priest crossWe know Universal Life Church ministers can do pretty much anything a traditionally-ordained minister can do perform wedding ceremonies, funerals, baptisms, and other sacerdotal rites but how far does their reach extend into the world of the spiritual? With the rise in popularity of paranormal investigation come questions about the role of ministers ordained online in serving as intermediaries between the world of mortals and that of spirits. The ULC encourages its ministers to explore the spiritual world in depth, but where do we draw the line?

ULC Ritual Meets Paranormal Investigation

Sometimes, investigating the paranormal is not very far off from the calling of ULC ministers. In fact, practices like house blessings, smudging, and even channelling might be a normal part of some priestly rites, especially for ministers who consider themselves psychically sensitive or intimately connected with the natural environment. Mandi Brown, an energy healer from Rhode Island, is one such person. For Brown, becoming ordained online helped broaden her spiritual horizons by opening doors to energy work and other work that involves interaction with the spirit world.

Brown, who is ordained as a high priestess but identifies as a spiritual reverend, started hearing voices when she was 9 years old. It was not until she was 18 that she fully realized she had a special ability to perceive the spirit world on a level most other people cannot. Eventually she realized she could harness her ability to help people who need one what might call "spiritual cleansing". "Online ordination actually opened a lot of doors as far as doing any type of spiritual work, including energy healing", she says. Among the rites she has performed are the usual, such as weddings, baptisms, and funerals, but she has also performed house blessings, cleansings, banishings, and crossings.

What Ministers Can and Probably Shouldn't Do

Some of these more unusual practices are actually not very different from more traditional, widely-accepted religious rituals. For example, laying on of hands is a widely practiced form of energy or spiritual healing in many Pentecostal Christian churches. Mediumship, channelling, astral travel, and other practices closely tied to shamanism are widely practiced forms of spiritual communication in traditional and pagan communities. And Catholic priests have their own method of blessing homes and cleansing spaces ofdemon negative spiritual energy. These are hardly very different from the approach taken by ministers like Brown.

But does that mean we should take an "anything goes" attitude toward religious rituals, especially those which involve interaction with the spirit world? Not necessarily. Most churches which grant online ordinations discourage or outright prohibit at least some rituals. According to its website, the Church of Spiritual Humanism proscribes exorcism, circumcision, and animal sacrifice. Bans like these are reasonable, even ethical. Exorcism deals with highly distraught, vulnerable individuals who deserve serious psychiatric treatment by qualified mental health professionals, while circumcision is a permanent alteration of an infant body which requires sound medical intervention. Needless to say, any act which involves the taking of life or the unnecessary infliction of injury on another living being is strongly discouraged by the ULC Monastery.

As ministers ordained online, which should be able to use our minister credential to its fullest capacity, and to explore what it means to be a spiritual teacher and healer. We overstep our boundaries, however, when we attempt to co-opt the role of trained medical professionals, perform risky or unnecessary rituals, or harm other living beings to propitiate some deity. Rather than act like spiritual superheroes and try to bite off more than we can chew, we should use our insight into the spirit world with a wise and scrupulous eye, making fully sure we are helping rather than harming.


The Charlotte Observer


  1. Thomas F Gibson's Avatar Thomas F Gibson

    I completely agree with ULC ministers marrying, burying the dead, counseling those in need and baptism. However, I draw the line at exorcisms. If an individual is in need of an exorcism, I would be willing to bet a week's salary, that they are suffering from a chemical imbalance or organic dysfunction.

    There is nothing that can be done to positively affect such a scenario. Do only that which is right; exorcisms are a part of an esoteric sect of Catholicism and have no part in our services.

    1. Krvin DeFranco's Avatar Krvin DeFranco

      You are right on several counts Tom. All as a matter of fact, except excorcism This is not limited to Catholics. If you have a notion contrived from exhibited behavior of an individual, that they might be possessed; any Christian, or any one else can and should call upon Jesus Yeshua Messiah and. demand in His name that if there is a demon or evil spirit controlling that person that it leaves and return to where it came from. They know Jesus and it is written "Demons shall flee from His name". He did also, give us power over our enemies, mortal or spirit. It can't hurt to try. If it doesn't work, then its time for a Psychiatrist or neurologist to step in. Animal sacrifices are a no-no. When Christ was crucified, burnt sacrifices ceased, and all forms of animal sacrifices also.

