pagan woman studying magic in ancient tomb
Will you major in magic next fall?

Are we one step closer to a real life Hogwarts?

Next year, students at the prestigious University of Exeter in Devon will begin a postgraduate degree unlike any other: a Masters in Magic.

Beginning in September 2024, students at the University of Exeter in Devon will be able to study the history of “esotericism, witchcraft, ritual magic, [and] occult science,” as they study towards their MA in Magic and Occult Science. 

The program has already received over 100 student inquiries and counting, confirming the program leader’s belief that the course is warranted due to "a recent surge in interest in magic and the occult.”

Would you major in magic?

Studying Witchcraft

While the finer details of the coursework seem to be still getting ironed out, it is believed that some of the courses would-be magic experts might study include courses on dragons in western literature and art, the legend of King Arthur, the philosophy of psychedelics, and the depiction of women in the Middle Ages, among others.

"Decolonisation, the exploration of alternative epistemologies, feminism and anti-racism are at the core of this programme," explains Professor Emily Selove, who will lead the upcoming program.

"Magic and the occult have been and remain an enormous part of Western culture, and it is foolish to deny this or to refuse to take it seriously. Rigorous study of these subjects allows us to reexamine the relationship of humans to the natural world and of different human cultures to one another."

The course will also challenge existing western teachings, Selove says.

“This MA will allow people to reexamine the assumption that the West is the place of rationalism and science, while the rest of the world is a place of magic and superstition."

Professor Selove says that “decolonisation, the exploration of alternative epistemologies, feminism, and anti-racism are at the core of this program.”

What might one do with such a degree?

The school says that their unique Masters in Magic will prepare students for jobs in “teaching, counseling, mentoring, heritage and museum work, work in libraries, tourism, arts organizations or the publishing industry,” among other career paths.

Full Circle

While the degree intentionally situates magic as a part of our shared global heritage, the irony of a trailblazing magic degree being offered in the UK of all places has not gone unnoticed.

This is, after all, the same place that put hundreds of individuals on trial for witchcraft between the 16th and 17th centuries, with some historical reports estimating that roughly 500 "witches" were executed in total.

And get this: the last of those is believed to have died in Devon in 1865 – the very city where students can now obtain their Masters in Magic.

What do you think of the MA in Magic and Occult Science? Does such a degree belong alongside similar fields of study, like theology or religious studies?

Given the choice, would you major in magic?


  1. Rev. Mike Eggleston's Avatar Rev. Mike Eggleston

    No different from a degree course in any other religion. I'd like to see more universities offering similar courses.

  1. Bishop William Dusenberry, DD's Avatar Bishop William Dusenberry, DD

    What’s the difference between magic and religious hocus-pocus? Is turning water into wine, and/or, turning wine into the actual blood of Jesus; or turning a wafer, made from bread, into an actual part of the body of Jesus, via transubstantiation, is that magic, or an exemplar of religious hocus-pocus? I require answers to these queries, before I can make up my mind

    1. Daniel J. Trebas's Avatar Daniel J. Trebas

      Our current science could be compared to somebody playing Yahtzee with only three dice. People like the Christ, and others, who have been able to use the full set of dice we're still working within the laws of nature; just the expanded rules version. And though these were called miracles per se, the word magic comes from the title of Magi. The Magi or wise ones were able to do things that most people couldn't explain and so it was called Magi-ic or Magic. Of course there are charlatans and people who just practice sleight of hand. But there are those who can work with more of the laws of nature than what our current so-called science has access to.

    2. Robert Arthur Miller's Avatar Robert Arthur Miller

      In every culture, through out history, there are reports of magic and Miracle's. Magic is unarguable! Even Christ said;" That which I have done, you can do better." "Faith, the size of a mustard seed. Can move a mountain." Magic and Miracle's are one and the same. We attatch the title depending on who is doing the deed.

      1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

        Robert Arthur Miller,

        Not exactly. The purpose of magic is to confuse reason, whereas the purpose of miracles is to point reason to God as Creator.

  1. Joy's Avatar Joy

    Hey why not?? There are already degrees in the big 3 religion. Psychology has it's own degrees. Heck, I'm enrolled in a Masters Degree for becoming a drone pilot. I'd certainly be interested in this witchcraft degree!.

  1. Dr. Zerpersande, NSC's Avatar Dr. Zerpersande, NSC

    Why not? There are entire schools devoted to theology. DDD…Degrees in Delusions and Dumbassery.

