Anti-Semitic graffiti
According to the FBI, Jews are "consistently among the top three most targeted groups" in America's largest cities, and anti-Jewish crimes are on the rise.

When someone mentions a hate crime, you probably picture an abhorrent act fueled by racist or homophobic sentiments. And many hate crimes do follow such a pattern. However, recent data reveal that in some places contrary to popular understanding the group most likely to become the victim of a hate crime is Jews.

In New York City, for example, Jews account for roughly 18 percent of the population, and yet were victims in 44 percent of all hate crimes in 2017. That's far more than other often-targeted groups such as gays, Muslims, and African-Americans.

We were surprised to learn that things are no better up north. Across Canada, Jews were the most victimized group in 2016, with 221 total hate crimes committed against them. For comparison, LGBT individuals were targeted 176 times.

Anti-Jewish Sentiment on the Rise

Unfortunately, the problem extends far beyond the Big Apple and Canada. According to the FBI, Jews are "consistently among the top three most targeted groups" in America's largest cities, and anti-Jewish crimes are on the rise.

Statistics show that while Jews make up only 2 percent of the U.S. population, they are the victims of 11 percent of all hate crimes each year. When it comes to religiously-motivated hate crimes, the numbers get even worse. Jews were targeted in over 50 percent of all religious hate crimes in 2016 more than twice as much as Muslims.

This trend is highlighted by the wave of bomb threats made against Jewish Community Centers in early 2017. Around the same time, vandals also broke into Jewish cemeteries and toppled hundreds of headstones.

Why Are Jews Targeted?

Any student of history could tell you that anti-Semitic bias is not a new phenomenon. In Exodus, the Hebrew people were enslaved by the Egyptians out of fear of oppression due to the size of their population. In the early days of the Christian church, there was a lot of animosity between Christians and Jews. During the Reformation, Martin Luther promoted anti-Jewish sentiments. Hitler sought to exterminate Jews entirely.

But that's all in the past. Why are Jews still discriminated against? The easy answer is prejudice and intellectual laziness. For example, a common negative stereotype says that Jews are all rich, greedy, and want to control the world. Sadly, some people sincerely believe such theories and use them as justification for violence.

The Impact of Hate Crimes

Unfortunately, the impact of hate crimes extends far beyond the victims themselves. When one person is attacked for their appearance and/or beliefs, it puts the entire community on edge. For example, Jews who are fearful of violence may refrain from dressing in traditional clothing, thus inhibiting their right to freedom of religion. The fear of being attacked can also prevent people from gathering together to worship or build community.

Fighting Back

None of this is particularly uplifting, but it's important to talk about nonetheless. Only by raising awareness can we hope to shift attitudes and prevent the spread of prejudice. Hate crimes whether they be against Jews, Muslims, or any other vulnerable group are despicable acts which society must do a better job of preventing moving forward.


  1. John Owens's Avatar John Owens

    I have never understood the hatred of the Jews after the Dark Ages were over. From the Soviet Union to Western Europe, and in North America. It makes no sense to me.

    1. John Maher's Avatar John Maher

      Mr. Owens, DITTO !!!

    2. Sojournertruth's Avatar Sojournertruth

      I feel the same about Black People being hated so much. If Jewish people were being gunned down like Blacks, of all ages, in the USA the outrage would be suffocating. Many incidents go unreported because Black people have and continue to be marginalized in this country.

      1. Sara's Avatar Sara

        This isn’t a contest. Each group has its’ continuing miseries.

        1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

          And what would rich Jewish American miseries be?? And what would Rich heavily armed Israels miseries be against people with bricks????

          Get a grip

          1. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Chuck, do you detest the Jews because they are rich and successful? There is a reason for that and it is quite honorable.

            The people with bricks have no allies, the Jews are the only one that have helped them, and just gave away the Gaza Strip to them if they would work toward peace. They lied and used it to further attack them. The brick people chose a known terrorist as a leader, Yasser Arafat. No other Arab country is helping them, now offering them refuge in their country. Why?

            The people with bricks are probably embarrassed that the Jews BOUGHT the land and made wasteland into one of the most powerful nations in the world. Be glad the Jews are our ally because they are a damn strong one in honor, intelligence, and might. The people with bricks might want to try a little honor for a change.

          2. Sara's Avatar Sara

            You are the perfect example a hate crime.

          3. Professor's Avatar Professor

            Just like the true racists, the hater always accuses others of hate just like the Devil.

        2. Sojournertruth's Avatar Sojournertruth

          What's your point?

    3. Linda's Avatar Linda

      I can't understand any anti-Semitism after the 1st century. What happened during and before the Dark Ages? I know the Pagans in the cradle of civilization mostly embraced their different beliefs amongst each other and gave respect to others' Gods / Goddesses, but the Jews insisted their God was the only true God and better than their Gods. I think even then the Pagans tolerated the Jews... just figured they "don't play well with others." The Jews made a courageous stand yet could have been a bit more diplomatic, IMO. I can't imagine what you are referencing, other than there was an assertive call for converting everyone to Christianity? If so, why isn't there more anti-Islamic / Buddhist / Hindu sentiment?

      1. caz's Avatar caz

        There is much more anti Islamic sentiment, especially in the US

    4. caz's Avatar caz

      one only needs to look t their attitudes towards the Palestinian minority in their own country to see that they RE THE haters there.

    5. Elder Freddie Bell's Avatar Elder Freddie Bell

      Something we can agree on

  1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

    Joseph...all that you report is combat these irrational prejudices, it is important that as individuals, we always try to be fair, caring and not prejudiced toward anyone...religions are essentially prejudiced by their existence...that is why the ULC is helpful; because, to me, the idea of the forum is to help everyone to accept everyone else...Tom

  1. Alun Palmer's Avatar Alun Palmer

    We have to be careful over what is reported as anti-semitism. Many legitimate protests in support of Palestine are reported as hate crimes against Jews. This is done deliberately to discourage protests.

    Nevertheless, hate crimes against Jews probably are on the rise. At least some of this may be prompted by the actions of Israel against Palestine, whereas certain orange-haired presidents may have given the so-called alt.right unofficial permission for racism. There is no doubt that the average Jew has done nothing to justify any of this, and it needs to be nipped in the bud.

    1. hungrymindsi's Avatar hungrymindsi

      Thank you for your words of support for the Jewish community. As someone of part-Jewish heritage, I have experienced anti-semitism from time to time throughout my life, even as a child, and it's good to know that Jews don't stand alone against hatred. Also heartening is how Jews and Muslims are finding ways to combat anti-semitism and Islamophobia together, even despite the situation in the Middle East. We have more that unites us than divides us, if we come together and listen to one another.

      I hear your concerns about people confusing political protest with anti-semitism. I know there are Jews who may think that way, but these days, that is happening less and less as the Israeli government aligns itself with the current U.S. administration. Actually, law enforcement in places like NYC is very alert to this issue of what constitutes a hate crime, and rarely documents legitimate protests in support of Palestine as anti-semitic unless there's clear evidence of it (signs saying "Kill All Jews," for example, would be evidence of anti-semitism, not political protest). Unsubstantiated accusations of anti-semitism are not reported by law enforcement for inclusion in these data sets (unless what is being assessed is the rate of accusations); they are investigated and then documented if the accusations prove to be legitimate. The statistics mentioned above -- references as to sources would have been helpful and should have been included -- don't report accusations, only incidents deemed as anti-semitic after an investigation has been made by authorities.

      In fact, the reverse is also the case: some hate crimes are not deemed anti-semitic even when they clearly are, because law enforcement officials can be biased in the other direction, or because there's no proof if the incident consisted of verbal abuse only, or something like rock throwing if there are no witnesses.

      It's concerning that you say "hate crimes against Jews probably are on the rise." The statistics are clear, and have been for years. And hatred against Jews -- whether Israeli or not -- isn't an appropriate response to the actions of the Israeli government. Anyone who feels justified in harboring hatred against an entire group for the actions of some in that group is already coming from a biased perspective.

      What also concerns me is that in discussions about the alt-right in this country (I'm in the U.S.), anti-semitism is frequently omitted from the list of hatreds its members promote -- when, in fact, it is their root hatred, according to their own literature. As the incident in Charlottesville showed, anti-semitism and racism go hand-in-hand for these haters, and it has virtually always been so. From my perspective, anti-semitism is, in fact, racism, because although Jews are a people, not a race (if we must use that constructed term that has no biological basis), Jews have been racialized by those who hate us.

  1. Sam's Avatar Sam

    I find it sad that there is this much hatred and it seems to me that it will continue. It does not help with Trump in the WH. The ironic thing is that among the jewish, LGBTQ, Muslims, African Americans , and not to mention Native Americans there is hatred and ignorance and lack of emathy for each other. ( of course there are some eceptions ) What a powerful message it would be to send to the Haters that they all stand together (the jewish, LGBTQ, Muslims, African Americans and Native Americans ) against Hate, violence, harassment, prejudice and bigotry, not just as individuals but as groups and organizations. Peace be with you

    1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

      Not sure what youre basing the Trump thing on. Please elaborate.

      1. hsw's Avatar hsw

        Then you haven’t been paying attention. Trump’s racist history goes as far back as the housing discrimination when he was working for his father, and is as recent as the news on any given day. Look up “dog whistle. You’ll likely find his picture.