      1. rev.roy williams's Avatar rev.roy williams

        When the catholic church investigates demon possession. There is always a doctor involved. That is a good practice for everyone.

      2. Michael Schmidt's Avatar Michael Schmidt

        Gentleman, I'm not going to speak in any means from the stand point of Christ. I will however, speak from 100% related experience. I myself endured some tough spiritual crisis due to spiritual beings. This situation cannot be fixed by simply uttering of a prayer and your miraculous fixed. The reason for this is this, we are mufti-dimensional beings of countless age and lifetimes. The experiences, energies, afflictions are carried throughout our energy systems, so the energies can connect any many levels of our beings. In truth, here on Earth most people are little more than 51% light and the rest is darkness. Meaning, you have 49% of you that needs to be purified, through prayer, mantra, meditation, good service, etc. However, most people are completely unaware of what they are, it's simply because they don't want to deal with it, see it, understand it. If you want to really work on yourself, then you will need to do these things, especially awaken your Kundalini energy, however, I warn you, if you aren't pure enough, your life can spin out of control. My Kundalini, awoke on it's own and then I received many blessings from Self Realized Saints across the world. I have studied with Hindu Masters, Taoist Masters and been in the presence of very powerful Christan healers as well. I have seen, witnessed, demons, ET's and countless other beings and realities. I assure you a simple prayer from a person that isn't healed enough, will surely give these forces a good laugh and if you do push it, they will attack and you won't like what they do. These things destroy people for joy and let me assure you, each one of these things has a hierarchy, just as angelic beings do. Never, test them, tempt them, threaten them. God, alone has the authority and power to heal all things. If you have proven yourself worthy, healed enough and in alignment with the creators will, then God will send countless angelic beings to your side to assist in what needs to be done, however, there still is a process of how things are done and this work isn't for the amateur. My advice, seek professional help and by the way the church won't help you. I know, as I went to three Catholic priests and they were a joke. Also, I've watched in person, Catholic priests coming to competent healers I know to have beings removed from them, since they are the prey as well. If your not ready to do the deepest, hardest level of work then stick to weddings.

        1. Eddie de la cruz's Avatar Eddie de la cruz

          Hello cosmic friend, Exorcism isnt for the fainted of hearts. And i see you know that. I am a psychic and do Exorcism for 10 years now. And i agree with you on that it takes more then prayers only to get rid of negative multi-dimensional entities. You need to do lots of innerwork and learn to remove and overcome your own fears. As Negative entities use Telepathy to read your mind on fears and play around with you on that and find your weak spots. But in my own experiences i use many peacefull methods to remove all kind of negative multi-dimensional entities and transform them into light. There are many peacefull ways and methods to remove these negative forces from the body, mind and spirit. I have done my cases all alone without needing help from others, except that of God, Jesus and Archangels. When you discover what it means and feel to be a co-creator and made in the Image of God, you will have the pure love energy of God that Jesus spoke of to cast out any dark forces in a none-agressive method. And my personal opinion is we need more Exorcist / Lightworkers because there so many people that need to know how to protect themselves against these negative forces.

      3. Dean's Avatar Dean

        It depends on where you live and what religious practices you claim devotion to:

      4. Minister Ian Duff's Avatar Minister Ian Duff

        It can't hurt to try??? Didn't you see The Exorcist? Believe me Kevin, the things you see in that movie are real, I've seen them! Never Ever try to exorcise anyone without first getting permission from the Church (important) as well as exhausting all psychological/physiological possibilities. I've been involved in many cases of "possession" and while prayer doesn't hurt, most cases require the services of medical professionals. After 30 years in this area, I know what I'm talking about. Be careful, never try it yourself and never try it alone.

        Klamm - Australia

  1. Regina's Avatar Regina

    Whereas I have seen, in my practice, those whose bizarre behavior could be attributed to imbalances in the body systems (body, emotional/mental/spiritual) there have also been cases of possession which had nothing to do with chemical nor organic imbalance or dysfunction. Having been through these experiences on more then one occasion it is very wise of the ULC to discourage its ministers from jumping into practicing exorcism. These acts should not be taken lightly for they can cause great harm if they are. Anyone who longs for such experiences needs to examine why they do. Is it in service to humanity or in service to their ego.

