##hand doing ok symbol The Anti-Defamation League added this hand gesture to their database of hate symbols, despite its continued popular usage as an indication that all is well.

The classic index finger-to-thumb sign for 'all is well' is no longer OK, at least as far as the Anti-Defamation League is concerned.

This week, the civil rights organization added it and 35 other symbols to its "Hate on Display" database, insisting these have been usurped by those lurking in the darkest corners of the Internet. They claim these once-acceptable symbols are being repackaged and deployed as mainstream memes and symbols of hate by the white supremacy and alt-right movement.

"More people than not will use the OK symbol as just 'OK'," explains Oren Segal, director of the ADL's Center on Extremism. "But in those cases where there's more underlining meaning, I think it's important for people to understand that it could be used, and is being used, for hate as well. Context is always key."

Of course, nothing is as simple as it seems.

Is "OK" Still OK?

The website Know Your Meme detailed a series of pranks by 4chan users designed to flood social media with posts purposely linking the OK hand gesture to the white power movement, appropriating images of celebrities and White House staff as proof. The prank was in response to the media's perceived willingness to believe any allegations of racism against Trump supporters.

How the 'OK' symbol symbolizes 'White Power'. Via ADL website.

That seemed to work, as members of the media reported on two right-wing journalists who made the hand gesture during a 2017 White House visit. One of the journalists in the photo, Cassandra Fairbanks, mocked the allegations in a tweet: "White power!!!!!!! Except I'm Puerto Rican. Can it be PR power?!"

Segal insists the number of individuals espousing hate while using the gesture has now moved beyond a simple misinformation campaign. The suspected white supremacist accused of killing 51 worshippers at two mosques in New Zealand flashed the hand gesture during his first court appearance. "Over the past couple years, we've seen that the hoax was essentially successful in being applied by actual white supremacists. In many ways, they took what was a trolling effort and added it to their list of symbols."

The Database of Hate

Established nearly two decades ago to help the public spot the potential warnings signs of anti-Semitism and other extremism, the "Hate on Display" database has swelled to a dizzying 214 entries. Those include Pepe the Frog, "Dylann Roof's Bowlcut," and "The Moon Man," a meme derived from vintage McDonald's commercials and since hijacked by alt-right members who've attached racist songs, language, and imagery around it.

Many of these might seem really obscure, and a few border on the absurd. The numbers 12, 13, and 14 are all listed as hate symbols, for example. But then we shouldn't forget that many established Christian hate symbols, such as the Celtic Cross, have innocuous origins. That symbol, a square cross surrounded by a circle, predates Christianity and didn't have a racist connotation until after World War II. And even though the symbol is used as part of the logo of the racist website Stormfront, it is still primarily used in a non-racist context. For example, it is commonly used as a symbol of Irish pride.

And hate symbols stealing religious imagery certainly aren't exclusive to Christianity. The iconic black flag of ISIS, for instance, co-opts imagery from the legendary battle flag of Muhammad.

The Power of Symbols

Symbols are incredibly powerful. In a single image or hand gesture, one can show praise, support, or condemnation. But interpretation is everything.

One person's hand gesture indicating all is well is another person's white power symbol. And even the most innocuous symbols can be co-opted for nefarious purposes. Believe it or not, but Pepe the Frog was once simply an agenda-free cartoon frog before becoming a racist meme.

And just look at the Christian cross. For most, a symbol of God's love. But for white supremacists who have adopted the cross as their symbol, the cross is an emblem of racist hatred. And for those who were abused by Catholic priests as children, the cross may have a different connotation altogether.

What do you think? Should we restrict the use of certain imagery because a small number of hateful people decided to tie racist intentions to them? Or would that only serve to legitimize the appropriation of those very symbols?

What do we do when the worst among us try and re-define our symbols?


  1. Allen's Avatar Allen

    Just how stupid can they get?

    1. walt's Avatar walt

      OMG dont say that, they will take it as a challenge.

    2. James R Bowen's Avatar James R Bowen

      Don't try to find out.

    3. Dark Gray's Avatar Dark Gray

      "Here, hold my beer."

    4. Qrez's Avatar Qrez

      some are way to happy to hand old pre-existing symbols to the far right. this is very stupid...

      I mean just take the swastika general term for a number of symbols used widely in many religion most Asian.

      never mind the Hindus and Buddhist who have used it for millennia... as soon as the Nazis use it for about a decade it instantly becomes tainted...

      no one care to ask anyone from those religion what they think about it...

      the specific Nazi version sure but care should have been taken in not tainting adjacent symbols.

      also they aught to have refereed to it as the hakencruz since that was what the Nazis called it. rather then swastika which either refer to one of the Asian symbols or may be used as a more general term.

      i mean what would they have done if the Nazis had picked a rectangle as a symbol? banned anything square?

      with the OK symbol it get even more absurd since it was all just a joke at the expense of those who want to hand over the symbols to the far right because they hate the association.. it was a made up hate symbol to screw with them and ridicule them showing how absurd their thinking is.

      the Ok symbol is widely used notably in diving... not to mention its a critical part of the English language.. i guess its now to be gay :p

      Now it is important to point out racist dog whistles as was done in the earliest super man radio dramas to unmask the kkk...

