude saying the stuff you are saying, I'll go along with that, but you are illogical to speak ill of me just because I have not seen the page you mention.

            The confederate flag is not any more racist than the Mexican flag or the Jamaican flag, or the Iranian flag, regardless of what the political left says.

            As far as Rick Tyler is concerned, I do not much concern myself with Tennessee politics, so I wouldn't be following any Tennessee news unless there is some great disaster. I will never be made to feel ashamed of being white or guilty for being white, but if he is so stupid as to say things like make America White Again, he is doing no favor for white people or anyone else. I don't know why you find that irredeemable in me, but you are sadly, sadly mistaken. I don't need you to redeem me. I don't think redemption is your forte.

            Posting a link that I have not seen does not mean your IQ is greater than mine or anyone else's. Just saying. If it did, you'd be a real sure-enough genius.

          9. Raymond Lavallee's Avatar Raymond Lavallee

            John Owens, I would like to point out how weakly you presented yourself against Jerry:

            You challenged a post by saying, "I have never seen ..." which carries no weight at all! (For example, if I say "I have never seen John Owens" , is that proof you don't exist?) You then ask for evidence, and say that you "think" statements made in the post were imaginary and the result of a conversation that you speculate took place with some theoretical liar.

            So then Jerry obliges your request by providing a link to video from a news broadcast, thereby pulling the rug out from under your "I have never seen ..." argument. But the part I find absolutely priceless is how you squash the evidence presented in the link by saying, " I cannot open the link you posted on the company computer..."

            Also, let me commend you on the way you build a compelling argument using insults. Very persuasive, Mr. Owens, very persuasive indeed!

        5. hate the lier's Avatar hate the lier

          Hey Rebecca, study American history. The Europeans came here and slaughtered the Native Americans and took the land. That sounds like legal immigration to me. Look up the trail of tears and talk to me later.

      3. Rick Pascal's Avatar Rick Pascal

        Jeff Sessions is the quintessential jerk

      4. Keith A. Eash's Avatar Keith A. Eash

        So quit complaining.

      5. hate the lier's Avatar hate the lier

        Hillary who? This is about TRUMP and only TRUMP! Every time you guys want to say anything bad about Trump you have to bring up Hillary. It's not about Hillary.

    2. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

      Separating children is immoral, whatever the bible says!

      1. Thomas F Gibson's Avatar Thomas F Gibson

        One salient reason for receiving a college education is to learn critical thinking. Ask yourself, what is this in and of itself? Why are these children suddenly appearing at our borders? The children are being used as a fulcrum by their parents in an attempt to gain entry into our country. That is morally wrong!

        Yes, I feel for the children, but what would you have the border crossing authorities do? Welcome them with open arms? We must protect our borders. Do you not lock your doors at night to prevent unauthorized entry into your home?

        Stop knee-jerking reactions and begin to critically think!!

        1. Ricardo Camara's Avatar Ricardo Camara

          Right on!

          1. mildred's Avatar mildred

            you would want some one to welcome you would you? just saying

          2. Ricardo Camara's Avatar Ricardo Camara

            Yea, of course. When I break into Thomas's home I hope he'll welcome me.

        2. Gary's Avatar Gary

          Mr. Gibson, have you ever been to Guatemala, Honduras or El Salvador? You have no idea what you are speaking about. The primary purpose in these parents bringing their children on a 2000 mile journey is a last ditch attempt to save them! Many of these parents and children are living in desperate poverty and the target of recruitment for gangs and drug cartels. These groups collect 'tribute' money much as the Mafia did here. I have a son working in Guatemala with these young children. There is no reason why the children cannot be kept with the parents. The parents are being charged with a misdemeanor and sent back. As a Christian, I look to Jesus to set examples. Some how, I don't think he would be putting the children in cages without their parents.

          1. Courtney's Avatar Courtney

            Thank you for sharing this insight; I too have worked with children and families fleeing horrors we cannot imagine. To suggest that these families are simply "using" their children to gain entry to the US is a hollow and uninformed opinion likely based in fear. I used to host trips into Mexico so American business people could understand the how and why of immigration; legal or otherwise. No one came back unchanged in heart.

          2. Annette's Avatar Annette

            I agree,people who have no experience and chooses not to be informed to the grave circumstances that bring families to our boarders,and then think they should be turned away or locked up separated from their children.We as a country are in violation of UN Human rights.Our country is in grave danger with the policies coming out of the trump White House.Wake up America,our moral standing on the world stage is crumbling.

          3. Cynthia Stumborg's Avatar Cynthia Stumborg

            I agree. What would Jesus say and do for the sake of the children and families who are seeking better for themselves?. The Mexican's live in a drug and gang threat...much like the American's, Canadian's and pretty well every country on Earth. Where there are drug lords there is lack of government control, the mafia basically rules wherever it wants . Life threatening situations where people who are immediately affected are looking for a safe place. Those who choose not to seek help choose to continue to be part of the problem. The Bible has been used to back up many uncivilized social issues and often it is not following Jesus' teachings. Jesus teachings bring us tthe Golden Rule to encourage more unity , peace and harmony into our world. Jesus' teachings were given to this world to support the minorities who He knew were suffering abuse from society and government control which is not in accordance with the common good of all people.

          4. George's Avatar George

            To excape the horrific life style of any country doesn't necessarily mean they have to enter the US since they're already in Mexico. Why not stop there?

            The only reason is to be caught and then released into our country with a court date to appear which they seldom do. Some than get married and have 'anchor' children. Besides the costs are staggering, in support, crime, flooding the work place with cheap labor, and being able to vote illegally.

            It's not all Trump's fault yet his administration is catching all the heat. Why won't the Democrats meet with Congress and work out a final solution (what Trump has asked for since taking office)9* instead of saying Trump can stop it right now with his pen. In other words the democratic party has found a method to negate Trump's programs on immigtation requirememts while yelling, fix the problem. You can do it on your own. It needs to be fixed but we refuse to help in any way to make you look bad.

            The Democrats don't want any form of border restrictions like a wall. Which in my opinion is the worst theory out there.

            All this so the Democrats can try to pull off a political coup.

          5. JEFF L BROWN's Avatar JEFF L BROWN

            Regardless of where you come from. We can not save them all. We live in perhaps the best and freest country in the world. Once we just open our doors (boarders) you can kiss all that goodbye. This world is messed up and millions of people are in some really bad living situations. Religious or not we can't save them all nor should we be trying too. We are a super power in the world yet we have tons of problems of our own. Yes just as bad as some of these countries. We are so very privileged to live in such a great nation of people. But we must not over look the bigger picture because of how we feel. Can you just imagen increasing our population by lets just say 80 million putting us at 400 million. Do you think we can sustain it?? Just think of how much it cost us? 35K a head estimated. With oddimation rising, low skilled workers are not going to be working for much longer. Just look at trucking jobs. With the debt rising insanely fast there is no amount of job placement of illegal and legals going to protect us from a colapus in our economy. And then what.....? What really needs to happen is we need to lower our standards of living and stop wasting and consuming so darn much. And STOP depending on our government to support us! Take responsibility for your own actions. Stop complaining and get out their and do something. By the way what do we do with 10's of thousands of people pouring into this country that do speak the native tongue or know our values if we even have those anymore? It sucks people are suffering all over the world but we can't protect them all when we can't even protect our own.

          6. Konnie's Avatar Konnie

            Well stated. And because the drug gang/cartel violence in Mexico & these Central American countries is fueled by the large quantities of drugs consumed by U.S. Citizens THEN WE (USA) HAVE AN OBLIGATION TO HELP THEM.

          7. piewackit2002's Avatar piewackit2002

            We can't take half the worlds population because of violence and unrest in other countries.

          8. Minister Thomas's Avatar Minister Thomas

            Mr. Sessions has clearly taken the Bible out of context, which would not be the 1st time a human being has twisted the word of GOD in order to promote his/her own personal, jaded opinions. I've come to expect this. Laws are to be respected, we can all agree. However, we must look at each situation with a level of humanity and responsibility to, if nothing else, protect the innocent bystanders involved. These human beings commit no felony by coming here illegally. They do not all fit in 1 box , labeled ''this & that"...as this administration has clearly done. Let's not forget our history & the selling off of family members hundreds of years ago during slavery. Mother's sold separately from their children & their mates. A complete breakdown of the family unit while enslaved. The US has a sadistic history of treating CERTAIN cultures as if they are less than human. No surprise to me that this government & current leader would stoop to such lows. GOD will prevail...as he already has. An emergency order to end child separation at the border was JUST signed minutes ago. Still so much work to be done!

          9. Rev Warner's Avatar Rev Warner


          10. Al's Avatar Al

            They have a choice, try to sneak in,if they get caught they get separated from their children till they go back or stay in their country. I hate to be mean but what can we due take every one. Many people apply and get turn down but they wait. I've had relatives who were turn down and did not get to come here. Is it fair for them

        3. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

          Ask the meaning of the Indians. Who crossed their borders?

          1. Ben's Avatar Ben

            it's not like they had any concept of land ownership or any workable civilization. most were just went around killing and maiming one another. they weren't a united people so how exactly were they invaded? there were people here before them that their ancestors "stole" the land from as well. it's not like anyone cares that the indigenous europeans are currently being ethnically replaced in their ancestral homes. nope.

          2. We are all Homo sapiens, if we are human...'s Avatar We are all Homo sapiens, if we are human...

            Wow Ben, that is an interesting thought. Rationalizing the evil Humans do to other Humans. I guess two wrongs make a right? Why not, two negatives can make a positive (when multiplying).

          3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Nobody told the Indians they could have the land, either, Prof. And they killed and stole from one another for millennia, too, so just because they lost to the settlers does not mean they were more noble.

        4. ERIC B's Avatar ERIC B

          I hope God forgives you for your evil biased. Keep telling yourself that this is somehow justified. Jesus Christ would only make his table longer and not the walls to his diner taller.

          1. George's Avatar George

            How long do you make the table, get more people to maintain the table and when dinner is over do you build more beds, get more blankets, when your guests tell you their tired. If one of your many guest get sick do you send them to a doctor then pay their bills for any medications required.

            When you run out of room do you build additions to your house? When you run out of land to expand your home do you take your neighbor's property even if force required?

            What happens if one of your unknown guest steals from you or purposely harms one your guest is found guilty of a crime and is sentenced to prison; are you going to hide the person in your newly created santuary home?

            Or are you going to create your own judicial system complete with your own jail complete with guards?

            If not and the person is sent to prison are you going to allow the child to live in jail with their mother? If not are you going to adopt the poor wailing child or perhaps turn the child loose on your streets to be accosted by very bad individual regardless if they claim to be relatives of the child?

            I could continue this method of thinking for quite awhile.

            I hope you're very wealthy and have a lot of energy to be able to afford all of your good will.

            Once again, it's easy to complain, yell, shout, and condemn the actions of others. The difficult part is to offer an intelligent solution regarding what your complaining about.

          2. sandy robe's Avatar sandy robe

            i would say americas table is pretty big and dinner is a lot easier when everyone pitches in when its time to wash up

        5. Lee Fuller's Avatar Lee Fuller

          I am in agreement about securing out borders. This calling out Sessions for separating parents from their children isn't anything new, it happens every day to american citizens that have gotten arrested and put in jail, nobody says anything about those mothers that have been separated from their children.

          1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

            It's usually only true criminals who are going to jail. By far most criminals are bad people and aren't a good influence on children. People whose only crime is crossing a border to provide a better home and life for themselves and their families are not criminals, and are by far mostly good, loving people just like most Americans, and don't deserve to have their families torn apart. Even if the separations are temporary they will have traumatic affects on these peoples minds that last a lifetime, for which each and every one of these families should sue the American government,and win!

          2. CEF0315's Avatar CEF0315

            Carl, a crime is a crime. "True criminals" get more time than those who have committed lesser crimes. "People whose only CRIME is crossing a border to provide a better home and life for themselves and their families are not CRIMINALS" If the committed a crime they are criminals. Lee is correct, parents who are put in prison for criminal activity have their children put into Foster Care. If it's a policy for citizens it will be a policy for migrants legal or not.

          3. Al's Avatar Al

            They are taking a chance if they don't get caught they will not be separated

          4. Al's Avatar Al

            Crossing the border without a visa is against the laws of our country this makes them a criminal. Really what about all the people who wait years to come here

        6. Michael's Avatar Michael

          I do not know the internal thinking of the people that are showing up at our borders b/c I am not God. Thomas presents a false choice here. There is an absolute. That is do not cage innocent children, full stop. You are torturing God's most precious gifts. As Fr. James Martin explains, " Jesus doesn't say help the stranger only if there's no risk to you. Or help the stranger only if it's convenient...In the Gospel of Matthew, for example, Jesus says that we should treat the stranger as if he were him. 'I was a stranger and you did not welcome me,' Jesus says to those who are unwilling to do so. This saying comes when he is speaking about how we will all be judged at the end of time. By the way, the passage is sometimes referred to as the 'Judgment of Nations.' He's not speaking simply about individuals, but, yes, about nations."

          1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

            Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me.

          2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

            Even if such screwed up laws make them criminals they still aren't bad people, and shouldn't be treated as such. Some of our lawmakers need a hard, swift kick where the sun don't shine.

        7. Stephen Hunt's Avatar Stephen Hunt

          Praying for you and others who also have such evil thoughts.

          God bless you.

          1. George's Avatar George

            If your spouse and son are drowning and you can only save one of them do I pray for your evil thoughts when you realize one must perish? Or do I pray for your evil thoughts because you let one of them perish as you must have favored one over the other when your suppose to love all the same? Regardless you allowed a person to die.

          2. Kirk's Avatar Kirk

            Stephen an some others seem to think they can judge people as evil just because of a difference in opinion. You apparently don’t know what evil is and don’t know what the Bible says about judging others.

        8. Maclovio Archuleta's Avatar Maclovio Archuleta

          Clearly a college education hasn't taught you anything about being a human being. What you define as "critical thinking" is poorly thought out. These people are fleeing corruption, murder, rape and slavery. Give us your tired, your poor, you huddled masses yearning to be free. If you aren't man enough to live up to those words then perhaps you're the one we ought to deport.

          1. Kelly Douglass's Avatar Kelly Douglass

            Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free! Those words mean nothing now. How very sad

          2. Kenneth W Kurtz's Avatar Kenneth W Kurtz

            So many people here think that immigrants just take from our society. That is so wrong. They work hard and long, they pay taxes (and if they are illegal with no tax refunds). Our crops would rot in the fields if it were not for the migrant workers and illegals. Without them your life would be miserable, and far more expensive. We can house as many as God wishes to give us.

        9. David King's Avatar David King

          They are coming here to escape violent and dangerous conditions, looking for asylum. Not as "fulcrums". We csn protect our borders and still be moral, loving and compassionate. Illegal immigration has fallen dramatically over the last 20yrs, despite the lies coming from Trump and the GOP to fuel their racist base.

        10. Gary's Avatar Gary

          Fear,fear, fear and more fear. “Protect the bordet” from children? I don’t lock my doors. I am not afraid. What is to fear? Someone might take stuff? We need to protect ourselves from this authoritarian regime that has a stranglehold on our government. Life is not black or white. Zero tolerance is fascism. Love thy neighbor.

          1. CEF0315's Avatar CEF0315

            Lies, you definitely lock your doors at night. Post your address on here if you have no fear. Let someone test your faith in humanity. Lol

        11. Rev. Rene's Avatar Rev. Rene

          Three things: first of all, Illegal immigration into the USA was at an all-time low last year BT. (Before Trump) Second, these people are fleeing a war and gang ravaged existence in their home country, and while there is the real threat of the Salvadoran gang in the US, almost all are bona fide refugees! Third, the response is not because of border concerns but a BLACKMAIL strategy by Pres, Trump and minions. Let's call a spade a spade, shall we! This is a boldface blackmail with people's lives in the balance in order to force his stupid 3rd century agenda, no wall in this century has been effective!

          1. Rev. Rene's Avatar Rev. Rene

            And I just remembered to add a fourth thought: Is America now cultivating more anti-USA feelings, where do you think the next generation of terrorists will come from???

