Muslim activist Linda Sarsour
Activist Linda Sarsour appeared to call on fellow Muslims to wage "jihad" against the government, sparking intense criticism.

Linda Sarsour, one of the leading Muslim activists in the U.S., gave a passionate speech at the annual convention for the Islamic Society of North America earlier this month. Included in her speech were some highly controversial remarks that have everybody talking. Here's what she said:

"I hope that when we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad, that we are struggling against tyrants here in these United States of America, where you have fascists and white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House."

Suffering the Backlash

While Sarsour also called for a general rejection of bigotry, prejudice, and hatred, none of that received much attention. Reactions were instead centered around her audacious use of "jihad" a controversial term that technically means to "struggle," but has taken on a much more violent connotation in the post-9/11 era.

Critics were quick to condemn Sarsour, arguing that her words could incite violence. Calling on fellow Muslims to wage "jihad" against the government no matter her personal interpretation of the phrase could potentially be misunderstood as encouragement to commit violent acts. As a public figure and respected member of the Muslim community, Sarsour commands tremendous influence. Given this fact, her language was nothing short of reckless, say critics.

Social media backlash, as is customary these days, turned nasty. The predictable army of anonymous internet users didn't hold back, hurling threats to have her deported, calling for her to be thrown in jail, and even giving direct threats on her life.

But Sarsour, in the face of all of this, has refused to back down. In her mind, she did nothing wrong.

Linda Sarsour Standing Her Ground

Sarsour calls her critics "Islamophobes" and insists that she was advocating solely for peaceful dissent for a "jihad of words" against a hostile administration. She accuses media and news outlets of twisting her comments to make it seem like she was inciting a full-scale holy war against the White House.

"I should be able to speak to my own community, my own faith community, use my scripture and not be criminalized for being a Muslim in America," Sarsour counters. "Their sole agenda is to silence and discredit me because I am an effective leader for progress, a Palestinian American and Brooklyn-born Muslim woman. In short, I am their worst nightmare."

Is "Jihad" Considered Free Speech?

Her defenders insist that Sarsour was completely justified in using the term "jihad", that she was simply exercising her right to free speech. However, others have likened her comments to yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater a classic example of prohibited speech.

Despite her insistence that the term was meant peacefully, the fact remains that "jihad" has become so closely associated with acts of terrorism that even some Muslim scholars argue it shouldn't be used in the United States.

"Jihad, while co-opted means something very specific to a lot of people," tweeted well-known writer Yashar Ali. "If you want to use it expect the blow back."

An Ongoing Struggle

The intensity of this controversy reflects fiery religious and ideological tensions that are simmering around the country. An "Us vs. Them" mentality persists threatening to create further divisions in our society.

While it would be wonderful to allow all types of speech, it's clear that the line must be drawn somewhere. The question is, where?

What do you think? Should advocating for "jihad" be protected under freedom of speech, or does such language encourage violence?



  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I think it's comical that she speaks in the same language as the hard left, even though she is Muslim. Bigotry, fascism, racist Islamophobe, white supremacist, all the usual emotionally loaded terms that are used so frequently to marginalize anyone who does not share your views about any given subject. She's just another yahoo that happens to have an audience at this moment, so she's enjoying her 15 minutes of fame.

    Nothing she says has any meaning, because all she is doing is calling names and not supporting anything with facts. We call it "harping". Just general complaining and rabble-rousing like most race-baiters do because that is how they get their fame, and it is so popular to say ---phobic and fascist, and alt-. Anyone left of center will be shallow enough to just jump right in and go along because they are so given to herd-mentality, fads and sloganism.

    1. Sara's Avatar Sara

      I'm left of center and I am totally against Sarsour's ideas. I don't agree with her opinions, which I consider untruthful and belligerent, and because I know her tactics. She plainly called for a jihad, which raises a thousand red flags for me as an American and a human being on this planet. Her use of fiery and hostile language reminds me of the language typically used by jihadists who constantly threaten the world. She is extremely anti-semitic and threatens that community in particular. After she makes her outrageous and bigoted comments she complains that her life is being made difficult because she speaks truth to power. She wants to be seen as a victim while she advocates the hatred she claims she is persecuted by.
      I think you yourself might be shallow enough to just jump in and go along with all the garbage you hear about people who don't agree with you politically, starting with Democrats.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        That is what Democrats do, Sara. Sounds like you're already ready to jump.

        1. Bob Anderson's Avatar Bob Anderson

          Ah, the right-wing troll John Owens is back with his double-speak and self-important blathering.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Ah, Bob still hasn't learned any new means of expressing himself other than to say troll, but we're glad he took his head out of his backside long enough to grace us with his idiotic left-wing drivel.

        2. Donald W Schmidt's Avatar Donald W Schmidt

          Oh yes. This is all about partisan politics rather than freedom of speech or national security. Let's immediately make this a dem vs. rep issue rather than an America issue. Geesh. Give it a break.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            That's exactly what it is, Donald. Democrats do not want national security. They want the US to become a part of a world government. They will sacrifice any number of US citizens' lives to achieve that, pretending to care about humanity the whole time.

      2. Marshall Thompson's Avatar Marshall Thompson

        She is dangerous

      3. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

        No wonder she said what she said about jihad look at our president he is a racist biggot trying to ban muslims from comming to our country hes a islamaphobe as well as a homophobe

        1. Marshall Thompson's Avatar Marshall Thompson

          Totally wrong, Paul

        2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Paul, You buttinskis keep saying those things and never offer any reason or evidence. It's like somebody told you that and you believed it so you repeat it.

          Now, since you obviously don't listen to the actual news, OBAMA's administration came up with that list of countries to ban, but he didn't have the cojones to do anything with it. Also, several MUSLIM countries have bans on immigrants from the SAME countries. You should read or study or listen to something and not just base your prejudice on your own opinion. You are just spouting ignorant junk and calling names like Maher. Why don't you actually try to think a little bit?

        3. Herlinda's Avatar Herlinda

          Are you seriously blind to what he has done already that positively impacts America? He is for America ! And it's citizens to not lose our freedoms that everyone around the world wants to have...yet all they do is behave like dictators. If they want to live the way they did in their homeland.... then they shouldn't live in the United States. If they want more of what they destroyed in their lands...we don't ! Live as Total Americans or g home.

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            Herlinda, the dude is obviously lacking neurons, like most of his voting friends.

      4. Michael's Avatar Michael

        Well said. I couldn't have worded that better myself. God bless. Kind regards. Michael. Perth Western Australia.

      5. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Sarsour has since praised the murder of a Jewish family, so I think what she means by JIHAD is fairly clear to anyone except an apologist or an imbecile.

        1. Lee Conner's Avatar Lee Conner

          I had no idea she had praised the murder of a Jewish family. If I didn't like her before, I really don't like her now. Jihad is Jihad. She is a terrorist with a mic. I'm sorry to say tat, but I say what I feel.

    2. James's Avatar James

      I agree with you. This individual is so wrapped up in her mental illness that she can't see that her actions are irrational.

      1. revbarbarajadams's Avatar revbarbarajadams

        Agreed. Anytime that hate is what is leading the charge when name calling, I have to wonder about the stability of the person wielding the verbiage.

        1. Rev paul's Avatar Rev paul

          No look at the muslim ban trump wants to pass look at trump wanting to roll back protections for the lgbt community

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            You are making that up, Paul. It is not a Muslim ban. It is certain countries, and religion is not the issue. A tiny fraction of the world Muslim population live there, and MUSLIM countries have the same countries banned. And tell me what "protections for the lgbt community" he wants to roll back. You're just spouting and unaware of what you are saying.