      But there has to be bounds or reason... you cant bend over backwards and throw everyone under the buss to achieve that goal...

      some level of sanity has to prevail... but apparently it doesn't.

      1. Mark Gaston's Avatar Mark Gaston

        We now live in a day and age of everything we do is scrutinized by someone looking to make something out of it, the human race for whatever reason cannot seem to find the middle of the road (so to speak) on anything we seem to go from one extreme to another I'm sure that for every hand sign/s or gesture/s something good or bad could be said of it. No matter what situation is happening at the moment the saying "you can't please everyone all the time, but you can please most of the people some of the time" holds true to this day. We have gone from a society that preaches "tolerance" is the way to go to a community of "social media" addicted groupies and if you can get friends, likes, and subscribers on your side then whatever you're doing or whatever your opinion is it must be right, right?? So, as for me I will continue to strive to serve the Lord my God by first seeking for His wisdom through His word and in prayer, and before committing to saying or doing something about anything I'll ask myself is this something Jesus Christ would do or approved of.

        1. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

          I’m sure you mean well Mark, but for me, I’m not impressed with his wisdom. He obviously had a mean egotistical streak in him if you didn’t follow him. Take a look at Luke 12:47 and Luke 19:27

          He obviously approves of beatings so is that something you are happy following? It’s not for me, so I won’t be following him any time soon. Each to their own I guess.


          1. David Ciambrone's Avatar David Ciambrone

            I'm with you on this. As to the Okay symbol--if they don't like it--tough!

    5. Debbie's Avatar Debbie

      Exceedingly stupid, apparently.

      1. Allen's Avatar Allen

        Hi Debbie. It's a fact of history that power begets more power, so those that have some authority, are never satisfied until they get more authority. I don't think they actually see anything wrong with any hand sign except maybe the one called 'the Hawaiian good luck sign". They have just taken the side that the government takes when they start banning things that the fuel were better off if we can't do. They are the thought police, the health police, and the behavior police and these people that are pushing this deal on the hand sign, are a part of that. Allan

  1. Clayton Beardmore's Avatar Clayton Beardmore

    Another example of the PC police running rampant. This is ridiculous!

    1. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

      Absolutely. Tired and worried about loosing our joy and spontaneity to the ice cold PC Police!

      1. Betsy Taylor's Avatar Betsy Taylor

        I totally agree. This political correctness has morphed from genuine concern to a way of controlling us and keeping us "in line". Where is our freedom of speech now?

        1. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

          Political Correctness is a Major form of Hate and Intolerance Controlling people because they think or view the world n Family Different than the Fascist Left. an it is out of control. the only way to stop it is to not allow them to run rough shot. mainly name calling to degrade you into apologizing for the way THEY FEEL. Don't do it. Pray they find some form of self worth and can learn to respect themselves, n maybe they will learn to respect others.

    2. Debbie's Avatar Debbie

      I absolutely, completely agree. The inmates are guarding the asylum.

  1. Michael Mangold's Avatar Michael Mangold

    Uh, okay?

  1. Dan Atatakai's Avatar Dan Atatakai

    In both American Sign Language and Signing Exact English (ASL & SEE), this is the letter "F". So, what's next? Are we going to be offended because two deaf folks spelled out "fox" or "effort" be condemned as being racist? Sheesh!

    1. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

      No of course not UNLESS they are White Males who like girls.an Love JESUS then Yes of course we will.

      1. Stan's Avatar Stan

        You buy into the false culture war that’s being propagated as the current narrative of us versus them? You can’t see past the sun of self-righteousness and you call yourself a preacher!? Shame on to you Richard H!

        1. James R Bowen's Avatar James R Bowen

          It is us vs. them.. whether you have sense enough to know it or not... It's always been good vs. evil.

        2. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

          STAN how dishonest of you not to see the culture war right before your very eyes. its been going on for 40 years an this Today is at a fever pitch yet you deny it. If your a White man nowadays an are Manly you are slated a Racist homophobe Nazi White Supremacist People are getting Fired an RUINED just from Allegations. of wrong doing. With NO evidence of a crime. This is Wrong in America. and will be our downfall.

  1. Joe's Avatar Joe

    Couldn't get my fingers to straighten out so I'm safe.

    1. Anu's Avatar Anu

      Lol. And if ya cant get them straight, then i think THAT symbol is code for smokin a blunt. ;)

    2. Carol J Hartley's Avatar Carol J Hartley

      I can't either, omg , pardon that pun also, but this is just sillyness! I kept looking at my hand thinking "what?"