          2. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

            First of all while illegal immigration may have been at an all-time low last year that does not make it BT (Before Trump) since he has been in office for eighteen months, ie a year and a half. That was before the economy started growing again with less regulations strangling it and the tax cuts. With the lowest unemployment rate in over a decade and the highest small business, consumer confidence in 18 (?) years the economy is booming. So yes more people are trying to get here illegally to get in on the good times. Second if these people are truly fleeing a war why not stop in Mexico? Is that country also having a war, because if so then maybe we need to shut down the ports of entry. Indeed bona fide refugees would come in at ports of entry where their children would not be separated from them. Third you say no wall in this century has been effective but what about Vatican City? Has that wall fallen to the ravages of time? While walls may not be 100% effective (and what built by imperfect man ever is) the vast majority of the world's population has not abandoned their use for homes, hospitals, businesses, schools, and prisons. If you do not like what the law does, don't complain about those who enforce the law, GET THE LAW CHANGED!

        12. piewackit2002's Avatar piewackit2002

          Thank you for posting this!!!

        13. Kenneth W Kurtz's Avatar Kenneth W Kurtz

          So make it easier for our neighbors to be invited to our table. WWJD?

        14. flugo's Avatar flugo

          Right on! Jeff Sessions correctly used God's Word to fortify the border agents' actions. It's a crime to illegally enter the US. Offenders suffer consequences, as do often their families. Don't like the consequences . . . don't offend!

          1. Norma Battes's Avatar Norma Battes

            bob fluetsch June 20, 2018 at 4:00 pm " Don’t like the consequences . . . don’t offend!

            Any Word from God on the treatment of Mr. Warmbier for the theft of government property of North Korea? A mommy would like to know.

        15. The Rev. Brother Robert Barker's Avatar The Rev. Brother Robert Barker

          Trumpists hate the little children; All the children 'cept the white. Red, yellow, black, and brown; They are vile in their sight. Trumpists hate the colored children of the world.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Go stick your head back up your backside. That is pure hate and prejudice coming from your keyboard.

        16. Norma Battes's Avatar Norma Battes

          Thomas F Gibson June 20, 2018 at 4:52 am " The children are being used as a fulcrum by their parents in an attempt to gain entry into our country. "

          Let me understand Mr. Gibson, you think those parents are using their children as pawns for sympathy in the hopes of entering the US. Are you a parent? Or more correctly, what would your life be like for you (not your children), that you would use them to curry favor from a foreign government for your personal benefit? Would you fear MS13, or some drug cartel? Or how about government persecution, or maybe ethnic or religious condemnation? What would it take to even think to barter off your own flesh and blood, and then to actually do this reprehensible "morally wrong" act?

          So you sir are the critical thinker. What do the authorities do? Welcome them with open arms your sarcasm suggests? Critical thinking took you to that end did it? I assume you have your higher education, what then does your moral righteousness tell the country to do with these children? Before you answer, a cautionary word to the wise, one fool believed he could raffle off every one of their lives to the highest bidder for a construction project. And today to save face, to salvage his wretched pathetic pride he rescinded the very hate he himself instituted upon them. The monster then cast the blame on everyone else. Step lightly sir.

        17. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

          Yes, I guess it's time to have the security system set at night just in case one of those brown-skinned toddlers tries to break into my house.

        18. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

          Spot on! The problem is that either side has crucial thinking...Its the same old way..me..me..me..

      2. Singleton J. Ann's Avatar Singleton J. Ann

        Sessions needs to read the rest of the chapter.

      3. Wilberta Berry's Avatar Wilberta Berry

        Absolutely, although the bible does not say separate children from their parents. Plus their is a major difference in seeking asylum as these people are and sneaking across the border. Which still wouldn't justify stealing their children.

      4. Pastor Jackie's Avatar Pastor Jackie

        It is so disheartening to me to see this way of thinking from anyone calling themselves a Christian. Those who need to walk with the Divine see these types of people and see Christianity as immoral, hateful, and distasteful and miss the message that God is love.

      5. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        I agree. Let all those smugglers keep those children.

      6. Rebecca Sandoval's Avatar Rebecca Sandoval

        So separating children is immoral Professor Albert? So we should let all the criminals and those who are arrested be let out of jail because they have children? You break the law, get arrested, go to jail,, your children are placed in foster care or with a relative until you are free. That is what happens everyday here to American citizens..... it has been happening for years to those who break our law by crossing the border illegally...No all those kids at the border are taken away,,, only those who crossed the border illegally,,,, which the mainstream media does not and won't show those who watch them.

        1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

          As I already said: end of discussion!

    3. jimmy r dixon's Avatar jimmy r dixon

      Carl the quickest answer to this problem is to not forget that these people broke the law first by crossing the border. so we are dealing with law breakers. why cross illegally and not fill out the immigration application for citizenship later? As far as family values this problem started several administrations ago and we allowed it to happen and called it a culture change. Now after allowing these problem to almost reach critical mass extreme measures perhaps are the only way to get the message across. of course someone will get hurt, but where we are failing is to let politics come into the solution. If America believes in the Bible as the word of God then we should not culturally change the meaning every new generation. The bottom line is don't use the Bible when it serves our purpose and then fail to live by it. I left the Democratic party for Biblical reasons that politics see the Bible as anti to progress and getting along in a political sense. I do not believe in this type of hyporocacy.

      1. mildred's Avatar mildred

        some of us broke the law every day we lie we steal we cheat

        1. George's Avatar George

          What would happen if you were caught, found guilty, put in jail?

          What would happen to your child if you're a single mother? Do you think your child would have a bed next to your own? I think not.

      2. patrickacareysr's Avatar patrickacareysr

        President Clinton passed the law that started this in 1996, President Obama was aware of it and did nothing during the 8 years of his time in the WH, yet President Trump is the devil in these details?

        These kids are being used by their parents and the Democratic Party as cannon fodder. The kids would be safer if they were not brought to the border in the first place - blame the parents who are placing them in danger, and the politicians who are buying votes with their lives.

        1. David King's Avatar David King

          Trump's "zero tolerance"policy is causing the separation. He can end it by revoking it himself. Instead he feigns compassion, of which he has none, then lies blaming Democrats and lies saying the only way to stop it is thru legislation. The man has no morals.

          1. CEF0315's Avatar CEF0315

            Legislative branch passes laws not the Executive branch.

        2. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

          What? President Clinton passed which law exactly? Please check your facts and history instead of putting blame on others. The policy to separate parents and children is new and was instituted on 4/6/2018. It was the “brainchild” of John Kelly and Stephen Miller to serve as a deterrent for undocumented immigration, and some allege to be used as a bargaining chip. The policy was approved by Trump, and adopted by Sessions. So yes, they are the devil of the story as no administration before passed that policy EVER!. Prior administrations detained migrant families, but didn’t have a practice of forcibly separating parents from their children unless the adults were deemed unfit. Most of the parents who have been impacted by Trump's "zero tolerance" policy have presented themselves as political asylum-seekers at a U.S. port-of-entry, from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras (not people sneaking through the border). Rather than processing their claims, they have been taken into custody on the spot and had their children ripped from their arms. The ACLU alleges that this practice violates the US Asylum Act, and the UN asserts that it violates the UN Treaty on the State of Refugees, one of the few treaties the US has ratified. The myth this was created by Clinton stems from the passage of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, which were both passed under Clinton in 1996. These laws essentially made unauthorized entry into the US a crime (a misdemeanor for first-time offenders as a side note, hence processing and filing). Under both Republicans and Democrats, these cases were handled through civil deportation proceedings, not a criminal proceeding, which did not require separation. The Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 does NOT cover or act upon asylum-seekers (the new policy signed by DJT is used broadly to cover all cases). Asylum seekers would of course come with their children they seek to protect from harm back in the country they just fled from.

          Leadership is to assume responsibilities, not to cast blame on others when things are not going the way you thought it would. This policy created much distraught and caused to break apart families and, even with 1/2 a heart, it is very hard to defend such position.

    4. James Grainger's Avatar James Grainger

      I still find it hard to understand why the Republican Party is still supporting this President. I don't believe he has gone one day without telling a lie or half truth. And the WH staff is jumping through hoops to make the lies sound like the truth. He has embarrassed the US and affronted our allies to the point it will take decades to fix.

      1. Richard D Behrent's Avatar Richard D Behrent

        This has been going on since the Clinton administration. Why now do people make it trump's fault when Obama was guilty of the same infraction?

      2. George's Avatar George

        I agree alot of the things Trump says may be lies and half truths. Buy what do you mean by your lack of understanding why the Republicans are letting Trump remain as our president? Are you inferring that Trump hasn't done anything positive since being in office?

        Just thinking out loud.

    5. Jerry G Fallin's Avatar Jerry G Fallin

      While I can see that people want to come to America and bring their kids, there are legal ways to do so. Swimming a river or climbing a fence is NOT the correct way to enter the US and any parent that endangers a child by doing so should not be rewarded with a free pass. The parent will now possibly consider the additional problem of illegally trying to enter and try the correct route or not come at all. It also seems that “many” people circumvented the US entry rules by bringing their children. In the past, a parent with a child, was given that free pass and released with the child. Often times they were told to show up for court, many months later. How many just disappeared into America, only to be found years later or not at all. Others entered the US by bringing skills, money, purchasing a business, later bringing families, the correct way. Separating the parents from the kids NOW, will perhaps deter some from attempting the dangerous routes often taken by people trying to enter illegally. If this is what it takes to slow down crime and illegal entry, I believe it should continue, otherwise, let’s just throw out all laws and open the border to anyone, all without knowing who is coming here simply for work, or to commit crimes. What is the purpose of having any laws if you are going to selectively enforce only the laws you like. Where do we go next? And Trump? He is doing a super tuff job and being sabotaged at every turn. It seems he can do NOTHING right 'cause someone is unhappy. Cry all you want but he is doing the job I hired him to do and I will support him again. Imagine if Killery would have been elected? At least with Trump, America now has a fighting chance to recover from Obummer.

      1. Katey Lynn Caballos's Avatar Katey Lynn Caballos

        THANK YOU!

      2. flugo's Avatar flugo


      3. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

        Well said..Thank you

      4. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

        Incredible lack of understanding the situation some of those political asylum seekers are going through. An even more amazing rhetoric that forgets the law is circumvented by not processing people at the border (it is the law of the land as well as international law) but separating children from parents right away. Fighting chance? How many illegal immigrant are really committing crimes? In percentage, far less than born American - solve your internal problems first, don't point at people in distress as scapegoats. This is terrible.

    6. OMG's Avatar OMG

      Wow! The headline Sessions quote is shamefully misquoted, why? It gets your blood boiling as it should, if it were true. We are being used and manipulated as are those children. It’s all shameful. Listen to the entire Speech. https://youtu.be/iqp1fUdf8H8?t=2m55s But I know you probably won’t. It may and may not change your mind, depends on your honesty. Where was all the outrage in 2014? It was in the news then too. Political BIAS at the expense of children is shameful.

    7. Dragon Priest's Avatar Dragon Priest

      The DEVIL has come to America quoting bible verses holding a cross and all wrapped up in the flag. Despicable, dehumanizing and mean spirited.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Sí, la bandera mejicana. Se llama la Raza.

      2. Larry's Avatar Larry


        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          El gobierno del diablo fue lo que experimentamos durante la última presidencia.

    8. Monica M Creel's Avatar Monica M Creel

      The mistreatment of children and their families at the border is ungodly, subhuman and unnecessary. As Americans, we know better and need to call on our church leaders, community leaders and elected officials to take a stance on the issue and do whatever can be done to rectify, reunite and end these practices. All children deserve love and protection.

      1. Jim's Avatar Jim

        Did you do that in 2014 Monica. Did you call upon your church leaders and community leaders and elected Officials Then when it happened. How about 2010?

    9. Russell Boyd's Avatar Russell Boyd

      The Bible says obey the laws of the land they are coming here illegally so lock up the parents and take away the kids if you got locked up your kids would be taken away not put in jail with you

      1. flugo's Avatar flugo

        Right on!

      2. Rev. John D. Partin's Avatar Rev. John D. Partin

        Russell Boyd, conscience and common sense don't say to just blindly obey and go along with all laws of any country, no matter what, because the laws of the land of Nazi Germany were rounding up all Jews and other "inferior" people and "enemies of the state" and putting them in concentration camps. And it was immoral for any people to just go along with those laws and obey and support them. We didn't let the Nazi war criminals off the hook because of their excuse that they "were just following orders and the laws of Nazi Germany". It is also immoral for us to just go along with and obey cruel laws against immigrants fleeing from gangs and violence and turn our backs on them, not being our brothers' keepers.

    10. JD LaCombe's Avatar JD LaCombe

      Most of the pics we see are from several years ago when it was happening under other Presidents.Trump is doing his job just like the others but the media doesn’t like him.So why is everyone jumping to hang him .How come no one is jumping up and down to hang the parents of the children.You know the ones who love their kids so much they in danger their kids life,put their kids in danger to be separated from each other.So these parents don’t take care of their kids but Trump is the bad guy.American parents break the law get separated from their kids and no one bats an eye.Follow the media and drown. Learn to read ,dig for the truth.Its amazing the lies people follow and repeat then claim innocence .

    11. rappleyeblog's Avatar rappleyeblog

      It saddens me greatly to see our country/democracy torn apart by such diverse views, especially when they include so much hypocrisy from so called religious leaders. Are we our brothers keeper or not?

      It's values that have made America great. Military and economics have been a factor, but it's our values (love, kindness, caring) that have carried the day.

      In my opinion, it's not about Democrats vs Republicans, it's about money/politics/power of the few versus the principles of democracy for the many/country.

      Can anyone really believe that the current values being exhibited will make America great?

    12. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

      No it does not violate the so-called separation of church and state. The prohibition is against the government establishing a religion, not quoting from one. For example, Obama tried to establish a religion called man-made global warming and that is against the US Constitution. Yes mankind does contribute to the problem but everything that controlled the climate for the first 4 1/2 billion years before mankind existed is still in operation. Interesting that you would vote to impeach President Trump for complying with the Oath of Office and the US Constitution which requires the president to enforce the laws of the country. By the way, it does not say only those laws that are kind or only those laws everyone agrees with. We have heard it from Justice Gorsuch during his confirmation hearings in the Senate, we have heard it from Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and we have heard it from President Trump. IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT THE LAW DOES, CHANGE THE LAW! Is it not cruel and immoral to rip babies out of the womb? Does not the Bible claim "God said I knew you in the womb"? Leaving abortion aside was it not cruel and immoral to allow an illegal alien to rip Kate Steinle from her family? What about all the other innocent kids killed by illegal aliens, are they not also covered in "family values"?

    13. cbcuff's Avatar cbcuff

      Well put. A few years back we all thought George Bush #2 was the Axis of Evil, but soon discovered that he was in fact simply a Moron, so the name stuck. Sessions would in any other 'developed' country be removed from office and likely go straight to jail for such hateful statements. At the very least he should be removed immediately and confined for a psychiatric assessment. He is obviously more unstable than his boss, the current most despised politician on the planet.

    14. Jonna's Avatar Jonna

      This is NOT Auschwitz!!! This is exactly what happened there! These aren't dangerous animals, they are scared and confused children!!!! What's next?? Gas chambers? Starvation? Lining them up and shooting them so mom and dad clearly get whatever message these monsters are trying to convey?? I'm sure that God has nothing to do with this..and you're right, Carl..it IS cruel and immoral,,and since some of us are digging around in the Bible, I can't remember which part of Revelations it is, but..it is said that: The Anti-Christ Will Be Of European Descent..as far as I'm concerned, you don't get any more European than Trump..sit and think on THAT for a bit.

      1. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

        You are right that this in NOT Auschwitz because no one was illegally crossing the border into Auschwitz. The children are being taken care of to the tune of 30,000 PLUS dollars per child. We have 13 million children in America living below the poverty line of 24,000. So these kids of criminals are being treated better than citizens. And no it does not say that the Anti-Christ will be of European descent. What it says is that the antichrist will be "of the peoples who destroy the temple". What is it that was a common occurrence while Obama was in office - the videos of Muslims destroying temples in every area they conquered.

    15. piewackit2002's Avatar piewackit2002

      What would you suggest? Come on now, be pro-active...should we have no borders? Should we just let people in by the thousands and do nothing? Can we do things a little differently, yes. However, the adults entering illegally bare some responsibility also. Many knew what was going to happen when they entered the country...word on their 'vine' travels fast.

    16. H. I. Storian's Avatar H. I. Storian

      For a policy that started under Bush, continued under Obama, (not to mention a do-nothing Congress), your ignorance is astounding.