  1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

    Chemical imbalances do exist, but there's a lot more to life and death and good and evil. Back in the early 1970s, I had been studying hypnotism and was practicing it. That led to my first (and so far only) exorcism. This was before the movie "The Exorcist" was released. It was surreal experience and I do believe that I was guided. I was clear as a bell when it happened and "knew" exactly what to do. I told the story last year to an audience of several hundred people at a storytelling event. Here's what I said.

  1. Peter Bailey's Avatar Peter Bailey

    I find this article interesting ... As both a minister and a psychic I have been involved in this argument many times and like in all other matters I can only but express my belief and knowledge. My personal belief and experience has led me to perform many house cleansing both on an energy level as well as a spiritual level. I have dealt with spirits that have been lost and simply needed to be brought to the light as well as some pretty nasty spirits that were causing physical damage to both people and property. I have also cleansed people of some pretty nasty entities ..... however I in no way say that this is for everyone! This type of work takes training and is certainly not for the faint hearted or weak on faith. As to whether it should be the role of a minister to perform these or not? My answer is this. When I am asked to perform such work it has never been as a minister and when I go there I do not in any way say or make it understood that I am there as a minister. I am fully aware that this is indeed part of my calling in life, but I also believe that the church should be kept as a separate part. This kind of work is for those who have knowledge and experience, and not every minister can or wants to be a part of it, and respecting this should be a part of every person's creed who wishes to be a minister.


  1. Brenda lee's Avatar Brenda lee

    I have sort of an odd question. Maybe even a little crazy. Have you ever heard of people, especially children stating that they see flashes of things from the corner of their eyes. Quick there and quick gone. And with it a overwhelming feeling of dread part of the time and a feeling of love the other.

    1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

      Hello Brenda, Yes, I have heard of this in children and in adults. For adults, because I had this happen to me, personally, I was told that it might have been associated with a detached retina or some prelude to it. My retinas remained attached and the lights (and dark flashes) both resolved within 48 hours. In children I can only guess that it could be something similar and because they are young, they may scare more easily, hence the sense of dread. I'm also of the opinion that children can frequently perceive things that adults can not, because they have not received enough "training" to think that things they do perceive do not exist.

      1. Ama Cooke's Avatar Ama Cooke

        Hi Brenda, I was sitting in the Penshurst Mens Shed (Victoria, Australia) while the photocopier printed the town newsletter when, much to my amusement, a little silvery flash danced around before me eyes. The room had overhead lights on and everything was very still (and my husband was not using the power saw in the workshop at that moment), so I just smiled and watched it until it disappeared. That is one of probably thousands of times I've seen those dancing flashes, and my eyes are just fine too. There is nothing crazy about it.

        I am a retired medium, well, as much as one can be after more than 56 years of seeing ghosts, angels, human spirits, demons and elementals (nature spirits), so I don't get 'visited' nearly as much as the almost daily visits by ghosts looking for help, or energy. Sorry, long answer, but the gist is .. there are more children being born now who are sensitive to the spiritual planes and 'see', either out of the corner of their eyes, or straight in front of them, or hear, or sense, or 'feel' ghosts, spirits and others beings, than when I was a child, and plenty of adults can do this but often ignore it. Over the 20 years I spent in the new age industry the number of children (and worried parents) got higher and higher. It is not something strange, it is simply that humans are being asked to 'wake up' now, to accept that there is more than what we can know with our 'five' senses.

        The feeling of dread is probably a ghost (they touch people and draw energy from them which can trigger the human flight or fight response), the feeling of love will either be human spirits - usually family members - or angels, whose touch leaves a sense of being loved that can be very profound.

        When the nitwits (ghosts) do the 'corner of the eye' visit I demand they stand in front of me and stop playing games. If they want something I will help, but if they are just fishing for energy, I would rather 'give' (and make sure they cross into heaven), than be used as a 'milkshake' that they think they dip into anytime they like. If you look up Ama Nazra White Light Shields on google you should be able to link to my webpages and find energy shields that can protect the child/children you are worried about. I explain about it all there.