    3. Linda's Avatar Linda

      Muslins hold the book of Sophia! Look in the Nag Library of the Gnostic Christians section. Arabian language is the closest to the old Indiana language here in America. Hebrew also is using some of the early Indian sign hand languages. Hebrew and Arabian language came from the Rune's language. I read my Gospel's however Christ spoke to me and informed me to look into the Kor-ana for the truth! Book of Sophia is a book of our soul, and right now Dr. J. J. Hurtak has publish the Book PISTIS SOPHIA. Check out Egyptian in the Grand Canyon. Jesus is buried in America. Abraham comes first however take the A away from Abraham and you have the Muslins Braham. Jesus was a Buddha.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        You're a loon.

    4. Sid Rimmington's Avatar Sid Rimmington

      When Mohammed, (the inventor of islam), left Saudi Arabia to spread the word, his slogan was "convert or die". Such a sweety!!

    5. Br'er George's Avatar Br'er George

      I think it's comical when people hypocritically criticise someone for something and then do it themselves. You criticize Ms. Sarsour for using "emotionally loaded terms" and then call her a "yahoo". You then go on to criticize her and say "nothing she says has any meaning, because all she is doing is calling names and not supporting anything with facts." The snippet of her speech mentions "jihad" and that is the alleged controversy what did she say precisely that doesn't have any meaning? What did she not support with facts?

      Tell me something Mr. Owens. How should an oppressed group of people "responsibly" speak out on their oppression to other people? Should they be careful, for instance, not to "annoy" those they protest against and "say the wrong thing"?

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        No, George. First, they aren't oppressed. They are OPPRESSIVE. You gotta learn to accept that. Second, all they have to do is get a couple of pretend-you-have-a-mind bleeding hearts like you to try to twist everything up and cloud it with bullshit to take their side. If you want to defend the wench, be my guest, but I promise you before God Almighty, I am a better neighbor, better citizen, better parent, better employee than she can ever be, and you want to defend HER. That puts you an intellectual level with Maher. Let that sink in.

        1. Br'er George's Avatar Br'er George

          Well, John, good to see a "citizen" like you so proudly doubles down on his hypocrisy with your own "emotionally loaded terms".

          Second. You made no response to either Ms. Sarsour's comment or my subsequent commentary you just went on blah blah blah bleeding hearts something whatever bullshit to take their side. "defend the wench" (!)

          Wow mister american you are truly comical!

          1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            So, you're saying you'd rather live next to her or down the road from her, than me. And you are basing that on your rapier intellect and examination and consideration of her speech. The witch approved of the murder of that Jewish family. That makes you AND her deplorable.

            You actually make my case better than I could possibly make it. Every time you hit Post Comment, you make my case. Keep up the good work, and don't dare analyze your own written speech. You might leave out something good if you try to actually make it reasonable.

          2. Br'er George's Avatar Br'er George

            What does the article above have anything to do with who I would rather live next to? Dude. Your hysterical! Really, you're unhinged!

            The question posed at the end of the above article was: "Should advocating for 'jihad' be protected under freedom of speech, or does such language encourage violence?"

            By your frothing at the mouth responses you pretty much seem to be demonstrating how her mentioning jihad in a speech she gave certainly encourages a less than peaceful response from some people.

          3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

            You're the one losing it, George. "Frothing at the mouth?" Your imagination is running wild with you. YOU are the hysterical one. You might want to have your hormones checked. You seem to be producing too much progesterone or something. Ask your gynecologist.

  1. Guairdean's Avatar Guairdean

    Words should always be chosen carefully. Jihad has come to mean a holy war. Originally, it was a used to mean a struggle against the enemies of Islam. However, one truth of a living language is that its words change meaning over time. As the struggles against Islam's enemies went from words to violence, the meaning of Jihad changed. I believe she chose her words carefully. The word chosen, Jihad, was meant to incite action against those she sees as the enemy. I also believe that physical violence would be perfectly acceptable in her mind. She seems to forget that many are struggling against injustice in Muslim controlled countries, and that violence there is a daily occurrence. When a holy war is called for by any group, it will not end with words. Both Allahu Akbar and Deus Vult have been used to justify violence. Neither has justified the deaths.

    1. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

      Originally it meant "A personal struggle."

      1. Alan Meunier's Avatar Alan Meunier

        STILL means "personal struggle"... some folks have bastardized the meaning.

        1. Mary Shaw's Avatar Mary Shaw

          Not 'some' anymore and it's not just the word you are referring too and, not just words either - too many things have been bastardized to suit. Although I have only recently learnt that the word Doctor, did not refer to our now known version of Doctor and, many people confuse it to mean their GP. As for this post, this person is not actually helping people like Trump, change his mind. Not sure what his reaction was after her speech but I'm betting she won't be staying in the U.S. for much longer?

      2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Sarsour did not mean "personal struggle". She meant "violent coercion". She supports violent coercion. She applauded the murder of Jews.

  1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

    A person has the right of free speech, but there are consequences. Calling for Jihad is calling for the violent over through of the country which is against the law. 10 U.S. Code § 894 - Art. 94. Mutiny or sedition.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Yep, and a lot of lefties need to beware of that right now.

      1. Sara's Avatar Sara

        Shame on your bigotry against people you derogatorily refer to as "lefties." You spread hatred when we need to come together as a country.

        1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

          Sara - John speaks from fear. Fear that someone is going to blow him up, shoot him, or cut him with a knife. These are real issues. All we see on the media is violence committed by terrorists. This is not Islamophobia but self preservation.

          He also sees Muslims demanding sharia law and no go zones. This violates our freedoms and laws. We are a nation of immigrants that was founded on the principle of Of the People, For the People, By the People and not an oligopoly ruled by one single religion. Which Ms. Sarsour is preaching.

          You are indeed right by saying that we need to come together as a country to confront this situation. Yet you seem to less tolerant of people than John is. Merely by calling John a bigot you have fallen into the same name calling trap.

          Jesus has commanded us to love your neighbor and abhor evil. I welcome immigrants, even refuges, but we should not allow our generosity to include letting killers, thugs and terrorists cross our borders.

        2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          Yep. There you go. I'm a bigot. You must be ashamed of being a lefty. NOOOO, you aren't spreading hatred, you freaking hypocrite.

        3. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

          It is not bigotry to call a lefty a lefty. It is a shame to hide behind your imaginary leftist moral superiority and call anyone who is not in your camp a bigot. That is the worst bigotry imaginable. I am not the one spreading hatred here, but people like Sara. She calls me a bigot and says I am spreading hate. If you believe her AT ALL, you have to hate me, or think yourself better than me, so WHO IS REALLY SPREADING HATE HERE?

          Just because someone does not march to YOUR drum, doesn't mean they don't know how to march. People like you disgust me, just like you actually disgust each other.

        4. revbarbarajadams's Avatar revbarbarajadams

          Uh, I thought we weren't supposed to be name calling, Sara, but you called John a bigot. He has the right to his opinion and you have the right to not agree with him WITHOUT name calling.

          1. revbarbarajadams's Avatar revbarbarajadams

            However, the name calling seems to be an equal opportunity game. Sorry all, I stand corrected. We are all bigots and name callers.

    2. kimm's Avatar kimm

      Yep. And at this time, Ms Linda should be having some serious and worrisome (for her) conversations with the FBI, Secret Service....Just to name a few.

      1. Marshall Thompson's Avatar Marshall Thompson

        Hope so

  1. Robert's Avatar Robert

    there is no such thing as a peaceful jihad and using only words, this p.o.s. needs to be taken back to her country where she can there scream jihad all she wants

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens


  1. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

    I am a muslim and as such I know many others who are as well. On speaking with elders (adults who are parents and leaders of our faith) we fear the presentations made like she has continually done. We dont want our children and others taking views such as these as a personal struggle or as the opinion of Muslims as a whole.