        1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

          Nonsense.......More non-white people live and work in Trump Tower than live within 15 miles of the average limousine Liberals house. And the dog whistle thing is obnoxious and ridiculous.....they aren't hearing "racism". They are hearing somebody talk about the American dream that they remember, and that has been largely lost by corporate crony politics. You see, you NEED to believe he is racist, because otherwise, you don't have a leg to stand on. Im guessing that black/Hispanic employment being at the highest rate in 18 years is because Trump is a racist???

          Stop drinking the cool aid and enjoy your tax break

          1. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Chuck, I think Trump says some things and doesn't mean it the way it sounds to most of us. Being a prejudice narcissist was my first impression of him. Once I started listening to what he said overall, I got a much better opinion of him.

            I think his staff realizes this too and have tried to keep his public speeches limited to what was written down but Trump almost always goes off the prepared speech and I can understand why. It's interesting how some people can see what he really means right away and others don't. It took me awhile to figure it out.

    2. hungrymindsi's Avatar hungrymindsi

      Not sure why you're making a blanket statement about minority groups hating and having lack of empathy for each other. Maybe you just see what's in the news. In my experience, most minority groups in the U.S. are more friendly than not. There are great local efforts for mutual support being made all over the country, and this is not new. Also, be sure not to look just at the most conservative or hard-line members of each group. Most people just want to live peaceful lives with their neighbors. I'm from a part-Jewish background and used to have a landlord from Yemen. I got along well with his family, who lived in the building. His wife told me that if she couldn't get halal meat in the neighborhood on a given day, she would go to the kosher butcher. Lots of Muslim women did the same, and she told me that all the Jewish and Muslim women would wait on line and have friendly conversation, there was never any problem. We used to compare traditions, they showed me photos of beautiful mosques from around the world, and in general we agreed on most topics, including politics.

      Of course there are issues, but in the past year we've seen an increase in these groups coming together despite differences. There are many efforts -- certainly among Jews and Muslims, especially in the U.S. but even in Israel-Palestine -- to bring people together for mutual support and understanding. This was, in fact, already happening (I've participated in a number of interfaith activities and trainings in my geographic area), but the current political situation has increased the rate of cooperation. If you watch the news accounts when there's an attack on a mosque or a synagogue, the local community comes together and offers support, with synagogues and mosques often offering one another hospitality and even protection. The same is true when there are homophobic hate crimes, racist incidents, etc.

      The best thing we can do to promote these efforts is to participate in them or contact orgs that are working to start groups all over the country. For example, there are the Sisterhood of Salaam/Shalom, Daughters of Abraham, the Dialogue Project, and many others around the U.S. Many of these are Jewish-Muslim-Christian efforts, but there are others as well.

    3. Beth's Avatar Beth

      I love this.

  1. Janice A Ellery's Avatar Janice A Ellery

    I unfortunately still here some people who call themselves "christians" justify hate of Jews by claiming the Jews killed Jesus. In reality Christianity is a derivative of the Hebrew faith . You cannot understand the role of the Messiah and the redemption without an understanding of the old Testament. Jews are Christians spiritual ancestors; Hate will certainly not deliver the Messiah's message.

  1. Barry's Avatar Barry

    The hatred by Christans towards Jews Makes no sense.They claim Jews killed Jesus. Jesus was Jewish (Hebrew) At the time of Jesus death, Christianity Did not exist. The Romans we're pagens. Typical, Religion has to hate someone

    1. hsw's Avatar hsw

      Religion exists to control. The secondary reason has always seemed to me to be making the adherents feel superior. It’s certainly true of many Christians today.

    2. Elder Freddie Bell's Avatar Elder Freddie Bell

      The fact is no one killed Jesus, Jesus was God and gave his life as a blood sacrifice. So WE might be saved

  1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

    Unfortunately its a me me world..My religion is better than yours...That's always been the base of it all...I personally can't understand it because I don't really care what makes your boat float. Im glad we have a president in the office now that is not afraid to do the right thing.

    1. hsw's Avatar hsw

      The President is the best example out there of “me me me.”

  1. Memirsbrunnr's Avatar Memirsbrunnr

    I am surprised that this article does not go into the anti-Semitic group that is the biggest and most violent at the moment.. In europe is the the group of recent mostly low educated immigrant muslims that are in their religious fire that are the biggest and most violent threat towards Jews.. Not focussing on islamic religious foundation towards Jew hatred, makes this article very one sided and collective guilt oriented and yet again let the religious fanatics have a free pass in a fair balance. As written in the Hadith The end times will not come until the muslims have erradicated the Jews. The following statement from the Hadith has also been taken up in the Hamas manifest.. One of the things Israel wants to have removed from the Hamas manifest before they can ever want to start negotiations and discussion. Needless to say hamas will not remove that, which shows hamas is out to eradicate the jews when they ever get the opportunity to control israel

    No. 6981 Ibn 'Umar reported Allaah's Messenger (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) as saying: You will fight against the Jews and you will kill them until even a stone would say: Come here, Muslim, there is a Jew (hiding himself behind me) ; kill him.
    No. 6985 Abu Huraira reported Allaah's Messenger (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allaah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews. 223275: In the battle between the Jews and the Muslims at the end of time, the aggressors will be the Jews

    It is narrated in the hadith that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “The Hour will not begin until you fight the Jews, until a Jew will hide behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will say: ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allah, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him – except the gharqad (a kind of thorny tree).’

    1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

      I find it amazing that Jews believe they are the number one victim/target of hate crime........... is largely the Jewish Democrats letting in anyone with a pulse from the Middle East into America, who hate Jews more than anyone. Maybe theyre looking for more victim card status down the road??

      1. Sara's Avatar Sara

        Maybe you ought to check your prejudice against Hews before you enter into an intelligent conversation about prejudice.

        1. hungrymindsi's Avatar hungrymindsi


        2. Professor's Avatar Professor

          Actually Sara, Chuck is the intelligent one but no matter how much Chuck tries, he will never be able to speak reason to the unreasonable.

        3. Linda's Avatar Linda

          Sara, it is amazing these people on here actually stand up for the Palestinians while their own Arab neighbors refuse to do so. The prejudice people on here do all these crazy mental gymnastics to try to make their fairytale assertions seem even possibly plausible. How can they be anti-Semitic when the Palestinians would easily kill them if they could and the Jews would fight for their safety? Plus they are ardent pro-Trump fans and Trump is pro-Israel! They seem like black people defending the KKK.

          I'm sure ALL the Palestinians aren't terrorists, but the multitude that are, cast a poor light on the good ones. Making a terrorist their leader shows their overall devious nature. The Palestinians really need mental help but where would one begin?

      2. Linda's Avatar Linda

        Chuck, what I find amazing is that the Jews are one of the very few groups that have not asked for affirmative action or other government intervention to compensate for the tremendous discrimination against them. As Louis Farrakhan said in The Million Man March that there was a time the Jews weren't allowed in Miami, now they own it.

        Did you know the Ashkenazi Jews score the highest on IQ tests in America... over the Asians? We might want to think twice about alienating the people with the highest IQs in this country. Look how that worked for Germany, isolating Einstein. It's a good thing Albert was on our side instead of the Germans.

        1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

          LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL......they don't ask for it, because they INVENTED it!! Go take a look who heads groups like the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, etc, etc. Ill give you a hint........ rhymes with JEWS.

          And btw, that's also how they have manipulated themselves as being perceived as having the highest scores. They just kicked all the smarter gentiles out with "affirmative action"

          Heres another one........ go find any whack job Professor or other Libtard that goes on and on about how white people are evil, despite the fact they are also white. Know why??...... because "white" is code for white gentiles.

          1. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Chuck, what rhymes with Jews? Susan Herman, head of ACLU?

            Those organizations GIVE away money, not take it! So let's condemn them for giving money / help but not taking it? You can really twist things, but I know you can't help it. It really concerns me.

            They didn't need to kick the smarter gentiles out of anything. The Ashkenazi Jews score highest on IQ tests in the US, even over the Asians, and probably highest in the world. Be glad Germany alienated Einstein and Albert came here.

            Check your facts. I found gross misrepresentations on your part in other sources you listed on here against the Jews, and on another thread where you tried to equate the Jews with Satan. I can't understand how you just don't care that you have no valid resources to back your claims against the Jews but have done so on other topics. All I can imagine is you are just prejudice, hence Jewish prejudice is the topic of this thread.

            Israel is our ONLY ally in that region. If you have a problem somewhere in the middle east, you better hope you can get to Israel because no one else will help an American or treat them fairly. Being a woman, I'm apprehensive of any other country over there but Israel. I've been about every where but the middle east just for that reason. Israel helps our security immensely and if you can't see that then you have a problem and I wonder whose side you're on.

    2. Linda's Avatar Linda

      Wow... thank you for posting this Memirsbrunnr!!! Searching the Hadith on the web, it is different than the Quran. Although I am definitely pro Israel, I am NOT anti-Islam. Their culture is different from ours and I don't trust them, yet I realize we must look the same way from their perspective. IMO, it is safer for them to come here than for us to go there.

      I noticed here: the Hadith has laws that conflict with the Quran and where it conflicts it is to be forcefully rejected from Islam. Even so, it appears that different middle eastern sects still use all of it. For Israel to require the Palestinians to reject those particular parts of the Hadith is to honor Islamic teachings. No wonder the Palestinians get no support from their region. Maybe the Israelis are enabling a culture to continue, by giving them land and such, that should just fade away?