  1. Ben KI6WBH's Avatar Ben KI6WBH

    exorcism is a specific type of case i do cleansing work alongside my other duties. Homes, cars and other objects. Are one thing. An exorcism is complete different i will do them. i was asked about it in a semi serious discussion with frends. i told them that i would do it but i would require a history of the person which must include a failure of medical, Pharmaceutical, psychological and standard therapy techniques. That way i know that everything else has been tried. (i came up with it on the spot but i will stick to it)

  1. Teresa Arney's Avatar Teresa Arney

    With no offense intended to the author of this article, I have to say that it was poorly researched and dangerous. I would also say that making light of this subject does more harm than good, because I see that spirit attachment is a big cause of most of the darkness, evil, and imbalance in our world right now!

    Francis MacNutt is a Christian Deliverance minister, one of amoung thousands practicing on the planet right now. He has written some great books on the subject, and one of the most profound books that he wrote is "The Healing Reawakening" in which he systematically breaks down how the need for deliverance ministries has been swept under the carpet, dilluted, and laughed at. Ironically enough, it is the Christian faith, according to MacNutt, that did the sweeping even though Jesus's ministry was healing the sick and casting out demons. He ordained his 12 disciples and 72 others to do the same. I'm pretty sure they did not cast out "all" the demons or the need for deliverance.

    I agree with Kevin DeFranco. I am ordained through ULC, I have been a practitioner of Shamanism for 15 years, along with other energy healing work. I have been trained by some of the experts in Spirit releasement and heart centered depossession.

    In 2006 I went to Brazil to quench my curiousity of the world famous healer John of God. On that first trip, my skepticism was squashed by the profundity of what I witnessed. The very first thing anyone going there seeking healing is subject to is what they refer to as "the spiritual car wash" where spirit attachments are released so disease can be addressed.

    While in prayer and meditation at the Casa of John of God, I asked God to give me the gift to see energy. It was granted. I see what is around people; what is attached to them, not as dead people but as energy. Not all of these attachments are demonic, most are lost human souls that did not cross over to the Light. They can cause much dis-ease mentally, physically, and spiritually to the living human. What I have discovered is that having attachments of discarnated human spirits weakens the protective energy field and constitution of the human host, and over time opens an energetic door for more spirit invasion and that is when demonic possession can happen.

    I have found entity attachments with almost all alcoholics, drug addicts, abuse survivors, vets with PTSD, MPD, persons who have had surgeries, and I could go on and on, but haven't the time right now. I have been physically attacked by clients attachments, spit on, cused at, threatened, you name it. If a person desperately wants to get clean of alcohol or drugs but can't seem to kick it no matter what they do, my first assessment would be to see if there is spirit interferrence as they do not want you to heal.

    I suggest that anyone who would say that spirit attachment is not real is causing more harm than good and has never been in a situation to prove them right or wrong, they only assume what they have been told or heard. Just google "spirit attachment" or "spirit releasement" and see how much information comes up. There are more than 3000 Catholic exorcists doing this work and that is nothing compared to "non-Catholic" priests.

    And since I'm on a roll, Shaman are considered Priests! Shaman were the earlier Priests and medicine people. Those who walk on the dark side are NOT Shaman even if they call themselves that, those who walk on the dark side are called sorcerers.

    I do agree that once an entity is released, the host human may or may not need to seek tradtitional therapy. And Kevin DeFranco, you are right about Jesus. If I can't get an attachment to cooperate, I start dropping names and the name of Jesus Christ is most powerful!

    Blessings to all and walk as Children of the Light! Teresa Arney

    1. elianna's Avatar elianna

      thanks Teresa, I absolutely agree with everything you said....this is a serious situation that I am in with my son, I have witnessed and experienced him go from a quiet gently loving person into a sudden rage of violence with crazy alters..... so either its a personality disorder, psychosis, or dissociative disorder.....I haven't been able to find anyone to help us in eight years except for brief moments, from mental health services, private practice psychiatrists and therapists to the church.... any advise??? would be greatly appreciated!!!