    Individuals and groups who preach this type of hate are well known for convincing the youth who are still vulnerable and naive. They make them feel as though the world is against them and there is no other option but to fight. They use verses from text out of context to back their claim all the while ommiting the basis and prescribed limits.

    Many Muslims have tried moving to other places around the world in an attempt to escape these ideal and persecutions from those who would rule by force.

    We talk to our children and members of our faith but cannot control feeble minded people or the thoughts of those who have been wronged at any point of their lives. We continually pray for the safety and friendship of everyone involved. We teach them what we can but ultimately each individual will follow what they will.

    I and many others condemn the actions of those who will hurt and kill the innocent. Linda Sarsour does not speak for me or even the majority of followers of the Islamic faith. People ask if we were truly against this... Why don't we speak against it? The truth is we have and do on many social platforms. It's just not newsworthy content. What we see in response is..."1%er", "Your religion allows you to lie" and others which tend to be vulgar or racist in nature. It's there, it just don't make the news and as such few are actively listening.

    On a more personal note, she waged war on the U.S. Government, may she rot in a prison cell the rest of her life!

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Thank you, Rashid. Bless you. In the U.S. there are college professors and communists who teach immorality, godlessness, hate and sedition to young people who are naïve and vulnerable. That is why there is so much unrest here now. Not because our country is bad. Because so many of our people are bad, or just misguided.

    2. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach


    3. Sara's Avatar Sara

      Dear Rashid, My heart goes out to you and your struggle with this kind of hatred. I'm glad you are in the United States. We are all fighting for some kind of common sense here and peaceful coexistence.

    4. revbarbarajadams's Avatar revbarbarajadams

      Thank you. We don't often get to hear a Muslim standing up for America. I truly appreciate your candor, Rashid.

      1. kimm's Avatar kimm

        I'll just second your comment, as I was thinking the same...

    5. Marshall Thompson's Avatar Marshall Thompson

      Thank you for your wise comment!

    6. sasmith004's Avatar sasmith004

      Thank you for expressing the majority of your religion. I wonder what would happen if she was saying these thing about a government in one of the Muslim nations. I think first she would not be allowed to speak out like this. Second she would disappear, if I am not mistaken. Are not women in these countries treated as property? If I am wrong please correct me.

      1. Rashid's Avatar Rashid

        Hi Scott,

        First I'd like to thank you for your questions and interest in the matter. It's great to actually have an intellectual conversation about all of this.

        Regarding women being active in politics... You have to keep in mind that there is a relious and cultural devide in the Middle East. Islam has verses in the Qur'an requiring fair treatment of women, however, breaking a curtural practice is a hard thing to eradicate.

        Since the issue is cultural it varies by region on how women should be treated vs the actual treatment of women. As it stands now, Saudi Arabia has recently allowed women to vote and run in elections. Women have faught hard for their place in government as well as at home. On the flip side, not many men vote for women. This will take a while before it is more acceptable for women.

        How does this apply to Linda Sarsour? While she may have the opportunity to speak, not many men will listen to her for the fact of her being a female. Some may have a rather large issue with her speech and how it portrays Islam or Muslims. I couldn't imagine anyone harming her for her speech but violence was the resort for much less on other occasions.

        In the not too distant past leaders would not allow anyone to speak against a nation... Much less a woman. This included western civilizations as well. The Middle East, however, continued and in some respects continues the killing of people for speaking against the nation. Keep in mind that this too is changing.

        My opinion is that Linda Sarsour is just riding the political train. Using common issues to get support as a leader. Just like Hitler did!

        As far as being property... Some still treat women as property just like anywhere in the world. This is an issue that surpasses all cultures and religions alike. Some men beat their wives or children. Or, they may not beat them but instead verbally or sexually abuse them. What is now coming to light is that some men are the abused! And we haven't even talked about children yet!

        What you see in the news isn't always true. In the middle east, not all women are treated badly. However, if this was a hotbed issue, I wouldn't bet against Linda Sarsour using it gain support!

        Again, thanks for the questions and the opportunity to discuss this issue.

  1. Bernard Moleman's Avatar Bernard Moleman

    If liberals weren't so patheticly weak I would fear their constant calls to violence. But most have very puny arms and are quite flabby.

    1. Alan Meunier's Avatar Alan Meunier

      Islam is most probably the most conservative religion in the world, therefore, your statement makes zero sense.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Which is why it is so strange that liberal Americans try to support it. Any good Muslim will think any practicing liberal should be exterminated.

    2. Sara's Avatar Sara

      Bernard, This is one of the the stupidest, most pathetic and depraved comments I've ever read in this forum. Get a life.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        But it IS funny when you tease your enemies, Bernard. We tease our friends, too. That's how we show love for our fellow humans, by teasing them. Especially the ones who live with their parents because they cannot hold a job.

      2. biblical scholar's Avatar biblical scholar

        I GUARANTEE I am stronger than You Sarah.. What do you bench?

        1. Sara's Avatar Sara

          Nice to know that you have a sense of humor.

    3. Preacher Girl's Avatar Preacher Girl

      <--------------<< Faux Newz. You must have taken a wrong turn when you crawled out from under the bridge.

      1. Marshall Thompson's Avatar Marshall Thompson

        Nonsensical comment meaning nothing

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to believe she would not be aware of how the word would be received...she had to know...making a speech like that is the opposite of being a loving, caring person...the speech was divisive, inciting and not is a shame...Tom

    1. David Rediger's Avatar David Rediger

      Her speech was filled with underlying meanings and threats. If you want to hear a true message of peace listen to Dr Kings "On the Mountaintop" speech.

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    Its a shame to see this...Its nothing but hate. The sad thing is this country was build by people that were running from persecution because of their religion. And then became what they were running from. Not all...but again a lot of lives lost because the religious ones did not speak up against their own...

  1. cnk guy's Avatar cnk guy

    I think the FBI need to have a talk with her.

  1. Ed's Avatar Ed

    If she doesn't like the US, she can go back to the Middle East, where she would be forced to where that full body shroud; where men can RAPE women, and the women have no recourse; where men old enough to be grandfathers wed girls as young as 8; and countries like Iran PUBLICLY EXECUTE PEOPLE FOR THE CRIME OF HOMOSEXUALITY! She has the big balls on her chest to talk about so-called "Islamophobia," when many nations ruled by Islam execute, or brutally murder people for their sexual orientation. Please, show me, RECENTLY, where members of the US government murdered people who were homosexual, or Islamic, or what not.

    Here, a former migrants himself, a college professor offered a refugee a place in his very home, and due to a disagreement, he was found with his head SMASHED to a bloody mess, dragged around and hidden:

    Here's a nice collection of Muslim terrorist attacks:

    Muslim American's SUPPORTING Trump: In this url, 72 from the nations Trump wanted a ban on--the original data came from the Obama admin!--were CONVICTED of terrorism. These included those on student VISAs, and even a diplomatic visa. Crimes varied, including being armed with a machine gun, missiles, and various explosives.

    So, no, it's NOT "Islomophobia," when students and even a diplomat come armed with WMDs!

    1. Rev. M. Dash's Avatar Rev. M. Dash

      The US has murdered more blacks than the holocaust killed Jews; the US murdered Indians to take their lands; and the Americans were the first to scalp Indians and cut the female Indian women's breasts to make coin purses; the US imprisoned Japanese American Citizens and seized their land and money, and put them into concentration camps and tortured them. Do you want to hear more? Even President Trump admits war means torture and killing and "we've done a lot of that"! People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

      You are covered under the First Amendment, as is she.