    3. Linda's Avatar Linda

      Memmisbrunnr, I've recently learned that Hamas was a recent group leading the Palestinians, and paid really big bucks for killing a Jew or an American! I've heard something like $250,000 each one killed! A suicide bomber got a million bucks paid to their family or the family was taken care of for life! The Palestinian stubbornly choose terrorist leaders and think any civilized county will respect them? The Palestinians need help, they are full of so much hate and an unfounded sense of entitlement. Obviously there is no simple solution.

  1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

    Well, I'll say one thing......... In my lifetime here in lower New York, I have lost track of how many times there has been vandalism at synagogues and Jewish grave yards, bomb threats, etc....... and it turned out having been done by a member of the synagogue. I can only actually think of one incident where it was actually a hate crime by some stupid teenager. And its a huge story in local news whenever it happens......the moment they realize a synagogue member did it, you never hear about it again.

    Ill just leave that there.

    1. hsw's Avatar hsw

      Please document even one instance of an act of hatred being perpetrated by a Jew against Jewish people.

      1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

        Isnt it amazing......... just as I said, stories are scrubbed. "Page Not Found". As I said, stories go dark when they get proven false. Most of the stories I refer to came from The Journal News of Westchester NY, where most of this happened. But heres just a few off of Google. Im sure theres plenty more.

        1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

          And heres an extensive list of fake hate crimes in the US, in all categories.

          1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

            In fact, if you look at the graph, fake hate crimes spiked during the run up to the last election. Hmmm....why would that be? Maybe because the left will invent injustice, when there really isn't much in reality?? Maybe because they needed a false narrative to use against Trump, knowing that "hate" would be all they could try to conjur up?? Just as fake as fake Liberal news.


        2. Linda's Avatar Linda

          Chuck, these articles are NOT representative of false flags. I’m surprised at you. I’ve challenged you before on something else and you provided quite substantial resources.

          The first article you cited were of crimes by some guy that is NOT Jewish. It states that a synagogue in Schenectady claimed this New Yorker fraudulently claiming to be a Jew, discriminated upon with anti-Semitic graffiti on his home was in fact NOT a Jew. The man had tried to become a Jew in the Schenectady synagogue but was declined.

          The second article arrested 3 perpetrators for defacing public property with anti-Semitic symbols but only one of them had an affiliation with a Hebrew institution. It might be the other two didn’t know he was a Jew and the Jew didn’t want them to find out. Even so, it was not pronounced a hate crime and other motives were being investigated against the business. Maybe the motive was the business was anti-Semitic and the perpetrators were announcing that to all?

          The 3rd resource cites a Jewish college girl put anti-Jewish symbols on her own dorm door and claimed someone else did it. Reading farther down, the Washington Post later made a correction to this article, claiming they checked security cameras at Washington University positioned to see her door and found it was someone else, whom they barred from the school.

          The 4th resource cites 1 teenage boy that seems to be a false flag / hoax of something like a bomb scare on the Jewish community in Israel. There was not a clear motive. It goes on to give the statistics of overwhelming Jewish discrimination and “if” this one were to be a false flag, then it is less than .001% of the discrimination practices there. Being such a low statistic, you did find it Chuck, even though it is even inconclusive. But I know there is some mental illnesses out there and so there may be a very rare false flag.

          The 5th resource cites a guy, not Jewish, that performed numerous crimes on Jewish institutions but they are not certain anti-Semitism was the motive because it may have been directed to his girlfriend that broke up with him. At any rate, it was never mentioned that the guy that did the crimes was Jewish.

      2. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

        Wow, moderator not only didn't post my long list of instances to you, he even erased them. But check out my below post. I had a bunch more from actual news papers, but I guess that's not allowed to be posted. We live in a world of fake and censored news, don't we?

  1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

    Does the moderator plan on releasing my answers to hsw?

    1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

      hsw...... if the moderator ever releases it, I gave you a very extensive list of incidents that turned out to be fake hate crimes, not just Jewish, but all categories. And I provided a graph showing a spike of fake hate crimes in the run up to the election to help invent fake injustice.

      1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

        fakehatecrimes dot org

  1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

    A great deal of the hatred towards Jews is misdirected. What most people have and sense is a hatred for Zionism, which is very much akin to Nazism. Judaism and Zionism are as opposed as night and day. Zionism is the nationalistic/political force that created Israel, and has its tentacles involved in matters abroad, such as the US and Europe. True Judaism and the Torah strictly forbids the creation of a homeland until the messiah returns.

    Zionism is also a good ol' boy system that places its people in positions of influence and power throughout the Western world, and THAT is what most people feel uneasy about. Jews represent about 2% of the American population, but are HIGHLY over-represented in finance, government, academia, science, law, media etc, etc. Not because they are geniuses, but again, the good ol boy system. This obviously raises suspicion and mistrust amongst people, and is the source of what is labeled as "hate". Its actually more a mistrust than anything, and understandably so. Zionism is why American troops are fighting multiple Arab states at once. Zionism is why the Left are determined to make America a socialist nightmare. Zionism is what has crashed our economy more than once. Zionism is leading the full scale assault on Trump, because he is not one of their controlled puppets. Zionism is evil.

    Luckily, there are plenty of true Jews in Israel and the US that protest Zionism.....but wede never know it, because media blacks it out.

    Being Anti-Zionism does NOT make one anti-semetic, anymore than being Anti-Nazi makes one anti-German.

    1. Sara's Avatar Sara

      Zionism is the yearning of Jews for thousands of years to return for their promised homeland, Israel. If there were an Israel there wouldn’t have been a Holocaust. You know absolutely nothing about Zionism past whatever hatred you’ve learned from whatever sewers you heard it from. I am a Zionist and I only hate people who are trying to destroy Israel and Jews. When the UN proclaimed the birth of the modern state of Israel they also proclaimed a state for Palestinians. Jordan and Egypt took it from them. Why not blame them for the Palestinian situation?

      1. Alun Palmer's Avatar Alun Palmer

        The Arab attacks on Israel at that time in history were prompted by false flag attacks carried out by Israelis.

        The proper thing to do after cessation of hostilities is to vacate occupied land. That is international law, Israel did not follow it, and that is the actual reason Palestinians don't control the borders of their own state.

        As for Zionism, it may well be what you say it is, but I don't beleive it should include trampling on the human rights of all the non-Jews who live there. Most Palestinians would have welcomed Jews as long as it didn't involve losing their homes, including 400 entire villages, and incursions on their human rights. Oh no, the people who called themselves Zionists at the time wanted control of all the land and exile of the natives. When I use the word Zionist it is normally the latter I am referring to, not some simple soul with a desire to live there in peace, who I acknowledge do exist, but I am not sure if there are any in the Knesset.

        And don't forget, Israel's first government was largely made of people the world considered to be the world's first terrorists.

        Now, if you hate only people who are trying to destroy Israel and Jews, I have no desire whatsoever to destroy the Jews. Israel? Reform would do fine, but failing that I suppose destruction is not off the table.

        1. Linda's Avatar Linda

          The Arab attacks on Israel at that time in history were prompted by false flag attacks carried out by Israelis. Read more at

          Alun, what is your resource? Quotes from Yasser Arafat?

          The proper thing to do after cessation of hostilities is to vacate occupied land. That is international law, Israel did not follow it, and that is the actual reason Palestinians don’t control the borders of their own state. Read more at

          The Jews "bought" the land that is now Israel, and also the Gaza Strip, but not The Golden Heights. Israel was wasteland when the Jews "bought it" with money and the Jews worked themselves bloody, for free, to make it what it is now. So, now the Palestinians want it back for free? The Jews took the Golden Heights because they couldn't protect themselves from the onslaught of bombings by the Palestinians way up there... it is called self-defense.

          I knew it was a big mistake when the Jews just GAVE AWAY the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians if they promised to move toward peace. It was obvious to most people the Palestinians' word was worth nothing, as history has proven. Who could trust them after they made a known terrorist their leader, Yasser Arafat?

          Most Palestinians would have welcomed Jews as long as it didn’t involve losing their homes, including 400 entire villages, and incursions on their human rights. Read more at

          Then why didn't they buy the land instead of it being sold to the highest bidder, which happened to be the Jews? No other Arabs helped the Palestinians buy it then either, why is that? The Jews have done everything to get peace there.

          The influence of Hitler was probably the instigator of the current problem for the Jews. The Palestinians are probably capitalizing on that momentum to steal land legitimately sold to the Jews.

          It's probably embarrassing for the Palestinians because they couldn't do anything with the land and the Jews built it into one of the strongest nations in the world, in a short span of time too.

          Almost every single Jew wants peace but why should they allow someone to steal their homes again???

          And don’t forget, Israel’s first government was largely made of people the world considered to be the world’s first terrorists. Read more at

          Is Yasser Arafat your resource for that assertion too?

          Now, if you hate only people who are trying to destroy Israel and Jews, I have no desire whatsoever to destroy the Jews. Israel? Reform would do fine, but failing that I suppose destruction is not off the table. Read more at

          Alun, reform should be from the Palestinians. Or the Palestinians could put their money behind their movement like the Jews did. That is the honorable way... to purchase it when it comes up for sale just like the Jews did. Now that they have put in significant upgrades, it will of course be a much higher price.

          Alun, is your solution is to let the Palestinians steal it? That mentality is the same as the terrorists... NOT the Jews. Alun, you worry me... you seem like you could easily turn against the US.