    1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

      Yea, I hear there are folks out there that actually believe they grew from a patch of funky seaweed and snail sweat or whatever. No doubt the effects of too many magic mushroom trips. Reminds me of the magic bean story. Magical funky space dust nowadays I guess...

      Kids will be keds though.....

      1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

        Evolution is the tool god used/uses to create worlds.

        The fairytale part is it all went down in a week.

        1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

          William Waugh,

          What's your evidence? Were you there?

          1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

            Were you there PGD - and can you prove Santa Clause doesn't exist?

            1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

              Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson,

              Dead wrong again. Santa Claus is the good soul of St Nicholas! :-)

              1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

                Yeah - you got me.

              2. Rev. Michael Gerraghty II's Avatar Rev. Michael Gerraghty II

                Actually, Its Odin.

          2. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

            My apologies. Back in the day. Get it? Back in the "day"? When this living history of man was written, a time span of thousands of years was willfully ignorantly potrayed as a day. Dang! I forgot. You want to ban books on geological timescales cause you dont understand common math past onesies and twosies. Great way to educate your youngins.Teach them to be as willfully ignorant as you are.

  1. John's Avatar John

    Interesting topic. Seems like the discipline would incorporate philosophy, religious studies and history. I can stretch my imagination and see curriculum earning you a minor, but I hardly think there is enough to call it a degree with a major in witchcraft. Sounds like the university is eager to cash in on a specific population that is learning all about witchcraft outside the academic setting. I wonder how many papers have been published in scholarly peer reviewed journals? That might indicate how far along this topic is considered a real discipline.

    1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      Actually there is quite a bit there, more than people realize. YOu could definitely earn several degrees there.

    2. Ashley Thompson Brown's Avatar Ashley Thompson Brown

      Agreed, I took a look at the syllabus at it stands at present and spoke to people I know in Pagan and Druidic circles. We came to the conclusion that their isn't enough to make it an actual degree in witchcraft. There was really only one module "Esotericism and the Magical Tradition" the rest is history, lore and philosphy ''. The majority of which are already incorporated in many humanities courses.

      1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

        Ashley Thompson Brown,

        What a waste of tax-payers' money!

  1. John Alex Paxson's Avatar John Alex Paxson

    Nothing better than knowledge.

  1. Bridget Kielas-Fecyk's Avatar Bridget Kielas-Fecyk

    Nothing wrong with this. It's no different than getting any other degree in any other religion. Magic is "real" in essence, but not in the way hollywood depicts. It's more subtle, steeped in ritual, and mostly about meditation. However, in the ancient times, it was believed that the medicines, that worked, produced by individuals, usually women, was "magic", instead of the fact that certain plants and fungi contain chemical compounds that actually can be used to treat medical conditions.

    For example fox glove, which has the latin name digitalis, is highly toxic to healthy people, even in small amounts. However, the sap contains a compound that, if a person is having a heart attack, WILL, in fact, save their lives. That is why some heart medications are called "Digitalis". While the compound is synthesized these days, mostly, there are still growers of fox gloves and the plants are still used in the making of heart medications.

    Then there's burdock, which has a chemical in its sap which is soothing and helps treat burns. And the burdock root has a compound in it that can help bring down blood sugars. Now it's not a replacement for insulin, admittedly, but it can help. Unfortunately, it can react to some diabetes medications and drop someone's blood sugars TOO low.

    And that's just a small sample.

    Unfortunately, in the old days, this was considered "heretical" esp. as the church was, at the time, vying for full dominance and there were many other religions completing including ones that medicine makers followed. So this knowledge was considered heresy and many of those that practiced it were killed. Especially if the practitioners were women as, in that era, the church also firmly intended to establish it that women were to be "subservient" and that women who were intelligent and independent were "evil".

    There were many other reasons for such denouncements, but the primary cause was the determination to force upon people a singular religion, and the fight for power and control.

  1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

    I think, anyone who has been an active pagan minister thru this church or one of thier own, is probly qualified to hold title of master of the craft.