  1. Frank Villari's Avatar Frank Villari

    Laura Bush is right, it breaks my heart as well. Unfortunately it is the law of the land and we must give unto Caesar that which is his I compliance with the laws. I am as concerned, at this point, with where all this outrage was during her husband's administration, as well as the Obama administration. Silence. Nada. Unlike the senate of Rome, however, we have the ability to press our senators to the will of the people and, as such, those very people have a say in changing the laws which we must obey. Recently, the Secretary of Homeland Security made a very valid point: What good does it do for Congress to enact rules, laws, and policies if they're going to demand those who enforce them to ignore them? This is not what we pay Congress for. We pay them to do their job and, with children at risk, they should do their job regardless of the cost to their precious party.

    1. Cherry's Avatar Cherry

      It's not a law, Frank. No where in the law does it call for this. This is the agenda of Sessions and Trump 100%. So cut the crap because even if it was a law, you know it is wrong and immoral and if we are going to pull the f*!<ing Bible into it, check out these verses: Isiah 10:1 "1Woe to those who enact unjust statutes and issue oppressive decrees, 2to deprive the poor of fair treatment and withhold justice from the oppressed..." Leviticus 19:33-34 ESV / 10,529 helpful votes “When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God. " Jeremiah 7:5-7 ESV / 3,299 helpful votes “For if you truly amend your ways and your deeds, if you truly execute justice one with another, if you do not oppress the sojourner, the fatherless, or the widow, or shed innocent blood in this place, and if you do not go after other gods to your own harm, then I will let you dwell in this place, in the land that I gave of old to your fathers forever. Leviticus 24:22 ESV / 2,288 helpful votes You shall have the same rule for the sojourner and for the native, for I am the Lord your God.”

      BUT, the Bible is full of crap so that shouldn't be the standard by which we judge things, but it is interesting to see that Sessions's agenda is indefensible even by his own standards. Keep in mind the Bible also says this: Ezekiel 23:20: "There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses," sooooooo, yeah.

      1. Phil's Avatar Phil

        ...this is an old Obama administration 2013-policy-turned-2015-law... So judge not lest ye be judged and found wanting, jerkoff.

        1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach


      2. John P.'s Avatar John P.

        excuse me, but Obama did the exact same thing. Remeber the first picture if kids sleeping in cages like dogs, tjat was in 2014 under Obama. So please give us a solution, what is it? 10,000 kids where abandoned by gang members or child traffickers at the border, 10,000. the other 2000 have been taken from adults until it can be peoven they are really theirs. Lets remeber these people broke the law. Give a solution. Funny also how this breaks right after President Trump holds his summit with the NOKO leader.

        1. Mark's Avatar Mark

          Get your facts straight!

          Obama policy Immigration experts we spoke to said Obama-era policies did lead to some family separations, but only relatively rarely, and nowhere near the rate of the Trump administration. (A Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman said the Obama administration did not count the number of families separated at the border.)

          "Obama generally refrained from prosecution in cases involving adults who crossed the border with their kids," said Peter Margulies, an immigration law and national security law professor at Roger Williams University School of Law. "In contrast, the current administration has chosen to prosecute adult border-crossers, even when they have kids. That's a choice — one fundamentally different from the choice made by both Obama and previous presidents of both parties."

          Denise Gilman, a law professor who directs the immigration clinic at the University of Texas School of Law, said immigration attorneys "occasionally" saw separated families under the Obama administration.

          "However, these families were usually reunited quite quickly once identified," she said, "even if that meant release of a parent from adult detention."

          In Trump’s case, family separations are a feature, not a bug, of the administration’s border policies, said David Fitzgerald, who co-directs the Center for Comparative Immigration Studies.

          "The family separations are not the small-scale collateral consequences of a border policy, but rather, a deliberate initiative," he added.

          Former Obama officials in recent interviews drew sharp distinctions between Trump’s policy and that of his predecessors.

          The Trump administration's current approach is modeled after Operation Streamline, a 2005 program under the administration of George W. Bush, according to Obama spokesman Eric Schultz. The key difference, he said, is that while the 2005 program referred all illegal immigrants for prosecution, it made exceptions for adults traveling with children.

          Jeh Johnson, Obama’s Homeland Security secretary from 2013 to the end of his presidency, said such separations occurred in rare cases, but never as a matter of policy.

          "I can't say that it never happened. There may have been some exigent situation, some emergency," Johnson told NPR June 9. "There may have been some doubt about whether the adult accompanying the child was in fact the parent of the child. I can't say it never happened — but not as a matter of policy or practice. It's not something that I could ask our Border Patrol or our immigration enforcement personnel to do."

          Obama’s top domestic policy adviser, Cecilia Muñoz, said the Obama administration briefly weighed the separation of parents from children, before deciding against it.

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            Might I ask what the purpose of Punishment or being put in jail is for when breaking a law? If my family is hungry and I rob a store to get them something to eat will I be let go because I was doing it for my family. Interesting concepts.

          2. Jim's Avatar Jim

            What experts are those Mark? Obamas homeland Security secretary, I'm sure he is going to tell the truth. The pictures taken and released were from 2015. Obama era ther e were more than a few kids in those cages.

      3. George's Avatar George

        Regardless of how you feel about the Bible or religion it is the law. Do yourself a favor and listen to a diffrent station like Fox and OAN for one day and get a diffrent view point. Then fact check for the reality of what your ranting about.

        You'd be suprised at how wrong your thoughts are and how easily you can change your opinions so when you're commenting on them at least your thoughts will have more impact and you'll appear to have intelligence and not just ranting like an idiot!

  1. Red's Avatar Red

    Unbelievable! We should throw the whole administration in a cage and see how they like it....

    1. Jeremy's Avatar Jeremy

      Oh come on that's B.S. this whole thing is overblown and a giant scheme by democrats to derail Trump's agenda

      1. Cherry's Avatar Cherry

        Troll in the dungeon

        1. Jeff Workman's Avatar Jeff Workman

          Thanks only trolls here are the ones who have so much hate towards our president.

          1. Kenneth W Kurtz's Avatar Kenneth W Kurtz

            Consider me s super TROLL then, he has earned every ounce of hate I have for him, as has his cohorts in crime, Pence, Sessions, Ryan and MConnell. I long for the day they are all marched out in orange jump suits and handcuffs for their crimes against humanity and the State.

          2. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

            Good one

          3. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

            Kenneth W Kurtz..That orange pant suit is waiting for Hilary.

          4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Dream on, Kenneth. YOUR heroes are the ones in peril of prison. The swamp is all that is preventing it.

      2. guidvce4's Avatar guidvce4

        Jeremy, totally agree with you. The "tell" is how the head clown for the left, Schumer, has come out and said he will not support legislation meant to fix the problem. He wants Trump to use his pen to fix, in other words, break the law much as 0zero did with the "daca" EO. Which is unconstitutional. The left and rinos want this issue to stick around to use as fodder for the midterms. Quite simple, actually. Notice that those who are responding can't seem to do so rationally, just with the leftist emotional talking points. Want a fix? Change the law, Flores Act of 1997. Trump chooses to obey the rule of law, previous administrations, not so much. That is the problem.

        1. We are all Homo sapiens, if we are human...'s Avatar We are all Homo sapiens, if we are human...

          Might need to check those facts. The Flores Act of 1997 has a lot of "Myths" that some people think are real. https://supportkind.org/resources/flores-settlement-myth-v-fact/


          Myth: The government must detain families.

          FACT: Long-term detention of mothers and children is not the solution to the trauma caused by family separation. There are more humane and cost efficient alternatives that have proven effective. The Family Case Management Program which President Trump terminated, allows families to be released together and monitored by caseworkers. Despite claims that families won’t show up for court, the program has a 99% success rate of court attendance.

      3. Louis's Avatar Louis

        I agree with you Jeremy. There is two issues that people are overlooking. #1: Many children are being sent to the boarder without family members. So, if there is no family traveling with them, how are they supposed to be kept with parents. #2 Would you agree to keep children with their parents in maximum security prisons? of course not... so if a person is being detained for breaking a law, the children must be separated for a period of time. I think the policy is that they cannot keep the children for more than 23 hours. Also, this applies only if someone tries to cross the boarder illegally. If a migrant was to come to our boarder claiming asylum, there is no separation of children since no crime was committed.

        Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but we need to get facts correct and use critical thinking. If you disagree how things are being done, then think of an alternative solution. This is not a new policy, and I don't understand why there is a false claim as if this is all recent policy.

        1. Riki Berlin's Avatar Riki Berlin

          Louis, you must understand that the policy of separating children in this manner, is new. Sessions is on video record stating it, John Kelly stated it on video record, and the president as well. There are documents that we have all seen which prove that it is their policy of zero tolerance which has brought the situation to this point. Teenagers, mostly boys, were kept. No matter if this is new or not, I as a person of faith and justice, will do my part in ending the madness. If they will treat children this way, can you imagine what they are willing to do to the rest of us. Enough.

          1. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

            Yes the policy is new. But it is a natural outcome of the law signed in 1997 by Bill Clinton and various court decisions. We do not have family friendly prisons nor a history of imprisoning complete family units. Prior administrations separated families as well but were treated more nicely by the media instead of being called Nazis. Also some administrations decided that even though they were required by the Oath of Office and the US Constitution to enforce the law they would simply allow the criminals free access to our country, if they promised to show up in court at some future date. You can not trust the promise of a criminal - they didn't show up. We went from a country with about 4 million illegal aliens to now with a population of illegal aliens that some sources put at around 30 million.

      4. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

        Spot on

      5. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

        Jeremy, russian troll. Shut up and go away. You offer nothing of any substance to this discussion. Conspiracy theorists are death warmed over.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Calling a conspiracy a conspiracy THEORY, doesn't mean it isn't happening. That is like pulling the covers over your head at night because you afraid of monsters.

          Now, you don't think there is a concerted effort by democrats to derail the present administration's agenda? That would take a level of denial equal to Tokyo Rose's or Baghdad Bob's.

          This is a TOTALLY scripted conspiracy. You all even use the same words. Like: conspiracy theory.

          I'm not happy about what is happening to these people. I have worked a lot with illegals in times past, as an interpreter and been neighbor and friend to them. (Not these in particular, but others in times past.) There is a world of hurt on people in many countries. We cannot fix that. We cannot adopt them all. We cannot feed them all. We cannot build them houses. I don't want children to cry or be hungry or afraid, but I myself cannot care for my neighbor's children. That is my neighbor's responsibility.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            because you're afraid of...

          2. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

            J.O your problem is you only view the world through the lens of what was not what it could be based on your own personal wants.

            For example when one studies food waste and obesity issues in our country you will find that some analysts suggest the U.S. could easily feed upwards of 20 billion people a year, if we stopped letting food consumption be fueled by gluttony and instead enforced strict dietary standards.

            But I suspect people like yourself would cry that is taking away an essential freedom, to be a over fed glutton.Rather than manage food resources efficiently for the better of the species as a whole.

            Likewise you cry about house them all. Did you know that using the population density of tokyo as a guide we could fit about 8 billion people in the state of texas alone.

            Imagine that if you can, the entire world free from the burden of our greed for personal space. With food and space managed for the betterment of all the planets inhabitants.

            Now I cant say how to build the road to reach such a Utopia and I know you seem to loathe the idea of a society in which everyone lives the same, eats the same, and actually lives up to ideas like share and share alike. But its important to keep in mind that barrier is people, especially selfish people that put their own wants above others needs.

            I dont really think you area bad or even negative minded person J.O but you do seem to have a death grip on your beliefs that keeps you closed off to ideas that conflict with your preference to just stagnate and maintain the old status quo.

            But seriously man let go of that silly ass conspiracy shit like Obama not being a born U.S. citizen.

          3. Jim's Avatar Jim

            Hey T I posted this here so it would be close to your response to JO. You speak of a Utopia where everyone shares and shares alike and Food and space managed for the benefit of all. That is in fact a WONDERFUL idea, one that will never happen. 1. Who will decide what space and food one gets? In order for this to work you would have to have a government or some folks in power, do you not think that they will get more than everyone else? 2. In order to share and share alike people would have to contribute alike and that will never happen. 3. Think of all the inventions in the world over the last 200 years. Honestly T' do you think that if everyone was given food and shelter and there is no incentive to make a better life that these things would have come to pass? (not that all inventions were good ones) but you know what I mean. In reality system of government has been tried before T', its called socialism. It has been tried numerous times and just does not work. Maybe in say a few thousand years Humans may evolve to a point where we all agree but it is not in nature for us to live in peace. Think of humans since the beginning of recorded history and you will see what I mean. Two words that should never go together is Mankind.

          4. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            It would have to be a totalitarian government to work, and selfish egotists would control it, and then it would not be egalitarian. That is what history teaches us if we will learn.

          5. Rev. John D. Partin's Avatar Rev. John D. Partin

            JO, keep on not replying to my posts because I don't want to hear from you and you don't want to talk with me, which is fantastic!!! This is for other people to respond to. Conversely, denying that something is a conspiracy theory doesn't prove that it isn't a conspiracy theory and continuing to "think" that "it is actually true" is like believing that there are monsters in the dark and covering up your head, so as to not see them, when they are all just in your imagination and not there at all!! Also, your not being able to help immigrants or interested in helping them doesn't mean that nobody else is interested in helping them or able to do so because you don't speak for the whole country, no matter how much you may "think" that you do. These people coming in here won't inconvenience the rest of us because they don't want or need the best things or lives here, but only want to get a foot in the door and a life here away from the gangs and violence in their own countries. It is immoral for us to turn our backs on these people and say "Go back to the gangs and violence because there is no room for you here!!" and not be our brothers' keepers and show mercy and compassion for them!!

  1. Jeremy's Avatar Jeremy

    Look yes it's unfortunate but what's the alternative? Let MS-13 kids stream across our borders unchallenged? I know where my vote is.

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      Are you saying that you think MS-13kids are more likely to be apprehended if they are separated from their parents, Jeremy? I can't see the efficacy in that. And even though my political beliefs are by far mostly Republican I have sometimes been forced to vote Democrat to keep certain tyrants and fools out of office, which will likely be the case in 2020.

    2. Bill Moore's Avatar Bill Moore

      There are a couple of problems with your argument. First, the majority of MS-13 members are born in the U.S. Secondly, most of the asylum-seekers are fleeing violence from gangs like MS-13 in Central America. They’re not likely to join up with gangs one they’re here. They are exactly the kind of immigrant our nation has traditionally welcomed.

      The Bible teaches us that we are to be loving and kind to the less fortunate and strangers in our midst. This heartless and ungodly policy is neither of these. We are separating infants from their mothers with no method of reconciliation. Where is the morality in that act?

      This is a sad time to be an American.

      1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

        Bill, so spot on. We are in dire trouble, the USA has left the Human Rights League....this administration is made up of satanists.

    3. Rick Kirk's Avatar Rick Kirk

      How about we not send their children to concentration camps. How about we develop a system to document them and let them work, rather than prosecute or persecute them. We have been fed the gangersters, drug dealers, murderers, and rapist lines of lies for so long that people are starting to think all immigrants are evil. It is simply not true. The vast majority of them are hard working and are coming here seeking a better life for themselves and their families. Also, any that are drug dealers wouldn’t be coming here if there was not an enormous American market for the drugs they are selling. Illegal immigrant drug smugglers aren’t selling drugs to illegal immigrants. What’s next, euthanizing the children with special needs and the general overflow of children as was done to the Jews in WWII? I am sure there were a lot of “good” European Christians that turned a blind eye to that too. Do not think that Americans are immune to that level of inhumanity simply because we are Americans.

  1. adrian stocks's Avatar adrian stocks

    Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

    I guess these words mean nothing these days!

    Immigration needs to be controlled, but this is downright cruel and immoral.

  1. George Massarone's Avatar George Massarone

    Just one question. Were Jeff Sessions comments due to feelings or reason. He must ask himself that when he has a quiet moment, and he should ponder as to how he arrived at that decision.

  1. Tigerz's Avatar Tigerz

    When you only listen to ‘part’ of the news, you are part of the fake news. The majority of those kids are being brought in by traffickers. Do you know what was in store for them? The USA is separating them for a reason. To find out who their REAL parents are.

    1. Kenneth W Kurtz's Avatar Kenneth W Kurtz

      Sounds like your the one only listening to one part of the news.

  1. Rev. Fulton L. Arrington's Avatar Rev. Fulton L. Arrington

    No, this policy is not Christian, and it is not Christ-like. Those who would claim otherwise are the disciples of Judas, they betray Christ and his gospel.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Ah, but, we don't want the government to be Christ-like. Separation of church and state, remember? Governments are not supposed to turn the other cheek and forgive and pray and be merciful. Judges are not supposed to, either.