  1. MO's Avatar MO

    Ridiculousness. And, btw, not a fan of the "non-profit" ADL: (1) top 15 executives are paid a combined $4.5M, (2) pay for first class or charter travel, inconsistent with how revenue should be spent at a non-profit, (3) 8 out of the 10 most highly compensated employees are male, 2 are female; (4) manages almost $100M in assets; (5) only 73% of total expenses are spent on the programs and services it delivers, pretty low for a non-profit; (6) the ADL has had its fair share of controversies - for example, in 2010 they opposed the Park51 Islamic Mosque and Community Center planned to be built near the World Trade Center site in NY. Perhaps the ADL's registered trademark should be listed as a hate symbol.

    1. Linda's Avatar Linda

      Uh beg your pardon but why don’t you pick on someone your own size? The ADL does great work. Why don’t you apply for a job with them and spend your life seeking out hate groups and exposing them to the public instead of insulting an organization that does that so we don’t have to? Criticize someone else. Doesn’t say much about you.

      1. Shoshana Savyon's Avatar Shoshana Savyon

        Used to be very pro but feel as if they have taken a spin into the weird and are now bringing up more hate by making everything into something hate related...Very negative mind policing

    2. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

      Thank you!

    3. patrick's Avatar patrick

      Thank you for shedding some light on the ADL, the organization that was founded to salvage the public image of a convicted child murderer/rapist. The ADL has done enough lobbying that the history books portray Leo Frank as an innocent victim just because he was hanged by a mob after Georgia's governor commuted his sentence. Frank was guilty as sin and the ADL know this.

  1. angel's Avatar angel

    ummm...ok!!! lmao!!!

  1. Keith's Avatar Keith

    Total BS! If they worked around noisy equipment all day and understood hand signals. There the problem. Someone not working and just sitting around starting problems.

    1. James R Bowen's Avatar James R Bowen

      Well they don't work... All they do is sit around hating and trying to figure out how to disrupt and cause problems. This is what happens when you give them an inch...

  1. ET's Avatar ET

    I’m getting very impatient with groups usurping language and symbols for their own use at the excursion of everyone else. Almost as impatient as. I am with those in our society that accept it. I haven’t been using this sign for “ok”, but may just start to show support for taking it back from those who are stealing it from the rest of us. Let’s protect our FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

    1. ET's Avatar ET

      I meant “exclusion”! Sorry!

    2. James R Bowen's Avatar James R Bowen

      Society? Or media and entertainment industry? They are the ones pushing this crap. Then social media trolls... (Liberals)

    3. William Lloyd Ueland's Avatar William Lloyd Ueland

      Every single person reading article should use that hand gesture twice a day for the next year. Use it so often for so many things and it becomes meaningless.

  1. Alicia's Avatar Alicia

    This is proof that there are some people who want to turn the US into spineless, easily offended wusses. Seriously? The "OK" hand sign??? What genius thought this shit up? Should we all just stop using our hands just in case they may make some kind of "hate symbol"?

    Sorry...not sorry.

    1. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

      Thank you. I agree

    2. James R Bowen's Avatar James R Bowen

      Where have you been? That boat sailed in 2008! That has been the number one priority with liberals ever since.

  1. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

    Ridiculous , I suppose the CROSS is a Hate Symbol Also?

    1. Stan's Avatar Stan

      It is if you were Jesus. Or anyone the crusaders or Spanish Inquisition targeted. I could go on with more...

      1. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

        While it is said that the Romans put Jesus to death, the Scriptures say that Pilate DELIVERED Jesus to the Jews to do this deed and it appears from the Gospels since they chose crucifixion as the method, they then employed temple soldiers to do the job as the Roman soldiers observed and participated under the joint death penalty provisions. "So he delivered Him to them to be crucified. So they took Jesus and led him away" (John 19:6, 16). The Cross then became a symbol of Christian murder by the Jews as Jesus was the first one to be killed using this method. Remember, it was Jesus who with foreknowledge of the Jewish hatred of himself and his Kingdom, admonished his followers to take up their cross and follow him. Thus signifying by prophecy his manner of death and also the manner in which many of his followers would suffer (Matt 23:34; read also Acts 2:23, 3:14-15; 1Thes 2:15). I have a Big Cross in my front yard year round Praise the LORD.

  1. Hotel Apollo's Avatar Hotel Apollo

    The o k sign is a Masonic hand Hester when using two hands it represents 3 sixes .As far as the pope is concerned ,LGBTQ is blasphemy plain and simple let alone being a Priest that's as we say WACK !

  1. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

    I never hear about the Black power hand gesture as being a Hate Gesture, wonder why...

    1. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

      Exactly. So disturbing. Same with Dem Congress behavior. Wrong on many levels

      1. Stan's Avatar Stan

        Us against them, us against them. The problem of the “other” is tied up in the two party political system. Maybe, you ought take a look at your own righteousness Cynthia...