  1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

    This month I bought and have been watching the fifth and final season of Ghost Whisperer, in keeping with the season, and welcoming the good ghosts who haunt my home, as well as seeking to experience manifestation, more often this month, than I experience throughout the rest of the year. In that show one of Melinda's friends is a professor of Anthropology Of The Occult, at the local University. I've never heard of that before, but if it's real, I wonder how much different it could be than majoring in Witchcraft. It almost sounds tempting enough for me to return to college, but I think if I mastered in iether one or both of those subjects I'd also want to master in aQuantum Physics, and then Neuro physiology, so I might awaken the wizard within. However, all that would take right years, and I'm sixty now, so I think I'll settle for remaining a Witch of Wicca, and do all that in my next incarnation, right after finishing highschool.

    1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

      Anthropology of the occult does sound interesting. They say anecdotal evidence is nearly worthless, but I'm thinking a mountain of anecdotal evidence deserves further scrutiny. Manifestation is the word.

    2. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

      Carl Bernard Elfstrom,

      I pray God will open your eyes to the real nature of what you are dedicating yourself to before it's too late.

      1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

        PGD. .....where is your evidence. Really man, wake effing up! One book on the college shelf is real and the rest are not? .. I bet you want to ban them, eh!

        1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

          William Waughl,    I have a background in witchcraft. Trust me, I know that stuff probably more than you do. And what I have seen would turn your hair white! Once it gets out of hand and you no longer have control, that's it.

  1. Christy Wilkinson's Avatar Christy Wilkinson

    I wonder if they would consider granting some sort of degree for those that have already been studying and practicing for the past 40 or so years? I think this sort of exclusive formalisation is stultifying and restrictive. What of certain advanced practitioners in remote areas that proceed in unwritten traditional paths? Will a formalised structure contribute to discrimination? Think of how the Church was once the gatekeeper of minimal literacy. How about a globally sponsored library of knowledge instead? Powered by donations, free to all seekers? With branches, of course, for convenience, and a voluntary list of tutors.

    1. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      Thirty years here. Why not both? I mean it stands to reason schools do have libraries and some quite large ones. I used to be able to get a card and borrow from our local college when I was on the west coast. I haven't checked around here if they allow for that but sure, why not both?

    2. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

      That is an excellent point. Is this just an attempt to establish and 'own' an institution of 'witchcraft'?

      Something to keep an eye on.

      1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

        Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson,

        Someone once said: when they stop believing in God, they will believe all sorts of things!

        1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

          PDG. Have you been "called" to preach to the multi-tapestried ministers here! Boldly calling out members by name. As if summoning for your judgement. If YOU only knew, you are perceived here as very small.

          1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

            William Waugh,

            Why do you shout my pronoun?

        2. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

          Let me guess - and 'they' were Christian?

          Seems to me when people started questioning 'God' is when we finally started learning useful things.

  1. Erin S Shope's Avatar Erin S Shope

    Yes, I would totally take this course.

  1. Joseph S Worley's Avatar Joseph S Worley

    I would, but I would hope it was based off the same curriculum that Phillip Emmons Isaac Bonewits (October 1, 1949 – August 12, 2010) When he enrolled at UC Berkeley in 1966; and graduated from the university in 1970 with a Bachelor of Arts in magic, perhaps becoming the first and only person known to have ever received any kind of academic degree in magic from an accredited university.

  1. Colleen McAllister's Avatar Colleen McAllister

    A course like this is actually needed seeing as so many confuse witchcraft and magic. Two different things. This type of course might actually be good as an adjunct to religious studies in general. I don't see this as an actual degree however, but it would depend on the variety and focus of the studies. One course does not a major make.

    1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

      Colleen McAllister,

      Magic and witchcraft are the same thing. To different degrees, they are still an attempt to manipulate God. God is not on demand. We are to submit to his will, not the other way round.

      Any attempt to manipulate God, whatever the tools and outcome, is outbound.

      1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

        "We are to submit to his will". You really dont get why attendance at established chuches is waning.

        1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

          William Waugh,

          These things were predicted long ago.

  1. Robert Gagnon's Avatar Robert Gagnon

    Just like a new car design, wait a couple years until they work the kinks out.

  1. Rev. Miche'al Yosef Dixon's Avatar Rev. Miche'al Yosef Dixon

    I already have a degree in witchcraft through Circle Sanctuary Wicca. In the USA there are at least 3 schools for that, Circle Sanctuary Wicca, Salem Academy of Witchcraft (sued Warner Brothers and JK Rowlings that's why they changed the name it the movies of American school) and Witch Camp. There are no secular College offers it however that I know of.