          It is interesting you are so pro Palestinians when the Israelis are our only true and proven ally in that region. The Palestinians wouldn't even spit on you if you were on fire, unless maybe you were working with them... then maybe they'd spit on you, or they would just offer you 21 virgins in heaven and let you burn to death. If you are a true US citizen, you should be glad and feel safer Israel is over there because they are our ally. The Ashkenazi Jews score the highest on the US IQ tests, even over the Asians. Be glad Einstein was alienated from Germany and came to our side.

        2. Sara's Avatar Sara

          Jews are not perfect people, zionists are not perfect people. Are there any people or nations on earth who are or ever were perfect? Most Jews in history and today just want a place to live where they can live openly as Jews and not be harassed or killed for it. Palestinians aren’t perfect people either and they did and do their share of trampling on others’ rights in Israel, too. By the way, there are Palestinians in the Knesset, one of the Supreme Court Justices is a Palestinian, Palestinian kids go to the best universities in Israel right along with Jewish kids. They are doctors, lawyers, accountant said and everything else. They vote just like everyone else. Jews would have none of these rights in any Arab country today, if they were allowed to live in any one of them. All the Arab countries kicked their millennia-old Jewish populations out of their homes between 1948 and 1958 with only their shirts on their backs. If the Palestinians want to have their own country, and I as a fervent Zionist hope they do and that they live happily, productively and peacefully, they should stop denying that Israel exists and start negotiating. They walked away from two deals that included everything they wanted backed by American presidents. The Palestinian answer to these true peace deals were two bloody intifadas. Now they have to deal with a right-wing Israeli government who can secure Israelis’ safety, backed by our own right-wing government. They helped make the mess that they are living with now. Israelis find it hard to make peace with people who are continually trying to kill them and who are continually calling them filth and every kind of degenerates. You wouldn’t expect this of any other people on earth. Why are you singling out Israelis?

          1. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Sara, I am obviously pro Israel because they have shown the most integrity, IMO. However, I thought Iran has a small population of Jews and even though they don't meet the population requirements to have voting rights, they do allow them to vote.

            Unfortunately, that must mean they have to register as Jewish. After what happened to them by the Nazis, using that same program to identify and kill them, that probably goes over like a lead balloon.

            Even so, I'd like to give Iran the benefit of the doubt and hope they are making strides to bring some peace... even a little is better than nothing.

          2. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Sara, Palestinians are paid to kill Jews and Americans... fact. A Palestinian and his family continue to be rewarded for killing a 13 year old girl in her sleep! Can you imagine how outraged we'd be if an American did that to a Palestinian? I know Islam is against this too. It's the Hamas mentality.

            What I find really outrageous is the US and Israelis still give the Palestinian money! The US GIVES them money to rebuild and the Jews give them money from tax revenues. Why? I have read nothing about any other country helping them.


            Jews and Americans do everything to promote peace and what have the Palestinians done? We should stop giving them ANYTHING until they aggressively denounce any terrorist acts. THAT would send a peaceful message.

        3. Sara's Avatar Sara

          Alun, I respect your right to have your opinion. Please consider that other people have different opinions just as carefully considered and compassionate as yours. No one ever considered David ben Gurian or the other men who started the modern state of Israel as terrorists. There were groups of men who were militant, but they weren't part of the government. There were militant Palestinians, too. I think we can agree that in war people and countries are hurt. But there are differences in people. The Palestinians continue to consider themselves victims, refugees and stateless. There are refugee camps all over the Middle East, including in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian territories. Both governments there get hundreds of million dollars in support from the World Bank and other organizations. Why haven't they built their countries up. Why should they be living in poverty as they tell the world? Jews all over the world, who were subject to more slaughter than the Palestinians ever were, have chosen to live and not be victims. After the genocide they worked profoundly hard to reconstruct their people. Part of that salvation was Israel. If there was an Israel during the war most of the over 6 mill. slaughtered in the Holocaust wouldn't have been in that world of death and betrayal. Both Israelis and Palestinians inflicted horrible things on one another during the War of Independence. Palestinians feel a terrible wrong has been done to them and they seem to want to turn time back and not live in the world as it is. Life and their own country is waiting for Palestinians if they will only stop the violence and negotiate with the Israelis. They seems to have chosen instead to complain endlessly about the wrongs done to them when they have brought it on themselves. The wall didn't go up because Israel felt it looked great in Jerusalem. It went up to protect its' citizens against suicide bombing... and it's worked. When you consider people being forcibly removed from their homes you have to look at all of the Middle East, at least. Close to 1 million Jews who lived in Arab countries for centuries were "ethnically cleansed" from their homes, their livelihoods and their lives in the 1950s. Most came to Israel to rebuild their lives. They are not bombing Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon or the other countries to make their citizens pay or get back everything they've lost. They are making lives for themselves and prospering. No one is taking Arab countries to task for forcing Jews out of their lands. So, you might say, two wrongs don't make a right. That is morally correct, but until Palestinians stop trying to kill Israelis through suicide bombings, knife attacks, ramming cars and trucks into crowds and whatever else they can think of and come to the table to negotiate then they will continue to be in the shape they're in now. Israel tried three times to get Palestinian leaders to negotiate so they could have their own state. Arafat sat with the Israeli premier, the president of the U.S. and countless negotiators from all sides to try to settle on boundaries (everything they would have wanted save a security corridor for Israel) for their own state, business alliances, normalization between the two countries, etc. Arafat confounded everyone and walked away from all of that. He didn't even say what he didn't want.. He wouldn't negotiate. His answer to one of the greatest deals his people would ever have was total rejection and the Second Intifada, which killed more than a thousand Israelis and more Palestinians. You can't drag people into peace negotiations. And now, after so much terror and death that both sides are sick and tired of, there is no negotiation. Abbas won't do it. He prefers to bludgeon Israel at the U.N. That won't work. Netanyahu stays on because he stubbornly protects Israel. Security comes first. There is stalemate. It takes two to tango here.

          1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

            Israel is the most criminal nation on Earth. They are guilty of genocide, apartheid, and more civilian murder than anyone else (mostly women & children). Anyone who still attempts to defend Israel is a complete moron.

          2. Alun Palmer's Avatar Alun Palmer

            It is unlikely we will ever agree. However, it is a fact that Menachem Begin was a terrorist. He was one of the men who blew up the King David Hotel

      2. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

        Sara............You obviously don't know your Torah.....try reading it. Better yet, go ask the Rabbis that started the group "Jews Against Zionism"....maybe they'll teach you about Judaism.

        PS- The UN is the archtype for Globalism, aka New World Order, aka World Satanism. Zionism is Satanism.

        Go Google "Zionism is false".....and get an education

        1. Linda's Avatar Linda

          Chuck, I searched "Zionism is false" and you seem to really be attracted to people that have no education, no substantial affiliation or experience in the field they pontificate. You seem too smart to fall for that and that baffles me. Maybe you're paranoid? IDK.

          Further, you have no idea what Satan represents in the OT or NT. What do you think Satan's mission is? What is Satan? Remember, "everything" that was made was made by God and for God. "Everything" works towards the glory of God.

          As for a New World Order, the only person I know that preached on that subject is Jesus. In the end times, we form the body of Christ, he will be the head and we will be his many members.

          I really can't understand why you are so prejudice against the Jews. Hopefully none of your clients are Jewish, and there are a lot of Jews in NY.

          1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

            I guess the best way to answer you is to start with Satan. I know exactly who/what Satan is. Being of original Gnostic Christianity, Satan is the Demiurge. In the chain of creation that finally ended with us, the Demiurge is the lowest form of Creation, also known as the Old Testament God.

            Zionism springs from worship of this Demiurge, hence the political/financial aspect of Zionism, as all such material institutions are originated with the Demiurge (Satan/OT God).

            The New World Order is the ultimate goal of Zionism/Satanism, to unite all nations of the world under one rule, the rule of the Demiurge. This is a direct challenge to a world ruled by the true Creator.

            If youre telling me you did not find a large amount of evidence in your search for Zionism or New World Order, you must have only looked at the first page of Google results.

            And once again, I am predjudiced against ZIONISM.

          2. Sara's Avatar Sara

            Linda, I think Chuck is pretty far gone for any lucid discussion. He's obviously living in some delusional paranoid state. I love it when people tell Jews they don't know their Torah, assuming that they, the anti-Satanists, anti-globalists, anti-Zionists/Jew-haters know it deeply and correctly.

          3. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

            Sara...... The Torah is staright up Satanism against the light of the world. It is an instructional manual of how to fuck over the goyim (Gods true chosen people). In other words, you are Satan's employee

          4. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Chuck, you base the Torah with Satanism based on Icke's delusional ramblings. Think about it Chuck... Icke quit school at 15, was a very poor student, school urged his father to get him psychological help, and he sought psychics for answers. Icke claims Jupiter use to be the sun, all planets have consciousness, and other totally scientifically unfounded assertions. His only claim to any achievements is his skill in football but his body was unable to take the punishment. Even so, he was able to be a sports journalist. This alone is his qualification, nothing more.

            I think you are a good guy Chuck yet I don't understand why you align with some positions that have delusional support and full of hate. The Palestinians want to kill YOU. They make known terrorists their leaders! They kill children, their own and other countries too. Even your guy Trump is pro Jewish Israel! Chuck, please start relying on your information from scientifically credible and objective sources. You seem to be too good of a guy to be sucked into such madness, and the farther you go, the more difficult it is to get out.