    2. James R Bowen's Avatar James R Bowen

      Right, the fist in the air! Excellent point. Further proof it's just an attack on white people. Whites are the minority globally. They wish to destroy all whites permanently. And if it happened naturally through mixing over years that's natural. But this is a planned attack.

  1. Rev John Laben's Avatar Rev John Laben

    What a bunch of losers, they need to worry about the real problems of the world rather than making up redicules meanings for things that have been OK for decades

    1. Stan's Avatar Stan

      Real problems... ...like a person who calls people losers just because they think differently from him?

      1. marissa heath-harris's Avatar marissa heath-harris

        Right? Why are all of you so judgemental? I'm pretty sure that isn't our job.and this thread has become about race now. I understand the ridiculous behind a hand gesture. I just don't understand how it has become so racial? We had this conversation in a mixed community outing and most of the people of color from many countries didn't even know about this. Why because we are allowing this "white" hate group to take it over? This is the same as the Asian peace symbol incident.

      2. patrick's Avatar patrick

        The ADL aren't losers because they "think differently," they are losers because they lie and they were founded to rehabilitate the public image of a convicted child murderer/rapist. Please educate yourself regarding the ADL before you rush to their defense just because you got triggered by the use of the term "loser."

  1. Jon Christensen's Avatar Jon Christensen

    Do I hear a dog whistle?

  1. Timothy's Avatar Timothy

    The rainbow is a promise from the Lord. Yet it has been brought down to Satan's level. As are, our everyday opinions and vocabulary. Lord help us. Satan is loose. Praying always.

    1. Stan's Avatar Stan

      Hail Satan!

    2. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

      Stay strong & pray

      1. Stan's Avatar Stan

        And Hail Satan!

        1. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

          I hail To Jesus Christ

          1. Stan's Avatar Stan

            Power to you, I hail Satan. We are probably more alike then you’re willing to accept.

          2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

            But did he really exist? It’s possible he did but there’s not much evidence, if any.


          3. William's Avatar William

            As a former atheist, there is more evidence of Jesus Christ than you realize. Most just do not want to believe and therefor never look at all the evidence just religion. Check out a few books, "Evidence that demands a verdict" by Josh McDowell and his second book "More evidence that demands verdict" just to get you started Lionheart. Once you start researching each piece of evidence laid out in the books you will see the evidence is overwhelming & compelling. However, sadly for most, it's just easier to just say you don't believe.

          4. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

            Don't get me wrong William, I'm sure there is a possibility Jesus existed.

            As for all the claims written about him in that book, I have my doubts. I can't prove they didn't happen, but like everyone else, I can't prove they did. Interesting stories though!


        2. patrick's Avatar patrick

          Be extra careful not to cut yourself on that edge, Stan.

  1. Dean Allen's Avatar Dean Allen

    The ADL is empowering these hate groups by giving them credit to change/control society. At the next rally of a hate group that stands together and ‘waves’ “hi” to the cameras the simply normal hello/good-bye hand symbol will become taboo. We all need to deflate the influence of the ADL and the hate groups and keep using the ok symbol.

    1. Stan's Avatar Stan

      We need to deflate the influence of (anti)social media! That’s where this hand gesture was co-opted and decried in the first place. Social media = high school students controlling the public discourse.

  1. Brenda McKinney's Avatar Brenda McKinney

    Sorry I was clueless about the ADL. Ignorance is bliss in the case of symbols that have are being used as a regular way of communication until is totally obvious that the meaning has changed. Personally I have been using the thumbs up sign for years instead of ok since it’s a quicker movement and is clear on a 360 view.

    1. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

      When working with heavy equipment in construction years ago the okay sign was and is necessary to use. It's okay to use it now in my eyes but I was banned for 30 days on Facebook because I had a picture of myself using it. That's insanity

      1. Stan's Avatar Stan

        Maybe you should stop using Facebook?

      2. marissa heath-harris's Avatar marissa heath-harris

        I would think it was because of something you captioned with the photo. Facebook wouldn't ban you just because of an OK gesture..but they will if you put racist or defamatory statements with it.

        1. patrick's Avatar patrick

          Yes Marissa, trust Mr. Sheckelbe- I mean Mr. Zuckerberg like the good, little shabbos goy that you are.

    2. patrick's Avatar patrick

      The ADL is a heck of a rabbit hole to dive down. They were founded so that history would remember convicted child murderer/rapist Leo Frank as an innocent victim of anti-Semitism. They are almost wholly responsible for the entire phenomenon of slandering all critics of anything remotely related to Judaism as anti-Semites.

  1. Phil greytak's Avatar Phil greytak

    Don’t buy into this bs.

  1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

    That gesture in South America is an insult. It means that you are a rectal opening.

    1. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

      Well, here in the US it means "all good"

    2. Stan's Avatar Stan

      That describes a lot of the white power “movement.”