    1. Rev. Miche'al Yosef Dixon's Avatar Rev. Miche'al Yosef Dixon

      Update just read the course description from Exeter's website; "this course could prepare students for careers in: Teaching, Counseling, Mentoring, Heritage, Museum Work, Work in Libraries, Tourism, Arts Organizations and The Publishing Industry. The course was created in response to a recent surge in interest Magick. According to Professor Selove, "the program will empower individuals to challenge the assumption that the West alone embodies rationalism and scientific thinking, while the rest of the world is confined to a realm of magic and superstition."." It does not teach how to use witchcraft it is just another course putting witchcraft into realm of fairy tales. Not to be mistaken for Myth and legends which are based on core of truth.

      1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

        Everybody pay attention to the above curriculum. They cannot have the depth of comprehention that wiccans with old, fat spellbooks/ journals have.

  1. David Buck's Avatar David Buck

    When I went to the University of Guelph in Canada in the early 1970s, you could put anything you wanted on your University jacket (within reason of course). One fellow had "Wizardry" on his. A girl I knew, who was a practicing witch, did her Masters thesis on something like "Devil figures and Demonology in Medieval Literature" or words to that effect. Sadly they rejected her thesis. Wish I still had her number, I'd put her onto that place. I bet she could get through these days. But then probably, like me, she's done with studying seriously.

  1. Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit's Avatar Minister Jeannine of the Church of the Free Spirit

    Hell Yes, I would! its not like “black magic” hasn't been used around the globe already, and most religions use propaganda and marketing magic which is basically mind magic to control human minds! Capitalism, Politics, War, Gaslighting, Hierarchal Societies, terrorist organizations, nationalism, cults, marriage, institutions, traffickers, organized crime, criminal masterminds, psychopaths and sociopaths, as well as religions, use these same magic techniques of slight of hand, deception, delay, and distract, gaslighting, and propagandizing through repetitive and suggestiveness to manipulate, control and program humans for the benefit of their gold, subordination and labor, anything that can be exploited for the benefit of the magician. It would be good to fight back against these forces fighting magic with magic, so to say!

  1. Chrystal Lacroix's Avatar Chrystal Lacroix

    Why wouldn’t they offer it if there are other religious classes there too? I would take this just for fun to see what they offer, however, I also don’t believe in ‘higher education’ for things you can’t find the answer elsewhere for free and without jumping through some else’s hoops to make sure you learned the ‘right’ content considering there is no right way of having to do so especially if it’s not for something that requires a specific set of information you need to know to do your specified career path, like being a dr or lawyer. Learning witchcraft and being a witch is a personal path, not an academic one. Many of these ways aren’t meant to be passed down to just anyone. It ruins the sacred meaning of the rituals. Having said that, it’s also a path where it’s very person and there are no wrong ways of practicing or doing it unless you’re doing something that could hurt you (like eating poisonous herbs, etc) because the things you learn to use in your craft, need to have particular meanings to you to make it work. If they don’t, you’re just throwing random things in a pot thinking it will but don’t even know why it will. If it doesn’t have meaning to you, it won’t mean anything. The answers on how to do all of this are out there and there’s no one way to be a witch. Each witch is individual to themselves and the craft. The term “witch” is just an umbrella term. This also means that every witch’s craft they practice for them will also different as well. Sure, you can learn about it all day long, but just because you do, doesn’t mean it actually has any meaning behind it…for you and THAT’S the point of it all. Just because you take this course/s doesn’t mean that it’s going to teach you information that pertains to your path. The point of being a witch is that it’s a journey in self expression and exploration for who you are as a witch. No course can really teach you that on a deeper level of what it’s meant to be all about. It can get you started in the basics, but that’s about it.