            I have done my share of considering crazy notions to be true, but when the facts just don't support it I had to let go of that illusion and go toward something more realistic.

        2. Sara's Avatar Sara

          Chuck, your comments mark the first time I’ve been in contact with a true, delusional bigot. Your totally over-the-top extremism makes everything you say questionable. You’re your own firing circle. Alun, one person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. It applies to both sides today, don’t you think?

      3. Professor's Avatar Professor

        Actually, it was Rome that created the Palestine State in 135 A.D. Palestinian's are the real Semites and the imposters who call themselves Jew are actually Japhites.

        1. Linda's Avatar Linda

          Professor, Do you know what a Sephardic Jew is? Do you know the difference between an Ashkenazi Jew and a Gentile?

          Even so, I'd love for you to go over there and tell the Palestinians they are really Semites! Please do so right away!

          The truth is, none of that changes the fact that the present day Jews there, PURCHASED Israel with MONEY. No one wanted the wasteland or they could have made a higher offer. No one did. It's really easy to understand and I'm sorry you are having such difficulties with this simple rational reasoning. Someone sells you something, you pay for it, it is yours.

          BTW, for your information, Russia isn't getting Alaska back either, now that they know lots of oil is there. Then again, Russia knows better than to think that... they're much smarter than the Palestinians and doing much better than they are. Russia thought they were selling us wasteland too. That's life.

          Still... please go to Gaza Strip and tell the Palestinians they are really Semites. I would really like to see you do that. You could probably sell-out Pay Per-View tickets to that event... but you most likely wouldn't live long enough to see a dime of the profits.

          1. Professor's Avatar Professor

            Multiple Lies. You only study one side and you don't even study that.

        2. Sara's Avatar Sara

          The modern day Palestinians or Canaanites were not there when Rome created the name of the territories called Palestine. The Jews were there since 3000 BC. So, in fact, they were the first people who could be called Palestinians. There was no Islam until 300 years or so after Christ.

  1. DrRGRivera's Avatar DrRGRivera





  1. Timothy Carlstead's Avatar Timothy Carlstead

    Leave the Jews alone for peat sake leave them alone!!!! The only reason why there are crimes against them is because those people know they are God's chosen people and they know that they are wrong and the Jews are right. So once again leave them alone!!!

    1. hungrymindsi's Avatar hungrymindsi

      Hi, I know your intentions are good, but please stop making blanket statements about what Jews know and don't know. Like any other people, Jews are diverse, most are secular (many are Buddhist) and have no interest in being "chosen" -- as the old Jewish joke goes, a Jewish representative goes to heaven and asks God if he would mind choosing someone else for a change. It's a joke -- and points out that like everyone else, Jews just want to be able to live their lives in peace. Most do not observe Jewish traditions or read the Jewish scriptures. Please don't stereotype Jews.

      1. Timothy Carlstead's Avatar Timothy Carlstead

        How am I stereotyping Jews? I know for a Fact that they are God's chosen people because I go to church and I know there are other people that know that Jews are God's chosen people. So tell me how am I stereotyping. I am telling a fact. Quit trolling and go on!!!

        1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

          Get your head out of the sand.

  1. Amber's Avatar Amber

    This must depend on where you live. I hear all kinds of crap about people of color, women, sexual orientation, and alternative religions but I can not for the life of me recall anything negative said about Jews. I remember a few jokes... vaguely... from my childhood but nothing since adulthood. That isn't to say it doesn't happen, I'm sure it does, but if it's on the rise I'd think it would be a lot more public and heard about more than anything else.

    1. Alun Palmer's Avatar Alun Palmer

      I think part of the problem is that many Jews self-identify with Israel. Many of us beleive Israel is guilty of a laundry list of war crimes. We lean over backwards to point out that our comments apply only to Israel and not to Jews in general, but many Jews themselves reject that the two are not the same. Then they accuse us of anti-semitism and act hurt. It is hard to see a viable solution, especially when their solution is we should shut the h*ll up already and let Israel continue their genocidal activities!

      1. Sara's Avatar Sara

        You talk about Israeli-committed war crimes as if they act in a vacuum. What war crimes are you talking about? Going into Gaza finally after terrible years to stop Hamas and other terrorist groups from bombing and terrorizing the small Israeli communities along the border between the two? Even today no Israeli child can ever go outside to play for fear of being killed. Israelis there risk their lives just to go to work or buy groceries. Tunnels are built underground stretching from Gaza into Israeli territory so Palestinians can pop up from anywhere to kill Jews by surprise. Hamas would rather put money into this than build schools and hospitals for its’ people. Palestinians from the West Bank ram groups of Jews at bus stops with their cars and trucks and they also run up to unsuspecting people with knives and stab them from behind. Are Israelis doing these things to Palestinians? For the sake of Palestinians Muslims are killing Jews all over Europe. Jews can’t wear identifying clothing like a yarmulke in the streets of Paris for fear of being killed. Just last week a four year old was beaten almost to death by a group of Muslims simply because she was wearing a Jewish school uniform. Do you hear of Jews or Israelis doing this to anyone?

        1. Alun Palmer's Avatar Alun Palmer

          Israel has an army and an air force. They can and do wreak havoc amongst Palestinians without stabbing anybody. Each Israeli campaign to attack Gaza has killed over a thousand Palestinians, and they have done it three times. Meanwhile, I think Palestinian rockets have killed 3 people in Israel, and one of them was a Thai guest worker. It is hard to say whether the mass assaults are war crimes, although I think they qualify under genocide, but deliberate attacks on clearly marked hospitals, ambulances and schools certainly are. The house demolitions are a war crime. Settling your population in occupied territory is a war crime. The latter would cease to be a crime if Palestine were annexed, but then Israel would have to let the Palestinians vote in Israeli elections, as not to do so would be apartheid, also a war crime. As for the tunnels, without them the population of Gaza would likely starve. They are used more to get things in than out, e.g. goods from Egypt. Your entire post is stock Israeli propaganda.

          1. Sara's Avatar Sara

            You obviously don’t think that Jews die from Palestinian violence or that their lives matter. FYI, during the second intifada over 1000 Jews were killed and many more maimed by Palestinians. You obviously think they are all blood-thirsty terrorists waiting to kill Palestinians for no reason at all and that they have no right to live in what they call Israel even though they’ve been living there for more than three millennia.
            You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. But those are what you have and you believe them.

          2. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Alun, again... the Jews BOUGHT Israel and just gave away the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians if they promised to work toward peace. I knew that was a big mistake and history proves the Palestinians lied. They used their "gift," the Gaza Strip, to further attack the gift-giver.

            Additionally, they chose a well known terrorist to be their leader, Yasser Arafat. Is your resource, for the many claims you make, quotes from Yasser Arafat?The Jews are never associated with terrorism to the "civilized countries" of the world. Plus, none of the other Arab countries come to the Palestinian's aid... why? Israel has helped the Palestinians more than anyone.

            The Jews are our only ally in that area. If you get in trouble in the Middle East, just make your way to the Palestinians and I'm heading straight for Israel. Good luck, you will need it. Israel is such an important ally to our security, so why would you want to lose that? Whose side are you on?

            The Ashkenazi Jews rank the highest on IQ tests in the US, higher than the Asians. It's a good thing Germany alienated Einstein and Albert came on our side. We should embrace the Jews and consider it an honor they are our ally. The Palestinians are far from your friend.

          3. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

   have picked up nothing from our previous conversations obviously. Youre sticking with your story, because it is obviously what you want to believe (for whatever reason), but it is not reality.

            They bought a few small plots that were for sale by owner, started a false flag terror campaign, and used it as an excuse to "defend themselves" against the Palestinians. (made up struggle, in other words).

            They "gifted" Gaza to the Palestinians??? Are you for real???? Gaza is a small piece of land cut off from the Sea, and is nothing more than a concentration camp! If I came into your home, stole it after claiming to only want to rent a room, would you say it was a "gift" that I allowed you to stay outide in the backyard??? Did we "gift" reservations to the Native Americans???..... your "logic" is severely flawed.

            Other Arab countries havnt jumped in because of the United States/Europe alliance with them. Israel is the little spoiled snot nose kid sticking his tongue out at the other kids, while hiding behind his big brothers legs. They are cowards.

            They are not our ally, they are a thorn in our side. If we weren't dependent on oil, we would LITERALLY have no need for them, and actually havnt for quite some time. They need us, we don't need them.

            And Ashkenazi Jews DO NOT have the highest IQ/Test scores, and I have actually read a lot about this. They are EXTREMELY over-represented in colleges due to Jewish Liberals taking positions of academia, and setting "diversity" standards that demand very high percentages of Jews be taken into schools, despite the fact that Jews represent ONLY 2% of the US population.

            Gentile Americans historically have ALWAYS had the best scores, which is why they are being pushed out of schools under "affirmative action" standards, horribly skewing the poll results you are probably referring to. If you get rid of the smart kids, the second smartest kids become the smart kids.

            And btw, Nikola Tesla (a Gentile) was by far the smartest science mind of our age. Einstein got all the credit, because guess why.... his Jewish heritage. We stole Teslas knowledge, gave credit to a slew of other people, and let him die broke in the Hotel New Yorker.