      1. Cynthia J Parker's Avatar Cynthia J Parker

        Stan, why do you hate white people so much? Why are you a racist? judge people by their individuality not the color of their skin

  1. Hershel Wayne Thomas's Avatar Hershel Wayne Thomas

    Let's face it everybody hates somebody !

    1. Stan's Avatar Stan

      Maybe that’s the problem?

  1. PCHubbard's Avatar PCHubbard

    This is the most ridiculous thing yet!!! So according to a small group of extreme activists, a time honored positive, upbeat hand gesture is now an insult ???? But yet that same group has no problem flashing their middle finger to everyone, and dropping F-bombs in every other sentence. Come on, people. Let's not be so willing to give up our personal independence to extremists. I say A-OK with an A-OK hand gesture!

  1. James Hogue's Avatar James Hogue

    The author also forgot that the bowl haircut was placed on that list as well because of Daniel Roof. Someday, breathing will be place on that list because Hitler, Neo-Nazi, KKK, Black Hebrew Israelites, and others also breath.

    Here's a crazy idea, let's not give racist people this much power over our society. It's just stupid to say we have to stop something because a racist doesn't it. Where do you draw the line?

    I'll tell you, at any place the try to influence others to do or stop doing something. Ignore them and their stupid and hateful ideologies.

    1. Stan's Avatar Stan

      Small people spend entire lives trying to influence others because they have so little self worth and self control.

      1. Mark's Avatar Mark

        Stan, 'Small people spend entire lives trying to influence others because they have so little self worth and self control.' Really, look at all the replies you have left, take your own advise. You are entitled to your own opinion just as anyone else but a review of your remarks lead me to believe you are not well. You are negative, negative, negative. Open your eyes, go out into the sunlight, look around the beautiful world and breathe in some oxygen. Stan, go now, sit down, relax, breathe, breathe in the air. You can be who you want. You can be a negative person or you can make the conscious choice to be positive and happy. Add constructive criticism and suggestion, be a positive influence in your life and that of others. Be well Stan, I will pray for your being.

    2. DrF350's Avatar DrF350

      Racists wouldn't have this much power in our society in the first place if people stopped coddling them and making excuses for their behavior. Just look at the other commenters here; they want to bury their heads in the sand and pretend this is all liberal hype rather than acknowledge that our country has a legitimate problem with racists and domestic white supremacist terrorists.

      They'd rather see this article as liberals policing hand gestures than a warning to help spot racist signifiers.

      1. patrick's Avatar patrick

        How's that Kool-Aid treating you bruh?

        1. DrF350's Avatar DrF350

          Sounds a little like you're in that camp, so maybe you can help me understand how gullible a person has to be to believe that racism doesn't exist any more. Feel free to expand beyond bootlicker talking points and one-line zingers.

          1. James R Bowen's Avatar James R Bowen

            The only racism is in your mind. I've seen racism... 30+ years ago. Now it's turning into racism against whites , and discrimination against Christians and straight People.i don't have to justify anything to you. Or provide links. You are no one to me. Educate yourself. Stop asking others to do it. As if you would believe anything anyway. You are a non-thinker

      2. preacher richard h.'s Avatar preacher richard h.

        WOW Where do you see these White terrorists? I'm a White Man , Like women ,Love GOD n Country , Love shooting my guns , I cant seem to find any White supremacists . It seems to me that you are Not a Tolerant person. You don't like people just because they think different than you. or maybe they just don't want to hang out with you. so what. how's that hurt you?

        1. DrF350's Avatar DrF350

          Richard, it sounds to me like you're playing dumb. In my experience, people who pull the "you're not tolerant of racists" line often share many of the same beliefs of the white supremacists they claim do not exist. I think that you're probably not a white supremacist feigning ignorance, but it does sound from your comment like you could be susceptible to "grooming" by more radical racists.

          Isolation and spending too much time online can really warp a person's sense of reality. Try spending an hour or two each day outdoors, or if you have time, try getting involved with your local community center. Spending time building face-to-face interpersonal relationships is one of the primary ways of healing. This of course applies to James up above, too, but I'm not able to reply to that comment.

          I have a pretty low tolerance for racism, but I try my best to acknowledge that even the worst racist can get better. If you're interested, I have a few resources available regarding how to identify racism/extremism, what it is, what you can do about it, and essentially, how to undo racist (or sexist, homophobic, etc) conditioning.

          1. patrick's Avatar patrick

            And if you're interested, I have a few resources regarding how to essentially undo homosexual conditioning (automotive battery and jumper cables not included; you'll have to provide your own). Just let me know if you're interested! (:

      3. S. Chesley's Avatar S. Chesley

        Amen. My thoughts exactly. This newsletter always disturbs me. Everything controversial is always explained away and your views don't represent my spiritual views. Views expressed by this newsletter always feel underlying hateful especially about race and LGBTQ issues.