      1. Teresa Arney's Avatar Teresa Arney

        Good morning Elianna. What you are going through is not so uncommon these days. I have seen/worked with young people who are riddled with attached spirits and energies. I have found with Aspergers which is a high function form of austism, so they say, but when I illuminate their field with God's light flowing through me, all kinds of little orbs start shooting everywhere. The result is they are much calmer. I could do not know where they come from, but in working with a young woman who is pretty tuned in to energy, when these energies started shooting out of her, I said "oh my God, you have little orbs from every corner of multiverses coming out of you" and she said I know. She was remarkably calmer after that session. Unfortunately she lives in South Carolina and I live in Colorado. I have found that dark energies love to attack our children. Especially if one of the parents have a soul pupose of illuminating darkness. I do not agree entirely with how the Catholics approach every situation as "demonic possession" because few cases are. Most possessions are from discarnated souls who did not successful cross over. I think it is very important to have discernment as to which it is. A human entity can just be confused or scarred, where as demonic possession is intentional and a bit more complex. There are many who do "heart centered depossession" and usually have the gift of discernment. They have a better sense of what is going on. And speaking of going on, I could talk on this subject for days, but typing eventually wears me out. Please feel free to call me and I can get a better sense of what is going on. My number is on my website at

  1. tom b's Avatar tom b

    i would like more information regarding spiritual healing, as briefly talked about, in my dojo we are studding reiki this is also the art of laying on of hands

    1. Minister Ian Duff's Avatar Minister Ian Duff

      Reiki is NOT Spiritual Healing! It is a financial way of extricating money from your wallet. You get a pretty piece of paper after so many weeks of so-called training, rising through the ranks, parting with your cash until you can call yourself a "healer". You can call yourself a healer after a matter of a few weeks in Reiki. I wonder how much it will cost to be a master at Reiki? It is just another means of making money for someone else. Reiki gives Spiritual Healing a bad name. Sorry.


      1. elianna's Avatar elianna

        I was initiated in Reiki, never paid a cent, and when I touch people in my work, they always get better... Reiki is a form of spiritual healing just as any modality... the key is that we have to know we are not the healers, only God can heal, but we can ask for guidance and get out of the way so God can do the work

        1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

          A challenging conversation, yum! Who does the healing? What are we doing? I'm trained in Chakra Balancing and Qigong. I've also taken short workshops in similar modalities. From that perspective, I'm there to remove blockages to allow the body to heal itself. That explanation works for me. Yes, I think I have been empowered on a number of occasions way past my pay grade, but perhaps that's just the results of the specific connection I have to my client. In allopathic medicine, it is not at all unusual for a patient to seek the help of 3-4 (or more) doctors of a certain discipline before finding one who has the answer. I think that also works in complementary medicine.

    2. Teresa Arney's Avatar Teresa Arney

      Hi Tom. As in anything, there is the good and the bad. It's called duality. In response of Ian's post, and in defense of Reiki, I believe he just did not get a good practitioner. Reiki can be very powerful and healing, but it depends on the 2 things! First, the integrity of the practitioner and second the belief system of the client!!! I always say, "your healing will only be as big as your belief"! Healing with spiritual light which is God's light when the practitioner gets out of the way and allows the Divine to flow through them, is very powerful.

      “There is a Light in this world, a healing Spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering, and too much pain. Then suddenly, the Spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways” Mother Teresa

      Blessings! Teresa

    3. Krvin DeFranco's Avatar Krvin DeFranco

      Hi Tom, Teresa is right. your healing will be as big as your belief. Turn to the book of James in the Bible, it speaks to anointing and laying on of hands. Jesus Christ told His Apostles that He was leaving a Comforter the Holy Spirit until His return. He healed the sick, made the lame walk, and told them and us that we would have such power. As strong as your faith is so shall your power be. Whatever you do, give God all the glory and praise. Ask Him in Jesus's name to heal and that His will be done. Our precious Savior endured incredible pain and suffering on the cross. His preparation for crucifixion was equally brutal and unimaginable. But through God the Father and His power, He overcame death. The Scriptures state " as your spiritual life flourishes, so shall your physical mortal life flourish. No matter what you call it; all power, and life source energy flows through the Father, the Creator. Believe in His son and use the power generated by the Holy Spirit that Christ left us. Praise God.