          4. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Chuck, first I'm sorry I wrote things twice because I thought the moderator wasn't going to post my first one after I saw you post the moderator didn't post yours. It just took awhile for the most gracious moderator to get to it. Sorry. But yes, I am sticking to my position until I have "credible" evidence to think otherwise.

            They bought a few plots? Please... you must be joking. They bought everything but the Golden Heights, they bought enough land to create Israel in 1948. There was no war or false flag.. just an honorable way to purchase the wasteland everyone thought was worthless.

            I've done some property investments and I wouldn't have bought that for 5 cents an acre back then. It was nothing. No one I know in property investments would have looked at it.

            The Gaza Strip is a GIFT and if they don't want it, give it back. They are free to leave any time, it's no concentration camp. The problem is the other Arabs don't want them in their country either. No one does. What the Jews did for them is the best they have been offered.

            The Arabs could negotiate on the Palestinians behalf in the UN but they chose not to do so. AND Israel is NOT a significant provider of oil to the US, if any at all. Mexico is our number one provider, Canada may be 2nd, and Saudi Arabia sells us oil also. We have plenty right here too.

            Israel doesn't hide behind us! They are a legitimate world power on their own merit and are just as good of an ally to us as we are to them, if not better.

            Really, Chuck, I worry about you getting caught up in these hateful fringe sects that fuels some anger inside you. It's unhealthy and you are way too good for that. Seriously friend, you need an intervention. I know you're a good guy and why you have all this hate for the Jews is frightening.

            Ashkenazi Jews have the highest IQ scores on every official IQ testing in the US, probably world wide. You can't spin it any other way. Einstein took nothing from Tesla; however, Edison, Westinghouse, and some other gentiles did. Tesla didn't care about fame or money and some gentile boys capitalized on that.

            Chuck, stay away from the resources fueling all this hate man... please.

          5. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

            Linda, your concept that Palestinians willfully sold they home of millennia is completely false. The Israelis used slumlord tactics to get the land. The Zionists encouraged Ottoman Land Laws before the creation of Israel (as Israel was along running plan), and then used them to buy peoples land/homes out from under their feet.

            The land problem in Palestine started with the Ottoman Land Laws of 1858 and 1861 that made it mandatory to register communally owned land in the name of individuals who were to become liable to pay taxes to the Ottoman authorities. Many of the typically poor Palestinian land inhabitants, fellahin, did not understand the importance of registers and therefore did not register the lands they had historically inhabited with their names under the new laws. In other cases, the fellahin who had registered the lands in their names became unable to pay the taxes leading to their land being confiscated or forcing them to sell it to wealthy individuals and ultimately become tenants on the lands they had inhabited and farmed for hundreds of years. This resulted in the appropriation of large tracts of lands in Palestine by absentee wealthy non-Palestinian Arabs in Damascus and Beirut and to a lesser extent rich families in Jerusalem and Jaffa. By the end of the 19th century, when the population of Palestine was about 600,000, only 250 individuals owned 45% of the cultivated land in Palestine. When the Zionists started to purchase lands in Palestine at this period, it is quite understandable that they favored buying from those wealthy individuals who were not attached to the land and did not inhabit it. In many of the cases, the Zionists also concentrated their purchases in the sparsely populated uncultivated coastal plains to avoid confrontation with the original inhabitants.

          6. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

            Zionists used the old Bank of America scam that BofA used in 2008 to steal peoples homes. They are SCUMBAGS!

  1. Priestess Christina Maher.'s Avatar Priestess Christina Maher.

    I have lived my entire life being what I call a double minoity, a woman and of mixed ancestry. We all bleed, we all have the same color blood. We are the same species. We are taught to hate we are not born that way. We are taught how to behave and what to believe until we can make up our own minds. We adore creating labels and turning those labels against others that are different. I love being different! I love being a non obeying woman who would be considered a daughter of Lilith! A woman of her own mind. When I got married I told the priest right up front at 18 years old, “I will not say obey in my vows. He gave me a look over his glasses and I stared back and said I respect your perspective but I do not obey.

    Outdated ideals that should have gone the Way of the Dodos, still has control over us because we let it. God/Goddess are not vengeful, people are. We are the only ones in charge of our behavior, which is only as good as what we are taught. Common scence is not as common these days. The old Axium “like attracts like. I always liked “stupid is as stupid does”! But you get point.

    If you take out race, you are left with only ...human. Behavior is taught not born within us.

    1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

      I always never like being called white..We don't call American Indians red people..Now Asian ..yellow people..Why wipe out my culture..Im more than white..Color coding is so wrong. Namaste

  1. Father Gene's Avatar Father Gene

    When I was in basic training my black, Baptist drill sergeant would always offer to drive me to Friday services on the other side of the base. Despite anti-Semitism, there are a lot of good, decent, people in the world who give me hope.

  1. Diane Wilson's Avatar Diane Wilson

    Maybe it’s because the More Orthodox Jews think they’re the “Chosen People” and look down on non-Jews as less than human. The Hasidics, for example, are insular and will not mingle with non-Jews. That’s because they follow highly discriminatory teachings. There are hundreds of passages in the Talmud in which the non-Jews are described as animals. Some of them are: 1. “The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts.” (Talmud: Baba mezia 114b) 2.  “The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the dog more than the non-Jew.” (Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30) 3.  “Even though God created the non-Jew they are still animals in human form. It is not becoming for a Jew to be served by an animal. Therefore he will be served by animals in human form.” (Midrasch Talpioth p. 255, Warsaw 1855) 4. “A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal.” (Coschen hamischpat) 5. “The souls of non-Jews come from impure spirits and are called pigs.” (Jalkut Rubeni gadol 12 b) 6. “Although the non-Jew has the same body structure as the Jew, they compare with the Jew like a monkey to a human.” (Schene luchoth haberith, p. 250 b)     So that the Jew will never forget that he is dealing with animals, he is reminded by eating, by death, and even by sexual intercourse constantly. The Talmud teaches: “If you eat with a Gentile, it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b) “If a Jew has a non-Jewish servant or maid who dies, one should not express sympathy to the Jew. You should tell to the Jew: `God will replace “your loss,” just as if one of his oxen or asses had died.” (Jore dea 377) “Sexual intercourse between Gentiles is like intercourse between animals.”(Talmud Sanhedrin 74b)     It is written in the Talmud about the murder of the Gentiles: 1.     “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile.” (Sepher ikkarim IIIc 25) 2.     “It is the law to kill anyone who denies the Torah. The Christians belong to the denying ones of the Torah.” (Coschen hamischpat 425 Hagah 425. 5) 3.     “Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews) is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God.” (Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772)  

  1. Christian's Avatar Christian

    You might want to recheck your facts. Your numbers may be incorrect. Please study history, how can you forget Asia & Pol Pot Killing Fields? African Machete genocides? The communist purges of Stalin? WW-1 & WW-2 ? Vladd the Impaler? The holocaust of Native Americans rounded up and death marched to 'reservations'? The whole history of the Chinese people and their struggle to unite and Build A Wall! African Americans sold into slavery ? The American Civil War ?
    The Vietam & Korean wars? The war of the Pacific Japan vs well, everyone else ? But worse than all these human on human wars, is the genocide of countless living species bu homo sapiens ! Aminals killed for fur or Ivory, their corpses left to rot in the sun. Whole forests clear cut, then slashed & burned. Only to have the next rain storm wash away all the top soil turning everything into a dead wasteland. Whales hunted to extinction, for sport. South American Mayan peoples EXTERMINATION ? Where can you go to Temple for Kukulcan, the Winged God Feather Serpent now? Not to forget the Aztecs, also EXTERMINATED. European expansion and the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, Siege of Tenochtitlan, and Hernán Cortés. The Aztecs were defeated by Spain in 1521. For most European - Americans, their ancestors were all bhrned alive at the stake, decapitated, raped to death, survivors sold into slavery for the Roman Empire. Where can you even find European religions, druids & "pagans" now ?!? I welcome you to the Pagan Gathering: Modern Europeans are rediscovering their slaughtered ancestors, the followers of ODIN, Sons of Thor, Neo-Vikings movement, and dozens of others are rediscovering their Almost Erased past. Don't forget modern African American Egyptian religions too. The ancient hieroglyphs of the Pyramids speak of a proud and powerful People. For all us discarded & rejected, cast out and put aside "Pagans", we respect the ways of others to be themselves. ALL WE ASK is the Jew-Muslim-Christian-Hindu-Buddist Believers please also respect us in turn. Most of our "Pagan" cultures pre-date the existance of Writing, your peoples and cultures. Our people's history stretches FAR BACK, before the Last ICE AGE. So while politicians wage wars slaughtering people in the middle east, please remember us, the forgotten. Our peoples scattered, our old world languages lost, our gods almost faded into myth. When you think upon these popular syatems of belief now, just pull up a photo of STONEHENGE, and marvel at a whole people ERASED. All living things suffer on this planet Earth, and yet WE REJOICE IN OUR SUFFERING. BECAUSE WE EXIST. BECAUSE WE ENDURE.

    1. Lea Weisenbach's Avatar Lea Weisenbach

      And when are we going to learn..God has no religion..Namaste?

      1. Tom B's Avatar Tom B

        Lea...i agree...religion is a product of people, not God...and Namaste is the evolution of enlightenment...Tom

      2. Oceans Waves's Avatar Oceans Waves

        You speak truth beyond words.