    1. Chrystal Lacroix's Avatar Chrystal Lacroix

      You should learn how to be a witch on your own, not because you took some class and learned what someone else thought you should because they deemed it to be important. I can’t imagine any degree they slap together would be sufficient enough to cover this topic anywhere close to it’s entirety and there is no one right way to do so. It’s not like being a psychology/math/science/etc major when you can learn these things like that and there is a basis for those subjects. There’s as many ways to be a witch as there are witches themselves. Even those who practice being a Wiccan witch, which is only ONE type of witch among so many, don’t all do it the same and that’s more of a religious way of being with set and established ways of doing so. Going to school for this is like going to school for something like art. You can learn the basics, but in order to be who you were meant to be on your path, just really can’t be taught. It needs to be learned and inquired about on your own path. Don’t let someone else tell you you’re not doing it right for you, just because you get a paper that says you proved you learned what was put in front of your face! Learning to be a witch was never about having to do so. You can’t tell a witch what they need to learn for themselves in their own path and what’s right for them. I’m only assuming that this course/degree has your basic understanding of witchcraft, has to deal with learning the sabbats and learning about herbs and the basics you can find in any occult section of your local bookstore. However, if you were meant to be a water witch or an art witch, learning those things may not necessarily serve you any. It took me half my life to figure out what kind of witch I was and it was more so an agonizing process to do so because I had it stuck in my head I had to learn all of the basic things that didn’t serve me in mine, thinking I had to do it a certain way and wasn’t a proper witch unless I had/were a certain way learning all of these things that just had nothing to do with who I was as a witch thinking I had to learn things that are deemed being a ‘real witch’…..according to someone else who is only teaching you how to be a witch from what they learned on their path! Don’t make the same mistake on yours! Follow what you’re into and who you were meant to be. If you take this degree, make sure you do so with an open mind and understanding that this is NOT by any means the only way to be a witch! Use the information from a jumping point, not a landing one! Use your intuition to tell you which way to practice, not some syllabus! And know that just be you study being a witch, doesn’t make you one, nor does it mean that if you don’t get good enough of someone else’s arbitrary grades handed to you, than you’re not a good one. Don’t jump through someone else’s hoops if it will not serve you on your journey and understand that this is NOT by any means the only way to be a witch! You don’t need a degree to prove your worth to anyone for anything you achieve in life, no matter if it’s for witchcraft of any other studied profession out there…unless you’re pursuing a career that requires it, and in all reality, there are actually only a VERY, VERY few amounts of jobs out there that actually do! But this is not one of them. To add to that, idk what kind of job you would have out there that requires a degree in witchcraft anyways. The only one I can’t think of is working at a witch shop or being someone who works in the area of expertise of religions, but even then, it’s not required. This seems like a degree that’s more so for personal use than anything else.

    2. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

      Chrystal Lacroix,

      So many charming words, with not even proper punctuation, to just summarize that witchcraft is from the devil!

      1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

        Have you ever noticed it's the Christians who give The Devil the most publicity - by far?

        Even Satanists are eclipsed by all the recognition given by Christians.

        Makes one wonder just who the real supporters are.

        1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

          Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson,

          At least we call things what they truly are.

          1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

            You call yourself "Christians" instead of "Satanists".

            "Jesus also taught the way to God is by faith, not through good deeds. He praised faith (Luke 7:9) and challenged those who relied on their works (Matthew 7:22–28). A rich young ruler once asked Jesus, “Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” (Mark 10:17). Jesus responded with a question: “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone” (Mark 10:18). Christ was not denying His deity or His own goodness, but He knew this young man didn’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah. In His question, Jesus was pointing out that whatever this man thought made someone “good” was false, because no one can do anything to make himself good enough to inherit eternal life (John 14:6). The Jewish religious leaders at the time of Christ shared the young ruler’s perspective, teaching that keeping the Law of God could make one acceptable before God. There are scores of people still today who mistakenly think their “good” life and “good” deeds will be enough to get them into heaven."


            At least Satan calls himself what he truly is.

            1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

              Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson,

              All your quotes are good. My question now is, what makes you think I don't embrace that teaching?

              As for you, are you following it?

              Abraham was a man who still struggled with imperfection, and who even gave his wife twice to Pharaoh to save his own skin! Yet, he was called the friend of God. Why, God had made him righteous because he trusted God.

              The righteous shall live by faith.

              1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

                To trust an idea, something you read in a book that you accept for whatever reason, which you then decide defines the entire universe, is to step out of life.

                We've been reading from this script for thousands of years. You tell me PGD - how's that going?

              2. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

                Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson,

                It's going pretty well. Thanks for asking :-)

  1. Rev. Jim Sutton's Avatar Rev. Jim Sutton

    Sounds like the Muggles' equivalent to Hogwarts. And, in the country where it began. I say, "Go for it!"

  1. Florence Seyfried's Avatar Florence Seyfried

    I would be interested in doing this if I didn’t have to have a high school diploma

  1. Govannon Thunorwulf's Avatar Govannon Thunorwulf

    I would be interested in doing it if I had the time.

  1. Johnnie Roberte Lambert's Avatar Johnnie Roberte Lambert

    I would take it if I could!!