  1. Mike's Avatar Mike

    Well let's look at reality and put the kool-aid down. When someone breaks the law,(illegally crossing the border... A crime) the parents, if they are the parents, are taken into custody just like any citizen you see on any number of cop shows. If you break the law you should be arrested we live in a society with laws that we follow or we go to jail. Stop turning a crime into a political soapbox, if you don't like the law as it is written tell your representative to stop grandstanding and fix it. Congress makes laws not the President he signs off on them.

    1. Rick Kirk's Avatar Rick Kirk

      Where, exactly, are all the internment camps to which all these American children that have been separated from their criminal parents being sent? There aren’t any and this argument doesn’t hold water. What is happening on the border is entirely different. Besides, what this administration is doing is absolutely not required by law. That is just another lie created to justify their cruel and immoral actions. When will people realize that truth has no standing among those involved with this administration.

      1. guidvce4's Avatar guidvce4

        Richard, research Flores Act of 1997. Then comment. Thank you.

      2. Jim's Avatar Jim

        I beg to differ with you Richard. Some of the "internment camps" are the projects. American Children are separated from their parents everyday in this country. Some are in foster care as you well know. Trying to spin this is a bold face lie and you know it. The difference is that maybe some of the American kids are placed with other family members IE grandparents etc. That also happens in some of the cases with these kids if there is legal family in the US. IF not what are we going to do let the kids fend for themselves in the streets. You are not being truthful. I think what Trump did was to try and take a hard stance on this matter to get congress to do something on immigration. As usual congress is still sitting on their collective asses and not taking care of business. If anyone should be blamed for this its congress both dems and Reps. This is an ongoing issue since the Reagan era and still nothing is done. We need decent laws and the laws to be followed. Saying these folks are just looking for a better life is no excuse for breaking our laws. The little girl whos pic has been shown on all the news outlets crying for her mother was not a poverty stricken family. Her father reported to MSNBC that his wife made the decision to go to America for a better life. He is a capt at the Puerto cortes in Honduras and did not want his wife and daughter to go but she left one morning without his knowledge. Could be some family issues their ya think. There are a lot of stories I'm sure but again the law is the law. You break the law you pay the penalty it really is that simple. No one told these folks to bring their kids to the border and if we do nothing about it we will have the same ongoing issues we have had for the past 50 years.

        1. Lee Fuller's Avatar Lee Fuller

          Well Written and Thank you!!

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            You are very welcome

  1. Ray Plate's Avatar Ray Plate

    The scripture which Sessions used, Romans 13:1, means that Christians should obey and follow the laws in the country in which they live. I find it ironic that Mr. Sessions and Mr. Trump have violated this scripture over and over again.

  1. Phil's Avatar Phil

    Yes, this IS law, by supreme Court ruling back in 2013. This is actually a law that is from the Obama administration lol

    Check your facts before you lend yourself to the discussion. He is literally just upholding a law that is over half a decade old that in 2015 was doubled down on by the Obama administration because of his massive crusade to expell immigrants from the country.

  1. David Double's Avatar David Double

    So if I do something illegal and end up going to jail would my children not be taken from me and put into foster care while I serve my sentence?

  1. power to the people's Avatar power to the people

    Wow, the comments here tell me I shouldn't comment, so I won't beyond saying this- God loves you.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Don't be afraid, Joe. " Be instant in season, out of season. Rebuking and exhorting with all longsuffering..."

  1. James's Avatar James

    Ok, so no borders, no countries! No laws, no countries! No punishment, no laws! No enforcement, what's the purpose of the other stuff. Does it suck, yes! At least we aren't killing them like some other countries. To those that want to let all illegal immigrants stay, where do you live? What jobs do you hold? How many children do you have? Or does none of that matter because you're too weak to defend you own country and countrymen! Why do people pick and choice the sentences of the Bible, law, and other statements of authority? Propaganda and political agendas! Read all of them cover to cover. Look at the big picture. Appreciate what people died to give you. Not someone else that wants in for free and us to pay for them. This country is 22trillion in debt. We can't buy milk so why invite everyone to a party!

  1. lightenup's Avatar lightenup

    I see the outrage over this and feel it in my heart as well. However, the mind and body live within a government controlled society. We in the US have a voice in this and can help to choose how that government will function. Maybe that voice can only be heard in an online comment section. Maybe you have a larger platform from which your voice can be heard. I encourage you all to speak up yet speak from a place of balance. Use your voice, heart, and hands to make the changes you wish to see.

  1. Ricardo Camara's Avatar Ricardo Camara

    Is the Universal Life Church taking a position on this and other political situations? Is that your role?

    1. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

      It has to start somewhere, and this is as good a place as any...maybe better.

    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      La posición de la ULC ya está establicida. La "L" en ULC debe ser una "I" que quiere decir, "Izquierda", sino en ingles.

  1. James's Avatar James

    PUBLIC LAW 107–296—NOV. 25, 2002 116 STAT. 2205 in connection with the functions transferred by this section, and the assets, liabilities, contracts, property, records, and unexpended balance of appropriations, authorizations, allocations, and other funds employed, held, used, arising from, available to, or to be made available to, the Immigration and Naturalization Service in connection with the functions transferred by this section, subject to section 202 of the Budget and Accounting Procedures Act of 1950, shall be transferred to the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement for allocation to the appropriate component of the Department of Health and Human Services. Unexpended funds transferred pursuant to this paragraph shall be used only for the purposes for which the funds were originally authorized and appropriated. (g) DEFINITIONS.—As used in this section— (1) the term ‘‘placement’’ means the placement of an unaccompanied alien child in either a detention facility or an alternative to such a facility; and (2) the term ‘‘unaccompanied alien child’’ means a child who— (A) has no lawful immigration status in the United States; (B) has not attained 18 years of age; and (C) with respect to whom— (i) there is no parent or legal guardian in the United States; or (ii) no parent or legal guardian in the United States is available to provide care and physical custody.

  1. videoscenes's Avatar videoscenes

    This was an Obama policy turned law. All that POTUS is doing is "Enforcing" the law that's already there long before HE took office. Separation of Church & State is NOT a law either, although it is commonly thought of as one. The real criminals and heartless individuals in this are the Parents of those children. I don't have an issue with immigrating into the U.S., just do it legally. Where was liberal and democratic outrage on this Policy turned Law in 2014??

    1. Charles Wood's Avatar Charles Wood

      Finally someone speaking the truth here instead of listening to the MSM. There is one other important fact:

      If a legal married couple, with kids, commit a crime that sends them to jail, the kids get taken from the parents. I don't see the issue with this policy. These people are illegally entering the country. They commit an additional crime and get discovered. Kids get taken away. They aren't being treated that much differently.

    2. Doug Frith's Avatar Doug Frith

      Despite all of the posturing, hand-wringing and editorials decrying the situation, David has it right and it's all here in a nutshell. If the parents really cared, and they want to immigrate to the U.S., they should apply and follow the rules. Break the rules and suffer the consequences. The U.S. government (and by extension, the citizens) shouldn't have to subsidize lawbreakers who create undue burdens on government services.

      1. Gary's Avatar Gary

        The problem is that the process takes so long to come here legally that the infants will be adults before it is even processed. Most of the folks who come here are either to make enough to feed their families or feeling crime that is worse than anything ever seen in the US. Those that believe in strict interpretation of the law or the Bible, should show a lot of caution the next time they pull wool pants on over their tighte-whiteys.

        1. Jim's Avatar Jim

          If they go to the legal points of entry and ask for asylum they will be kept together as a family unit until a hearing can take place. It's the ones who cross at illegal points of entry that are being separated. If they want asylum then go to the proper point of entry.

      2. Carl Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Elfstrom

        The hell with the rules. We're not gonna take it anymore!!!

    3. Ric Moore's Avatar Ric Moore

      Actually, this was not an Obama policy turned into law - as the cite in the post directly above yours makes clear. It was Bush Administration law. But that's neither here nor there. The law pertains to unaccompanied minors, NOT accompanied minors. In fact, family separation would appear to be a direct violation of that law. Regardless, calling the parents criminals is false in fact and cruel in spirit. They are criminals if, and only if, convicted of a crime. Arrest and detention are not conviction, because that requires full due process, including conviction in a court of law. Nonetheless, it seems pointless to argue when your facts are mistaken. Separation of Church and State, by the way, is a Constitutional Principle well established in rulings of the Supreme Court, empowered by the Constitution to determine the meaning of the Constitution which, in plain language, is the supreme law of the United States. The actual wording states that there shall be no law respecting an establishment of religion, which means that Church and State ARE separate. The "free exercise thereof" has also been clearly interpreted as meaning freedom to one's own religion - whatever it is - so long as it does not infringe equal rights of others. The main body of the Constitution prohibits any religious test for Federal office holders, and other clauses establish that all these rights shall be guaranteed to all persons (not just citizens), including a republican form of government in all the States and the assurance of the preeminence of the Constitution thereto. Plenty could be written on these matters, but the point is much simpler: undocumented immigrants have rights as persons - and that includes a right to not be harmed by due process. And, being an undocumented immigrant does not make one an "illegal alien" until and unless there is an actual court decision to that effect.

      1. Kenneth W Kurtz's Avatar Kenneth W Kurtz

        Thank You! for the clarification......people need to know the FACTS.

      2. Jim's Avatar Jim

        You are right Ric. However one can be charged and put in jail to await trial. As you said arrest and detention is not conviction. Therefore when the "undocumented person is arrested and detained" what happens to the child. The SAME THING THAT HAPPENS TO AN AMERICAN CHILD if there are no family members to take the child, they become a ward of the state. It has been also proven that some of the so called parents are not the biological parents in all cases. There should be DNA tests done to prove they are the actual parents of the child. I have heard that the democrats are against this. Not sure why because it makes perfect sense to me. The photo of the little girl crying that was spread in the MSM was actually never separated from her mother. Her father is still in Honduras and has been interviewed by the MSM and he stated that he was not in agreement with his wife taking the child and initially was unaware that they had left the country. So the mother decided to take the child away from the father. Interesting. He by the way has a good job in Honduras and makes a decent living.

        1. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

          Unclear where you did read that Democrats are against DNA testing ... since the DNA testing story started as "Representative Jackie Speier, a *Democrat from California, on Thursday called on the genealogy website 23andMe to provide DNA tests to help identify migrant children separated from their parents by the Trump administration". From the well-intentioned requests, several ethical and legal questions were raised. The opening to formal DNA testing would make it a standard tool and lawmakers are concerned the use and procedure is not clear as per the examples below: * a past case of finding a murder by the SF police did lead to an innocent man to be solely suspected and bombarded with questions (his DNA was found on the crime scene ... but so was not the only DNA material. The police was so persuaded they got their man that for a long time, did not seek further). * Companies carrying DNA tests claim the test results will "not shared with third parties" - no legal protections exists for this to happen (and once started, the sharing will not be only related to tests at the border but any tests carried by 23andMe, MyHeritage and the like) * HIPAA, the federal medical-privacy law, may be violated by applying systematic legalized DNA testing without boundaries. * DNA testing by law currently requires consent (some provision of the law may force it in case of a crime - those children are not charged with a crime) * ...

          In short, while the test seem to make sense, it raises immediate questions nobody seem ready to discuss (just yet). Nothing is simple and all new measures should be considered carefully for its ramifications ...

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            23andme does testing for Heritage of a person. not the same as a relationship to a person. Simple blood test for related DNA. The test is very accurate and will determine if the child is related to the person bringing them across the border.

  1. Doug Barron's Avatar Doug Barron

    Who broke our laws when they entered our country illegally? Which commenters here intentionally break the laws of their state? I don't. I WILL be seperated from my family if I do.

    The best way to remain intact as a family; is to stay in your place; and do not break the law.

    I fully support President Trump in enforcing the law. If you don't agree with the law as it stands, then call your Congressman and get the law changed.

    Should I run stop signs because I don't agree with the need for them? I think I just might try that!

    I grew up in El Paso, Texas. I know a bit about this illegal alien issue.

    1. Kenneth W Kurtz's Avatar Kenneth W Kurtz

      I am sure the hate has been drummed in to you fairly well.

    2. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

      Enforcing which law exactly? Most of the parents who have been impacted by Trump's "zero tolerance" policy have presented themselves as political asylum-seekers at a U.S. port-of-entry, from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Their claims are no longer processed at the border but their children ripped from their arms and separated from their parents. Asking for asylum is not breaking the law. This cannot truly be defended but if you seek to defend and enforce the law, by all means please apply in ful the US Asylum Act or the UN Treaty on the State of Refugees (one of the few treaties the US has ratified and still officially complies to). Now for non-asylum seekers (illegal immigrant), please do not distort or shape the law at the image of hatred: the law sometimes refereed as "Clinton's fault" made unauthorized entry into the US a crime (BUT a misdemeanor for first-time offenders). Not being processed at all, hard to decide if those crossing the borders nowadays are first or second time offenders ... and again, does NOT apply to asylum seekers. What applies to asylum seekers and coming from the Bible however: "You shall not wrong or oppress a resident alien; for you were aliens in the land of Egypt” - Exodus 22:21 "When the alien resides with you in your land, you shall not oppress the alien. The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.” - Leviticus 19:33-34 and 24:22 “Give the members of your community a fair hearing, and judge rightly between one person and another, whether citizen or resident alien.” - Deuteronomy 1:16 "Do no wrong or violence to the alien." - Jeremiah 22:3-5

      1. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

        Those appearing at a Port of Entry are not being separated from their children, only those crossing the border illegally. As to the spurious assertion that they are claiming asylum there is this little tidbit to consider: International law...the very International law that the Far Left (think Obama administration) were demanding the US follow, requires that refugees fleeing a country & seeking asylum do so in the very first country they enter, providing that country will not continue to persecute them. In the instances of the Central, South & Latin American refugees, that country would be Mexico. So yes by not seeking asylum in Mexico they are indeed still breaking the law. Is not Exodus 22:21 an injunction issued to the Jews? Way I remember the story the Jews were not simply living in Egypt - they were slaves. You know the whole "Let my people go" thing.

        1. Jerry's Avatar Jerry

          How nice of you to cite international law to somewhat explains and justify the distraught set upon families broken apart when they reach the US borders I assume? And how convenient to state their asylum status requests is somewhat fake. Without processing, hard to tell isn't it!! That is the essence of the issue at this point - the US has become a country of no due process. And you think the people fleeing from Honduras are better off than the Jews who were slaves? Think again. Their families are being killed or extorted with arbitrary and made up taxes by the police. If not by the local authorities already acting as a mafia, it would be by local gangs. Carrying a normal safe life is not an option for those families. Here is an article that summarize the crisis https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/20/americas/separated-families-countries-snapshots/index.html

      2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Those verses you cited do not apply to invaders. You even quoted "resident". Not squatters, not invaders. If a person comes here legally, they should live by the same laws as citizens. They should be judged by the same laws as citizens. Yahweh, at no time said, "Just let the Philistines come and live among you as they wish, and keep all their own customs and laws."

        Just because someone is caught sneaking into a country and THEN claims asylum, does not mean they qualify for that, and you cannot just grant it willy-nilly to everyone who asks for it, unless you are a nation of twits.

  1. Douglas Paul's Avatar Douglas Paul

    The New Testament weighs in clearly on this issue: "JESUS WEPT." (John 11:35)

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Don't be ridiculous. That had to do with people mourning the dead, nothing whatsoever with this issue.

  1. Anna Harding's Avatar Anna Harding

    Let's call a spade a bloody shovel here. Anyone who reads the New Testament with an open mind knows that Jesus Christ hung out with the dregs of his society and tried to help them. He was also a known gadfly to those in power - both secular and religious - in his time, and they had to get rid of him. He wasn't "Baby Jesus", or some kind of blue-eyed blond-haired bastion of society, he was a certified shit disturber railing against the inequities of his day.

    We should be no different. If you come to my house hungry I'll feed you. If you need a place to sleep I'll try to find you one. If you need help I'll try to get it for you. But that's me.

    There is a Nikolai Ge painting - he was a Russian artist, did a lot of religious work - did a painting entitled "Quid est Veritas" (What is truth)? Here is a link to it. Look at this and think about it for a while.


    1. Gwendolyn Lord's Avatar Gwendolyn Lord

      Blessings Anna.