        Who should the gods worship ?

        After a certain point, all religions become recursive functions, an infinite Ouroboros, the Snake forever devouring it's own Tail.


        To all our dear faithful monotheists, the polytheists and naturalists gaze in wonder at all of creation and are greatful for it and it's authors.

        All we ask of Monotheistic beliefs, is please do us no harm.

        We love our Trees and Rivers, we are thankful for the Stars and Galaxies. We will not bother you in your temples, nor harm your books or childrens' beliefs.

        Leave us to our forests and beaches, allow us to worship on the mountains and in fields of clover...sunshine and blue skies.

        Enjoy your buildings, your churches and mosques, while we will continue to embrace the sky and love the Earth.

        The Song of Creation is still being written.

        The music of the Divine is infinite, playing across the night skies for all eternity, for all who will stop and take the time to listen.

  1. Lyn's Avatar Lyn

    I think anti-semitism is a default hatred. Other than the fact that Jews are not Christians, there is no reason for it. But so many other belief systems aren’t believers either, yet they are not targeted. Hate groups are not particularly intellectually endowed or curious. The fact that Jews are, as a group, far more successful than the general population isn’t even a factor. Or if it is at all, there is obviously a good deal of envy on the part of anti-semites. It is a hatred that is totally different than all other hatreds. It is not based on thinking that looks down on the “other”. On the contrary, one must make up the grounds for bias beliefs that focus on Jews.

  1. Father Fred's Avatar Father Fred

    Hate crimes climb, fostered by social media and a lack of accountability in courts. Our compassion sometimes works in odd ways, and our words are telling of our souls.

  1. Dreamsinger's Avatar Dreamsinger

    From the author:

    "This trend is highlighted by the wave of bomb threats made against Jewish Community Centers in early 2017. Around the same time, vandals also broke into Jewish cemeteries and toppled hundreds of headstones."

    Rebuttal from me:

    The JCC bomb threats were made from a Jewish citizen in Israel, via satellite phone and internet access. No charges were made against the young man, as the law does not consider Jew-on-Jew violence to be a hate crime.

    As for the cemetaries in New Jersey, that was due to exposure of massive government corruption in that state; additionally, some of the corruption led back to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu... who is currently under investigation for additional charges which include bribery and racketeering. The citizens in Israel are currently protesting, IDF has unleashed skunk-water cannons on innocent passerbys, and there's been a pretty impressive PR attempt to blame the U.S. for the Saudis bailing to China's new petroyuan.

    A few months back, Prime Minister Netanyahu sent his Deputy Foreign Minister to build unity with the U.S. Diasopra Jews. Unfortunately, the Deputy FM told the U.S. Jews they weren't Jewish enough because they weren't Israeli. That didn't seem to win any support, if the Twitter storm was any indication.

    It's not ingnorance or laziness that makes people dislike Jews. It's the militarized dehumanization of the world non-Jewish population as "ignorant" and "lazy" that probably doesn't sit well with others.

    A shame, too. Rabbis are some of the best debate teachers to walk the Earth, and they're also being silenced by Israel's "Dunning-Kruger" mindset.

    But none of that happens to be my problem. I've got better things to do with my time than argue with trolls stuck in the Bronze Age.

    Speaking of which, the Bible is not a history book nor is it a legitimate document for Israel's existence. That would be U.N. Resolution 181, and even that was a "strong recommendation" whose terms Israel hasn't fully met yet.

    Doing so would put Israel before the Hague, however. It's a tough spot to be in, but like I said it's not my problem.

    My comment itself is considered a hate crime, simply because I questioned Israel. Worth it, to prevent history from repeating itself with the genocide of Palestinians.

    Who happen to be gaining favor in the world's eyes. It's not ignorance, it's simply people are tired of the pity party.

  1. Fernando P Tirado's Avatar Fernando P Tirado

    Can the authors please provide the source of their data to justify their position? Living here in NYC myself, I see the almost daily discrimination against Blacks and Hispanics by law enforcement, and in housing, employment, economics, education, and public assistance, including by members from the Jewish community. Are you comparing apples to apples when you make your claim, or are there other fruits that are brought into your statement that are not accessible to other marginalized groups?

    1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

      Get a grip...... Im in NYC too, and my brother is NYPD. Nobody is being discriminated against. Why do many perpetrators them happen to be black & Hispanic??? That's a question for the black/Hispanic community to ask themselves.

  1. Professor's Avatar Professor

    Something I've noticed in my old age is that most people are crazy and not An American Patriot. I used to believe that most people are patriots. But now, in my 50 years plus, interacting with people, I find that most people would not agree to what my standard of patriotism is. What's odd is that most of those people would say that they do agree.

    So, lets lay that standard on the table right now. To me and my closes friends, American Patriotism is a belief in the Bill Of Rights as a divine document and a respect for the American Constitution as a successful blueprint as to how to run a government. This encompasses a belief that you would find most people agreeing to, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." This belief is what makes America great. This belief is why the United States of America has been the number one economy in the world for multiple years. This belief is why people from other countries want to come to America.

    But in practice, most people don't believe these things. It seems that they are also very hypocritical about it as well.

    Here is an example. People who call themselves "Conservative", especially those who call themselves "Christian Conservative", have great criticism of the far left. They say " collages today should be a place where the first amendment flourishes. There should be healthy debate about political subjects but crazy liberal professors are convincing students that they should shut down the opposition instead of debating them. The students are using violence to prevent people like Milo Yiannopoulos and Ben Shapiro from speaking at their collages. How unpatriotic, that students would not believe in freedom of speech." But when I tell a so called "Conservative" that I have evidence that the Jewish Holocaust is the greatest hoax perpetrated on mankind, they explode into a violent rage and threaten violence to shut me up. I remember, in 2016, I went to a Tea Party meeting. One of their guests was trying to convince people to sign an anti-marijuana petition. I started to point out the hypocrisy in signing the petition in a bar with drink in front of them and I was very loudly threatened with violence to shut my mouth or else.

    Not only are Conservatives complete hypocrites, they are just as crazy as Libtards. They are just as violent as Libtards. And Holy Shit, they are just as arrogant as Libtards! They are just as unpatriotic as Libtards.

    1. Gwendolyn Lord's Avatar Gwendolyn Lord

      Educate yourself. The Holocaust was REAL> Not a figment of everyone's imagination. To say that it did not happen, implies on your part ignorance, hatred, and a level of self delusion that is dangerous in it's inherent hostility to the Jewish people, those who suffered and died, those who suffered and survived, and those who are living around the world now, as well as Israel.

      AND Trump is consistently divisive, racist, sexist, lying, stirring the cauldron of hate. To further his own ends, not representing this nation and what it should provide for it's citizens and immigrants.

      1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

        I have a lot of family that was in Germany during WW2. Something did in fact happen, but the Holocaust we were all told about is largely fabrication. What actually happened was that Jews were put into prison labor camps and were forced to build things like the autobahn, man made lakes, factories, etc. The ones that died did so of disease, malnutrition, labor, etc. Only people being thrown into ovens were the dead. There were no gas chambers, they were de-licing showers.

        The international Red Cross tallied roughly 300,000 dead in their own documents

        That was quickly swept under the rug, and they created a huge PR campaign to highly inflate those numbers, and give justification for creating Israel.

        1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

          Hey Professor....... Conservatives are just as violent as Libtards??? Hey, you remember all those violent riots and protests when Obama won?....Ya, me neither.

          1. Professor's Avatar Professor

            Good point Chuck, but it pales in comparison to the "Drug War", which is actually a war on our citizens for owning a plant and wanting affordable health care.

          2. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

            I know Prof., Im a substance abuse counselor who is pro-marijuana. Its the other drugs we have a crisis with. In my area of NY, its getting (heroin) flown into Stewart Air Base....isn't that nice?

          3. Professor's Avatar Professor

            Yes and it's our military personnel who protect the poppy fields in Afghanistan, isn't that nice.

          4. Linda's Avatar Linda

            Professor, regarding US soldiers protecting poppy fields, don't you think it would be best to portray a complex situation with more than just a one dimensional statement? Remember, once something is done, it is very difficult or impossible to undo it. Did you get the story from a reliable source?

            Try this one:

            A tiny part of this NY Times 2010 article says:

            “Nothing can compete with opium in an insecure environment,” Mr. Lemahieu said. “A secure environment is the precondition for governance and a long-term solution.”

            The US is trying to give the Afghan people a genuine reason to align with the US instead of the terrorists. Their survival is fragile and stability is key. I know it is very complex, yet the rather short NY Time's article gives some multidimensional insights into a long-term goal instead of being impulsive and short sighted.

            A more overall understanding of the complexity of this very intricate situation can be found here:

      2. Dreamsinger's Avatar Dreamsinger

        My best friend from college was Jewish, Gwendolyn. His mom, grandmother, and great aunt (also Jewish) fled Hungary when Hitler (who was half-Jewish, strangely never mentioned in the U.S. education system) invaded.

        They were the only ones remaining of David's family.

        The Wolfman clan wasn't the only one who was sent to the camps by their own, so I know the Holocaust happened. And Hitler wasn't the only one to hurt my friend's family... Debbie Wasserman-Schultz violated ADA and OSHA by forcing Dave to lift, push and move weights far exceeding the maximum safe limit of a heart transplant recipient, during the 9 years he worked in the libraries. He died six months after his second transplant.