  1. Jennifer Louise Kemper's Avatar Jennifer Louise Kemper


  1. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results - and doing things the same way for 2000 years and expecting different results is insanity in a class by itself.

    Why don't they just call this Woke-ology? I wish they would - it's apparent the universe loves diversity. Why else would there be so much of it. Why else would the enemies of growth and change be so against it.

    1. Matthew Mastrogiovanni's Avatar Matthew Mastrogiovanni

      Woke-ology? Why you sad, sad little man. Please be quiet and let the adults talk.

      1. Daniel-David's Avatar Daniel-David

        Sometimes it’s called folklore. Some of the indigent tribes called their healers by sacred names. Any time you wear your ‘lucky shirt’ supporting an outcome over another, you do the same, but call it just being a fan.

        But to drag ‘wokeism’’ into a spiritual discussion boarders on narcissism. Pretty soon you will be banning books and burning witches, or just the opposite to defend a way of life based on your vision for the world. And we know where that leads.

      2. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

        Guess that leaves you out of being part of the convention then, doesn’t it, Matthew.

      3. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

        Why not?

        From the blog: "Professor Selove says that “decolonisation, the exploration of alternative epistemologies, feminism, and anti-racism are at the core of this program.”"

        This 'program' is already everything conservatives HATE, and religious conservatives particularly. Conservatives already think degrees in Art or Philosophy or Ethnic Studies are worthless, but this is certainly a new contender for first place! Why not just go whole hog and call it Woke-ology?

        And just to be square - I am proudly woke! Your reaction actually cheers me up considerably. I thumbed you all up! :)

  1. Nicholas J Page's Avatar Nicholas J Page

    I live in England and i have never heard of this nonsense witches ,wizzards warlocks etc do not exist.I have been round thousands of people here and abroad .Including California and i have never seen or heard of witchcraft.If it was true then i would have never lost both of my parents to cancer or any other friends and relatives.2 people who were close to me have taken their own lives and i have tried it myself several times so if witches etc existed they would have helped us out,With our mental health issues.

    1. Robert James Ruhnke's Avatar Robert James Ruhnke

      Magic doesn’t work like that. The reason why you don’t see witches is because Christians murder them. A lot of the time they were just old healers living away from the Christian nonsense. A lot of the time witch is just a word for non Christian. You’ve only been around those who believe as you do. You never leave home without your echo chamber.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Nicholas Page has apparently lived a very sheltered life, perhaps even locked away in the dungeon of Windsor Castle.

      2. Chrystal Lacroix's Avatar Chrystal Lacroix

        Christians didn’t murder real witches though. The Burning Times dealt more so with killing millions of innocent people over the years, not necessarily actually witches. Witches can and do most certainly still exist today, more so now than ever before! They just don’t run around in pointed hats and flying on brooms! They can and do look like normal everyday people who fit into society just like everyone else because many are still scared to come out of the broom closet because of their history not having a good track record of being murdered for being so different and powerful in the community! Witch doesn’t mean ‘non Christian’ as the two had nothing to do with each other besides the church trying to smear their name and existence. Witches far predate Christianity and many who were pagans, go back, some say, to the very beginning of humankind.

    2. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Nicholas, maybe the Witches just don't care about you, and those other pathetic people who won't quit feeling sorry for themselves, and seeking to take the easy way out, by killing themselves. Life is for the living. Let the dead bury the dead.

    3. Amber Fry's Avatar Amber Fry

      And this would be why I'd support a degree system of learning about it. People still, to this day, fall for the propaganda parts instead of actually attempting to understand what it is. A little FYI, some witches have made a point to get involved with health care, mental health included. Vivianne Crowley for one, was a Psychologist. She is quite the well known author and High Priestess in Wicca.

    4. Chrystal Lacroix's Avatar Chrystal Lacroix

      It doesn’t work like that! Just because witches do exist, doesn’t mean that it would wipe out all of the world’s problems! Also, the body harbors cancer because of emotional and/or distress on the body, not because witches didn’t wipe it out! And most people don’t want a witches help because they fear them based on what the church has made them out to be over the years, which is something they’re not. And if you’ve never heard of witches and yet live in one of the bigger places witches originally existed in, you need to expand your horizons on the history of where you live because they did and still do most certainly still exist today, especially more than ever!

    5. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

      Nicholas J Page,

      The point is that the issues and outcomes you disclose are precisely the direction witchcraft leads to.

      They are all around. In London they even have shops. Open your eyes and shield yourself.