        Racism has been around forever and kept underwraps especially in the traditional church. For a Religious organization representing Ordained Ministers to simplify this issue WE as black citizens experience is troubling. We are not being seen as important enough to care about this symbol as purposefully hateful. WE are just imagining it right? No were not..

        How many of you who posted on this board have even researched this and found it to be true? I have and this symbol IS being used by White Supremecy whether you believe it or not. Granted they hijacked it but it is what it is.

        Apparently racism is a topic many want to ignore and stick their heads in the sand about. And I see many of you prescribe to that mindset as well.

        My question to all those Ordained here today is;

        How can you as a representative of Spiritual things justify racism and effectively help and counsel those who suffer from its actions?

        You can't.

        So think about who you serve and realize, racism, no matter what form it takes is hate. And any God has no part in that. That's all on man and his and her choices.

        Choose a side because you can't serve God and Mamon.

        1. DrF350's Avatar DrF350

          The newsletter always tries to rile people up so we give the website traffic, but the downside is that it attracts lonely mush-brained men who only know of the real world via their computer screens. It's already hard enough to find a white person who will simply believe the words coming out of a black person's mouth, but when folks like this get pumped full of wackadoo stories day in and day out, they can get radicalized and suddenly the only racism that exists in the world is against white folks and the only sexism is against men and Big Gay is out looking to make being straight a crime punishable by death.

          I sure don't have all the answers, but understanding the road map to radicalization makes it easier to spot these types of people (they love to play dumb, like with the OK gesture; the main selling point among white supremacists is plausible deniability).

  1. Tawney's Avatar Tawney

    I'm offended that you're offended by my offensiveness.

    The OK hand gester is actually used by Vets. They try to let other Vets know, things are going to be OK. They try to prevent suicides.

    Liberals are whack cases.

  1. Philip's Avatar Philip

    There are definitely many things that can espouse hate, but it is absurd in the extreme to allow a minuscule few to dictate and influence what for the vast majority is an innocent, well intentioned gesture of good will. There is a prethala of issues that need unilateral attention, what ever happened to the "greatest good for the greatest number"? Not everyone can win, this is a simple fact of life. As pastors, we need to be "Apologetic" for our faith and the values we profess to adhere to rather then continue to "Apologize" and allow others to think and act for us.

  1. Oh Mo's Avatar Oh Mo

    Once upon a time the ADL did good things, but this time they missed one of the most recognized symbols of hate: ADL which means "we WILL find a reason to hate you and ridicule you if you don't do exactly what we tell you to do. Sort of like 45 on steroids.?

    1. patrick's Avatar patrick

      When was the ADL doing good things, when it was defending Leo Frank, the convicted child murderer/rapist? Please, satiate my genuine curiosity.

      1. MoPat K's Avatar MoPat K

        It's called the US Constitution, Patrick. There are at least three amendments designed to make sure that no one gets railroaded in our criminal justice system. Everyone, regardless of how heinous the crime, is entitled to a fair trial, which includes legal representation.

        1. patrick's Avatar patrick

          Frank was already convicted and his trial was more than fair; I'm talking about them defending his reputation after the fact as they didn't exist during the trial. Please make sure you know what people are actually talking about before commenting on their posts, especially if it's some smart-ass remark about basic knowledge like the constitution.

  1. Tawney's Avatar Tawney


    1. John Ambrose's Avatar John Ambrose

      Right on Tawney! Well said??✌??? what a world we live in these days eh, in the next 100 years everyone on this planet now, will be dead and gone anyway however everything continues to regenerate so we're sunk regardless haha ...c'mon Asteroid haha because not many on this rock have a thick skin anymore..or a part there-of ..I heritage is Mexican, Polish, English born in Hawaii live in Canada, I could -push the limit as others do..but why eh? LMAO Take care Tawney????big hi from Calgary

  1. Stan's Avatar Stan

    We should never restrict the use of any imagery. Symbols are a means of self-expression and self-expression is at the core of being human. In a society, one must take care to recognize that symbols have different interpretations given the audience and context. Understanding when and how to use symbols requires study and thought. Ultimately, the responsibility of the message being conveyed by symbols and imagery is held by the individual sending the message. The comprehension of, and reaction to, such messages are the responsibility of the audience.

    The bottom line is: it is incumbent on everyone to think a little deeper and go beyond the “headlines” as it were. Use symbols as you please, recognize the impact on those who receive them, and above all, think before you speak, act, or gesture. Then, communicate with the intent of will and be responsible for your messages and your receipt of messages from others.

    Or, don’t. Why make the effort to be a thinking person when you can let others do your thinking for you?

    Hail Satan!