  1. jhverrett/EagleBear's Avatar jhverrett/EagleBear

    Kevin, you explained this wonderfully and we have the gift of Christ that surrounds us and through us... And, as with all things, if we stop and give thanks for all things in His name, and we ask that His Will be done, then we are at that time and place the tool in which is to be used for His Will be done...blessings always, until we share once more...

  1. Damion McCoy's Avatar Damion McCoy

    Exorcism is not solely catholic or even christian pagans of all paths have practiced them well historically longer than any other faith. That doesn't mean you should do them but if you do use your brain, to many times have I seen people use exorcism as a means to seem cool. I know right? Exorcism is serious and it can damage people both physically and spiritually. This day it is understood that possession demonic or otherwise stems from mental or physical ailments and to exorcise someone in this state is irresponsible the need a medical staff to help not spiritual help in this situation I say advice them to seek this help first even the catholics do that now. At the same time some exorcisms like those preformed on inanimate objects can and should be done if you ask me.

  1. Rev, Dr. Crystal=Rene Angekuca's Avatar Rev, Dr. Crystal=Rene Angekuca

    I think you have shared a good foundational root. I thinkwe as ministers are bound by the same oath that those who perform medical care, "Do no harm". The key word "ministers", One that does ministry.

  1. elianna's Avatar elianna

    Ok but mental health is completely incompetent regarding any type of spiritual attack. When antipsychotics don't work after 8 years of trying and demons come after me in violent verbal and physical attack, then I tend to believe it's demonic warfare. Yes when I pray, the demons get quiet eventually yet it's risky cuz they want to kill me and are using my son to get to me. If I have a drop of fear, they are in control and that's challenging to get out of my pattern of PTSD from so many years. I try to sing praise and either my son begins to laugh which gives demons no power or they get even more angry and come after me. I have tried finding believers to help but have been unsuccessful as of yet. As for a competent neurologist, I haven't found one yet. And all psychiatrist are trained to do is medicate which is what caused decompensating and psychosis in the first place. Any guidance here would be absolutely welcomed. Thank you. Amen...

    1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

      Hello Elianna, My question to you would be, "What was the original event that caused your PTSD?" Do you remember what it was or, as a protective device, has your consciousness walled it up? I think a lot of PTSD cases are simply symptomatic responses to something bad that happened to you a long time ago. It may not be a demonic possession at all. Since it hasn't been resolved and is still suppressed, it "comes out sideways" as you may be experiencing. It's like the tiny piece of splinter that remains in the wound to fester. I believe that you can overcome it.

      1. elianna's Avatar elianna

        Actually, its my son who is possibly possessed. He suddenly changes personalities or its demonic attack? He looks different, his bodily mannerisms are different, his voice changes, he speaks in third person, and rages at me sometimes causing physical harm. Later, he is so apologetic and is terrified that he could harm me, his only family. The reason I thought it could be demonic is because like I said, when I pray, he can become calm.

        1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

          Could there have been some interpersonal trauma that you may not have been aware of that happened to him when he was much younger? Some sort of physical abuse at the hands of an adult?

  1. Antonia Blue Star's Avatar Antonia Blue Star

    Blessings. As an energy healer it is our work to balance negative energies. The physical level is our last level of manifestation. The chemical imbalance or organic dysfunction is often the result of unbalanced, stagnant or blocked energies, not the other way around as the commenter above implies.

    Until we are liberated masters and have freed our selves from all our "attachments", we are generally under the influence of "outside" forces; perceptible but generally not. Possession is the extreme case. Christian and Catholic ritual is but one way to release negative entities. There are many modalities that deal in the release of entities and are often a positive outcome. Any energy healer and mystic worth his salt will no doubt come under possession some time or another. It is just the hazard of the trade and generally a working experience.

  1. CRAIG's Avatar CRAIG

    Exorcisms are a tricky business and I'm with the ULC on this. Just because someone says they're "possessed" does not mean someone takes their word for it. Doesn't the "Church" have specific conditions that have to be met first before they can actually take the route of possession and treat with an exorcism?

    1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

      Hello Craig, Within the last five years, I heard that the Catholic Church still trains a few priests in exorcism proceedings. I don't know whether other denominations do as well.