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Your acrimony is noted, but all societies evolve. The sub-culture to which she belongs is well behind on the societal evolutionary scale. I think it strange that you defend her so fervently. I wonder if you would defend a Christian with equal ardor.

      2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Oh, and I would like to know from whence you get your figures. I do not for one minute believe they can be accurate, and all of your statement is exaggerated, I suppose for emphasis, but none of that has any bearing on this. Whatever one person or one group did 50 or 100 years ago has no bearing at all on present-day survival. You cannot go to jail for a chicken your grandfather stole, and I have no right to hate you because your ancestor took mine's horse or vice-versa. You are clouding the whole issue with emotional baggage which has no bearing on reality. It is a type of subterfuge which is very low on the logic scale but high on the emotional one. Boo-hoo. Now, can we be logical instead?

      3. Damon L Gardiner's Avatar Damon L Gardiner

        miki dash your just a hater who knows no joy

      4. David MacKenzie's Avatar David MacKenzie

        Me thinks you've not actually studied history. Have white Americans committed terrible acts? Yes. Have White Americans evolved? Yes. Muslims have devolved. They, at one time, had an amazing culture full of science and knowledge. But Mohammad felt it was easier to control and subjugate the masses if all of that was made against gods plan. We see a great deal of that replaying out today. Rid the lowly of knowledge and you can do what you like. Fill them with fear and they will blow themselves up on command.

      5. Marshall Thompson's Avatar Marshall Thompson

        You're not entitled to your own facts. In World War II the Japanese were interned and they were not tortured, big difference. And by the way this was after they bombed Pearl Harbor in a sneak attack.

  1. Pat Alfus's Avatar Pat Alfus

    Hum-m-m-m-m-m, let me see - she has already committed IDOLATRY by allowing her picture, aka image recreated, to be made and seen by UNRELATED MALES. Death sentence or merely imprisonment? I guess the local leader of her mosk will let her nearest male relative know what punishment she deserves. MAKE-UP? Face UNCOVERED? More problems that enhance her to others than a husband. Another punishment? Perhaps meKKKah will need to decides on that issue as well. I literally watched the Trade Centers get built from my childhood bedroom windows (in Jersey City). I also, while driving on the Turnpike (NJTPK) to get to a meeting, saw the 1st plane hit. Hence, until iz-SLUM awakes to the 21st century and treats all as equals (even US infidels) i have less than any respect for that D**N religion. If she doesn't like the way the West treats her idiotic fayth, then move to Sordid Ah-ray-bee-ah and live under the required 'house arrest' all females must endure. Afterall, if I, or anyone else, could get a new number system formulated, it would be a get joy to not have use the ones the Ae-rahbz developed. Anyone for A=one, B=two, C=three, etc. Afterall, they were originally formulated by the Phoenicians & Greeks prior to anything dealing with mud-HAM-mud. AMEN

  1. Rev. M. Dash's Avatar Rev. M. Dash

    This is within the Constitutional Right of Freedom of Speech. By Caucasians using a term used by militants--not religious militants--but people on a destructive mission, and feel Muslims must eliminate it from their vocabulary is absurd. It would be as though African Americans would say to them: remove boy from your vocabulary because it was used to demeanor black slaves. Since this is supposedly a "religious/spiritual " site, I would think the comments would be less hatred and more critical thinking before responding. However, you are expressing your Freedom of Speech while denying others this ability. The problem is: white American cannot take any criticism and will even defend a bigot against anyone who is not white. If this offends you: You need serious psychological help to find out where this hatred comes from. It is not healthy and will fester until it kills you--not jihad--your own hatred and paranoia.

    I lived through 9/11 and lost many close friends who I had breakfast with that morning. I was stunned at first, then angry, and eventually realized I was becoming a part of a downward spiral where I could not enjoy life. I chose to look deeply in my soul and realized that it was more important to gather water, boots for cadaver dogs, and deal with what was happening before me because that's what New Yorkers do. The whole picture was more important than the pinhole view. We are a city where there are more than 245 languages spoken, and you can get any cuisine 24 hours a day. We can't live in hate--if we do, we have come them, they win. We have to be smarter and pull together; we have cameras everywhere and people notice things out of the ordinary. But our life moves on: the Thanksgiving Parade, parades for all different ethnic group where we all participate, July 4th celebrations with fireworks and even the Pope felt safe to go into the crowds. Things have changed and life moves on; we view them as individuals that want to make our lives insecure; we won't let it happen--nor will the other 8million people from all countries, representing many religions and philosophies. The rest of America has to learn to come together; hate polarizes.

    1. Pat Alfus's Avatar Pat Alfus

      Unfortunately, iz-slum IS BASED upon hate. Ever since 632 AD, they have done nothing but foster violence to lead the way of their fayth. Just know that death is the main focus of the meKKKah philosophy. In today's newspaper there was an article about the death sentence (following a massive beating) for a Gay Man under mud-HAM-mud's concepts.

  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I recall President W using the term Crusade and drawing a lot of criticism for it. It was offensive to Muslims. He was using it in the same sense it has traditionally been used in my own lifetime in this country-- an ongoing struggle for a noble cause. Everyone knew what he meant but nobody cared. They used it as a cudgel against him, not because they were ACTUALLY offended, but because they wanted leverage.

    I think it is ridiculous this woman has an audience in the first place (outside of her own community), and I blame a sensationalizing, shallow, hideously biased press for that. I still think if people want any law that is out of sync with our constitution, they should go and live where our constitution does not apply. Then they can struggle less, and will not have to worry about American bigotry. It would be a win/win.

    1. Pat Alfus's Avatar Pat Alfus

      BINGO!! My comments as such were posted as well. Glad to know WE (you and I) think alike on this matter!

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Amen, Patrick.

  1. Shiva Atma Singh's Avatar Shiva Atma Singh

    I do not believe you should be allowed to use the word anymore given the context it's used with terrorism. The woman was wrong. She knows this and is playing ignorant.

  1. Paul Davis-Cooke's Avatar Paul Davis-Cooke

    Sarsour is a very intelligent and well spoken woman. She is neither vague nor inclined to mis-speak. Sadly, she is also committed to the Islamic ideal of spreading Islam and Shari'a to the whole world, by any means necessary. In the context of her previous pronouncements I think it logical to take her mention of Jihad as being an incitement to violence.

    We cannot defeat ISIS and the programme of radicalising disenchanted Muslim youth by solely military means. Alongside direct action in Syria we must win the battle of hearts and minds. We do this by uniting with Muslim communities, to help and encourage them in their efforts to identify those who are at risk of radicalisation, or already being corrupted, and to root out the evil ones who wish to use Muslim youth as weapons.

    Sarsour and others like her seek to divide us. They fear, quite rightly, any move towards acceptance and increased integration because they bring with them a trend of modernising Islam. Christianity was once red to the elbows with the blood of innocents, pagans and different Christian sects but since the Enlightenment its power has been eroded and it has had to mature and change, in the main. Islam is 600 years younger and it too can change, can abandon it's more violent creeds. We must assist Muslims around the world in this process and resist people like Sarsour who are utterly careless of people's suffering in their fundamentalists quest for Islamist domination.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      I see nothing in your comments with which I disagree, Paul, but I would contribute that the Moslems respect strength, even in their enemies, and they despise and exploit weakness. I believe they see any appeasement or accommodation as weakness. If we REALLY respect them, we will rigidly enforce our values in our land, and have one set of laws for everyone, regardless of race, creed, religion, or national origin.