    1. DeLeon's Avatar DeLeon

      You say, The bottom line is: it is incumbent on everyone to think a little deeper and go beyond the “headlines” as it were. I agree. Think of 2 deaf persons using sign language in a public place. How many passerby's will gawk at them and wonder if they're using "hate language" and then someone does something stupid like accosting them, or calling the thought police and they end up in jail, then a riot ensues. "Think of the consequences of our decisions." Instead of drowning ourselves in the media BS lets go out and be good citizens in all respects. Depending on the subject matter using a little discretion in our choice of words goes a long way to giving and gaining respect. You close that paragraph with, "Then, communicate with the intent of will and be responsible for your messages and your receipt of messages from others." Then you go on to close with "Hail Satan". Your message contradicted it self with that statement

    2. Sarah's Avatar Sarah

      A little confused by "Hail Satan!" but the rest of what you said resonates. As well as participating in this ministry, I teach yoga. Not just power asana, but yoga philosophy, energy practice, breathing, etc. For 30 plus years of practice, two hand mudras use this same symbolism, with the hand facing up or outward, the gesture is encompassing; when facing down or backward, the symbol draws energy within and closed. I'm not about to stop teaching these hand symbols, but I find that I will now need to explain to my students that they need to be alert to the context because some groups view these hand gestures as something nefarious. Thank you, Stan.

  1. Michael's Avatar Michael

    it seems that we have forgotten what the bible says . . . we should love our neighbor as we love yourself . . . and not give power to those who are set on dividing us with these type of things. tolerance without acceptance has been forgotten by all myself included. and only through immersion in the the word of god can we overcome those who want to destroy. as a community if we truly want to defeat this we need to ask god to guide and work through us to make our communities better regardless of the whole of the world. in closing i pray that god open the hearts of those who would do harm and let them know the absolute love that he has for them and that he will forgive all who ask. amen.

    1. Michael Mangold's Avatar Michael Mangold

      I've written that "Fear fuels, and Lies lubricate the Machine," and divisiveness is definitely a weapon off attack. Thanks for pointing that out.

  1. John Ambrose's Avatar John Ambrose

    This new politically correct society is complete horseshit! the Ok?symbal and bowl haircut? racist?.. come on-really. anything to make themselves stand out..look at me..i wanna be a voice in something so ridiculous and asinine just to get in on some sort of bandwagon-(Ooops! did I..say something bad and racist and against some sort of culture because I now said "Bandwagon" some out there will say I did..they will think I'm refering too Native tribes in a musical group, LOL they'll get on their high horse and call on it (Oops! did I do that ..again? high horse group..Horse rancher's oooo maybe they're Native oh-ohh! ) you see what I mean? any, word or phrase can be so distorted twisted by one or more as to cause a furor (Oops! Did I say furor? is that too close to "the fuhrer" oh my Freaking Gawd! or is it God! ??✌???it's all horse?!! LMFAO

  1. Michael Woram's Avatar Michael Woram

    I guess this means that actual bigotry and discrimination are over and we can now turn our attention to fretting about secret meanings of common hand gestures. It seems foolish to cede one of the most commonly used hand gestures to the white power crowd. In doing so, we give them far more power than we should.

  1. Julie S.'s Avatar Julie S.

    Anyone can twist text into what they want it to say, anyone can see what they WANT to see in imagery and symbols. Its sad that some go to such extremes and I feel sorry for them because their world must be very small indeed. I think that everyone knows that the ok hand sign did not start out( and still does not) to mean what they think it does now, sad. With that being said what about the deaf? Are they going to do away with some if their signing due to some small minded person thinking its obscene? I mean really, how far is this going to go?

  1. Secretary3rd's Avatar Secretary3rd

    Backward primates who see things in clouds, cracks in walls, even something on how the stars in the sky line up to be figures. I guess if you want to make people mad at you just key in OK! Yes it is silly, but again it took the NAZI of Germany to take a old symbology and turn it into hate. Just look at the Japanese flag it is still hated across Asia. I would think that the US is similar when people see it. Some as a place that offer freedom and to others as something to burn.

  1. William's Avatar William

    It is so infuriating when a small group of morons have such power over everyone else that we have ban gestures, language, or other. Why do we allow them to have such power over us? What about those who speck in sign language, is it banned for them?

  1. dvaunhowe's Avatar dvaunhowe

    nothing is being banned. The symbol was added to the database because as the ADL website explains Okay Hand Gesture A common hand gesture that a 4chan trolling campaign claimed in 2017 had been appropriated as a symbol meaning "white power." Used by many on the right--not just extremists--for the purpose of trolling liberals, the symbol eventually came to be used by actual white supremacists as well. Caution must be used in evaluating instances of this symbol's use.

    notice the last sentence. reflect on it. think about it.

    1. William's Avatar William

      OK, maybe not banned by any authority but still, most will not want to use it in fear of being labeled a resist by those who like to rush to judgment. Might as well be banned. I am still astonished that any group of morons, left or right, regardless of ideology or believes can have so much power over others. Will we just continue to add gestures, language, etc. to a list as not OK until walking on rice paper or will the masses call out the morons and take a stand? The LGBT community adopted the rainbow and I don’t see any right winged nut jobs wanting to ban the rainbow nor do I associate it with the LGBT community when I see it unless it is in context. Like I said, it is just sad that anyone has that much power over others and the others are too week to take a stand.