  1. R. Tate's Avatar R. Tate

    Please consider the danger wrought on children dragged across four, sometimes five different countries enroute to the U.S. Neither war nor climatic disaster has forced families to leave their homes. Crime and murder, not so dissimilar from that in many of our own big cities has become the chief reason millions are here flooding our borders. They are afraid? There are other places to go. There are nice countries, closer to their homeland, along the way. Panama....Costa Rica....Mexico...Belize. Aren't those Illegal migrants terrified their children will die in a hot truck, or as they trek through harsh wilderness through the barren heat with their babies? News of people dying at the hands of unscrupulous smugglers has spread throughout Central America, so they are well aware of the risks to their children. Where have those children slept along the way? What food has been provided them? No schools...few belongings...no medical care...nor drinkable water...no bathroom facilities. Many interviewed said it took a month to cross our border.

    So now...we are outraged that our government is providing beds, food, medical care, education, air conditioning, to thousands of undocumented children. We are outraged because they are temporarily separated from parents, who readily risked the health and welfare of their own children to come here illegally. This is not interment of Japanese citizens during WWII. These children are innocent refugees. Their parents have broken the law. Both political parties need to address this. Reunite the kids with their parents. Then return them all to their homeland. As a country, we can not continue to maintain the hordes Illegally crossing our borders. It's more than the average US taxpayer can bear. A plane ride back to Honduras or Guatemala, will certainly be more cost effective than the estimated Cost of $36,000 per person it takes to support each migrant.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Rita.

  1. Thom Ashton's Avatar Thom Ashton

    In all 50 States children are separated from parents by social services so they can receive proper care. How can these parents care for their children when they can’t take care of them selves?

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      A very reasonable question.

  1. Rev. Reality's Avatar Rev. Reality

    Great, now my church has fallen victim to one-sided propaganda reporting. When does it end?
    There is indeed a crisis at the border. Look at the real statistics of what is happening. Has nobody seen Scarface? While fictional, the basis of another country sending its undesirables due to weak US immigration policy is very real, and continues. We have the ability to change laws we don't like. We have the responsibility to enforce the laws we have passed. Subjective interpretation and enforcement of laws leads to lawlessness and confusion, which is our current state of being.

    1. rappleyeblog's Avatar rappleyeblog

      It saddens me greatly to see our country/democracy torn apart by such diverse views, especially when they include so much hypocrisy from so called religious leaders. Are we our brothers keeper or not?

      It's values that have made America great. Military and economics have been a factor, but it's our values (love, kindness, caring) that have carried the day.

      In my opinion, it's not about Democrats vs Republicans, it's about money/politics/power of the few versus the principles of democracy for the many/country.

      Can anyone really believe that the current values being exhibited will make America great?

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        It saddens me that people forget that we are not a democracy, but a republic. The values you are claiming are only applied selectively, depending on how it fits the political agenda. People cry and wring their hands about love and kindness for foreigners and enemies, while wishing death and destruction on their countrymen. They tell us WE should give more, while they give NOTHING. I AM my Brother's keeper. I AM NOT everyone's brother's keeper.

        1. Rev. John D. Partin's Avatar Rev. John D. Partin

          To whom it may concern, "I AM my Brother's keeper. I AM NOT everyone's brother's keeper" is just another way of saying "I will only care about some people, which means my own kind and family, but not other people outside of those and they can all GO TO HELL!!". But Jesus said to this person and all others: "If you only love those who love you, what are you doing more than other people are doing? Even the tax collectors love those who love them". Jesus also said: "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you", not "Do unto only your own and some people as you would have them do unto you, but do unto all others whatever in the Hell that you want to do to them!!". You can't wait until all other people or any one group of people are showing mercy and compassion to these immigrants who are genuinely in need of help and fleeing from gangs and violence before you will do anything for them and use uncaring people as an excuse for being uncaring yourself, too. God won't ask you what did other people do or not do to help those in need at your judgment, but what did YOU!! do to help those people!! Stop passing the buck and making excuses!!

  1. Rev. Nagi Mato's Avatar Rev. Nagi Mato

    Facts are just facts: Jeff Sessions is an idiot.

  1. Anne MarieTripi's Avatar Anne MarieTripi

    Saddened and in shock that this can happen in our great country. This is everything that is counter to all bible teachings and of every religious doctrine that I am aware of.

  1. Jef's Avatar Jef

    FAKE NEWS Just a way for the communist to get vote by invoking feelings instead of logical action. You can not run any kind of business on feelings just as you can not run a country on feelings. You need logical common sense thinking. Feelings are the 2 year old screaming about not getting their way

  1. Peter's Avatar Peter

    Jeff Sessions relies on a "quote" from a version of the Bible (which he knows is the only true version, no doubt), to support an immoral and disgusting behavior against families and children.

    The people who voted for this government should be ashamed of themselves.

  1. Oh Mo's Avatar Oh Mo

    I'd ask Pence, "And where, in your holy book, does it say to take children from their parents for any reason? " I'm beginning to believe the reason god ordained the current American administration is to reveal how unkind, greedy, selfish, and just plain evil most Americans really are.

  1. Rev. Elizabeth S. Arsenault's Avatar Rev. Elizabeth S. Arsenault

    “God said unto them, "Separate those children from their parents and lock them in cages"

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions sparked outrage when he cited the Bible while defending the Trump administration's highly-controversial new policy of taking migrant children away from their parents. The Bible can be interpreted in many ways, but is such a practice really in line with Christian values?”

    ??This is NOT ok! This is not a true Christian behavior! This turns my stomach. How dare they take children away from their parents! They are not God Almighty and they need to give the children back to the parents immediately. This is NOT ok! Yes, I am angry ?

  1. Becca's Avatar Becca

    The main issue is they are using children to push a political agenda! More than half of these kids were unaccompanied minors! Which also includes kids ages 16 and 17 years old! So they were already SEPARATED from their parents to begin with! Others were either stolen or actually "bought" by a "Mule" for the purpose of "LOOKING" like a family when in reality they are technically being trafficked! The LAW is the law! People need to stop USING AND EXPLOITING children to get away with breaking it! Liberals need to wake up and see that they are actually causing more of a problem than a solution! They also need to wake up and SEE that they are being lied to and treated like bleeding heart suckers! Do they want the children to be placed IN JAIL WITH THE ILLEGAL PARENTS instead or do they want them to go to a safe place where they are well taken care of until their ILLEGAL LAW BREAKING parents get out of JAIL?!! If they don't want to be separated from their children then stop breaking the law! IF AN AMERICAN breaks the law and goes to jail what do you think happens to THEIR children? Illegals should NOT be treated better than our own LEGAL citizens! They ALL should just be marched back over the border to their own devices! Shame on them for putting their children in danger in the first place!

    1. flugo's Avatar flugo

      Bravo! Right on!

  1. Lea's Avatar Lea

    It is not against the law to cross the border and walk up to customs to apply for asylum. The problem right now is these children are being taken from their parents when they come legally to seek asylum. They are being told that their children will be kept in these horrific conditions for the duration of the process (around 400 days) or will be returned to them if they plead guilty to illegally entering the country and are deported.

    And shame on you for comparing those camps - without beds, where children are having to change other children's diapers because no adults are - to foster care. Even if the act of splitting the families could be justified, the treatment of those children is morally wrong. These are children. And I'm disappointed that the ULC doesn't have a stance on the treatment of these children. Whatever the crimes of the parent in this country, children deserve CARE, not being treated like - I started to say criminals, but even criminals are treated better in this country.

  1. Ric Moore's Avatar Ric Moore

    The Bible does not say to obey Government no matter what. Paul says to obey Government ordained by God. But that begs the question of whether a government is ordained by God. And, of course, what Sessions failed to do was present the quote in context. Jesus said he had not come to change the Law but to fulfill it. And, he made clear what he meant by that in all kinds of ways. Paul, on the other hand, was a pro-Imperial bigot who oppressed people, then had an epileptic seizure cum conversion and discovered he ought to side with the Christians. Nonetheless, he says, in Romans (reading past Sessions short attention span) "For the commandments...are summed up in this word: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law." By Paul's logic, the Roman crucifixion of Jesus was justified, which of course upends pretty much all of Christian theology. But we can leave it to theologians to debate all those points.

    Now as to those who say undocumented immigrants broke the law and therefore should be treated the way they are, the children did not break the law. They accompanied their parents. Regardless, children, by law and, according to the Supreme Court, by the Constitution, are to be protected. Let's be clear, many who are being persecuted in family separation have not actually broken the law, because seeking asylum, even by improper border crossing, is not law-breaking. It is asylum-seeking, for which the law mandates there be a due process of proper hearing and decision on the merits. And, in the meantime, applicants can be released on their own recognizance and NOT separated from their children. Furthermore, there is no legal requirement for separation. There is only a policy decision, which did not even go through rulemaking.

    But, even if a family has not sought asylum, arrest and detention are not conviction, because there still must be due process. Nothing prevents keeping families intact except policy. As has been observed by many, even the WWII US Detention Camps for Japanese Americans did not separate families.

    So this policy and practice IS NOT a matter of law, but of policy, and of bigoted, mean-spirited, unlawful and un-Constitutional policy at that.

    But, it is also the case, as a matter of law, that compliance with unjust laws is not required - an established principle in the United States as it was applied to noncompliance with the Fugitive Slave Act, and with Jim Crow laws - to which the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King so eloquently attested in his "Letter from a Birmingham Jail." According to those in this thread who so self-righteously condemn "law-breakers" (which detainees technically are not, until actually convicted), they are like the bigoted Paul, worshipper of Roman Imperialism, who says, yeah, obey authority just because it's there. Nothing in Jewish tradition supports that argument. In fact, everything in Jewish tradition rejects that. And Jesus was nothing, if not a Jew. Jesus did not say obey authority no matter what. He said: "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and unto God what is God's." If Caesar has an unjust law, then render resistance, because that is what injustice demands. Or, else, how did Jesus end up on the Cross? Jesus preached nonviolence, not obedience to injustice. To the contrary, he cautioned his disciples to not take up the sword, but he did not tell them to make no resistance. His form of resistance, according to theology, was the example of his life - a point reiterated by Gandhi, MLK, et al.

    Anyone who says to obey an unjust law because it is the law, in the United States, is a blind, cruel, and heartless person, if not a bigot, racist, misanthrope. And is wrong on the merits, the law, the theology, common sense, and pretty much everything of humane value.

  1. Thom Ashton's Avatar Thom Ashton

    I’m of the understanding that these caravans of souls wanted to escape gangs violence and poor economic conditions. Of all the countries the illegal aliens passed through to get to the US border one would think they planned it. Once away from their violent gangs why not stay in Mexico, or why didn’t they go into South America? They heard about the free giveaway of the US by the liberal Democrats and wanted the benefits without waiting in line at the legal port of call.

  1. M.E.Holt C.N.'s Avatar M.E.Holt C.N.

    Jeff Sessions is as close to Satan as anyone can get. He believes his own lies. Very dangerous little minded man. The next thing is tattoos. We already have the 'camps' set up.

    1. Marc F Perez's Avatar Marc F Perez

      I firmly believe that Session agenda's next item is gay marriage, tattoos, and abortions. He won't have enough time in this administration to trigger all the hate he has in his heart.

  1. Joe's Avatar Joe

    Lawbreakers invading our country are having a bad day. Their children are facing the consequences of their parents action. Crossing the border was a deliberate act. We have many families separated because the parents are serving our country.

    1. Charles Jenkins's Avatar Charles Jenkins

      Families separated because a parent is fighting a money making war is a choice as well. So let them suffer their parents choices.

      1. Joe's Avatar Joe

        If you don't appreciate the safety you have by virtue of our brave defenders then move South of the border and do your good work.

      2. Jim's Avatar Jim

        No Charles not fighting a money making war protecting ass holes like you and your right to say stupid things like that. Your the type of person who has no idea what sacrifice means. I would almost bet your still living at home with your parents.

  1. Marc F Perez's Avatar Marc F Perez

    The Administration first order of business is for American Business to make money. I applaud that, however, the wall, the jails, the immigration detention centers are a way to give money back to donors. Entities that pay congressional lobbyist in a day what many of us make in a year or two. This has nothing to do with protecting the border or protecting the United States. The movement of people in the Southern Border is being that way since California and Texas became Republics. If the issue was the legality of those crossing the border, the alleged “bad hombres” the Administration could find a way to allow foreign workers to do those jobs that we can’t find people to do. (Like cutting the grass when is 102 outside) It is all about the money American Industries can make, not about security. If the actual issue was security, why not use less electronic surveillance and electronic detractors. The methods are less expensive, however, the owners of the technology are in California and their lobbyist focus in technology not in making money of the Government.

  1. Vincent Morton's Avatar Vincent Morton

    I haven't read all the comments but at my age of 81 years I do remember the laws Germans were made to follow under Hitler. The Jews were blamed for the ills of the times and ultimately almost wiped out. I see very little difference in what is taking place today. The present administration is causing division and hate among people.

  1. Charles Jenkins's Avatar Charles Jenkins

    First, Sessions is a known bigot and racist. His evil being used under cover of the bible is beyond reprehensible. This administration is not draining the swamp but has and continues to fill it with swamp monsters. Pure evil.

    1. Wilberta Berry's Avatar Wilberta Berry


  1. Patricia Skipper's Avatar Patricia Skipper

    Wow the comments will take a real chriatan back!! This ia absolutely inhuman to separate families no matter what Agenda is being push. The sad part is that God fearing people are starting to fully believe the mess the 45th president is spreading, people are beginning to believe the hate and division that he spreading!! Where are we in our beliefs that we will justify racism and hate!! Unbelievable, I am not a Democrat by far but i am a God loving, moral filled believer and many of you who are justfy this mess ought to be a shame!!

    1. David's Avatar David

      So the last administration didnt divide us? Or the previous?

    2. Ken's Avatar Ken

      This current WH administration is by far the biggest dividers.

      1. Jim's Avatar Jim

        Yes according to CNN, MSNBC, and the other media outlets they are pure evil, and you my friend drink the cool aid.

    3. Jeff Workman's Avatar Jeff Workman

      Ashamed for what taking these people in and giving them shelter food water health-care etc. They are well taken care of 100% facts. The only children that got separated from thier parents are the ones that came here on their without parents. How about this stop spreading hate on our president because it is not gonna help you in anyway. That is not the Christian way now is it.

  1. David's Avatar David

    I just wonder if anyone has stopped to think what could happen to these children if the were left in large open containment centers with adults .molestation murder etc they have to be separated for their safety as well. I have a friend who works with the border patrol and what you see on tv or read in online news sources arent always true. These people are being fed and clothed and housed by a country that has no obligation to do so.

  1. Ric Moore's Avatar Ric Moore

    To all those who insist that undocumented aliens have "broken the law," would you like to be prosecuted fully for every law you have broken - including jaywalking, speeding, or myriad other laws routinely broken by the vast majority of people? And, does breaking the law make you a criminal before you have been arrested, charged AND CONVICTED? Maybe you should review "innocent until proven guilty." More than that, do you really believe all laws must be obeyed, even if unjust, cruel, unconstitutional, inhumane, etc.? How then would we have ended slavery? Or women and children being legally property? Or labor being indentured? Or myriad other injustices that we have allegedly risen above? Or, do you think you would be better off living in the historical status you PERSONALLY would occupy if all these changes were erased? Could the United States even exist then? Get real.

    1. Robin Call's Avatar Robin Call

      We don't insist, they chose to come here illegally and not through proper channels. We all make choices some good and some bad with the understanding of the risks and consequences. If a parent makes a choice, they need to consider what their choice may have consequences on their children....These parents made their choice and now their children are suffering the consequences of those choices....Without laws and consequences, there is chaos...Ultimately, it is the parents responsibility...We all make them good or bad and must live with the consequences. There are children in foster care because of wrong decisions that their parents made and a lot of those children are suffering worse then the immigrant children.

    2. Ron's Avatar Ron

      If I am ticketed for jaywalk or speeding i have consequences to face. I will pay the fine. So are suggesting that those caught violating immigration laws should face no consequences? If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. And just the same as those who commit any other crime, you can't take your kids to jail with you.

    3. Jim's Avatar Jim

      If you don't like a law change it. Yes all laws should be obeyed. If you are caught jaywalking and fined you lose. If I decide to speed on the highway and don't get caught then hey so be it, But if I get caught I pay the fine or go to jail. You state if a law is unjust, unconstitutional, inhumane, cruel. Taking in people from another country and giving them shelter and feeding them is in no way unjust. Removing these kids temporarily from "so called parents" may save the kids life. For all we know he/she could be being trafficked for other purposes. Until we know for sure we must protect our border and the child. Ric if you want to call them undocumented Aliens if that makes you feel better so be it but if you watch say a friend of your get shot by another friend is he guilty in your eyes before he gets tried and convicted. If someone comes in from another country into our country he is an illegal alien. Does he have to go thru the system of course but I think your the one who needs to get real.