  1. John OConnor's Avatar John OConnor

    Having read the Koran many years ago, I know what these people want. Their purpose is to replace ALL religions with Islam and to kill off anyone who does not convert. That IS what the Koran preaches. They will lie to achieve their purposes. The really scary thing is that there is no such thing as a moderate Islamic. You are either all in or all out, and if you are all out your are one of the dead to them. Yes, they scare me.

    1. revbarbarajadams's Avatar revbarbarajadams

      I have read it as well and have come to the same conclusion.

  1. Chris Rapicano's Avatar Chris Rapicano

    When I read the quoted passage from her speech, it seemed to me that it encouraged people to stand up against oppression, and that hopefully Allah would accept this as a form of "jihad', which I have always taken to mean "to struggle in the ways of Allah." When I hear "jihad" my first thought is the struggle to overcome my darker side, the struggle with my own selfishness, etc. I don't think she was calling for anything but a desire for social justice here. But fear and misunderstanding have a way of twisting everything. Unfortunate.

  1. CDawson's Avatar CDawson

    She preaches Sharia and Jihad against the President. Then when people get mad, she claims Islamophobia. You can NOT have it both ways. America is a Christian country. If you want to come to this country, assimilate and understand that the USA is a melting pot of MANY cultures. If you are here to change this country for the better, GO AWAY!

  1. Damon L Gardiner's Avatar Damon L Gardiner

    truth john .they caused the dark ages 3 in fact.destroyed civilization as we knew it.the only positive thing iv heard they did was stop the plague due to fact that their pirate ships ruled the seas and people stopped travel port to port so had to travel by land and put a stop to the plague other then that they burned great art books ,knowledge,buildings,destroyed cultures everywhere they went and replaced them with hell on earth and more.the islamic religion has never been successful converting if not using lies and force as only children brought up in this religion or those with severe inbred problems accept this way of life as peaceful.

  1. Mark's Avatar Mark

    Has her speech made a difference? Have Muslims started demonstrating in the streets of Washington DC? Are Muslims in America gathering in their Mosques planning Resist Now strategies? What have been the results to her speech for a "Call to Action?"

  1. David's Avatar David

    "Every major religion today is a winner in the Darwinian struggle waged among cultures, and none ever flourished by tolerating its rivals." Edward O. Wilson

  1. tom's Avatar tom

    It's NOT Islamophobia. A phobia is the fear of something that does not really represent a threat. Islamic Fascism is at war with the entire in its efforts to destroy freedom of thought, liberty and individuality. My basic rules are "don't believe and don't follow" no matter what religion it is.

  1. john's Avatar john

    deport her...period

  1.'s Avatar

    It is a crime to incite violence, but I think we do not understand the word "Jihad." As Chris Rapicino states above, Jihad means our own struggle with our own faults, an ordeal we have to face with God's help. God is waiting for all of us to wake up to love.

  1. Carole Lynn Steiner's Avatar Carole Lynn Steiner


  1. Reverend1's Avatar Reverend1

    Bring it on Linda Sarsour and your Muslims. I'm locked, loaded, and ready for you. Militias stand ready.

  1. Guairdean's Avatar Guairdean

    dotwilson commented "It is a crime to incite violence, but I think we do not understand the word “Jihad.” As Chris Rapicino states above, Jihad means our own struggle with our own faults, an ordeal we have to face with God’s help. God is waiting for all of us to wake up to love."

    The original meaning, and the current meaning to some, of the word Jihad is not in question. The problem is its current meaning. If you go to a predominantly Muslim country and promote a Crusade against injustice, you will not be well received. The word has very negative connotations. Those truly promoting a struggle against injustice would avoid the term. In this case, the speaker chose to use an inflammatory word with negative connotations. If this was done innocently, the she must be considered a poor speaker and educated about her error. If it was done intentionally, she must be chastised and ignored. Her response to the controversy, or lack of response, will dictate which action is appropriate.

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    Fellow seems to me that while she may have utilized her right to freedom of speech, which this country has allowed up to the point of sedition, she still had the choice of using her judgment...this was not good judgment...however, the bottom line is that if we want to move forward in our world of illusion and karma, we should speak of love and positive, not argumentative...there are too many people who feel the way to express themselves and "win" points, it is necessary to argue and attack...all this does is create negative karma...Tom

  1. Bill Fox's Avatar Bill Fox

    As to her intentions, we will have to leave that up to the Secret Service. I'm sure her foreign supporters are thrilled to have her under scrutiny by the Secret Service.

  1. Ernie Walden's Avatar Ernie Walden

    I think you all should read "Why We Want to Kill You" by Walid Shoebat

    A former Islamic terrorist.... ISBN # 978-0-9771021-4-3

    One way or another they want to destroy our country.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Ernie, you're obscuring the liberal agenda with useful information! Please stop at once! That's just MEAN!

  1. William C Millhouse's Avatar William C Millhouse

    We must get rid of this oppressive Trump administration--He claims to be a Christian and we all know how Christian he and his followers are.

    1. CW's Avatar CW

      Oppressive Trump administration, really? oppressive to whom? Christian tried to wipe out all other forms of religion on the past. Is the Trump administration oppressive to illegals, terrorist, and Radical Islamic Way of life, set on wiping out all non-believers? Or is it just that you are butt hurt Hillary did not win so she could screw up the USA one more time. It was not bad enough her husbands presidency, while he was getting blow jobs, allowed her to make NAFTA a reality destroying the USA economy. You want her to do it again by ignoring the threat of the Radical Islamic hate of all things American and western countries? By not putting Americans and non hateful religions first? By believing in the false information put forth by the News about climate change? By inventing millions of votes after all had been counted and claiming she won? Oh and by the way if you forgot Obama was elected by the electoral college and not popularity twice, but now it is not good enough for the Democrat ass wipe idiots. By the way all illegals in other countries are met with way worse then being sent back to country of origin, like death in some counties. So what Oppression are you talking about. The Oppression of the stupid obama care, which by the way was only good for the insurance companies and not anyone in america. Oh wait the Oppression of women right? Is that who your idiot brain meant? Lets see Like his daughter or his wife right? Maybe the falsely reported sexual harassment by women who had actually pressed sexual assault charges against Bill Clinton and been paid to drop them? You statement in an article about a Threat to the president of the USA by a non american psychopath, Whom should have been kick out of the USA after the first violent demonstration of her group during a peaceful "protest", is idiotic and moronic. How the fuck did you get into this newsletter?

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        Now CW, you know they cheated all they could at every point along the way in the election and STILL LOST, so yeah, they're butt-hurt. They should have won, because they cheated so much.

    2. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Yeah, Millhouse, Trump really has his foot on your neck, doesn't he? You are such a hypocrite. Get a clue.

    3. Alan's Avatar Alan

      They really need to have an online IQ test you must take before you are able to write anything on these sites. you have either been brainwashed, are illiterate or blind to reallity, or again have the IQ of a walnut.

  1. CW's Avatar CW

    This "woman" should be put in prison or deported for her threats against the president and call for Violence. Bill clinton had to senior citizens put in jail for calling him a crap president. They spent a week in the same jail without any charges and where released only after he left DC for some vacation elsewhere. Why has this "woman" not been deported or imprisoned for her threats to the nation and the president. Just the word Jihad should have put her in jail. Her right to free speech is not in question. She has the right to say anything as long as she is not try to call for violence, which we all know she was. Also anyone from her side saying right to free speech when they tell every one else to shut up and tell them on campus you can not say what ever you want "safe zone" is the most laughable thing I ever heard. You can just use a law when you feel like it. The right of free speech is to say anything you want any time. Not, to not be offended by someone else right to free speech. This 'woman" was calling for violence against the president which is against the law. She needs to be made an example and put in jail and sentenced to the full extent of the law. Maybe if that happens the Feminist will wake up and quit defending Islam and see it for what it really is. I bet there would be no question of is she should go to jail if she was a Scientologist? Both Islam and Scientology see non-believers as the same thing.