  1. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

    Lionheart's dream come true!

    See lionheart, prayers do indeed work!!!!

    1. Bishop William Dusenberry, DD's Avatar Bishop William Dusenberry, DD

      As, perhaps, the USA’s most famous football coach, almost 100 years ago, noted; that prayers work best, when your players are big. Which is true, of all prayers. For me, I pray that the earth will orbit towards the Sun, every morning (which its always done, because of my prayer, and ditto, for my evening prayer.

      Want better results for what you pray for? Pray that the Sun will continue to do, what its always done, for the past 4,540,172,023 years, as many times per day, as the need be.

      1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

        William Dusenberry,

        The world is only 5784 years :-)

    2. Lionheart's Avatar Lionheart

      Yes yes, prayers obviously do come true then. Where can I buy a Besom from to fly around with. That’s a broomstick 🧹for those of you that are uninitiated in the fine arts of whichcraft. I bet Carl has one! 🤭


      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        Not only do I have a broom Lionheart, but also a besom, for flying around the moon during Esbats. I could have sworn I saw you up there, a time or two, also riding a besom.

  1. Theresa C. Marquess's Avatar Theresa C. Marquess

    I find this very interesting and do not disagree with the University of Exeter offering a Master's Degree in Witchcraft. However, it has always been something that has been handed down for countless generations from Mothers to Daughters in families, with it entailing much more than Hocus Pocus. Does Exeter add boiling water to the tea bag to produce an Instant Witch?

  1. Carol M. Anaski-Figurski's Avatar Carol M. Anaski-Figurski

    great Is it different than Wiccan?

    1. LadyLucifer's Avatar LadyLucifer

      While my answer will be lacking, think of the similarities to what most people can understand like this... Magick or a spell is like praying only it's your will than your deity. Witchcraft is literally a craft, knowledge of what plants work, what time of year represents what part of nature and what Sabbath's are celebrated, like when Christians celebrate theirs. Wicca would be a religion, and there are a lot of variations of it.
      Magick, while it can be practiced alongside witchcraft, is separate and you can practice the craft without magick and vice versa. I know I'm not explaining it 100% accurately, but it's so much more than just a simple comparison.

      1. Rev. Miche'al Yosef Dixon's Avatar Rev. Miche'al Yosef Dixon

        LadyLucifer you are right in you can practice the craft without Magick however like Christians going to church and not praying. But unlike them you can't cast Magick (or truly pray) without the belief in The Craft. Jesus The Christ said "with Faith you can say to that mountain be removed from my sight and it will be cast into the sea." He Never said faith in himself Faith that you can do it. Faith being His word we now call "The Craft" spell casting regardless of whom you worship.

      2. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day


        And you sound quite soaked in it. I'm praying that your eyes will be opened to what you have entrusted yourself to.

  1. Eugene T Rice's Avatar Eugene T Rice

    If sincere people wish to develop a broader knowledge of relatively unexplored fields, why criticize them? I suspect most harm is caused by a lack of knowledge, not a surplus. Whether this degree will be an aid in a job interview is, of course, a far different question.

    1. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day

      Eugene T Rice,

      They do so at their own risk.

  1. Tareq Asfour's Avatar Tareq Asfour

    is this an actual joke America, the land of jokes what’s next can I make Mickey Mouse a religion to?

    1. Asa William Sprague, II's Avatar Asa William Sprague, II

      When and where there is freedom of religion, your religion can be based on any person/place/thing/idea you want.

    2. ServantOfJudgement's Avatar ServantOfJudgement

      Witchcraft and paganism are religions that predate the bible from all lands and people. It's not exclusive to USA by any stretch. There are tons of fake religions that claim to be of the creator but are not. Again, not just USA. I believe my understanding of the creator is correct, like you believe yourself is and like the atheist believes nothing is God that created him. None can be fully confident they're right because none can be proven.

      And some do indeed worship Micky Mouse already.

      1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

        I believe divine deities manifest themselves to everyone in different ways. So everyone's beliefs, or lack there of, is correct for that individual, as long as their beliefs don't hurt anyone or anything. Ofcourse, I'm not talking about Christianity.

      2. Pastor George Day's Avatar Pastor George Day


        Jesus' resurrection has been proven. Read 'A Case for Jesus.'

  1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

    Dont we offer a certificate for that?