  1. Ken's Avatar Ken

    To me our greatest gift is empathy. To deny our compassion is to deny ourselves, and our creator. This country has the ability to care for our own as well as others. We can maintain strong boarders as well as welcome immigrants. This current WH administration is pure evil. And now evil has a mouth to speak lies and blasphemy to the masses, and so many blind humans follow. Only doing good will stop this tyranny. We must remain positive.


    Load ALL OF THEM on a Military transport plane and fly them back to THEIR country. America is NOT a welfare teat to the World.

  1. Jeff Workman's Avatar Jeff Workman

    All I see on here are hateful comments about our president and country. These people are being brought in and are given food shelter water health-care etc. They are well taken care of and probably alot better right now then out there without none of that. People don't realize is that the only children that are separated are the ones who don't have parents. Children with parents got to stay with them. Check CBS on that one. They wasn't happy that they had to show and tell the real truth. I'll end with this. To all the people who think this is inhumane then let's here how you would handle thousands of immigrants coming across our boarders. I'll wait

  1. George's Avatar George

    The local news is saying that the Democrats are refusing to come to the table to provide the required votes needed to pass the immigration bill.

    Why is that? A bill is written, goes before both houses for approval, then the president either signs it into law or vetoes it.

    The Democrats are the ones dragging their feet while yelling that Trump change the law; on his own-why is that?

    1. Ken's Avatar Ken

      Funny just say interviews with many Dems saying they want reform as well. Hmmmm

  1. Ura's Avatar Ura

    If you don't admit these parents are committing a crime in the first instance, then send them back with their kids.

  1. Robin Call's Avatar Robin Call

    The Parents of these children committed a criminal act of crossing our borders illegally. They had to house these children somewhere until they can process them and relocate them back with their families and deport them back to their country. There are Parents who have committed criminal acts now sitting in prison/jail cells and their children are separated from them and some of these children are put into foster care system. It would be wrong to integrate these non US citizens children into foster care system. Unless an individual can come up with a better solution to this situation other then criticism then keep negative opinions to thyself. If The judicial system and police, Democrats, Republicans, past Presidents, Governors , Mayors would enforce our immigration laws then these children would not be in the situation they are in now...Most of all, If the parents would have done their responsibility to protect their child by not making a choice to commit a criminal act then these children would not be in this situation...The fault ultimately lies with the Parent....So don't blame Jeff Sessions or President Trumps Policies just because they have the audacity to enforce our laws and others cower behind Political Correctness.

  1. Bill's Avatar Bill

    You have to remember the separation is a symptom of the cure which is to have the traffickers stop their business of selling dreams, stealing form these people. The evil is rooted far before the separation. The exploitation was prior to the separation these illegal crossers would get a court date then not show back up disappearing into the USA where the cost over benefit of their presence is estimated to be 3 trillion dollars. This attack on our southern border cannot be sustained treating is "as usual." Wake up, you cannot let your bleeding hearts overwhelm your brains! Stop it!

  1. abigail's Avatar abigail

    As a Mother, a Grandmother, a Nurse and a Chaplain It feels horrify to me that such drastic methods are being used. Wonder what Jesus would do in this circumstance. We do have immigration laws and what that in mind, as a humanitarian- what are the circumstances people face which drive them to risk this action. How much of our country is run on immigration labor with inhuman conditions? When our labor force falls folks are going to understand the magnitude of this insanity. We are human beings first. My political bias is toward Loving the earth and helping the environment of this planet so our children's children can live, and treating every human being in a fair and just way. Hoping every human can feel safe, well fed and have access to medical care. I wonder did Hitler quote the Bible? Did we not learn anything from the genocides which have occurred on this planet in our life time? My heart hurts as I thought we were more evolved than this.

  1. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I have travelled on three continents and I have never, ever entered a country illegally. That is all I ask of these people - to do unto me what I have done undo you - enter my country legally.

  1. Thom Ashton's Avatar Thom Ashton

    This is not a religious issue. It’s a government issue when it decides to enforce a immigration law that has been skipped over for many decades. Why confuse Government with Religion?

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    Christians Should Obey the Law Romans 13:1 All of you must yield to the government rulers. No one rules unless God has given him the power to rule, and no one rules now without that power from God. 2 So those who are against the government are really against what God has commanded. And they will bring punishment on themselves. 3 Those who do right do not have to fear the rulers; only those who do wrong fear them. Do you want to be unafraid of the rulers? Then do what is right, and they will praise you. 4 The ruler is God’s servant to help you. But if you do wrong, then be afraid. He has the power to punish; he is God’s servant to punish those who do wrong. 5 So you must yield to the government, not only because you might be punished, but because you know it is right.

    1. flugo's Avatar flugo


  1. John A Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON's Avatar John A Anderson, CD, CIF Mons ON

    Speaking as a Canuck, ALL I see here is people arguing along party lines. The Democrats are saying Trump is the devil incarnate, while Republicans are saying he's the reincarnation of Yeshua and should be obeyed at all cost. A via media NEEDS to be found, which satisfies security concerns while keeping the little ones with their parents. If you are detaining the children, keep them WITH their parents under lock and key. If they are entering the country illegally, by all means ship them back. However, coming to a recognized border crossing and asking for asylum is NOT illegal entry, in and of itself, because you are approaching a RECOGNIZED CROSSING. Someone swimming across the Rio Grande or tunneling into SoCal IS entering the country illegally, and thus should be sent back immediately. Someone approaching a border crossing, like the one between Windsor and Detroit, or at Niagara Falls, or between Fort Frances and International Falls, is MUCH different. Granted, they are crossing a "neutral zone" because they have to (that's what a physical border is, after all, which is why most of the US Canada border has been cleared of sight-obstructing vegetation), but approaching a border crossing is not a violation of ANY other country's immigration law, because you are attempting to enter it LEGALLY. You don't have any rights to claim visiting or citizenship rights until you get past the border area, even if an American comes into Canada. It is up to the Border Agents to decide whether to let you in or not. Because of the fact that my name is so common, when I was visiting Minnesota, even with my Canadian Forces ID card, I was stopped and pulled into the border post, because someone with the same name had been in trouble, and they wanted to verify that I was not that person, which meant a 20-40 minute wait EVERY SINGLE TRIP. If they had found I was the person, I would have been turned back by ICE faster than you can say GO HOME. But, they did their job, and protected the people they were responsible to. The individual agents are doing what they have been told to do by their superiors, but if they are found to be going beyond those orders, they are open to criminal charges under INTERNATIONAL law, and the Nuremberg defense hasn't worked since those trials.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      First it has to be ascertained that the adults travelling with children ARE the parents.

  1. Rev Comrade Kershaw's Avatar Rev Comrade Kershaw

    as one of the half a million forgotten australians who was forcibly removed from my own family. I am disgusted and appalled at the blatent disregard for the rights of refugee children to remain with their families. I call for immediate putting prayers into organised protest action to stop the forced removal of these children from their families

  1. Christian's Avatar Christian

    House the women criminals in women prison, house the men criminals in male prisons, separate the children from both populations - because it is a bad idea to shove little children in prisons with the MS-13 Gang members, violent offenders, etc.

    Working with prison populations is hard enough without the crimes against children that would surely happen if they were locked in jail cells with adults.

  1. Gwendolyn Lord's Avatar Gwendolyn Lord

    Sweet suffering bleeding Jesus on the cross! It is 2018, and morons who take the Bible literally need to either follow ALL of it, and understand it, or back off their meaiy-mouth use of it for quotes. By all of it I mean DIETARY LAWS, REMOVAL OF FORESKINS< MENSTRUAL HUTS< SEVERAL WIVES< INCEST< MURDER< ANIMAL SACRIFICE, SLAVERY, AND STONING. Oh, that is all Old Testament....Let's talk new. What did Jesus REALLY say: "Love one another, heal the sick, feed the poor"....Was there also something about the "Little Children" in there too? Am I missing something? Jeff Sessions is no more a christian than Anton Le Vey----WHO AT LEAST IS HONEST IN WHAT HE IS ABOUT. The NeoCons, and Religious Right Wingers would open concentration camps in one hot minute if they thought they could. Anyone who follows Trump is worshiping "The Fatted Calf", literally and figuratively. Immigrants?! Unless you were born Native American, your people were immigrants also. Who do you think is going to pick your produce, mow your lawns, watch your kids, clean your houses, you idiots! "Born" Americans all want nice, clean jobs that pay well, so that they can be lazy. Hispanic people work their butts off, man, woman and child. I have been dismayed and disgusted about the state of things for many years..Amerika is more ugly than beautiful of late. As to following "The Law".....not if it is immoral. (See: Nazi Germany.)

    1. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

      According to current accepted science there are no Native Americans, when talking about humans. There are those peoples who migrated to the North, Central, and South America area some 20 to 40 thousand years ago. But ok common usage will prevail. I see the Democrats are still using their rhetoric, up dated slightly, that they used to use to justify slavery. "White people aren't going to pick your cotton, mow your yards, watch your kids, clean your houses so we have to have slaves" has now become 'born Americans etc etc so we have to have illegal aliens'. As a side note, there are a lot of Hispanic people already in this country LEGALLY, so there is no excuse for coming illegally.

  1. Rhonda Boeger's Avatar Rhonda Boeger

    People are gong to inturpet the Bible for what They choose it to say. If it fits their needs and if it fits their propaganda. I find it quite sad. But I dont think that this is a debate open for anyone . The Bible also says to follow the laws of the land. Which these people choose not to do so regardless of the consequences. That is why they are in th trouble they are in right now.

    You can not just pick and choose what words suits your gameplan at the moment. You need to live what its says. This is not a trial & error Unfortunaty... Those that make bad decisions must suffer the onsequences.

    BUT.... Here is another thought. These children are getting. Better care than they were when they were with the parents. Medical vaccines food and clothing. My question is this would you people take a child until they are 18 years old into your home, teach the right from wrong, clothe them, Feed them shelter them heal them and do what ever i takes to make sure they are educated and last but not least FOLLOW OUR LAWS?

    These are my thoughts on the subject . You may like or you may dislike . I personally dont care. Have a Blessed day.

  1. Gwendolyn Lord's Avatar Gwendolyn Lord

    I might ad, the emphasis on Hispanic immigrants is a clearly defined expression of racism. Other immigrant groups have filtered in....No eyebrows are raised at the Irish bartender, or the Polish construction worker........And how about the Russian mule in the White House?

  1. Sharryn Johnson's Avatar Sharryn Johnson

    I am appalled as a human being, not just as a minister that this is where we are. Speaking from someone who has had a child ripped from my arms, it is a pain that I am unable to describe. This is obvious blackmail and inhumane. So inhumane that the US has withdrawn from the human rights council. That is so we can run from criticism. "Bring me your hungry...etc from the statue of liberty must be for only white people because when it comes to brown people, those need not apply. I can't believe that this is the country which I live.

    1. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

      First the poem on the Statue of Liberty has NEVER been our immigration policy. No it is not only for white people; if you would take the time to check the statistics many non whites have immigrated into our country. The difference is that they did so LEGALLY. As far as the real separations on the Southern Border is concerned, did you notice that it is NOT happening at Ports of Entry? Yep only those crossing the border illegally are being separated. Secondly no we did not withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council so we can run from criticism. We left because we finally had enough of that group's hypocrisy in having some of the world's worst actors vis a vis human rights on the council criticizing Western Democracies and praising those who commit atrocities.

  1. Sara Rawlins's Avatar Sara Rawlins

    I totally agree, it's sinful to tear children out the arms of parents trying to seek relief from situations that are deporable in their home countries. But the true sin is something I'm sure will come to light pretty soon. It's the people who would benefit monetarily for operating these holding camps for profit. Follow the money and you will be surprised. The guy in the WH was hoping to help out his buddies earn a few extra bucks by housing as many children away from their families (a policy he enforced by separating families since he came into office in 2017 until 2022) and guess who pays for this? Right, the taxpayer. We are the ones who are being duped. If that large group of migriants hadn't come to our borders and ask for asylum, this atrocity would have kept going. But because it was a large influx of immigrants, you-know-who got caught with his pants down and now has to reverse himself. And if you don't think he won't fire Jeff Sessions when the next new crisis comes along, then you are in for another "crazy-town" ride.

  1. D Golas's Avatar D Golas

    Drive them back to the border and push them across. Let Mexivo deal eith them. They should have stopped them when they entered Mexico!

  1. The Rev. Brother Robert Barker's Avatar The Rev. Brother Robert Barker

    The bible is NOT the infallible word of god. It is written by males sharing what their understanding of God at that time. It is NOT the final authority. We live under the Constitution not the bible. We have separation of church and state and no church can claim the U.S. government's authority for itself and use it to force their beliefs and practices on the rest of us.

  1. Ron's Avatar Ron

    The fact that children are being separated from there parents is on no way the fault of anyone in our government. The fault lies directly with the parents who committed a criminal act. Can anyone here tell me when in this or any other country criminals could take there kids to jail with them? And make no mistake about it, to enter this country through any other than legal means is committing a crime. Even if the person has never before violated any other laws, the minute they crossed our boarded illegally they became a criminal.

    1. piewackit2002's Avatar piewackit2002

      Thank you for your post!

    2. ethan Jones's Avatar ethan Jones

      When you can explain to me why it is a crime to return to your ancestral birth land that was stolen by men who knew nothing of God and obeyed no law, broke every treaty and continue to unlawfully occupy stolen lands

      1. Ron's Avatar Ron

        You mean before there where any officiL borders or immigration laws.

  1. Suzi Oraha's Avatar Suzi Oraha

    The bible always teaches us a bout how to love each others, and pray always for our governments to take the right decision for every actions.. God gave to his children's spirit of understanding, spirit of wisdom, spirit of God spirit of love and etc. By the power of praying everyday in our life we can be able to change the whole world. Roman 5:17, Job 22:28, Psalm 41:11, 1 Cor 2: 7.

  1. SeekerOfTruth's Avatar SeekerOfTruth

    "Putting migrant children in tent cities costs $775 per person per night".

    That's more than the Trump Tower in NYC!!

  1. Norma Battes's Avatar Norma Battes

    It's a blatant act by a government hack to coerce pseudo-religious political cults to claim god ordained rights to inflict harm on their perceived enemies.

    1. Ron's Avatar Ron

      So you place no blame at all on the parents who knowingly committed a crime by violating our immigration laws. The prisons are full of people who are separated from there families because they committed a crime. This is nothing new.

  1. Robert Gandel's Avatar Robert Gandel

    Billions of immigrants sailed into New York harbor and saw the Statue of Liberty. On the bottom of the statue, is a poem written by a Jewess poet, The New Colossus. Part of its lines are "gice me your hungry, your huddelled masses yearning to be free. America is a land of immigrants, even President Trumps ancestors. We need to work a solution, not tear children from their parents. That is against everything America stands for

  1. ethan Jones's Avatar ethan Jones

    I ask the Creator of all things through my Ancestors to touch these men who would be called to lead to find kindness compassion and understanding that they do not have the authority to place these imaginary borders and build these fences and barriers that separate us from our family, out brothers and sisters tare down these bars and take away the inflicted and possessed wicked spirits that control them ,I humbly ask this and may we all be forgiven for our nature to be unnatural Selah, Amen ra, anigi lohi

  1. The Rev. Brother Robert Barker's Avatar The Rev. Brother Robert Barker

    The tRump has backtracked on his policy of ripping children from their parents under the pressure of RethugliCONs and society at large. He said he couldn't undo his policy with a Presidential order and then proceeded to do just that. He didn't mention this in his recent Trumpist rally of supporters because he doesn't want to remind them that he reversed course on this. His followers supported his policy of ripping children from their parents at the border and hiding them away in concentration camps. His supporters are racists and xenophobes who hate people of color and are afraid of them eventually becoming a majority of citizens in the U.S. over the white race. So what do you supporters of Trump who defended his policy of ripping children from their parents think about his reversal of course and doing what he said he couldn't do?

    Trumpists hate the little children; All the children of color. Red, yellow, black and brown; 'cept the white. They are vile in their site. Trumpists hate the colored children of the world.

    1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

      Rev. Robert...It amazes me how people like you go on with your hate..You need a head adjustment.. This is no conparition to concentration camps and the American Indians...Your comparison is plain sick..

      1. The Rev. Brother Robert Barker's Avatar The Rev. Brother Robert Barker

        You Trumpists are the haters, Lea Weis. Look at the hate you have for Clinton and Obama. Now that the tRump has backtracked these children and parents are going to be put on military bases. And just who is going inspect these concentration camps? The media or you or I won't be able to get even close. What is going to go on in these dark corners in the name of national security? Trump and his cronies are lying sacks of excrement. And his followers believe the lies.