  1. Alan's Avatar Alan
    *** Please understand this. Muslims started the Crusades (they attacked and looted, murdered, raped and destroyed churches and Temples across eastern europe) until the western kingdoms finally broke down and sent help (Crusaders). There were series of these attacks. As recently as the late 1800's, early 1900's the muslims started 'jihad' in Mexico and took it into the southern states, such as Arizona, Texas, etc. This was at a time when American politicians were not 'shemales'. General 'Blackjack' Pershing was sent by the President to 'fix' the mess. Pershing killed the nuts he could and captured the rest. He sentenced them to death (war crimes), and had them lined/tied to posts and let them watch as Pershing had his firing squads gut some pigs (muslims have strict laws against contact, consumption of pig and it is a curse to consume) and place all their rifle cartridges in the gut of the pigs and soak them in pig blood and guts. The soldiers took the cartridges directly from the pigs bellies and loaded guns. They shot all but one. Pershing told the intended surviver to go home and let his people know what would be waiting for them if they came back for more.
       I have lived in muslim countries and the vast majority are kind, decent people, but they do see non muslims as lesser people, but feel it is not their problem. The radicals do. And there are many. The Clerics stir them into murderous hatred of all that is not muslim or controlled by the barbaric rules of sharia law.  Sarsour (above) is not violating sharia as she is doing jihadist works. The koran states that it is alright to deceive your enemies, and it is actually the best way to treat enemies. She is part of the deception. That it is 'OK' for a woman to be outspoken for rights, etc. (since she is practicing more propaganda for the jihad) She knows she is only being 'allowed' by the male clerics to carry out this part of 'jihad'. 
          The democrats/left/progressives/socialists/communists (redundant) like this as it creates disorder and chaos, which is what socialists (et al) want, so they can become the saviour of the day. AND note this. The biggest backer of this chaotic mess is George Soros, a former NAZI subcontractor who started his fortune working for NAZI's and later made a fortune in currency market trading. He destabilized the British pound so much in the 1970's its' value plummeted, he made another fortune buying back,now, cheap pounds, bankrupted 10's of thousands, and the world switched from the pound to the US dollar as the international currency of trade. He is trying to do that now and the democrats are doing their best to help as he basically funds the party. And their campaigns. He is admittedly not ashamed of his behaviour (his words) as he is in business to make money (what ever it takes). He should be tried for war crimes (WWII) as he, at the request of the NAZI SS, cleared all the furniture and belongings the SS did not take from the houses of those arrested and sent to either labor or death camps. This was a crime against Hungary, and humanity.  He actually had gotten a new identitybefore the NAZIs invaded (his father knew the NAZIs were coming and had a false family background and records and ID's created so the NAZI's would not find out they were Jewish.) There is a lot of backstory to what is happening today, and people need to learn the past to understand today. (Did you know the ACLU was started in 1922 by an avowed communist who started the ACLU stating he would destroy the constitution by using Americas own laws to do it. This helps explain why the left has been appointed radical left wing judges, especially on the Federal appeals courts (who seem to always rule in favor of the marxists) EG: The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, et al.
  1. sasmith004's Avatar sasmith004

    Why is it that immigrants come to the United States for a better life, ( I agree with legal immigration). After they are here they try to change it to the country the came from. It doesn't make sense to me.

    I believe every legal citizen has a right to voice their opinion, and concerns. But I don't agree with this lady's views. She has a right to the religion that she chooses. But in America threatening the President's life ( any President) is breaking the law. I consider this a threat.

    In closing if you immigrate here from an oppressive country to have a better life, don't try and change the country to what you left.

    1. sasmith004's Avatar sasmith004

      Rashid, Thank you for taking the time to explain some things to me. I am a Christian, but do not knock anybody on how the believe, we are all trying to get to the same place in the end. I know America is a melting pot of all races, nationalities, and religions.

      I am 57 years old and still do not understand that you immigrate legally to another country ( I know she is an American who converted), from a country that repressed you. It must have been extremely bad to up and move a world away. Then when you get to the new country, you try to change it to where you just came from. It doesn't make want sense to me. Are they sent here by their former government to try and undermine the government of the country the immigrated to? The world has be come too POLITICALLY CORRECT. Everybody is afraid they are going to offend the other person. Yet the person they are trying not to offend take advantage and turns the words around on you claiming you are discriminating against them because of their religion, sex, race, nationality, or sexual preferences.

      Thank you again, and look forward to chatting with you again.

          Scott Smith
  1. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

    Linda Sarsour was in her right, both as a Muslim and being able to use freedom or speech. She is an intelligent, well spoken, and respected woman, in and outside Islam. Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. When she called for Jihad, her congregants knew exactly what she meant, yet many were angered because the fear of the U.S. citizens understanding of the word would cause even more acts of terror Muslims and people of an Arabic decent.

  1. Linda's Avatar Linda

    For the last ten years I have been researching past history! Right now I am fearing for the innocent American people, because the Children of the Lamp are asleep. The Holy Bible are written with LOVE of the Christ children's. Christians of America needs to check out Egyptian's in the Grand Canyon. First part of our holy book is Abraham, however if a person takes the A from Abraham than we have the Muslins Brahman. From Abraham section than enters into the wars of Muhammad, up to the New Testament. New Testament is the teaching of Jesus Christ. From my understanding Sunni Muslim chose Abu Bakr as their leader. The Shiite Muslims chose Ali and are waiting for the return of Mahdi. This is where it gets interesting because Mahdi is MA-Nu a Egyptian name that scholars of America have fought over the meaning. Muhammad told Iran however the people never listen in that time frame of 625 A.D.. Also 625 A.D. is when Arabian Christians broke away from Rome. Washington D.C. also have a center where Muslins and Christians are trying to work things out. So do not panic people in America. Fear is our worst enemy. God's bless the people of America regardless of our faith. Look in the Nag Library! Half the Muslins believes in Jesus and the other half just taught the way of John who was the fore-runner for Christ. Peace with everyone!

    1. Alan's Avatar Alan

      If you studied from books that have not been rewritten by the 'left', and read older works, you would know Muhammad was as religious as a toaster. The fact is, Christianity had spread into western Asia and Europe by his day. Muhammad was a 'warlord', and great at it. Raiding. stealing, plundering, raping and murdering. His 'clan' or followers were hearing the words of Jesus and the gospels and started to rethink some of their behaviour. Muhammad decided he had to give them what they wanted, but it would have to allow them to continue the barbarism as usual. He took the old and new testaments and took the acceptable, but added about 150 extras, that allowed the murder, taxation, mutilation, etc of 'infidels' as well as the confiscation of their property, land, money and numerous other atrocities. Within 2 years of spreading the koran around and eliminating/discrediting christian thought, he was right back in the saddle, warriors in tow, raping, stealing, murdering and plundering. He was basically the Hitler of his day. And his nightmare continues to this day.

  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    By whom is she respected ? Answer- By idiots and jihadists (and of course democrats (marxists)) Adolph Hitler was well spoken and highly respected (at least until he invaded Poland, some of his popularity dropped outside of Germany). Lenin, Castro, Mao, Pol Pot, and Mussolini were quite well respected and well spoken. Read the 12:13 pm post above and learn to separate 'good vibes' from reality. Keep in mind, Evil, whether human or 'satanic' does exist and deception is the key to its' success. Think deeply, not superficially, and the world will be a better, safer place

    1. Galin Pheylan's Avatar Galin Pheylan

      You are a sad person, who probably believes, even when there is a church on almost every corner of a town and city, that christianism is under attack in our U.S. I ask "where?", and "by whom?" I am 56 and have never seen it yet. Though I am not christian (christ-like), I am more so than many posting here, whom disavow there supposed lords' teachings of Do to others as you would they do to you, sow and you shall reap, love your neighbor as yourself, if a man strike you on the cheek, turn to him the other also (para-phrased), then there is your so called ten commandments of one is you shall not kill. Most "reverends, ministers, priests, etc. posting here remind me of a verse from your own book, where god is supposed to have said, "The people are close to me with their lips, but their heart is far from me".