      1. jatracy's Avatar jatracy

        Other churches do train their ministers in exorcism, a friend of mine from a non- catholic faith is ordained by her church to perform exorcisms. Keep in mind that she has a doctorate in divinity and has many many years of study and practice concerning exorcism rites.

        1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

          Yep. Having done one back in the 1970's, it's not for the fait of heart and you do need some skills.

  1. Gallet Christ Sampu's Avatar Gallet Christ Sampu

    The meaning of this sharing is so deepest to understand it...But without the guidance of the comforter a humankind can't do nothing. When you say exorcism!!!Yes, it is very significant to know and to learn about it but to don't believe in it for healing or blessing. There is a lesson that can teach us strongly:-When Samuel the prophet pass away in a time of King Saul. By looking to figure out the way how to kill David and to keep is power in Israel and Judah; King Saul went to see a spiritist women to ask him what to do the the women spiritist did invoke Samuel spirit that came out from the ground and spoke with Saul and the women spiritist was supprising to see the King Saul to do ask her to do such things. For the mistake made by our former leaders now we are pay the penalty. But God is forgiveness and merciful able to do anything by His willing to make things look or work better for everyone.
    PS: It is impossible to serve to master.

  1. rev.roy williams's Avatar rev.roy williams

    Jesus said do not return evil with evil. Instead be good and charitable to the other Person. Its the same as pouring hot coals on their head. When dealing with evil spirits. Be authoritative but loving, Do not acknowledge the misdeeds of the spirit. Simple focus on asking god to help the spirit to move on and release the person. Arguing with the spirit. Is a trap. Infact the priest don't acknowledge the spirits presence at all. Speaking to the spirit or reacting to what its doing. Gives it power. Spirits are not part of this world. They need a ancor to hold them here. You must break its hold without becoming a ancor yoursself.

  1. Teresa Arney's Avatar Teresa Arney

    This has been a very exciting post in that it generated a lot of Q & A that ignites pondering! I think it is a very important subject, however, most won't even acknoledge that it exists. I believe that the dark side of the spirit realm is responsible for all of the imbalance, war, poverty, famine, drugs, splitting of families and everything that does not reflect Heaven on Earth. More talks on this should happen.

  1. Marcos Adjuster's Avatar Marcos Adjuster

    Greetings every one. I am a GURU, psychic self defense instructor anf a healer. I am ordained minister from the ULC...My personal ministry as a Mystery Monitor is one of an exorcist but I rather be reffered as a GHOST TERMINATOR.

    currently I conduct Investigations about possession cases for the old Catholic church and hold the tittle of Laity...but not of cleargy which only they are allowed to perform exorcism, not us the laity. Well the power of Jesus and the mighty indwelling of the holy spirit has giving me the ability to capture and get rid of demons in less than a day. I been able to device real ghost traps and the big obes are more like Jail the my Lords prisoners. I still stop myself from capturing the demons becauyse the order sees the layty as not endow of divine insights. If they only new I literally have taken donw over 80,000 of such mentionef demonic enteties etc..

    But I am a heavenly worker...I am authorized to terminate any of such beings as my Lords command.

    So when I conduct any other exorcism on my owm..things are settle I waste no time..I have an arsenal of spiritual tools as fully equiped with the armor of just the words writen in the holy books.

    Thank you... Bless u all...

  1. coyoteplaygirl's Avatar coyoteplaygirl

    Okay, My name is Erica and I think I may have a problem with an evil spirit within my home. Every once in a while like once or twice a month I smell something like rotten meat I know there is nothing under my home that is dead or and food under or around my home. I know it is not my sewer lines also. I think it maybe a evil spirit. I need some advise on what it could be and how to handle it. Hope to hear something back soon. Erica Valdes

    1. Ty Ford's Avatar Ty Ford

      Hello Erica,

      The human olfactory system can play quite a few tricks. Can others perceive this smell?