        I asked him one day why Debbie did it. He explained that his mom had saved the county's Friends of the Library organization from going broke, despite the de facto head commissioner instructing her to let it fail. Since then, he bore the brunt of Debbie's hatred, and told me to never let anyone in the library administration know that I was his best friend.

        He didn't want me hurt. They didn't know until the morning Dave died, when his mom asked me to tell them. And he was right, they started at me because I was the best friend of Debbie's enemy.

        So please tell me why it's okay for my best friend to be physically tortured to death by an Israeli's grudge, and why it's okay for the Diaspora Jews to be punished for what the Israelis do? Because in both cases, it's not right.

        It wasn't right when it was an Austrian half-Jew, it wasn't right when it was an Israeli Jew, and it's never right no matter who the person is. My friend died so you could feel entitled to his innocent blood.

        That type of blood never washes clean. Hope you're okay with that, too.

        The Diaspora have suffered enough.

  1. Gwendolyn Lord's Avatar Gwendolyn Lord

    In following everyone's comments, I can see the vast rift in beliefs about what constitutes racism and oppression. Fact is, every nation and people on earth has been oppressed or overrun by invaders at one point in history or another. Even people with a vision of what freedom and rights consists of failed miserably to be all inclusive (Founding Fathers, vis a vis Native Americans, African Americans, women, various religious groups.) That "City on a Hill" thing failed miserably with the Puritans. Most people hold secret prejudices, and I have heard people make racist/sexist,anti-religious remarks, which I have always called people on. Why there always has to be an "Other" to feel superior to, or suspicious of, is beyond me. Ignorance and provincialism cause so much damage to people. I note that the more exposure on has to a cosmopolitan environment, the less likely there is to be profound prejudice. I grew up in NYC, and the multi-cultural atmosphere was stimulating, encouraging an open mind, and an open heart towards others. Children are taught hate, just as they should be taught love and acceptance. I was fortunate to have a mother who believed that no one was better than another. Schools with a dynamic mix of cultures also taught me to be friends with everyone who behaved decently towards me and others. There was the sporadic bully, but I always fought back, and protected their victims.

    1. Dreamsinger's Avatar Dreamsinger

      Those who claim to be persecuted should not be the ones holding the swords.

      Check your weapons at the door.

  1. Sara's Avatar Sara

    I guess you feel people aren’t supposed to be able to protect themselves. Or is it just certain groups of people? And if they are successful they immediately are change into the oppressors in your mind.

    1. Alun Palmer's Avatar Alun Palmer

      Israelis are opressors in Palestine, so I don't have to imagine. Of course everyone has a right to self defence.

  1. Messenger of the way's Avatar Messenger of the way

    Just punishment is before them that hate.....

  1. XaurreauX's Avatar XaurreauX

    Jews attract the rage of the worthless.

  1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

    Sadly the common every day person of hebrew faith is often the target and the scapegoat of the wealthy elite jews who care no more for their poor then any other social elite do.

    The inevitable war that brews in society time and again between the suffering masses and the uncaring masters in their ivory towers will play out every few centuries the world over.

    However in this current era the world banks such as the Federal Reserve which is a private bank answerable only to its wealthy share holders uses propaganda and misinformation to confuse the common ignorant masses and happily turns them upon each other to keep them off balance for as long as possible.

    Feeling contempt for the uncaring elite makes sense. Viewing all who are part of a culture or faith connected to the elite is like hating every poor family in the U.S because of trump or hating every german because of the nazi.

    Rick arseholes are going to be what they are no matter faith, color, or creed.

    1. Linda's Avatar Linda

      Valmaz, you must be joking. The Jews use the poor Jews as scapegoats? Really? They go to Africa where the Jews were being killed and brought them back. I know Jews from Egypt that tried to come here and it took the Jewish home society to get them here. Even so, they do not believe in entitlement and you must find your own way in life. They offer a lot of people education grants and money for the disadvantaged.

  1. Professor's Avatar Professor

    So I can't respond INVALED SECURITY TOKEN?

    1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

      Professor.....when you want to know who pulls the strings criminally, pay attention to those you cant question

  1. Chuck's Avatar Chuck

    Here are some ACTUAL facts about what goes on in Israel by number.

  1. Alun Palmer's Avatar Alun Palmer

    Excellent web page. Sums up the real situation in Palestine.

    Genuine anti-semitic attacks are regrettable, but Israel is trying hard to have criticism of its war crimes placed in the same category.

  1. Professor's Avatar Professor

    Sara and Linda actually study nothing! The truth scares the hell out of them so it is easier to call people stupid, crazy or bigot. The Holy Bible actually explains who the Jews really are and this includes Sephardic's. DNA has actually proven who the Semites are. It's funny how clueless and arrogant people are about this subject. God will reveal the truth to them when their hearts are finally in the right place. Until then, the truth cuts like a two edge sword and they continue to unwittingly follow Satan.

  1. Sara's Avatar Sara

    That's one of the dumbest comments I've ever read yet. Grow up! Jon the modern world. You collect "facts" and conspiracy theories that support your own warped points of view about religion and probably politics. If whatever you read tells you that the earth is flat do you believe that, too? Do you all believe that climate change is a Chinese hoax?

  1. David's Avatar David

    I guess that everybody is entitled to an opinion. Where were these people when I was sleeping in my car? I am of the Jewish faith. I had nothing, where were these people to help me? Did they think that i had money because I am Jewish? I barely got food. What I did was to pick myself up and fought the fight. Built a good business, support 5 families and live well. Why do these failures continue to Hate and do nothing for themselves.They have nothing else to do. I guess that they are jealous because of ignorance and lack of ambition. HATE will cause their demise hopefully. The most powerful word in this world is, "LOVE."

  1. The Doctor's Avatar The Doctor

    Let me make it simple, the common Hebrew is just a everyday joe no better or worse then any other and most dont really buy into the we are the chosen people crap anymore then most sane people that dont buy into any other archaic holy texts that are irrelevant in the world we live in today.

    However there is a faction of global elite who use their Jewish ancestry as a shield and racism as a red herring to garner sympathy and support from both the Jewish community and those who oppose bigotry and racism in general.

    There is a reason time and again through history every day people are pushed to far by the wealthy elite and rise up in rebellion and revolution. The fact some of the most prominent Banking families are of Jewish ancestry and those same families use I am Jewish as a rallying cry and use it to manipulate those common every day Jews into siding against their fellow working class and poverty stricken social peers has helped create the issue.

    The fact these wealthy families use charity( that really benefits them more then those they are charitable to) to effectively buy support for themselves only adds to this issue further. For example the large financial incentives offered to those of jewish ancestry to immigrate to Israel. Effectively buying bodies to bolster their numbers and consolidate on territory they failed to defend millennia ago and which since that ancient time has become just as important to christian and Islamic followers.

    The united states has been controlled since the great depression by the Federal Reserve, a private bank above and beyond the US government, It was founded and is still controlled by the wealthy elite of the U.S. and the world, with families like the Rothschild who have very much become a family of banking kings dating back several centuries and are among the most obvious people to benefit from the new tax plan Trump is pushing for inheritance as that will let them keep snowballing massive wealth through the generations.

    In fact the last president to attempt to curb the power of the Fed Res was JFK and he died within six months of drafting laws and trying to get the country on the silver standard to make money have real meaning and would of taken away the power of the Fed to print and loan money at every increasing national debt.

    You dont pay taxes you pay off the ultimate loan shark.

    The Red Shield needs to be sundered, The gold man stripped and their sacks of ill gotten gain scattered onto the streets to be returned to the people.

    Remember the dying words of Old Hickory when asked on his death bed his greatest work "I killed the banks" and Aaron Burr a true patriot who fought a duel to literally kill a politician that would of seen this country be sold out before it ever even had a chance to be something meaningful in the annals of world history.

  1. Sara's Avatar Sara

    Where on earth did you get your information from? Wealthy Jews aren't doing anything that any other wealthy oligarchs might be doing, especially the Trumps and people like them, if anything at all. Jews do not own or direct the Federal Reserve and never have. The Rothchilds were a wealthy banking family in Europe and never had anything to do with or in the States. Are you delusional or just filled with some conspiracy garbage you heard or thought up. Are you really trying to say that Jews are using the American financial system to make themselves wealthy? It also sounds like you think they had something to do with JFK's death. Good grief! Do you also think they are in collusion with the Chinese to fool people and destroy the earth through climate change or whatever you and Trump can think up? Do you believe that the earth is flat? You're entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts, which you seem to be making up for whatever reasons you have.
    And NO, we do not use the Holocaust or any the other mass terrorism and slaughter through our history to gain sympathy. Only a true and deep hater of Jewish people would ever even think that. I think what you are actually saying, under whatever cloak you are using to hide your true intent, is that people should rise up against Jews who you say are leeching off America and using anti-semitism to gain sympathy. Why don't you just come out and say it instead of using some false intellectualism that even a four year old could see through?
    By the way, I am Jewish and I grew up in a working class family. We never owned a car or a house. We just made it through each month. My parents sacrificed so my sister and could have what we needed. In turn we worked as soon as we were old enough to help our family. No one helped us financially and we didn't complain. My sister and I worked to pay our college tuitions and then got jobs in our professions and worked hard making something of ourselves. Every Jewish person I know did the same. If we are successful, well-off or just comfortable it's because education and family is the Jewish our gold standard. What's your problem?

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