      1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

        You would think from most of the posts on all of these ULC Monastery blogs that it IS under attack, at least from people with views not terribly different from yours.

      2. Alan's Avatar Alan

        You need to read more. The left has been vocal about the 'hate full nature of christianity' and are behind all legislation trying to stifle public christian speech (they have no problem with other religions, except judaism). This is because the constitution states human rights are given by God. The left hates this as they believe it should be up to the government what people can an can not do (and I am referring to social activities and religious activities, not necessarily the criminal code). They want to be able to say who can live and die (is treatment cost effective?); No treatment, he's too old, not worth it. Be able to confiscate money from people if they think they 'have to much'. Yes, there is a war on christianity in the US. It is a large factor in preventing them from turning the US into a one party, stalinist style system. People like you are the reason Germany was fooled by Hitler, Russia by Stalin, Cuba by Castro, etc.

  1. Robert's Avatar Robert

    well yes she was inciting violence and should be at the least investigated for such!

  1. Gary Gletty's Avatar Gary Gletty

    I was frankly stunned by the negativity in this section. I turned to the YouTube recording of Linda Sarsour's speech and it is quite clear from the whole context of her speech that she was not calling for violence. Please listen to her actual speech.

  1. Pat Alfus's Avatar Pat Alfus

    Well, any follower of mud-HAM-mud is a follower of violence. Ever since 632 AD, the sword has been used as the leader of that particular fayth. Afterall, EVERY Infidel requires death (unless they accept al-lah) and anyone who leaves the teaching of the pro-fit is required to be killed (read the recent news about the murders in Europe, and elsewhere, of those leaving meKKKah behind). As for me, from my childhood JC home's back windows ; I watched THE Trade Centers get built and while heading towards a conference meeting, literally, saw the 1st plane hit the building. Hence, though a devout minister of Universal's ministry, I cannot and will not have anything positive to say or could even think about iz-slum as a plus. Afterall, the leaders do nothing but foster dreadful actions upon one and all who do not follow their 'preachings.' hitler was, in his demand of killing anyone not of his fayth, a 'philosophical follower 'of that religion's overall commandments of their actions to the Nth degree. If it were possible, I would even foster another method to use the universal number system without those symbols generated from that desert place of evil and destruction. AMEN

  1. Pat Alfus's Avatar Pat Alfus

    PS In terms of Linda Sarsour, having her picture posted (idolatry), wearing make-up (sinful promiscuity), and speaking to men (sexual sinfulness) would get her killed, with no discourse, in the bedrock of that fayth (sordid ah-ray-bee-ah). they would even be sure that her own father through the 1st stone. So, for her to use the word Jihad should have her arrested and tried for promoting violence and war. Afterall, should that happen dn a 'guilty' verdict is reached, she could really follow her fayth by being forced to wear 'universal clothing, aka Stripes, and no make-up. Then, perhaps she would feel more at ease and better able to follow her philosophy begun by the pro-fit mud-HAM-mud

  1. angel's Avatar angel

    This isn't a "Muslim" thing, this is a "keep the refuggess who have already created a severe rape crisis in other countries out!" thing. This is a "need to prevent another 9/11" thing. Whether you like it or not, Islam has some really screwed up beliefs, and allowing grown men to sodomize infants is but one of many! You want to be a part of this country, then your going to have to put some of your crazy rules aside and conform to this society. If you think your religious laws are above our laws, then go back to your own country where your laws are accepted! Islam is NOT a religion, it's a culture, it's literally what governs most Middle Eastern societies. This culture doesn't mesh well with Western Cultures UNLESS the Muslim is willing to conform and mesh their laws with our laws. And many do that. But the problem is, When groups of people start blowing up people all in the name of their religion, and this isn't some random psychopath, then OUR obligation is to our people, including the Muslims who live peacefully in our society, and in order to do that, we need a better vetting process. How many people stopped going to the Catholic Church or took their kids out of Catholic schools in fear their kids may get molested? Even though it is certain priests who did this, the problem is, there were ALOT of priests who did this and there is NO WAY to figure out who they are, so what do you do? You side with caution. If the problem child were Christians, and again, this is not a hand full that decided to blow up an abortion clinic, then the same would be done. I get so tired of people having to "prove" their not biased" by agreeing to something rediculious and placing all of us in grave danger. These refuggess have already proven that they DON'T care about our laws and they will run around, do what they want and leave a trail of victims behind them. Most of the European countries have already closed their doors and have kicked them out because they CHOSE NOT to follow our laws! There are even terrorists in the mix! We don't know which ones are not good and which ones may be ok. So, I say, keep them out until you figure it out!

  1. William Bleakney's Avatar William Bleakney

    Would you folks, listen to yourselves! Everyone has a right to an opinion. It is like religion, you have the right to practice that freedom. Just don't try to shove it down my throat. Thank You ☺

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    To All, including the ULC...i listened carefully to the speech...while i feel that any use of the word "jihad" is unfortunate, i do not feel she was calling for violence at problem with her approach is that it is "us" vs. "them"...rather than supporting integration of Muslims into American society, she seeks power in American society, and this is not is like political parties vying for power in a Parliamentary system...this is not how people learn to live and work together...there is no more importance to Allah than there is to any other God of a religion...they are all constructs of ego, and illusory...we are all the same...we are all the same...i also think it would have been better, in this case, if the ULC posted the video, rather than a partial summary...Linda Sarsour's demeanor was a call for Muslim unity, when it would be better if it was a call for overall unity...Tom

  1. Don Valentine's Avatar Don Valentine

    We have people who are always ready to cause confusion. All that is required is for someone with a "voice" and a "name" to pin the action to. Ones words may not mean anything much but the snowballing effect it may have, one cannot totally predict. Eg. A man wants revenge on another but doesn't know how to do it and get away. No one knows he is harbouring this dubious plan. He over hears another man threatening the guy he wants to harm in public; an idea comes quickly: "tonight I will kill him in his sleep, I will never be the suspect in this". Linda probably meant nothing really, but it would have been better if she had never mentioned the word "JIHAD".

  1. Minster Melissa's Avatar Minster Melissa

    I have some concerns that the church sounds as if it is standing with Trump in this story. Trump, who has committed many acts that are against mankind, lied, and admitted violating women while he repeatedly incited violence against people at his rallies around the country.
    There should be a separation of church and state. All Gods children should be treated with kindness while being kind to others. I feel the only true sin is to intentionally hurt another. It doesn't matter what side you support. Good is good, Mean is mean and Hate is hate no matter who you are.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      You know, I realize that your side cheated in every way that it could to win, and still lost, and that is why so many are so upset. You all thought, as much as you were cheating and lying, that you had to win. Still, everybody is just sick of the lies. You can twist this and that and make some exaggerations sound true, but it is a flat lie that he repeatedly incited violence against people at his rallies around the country. A flat lie. You know, if you want to criticize someone, even though you have to be two-faced and hypocritical about it, you should criticize them honestly, not just make stuff up. If he is one tenth as evil as you make him out to be, you could find something honestly bad to say, not just keep throwing the same trash and hoping some sticks.