  1. Julie Coon's Avatar Julie Coon

    Very interesting! I get together with 3 other "healers" and we, monthly, remove "attachments" from each other. We come from different religious backgrounds (i.e. Catholic, United Methodist, Christian Reformed, and Coptic). We all have experienced the "side effects" of attachments, demon attacks, and so on. We find it amazing how many of our combined clients come to us with these issues in the recent years compared to years ago. We have also witnessed angels and saints appearing during our healing work to instruct and equip us for such circumstances....and we witness them together, simultaneously! We feel there is something "big" going on right now and "know" it's going to take all of us to help human kind stay in "balance". I agree, Lost Souls are more of a prevalent issues than demon possession. However, I have encountered demons and they are nothing an amateur should mess with! I wouldn't know where I'd be today without my "healing friends" to help me recover after doing such work! BTW, not happy with the makers of the Ouija boards! "Fixed" many "problems" caused by them throughout the years! May you all be blessed through your healing works! Julie Coon

  1. rev.roy williams's Avatar rev.roy williams

    Ok we need to determine if you are dealing with a evil spirit or somthing else. Try to write down everything that happens,where ,and what were you doing at the time. Use a matter of fact writing style. No emotions. Dont in any way acknowledge there may be evil in your home. Remember the first step is to make you accept its presence with the fear you are helpless. That is not true. Also remember possession cases are a way to hurt somone other that the possed. The more it knows your watching. The stronger it get. Play religious songs. Anything that make you think of how blessed you are by god. If you have a evil spirit. You will need proof,and the investigators will need knowledge to fight it with. In the mean ti me. Its your home. Everytime you enter a room. Place your hand on the door jam,and blees the room. Like this. The lord has blessed me with this room. I pray that he keeps it holy,and shows me how I can serv him in this room. My the presence of god feel this room and leave no space for anything else. I hope this helps

  1. rev.roy williams's Avatar rev.roy williams

    Do you live in a two story house,and if yes. Please describe the stairs. Are they across the room from the door,or closer. Tell me about the layout of the room with stairs. Thanks

  1. SHAUN's Avatar SHAUN

    ITS NOT COMPLICATED BUT CAN BE DEMANDING. It is important that you remember the following. 1/ It is important that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ - if not you don't have the authority and are in great danger. Though of course they can play games and may appear to go if it suits their deceptions. 2/ As Jesus was resurected from the grave He has authority and it is in HIS name you send them packing (see 1). 3/ If in doubt about the fact of the resurection see;

  1. The Troubled Buddhist's Avatar The Troubled Buddhist

    Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

    I've just got back from an extreme exorcism training weekend with the SAS and Navy Seals –Total Commando Chaplains. It was very tough and I'm quite tired, and there was someone banging on my front door last night, also, causing the lights in my lodgings to flash on and off. Kids eh? I don't know how they manage to pull these pranks off invisibly.

    Anyway, more about it next weekend when I'm fully charged again. For now, I am just going to rest and concentrate on stopping my wife's head from spinning around.

  1. James Watt's Avatar James Watt

    These are all very old posts is this blog even active? I am a medical doctor with strong religious background. You are right for the most part it is not demonic possession. It takes a family doctor at least to see its psychiatric. In the same way you at least have to be Baptized and and have a good relationship with God to do an exorcism. The Catholic Church cannot and should not have exclusivity for Exorcisms. You need 100% faith and nothing else. No crosses, no holy water gimmicks, nothing just pure faith and if it’s not 100% it will attack you and anyone with you that’s weaker in the room with you. Go alone, speak Latin it understands Latin. ( not sure but have read al Jinn in the Koran but remember Koran is “New Testament” it may not get it. Use Latin only at least you know it gets it. Anything that evil can probably translate any language. The object I exorcised is older than Mohammed and it did affect people. So, I am not a novice to this. However, most of the time the patient needs a psychiatric referral which should be done first. Next the exorcist needs only faith and never to stop once the Latin prayer is started. You don’t need smudging etc. Just the prayer and be prepared for all hell to break loose stay calm stay focused. Never ever show haughty attitude or you will be toast. No charge no money changes hands for a real deal exorcism. Your cell phone ( the exorcists phone) will go all nuts with phone calls all 6’s of course with nothing human on the line when you answer. Delete all images of the evil object off your phone. I was never bothered again but be sure to ask for your own protection first before you do it. Signed a real life Anglican Exorcist and Physician Dr Watt MD FRCPC ABR R-MSK Pain Management Physician

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