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Concentration camps? WTH? Get a grip. They came here with no home. They are SUPPOSED to be refugees. They are being housed better than any OTHER refugees. And you want to say Concentration Camp? If you would try to get a hold on reality for a few seconds...

          1. Rev. John D. Partin's Avatar Rev. John D. Partin

            To whom it may concern again, Rev. Robert Barker didn't say "Nazi concentration camps", but just "concentration camps". Any areas where people are being collected and concentrated are, therefore, concentration camps, just as we did to Japanese Americans during WWII. They weren't being killed or cremated, either, as in the Death Camps, but were being concentrated, as are these immigrant children. Better housing than where they came from doesn't make them not concentrated in a camp. They came for refuge from gangs and violence, not what they are going through here.

    2. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

      And just what were the Obama supporters in 2014? So you think Obama only drone killed white children?

  1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

    About crossing the border illegally: who crossed the borders illegally of the Indians? Do you remember?

    1. Ron's Avatar Ron

      And this has what to do with what is happening today?

    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      The Pakistanis?

      1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

        Not the Pakistanis. What kind of question is this?

        1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          They have a border with the Indians. Basic social studies.

          1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

            Are you serious? End of discussion!

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens


  1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

    You know exactly what I mean.

    1. Ron's Avatar Ron

      No Albert. I do not know what you mean. Other than the fact that you are attempting to draw a parallel between something that happened centuries ago when there where no official borders or immigration laws and what is happening today, although that is like comparing apples to oranges.

  1. Ron's Avatar Ron

    Well Albert, I may not know what you mean, but I do know what you are attempting to do. You are trying to start a discussion about something that happened centuries ago when there where no official borders or immigration laws to be violated, and somehow in your live in past mind form a connection from that to today's circumstance. Go ahead if you want. The rest of us will discuss today's problem rather than that of 200 years ago.

    1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

      You don't want to hear that the colonists were also illegal immigrants

      1. Jim's Avatar Jim

        Professor and I use the term loosely, the colonists were not Illegal immigrants there was no official borders in this country at that time. The natives moved from one area to another as the weather and food permitted. I might add that they also warred against each other all the time. Not all of America was populated at the time so what about the lands with no one on them. The wilderness of the mountains etc. If you do not have a country there can be no illegal immigrants its that simple professor.

        1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

          If the window is open and nobody is at home I have the right to break into the house. So simple is that!

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            Yes you do professor because if there is no laws, "which there is not with no country" who says you cant. You are trying to argue a point that you simply cannot win. We are a nation of laws. Every "country" has them. If there is no law you can do anything you want with no fear of punishment. Let me try and break it down for you, lets look at an early human say back in the 1400's there were plenty of lands with no laws. So if a member of a tribe killed a member of another tribe what would happen. He was not put in jail nor did he have to worry about punishment. In some cases he may kill someone in his own tribe as there were no laws and it was survival of the fittest. In some cases he could kill is way to chief of the tribe again survival of the fittest. Later in these lands other peoples moved in and created laws. Now if you want to argue the point of should they have done it that's a whole separate argument. Bottom line is that as with the countries of Europe sending out explorers to find new lands was what they did. When they found them in South America, Middle east, Africa they settled the lands and made laws for the people to follow. Nothing is Illegal unless there is a law saying so. You can argue it is immoral but that to would depend on the persons morality, their moral up bringing. Head hunters killed and shrunk the heads of others in their tribe it was an honor to have the most heads hanging. again that was their laws. if There is no law it cannot by definition be Illegal. Therefore the colonists were not Illegal Immigrants again it is that simple.

        2. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

          "The natives moved from one area to another as the weather and food permitted"????? I don't know what history books you have studied let alone who's tribal history you have learned about, but you are totally ignorant and need to get your facts straight. And by the way, the invading colonists were illegal aliens, so Professor is obviously more knowledgeable than you.. You might want to start with "500 Nations" as well as "The Native Americans" The truth will set you free and you will have facts, instead of fantasies.

          1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

            Compliment Catherine, You understand this history.

          2. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

            Jim, you deny history. By the way ask the Palestinians about this subject.

          3. Jim's Avatar Jim

            I have read plenty of history on this and other subjects. I guess the colonials should have asked for a visa to enter the country right Catherine. You obvious are the one in a fantasy as how can you break a law "illegal" if no law is there to break. Explain that to me please. As I stated we can argue the morality of what happened but the facts are the facts if there is no law how can something be illegal? I would say that when it comes to legal knowledge Catherine you are the one that is IGNORANT.

          4. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

            Dear Jim, there is also something like a moral law. We better stop the discussion because it makes you upset.

      2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        They were not illegal immigrants. If they were, then the INDIANS also were illegal immigrants. They didn't spring from buffalo turds. They IMMIGRATED.

        1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

          HAHA, very funny

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            and very true.

  1. Rev. John D. Partin's Avatar Rev. John D. Partin

    Jesus said: "Whoever shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea" (Matthew 18:6). He also said: "Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy" (Matthew 5:7). The separation of children from their parents at the border certainly violates both of these teachings of Christ and is a disgrace to our country!! This sort of thing is what the slave owners and traders did to black families and what the Nazis did to the Jews!!! It has no place in our country today, which claims to be better than Nazi Germany and to have evolved from the days of slavery. I agree with the previous email writer that we also violated the borders of the American Indians and aren't being deported back to European countries. Or does might make right, as Ragnar Redbeard (a Satanic mentor) believed? Strong borders by all means, but not separation of families.

    1. Ron's Avatar Ron

      So do you believe that all of the people in prison who are separated from there children are violations of the teachings of Christ? As far as I know know criminals have never been able to take there kids to jail with them. And the minute a border jumper crosses our border in violation of our immigration laws, they became a criminal.

      1. The Rev. Brother Robert Barker's Avatar The Rev. Brother Robert Barker

        Yes, Ron; A misdemeanor offense that carries fines and no more than six months in prison. Maybe the next time you get a ticket and don't pay it the police will take your children away for your offense.

        1. Ron's Avatar Ron

          And if I where to be that stupid, maybe the kids would be better off with someone else.

          1. Jim's Avatar Jim

            Well said Ron. I think the Rev lives in a fantasy world with his answer to your question. I assure you god believes in laws he gave us some to live by.

      2. Rev. John D. Partin's Avatar Rev. John D. Partin

        Ron, criminals aren't seeking refuge or asylum in this country from gangs and violence back in their countries and those seeking refuge or asylum from all of that here aren't criminals!! Children shouldn't be separated from their families seeking refuge or asylum here. That violates the teachings of Christ!!

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    As always..criminals using children. First of all..This law has been there before Trump. Its about time we have a President that is doing their job. There are a lot of laws that need to be changed..And Trump is for change..The border has been a problem for years and people crossing illegally is a crime. You do a crime and end up in jail..You lose time with your family.. No ones want to see children hurt like this. No different than when children are remover from families of abuse.. We can't have this abuse of the law...People think a fence is a cage is just ridicules..Just another political game. These childern were in harmes way on their journey here. Now they are feed..can sleep safely..away from the streets of sexual trafficking. Yes we need to fix this. But these parents put their children in harms way. And Trump is in forcing the law that all other presidents have done..Laws need to change and laws need to be unforced. I'm liberal and I'm just plan tired of these liberal enablers creating havoc in our country. No Hilary for me..she needs to go to jail. One down ...2 more to go.

    1. flugo's Avatar flugo

      Good observations!

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    Jeff Sessions should be fired..He is not following our constitution..Separent church and state. The bible is nothing but a history book..that's it..Its not Holy..Its a book!! To say its Gods word ..They need their head examined.

    1. Jim's Avatar Jim

      Separation of church and state have you looked at money. Legal tender. Take a close look. A person in a government office talking about the bible has nothing to do with separation of Church and state. If the bible is nothing but a history book why are you so upset?

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    Jeff Sessions should be fired! He did not stand by our constitution..Separet church and state. The Bible is just a book..not a Holy book..its s book..Gods word?...no..Its people trying to find Good..Orderly..Direction. Its history.

  1. Ray Hathaway's Avatar Ray Hathaway

    If my Lord and Savior was here today I'm sure He would be the loudest to say, "Fuck Jeff Sessions, Fuck Trump -- Hell awaits you."

    1. Norma Battes's Avatar Norma Battes

      Ray Hathaway June 21, 2018 at 9:35 am " If my Lord and Savior was here today I’m sure He would be the loudest to say, “Fuck Jeff Sessions, Fuck Trump — Hell awaits you.' "

      Your Savior needs to lay off the opiates.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Astute observation, Norma.

  1. Ben's Avatar Ben

    What I'm about to say isn't politically correct but oh well. It doesn't make it any less true. They're here illegally and need to pay the price for it. They along with their parents need to be immediately deported and since "our" government isn't going to do that then the least that should be done is for these families to be sterilized and required to work in labor camps for the remainder of their lives.Enough is enough. It's time to look out for our own families and not those of criminals coming in here illegally and don't share our culture.

    1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

      Sterilized??? Spoken like a true Nazi. Heaven help us. Shame on you. Why are you on this minister's blog...Go away. Better yet, ho about YOU go back to the land of your ancestors...we won't stop you. Let's see if Angela will take you.

    2. Jim's Avatar Jim

      Your right Ben that is not politically correct and while I feel they should be sent back to apply for citizenship legally and think you went over the top on this one. Come on you cant truly mean what you say.

  1. We are all Homo sapiens, if we are human...'s Avatar We are all Homo sapiens, if we are human...

    Ben, that sounds like the solution some other countries (like North Korea) would do. Perhaps a final solution?

  1. Allen's Avatar Allen

    Sessions is not quoting the instructions of Yahweh. He's quoting words of the self-appointed false apostle Paul/Shaul. The instructions of Yahweh often were to annihilate the Goyim/Pagan parents. That is to say, the parents who would not obey the instructions of the creator Yahweh and he knew they never would. The parents were permanently separated from their children and the surviving children were given the opportunity to learn to worship Yahweh, his way. While sessions has not combined church and state, because he is not quoting the words of Yahweh, he is enforcing United States laws. This is not a religious battle.

  1. torro's Avatar torro

    There is a saying that the Devil finds work for idle hands, now the Devil has taken over the White House, the other degraded animals like Sessions are trying to recruit other miscreants into their sordid lifestyle, let me warn you all, the fire in hell is fierce, hope you all go and stay there.

  1. Magus Kaz Talcott's Avatar Magus Kaz Talcott

    Cruel. Immoral. Unethical. Monstrous. Every child needs their parents on both a psychological and emotional level. To forcibly separate them from their parents is pracially abuse!

    1. Robert Messmer's Avatar Robert Messmer

      Yet based on the lack of outrage at the time it was perfectly ok under Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama. It was no less or no more cruel, immoral, unethical, or monstrous then and now. The truth is it is the result of laws and the decision by their parents to violate those laws. By the way, those seeking asylum, under international law are required to do so in the first country they come to not necessarily the best country in the world.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Yeah, but now they have to wring their hands and cry about Trump.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    Congress needs to pass an immigration reform bill. What is going on now is a result of to many administrations just whitewashing the issue. We cannot and should not let everyone who wants to come into this country. Some regardless of what has been said here and on the MSM are in fact criminals that rob, rape and kill. Look at the Angel moms their kids were taken away from them forever. We need to know who is coming into the country. Next we need to have jobs for these folks, with a 30 trillion dollar debt we cannot afford to take on everyone. For you folks who think we should how about you start a fund to feed and house these folks when they cannot find a job and support themselves or their family. A lot of folks with big pockets are screamin bloody murder over this issue and blaming Trump so if it is in fact that important to you set up a fund and put your money where your mouth is. Also how about you give your name and address to a new government agency we will call open boarder patrol so that when they come across the border we can send them to live with you. After all you feel it is unjust for them to be turned away or sent back to their own country. I love that folks sit on their high horse and tell everyone else what we should do but never seem to do anything about these issues. I say lets get some of the politicians how about asking Nancy Pelosi if we can send a few to her house to stay until we can get a hearing in a few years. I can tell you the answer to that would be hell no not in my yard. Who is going to pay for this stuff folks the American people that's who. Lets see how you like it when the government raises your taxes to say 70% so we can afford to pay for the welfare state that we are about to create. SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK folks. It has been tried over and over again and failed every time. Look at Venezuela. We cannot take in everyone and we will destroy the country if we try.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    Why is my comments from last night not here?

  1. Tigerz's Avatar Tigerz

    It is an excellent way to make sure the kids are not being trafficked. They need to be away from whoever brought them into the country long enough to feel safe, be fed and then talk about what is happening and who brought them here. Once it’s proven that they are safe with the people that brought them and that they are true family, then reunite them. Totally agree with the administrations handling of the mess obama left them with. As if anyone could possibly think this all happened in 2 years. This is decades of former administrations ignoring the problems and passing them off to the next president.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Correct, Tigerz. Of course, that doesn't fit the hand-wringing narrative, so mostly will be ignored. The pedophiles want those children released for reasons that seem good to them, and these people want to help them get their drugs and children as smoothly and easily as possible.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    To Professor Logjes. No sir the subject does not make me upset it is the name calling and denial that upsets me. We can agree as I stated before that we were not talking of the morality of what happened. What was done to the native American people was evil in and of itself. But my point was that for anything to be Illegal there must be a law to make it so. There are plenty of things that are immoral that have happened in history but again it was not necessarily illegal. at one point slavery was legal in almost every country on the globe not just the US as people would want one to believe. "the evil Americans" To put the situation at our borders in the same light as with the colonists is not apples to apples. We now have borders and laws. We cannot and should not allow just anyone to come across our border. 1. We cannot afford to have people come over if there are no jobs for them or they become a ward of the state. 2. Human trafficking is a big problem in the world and some of these kids are not with their parents. We need to find out if the adults that are with these children are in fact their parent. 3. Many of the people coming across are in fact criminals talk to some of the Angel Moms. 4. The MSM is in my opinion making a mountain out of a mole hill. These kids are safe, sheltered and fed. If you have your child and forced them to travel across the country then risked their life to cross say into California by way of the Nevada desert you would be jailed for child neglect. The 2 year old that has been shown on TV and now on the cover of time was never separated from her mother and the father had no idea that his wife had taken the child until they left. In his words he did not even get to say "goodbye" who by the was has a decent job in Honduras. No one asked these folks to cross the border illegally and they are braking the law. When an American breaks the law and goes to jail he is separated from his family. When a military member goes in some cases to a another country to serve he/she is separated from their children. If some people feel so strongly about this then I have an idea. How about those folks starting an organization to house both the parents and the children. They can do it in their own home or get some of the wealthy media and actors to pitch in or hey better yet take in some in their big houses. Lets see how many people scream about that. Bottom line Professor to break a law their must be a law. For something to be illegal there must be a law on the books. Not moral but a law. Morality is a totally different egg for it changes with the times. The laws typically take a little longer. My point is if folks don't like the way it is then elect people to change the law. Good luck with that because I think that congress could care less what the people think and more about the party line.