  1. Lee Conner's Avatar Lee Conner

    The woman is just an egotistical bigot with a mic. Her words are dangerous when inciting jihad. I don't care if it was a jihad of words. Most Muslims aren't going to look at it that way. I am not for or against Trump. My husband likes him. I'm bisexual and see nothing wrong with his political views yet. I support my country, so till Trump is doing something to hurt our country, I have his back. I've read the comments about the Muslim bans. Like Mr Owens says, there is no Muslim bans. It is just a bunch of hype to bring in ratings and to incite bigotry, hate, and maybe even riots. Get off the media band wagon and get on a patriotic one and protect this country...not your ego.

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

      Good stuff Katie, and not because you mentioned me. I'm just sick of the stupid communist anti-Trump hype. I'm not a hero-worshipper. I'll leave that to people with herd mentality. I have had real role models in my life, people I knew. Not sports figures or politicians or celebrities. That is why we have fathers and uncles and grandfathers. Whatever the motives, he wants to do good for this country, which is more than ANYONE can honestly say for his immediate predecessor. Donald Trump LOVES the USA, and the man before him AND HIS WIFE did not. How anyone can hate someone who is working hard for them is beyond my comprehension. It is like an ungrateful child plotting murder against a loving, hard-working parent, just so they can get the insurance money and have no one to guide them anymore.

      They are worried more about the enemies of the nation than they are about their own children. I fear most of them are unable to think beyond the propaganda that engulfs them. They have not learned to watch the news, and hear what the news people are NOT saying, for instance, a child is killed or injured accompanying their parents to a riot. The news tells it in such a way so you will think the police were careless. The unthinking leave it at that. A thinker will ask, "Why did the parents take that child to a riot?" Another example, a child is killed by an Israeli missile strike on a known Hamas terrorist's vehicle, and the terrorist is also killed. "Oh, it just seems the Israelis are targeting children!" Hang on. Why was that child riding around with that terrorist? He could have been grooming the child to be a suicide bomber or the child may have been his sex slave. Those are the two most likely reasons, since the child was not the terrorist's child, but the HERD doesn't think about that. They think I am full of hate for thinking like that, and I cannot help but show my frustration for their lack of discernment and self-analysis.

      This is what happens when government controls education. The schools don't just reveal information to the students. They tell them how and what to think, until the ability to reason is a CONTROLLED ability. Not an UNLEASHED one. Very Pavlovian.

  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    If people could only understand that most of the insanity infecting the USA is coming directly from the democrat party and its' surrogates, such as George Soros and his 90+ front associations (with wonderful sounding names) dedicated to disrupting our society by trying to destroy our traditions, laws, respect for authority, and brainwashing students, now as early as elementary school. The teachers associations, believing they are 'special in intellect' (they are actually some of the least educated of people holding degrees, which is why they teach, because they truly are generally incapable of translating their training into a useful work product, and students, unlike 'bosses' or 'managers', will not call you on the spot when you screw up. They have all been constantly bombarded by union newsletters, which are authored by leftist, marxist nuts, often with degress, but they could not even get a teaching job. These people are of the same ilk as the weasel nutbuckets that thought Hitler 'was a great man' in the 1930's-40's. Joseph Goebells once told Hitler, tell them a 'big lie, and repeat it, repeat and repeat it again, and they will then believe it". This is the same strategy being employed by leftists in all media today, especially about Trump and Russia, for example. Harvard, as leftist as it gets, even found that CNN/MSNBC, etc, ran roughly 93% of their coverage on Trump and Russia, while ignoring N Korea, Iran, Clinton Foundation and new evidence of felonies. Soros learned well from the NAZI's and pays many of these sheep well to scramble your brains. God gave each of us a mind as well as a soul. LEARN TO USE your mind instead of leasing it out to the dreg's of morality and decency. Democrats also were behind all of the riots in the past few years (and most before), with George Soros actually paying these idiots to show up and create violence, taunt Trumps supporters, started 'Black Lives Matter' to help regenerate racial hatred and has resulted in the murder of numerous police officers. If you want peace in the USA, never vote for democrats until you actually study who they are and where they want to go (A one party government). This party should actually be indicted for murder and fraud.

  1. Mary Shaw's Avatar Mary Shaw

    True thinker at last, I knew you were out there somewhere :-)

    1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens


  1. Jef's Avatar Jef

    She is a loser trying to get media time. She wants fascism just as the Muslim a did when Hitler's was around. They will never be part of society. They tell us this everyday. Why does this article exist? Time to forget about what they want and get on with what we want.

    Have fun, The God of Dogs

  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    Whether you want to believe it or not, the current 'jihad' mentality has nothing to do with religion as far as its' leadership is concerned. It is purely political, and like all want to be dictators, you have to create enemies to get people willing to kill. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Castro, et al, had to create their enemies or they would have gone no where. Same here with the muslims trying to force their customs on the USA and Europe. They have found their 'useful idiots', as Stalin referred to them, in the form as the socialist media in USA and Europe and elsewhere, where these 'journalists' have been made useful idiots by their 'journalism' schools, the democratic party, editorial staff given 'perks' for pushing the liberal/progressive (Socialist/Marxist) ideology. These people, after due process, should be charged with treason and tried in federal court. They are clearly responsible for the murder of police officers, and others, the shooting of a US Congressman, millions in damage to private and public property and enough is now enough. These people would even be crazier, except the paid astro-turf, if the left was ever successful in getting rid of the 2nd amendment. The 2nd amendment is one of the main reasons they have not gone all out murderous. This woman, and her ilk, should be arrested, and if not a citizen taken out in the ocean, put in a small motorboat, with a frig full of pork lunch meat and bread and a compass. It should have an explosive device that detonates if it starts to head closer to the USA. SICK of the leftist propaganda. Muslims are fine. The muslim nuts are who I am referring to.

  1. Br'er George's Avatar Br'er George

    Based on what Ms. Sarsour said in her speech it should certainly be protected and her use of the word jihad does not encourage violence.

  1. Johnny Doeseph's Avatar Johnny Doeseph

    I do not believe that she meant to incite violence with this, however it most definitely would. Many people would take it as she was instructing them to attack Trump. Also, she does herself a disservice by saying everyone who criticizes her is Islamophobic.

  1. Alan's Avatar Alan

    This woman has no more concern for democracy than a fruit fly. If she is a citizen she should be charged with treason and executed, since 'Muslim' is, in fact, not a religion and was never designed to be by muhammed. It is a political system disguised as a religion by him to avert his 'clan' away from Christianity, which was causing them to 'rethink' their murder, pillage, burn and steal job description. Iran is a good example of this in its' fullness. The koran is not only the clerics bible, it is their constitution, their legal referrence for 'criminal' activities, you know, such as a woman needing 4 men as witnesses to prove she was raped; cutting off a hand of an accused thief; mutilating female genitalia; murdering anyone who decides to leave the 'faith'; invading other lands to 'convert' people to 'islam'; a family being able to murder a daughter if she dates a non-muslim, and I could go on...but I do not want to make anyone any sicker. No God (creator) would ever create a species (man) and then ask them to kill everyone else who does not believe in this god. All the sociopathic evils in the koran are without doubt, the warped musings of a sick, greedy malcontent, such as todays George Soros (former Nazi SS contractor, as a teen (and worse, he worked for them as a jewish person (but under a false identity, which is how he started his fortune). Muslims need to be treated as political creatures, not religious members. Most Muslims are not even aware of the reason for the existence of the 'faith', and do not like the types of muslims like this woman, or orgs' such as ISIS, etc, and wish these people would go away. But they are complicit in the sense they do not stand against it (other than for PR purposes (such as CAIR). I am sure many do not, because they do not want their spouse to wake up one morning with their severed head next to them.

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