  1. Terry L Smith's Avatar Terry L Smith

    When any self-appointed agency, like the jewish anti-defamation league, tells the general public that "something is no longer cool", you have to question their motive. THEY are making decisions FOR YOU, ABOUT YOU, without YOUR APPROVAL!! How cool is THAT? "Dear, jADL, I refuse!"

  1. CRAIG's Avatar CRAIG

    It's time people thickened their skins and lived their lives without creating problems where there aren't

    1. William's Avatar William

      Totally Agree Crawf444! People now are so quick to be offended now days like children and are unable to let things go and move on. If they don't agree with something they must hate those they don't agree with them. Can't we all just respect & love each other and look past what we don't agree with and focus on what we do agree on?

  1. Brenda B.'s Avatar Brenda B.

    When and how did our ministers’ discussion blog become a hate forum? Come on Sisters and Brothers, we’re better than that.

    1. Lee's Avatar Lee

      What hate? Hating being gullible? Hating the inability to think for oneself?

      And seriously, do you think the ULC is actually anything more than a way to become a "minister" purely to legally perform marriages???

  1. Lew's Avatar Lew

    This forum is just another way to divide us and it seems to be working. The earth is the Lords and the fullness there of. The world and they that dwell within.

  1. marissa heath-harris's Avatar marissa heath-harris

    I see your point lew however everyone thinks differently. I personally enjoy seeing others vantage points. However that doesn't mean people should be rude..why can't we just agree to disagree instead of calling people dumb or idiots for not feeling the same as you or I? I think people take these forums to personal. Take it as a look into someone else's world. Nothing more nothing less. I think if we all did we could help each other so much more.

    1. Chester's Avatar Chester

      This isn't about "feelings." This is about actual facts. That this was totally made up and not real. How about incredibly gullible instead of stupid for falling for something so idiotic? Is that better? The people who fall for this are one step above those who fall for the Nigerian Prince email scams, or the ones from, "I am american solder..."

  1. Michael Cope Cope's Avatar Michael Cope Cope

    I cannot see how this can mean white power. The picture posted is impossible to do. You would have to dis-locate your index finger to do it. Don't believe me? Try it. Only an idiot.... or Adam Shift believes it is a hate symbol.

  1. Michael J McCormick's Avatar Michael J McCormick


  1. Samidee Culreggie Onyx's Avatar Samidee Culreggie Onyx

    Symbollic Interaction and Communication

  1. Michael Mangold's Avatar Michael Mangold

    Criticizing the ADL is NOT attacking them or "picking" on them. We should all know that info about the executives anyway, especially before donating.

    No matter their motives for starting out and no matter what REAL good they've done in the past, people need to understand that the single biggest motivator for every Big Charity is profit. They continue to say they represent their constituents but that is now secondary.

    The same is for the AMA and physicians, Goodwill and the disabled, Red Cross and disaster victims, and Planned Parenthood and the proverbial 14-year old inner city girl who was raped got pregnant. So how do these non-profits then show no profits? Huge salaries and bonuses.

    As far as I can tell, this ok thing is just a publicity stunt and it is working.

  1. Chester's Avatar Chester

    How stupid can people be? This and the racist Pepe the Frog were started as pranks by 4chan. Well, Pepe was something they used, and "normies" started using it so 4chan got pissed and went on a rampage.

  1. Jill's Avatar Jill

    Add this to the List of Ridiculousness which includes banned songs and books, also.

  1. Michael's Avatar Michael

    Question being asked, what does this symbol mean when non-white people use this symbol? Pick a skin color, use the symbol, does this change "the meaning" or is it your perception of what you see. Back in my day, the clinched black fist was the symbol of Black power but only if you see it that way. Any fist cliched could be viewed as "Yes!, I did it" Victory. Most people can not make this symbol clearly, like the pictured symbol, my hand can not physically do that; you either see the "O" and the tips of three fingers, clearly not both,try it, or if you rotate to show the fingers the "O" becomes an oval. It not my job to judge,there is but One to judge, I can have an opinion, like you.

  1. Debbie's Avatar Debbie

    Just about any word or gesture is going to offend somebody. I stopped giving a damn about being PC years ago. I will continue to use that symbol. Don’t like it? See if I care. Believe me, I won’t.

  1. Linda Happenny's Avatar Linda Happenny

    Did you know that when you turn it sideways in sign languge it means arseh**le? I have seen it sideways without they really knowing it. lol

  1. Ryan Jame Cena's Avatar Ryan Jame Cena

    We will rule it now

  1. Ryan Jame Cena's Avatar Ryan Jame Cena

    We will rule it now

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