    1. Carl Bernard Elfstrom's Avatar Carl Bernard Elfstrom

      Yes William, ULC does offer such a certificate, but it's only honorary, and you don't even have to write a master's thesis to get one, unlike a master's degree from a college or university.

      1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

        Well, you have to have a CDL ( commercial drivers license) in your pocket to get behind the wheel but not experienced until after 2yrs.....this "degree" is playing ketchup to the experienced practitioners out here.

    2. Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson's Avatar Kenneth Lafe Eric Sanderson

      The ULC should!

  1. Dr. John Martin's Avatar Dr. John Martin

    It's not the dumbest college course I've ever seen but it's probably just as pointless as many others that actually exist; Like "Getting Dressed at Princeton University" or "The Art of Walking at Centre College" or maybe even "Underwater Basket Weaving at the University of Hawaii". Have I missed any?

    1. Chrystal Lacroix's Avatar Chrystal Lacroix

      That’s only your opinion and doesn’t necessarily make it true. Many could find value in this and it’s not up to you to tell them the content isn’t valuable for their needs, whatever that may be. Makes me wonder why you’re on this site if you’re not more open minded to things like people wanting to learn about witchcraft since there are far more practices out there for religious/spiritual reasons than just the ‘regular’ mainstream ones out there. To millions of witches around the world that do exist today, their way of being is not “pointless” to them and is no more less valid than someone else’s. So try to be more respectful than that. And beside the getting dressed at Princeton class….which I have no desire to learn about because I don’t go to Princeton, but would still be curious as to what is taught for that class, I feel like the other two classes might be fun to take and learn something new in the world. Don’t be so close minded that you judge a class by its title! You might miss the content it contains.

  1. Tom Herman's Avatar Tom Herman

    What an interesting concept for a University to offer such a degree program. From reading the description it looks similar to degrees like Art History and such. The description also says in prepares students for roles in libraries, museums, etc., where there are degree programs dedicated to those paths already. This seems like another such path. I did see it address ritual magic and occult science. I wonder if they teach actual spell casting as part of the course work? It's taken me fifty years to be adept and I'm still learning. I could go on about all the multicultural beliefs, personal will, energy manipulation and the historical record but that's another whole conversation. The program sounds like it provides a good foundation in Life Sciences. It's not clear if it teaches actual spell casting. I also wonder if it provides course credit for life experience? There will always be those who fear the unknown or what they are not open minded enough to embrace and understand. I applaud the school for taking such a leap. It will die or evolve on its own merits. Where would we be if Tesla, Edison, Bell, Pasteur or Curie didn't take a leap of faith into the unknown? Who knows what it will lead to in the future. Let it evolve.

    1. William Waugh's Avatar William Waugh

      An experienced practitioner could likely challenge the exam and pass it. Degrees are for people lacking in hands on working knowledge.

  1. Robert Arthur Miller's Avatar Robert Arthur Miller

    Fiest off: I love the idea, however, it sounds more like a HUMANITIES class. If it is a true MA in MAGIK then teach magiK. They do not need to reteach history or philosophy. The study of magik and the, true, philosophy behind the use and practice of such is all encompasing in itself. Ther are so many things involved in the preperation (mentally and physically) that one could do a year, or two, just on that subject. If one is taking a college course, one has already had civics and history. Get down with the real deal. KING ARTHUR??? Come on now!!!

  1. Amber M. Castleman's Avatar Amber M. Castleman

    I have signed up for it to learn but I refuse to practice what they teach on a daily basis I want to learn concepts and reasons behind it but not do it.

  1. Mountainsage's Avatar Mountainsage

    As a retired mental health therapist, I can attest that some clients were actually intimidated and not willing to engage in therapy because of their belief systems that were not Christian. I found it very useful and helpful to have some knowledge and background in other religions including witchcraft, Wicca, Native America, among others. So, yes, I think a formal educational avenue such as a minor or Masters would be helpful.

  1. Robert Arthur Miller's Avatar Robert Arthur Miller

    we have beanAs for miracles leading to god, humans have this thing about not wanting to accept that magic is real/so they see it and they say it is a miracle. On top of that, the programing humans have, we have been (as a controller) we have been told (by those in authoritive positions) that we are not capable of doing these things "Only God can perform miracles" Organized "religion" is responsible for controlling or beliefs in what we can really do! Again: "What I have done, YOU can do better!" "Faith, the size of a mustard seed, can move a mountain". this is magic and thus becomes a miracle.

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