    1. Rev. John D. Partin's Avatar Rev. John D. Partin

      Jim, you say that for anything to be illegal, there first has to be a law against it and a government to enforce that law, but the Native Americans had a system of laws and their version of a government, which suited and were good enough for them. They didn't have to be good enough for us, too, but just good enough for the Native Americans, if we had respected their rights and being here first at all, which we didn't. Possession is nine/tenths of the law, after all, and they were here and possessed this country first. They didn't have our form of government or laws or a Congress or Judicial Branch or President, but what they had suited them---and we didn't have Chiefs, pow wows or teepees, either, and so might have seemed inauthentic to them, too, except that we could impose our will on them and they couldn't impose their will back on us. Not a reciprocal or equal relationship at all. Even people who have had what you would call "legitimate laws and governments" have had those laws and governments violated by other people who came in from outside and imposed their wills upon those people, as the Nazis did to Poland, France, Belgium, Norway, and other countries; the Japanese did to China, and Italy did to Ethiopia in WWII, and as we did to the Native Americans---and then said that they all "didn't really have legitimate governments or laws, anyway" and so "there was never really any crime committed against those people at all".. The victors can define anything in any way that they like. Government and laws or not makes no difference---to them! People aren't going on these dangerous journeys across Mexico from even down in South and Central America just for pleasure or sight-seeing tours, but to flee from persecution, death, and greater danger staying where they are, and still your recommendation and demand is that they just stay where they are and "tough it out"! But our ancestors in England (the Puritans and other religious groups) didn't just stay where they were and tough it out with the religious and social persecution that they were suffering under, but fled here to America, so that they might be able to have the freedom to worship and live as they pleased; and if they hadn't done so, we and this country wouldn't be here today. Many Jews and other people fled from Hitler and the Nazis and people in Communist countries have defected to the West. Should they all just have stayed where they were and continued to suffer and be killed and "toughed it out", too? People throughout history have been running away from places and other people that were no good for them and going to places that were better for them. So, how can we, in good conscience, deny to Mexicans and South and Central Americans the same right and treatment that people throughout history have had: the right to a better life and to be treated as we ourselves would like to be treated? How can we deny legitimate victims of persecution political asylum in this country and just send them back to their countries to be killed or persecuted some more and tell them to "tough it out"? That would be hypocritical and self-contradictory! Of course, there must be screening and vetting of these people at the border and we can't just take their word for it that they are victims of persecution and in danger of being killed, but we can't, on the other hand, just lump them all together and say that they are all "just drug runners, criminals of some kind, or coming here for no good reason" because that is just throwing the baby out with the bathwater! "Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares" (Hebrews 13:2). "You shall love the stranger, for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt" (Deuteronomy 10:19). As for your suggestion that the wealthy media and actors should give some of these legitimate victims of persecution and danger of death places in their own homes and put their money (and homes) where their mouths are, that would be fantastic, but whether they ever do that (don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen!), the larger society still has to do as much as it can for these people (and give them asylum) and not wait on the rich and famous to take them in. Congress needs to get on this matter right away and reform the immigration system and laws, which are a mess, and stop putting it off and delaying it, as they do with gun reform and everything else! Until they do, we must do whatever we can, however small that is, such as continuing to protest this situation, and not just lay back and do nothing. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" said Jesus. I've probably been casting pearls before swine trying to explain all of this to you and other people here, but, on the small chance that some of what I have written here has gotten through to you and others here, I suppose that it was worth it. I hope so.

      1. Jim's Avatar Jim

        You make some interesting points. I still stand by the last remarks that assuming the native Americans did have laws and that the colonists were Illegal Aliens then the native Americans had open borders and again I say how did that work out for them. We have laws. The laws should be respected. Just because you want something, Better standard of living a better job etc does not mean you get to break the laws of a country to get them. Again if my family was hungry and I rob a store just to feed them am I breaking the law and should I go to jail?

        1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

          Sorry, if you were knowledgeable about the over 700 tribes you would know that all had their own territories, own laws, rules, etc. We are not the same even today and have similar worldview but different ways. The Iroquois Great Law of Peace was one of the documents used by your Founding Fathers as a basis for the Constitution. However, the role of women was left out due to the European mindset of inferiority of women. My tribe was and still is matrilineal with Clan Mothers in charge who are basically similar to members of congress. We Native people still consider this our land with people here as descendents of invaders whether you like it or not. The southeastern tribes didn't move around and mine maintained territory covering 8 states. Territories were the "boundaries" of which you are unaware. Once again, feel free to learn and grown by reading "500 Nations" and "The Native Americans."

          1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

            Do you also deny that Jews have stolen the land from the Palestinians? End of discussion Jim.

          2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Just an FYI in the public interest here: It would behoove those who would speak as to the Israeli/Palestinian issue to do a little historical research (pre-WW2 and up to 1960) rather than listen to the Palestinians regarding "their" land. Just saying.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    To Catherine Ohrin-Greipp. Catherine lets say that I am as Ignorant as you say. Lets also say that the Colonists were in fact Illegal immigrants. if that were true then we would also have to say that the native Americans had no laws and no borders or no system in place to protect them from these Illegal immigrants from coming into the country. In effect they had open borders correct? How did that work out for the native Americans? Do we need to repeat history here?

    1. Saul Good's Avatar Saul Good

      WELL SAID!

      1. Rev. John D. Partin's Avatar Rev. John D. Partin

        Jim, in answer to your reply to myself and Catherine Ohrin-Greipp that our violating the Native Americans' borders and just coming in here, anyway, and helping ourselves to their land "proves that they had no borders or laws or system in place to protect them from these illegal immigrants and had open borders", how do you figure that, since, again, Poland and France and Belgium and Norway and China and Ethiopia and many other countries down through history have had defended borders and laws and systems in place to protect them from illegal immigrants---and didn't have open borders and still had their borders violated, anyway? None of those laws and defended borders and systems to protect them from invaders and illegal immigrants made or make today any difference, if the people who are invading and illegally immigrating are stronger than all of those things! That doesn't mean that they don't exist, but only that it doesn't matter that they exist, for all practical purposes. By your standard, any law against anything from jaywalking to murder or terrorism or bank robbery "doesn't actually exist if that law is being violated", which is nonsense! Please explain your thinking on this matter.

        1. Jim's Avatar Jim

          So if I understand your comments and question correctly John. No laws exist for a reason most of the time. You are right in some counties that have been invaded had borders and they were still invaded. Poland by Germany etc. If the invading side is more powerful then they will win of course. So it stands to reason that you would want STRONG borders and a way of protecting them. If you break any law there is a penalty. You break the law you pay the penalty whatever that may be.

  1. Saul Good's Avatar Saul Good


  1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

    "America is full"?? Is that why POTUS asked why people are not coming here from Norway last week?? He then invited people from Norway to migrate here. Come on this is a racist policy and you are in denial. People in Norway are mostly Caucasian. Brown skinned indigenous people are coming here to escape horrible violence and they want the same safety as your ancestors did and want their children to be safe as well. To say they are stupid really demonstrates your lack of awareness or something worse. They are asylum seekers, which is legal.


    Roght and wrong aside , I am sick of every news source calling this President Trump's policy. This is an order signed into law by Clinton and enforced by Obama. Report accurately. The attempt to demonize Trump is shameful and not consistent with true correspondents ethics which include faor, unbiased reporting of FACTS

    1. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

      Trump is doing a good job demonizing himself. He is enforcing a racist policy by kidnapping children of asylum seekers, moving them around the country with no reunification plans. He demonizes babies who happen to be brown skinned. They are not illegals.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Nobody has demonized brown-skinned babies. We leave the demonizing to the crazy people.

    2. Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM's Avatar Catherine Ohrin-Greipp, MSW, ADS, OM

      Trump is the POTUS and he owns this policy. He has the executive power to NOT enforce it. Hetre and now is the issue.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    If the way this story has been told is really true, why did Time have to make a fake pic on their front page, and why did that pic of a little boy in a cage get plastered everywhere, when it was an old pic and was posed, even when it was made? And why does it give people hysterical diarrhea to see a lot of people in a fenced area with aluminized emergency blankets? I saw much worse after the hurricanes.

    Anytime an adult is arrested when travelling with a child, they are separated. If not, you could just carry a child to commit crimes and get away with them. You can't arrest me, I am travelling with a child!

  1. Evergreen's Avatar Evergreen

    Some Bible quoting people try to make the Bible say what it is not saying. Rom 13, simply means to obey the laws of the land. For example, the mainstream Mormon church does not practice polygamy because the law of the land in the U.S. prohibits multiple marriages. So the mainstream Mormons follow the law of the land even if their religion would otherwise permit it. Another way to understand Rom 13 is, the group conscious of the voting citizens of the U.S. have "voted" themselves representatives to Congress so to represent them when telling the government their opinions on changing or making laws. That is also the law of the land. Another way to understand Rom 13 is, Congress (which is a group conscience) have made law establishing borders and who can and who cannot cross the borders; and how to police them. As it stands, the President is inviting all members of congress to express the group conscience so to make changes to the law governing borders and who can enter here. No matter what side of politics, the President is there to enforce the law, and Congress is there to make law. This topic on children crossing the border and being detained is heartbreaking enough so to warrant that both sides of the aisle in Congress put aside their differences and take care of the children concerned. Also, don't forget that child welfare and child protection is so to protect the child, every child, not just the children coming in with parents. Even those children being transported to the U.S. for the purpose of child sex rings or other types of slavery - also need the law to protect them from abusers. As adults, we all need to look out for all children, but most especially for those children who are being taken advantage off by pedophiles and gangs. I would think that those who are parents need to understand that their's is not the only child concerned in this issue, that other people's children are also in need of protection and care.

  1. Allen's Avatar Allen

    bob fluetsch, Minister V, Chris​,​ Carl Elfstrom . The names are Yahuah and Yahushua. ​. ​ Pro 30:4 Who has gone up to the heavens and come down? Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has bound the waters in a garment? Who established all the ends of the earth? What is His Name, And what is His Son’s Name, If you know it? . bob fluetsch, . You are pretty close and on the right track. Let me back you up. . Yahushua verbalized His Fathers hatred against homosexuality through teaching the Torah. Deu 18:18 "‘I (YHWH) shall raise up for them a Prophet like you(Moshe) out of the midst of their brothers(Yahudah/Judah). And I shall put My Words(Torah) in His mouth, and He shall speak to them all that I command Him." . Yahushua does not change the Torah. Mal 3:6 “For I am יהוה, I shall not change..."
    . Yahushua gives the covenant of eternal life, "follow the Torah." Mat 19:17 And He said to him, “... But if you wish to enter into life, guard the commands.” . Minister V, ​.​ you ​responded saying, . " No. Men called homosexuality an abomination. There is nothing in the 10 Commandments (written by ​{YHWH's} own hand) against being LGBT. ​ . "​I have to assume that you are guessing what's in the bible so... Guess again... then read Lev​.​ . Lev 20:1 And יהוה spoke to Mosheh, saying,... ​. ​Lev 20:13 ‘And a man who lies with a male as he lies with a woman: both of them have done an abomination, they shall certainly be put to death, their blood is upon them.​"​ ​. and you said, "...And then there were also ​(Yahushua's) words to “love one another” and that “what you do to the least amongst you, you do to me”.​ . Well, He is addressing the Brothers in the covenant of YHWH for eternal life, not all the Goyim/heathens written about in the scriptures. YHWH had many of them killed for their abominations. ( I am not attacking the "pagans", I am quoting scriptures).​ ​. Chris​,​ ​. you said, "(Yahushua's) never said a word about homosexuality. He dined with hookers and thieves and others that society condemned.​" ​ Hmmm? . Mat 9:11 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to His taught ones, “Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” 12 And יהושע hearing this, said to them, “Those who are strong have no need of a physician, but those who are sick...." Carl Elfstrom ​. You said, "​A lot of Christians don’t hold the same deep beliefs as other Christians." ... So true, church christian​s​ let their conscience be their guide, not the Torah of YHWH. What a joke. That comes in part from the twisted writings of the false prophet Paul/Shaul. I knew a gay man that was 42 at the time. He was a church christian. He said, "I'm 42 yr old and I have never had sex with a woman." S​habbath shalom, Allen​

  1. Richard Cornell's Avatar Richard Cornell

    You want to remove the children away from the adults. You have people who comes from countries that have poor health standards. One item is cholera. The last thing is you want children that have some of those dread diseases from entering your school system. Remember Ebola one person came into the USA and died, life has change forever. When the Christian bible was written people died of these of diseases that are not common today.. Think that because you worship a God a plague will not fall upon your house. I could be one child away from killing all your children.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    Catherine, you initially commented on my saying that Native Americans moved around that I did not know my history implying that there were no nomadic tribes. I never said all Native American tribes were nomadic in nature. I see you have at least acknowledged that there were many nomadic tribes. If you really want to look at history ok, but which history? The tribes that allied with the Spanish to fight other tribes that they were waring against for decades?. The tribes that were pushed off their ancestral lands by other tribes?. The tribes that allied with the British or the French again to fight other tribes who had been enemies? Maybe you want to discuss the tribes that allied with the British during the revolutionary war. Or the ones that allied with the confederacy during the civil war because they too owned slaves and wanted to keep them. I guess we can say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend philosophy did not work to well. You can say that this land is yours all you want but it is now the land of The United States of America like it or not… What was done to the Native Americans is part of history good and bad, just like what was done during the Roman Empire, Persian Empire, Dynasty after dynasty. Pretty much every nationality or country in the world has been enslaved or ran sacked by another at one point throughout history. While we should try and learn from the past and not repeat the mistakes made, it is the past. What is done is done. People forget that there were African American slave owners, Native American slave owners and as recently as 1945 Asian slave owners. All this history has nothing to do with the issue at hand. We are a nation of Laws and as such must inforce and obey the laws we have written to include laws of Immigration. We cannot pick and choose which laws we can or cannot follow. We change laws that become outdated or we feel are unjust which is part of the supreme courts job. People are being trafficked and some of the people coming across the borders are in fact criminals. If they are truly seeking asylum then go to a check point as the laws state. We give billions of dollars to these countries to try and help them. What if we sent in the military to take over their countries and make it safe for them how about that? Where is the crying for children in this country when they are taken out of their HOME by social services or child protective services? OH wait that is to protect the child. Hmm, lets see people show up at the border with a child, we have no idea if it is their child, they have risked the kids life crossing the deserts and rivers etc. but we can take their word for it that the child is being feed and belongs to them. I’m sure that they are coming with children for a better life not because they heard that if you have a child you will be released under the catch and release system. I know they would not lie about something like that! We need to enforce the laws we have and if you want to blame anyone for this mess blame congress who has let this issue fester since the Reagan Era. One last thing you implied that females were not important or had no status in America. Let me ask you do you know who the first female self made millionaire was? Sarah Breedlove 1867 to 1919 aka Madam CJ Walker. Oh by the way she was African American.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    Professor Albert Logjes. No Professor I don't deny anything. You and Catherine have made my points for me. You want to go back into history let me ask you who had that land before the Palestinians? How far back do you want to go. How about the Achaemenid Empire? Point being that again if we do not have strong borders and enforce the borders we will not have a country period end of discussion.

  1. Professor Albert Logjes's Avatar Professor Albert Logjes

    Dear Jim, it was successful, because you are mad now.

  1. Jim's Avatar Jim

    Not mad at all, in fact very calm, You have no real grounds to stand on. No logical argument for your side and made my points for a strong border for me so why should I be mad. The more I thought about it the more I realized that your argument was in my favor. If this country does not wake up it will go by the way of other socialist countries and counties with weak borders or no borders. It will go down like the Native Americans and the Palestinians and the Romans etc. Bottom line professor you lose. but as you say Professor "end of discussion"

  1. Cynthia Stumborg's Avatar Cynthia Stumborg

    Let us separate the deeds from the doers...all politicians are people who have their own agendas, power struggles, ego, beliefs, level of spiritual understanding, and challenges to face just like everyone else. We may feel angry and powerless over the current government decisions, but let us keep our spiritual connection within our hearts to be open to the very important tasks at hand in every moment we communicate with our fellow human beings. Let the anger and hurt of injustice be soothed by the presence of unconditional love. The reactions to injustices played out with the separation of children from their parents at the US Mexican border must be tempered with prayer in order that the power of love in the people of this continent may focus their attention on the actions needed to help the children and parents who have sought asylum from the unsafe environment in their home country. These individuals have risked everything to find a better life and hoped to find it in the United States of America only to discover an unwelcome and devastating situation of abuse. The government of the United States has an agenda that does not speak for the common good of all. Yes, feel the discord of ill will of the imperfection of disconnected ego choices for power and control which appears to be coming from government people who are not being guided by love. Let us not fall into the same trap by reacting an spinning our wheels in anger and disgust. Acknowledge the unlove and choose love. We need to speak out for a higher good to resolve the inhumane attitudes and decisions being forced on government employees to perform the inhumane acts on the vulnerable people seeking a better life. The government is not the general population. There are more regular people on this continent and planet than government employed people. We are the people expressing our concerns, fears, of the current situation and getting lost in the arguments of disagreement of politics.Nothing is accomplished when we start fighting amongst ourselves because of political differences. Let's keep politics out of it, it only distracts us from our good works. Let us look to the humane approach in helping the people who are suffering right now. What would the Christ Jesus say to all of this? The Christ Jesus gave us guidance of how to be in love and compassion, for ourselves and for others. He is the way. Let us look to His guidance in meditation and prayer, bringing all of our hatred, judgements, criticisms, disconnection, fear, confusion and powerlessness to Him, He understands our human condition and came to us to deliver us from our ego problems. We must keep ourselves present in compassion and love to receive the guidance in service to help the suffering people. Energy flows where attention goes. We need prayers and higher intentions summoning the help of the Christ Jesus to bring sanity to an insane situation, pray love and compassion to all our enemies!

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